Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 19, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1936
Page 5
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THE ALBANY DEMCRAT-H ERACD, ALBANY, OREGON THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 1936 AGE Sft PARIS SUGGESTS LONG TUNICS Scio Board Reelects . J '' "'.""t' Tame Pussy Lures MEDICAL MEN CHEER VICTIMS O I I ' rT&t Jt:...-- Z6s- J3? m r: iTHTmr TIBliTW f will Six Schco! Teachers II c . . ... ' . Scio. (Special) Six of Sc o s Yr, r , 7 h ,,h J 37HUl a SCho1 Tl m.eC,"lg Mnday even,n8- i u r..,i,i. .ui school to be nHnrinM wac ih, ' tit i,,. I ' ' " Mk.'" named. He will rwifive a yearly iStkry of $1450, an TRcrease of $50 XtT the lJatteryon Citsent year. Frances Vecil Elder will re - ceive the sarwrsalary, $95 and $100 monthly, respectively-. Two more teachers will be elected to meet state board of education standards. Mrs. Melvin Vilson, first and second grades, Marioi White, third and fourth grades, , nd Gertrude Tiar, fifth and six'.li grades, were re-elected at a monthly sal-aif)t! $80 each, equal to the arotrtylnt paid this year. Fred Road-armel was chosen janitor for an other year, at a salary of $ia monthly, a $5 increase. Insurance policies on school fur niture and buses were ordered renewed. ; - Bobcat to Death Scio. (Special) Anton Lee, Scandinavian winter care-taker at Brcitenbush Hot Springs, keeps a house-cat. The cat, so far as is known, hadn't eivpn him anv troube untii one night recentiy wnen us scent attracted a bold and hungry bobcat. The house-cat lay curled on the. back porch of Lee's cabin. In qucslW Lee arrived outside just time to save nis -3 sho't into th. hn,lv nf hB hiB folino tr.s.ra,,H. nl tna pnca tin iinncnn nmrn er settled once and for all his at tempt at feeding on the tame members of his species. I" lilt -U.-H.UU- mountains sixty miles east of Scio, .still lies blanketed under several Ereitenbush, in the : Cascade feet of snow. . GRANGE STPPER SET ! North AlbanvJfSpecial) Fair- mount grange LSB hold a covered ' dish supper at Toe hall Saturday , night at 7 o'clock. A program of ,'talkiifg pictures offered by the Mountain States Power company will follow the supper. The usual Friday night dance at the hall has been cancelled because of the stle show in Albany. P.-H. Want Adc Firing Results --4iifafeliMaari jLJlaMfcat an i tX - 4 Mot a barrel of money my friend-but a barrel kJ ' wm f 1 9 lit ; .f,li it-vc a' Sal & of quality! OF HAY FEVER Cleveland. Ten Million Americans allergies people - who get hav fever from weeds, asthma from feather beds or hives from i anything from strawberries to an old-fashioned spanking can : cheer up. They may be smarter than other people. Equally cheering news is that they may be cured an medical research uncovers more and more about what is commonly known as,allergy, formerly defined as a sensitive constitution. The Brush Foundation in Western RescMKf Unhfraity's medical school hSjincrcasra the fund of knowledge on allergy with ;ni'o-gues' gallery of the "crimiiTSls" who rob many a person of the best of healthy A strange thing about this Cs-sandra-like allergy bisaiket is Diet a feminine none raay li; bulbous because it can't staaai (r rm face powder r hwaiun fnitona flowers m( m it l way. mmmrtMk s!!t Uulmm Attn aibjnwits rum tte ftiwmA from atiin eltwx'cVwn to chebiar mmI Jtiwt b?toi' tama a Wtv of C(ovtkwiiwi!. Tlaa awPNOMir of tta.' Wen siy is ttoo tracking ttewn and eWswwxif-tiaa at allergy "ataaflsaMra."' OWt tlnwoml allw:He children wkwootyl hum &ee t'uil in raavarclt. j VKiW ttw lowmhKlon iry of 3-iy litexwes kf i tty xheies wkmt !wm mkthk aihruiaiu can da to grewth and ma-mal ctevli-moat i ealatea, taw current stwlies ef Uajrlors T. WinRW Tci" atioSCarl C. frzaaeiii projeow a bijin of pride for allergies who ba,ve rewind aaUalthooii. They sanuU, for tmnc yet un-eioiJairiea' reason have sparkling eaVfgy. The social iftiladjustiejnt of their atiolewcnce may have b-cclfte executive ability or a sense of the esthetic. Colicky babies my Ha into men and women of rata) carriage. Otis i r,nr toamt Ail illergie may (Jiuvo been ujl rihs and kij-ecgps in his ene.1 Bal)ol days and had to sit in the front row to sec the blackboard. He may not have completely overcome his sensitive stomach. But thfre's a more than even chance that he will grow up to be a shade smarter and quite overcome the hypcrsensitiveness of his high school days. O The Brush Foundation is engaged in sleuthing, to determine the nature of the enemies of the nl-lcrgics. At the same time, it seeks to learn, along with costless other resea&n groups, how to desensitize an allergjjj against his particular bugaboos of clothing material, pollen, food, feathers or face powder. The foundation desires also to learn how to utilize the allergists' special talents. While the doctors arc engaged i In perfecting their injections to! immunize with the very substances which spell trouble for an allergic, the Brush Foundation plans to give the public a glimpse of Its' rogues" gallery. Lectures arc planned for the al lergies themselves and for young victims' parents who themselves, may oe anergic in or n m(n- her Of many possiole ways lnas- VlJf, the diixctor. I Miss Jean McKee, student of I Oiegun state ' college, is spending ..,iir, i.r hrr,., here. Tuesday evening Miss Mc- Kc- attended a party in Alban s.ven at the home of Assiar- Lackey. Friday morning I Jean and her mother, Mrs. Paul MeKee, will motor to Portland for a two day business and pleasure " 'y- . . ' Mrs. loo iviars reiurnea to net Home in Harrisburg after spend- nig several days with her moth- l.-, Mrs. Evalyn Wall, Who h.;S been ill. Loughlin to Urge C 4 Vfi CUgeniCS MOPageS Salem, Ore. B. Laughlin, srtv sncinlnpv March 19. Dr. S. Willamette univer- Kofessor and advo- 3niriB all the state's Cl ite of chloroi ii ' : ft opelessly feeule-minded and so- cially inadequate wards, said today he would sponsor a eugenics mar- riage law at the next session of the legislature. A law which would have re- quired both men Bud women to submit to mental a? well as phy- sical examinations .when applying for marriage licenses was defeat-.; eel at the last legislature. the O o o o o o i lajiMajy ii I Ka ..i .li-a iiraijirr I ' ' Ever? day will Wiaa it begins Hav housewives iraahness and nitaagood Tb9 modern insures the Gtolcin West... FLAVOR TIN start xiqlit end e'af riqbt wila a good cup of coffee. have found that the fragrance of Golden West coffee Bekgoo; easy and sure! miracle of Thermalo rcmsting flavor and uniformity! Try you'll like it immensely. SEALIS -IN-VACUUM IjOIik tmiics me iiiniiiiK Purls' spi-iiu; lasliion Ii.iiIcis. Here ,lnin Arfo Iiiin ci'i'iileil a spi-tiaciiliii' on In lilark mitt white tafl'r'a, uorn (vcr n liliick uol hI.IiI. A emit rut mi (he lines of l he ( tunics conipli-tos Hie rosliiine. I Pierce, president, Salem branch. !AAUW; 3:30, Music: 3:45, The Monitor Views the News; 4, Musi- cal Stories; 4:30, Stories for Boys and Girls. 5 p. in.. On the Campuses; 5:30, SOAC Radio Program Thursday, AQrch 1!) 5 p. m On the Cumpuses; 5:30,! Lisic 5-45 Vesoera Led bv Dr I usic, vcspirs i.cci Ly u . i TVA . ... ln E. J. Harper; fl, Dinner Concert; , ,i.v,n,., l.wl i iivi, tjy Ol I I "j i him in kiii tczz: Yes, friends, when you think ' of quality think of mellow Old Quaker straight whiskey nth end round end smooth for there' a barrel of quality in every bottle ! But it dueso'ttake ft barrel of money to buy it for Old Quaker is The FrnnJly Whiskey mindful of your poikethook, as well as your taste nd throat. And so today, why noi change to friendly Old Quaker and keep thechange! AVAILABLE IN OREGON 40 75 PINT Na. IMC (KYI) HALF PINT N0.U6DRYE N. lTlt (&OUBBON) wmm STBAIGHT A. ;oa pratur In BOUBSON or B Yfl rmit-iiht. IW. Th.' Olil Oiir.hcT o o rrriMiiiarraliiijLjff'-fe fi:15, Portland Boiler Business Bii-. ,01. f,ecast, 7 Agricultural Econ-reau "Swindles to Suit ; 0:30, omi,,,.s. 7;ls w. j). Duruz "Grape Farm Hour 0 J0 I arm Act Infor- .nminR"; 7;3o. Music; 7:45, The mat um. (1:45 Market and crop re- ; a, ,.;,.,, TnniniT n HTnii" H i'; ports and weather forecast, 7 11. A. ; Lindgren "Supplemental and Nu-, live Pastures for Sheep ;1S Program; 7:30, Badio Shiiilhand i Contest Prof 11. T. Vance; 8, Mu-i p ,l'",fiMlB,m: l,-!,;15' Uiiiti-d; I less News. .-.-.! Friday, fljlareS : fl . Honvinakcrs' Hour- Manche Lungl KctltMal ll'iunKt;,,,,,,,,,) of Will Rmui. violin; on Jcrfit-rson. Sunday evening the local Christian Endeavor of the Evangelical church dispensed with their meeting, and 14 members and frieiifsof the society motor- eel to SalVm and attended t h Christian Endeavor mi worship stvvicc of the Kvangencal church In the group were Kev. Herbert tii iineu, mr. ami Mr w. irua Vinson, ivusses rieien auci .iuio Kills, John Kihs. lieulah and Virgil Wilson, Mrs. Nettie Keeves, Allern and Elaine Cliilton, Mrs Skillinxs, Rubv Mtritin and Rjilh Davis. Hev. Harvey deVrias aiiiinuiices that because of so muclr Uies, the annual chuii lughl 4logini of the Metliodist churt. which was to be held Thursdtiy night, has been postiicined until later. . A numle,r of rul 9tute deaVs have leu i3e in this district recently. Tlic iiai't & Go in agency ri.'porl tlie sale of lite 10 acre tract north of town known as the old Cook place, to Mr. Parkcrson of Oklahoma. The 20 acre improved tract on the Greens bridge road two miles southeast of town has been purchased by C. O. Davis of this community. Charles Hail sr., has purchased the J. G. Morgan farm just north of Jefferson. There are 84 acres in this place, mostly rich river bottom land. Word rit as been received fr$ii the PW AT office in Salem tll the change in the water project for Jcftersoii has been approved.' Mr. and Mrs. Warner Lftns, recent arrivals from Sioux City, la., have securedtompluymont on a dairy farm near Independence. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Klampe and children, Leslie and Arlene, of Labish Center, were Sunday guests at the home of Miss Anna Klampe and Mrs. Nettie Keeves. They also visited the Karl Kihs family before returning home.;'. The high school will present the oporplta. "Sailor Maids," in the NOWLAYIfNG . ENDS SATURDAY COMING NEXT SUNDAY, ANbTHER BIG ( DOUBLE BILL) 7 IMIS Allien Sklpnortli "IIITI'H QlKK I.ADY" blonde DYNAMITE! She Rot all men liguied, except M B aft. Am mucn as such sensitivity is hered-;ing itajry. I 10:45, Admin.; 10. Music; 10:15, Guard- Your Health; 10:311, Music; KOAC School ol the Air Growth of Music, 1 l':3U Vocational GuiHaiiec; 11:45. MuW ; 12. Noon Hour Iti5 News. 12:15 I!, Biological Survey. 12:40 Market and crop reports' ;.nd weather Mr. vuitar ni KsUur The credit line forecast. 1 y. m.. Music: :lPu'orlil Hook Man: 1:20. Music; 1:30. Science Shirk: l:j. Music; 3. Ciintinuiug XducaliiA "Vniversitv Women in. . Cpioi Cilv" Dr. Helen that assures you o ;0 ., WHISKET ' , " . mano It ban Iho ICMNUT emAM et jMlMT rommtriv. I,nwrincplinrt.. indinna -A, O ins I G fa ACCURACV o O O anel the RI-UiAUi JAJI O O- Press is recog) o v BijTtie;e"Li;s, dragon- AAAV-FUClSj SAW- scorpion- fli ejs, Ly4.CE.-WlNtSjED PL.IE-3, AANV OTH EC "FLIES',' NiOTQ-LIES ACT AU. Win. Schocler; (i, Music; 0:15. What Tmst Companies Do; (1:30, Fanr H,ml.B:3u u,lU,. vjugs, (i:4E What imili ii. on iiiiui: in iiiiHn, u.tii Mm - kH. nnri emn vnniirS:mri won. m ii.'jn li..,, i.. ..I' n ij.k vv Wrid. si Mnvimrini- I(, ,'u'. 8:30 Music of' the Masters- lhlik,rt Prcss Nt,ws. . i.ACOMK HAS PliOGKAM .:lnunl). (Special.) The March meeting of the conimunity elub Wiis lirM in Dk hall Friday cvt tiin1.',. ' v inllowin pmram was iiit'piit' H: mitvic hv :im nrrhostr:: tr. KlIIv, guitar and Kdith Ford, putjio; auvt by Mrs. Phil- iif-r- itmi vliihii nil n-, , u.v ' mil Flditn Way; sons by ami KT Cit'orsic I't'rnvll, with. at-ninipannnriit; p 1 a y, andina Pulls tlu String.' by , ;md Zola llarn, HrUa) (Iran1 Uaitrnir aiu! I'Wl 'rumai.i. Tiu' iMinniiluv on pm-t;iam t i v X'rlina Wirt, Fldmi Kr.r) and laid Tunadi. Helen F.d-'.vaids, t'w;'nt'th Cox and Cn'orm1 l'rntcll ait1 liir program i'oin:nit-lit1 tor April. . -. . ; ska ;ri.i.s i ikst niKi;us MarbU-hi-ad. , Mass. AUhoimh' f thv "blue book .of etiqm'tU'" for- j bids Ihe dunklM!' of one's food, sea , iyidts direlard tins social j;raee and won't eat food until it has; : been well soaked, neroi'dinn to i laiuo y;,( G.Wn I)aiiJ (Tiow, ornitholouist and i -- "Vt jlSKWl I W ill S ( I liiirlir ( h. JktA Innrse lln jj J Kriurilirs oniiits, in llerUs .0 v uou-poin-ous. tboir beabtii? vu too has k'D of years nrfrl-Knv tnu chrome rolmonts. S. H. long Throat. sinuitis. catarrh, cars, lunv, aihma, chrome couuh, sttmiaeh, kOI stones, colitis, eonsltpation. diabetes, kidnays, bladder, heart, nerves, ncural-Kia. rheumatism hi:h blood pre-tire, nkindt ' SN ores, male, female, cbddren-.-v)rtiers S. 11. Fonn, H years practice in C"hh'a. Herb Specialist. jiv.5 relief after others fad. 13!l K. First St., Albany, Or. Office Horns: Sunday and Wednesday It a.m.. to 2 p m. TVt 1 " V j SPEED1- ' O'lNbEPENDENCE HUSfAM) XJNHSgs Denial of charges made by his wife in her complaint, and ter-charges of infidelity are in-1 clarfed in the answer of Charles Laaa; to itff divorce complaint ol Saolki M. Long in circajt court: Mae. Long alleges that his a.'ffe is at fault, rather th he, fir l!ir ; am-Miai difficulties, uitei 9 cus-1 tary at tMr wr U4. : ' COAST GUARD ANNUALLV SAVES ABOUT 40,000,000 WORTH Ol VESSELS AND CARGO. . . wrm THEIR. 20, OOO PASSENGERS AND CREWS. AND ACTUAUV PULLS FROM THE WATER. ABOUT 3, OOO DROWNING PERSONS. , s. U PLe, ne:i, AND ARE Ma .f-V . G . WORLD WIDI Because of these factors o L.J . ....,. - ..IN KANSAS.. AcTiRJCULTUSCAL. AUTHOP11TI E S EST I AAAT E. THE ANNUAL DAAGlCl TO ALFALFA CROPS, BV POCKST GPHfZS, AT ABOLir $5,000,000. N 1 WHViCt, IM. (ihe United hized(PyGeading n papers as the grea world wrde news service O Mill intod mmm4mpmm O - ft) THERB can lie no exact estimate nindoof tlio nuinlicr o( persons actually aaved from drowning by the United Htitlia cunst taard, since only a portion of the crewa and panst-tipem mi dm-trpBHed slilin would have been lout, but. In llm lnt ili-i-ndi', approximately 30,000 persona already in the water liava been rcs- 00 CCD "O - - o 1

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