Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 20, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1936
Page 5
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24 o ' :. FRIDAY MARCH 20, 1936 THE ALBANY P E MOC R AT-H E R A L DA L B A N V , OREGON page five: ; 14 Livestock NEW TODAY Lambs 28 Houses Wanted 1 WANTED TO BUY SMALL HOUSE WE HAVE SEVERAL VERY FINE ranjie siicciala in addition to the ones mentioned in our regular acU. Mountain Staes Power Co. fl- FOR SALE GOOD 4-HORSE DISC. Phone 243-R. R. M. Ijince. Rt. 4. '4 mile fretm L.-idge on hiithwny. mi8-20 13 For sale, Miscellaneous TODAY'S MRRET QUOTATIONS S3?; parchment wrapper. 35Vje lb. In cartons : B sracte1, parchment wrapper. S3c; cartons , 34!jc lb. Butterfat: Portland delivery: A grade, deliveries at least twice weekly 34aa6c; country routes 3235c ; II urndc 8233c; grade at market. It Grade Cream for Market: Buying price, butterfat basis. 43'c lb. Cheese: Selling price to Portland retailers: Tillamook triplca 21c loaf 22c lb. Tillamook selling price to wholcsalera: Triplets 10c: loaf 20c lb. Eggs: Buying price of wholesalers: Ex-traa.lgc doscn ; standards 16e; extra me-diuf 16c; do medium firsts 15c; under gratle 13e; pullets 13c doxen. Milk: A grade. Portland delivery, lb. butterfat basis for 4 per cent. Live Poultry: Portland delivery buyingO price: Colored hens, over 4Vi lb.., 1718e; utar IVj lra, 18-19e; leghorn hens, over A LI) AN V, SALEM AND KUUENE Houses Trade, sell rentals. Write Box i!7, ' Albany. 1'hone evenintra Ii5-J. Call cvcninirs or Suls. 206 E. 4Kb., Albany. SIKCIAL SALE GROUND DAIRY FEED. flit ton. M. Senders & Co. nt'U.J THE RIGHT WOOD THE RIGHT PRICE. . Claude Wrisnt, p".ione 266-J, bait E. 6th St. t . m20-tt FOR SALE 21 FEEDER PIGS. 53 LBS. tu 85 lbs. Gale Jakel, 2 mi. west of Shedd. - 11120-2:1 WANTED FOR CASH OLD OR WORTH, less horses and caws; also dead animals if in irood ' condition. Cale and Montgomery, Phone collect 3U-1M2. Corvallid. ni2l)-ala for couple. Quutu lowest cash price. Address Box 4321, care' Dcmocrut-llerald. mlS-20 20 Help Wanted, Male WANTED EXPE R IE Nt' ED ENGlNEEIt who cun fire with sawdust. Phone Cor-vallis H-K-i:. , utlS-illl IS Lost, Strayed, Stolen LOST LADY'S SMALL GOLD. W'RIST watch with link bracelet. Wjone 706-tt. Re-ward. ' ml8-20 n . I 30 Miscellaneuu ClasWuMt LAWN MUWgKM autotnntic machaie. Phone 831-J. A uit&liri1 s: av mlO-all raraft. Iw a4tW4 R Iiota. ' Aifc.y. , . j , . tmfX ma S3F HlirCH quoted bt'loW are Ittoo pn vilinkt at U o'clock . ra. on day nf MiihlifHt.on. and arv nubiect to ebangt t any hour ihi'rt'itftrr LOCAL GRAIN -M. Senders & Co W1IEAW No. 1 white. 8-; red and ntixed. 78c bushel. ' HAIil.KY: Hansen. $21.00 ton. Q OATS: White, No. 1, $20.00; iirny No. 1. $2V'0; gray fee-d $20.00 ton. meats ' m ia.) s.oaui.00 ..... ftoaax.a tKt S Vaii i . .... If) to 240 sgaiia IfK a aa 3tc 4fKtRHga Ycarnitaa , Liap ... UwStsa . ...7VjC rODI.TBT (OvM S OtanM M t.atvai. Ma l.7i TM 7.40 .7lj) .u r huam . .tWM.0 . a for Sale DtiLR '43 lbs. to 170a Ikj. Cat nates. uriiaTt n ci Mad roisuar fsaa Itaak a( A-ltaay. tas. telausatvsK aieaV aaal a9aiMsl aaslaatoaa asinivgn fkaM! w.p.4. rjavnSt FOR SALE 5-YK. OLD COW TO freshen soon. 226 W. 3rd St.. Albany. Ore. Mar l'J-21' HANSC1IEN SPRING BARLEY, HEAVY for seed. $23 ton. C. U. Settlemier, RL 1. Box 25. TaliEeilt, Ore'. Mar UK!i FOR SALE HOUSES. Vt T. 1450 TO 1S00 lbs.. .j mi. east uirlMirt beacon light. Frank Holfman. Ht. 2, Albany. Mar IS-21 WANTED AT ONCE SHEEP PASTURE. livestock including beef of any kind, shoats, veal, sheep, cuws and heifers. S. E. Etcher, Phone 12-F-13. Mut''''-21-S CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS 1 horses and cows. Day-old calves, l'h. 14-F-14 Albany, . Cecil MontKomery. ml4-tf DEAD AND WOUjl.V frtr:S ANf cows picktC up Tree of rhar9? auywnerc. PaTraaB n-9-14 AlMftiy. If to answer, l'h. colfc-ct ll-F-4 Corvallii 11. mm ML-4a VAfW ckiaai kav, loose or cut. Biaau larhca. 1 1C-I-31, It. 3, Albany. Utr It- rott al tHxo r A CO). IC rk. ; houfehold tooouB, soast farai took). T. Cuaiailnira, Phoae ll-P-22, l. at of Crabtree. War 1-21 ie Poultry, F.ftsv FOg SALE tITS LtVtORM CBI1 K. Also Custom Hatching. Drewster's Hatchery, Crabtree, Ore. mG-a6-S AROUND 750 CHICKS DUE TO ATf April 14. Will sell all or part. Phoii 10-F-4. Glenn Eastman. Mar 1D-21-S SEXED PULLET CHICKS AT THE AR-nold Kbit Ranch in Lebanon for $21 per luo. We guarantee H5 per cent accuracy. Sixteen years brcedintr and trapping our White Lcjthorns for Hi Type birds and heavy producers. Write or phone L. K. Arnold, Lebanon, Ore. Phone 1421. Mar 19-20-S FOR SALE EGGS FROM PURE HRED Huff Orpington hens for hatching. Phone 243-R. R. M. Lnnce. lit. 4. Albany, mltl-20 9 For Sale, Machinery FOR SALE 3-BOTTOM JOHN DEERE disc plow, 7-ft. Tiger drill. Chns. Arnold, Shedd, Ore. Mar 10-21 FOR SALE OK TRADE FOKDSON . tractor with pulley and governor, for horses or cattle. C. M. llryant. Kt. 2. 1 Lebanon, Ore. Mar 10-21 ! FOR SALE DOMESTICATED BLACK-berry, Loganberry and ml jraapburrj' plant-.lohn tiiviu. Scinvelhill near Jef-fersol2'n"nc "'Vm J, rfcrsan- M"r la-:l WRECKING 2 BIG SCHOOL IILDGS.. lumber for. $5 & up. Plunks, floorinc, cribbing, sldinir. 2x6, 2x8. 2x10 joists, lumber and timber. Bricks $4 per M. windows, pipe, tilnss, elec. fixtures, lath. Dry wood cut to lengths. Sec anlesman 'Madison school. 4th & Madison. Albany. Ore. Mar 10-25-S' FOR SALE SEVERAL GOOD USED 'McCianjan' Incubators, 24U t?ytr $10; 640 f m, n't?ontiilioned. tatted. - and fold cunutlt-tc witti au paru n-aay w run. T?. E. MoClannlmn Inc. Co., G0 W. XU. St.. EuKcnu, 0 ;m-il lC0T QUALITY Af9k MBT trv, ahrubs, rose IWW. Sfiiu tor price list. Setttcfleler iftaV. Nurrie. Rt. 8. AUfcny. . nSl-flT 14 Wmtd, Mia VCK)L AND tOfAlt WANTED. CAM nnct4 without inlert-ttU. M. Handera C9. HlO-asl CASH PO$ YOUR CAR. WAMjN'l CAB Market, Phone 1331, Lebanon, Ore. m6-aa OLD UNITED STATES COIN8 WUlr at Iw8on'8 Drug Store. marltf CAi9 AID FOR USED FURNITUBBf etc "Look in your attic." Chaa. Hota Jeugh & Son. 415 W. First St. jl-tl CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD. DENTAL erowna, briduea, filllnaa. old jewalry. watch cases, etc. F. M. Frencll at Hot Jewelers. cl0tf 10 Real Estate Exchange FOR EXCHANGE 40- ACRES GOOD river bottom land, improved. Want- a house in Albuny, centrally located. See lU M. Itnce with Fred Hoflich or phone 243-R, evenings. ml8-20 IS For Rent, Houses, Apts. FOR RENT MODERN APT., HEAT, elec. refrigerator. Call at 626 W. 3rd. Phone 248. ml4-tf ELLSWORTH APTS. HEAT. OVER-stuffed furniture. Ph. S5. 806 Ellsworth. at-tt N.1 kav, 44 ta Ms la Ho. 1 heaa, over H 16c No, 1 metlium hens, oeer 3.. la 14c Nei. 1 medium hens. ttaar 3.j IW lar Calaaca springs 17e No. 1 broilers, l'i to 2 Its Itr Itoaator. a Sua ta BW, ntaV ivrbr . ; , Taa ttilvaaioB Araiy aaoda fcaatya. aejaip' aalas. clntavtc ,aac, ts hoap nrrtjy. mMi6 in enirnswsy eaaua. ..Sawuw, tva, if r obbb to caatrUatto. TPe have re. tafotttrajia, kut arlaa 'n what you have to sfeiMtta- ar drop afc a aard and vae'U call far M. eajpa. R.rt BaiWy. 840 Bu rln St.. ABar. " i . . .. j mi . -in ja NOTICE TO CREDITORS NOTICE IS HKKKBx GIVER That the undersigned hs bee duly appointed by tlie Couarty Court of the State of Oregon fcr Linn County administratrix of the estate of John Henry Schulte, deceased', and has qualified. All persons having claims against the estate of said decedent are hereby required to present them, duly verified, wRh-in six months form thedate of this notice to the indersigned administratrix at the office of Marks & McMahan, in the First National Bank Building, at Albany, Linn county, Oregon. . Dated and first published this 21st day of February, 193. MABEL JOSEPHINE SCHULTE, Administratrix. Marks & McMahan, and Clark S. Kendall.. Attorneys Jor Administratrix. Feb. 21 28 Mar 6 13 20 I'M SO HARDLY TO DO" sorMak. Jkty Ma It Bi. rth Altay o mSa-l'l ttlMr-M 9mm mxmm. . sfaaat 141 Iks. ft. V. Tripp. Alhaay. an. w4 ... . auwraa fwuato t'Me inahThnai piam, wan tana at vaUty, wii ajsisB. . 170 ACBSB. near SawH, ea fin. strew, ftgr kKjHiM. . Pay fax thai lite rent. 270 ACM8 air Taaceat, a belli ra-tluclK farai. goad buittiao., .!) will handle, balance ansy. DOLLARI1DS COMPANY, 120 Ellawortk (il2-tf FOR SALE WHITE LtGtUlMN ttCRi, also custom hatchinK. James E. Arnold, Rt. 2 Phone lS-K-Il. miio FARM "SACHIFICEM FARM Nearly 300 acres, one of Linn county'' beat farms, fine location, must liquidate, this place is worts) $100 per acre. Trice for quick sale only $48.50 per acre. Can sell part. Never again will you be able to duplicate this deal. IRVINE L. HOOD, Phone 300 WANT STOCKED FARM ' Have good mill and warehouse, several acres of land and new house, clear of debt and valued at $8,000, trade and assume if , stocked and equipped. IRVINE L. HOOD, Phone 300 f2C-tf FOR SALE NEW BUGGY OR WILL trade for livestock. Address " Box 4371, care Democrat-Herald. m20-23 FOR SALE ZIMMERMAN SEED WHEAT 80c bu. John Bidders, Suver. m20-2H" Little Orphan Annie " . Mnd. Other CoTrnca I FOR SALE II BARKED ROCK I'l!.-lets,' layinu. and rooster. Hurvey Smith. Rt. 1. Brick yard roud. Albany, Ore. nt'Jo" IDEAL FARM PROPERTY 124 ACRES with livinK creek and place could be irritated and about 1)0 acres in cultivation, balance pasture with woods. Two sets of improvements with bath. Immediate possession for only $750(1, terms HtWO down, balance Ioiik time, 5 per cent. Investigate this place at once. ; Fruit, Nula & Poultry, one of the best suburban tracts near Albany with electricity and irood buildinirs. Pay $1250 down and balance lonir time 5 per xnt. Small House well located Albany, Wily Tripp & Murphy, Realtors. in2o-lf LT l.t'N4a IM..V NO. 101-m Filler please Itajve at l)a9oet.t-Sprala) or call Oilbcrt U aaj I laver. mJ'i -. COL AT Ua. ivcn Sat. flll aa a fin (JaaB 'M arown. Fresh Jeraaa ca ath aasf, ajilk- iaa m to 41 to tW LlnlT Ua ItlTMIrW C LVf trark tire on Corvallta-Albmny arest-siilr-hiakway. Kiaaar call Corvallla 25--3. He-veara M20-23 4 Buainaa Op pot-tun it ies SAW MILL MS ATTtNTfON. I have mill settings from 5 to 20 million ft. very desirable, will furnish full information, call or address, Leon H. Fish, Albany. Ore. Mar 11 I FOR SAL! Ot TfADS FOR ALBANY j property or farm near Two story fire-. proof concrete service station and storage 1 on Coast Highway at North Bend, Ore ! son. Address F. B. Rood. Marsh fie Id, Orc-. Bon. i 16-20 1 For Sale Real Estate ( 160 ACRES. SOME CLEARED. LOTS OF ( timber to pay for place at $14 per A. I Crave) rond thru plnce. SfiOO handles. F. I J. Benton, Lebanon, Rt, 1. ml8-M-S 8 For Sale, Wood and Coal OLD-GR. 4-FT. SLAn nOOD. SPECIAL prices this mo. only $2.50 per cd. for 10 j cds. or more. Smaller lots. $2.75 per cord. Adkins Wood Yard, 217 Thurston, Phone 633-J. m)S-24 GOOD WOOD PRICED RIGHT. DELIV-crcd In any length. Lester Chilcote, 1606 Santiatn ltd. Phone 734-R. j20-tf NO FOOLirj'. SfVMDV- HE GETS MY GOKT- WOOLDN'T YOO THIMK HE D SACY SOMETHING" FRIENDS f ' ONE'S AFRAID OTHER DASSENT" Portland Market Review Portland. Ore.. Murch 20. Mutter and e'Ktl prices were unchanged today. Trading in the egg market continues to reflect n belter demand than supply, a condition most unusual e'arly in the storage input season. Prices, however, are unchanged. While thu volume of business Is good, there is a weak tone continued in the on- market with sales to retailers gencral-around $1 or a fraction higher. Redaiond atrs the chiefly excited cent purchase 25 cart by jine broker ,.1.,, f.,.. Mi.inH ulih itiui.Vn nf r. und 10 cars by a chuin organization. Un- rtone of the local Iraf, hawever, 0e unt ste'aily. aatMMtat wWMI'S u. . in. injnttmm Portlull, ., rli 20. saa: Tl all W. atMKI IK aTrst ; ! hoice drivaiai $10.51 lal I aa Oi.i : lre liaM tia.aa : MKaiac wi .asll. Can a.: tMaiaa 25; sal. 2d; uanijat aaul: good aaalail staaia aasa, to .60; fed k.iferg to t.fO ar above; odst laad jimnm-mt Waaf caw 4.76i.aa : 0 cutters and aj2.7aaj3.7 ; waJ- m $".ao dawas. Akaaa: Aseelaa. M; nomawtSr saaw ; aaaaVaaoaM trartaid ia buatas asaaaal DiD.76; ckolca kasd lals ta maaV hoite spring lambs (raatalatr to 911 uiood-rkok-. liajaav uu4tikk 5.50'.l 0.00. rat rattDiHti numisMcti fa fnlltiwiair arsrta vara aaaotj ta stfas.Uvc tetany : Batter: Ctwat extreat sfiiat: afeawatiraa l'.jt; Ursa firrta l'r; flnta :H'-jc Hi. Caaana: Orsaaa triale-ta ltc: laf 17a Ik. ftralMMM will pnj , ceat kutew aasaoiitJia. HS: Prarfwra CxcIhiksm auiint mm Wu- iwi aaaatra: Extras btrac ; stsuas ran larae- tire-: rxtraa BH-aitan lKc; staas) aiaaiaai 17a aaaa'a. JsaaViaa ariaaa la aaakr-r. rtKITLAKD WBOLK4ALB rtllCIM Theaa ara tie prices retailers imv wliolesalers, axcept where otW-rwiaa atat- Uuttrr: frlats. A Braee, H4'ja Ik. ia NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE OF REAL PROPERTY III the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon, for the County of Linn. Metropolitan Life Insurance Com pany, a corporation, Plmntlff, vs. aarbara whitaker, a widow and now a single woman; John H. Whitaker and Jane Doe Whitaker, his wife; Amelia Roth and Joseph B. Roth, her husband; Mary Yodor and Milo J. Yoder, her husband; Wm. Whitaker and Annie Whitaker, his wife; Elmer G, Whitaker and Frances Whitaker, his wife; Elsie Sinclair and Harveyc Sinclair, her husband, Defendants. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that by virtue of aa execution, decree and order of sale issued out of the above entitled court in the above entitled cause to me directed and dated the 24th day of Feb ruary, lUdtl, upon and pursuant to decree of foreclosure of a cer tain mortgage, duly given and made by said court in the above entitled suit on the 24th day of February, 1D3U, .which execution and order of sale was to fno directed and commanded me to sell the real properly hereinafter described to satisfy the judgment and certain liens and charges in said degree specified, I will on Saturday, the 28th day of March, 1H3H, at one o'clock P. M. nt the FRONT DOOR OF THE COUN TY COURT HOUSK IN ALBANY. LINN COUNTY, OREGON, offer for sale and sell nt public auction (subject to redemption) to the highest bidder for cash in hand, the following described real property, to-wit: Beginning at the Southwest corner of the Donation Land Claim of Thos. J. Faulkner and wife, Notification No. 2115, Claim No. 58, in Township Twelve (12) South, Range Three (3) (Vest of the Willum-ctte Meridian, Oregon, and running thence East 44.806 chains, more or less, to the Southeast corner of the West Half of said Claim No. 58; thence North on said division line 36.00 chains more or less, to the North boundary line of said Claim No. 58; tlH'nce West 44.600 chains to a Northwest coiner of said Claim No. 58; thence South 38.00 chains to the place of beginning. Subject to public roadways as now located and existing thereon. CONVEYING IN ALL One Hundred ixty and Eight-Tenth! (1C8) Acres. Dated this 27th day of Febru ary, 1UH0. Date of First Publication, Feu. 28th. 1936. Date of Last Publication, Mar. 27th, 1936. HERBERT SH ELTON, Sheriff. I F 28 Mar 6 13 20 27. C IF ONLY SHE'D SAY SOMETHING- AFRAID OF FRIGHTENING I'VE GOT TO KNOW IF WE CrN STAY OR IF WE'VE GOTTrX GO- ONLV ONE WA.Y TO FIND OUT-I'M GOIN' TO COME RIGHT OUT AND k HER AWAY I KNOW WHAT ASK HlrA- 3u Imt.. lGfir 16e ; under 3'., lbs., 164(J6c ; UN IS to a lbs.. 17tU8c; sarinaa. 2 Ita. aJaR up, lull 20c; rosters Mfsk: aH dvclaj, suaag, 14(i'17c; geeja lllaJJ. I. Laai Maaarv: ItataTaT at-Mtt by whole- snV-rs: Light Mns 14B; ajaau) aaafi lac; eJ loaai ltw: lataaat 2la)21e: aaringa naaniaa: aiata, aaarsc, yasava 17c: calaard t04i,li; eesKwa. ovaa- 1 Ma, --Ms . ; eaiBaa kwaa, Me taaah. TartMva IoKa) : SKMaw rs Bar taltsra: Wa. 1 Won. 2M: tanu 2222r lb. IBWeo: SBltoktOSr las), 1, 23e Uj. Loeai tl.M ooaeM; 91..3; Senapoose evtnd geme M9; sfje hutaa aattccl naW fl.te cetera. Celery: California, t:.2Si 2.te. Pooa: California, 6 lie Ik. Sonata : Tt Bnlkaj Kl.aa ; VfOSto Wafc tt.uMM.ia a.x. Oahiaa: Orraen ll.M par lMaYs. Toauiteea: MvxWna. M.3& nag aesaratlulk Pfwkea. , U'ttuce: Califorgln !.7fiffi 2.7$ crate. KOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE Of REAL PROPERTY In the Circuit Court of the Statu of Orrrftit, for the County of Linn. Metropolitan Life Insurance Com pany, corporation, Plarntiff, vs. D. H. Bodine and Lola J. Bodine, hit wife; D. F. Ropp, Defendants. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tht by virtue of an execution, ' decree and order of sale issued out of the above entitled court in the above entitled cause to m directed and dated the 24th day of February, 1936, upon and pursuant to a decree of foreclosure of a certain mortgage, duly given and marie by said court in the above entitled suit on the 24th. day of February, 1936, which exe-' cution and order of sale was to me directed and commanded me to' sell the real property hereinafter described to satisfy the judgment and certain liens and charges in said decree specified, 1 will on Saturday the 28th day of March, 1936, at one o'clock p.m. at the FRONT DOOR OF THE COUNTY COURT HOUSE IN ALBANY,' LINN COUNTY, OREGON, offer for sale and sell at public auction (subject to redemption) to the highest bidder for cash in hand, the following described real property, to-wit: Beginning at me oouineasi corner of the Donation Land Claim of Edward N. White and wife, Notification No. 694, Claim No 48, in Township Eleven (11), South, Range Three (3), West of the Willamette Mend-, ian, Oregon, and running thence West 39.53 chains; thence! North, 49.65 chains; thence South, 59' degrees 15' East 46 chains and ,' thence South 26.20 chainsto' the place of beginning, except the following: Beginning at the'! Southeast corner of the D. L. C. j of Edward N. White, Not. No' 694 and Claim No. 48 in Town-' ship 1 1 South, Range 3 West of ' the Willamette Meridian, Ore-; gon, and running thence North' on the Eastern Boundary line of ' ?nid D. L. C. a distance of 26.12 chains to the center of Market Road No. 9 in Linn. County, Oregon; thence North 59 deg. 3Q Min..West along the center of said Market Road 6.06 chains; thence South parallel with the Eastern boundary line of said Claim tr distance Of 3.08 chains to a point due West of the center line of the intersection of Market Road No. 9 in Linn County, Oregon, with the East boundary line of said Claim; thence West 13.71 chains to an iron pin; thence South 26.12 chains to an iron pin on the South boundary line of said Claim No. 48; thence East along the South boundary line of said Claim 18.90 chains to the place of beginning, all in Linn County, Oregon. i Dated this 27th day of February, 1936. Date of First Publication, Feb. 28th, 1936. . Date of Last Publication, Mar. 27th, 1D36. HERBERT SHELTON, , Sheriff. 1 F 28 Mar 6 13 20 27 uudiuch lueu one j that you saw their ad. In 4tvr"1 . ESGg All Price. An Delivered Altaa Caau Returnro Extras 18c Standards 17c Extra medium ltc Standard mediums 14c Brown extra, 17c Dirty extras Uc Undergrndes 14c Pullet. V Live ... Dressed ....8c UUTTERFAT A grade ....82c ....31c U grade C grade 20c Bv HAROLD GRAY I'VE GOT TO KNOW- I MUST TAKE A CHANCE- ONLY ONE WAY- I'LL T. ASK HER. RIGHT OUT- fl BUT NOT JUST WET- By Thompson and Coll BY BLOSSER IBUT NOT J14ST WET- j :'SrSL ABOARD THE SHIP MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse WHAT DO VOU ' MM VOL) NU25E ?1 J WHOLE SHIP 5TRICK.EW SaliaL. MEA'vJ, LEW WEM? fjOOPt THEM L. ffi BV PLAQUE - KAAVBE j . I AWA MUESE, jaNj, COVER NOSE' -1 III ALL DEAD, ALREADV -L( HEAVENS 1 BUT-- C8vK AKlD MOUTH Vi VES? 'Vl THI& b I IT'5 AM OUD 3s PEEV4APS t - M , r v PBISOM &WIP, EVEEVEODy-3 -'VM ELL , LET'S L afefeJ ONJE MOMEr4lT ALl,.RGWT- 1- BELOW DECK. . CO POWM PLEASE -UEEE'S BUT IT APPEAES T . DURING THE C I AND SCACE VllSa CA-oE FOR; : . V 5" o STIGMA FRECKLES AND HIS ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page ml . . a,i , 1 i 1. nnMiun falrl Known as muuiiy a miAi reuuutt: on them today. Please mention, Democrat-Herald. 1 SSTo lite, f BUT SOME FOLKS I PASSED TWO VMEN ijl ( ONE OF "THEM SAID:"l UMDEBSTAHD 'THAT , I T1ER ' -S, r?PB TrU - 1HWK X'M REALLY TALKIM6 Urf UP IM CANADA THE POLICE ARB MOUWTEd"...'. Y : Ba-.SA BAD, AW' SINCE THAT TALKING FOR MV WT I A-'AND THE OTHER ONE SAID:" YES,, BUT S a HM l rr C BA? ) JEWELRY STORE AF- BENEFIT ...i COULD -r fl N SHADYSIDE'WE OUGHT TD HAVE fCv fl? NM ) IF IT BAD J into MISCHIEF FAIR THEY HAVENT TELL BY THE WAY S Zl i vTTV O mioe: ?TTJFprrr-. l' y,X 1 TM WWTFOR IOCCASOKIAU. MUCH USE RJR ME.' THEY LOOKED AT L ) V-OURS STUFFEDl, I TH. I DONT r t ? J BUT WHAT BOY MmA ME f JKr FN T7 ' W V I - " ALLEYOOP they have guz wopp.iED BY HAMLIN j; t ( HONEST. GLIZ - 1'VS DOME:Cl C-tfCf5'jf ( ELL -WE 6C ( LlSTEW ,0U7 -I CjOTTA (f TH' ROCK-t WOvQwiLE VOJ'CE 1 V-n WE'DE 60IM' UP HERE I CAKJ? IV&KE DlWNiy COfcKVAV DO SOMETHING PLAM THAT I THIMK BUSTERS? &ITTIN' VEQ MEN r SUMPlN Q, WHATS X.TTURN TH' WIZEE FROM TH' GRAND - --v ' OR. TH' GRAMD ( WILL 00 -YOU GIT WELL, FEE.' k ON TH WAY - TELLS ME I'M A-f THIS STUMT LOOSE -BUT, DONT WlZEe'.SaCAVE....HE ASSLlSEOT WIZER'LL f3E A US ALL "IK COCK s WHATCHA WANT) OOP AN' I SAP.' EVERY TIMEA yEC GONNA S VOICSEAB-WE'LL f MUSTaX3jE OU CAJ REST- Aff5pKE BUSTIN' MEN IN J THEM PUWKS WILL MAkE I 1 LET THEM TWO i PULL OFF ?J CCrii WS si SUMPlN SPUL I WE DOME OU3 f. 0w T VI, -'-WOO J .FOR? A SURVEy MUGS TALK ME IN-) , GOCSH - 7 O- TDlWNjy.TMAKE VI BEST ;v ; XlA VUa- --TXr: ) -S- him act like y V - ' T Iicomeoutm; - (V. h ,, s THAT.' ' )' O r ' 7 - ? VET-HMa,. J I tOrTi f i 1 - o i j o ATTORNEYS FUNERAL DIRECTORS . aADve a mt uiui FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOMB MARKS 8t McMAHAN r,., nr WeM r,hona- 47-lt . Attorneys at Law 1st ral Bank Bldg. Phone 299 INSUKANCK WEATHERFORP 4 WYATT 9W '.SSSJ .git 122 W. First Phoru. 18 Opposite P. O. Established 1911 AUTO FREIGHT WM. BAIN, INSURANCE. U-VMT AUTO f KfclUHl to loan, farm security. SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight PRODUCB Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., the market for eggs, poultry, ml Phone 371. , and cream. AUTO lltP AIRING SHOE REI-AIRINO v . T. E. HITLER YS AT KELLY'S MUSQRAVE'S I SHOE SHOl Grage. Towing ti Wrecker, ph 60 Lyon. Motto. Quality tnd Bcnriet. ' ' WASHING MACHINES 1 BEAUTY SALONS -. I V ' OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE- MILDRED'S BEAUTY SALON Maytag. Easy. Thpr Washer.: 329 W. 1st . Phone 458J WTLD1NO . BICKSMITllMfO CARPET CLEANING SVYDER SON REAR ALIOW . lng fras, axles straightened.. THE SHADE SHOP, 409 W. rtri' 9 n Phnn 7B WELL DRILLERS i it FILM SERVICE C. E. GORDINIER & SON ' Well Drillers' HURLEY'S DRUG STORE TOl "We solicit your Inqulrim" overnJglt lUm lexvii. Eugene, Oregon -

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