Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 19, 1936 · Page 2
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 2

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1936
Page 2
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jr.; PAGE TWO THE ALBANY- D E M Q C R A T - HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON THURSDAY, MARCH 19, .1.936 Tgocs to Eugcnlw " n . " " " j Miss Lela Biay, secretary of the; DattlcS "'. tO " FttC cross several times daily is doubt ate to Classify (Q TODAY'S STOCK. . GRAIN MARKETS DR. LEE . CHOSEN FOR HIGH HONOR AT CHURCH MEETj irc-'byterian church of Oregon l'.:s been most outstanding. rtt prt''ent he is .staled clerk ana treasurer of the Willamette presbytery, and in past years has served as moderator. Mother in Kidnap Classified art vol t orients morning for Eugene to attend the I i annual meeting of the secretaries of the chambers of commerce of' ful. The same . conditions would affect farmers coming to town from the road to the east. Drivers would have to watch for trains, stop at a highway crossing and then watch for trains again at another crossing, all with a few moments. tf X.NCE 4 NOTICE TO CITY " , SUBSCRIBERS :: If your paper has not been delivered by your Albany carrier b.v-jS:M o'clock e&k D. M. kohfDourh, PhfeTOfctf and a copy will be delivered by ;special carrier. Report all other complaints to the office, Phone 15 ThCwAlbany Democrat-Herald. the stale. Mies Nadine Bowman i)r. Wallace Howe r-ee. veter.i is to be in the office during her mi moer oi Aioany college, h A Ingher in iWtlei higher in nWlerativ turn a usence. r'urly-four years as i .ian college educator is which the honor is Presbv-tlie basis awarded c Thorrdnv: mtii he in Ihp offurr before 9 a. m. to be run on the classified page. Advertisements received be. worn D and 11 a m: Thutrdays will appear in .thl- column. Tiic full classified and market page will be ri.nis ! on next to last page in today's paper. , . ueen invited by the Piesbvteri over. W As an alteiarive it has been i Bonds domestic corporation is- .suggested that the curve could be to Dr. Lee. .lunch of the United States as one j the five educators and minis-ers to receive a distinauished F.iscopol Guild will hold Rummage Sale Sat., Albany hotel Bldg Mar 19-20 sues sfrovjg; U. S. government, lessened considerably and the . . . i highway made-wider right m ar its steady: ' Curb higher present location. Ct Sterg's to 9er Stylcjov(T Friday ; en'icc award in Christian education lor 19J8 granted on the basis j .it lenj. and value of service. I DrLee, with four eastern men Call money u U jl per cent. Dollar firmer iir-TJritish and Mr. and Ors. J. V. ifcfdSid hnu nl 1'6 8StP 11 r rench units. Cotton ixed; March (fjyjil SAW .MILL ME.i ATTENTION. 1 hHvi' mill urttiriK" from 5 tu mil-linn ft. ' vi-ry d iruhlc. will furnu.ll full infurmuliuu, riilm.addrttut, I.cun H. t'lHh, Albany. Ore. ( ) Mur 111-31 Ashland, is., 8vtD) ijb8iy last eveniig on a vWt to 110 42u-cific coast states. rtci Hpjted by the churchjvill receive the award from tKTwrei-ent of the board of ChNadan QdA W8Attftft . A style show offered by Sternberg's Ladies Shop will be one of the features of Albany's annual spring opening Friday night. Kubuer around 2i) poi cr; i.i- gn'i tops. . : ucation at a formal ceremony in (Con'tied from I'auv Oiwt jthe ceneral assembly of the Prcs- The display, startitii 'at 8:20 ' AT ALBANY GENERAL Mis. Isaac Campbell of Albany underwent a jnajor operation this A 6Unia or ftaiy aaViart tesmt 9ra i o clock on the bternbitrg rnarquce. e i orK, JVarcli 18-i;eifi cA'iOKCtion cokiAa sfl " J, byOt?OiUicn,g Jiin Syra- imoirat9 (HJ 2i)oiid ffiiarlBis! feSO jirs .-fti iQcf 'sEltem- will be staged with Tfio aid of r Orofon and Washingl&0 air (onijjjt and SWftiy, but MBcoiOin unsettled in west irtiii: ai.(8-erata, tim)ffiitr; (rSi- chan$-abje winds oft coaat. Mairnaa fiOnnSSPui tf 5M9wy k4ly f38ii' SBeaianuan ! tottlJlelre t?t n&Jht i&ias S3R. . sevenifjing ipaclels, live oj. tliejo , mtir.,iing - at, VXe Albany general ijutqpS 8 ffSSSh ( lift 1 sinia 142ft t S6 d.(CKFtr indicali9 is ntored to ; berjjr.. Lee joined the flibaoy col- 8Ji naetii o 4M SiJaate- fli) i Cvuntil a M houom. IMi , J 1 ( ItlBf1 1 :PM IT V :irif fivi'iml f 11 19ssttSB, ir nac&ffia, to !: : sirtf , ajaxc sataBtgt on lino bell also of Albany uncTerwhar;a colors will oe siiown in tlie ear is will be shown in the gar j be worn by the models, ; major operation at the same hos- Oftw .rf fofiuaid tha ltraaaj uaiat iaa h6 aruuaaV arwofoxa von bs. A wiy. Mr. and r. . I,. Kmntta, Ma li. fJ Caaa M 's. SatBBSa b'. Im aiaaa a tf TfA wwiwraw-y u aat ind- M Rternlicrri. pital this morning. TW eaMii,vrial 0-4.out' bill, siimmmbb' If onizM iaa or bu wcaaaar aft aar-waaa oita inrUMl at Manat) i. H. Mackia, vie araaxOMi af t aaar tmwmr at a nw Taa. (J wgh naatM. a mwal i laaae, iyal latrnafaonal Harvaat- une ot trie waaiUa aiiativaa in ) tE5 Hawnrra -kWHjBi $at- a fcwxraast vtuij r nae more than aau tath ii eannvVjrl! by pi'ivaw iieSus- S.AKaV inr aarwi aajaaww lHuaa. y. OJ th brand loco hi Alwiy yWtMolay afternji. H ceirca- flbw PiJtmx a'lii4tiii&i'ir 4raiivLa Bros. 37 ina yr.aiaMW.s maataye Coup- a naa ajMtaa iMi. a-iaauial awiuiaal ktw(Ma q.M qjS Ha ajjQvovnl .wf.ttat c vrctly, witfi Hi t7.-.lal.(a t IMP l.M, rwifuaaer ar.aa in .as, iM' ity . ot ,t beittj mute on tha buil. ian aajaa umn-r a tiouw tub Vafaun ntfoitata J, !!,( Via mm't t itw t ill. o I Q A GROCERS .aunramuw. n lam iwitweeOl . HSW.OUttll "JZZU IT.. lm 11 ciss COM a Ctaiat MM ttm a. aar iiiaaaj laaaaaa tat aonai find nea tax iwvaiiws ta xkivb, shafa fftarday. Cui b sawa ra 4 1 0,000 tharm aMtgaesS nlt( B8.-0 aitsre jrraaetay. , tafla and Lane count h auOxa i added ccsf! i m kt thmtlm r-i-irrrit Ttay aastt, vita n man I)m. .I'i luij . i-. VriMfcan an4 igw tlM , asjeaftf at tHlailai caaaa-t to ffflM cw Starch 2 at Mat cuurt - I. 1 fcatLii '.Mniai .ii ,4 Opr. Waitkffl JRo-e te Wmua in Corvallis Mi ia eiunr4p u tfi o Formers Union WflW) , Present fout iPloys We have oxt own free Deliirery atktf CCD. Service 4 deliveries daily: 8:30 and 10:30 a. m , 2:30 and 4:30 p. m. Special Deliveries on Request. o For Real Service- -Call 43 fa eWUaatvra) . a Aito t i 19U5 to 1014, en b was tures i till iff) im the buartf of Tacl0 tu(3a rmitaii icadi of the AXay ip-tion wiiit'H traivercd ehriost a, cont a buoIiBl. . i.iy awtawmaa; a k'UMisn thart y yems fors years assi.stimt pastor tat ua cfeuan- ra Bab OanalaK. the first Presbyterian church, Se loyruwj Fouv plays, tro rouirir is rrrin. ewvanad bjr UiM iiawlc Stu- attle and thi'Bo yews dean wal duM v Mm; S'nv t vue may was up opiits net, while h ntw rrcipj Whitwtorfli nlie;tv, Ticoniai 1 has I and iuy aitbtt4. at'Kitnnaruecl utts and two 20 monutci fur pro-sentation, will cunstitute the major poi-tion of the program of an en- i.Is. V. D. Jew jaanav n-Sfeat oC the Tanaaat ntMw(Mal ha. awm In a Mam hoajirtal W treahaeat, Km rrtwiwat to 4k ana a a)MaaMf tew aajra at Oat haaaa oe tmv wec 'tio .BC mgoer. Lorn was bL j on 4he Albariy campur:. tat Mara Bichatds. Ihc Or. Lot, who is J4 yrars old ' hiturap ' luwr. Oats werO unchang$ 16 lowa"gnd' tja Oreg icnaioBient scheduled at thp and known a. "ihe fimnd old man awinuis NTnr- irii ,oll psakar ut (ba aynrung was J. med BUiUnnrU, tui ia minister a rwaot ouldjtiDn iu ita meai- was obi unenangco. Mini. CraW . Tom arl i-J Albany iMilleee. st rvt'd 4s pto- 7-iuesuay night, March 24.- under tar Bvatawr, Ti.rt e ktoaas. bukfiiu Ho save a thnl- tessor of ;.ni;t rit languages Uom UVBe t IBUS, president of this in Bonk Grows Over auspices or 1110 JJcver local of ttjf farmera' Unioirt, starting hC 8 o'clock. o In addition lo the plays, special muei'-nl numbers and rrartmuo nr r Ytanan Bao- stitution Irom lftsn to lOu.i, professor -f education from 11)14 to Third During Year fatg Ui ttie atuD, timoung outUmt th greatest einwUcngif tliot evur came to caaa, is tite chniiengo of th kig4an. Laa a Untt mm Bias. lOl.i. avling ptidefit fi'iBi 1015 a a, an. Fancy Yellow Bantam listed. fv Ifl'JO and aince If in has been BIO sygLSa Pl'lBNlXa ANC!B Mn nli Itaiim eii. night. u jiisuar and Ivead of th department" of ancient languages1. ' Gradtiatin1,' from Williums col- The first of the' plays will be "Betsy's Beau," a I5-minute comedy, and "The First QuorreT," al.o a 15-miuute play. Following will be the fWO half-hour nlnvu "TKo Can C Ti-fimenduus growth of the First National Bank of Portland during the past twelve months is revealed by the March th financial statement af that in ititution. Deposits inrreased rrom $53.73U,4t4.89 on, March lh, 1839 tp f 70je63,0Tt.lS U. faaaw, af a tsvA (Id, Jeie in 188.T. he has attended 10 inaa waai anka Mffxa, kin. rd reunions of the claims on fhe Mas- tticksville Buneler'.' and "Snim j-achuselts campus, the last one ' v m VuxuHse. It With the Boss," both comedies.. .aR. ata being the 50th in 1933. He. ac- on, niartn ain or trus year, a WarilJ aiijcstopplng traps et bj J)rosDca(or, francoa Bannister tnlione), is, aid Dor atawat ea WitnosB to to. ft uef tnotber, Mrs. Woo rtaoolstor, from conviction in Hid tttanaDing trial at Dorchester, N. 8. Sao blamoA ber brotbertr. Tin ot ttboni baa been eoovicted alayor oi tl Plillln Like Jam My, ' . muJ aansai" vb?He . M companic-a by made, furnishing funds his witet 'Eli7;lletii sruww or more tnan 3J 1-3", in tatm Goii, n ot Mr. and Mrs. Juhn SwoUkD, Tangent, under-wont a miniir opMotian tJtie ffKJrnino at Ho BrtdiiwQlcr hoa- psyaoi xso one year a tune. EortmiUer Lee, hope to attend tne be which win be used in purchasing a piano fcw. a. aai V Ofturea Branch banking took on more vigor also during this - -period,! 55th in lBDB. Work done by Dr. in the ' rtAMKPGOOP SVORK ORSE unn cnairs wnicn the local is planning to buy. ' ' 1 ' First Spring Day to Hove fair Wather : - " . : - . . , Yellow Ciingr IPeaclhes 2i " an Un. . asftpil to tiring suBsestions for study topics and arllcles tor tho wrai uuu ujs. it. w. Tripp, Albany, Oregon. ribp 19 Wan law. annual showor for the Children's orancnes or me Fust National' Bank of Portland increasing from 18 to 28, this growth accounting far approximately 60'o of the increase in deposits. Susinoss conditions, as gauged by the volume af bank deposits are obviously greatly mV proved in Oregon. Communities outside jt Portland now served by the First National inotude Albany. farm llome. Mi a. iloroid Oransnnit aiwl drm. Strengthen the Bladder Make ihU 25c Test Drink lots of boiled or distilled water. If irritiition cnust'8 tri'ttinv u nitchtti, fri-tlilpnt dt'Bire. Bounty flow, burning or ; back at-ho. Ynu know Wlinl ha til water t!iPt to a teakettle. Drive out C-cca acitts nnd dc,iOrt.H witb buchu Ittuwri, juniiM-r etc.. made into itnirn tai'lei" called Bullets, ttw blftUlcr-4V(- Woi't nn llic l lnjJdi rBitnpt (ii uaalor tQil Oft) tiif bow. ht of Portland ore in Aibanv tut, t..rTaitea aJBul Porter's Egg vmtins Mis. Griinsand'a fnthrr o A. Porllnna, .Qre., THuich 19. With the weatlier bureau promising warn aunshine for the northwest spring will wine Friday. urliw . i. , i . . ... C. A. Kuer of fourth and Washington trceti. Mr. '.ro8and v"ilT Asbury Club lo Meet The Asbiiry club ef the Methodist church evill meet Friday night ot fl:S o'clnck far a pot luck dinner. A Jirofiinni will Jje prentcd by a group Irum the Fii-at Methodist cuixh of Lehannn, aocordmg a uant ipwid ! a Ua-aJ rirjL . I Astoria, Bend, Condon, Enterprise, Qresbarn, Heppner, Hillsboro, La ; -""'"" .j..,, tniw.,,,,,,, .a tan abjDM a sue tt im uiu, iiuru iar oeninrj its jam m wile axid aBUgbter hnrtf uuub. taasview, mearora, morminormar tlower for this time of year Bend, Nyssa, Pendleton, Salem, the end of a long winter will be J els.- In Ttiur tlays if tut liltaud ia(y dr mi gist will if fund your 2"ic. ilurley'n I Drutr Store and DawW.n lr-nr f'o. A4v. . Wania,.'. oacA. Yi-tT. wua ee4ten. Mra: (iransAnd plan tv jwn to Poxtinnd t h e ltMr srt o Hadl. even, more welcome than usual. uienn mui, viesiaent, sntoi. Trie Dulles, Tillamook. Union and Woodburn. o r3 "ai Hu JLft Thompson's Seedless Mr. ana Wi. 1. P.T.A. Groups Will Mast at Corvallit Oudd af rMjKori tt fa WM aia- -Wnaraii's Aibanv College laMue mm liutd rummage sate March 27 and g u, tin office bialSirja in the H11M1 Allianv nt V. r. W. Anxiiiar Meet The Vitarans of Forcisn Wars and the post uuxilieiy will meet Friday night, March 20, at 4 o'clouk in the Albany urmory. A covered' dish supper Will follow, the meeting. Friday and Saturday! March 20th and 21st Only Sacond mid Lyon streets, it win I . -mi . a. M ad uniiounceo oy the committee chaiaje today. ana aaa njatui) Haley' Chicken Broth:..-. 7- 5 Mrs. AdeU Koos, 7t, Dif n Wodnesdoy CMembers of Albany Parent-Teacher association ioujs were urged by their respective 'officers today to attend a P.-T. A. school of instruction tOQlle conducted it Corvallis k)l tiaa' tomorrow, starting t a. .. by Mis. C'lMrles Roc, representing toe Ntriocil P.-T. A. o Mrs. ftoe a,iii be icoomvaoitd bv Mrs. Virainia Klataar. mat P - O' r m-SJlL, "iaS',li.'.",.!f''" Travelers club will oft m Ft Third ,u!.i ST ,!m" "f.18' J- c' Ii'vine. K o Sea-Cap Pink Wrs. flidele Hoos, '71, a resident of tlie funnxiew uciglibojlunid ill jl 111 1' street Wynlierii ere . . Z 1 u" l UNU T ON Or Till" HALSF.Y STATF aimv' azi fT. A. axri'detit. The school is ouOn to anyone in mmt, tVnHit 01 4 j, 4jtftm, ,i vt ne,, March 4Ul terested in fai-ent-Teachei association worli. iStsiaar! , n -iv nvw on iw nisi n years aim a reside I of litis section of the slate foa the 1h years, died at the family home near Tirtjgont et 'j-jg I), m. yesterday. Mi, iliais was born in Alsaee-Uffiain, Wov. 14. 186C Wm she tm to iun!fcia1 afld was mflj--ril to Cyril R(.is at ftlsace, trance, in itW. The bad lived' in the. lltnt.d Mtatas ff at) ars. first UlflUUHfllB Economy White 3 aWBBttoatta ....... Highway Chong No . 7(1.21 om ajfiio? furniture nd flHturei 1 Oaoio Likd $t Mrjrwsburg Q .O SBessi 5 591.14 4.I47A', BEAUTIFUL $2.50 FOUNTAIN PEN ; , AND PENCIL LIFETIME GUARANTEE Gives to Evfry Purcliaser of IO BLUE II AZOH BLADES Limit 2 to Etch Cutomr -. O 4ao &W ftmnits nd cosh item ilarrisburs, March 18. (Spec m Mew fc am ttt' in Jniav.a- l If. ft il ar . virr. i r n I . . LlAn ... ial) The ValK Wili (he iah- ftoaJ icMrurceft I soap 0 sr as I G A Assorted Flavor efiataiiae S4c: l" USSilSlKiV i ipcsioe me nus-oaiHi sue is sui'VP" " v mvw ... (LfABlLiTlEsy the castei part of town finds little denoafffi Dtn ftDJ?081t 7. . . o: invert uy ona uaugmer, five sons, flw-s tandtiiai'en and one groifh ($VVl.402.SBl ,trjtiidehilt. n w 442,914,48; O ; jfl (igulter, s. fviii'v Cvrus. ' -tw- t A(ttl(lis9ii0(isli. rank, (3JI7J5B3.P$ (e'fCfl and IB to iKjios are vesiigits symjmthy hcw (jlWh riotibf is expis.rj) that it would work for C,reilt0r safety, ll it were put beta.-n the ifBjlrtmd tracks as propotit duKJ) nwke J a!i'ifi: '" r'ajMajpiaaa. If 1 V.n..,1 T.. II , three crossuiRS wiujln time moreJ FSXtSsiffiiiJU Si I q. than a block's distance .Practically - aa : , a Ssrcnius w riKKyi.v (gpo ueorxo ana .loiin illuvriainview neinhborliood. : unuiieriil. services will he held 9) S.OD0.0O . ooo.o(r) O all the school chilifr?ii in townfl WOtOt'd pre H5yB4) from tl;e(F)rtmillor funeral home WiaaaJJaal ai i. uciock oaturoay (jiiternoon. C6)(?41,l"'il11 in Uiverside ceme- iiliiil ll. i e 10 riuw an imi'vts t(iejschotlliouse is in the eastern pirn of town. Whether it would promote safely. ' tci have three tracks parallctUPK one another so closely, where children would 317 W. 2nd St. . 83W '9tcs y ortoVf.wujg) Total Liabilities O at r ,f, "'Vn t-'oumv fSTNLillll ss- II O U - a. t .. mi.: O ' COUPON u . Z3L. i!J.LSfiS0 l yyM a Uj U ' 1 Vl " 1 , J JT I "ir a faai laaliln.aj) ! i, p. in. uond, cashiVsof II.. (uwai wear that the above "sta'toncnt h'tZITT .U""k' to s,,1:n1y) nd belfv siatcincnl is Hue to tluybcst ot my knowfrcte IIOoBroPtQI I Subscribed hd : ."V?D- C?Wer. SgEGIAL AlTlACTIOI) (Seal) Mn a ' KSAll';,1."lh Mfh. 1M. eilon. My commission expires 2-18-40 Corrert "Atfn' t t..i Be bure tg) Attend the Big ireotorv London. March liK- Italy is ready lo ccaiu hostilities against Ethiopia if (snnVtions aKainst her arc lifted. liie of Nations officials announiwJ tonight Officials s((id IJaly had informed inrnibcrs iif-'the league com- y Phone 1(H) "Sells for Less" Free Delivery) I) j i ai Fihe benefit of those who missed our ) i inttee of A3 Am Kthionia the L rd Sale Last Week (wi will sell it t-rnmec loiMincii Itect. 11 withoft Italy to that cf risain omurnar lor i Phone 58 Fff Delivery Snrin o peiini a o AtBanTs V FREE CARNATIONS To All Adult 'ViHitinit"0ur Market Sa'tunlav t'ommitte-.' members said they expected Italy to make the an'. noiiiiiiMnent formally aftet.thc ifSiji ijtitMee meets tomoirowS-'riie,-' 5WliefK't. however, Italy would 'tirst require a pledtte liiat sane-' Hons he trlttvl . fA Three Cwgh 1 Is Your Danger Signal -, q (3 lb. r w- ' 4. Friday Night, March 20th FRIDAY and SATURDAY SPECIAjQ) M Veai Roast 15c lb. Pork Chops 22c lb. f:35 to 8:20 p. m. No matter how ninny nifMlcli)pN you have tried fur your cough, cliftii : cold or bronchlul Irritation, you carT Boasts) ' - St'r lieof Shouidf r CtiUs, lb a fl ic 3 oieer oeei, rTu . reiici now wim teomulslon. j serious trouble may be bniig and I you cannot alford to take( 1 hanca : with any'.hlnit less than Creouiul-aion, which aoes right to the seat I ol the trouble to aid nature to . AOolhe aiul hlfll thn l.irt,ii.,.wl Ribs fs. Reeiatration ( loT) and Meaty, Prizes for the Winders Krida? 7:15 p. m. ri BACON 27c lb. I brutirs tus U.o ncrm-laden phlegm Chops . 52.00 1.00 3rd 4th flOc 25c 25c .$4.00 . 3.00 1st 2nd Sugar Curd nd,;fe tlic))pie9? Renisict nt eitljvjl Snow Peak Dairy KnwItnKs rrintmR vt: Statumery. Rib a nil pi. .lb.. . lbP d,klf- .c wci.-u wio expeileu. . Kv" If oUier remedies have railed. don"t be discounted, your druKiilst Is authorized to nuarantee Creomulslon and to refund your money If you are not satisfied with results from the very ftrst bottle. Oct, Cregmuklon right now, (Advj Pare Lard 2 Deep Sea Cr Sponsored by Albany Merrhnts and the ljons t'lub each pint J 20c 25c Clan'.s. clean W

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