Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 19, 1936 · Page 10
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 10

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1936
Page 10
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ten 8 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-H ERALD, AL B A N Y, OREGON Thursday; march i m6 WM PAGE THREE WRECKING 2 U1G SCltbOL HLDGS.. S For Sale, Wood and Coal !W TODAY I TRUAX RADIO SERVICE NOW LOCAT. tni around corner from Hank of Albany. Radios, telephones, motors and electrical appliances- repaired. Fhono liu-F-4. rj4-m28" OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUGHT i at Lwsons Drug Store. marltf i CASH PAID FOR USED FUKN1TUKK, j etc. "Look in your attic." Chu. Rohr. I bough & Son. 415 W. First St. jl-tf American Statesman Valley 160 Cheap with buihlinm of no value and in run down condition but a real buy for only t-i per aero. Mortgage, $?t!00 bo it takcjnly S1HKI for equity. Good ltnttora fflfit unproved and owner on samt JOxvneTaiyiUi more- of a stock ranch wnii more acres, . Nice 3 acres, no improvements hut a fine tract of land. Only $700. Terms if wuiitid. For Real Estate Sec Tripp & Murphy, Realtors. Mur 19lf A R e rt.. ' . v re r".'. ' ARMS , A E.S S " fovlons Vnzzlf 16 He belongs to the party. 17 To. deject, is Cramming.. 20 He won a U. S. residents 22 To strive. 24 Drops of eye fluid. . 26 Sprite. 27 Sun god. 28 To annoy. 29 Type standard. 30 Old garment. 35 Diplomacy. 36 Forbids. 38 Occurrence. , 40 To lift up. 41 Vampire. 42 Eagle's nest. 44 Measure ot cloth. 46 To ogle. M?ny.- - - 49 To loiter. ' 51 Matter. 63 Grief. 55 Credit. . j j;u.SIT0 Ustfe NjZ a TC3r AA5E pirTlm p DS E A A LL A Y l eTeTrTs S El "ftw I ISIH JUa r TTa TPlYiklais STyne measure. VEUTICATi 1 Exclamation. 2 Lawful. 3 Affray. 4 To steal. 5 Half an em. 0 Street. 7 Mire. 8 ParaKraph. 9 Sounds. 10 Hour. 14 Cavity. 1) HOW.OXTAt, 1. 6 A wpll- Icnnwn Amevlcnn. 11 Kp.rot, 12 Inslnutor. 13 To ( hotter. 15 Ltilr. lti Twenly-fom- hours. 17 To accomplish, lil Male. 21 Dolly. 22 Snukv lish. 2 !i-opositim. 25 Therefore. 26 He Is in politics. SI Orenser. 32Umb. 3J Timber tree. 34 To vex. 36 liflhin. 37 Muslciil note. 39 Kusslnn ruler. 41 Without. 42 l.avn. 43 Ilnil! 45 Ascernllnpr. T7 47 11 mi so cut. 4STo relate. r.0 Uows In 8erles. ni Knlry. 52 To clear of outlawry. 54 To observe.'' 55 Curiosity. 56 Court. 57J le was ' .t New York State, U.S.A. ipl.) Answer to V A0 IOILIN IT I U LjO0NnA RjOTM tSWf Ufc OlWlE IcKaisTAii nHn fiRiis COAT Of ARGENTINA i l tc f AIS PlSQB AIGlA RllA JR BIU iNlf U k i ATNID eIs1tIaIr OT.U-GR. 4-FT. BLAU OOI. SPKCIAI. prices this no. only 1".50 ir cd. for 10 cds. or more. Smaller Jots, IJ.1G per cord. Adkins Wood Yard. 217 Thurston, l'hone 633-J. . ml8-24" GOOD WOOO 1'RICEU HKillTj UKLIV- ered in any length. Lester C'llilrole, Ssntinm Kd. l'hone 734-lt. jL'0-tf 5 Livestock i.Qs WW FOR OLD AND WOKUIL an.- hoi-scs and cows. Day-old calves, l'h. 14- Albany, Cecil Montgomery. "mU-tfj FOR SALE TEAM, MARE AND GE1.D-ing, 6 and $,. old, without HUD lbs. James Ca.WI. Kt. 3, Hone (H-F-21. nll3-l!W, : i i , u DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND cows picked up free of charge anywhere. Phone 14-F-14 Albany. If no answer,- l'h. collect ll-F-4 Corvallia.. ml4-tf WANTED Dn NU WORTHLESS horses ahd cows. R. A. Cale, Phone collect 33-F-12. Corvnllis. ml3-al3 6 Poultry, Egs FOR SALE TSGGS FROM PURIfBRED Buff Orpington hens for hatching.' Phone tfR. R. M. Lance. RL 4, Albany. mlS-20 Fdf SALE WHITE LEGHORN CHICKS. Also Custom Hatching. Brewster's Hatchery. Cjaibtrec, Ore. m6-n6-S 0 5 ISfe Machinery FOS SALE GOOD 4-HORS0 DISC. Phone 243-R. R. M. l.ancc, Kt. 4, d mile from hridtte on htKhway. m 18-20 FOR SALE SEVERAL GOOD USED "McClanahan" Jncubutors, 241) ckii- $10; 540 etrir. $20, reconditioned, tented, and sold complete with all parts ready to ran. K. E. McClanahan Inc. Co., 2tiU W. 12th St.. EuKene, Ore. f21-m21 fu.jKMT QUALITY ftllT A NO NUT trees, shrubs, rose buhea, shade trees. Send for price list. Settlemeier Bros. Nuinerieft. Rt. 8. Albany n21-tf 2 Vtttfttj. itltTaiOBttlO WOOL AND MOHAIR ANTED. CA9g advanced without interest. M. Senders 4 Co. mio-al CASH )R YOUR CA. t AjlljN'S inarsei, rnone ijsi, i-euanon, Kjrc. tl6-6 AROUND 730 CHICKS DUE TO HATCH April 14. Will 5rspll or pnrt. Phone 10-K-4. Glenn Easing Mar 19-21-S FOR SALE 6 WEANLING PIGS, CARL Plaumann, RL 3, Lebanon. Mur llt-S FOR SALE 3-YR. OLD COW TO freshen soon. 22ti W. 3rd St., Albany. Ore. Mur 19-21 F(M SALE 1927 CHEVROLET COACH. frKspeed carbureter, '28 head, Bpotlhcht. trunk, solid body. Cefn car Hurry I Uuncoync Motors, 127 W 2nd. Mar 19-S IU m fllfeHY AUCTION MAR- ker rTTit bale"Sat 11 a. m. Team Kood mules. 3 head horses, 1 Jersey .cow to freshen in June, 3 sood cows milkinx, heifers, calves, piRU, shoats, chickens, walkintc plow, harrow, cultivator, trailer. furniture, davenport and chair, table, rock ers, bds complete, dressers, rutrs, ranse, heater, dishes, cook ins utensils, dishes, milk pails, tools, spuds, apples, corn, chop. 0d lottwtf other merchandise. Bring in what yorhavp to sell. hone 615. Dun 11. Roth, AuMji neer. rt March 19-S tVr tO-ff ACO tASQ. fousE, burn, orchard ; immediate possession ; nQrionablc rent, near Lebanon. W. M. Urown, Kt. 3, Lebanon, Ore. Mar 19-S a$f4unitife FOf SALE Of Tf AD9 FO0 AL9ANY property or farm near Two story fireproof concrete service station and storage on Coast Highway at North Bend, Oregon, Address F. U. Hood, Marshfield. Ore. gon. ml 6-20 Fcf sla sl Ett 160 At'JES. SOME CLEARED, LOTS OF timber to pay Tor place at $14 per A. Gravel road thru place. 1600 handles. F. J. Benton. Lebanon,- Kt. 1. tnlS-24-S 10 Kftt(t Enje FOR EXCHANGE 40 ACHES GOOD river bottom land, improved. Want a house in Albany, centrally located. See R. M. Lance with Fred Hoflich or phone 248-R, evenings. ml8-20 HELP THR NEEDY The Salvation Army needs frdits. Vegetables, clothing .etc.. to help needy people emergency cases. Money, too, if you care to contribute. We have no telephone, but -bring 'n what you have to ilon,U or droits a card and we'll call Xpy. Capt. Bert Bailey. 840 East First Apany. TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS Prices quoted below apt those prevailing at 11 o'clock a. m. on day of publication, and are lubject to ehaog, at any hour thereafter. LOCAL GRAIN M. Senders 4k Co. WHEAT: No. 1 white, Si". ; red and mixed, 78c bushel. BARLEY : Husiscn. J.'1.0U3. OATS: White, No. 1, 2ntaw' gr :ray Nu. 124.00; gray fen! (20.00 ton. MEATS (D. E. Nebergall Meat Co.) CATTLE Steers Heifers Bulls Cows, beef , . Cows, cutters .I4.006.00 . 3.00at'6.00 . 8.00,(4.26 . 8.00(4.00 . 1.004(2,60 HOGS ISO to 160 pounds t 8.S0 100 to 210 pounds o.OOGitO.OO 2fi0 to 350 pounds ...... 350 pounds up Sows ., ., 8.601(1) 8.76 e.76K 7.60 4.76(ii- 1.26 SHEEP Lambs . , Ewes .... Yearlings Live Dressed . . , ,17.60(8.60 . 2.00fl3.00 . 1.0006.00 ....... .7(!,c 12!ic POULTRY (Swift a Company) No. 1 hens, 4 '4 to 6 lbs 16c No. 1 hens, over 6 lbs 16c No. 1 medium hens, over 3(j lbs 13c No. 1 medium hens, under 3 lbs 13c Colored springs 17e No. 1 b.roilers, 1 to 2 lbs 16c Roosters , 1e Stags ,le EGGS All Prlcea Are Delivered Albany Cases Returned Extras IKc Standards 17c Extra medium 16c Bf HAROLD GRA? WILL I SAY TO THE OFFICER. FOR INSTANCE? WANTED AT ONCE 8HKEP PASTURE, livestock including beef of any kind. shoat. veal, sheep, cows and heifers. E. Eich-r, Phone 12-F-ia. Mur VJ-2 flERE&rA PEACH DURANT 4-DOOIt Scdilfejjst repainted, clean upholstery, Huund inraUKhout. , -tepced tramniistrion. Ouricoyne Motors, 127 E. 2nd. Mar 10-S FOR BALE OK TRADE tOKUSON tractor with pulley and JfWernor, for horsetor cattle. C. M. Bryant, Kt. 2, tebaig) Ore. Mar ltf-21 AUCTION SAT-NCT SUUTJ&L'S AUC jm , irket-'v'ork hornc, wt. 1400 lbs.; S'titfy cow, 4 yr., freshen sg)irch -, biir Jersey cow 5-yr. freshen Mareh 7, 5 cal. '0 ; calv, piini. tcfn 10U0 (gy-old cockerels, chop. fiiitln range, la-ft-fl, chairs,. pholrtSt, . tfrls, dishes, s4ll tools nd loU of vit ft Iftted. W U BlE cro CiA loU of buyers. Bel T. Si-111, .auctioneer. Iar lt)-S HNlflu CM '35 Vord DeLuxe S4A, built In trunk. StJ our latost popular nW Low mile tf a, tan ffcish. You would have to buy a ntr to beaj it. '34 lrd DeLux Coil, origint finish, ut steering spotless, gufinUJ in ufy. $145 IJn. 0 14)31 ford OeLuxt Couit?. This r ri uetn velltred for. Down lyrrsjlL S85. lt29 Ford Pick-up, rftndi-tiotflfl. ?0 per ctnt tirftjfc, paint. 127 Chev. 4 -Door runs like a clock, body n interior fine bIsi, .ADftt mvat CO. Yoir 9ani LVler lii-ft) 4)nd Lyoa. llny. 19-19 fr. 2, Sd. can sav ou mofc- o incabfprs, trailers, plows, cultivators, wn tools, furniture, hAtdttre, -tc. Try us. Mar 19 9ia subarban place, wants frm in viaW. will assume. 171 ACM, near Ste-. oa ft sta. ffir butUinjis, Pay for this like 21 ACRM Mr Tatet, a hi pro-(Iir farm, soad bull4iA, $2000 will hantfe, taitaac eay. lft-LAtlDi COP4NY. 120 Bllswerth m!2-tf lt0T f Ot: BOULVftY. s us lare awkCiaH your cream, eiois, 1oar. live and dressed veal, wool, etc. VkJMfc 9rotlce, Phone 666. ml819 Little Orphan Annie ' r ' v . - And Cftl)w Ccsrnitt L : - L io ::, i7 : vjjgp:! is fct 19 so -r-: - jrfff-r-j-- Bt a a& 89 -io X ; ; l a; 46 19 SO be ' as- ST 65 J I I ' I K &b .. I t, ni,,? lumber for $5 & up. Plunks, floorintt. cribbing, sidintc, 28, 2 10 joists, lumber and timber. H ricks $1 per M. liIM irliinn. ctI. ffv tilths lalh. lry wood cut to lenuths. bee salesman flsdison school, 4th k Aladison, Albany. Ore. Mar ly-JS-S FARM "SACRIFICE" FARM fcearly U0 acres, one of Linn county's' best farms, fine locution, must liquidate, thiPXT?Jfcc is worth ll)U ier acre. Price toiihMck sale only $48.50 pur acre. Can sell part. Never again will you be able to duplicate this deal. IRVINE L. HOOD, l'hunc tlOU NT STOCKEnJ'l Huve Kood mill and w-.AoSW, several acres of land and new hou3r clear of debt and valued at $8,000, trade, and assume if stocked and equipped. IRVINE L. HOOD, Phone SOU fl'6-lf y. i4so to lsoo lbs., y. mi. ttrt airport bearon litiht. F)fiW it-ffman. S- 2, Albany, (tgur 19-21 PUSMSMt B$afi4iM 0X T rier pups, $3 and $5 at Payne's, 3 i east on ro4i to Price Bchool. ir 1 good ttre. ny top and battery. Runs and las fine. Burjtoyne tutors, 127 E. 2nd. Mar 19-S fosV4M lcc6 ic a). : hutgshpld koous, some frm toofs. T. Cumaiias, Phpne ll-F-22, mi. wi4R. of Crtfttr. 19-21 tc L-jMva is disc plofr. ?-ft. Tiiccr drill. Ch. Arnold, SkNM, Ore. - . ' Mr it tl0-lm CLOV lity, loivt or cut. Huko Khrlich, l'honu 18-F-31, It. 3, Albfiiy. Mar 19-21 t ill AT Tiff Af- nold Em? Ranch in Lebanon for $21 per 100. We truarantee 98 per cent accuracy. Sixteen years breedinjt and tvnp-pintc our White Leghorns for Bin Type birda and heavy producers. Write or phone L. E. Arnold, Lebanon, Ore. Phone 1421. Mar 19-20-S fO 9ALft lt$ CY41. 6, 4-DOOK sedan. . A real good car for cheap transportation. Burgoyne Motors, 127 E. 2nd. . - . ,. Mar 19-S n Kng UP-ky, JEAVY for seed, $23 ton. C. B. Settlemier, Rt. 1, Box 25, Tangent, Ore. Mar 19-21 SAI.S-ltHTH'ATEl) BLACK- berry. Loganberry and red raspberry plants. John Grenz, Scravelhill near Jefferson, Phone 9-F-4- Jefferson. Mar 19-21 i GOOD MORNISJ MRS PRVE- FRIERS MORNING. ISNT ' GolK1G TO BE ,T A e FINE. DY- I 1 NEiVER TROUBLE TROUBLE MY PLtCI SITS eVPrSf. CM THE BQm C WELL, IT'S PLMNrHE ; HASN'T HEftRD OFTHE GUESTS rT MY HOUSE, WHICH PROVES THAVT NO BODY IN TOWN HS HEARD YET- mi SELDOM STO- rxND SO FAR rVNNIB MAS HARBLY STIPPiD OUTSICat- RUT WELFARE VUTOORtT(E5 BUSYBODIES ARE SURE 9--- BUT WHY LOOK I I GLOOM, WHEN, THE ... , IS 50 BRIGHT c CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD. DENTAL crowns, bridges, fillings, old jewelry, watch cases, etc. F. M. French A Sou, Jewelers. dHOtf 28 Houses Wanted WANTED TO BUY SMALL HOUSE for couple. Quote hiweat cash price. Address Box 4321, cure Democrat-Herald. frr?) mts-'JO 17 For Rent, Farms FOR RiaW-5 ACRES, NEW 4-ROOM , bouse, pAnly furnislul. Intiuiru at 342 K. 2ml. vml"-HI IS For Rent, Houses7Apts. FOR RENT MODERN APT., HEAT, elec. refrigerator. Call ut 6-0 W. 3rd. ELLSWORTH APT. tlRAT, OVER-tuffed furniture. Ph. 85. 806 Ellsworth. a-tf 20 Help Wanted, Male WANTED EXPERIENCED ENGINEER who can fire with sawdust. Phone Corvnllis 14-F13. mlS-'O 21 Help Wanted, Female DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE WANTED by national organisation. Prefer woman, neat, attractive- eJo Cuuvnssing. Give qualifications. Ulrecor, 301 Wcstport. Kansas City, Mo. mlS-20 32 Trg.inin3 for Position MEN WANTED FOR RAWLE1GII Routes of 800 fnmlllcs. Reliable hustler should start enrning 2b weekly and increase rapidly. Write today. Rnwleigh, IVpt. OKU-l-S, Oakland, Calif. Mar 111 18 Lot, Strt$ad, Stol0i LOST LADY'S SMALL GOLD WRIST wstch with link bracelet. Phone 706-K. Reward. ml 8-20 St) BittllrntiaB Claiffed LAf'N SOWE0S SHAIPENED BY automatic machine. Warner Hardware. Phone 331-J. mlO-alO Sons to loan on ell-impsov- ed farms. Low rate interest. Wm. Bain, Albai " flO-tf WHT TOMM - ' PKSPLC TRUANT bi quistcus.,1 AHEAD By W ' F THE LAW IS TOO LAX, IW-THIS TOWNTHEY SHOULD CLf DOWN ON HIM ! THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE IN "WIS J!2fe WHO SHOULD HAVE NUMBERS, IWSTEAD YEH ) WEVEC AM' Y0U MIND: THEM ) YOU DO VAWAY IS. WHAT; AS I BlD. VOU.YOU'LL BE GLAD OF r7f in 1, OK TO I HE THAT THE TO SEND FOR PRESENT x-r r p. I U i i ' V.-r., b, i ti. t , TS (awright, -y 5"" su- !,,, V N'i yn&lu iV Q -- - - - , -A MYSTERY SHIP WY RA NORTH, Special Nurse Stnndnrd mediums He H row n extrsa ..17c Dirty KKtma 1(1 Undcrtcrndcs 14c PullcU ... ...12c ..10c ...Sc ..13c ..32c ...lie ..20e Live Urrtsvd A erado It gradu C tftudo ..8.-J5(39.00 THE Plt()l)U( E EXlANGB 'Itir fullowinir prices were nnnicd to bo i fectlvu todny : llutter : Cuba ex t run 32C ; ntHniUrda 'J1VR: iirlma ffrsU tll'-jc; fiintB oO'jc lb. ChieHo: Oniion triplt'U 16c loaf 17e lb. Urokers will .my cent below tiuotHtiuna. FJuuh : Produce KxchutiKu quotations between dealers: Extrft Ini'KO PJc ; stand- urd Inrtre 17c; ex t run medium 17c; stand- nrds medium 17c dozen. Jidibinir prices Zc liiifhw. POKTLANI) WIIOI.K8AI.K PRICES These ore the. pricea retailers pay wlioUitulvrti, except where otherwise slat ed: Hut lor: Prints. A itrnde, 34jc lb. In pnrrhmcnt wrapiwr, 'A&VjC lb. In cartons: II itrnde, parchment wrapiwr. 83c; cartons 34-4o lb. liutterfat : Portland delivery : A sradc, deliveries ill leant twice weekly ii-Uij 36e ; country routes ajf;35c; It urnde Wn'Wc; C Krmlu at market. II (.rude Crrnm for Market ; Huyinic iii'tee, bulterfnt ban in. A'.ljC lb. ('heetie t Helling- price to Portland i tnilern; Tillamook triples 21c loaf J 2c lb. Tillamook Selling: price to wholesalers: Triplets 19c; loaf 2uc lb. Krkh : yinic price of wholesalers t Extra., lc ttoren; standards 16c; extra mediums 16c; do medium firata 15c; under-j ratio 13c; pullets 13c doven. Milk: A Krade. Portland delivery. CS'jc lb. butterfat basis for 4 per cent. Live Poultry: Portland delivery buying price: Colored hens, over VA lbs.. 17UtC18c; under 4j lbs., lEtffr. life ; leKhoru hens, over lbs., ISffclfic; under lbs,. iCUiACc leghorn broilers, IVj to 2 lbs., 17ft IHc; sprinKS, 2 lbs. and up, lfKriZOc; rosU'rs HftVc: liekEn ducks, younif, H(nl'c; geese UtoldQ lb. Live Poultry: Selllnir prlcety whole- Balers: Liuht hens lie; medium henj, lGc; colored hens 1J.; broilca liutyiilc ; sprinKS WU20c, pekfrFueks,tfinK. 17c; colored 10rW13c; capons, over V Ibs.t 24'J,'!5c julnca hens, 60c each. Turkeys Dressed): Selling price to re tancrs: No. 1 bens. 23c: toma ntrliu, lb. Turkeys (Dressed): lluylnv price: New crop hens. No. 1, V 'q lb. FKKSH VEt.KTAIII.ES Polaloes: Local S1.&0 cental; Klamath 11.651 Srappooso netted irenui 11.60. Dcs- eniifi Tfifttctl gemn 9i.r rental. MURRAY! Sir TMWvJIC HE&VENSl Tf rl Q. .- PULL. WITH I A SHIP! BUT IT LOOKS . fl '' ' " --IQ' fe.: ALL VOUR KgV IM A BAD WAV, TOO! THERE- DOESU'T SEEMifelT SssCY Cele?y: California, 2.2Ctff2.80. 1'eas: California. 61 11c lb. Spinach: The Dalles $1.00; Walla Walla U0rf(,1.00 box. Onloim: Oregon, $1.151.2S ler 100 lbs. Tomatoes: Mexican, $4.0Orj:4.SO lug, repacked. lettuce: California. 2.2R(ij.3.00 crate. Sweet Potatoes: California, fl.90 per 60-Ib, crnte; southern yams, $1.90 per crate. Cauliflower: Local, No. 1. 80S0e; do No. 4t)rG0c; Roevburg tJGcll.OO ; California 7B(f.;S5c crate. Hhubarb: Hothouse, extra fancy, tl.lB; fancy $1.10; choice 00c per IS lb. box. box. Cucumbers: Local, hahouse, 86c$1.06 dozen. New Potatoes i Florida, $2.50 crate; Hs-wniiun $2.40 per 60 lb box. AsparaKus: California tiff 1 8c lb. FRESH FRUIT Apples: Delicious, extra fancy. $1.70; do fancy, $1,45. Ncvn8, extra fancy, $1.70; tin fiinr-v Il.jr. : Tin faro and fill, fanrv. : di tnco and fill, cholci. 75c. Soltien- bertr, extra fancy, $1.60; do combination, $1.33. Rome Ilcaf. jumble, 2c lb. Wine-saps, extra fanerr $1.65 ; do fancy. $1.40; do jumble, extra fancy, 3c lb. bananas: Iiunch 4,,i'H5c; hands 5' 6c lb. Pears: D'Anjou, extra fancy. $1.3G ; fancy $1.16; Rose, combination, face and fill. 00c box. Ornntces: California navels, fancy, $2.30 dr3.7t rune; choice $2.1)03.00; standard ?2.6G ens?. Grapefruit: Arisuna, $1.8()ff7:2.40 case. Florida, $4.lM)$f 4.26 case. Lemons: California, fancy $0.60(6.75 case; choice $6.ti0$$.25 case. Cranberries: local, 25-lb. box, $1.60 it 1.75; eastern, $1,766(2.00. MKATS AND PROVISIONS ' Country Meats: Selling price to 'retailers: Country tiled hogs, best bttchers, under ISO lbs., &tfuic; vralers. No. 1. HiUUc: litfht and thin 8ffl:l2c ; heavy 7fif$c; cutter cows 7'c; rannera cows 9 6i7c bulls SHtHDc; Iambs 16rjl7c; metlium 126(130; ewes Sl'lOc lb. Ilacont 26tf( 26 '-ic lb. Hams: 2i(U30c picnic 2122c lb. ' ' Lard: Tierce oasis Hc lb. HOPS AN1 WOOL Hops: Nominal: 103S clusters 7&9c lb. Wool: 10S6 contracts, nominal: Willamette valley, medium, 30c; coarse, hnd braid t8c j eastern Oregon 20c lb - "MISS ALASKA" TO BE NAMED FiCinks, Aliiska. The first "Miss Alaska' will be chosen here in conjunction with the Fairbanks ice carnival. Entrants must bo siiffcle, and a resident of the territory for at least six months prior to the opening of the contest. U.-H. Want Ads Brfng Results "We sol-clt' your Inquiries" Eugene, Oregon THIS LIF E SMSME'S FLYlNotU' V EA soon them's, I J'j LEW WEN SAY, LERVE S30AT-- SWIM FOR 5HIP fvAALL BOAT CRA'aM AGAIMCT EVER SINCE HE WAS SUSPECTED OF BREAKING THAT- . JEWELRY" STORE WINClpW-IVE FDR-BIDtKl My ALVI TO PLAY WTIH HIM L. .1 BSO .AFTER BEING BUFFETED ABOUT FOR. HOURS, BY THE TROPICAL STORNA, THE ILL-FATED CREW IM THE '' LIFEBOAT SIGHT A SWIP VERY BECOMING o FRECKLES HIS Thompson and Coll BY BLOSSER BY HAMLIN no L.T.:.7 X.E frms s.(, U immJ.J 10F FFJfcS WHEN t THAT'S DOMT GET TOO CLOSE TO THST" U I FRESH PAINT H . THAT k$ IS A MENACE TO SWDYSIDE J KS bad youngster , if T RCD Ciu rtLlcr " - T tr zero GkLi -.lct I' BOYS LIKf THAT OAWC WHAT MOAM jKT- LA6E MY ! HE OLKaHT TO Die tMDA V J . y I i ....... I, ALBAlSf? BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional peefflo listed on this page known as Albany's most reliable' business men and women. Call on them todS. Please mention that you saw their ad. in in Democrat-Herald. Galley doV FOOZY IS JGETTING DESPERATE DINNY-GOME, MDU MUGS THOUGHT YOU'D PUT ONE OVEC ON SOMEBODY, DIDUTCHA -WENT AN' HID, WHEN YOUR OL' . BUG EGGS TO HIM.Afst'TH' GfND WIZER,TOO LISTEN, Ayt'EY -'I'LL TELL y'WHAT TO AWRkjHT.NOW, YOU SMART SAPS - '-GO GIT YER SLAB-SIDED DINOSAUR ) A AWAY FROM THAT CAVE - AN' XsbM ATTqJETB TONE HAL DIRECTORS MARKS & McMAHAN O FOnIJ45hlrS2ia Attorneys at Law W Dav or Night ohona: 447-H f 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. Phone 29J INSCRANCB W.OTHKRTORI. & WYATT OWEN BEAM AOENCT 122 VVFirst- Phone II Opposite P. O. Established 1111 AUTO FREIGHT WM. BAIN, INSURANCE. HcM? lo loan, farm security. SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight ppnnnf ' ' Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal SWIFT AIV? CO. ALWAYS W iualer' .i8,' & Mon8omery Sts the market for eggs, poultry, Tttd Phone 371. and cream. , , , AUTO REPAIRING SHOE REPAIRING . T. E. HULERVS AT KELLY'S MUSGRAVE'S SHOE SHOP, lti Garage. Towing it Wrecker, ph 80 Lyon. Motto, Quality and SerHoSj. BEAUTY SALONS WASHING MACHINES OTTO KQOS, AMES HDWt MILDRED'S BEAUTY SALON Maytag, Easy, Thor Wasnen. , 325 W. 1st Phone 458J ' .T7S?S i WELDING - BLACKSMrrBINe CAKPET-CLEANING SNYDER & SON - BEAR ALIOII- THE SHADE SHOP, 40 W. Unt lng rames' 8x163 "inntg-x1- t Phnnw 7B. WELL DRILLER8 FILM SERVICE C. E. GORDINIER & SON " Well Drillors jiTi,' BE GUlCk: ABOUT IJ I' - ,M9 DO.' 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