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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 1

Albany, Oregon
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Thursday, March 19, 1936
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two sections today 9Q j ' ' ''iitl' ' 0 iiMii.iiiini v.. FULL LEASED WIRE VnIM Fiw Sorlc Complete County, State. NiUon-tl and World Newi the d.j it ksppens. Serving all Lino Countj. 12 PAGES ccrxiriM l o o t. '-j . The Albany De r :rat-Herald, Vol. LXIX, KJ The AlboQy ALBANY, LINN COUNTY, OREGON, THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 1936 , . A !jg AND UNHARMED SPRINGOF 1 CFRMflMV WILL f REJECT PLAM ill if 213 kj Hiram Reynolds, Ux augeles isn t at all surprised that ne saw nis 107th birthday. His latnei ens 103 and hie grandlathei 107 Ask him tha formula, and la l) tell you lis "nevet worries." GLEAN i JOBS No less than half a dozen rob beries at Junction City are be- lieved to have been explained with the arrest of two men here bv Albany police last night, and with the linking of E. J. Collins, transient negro, positively with at least one of the thefts, o Fred O. Ostenrieder. 19. of Eu No. 213 HEARTY AT 1 07 r A j 4 1 ARRESTS WILL FEATURE Cash Prizes Offered fori Singers, Dancers on Friday Night BYtANBS NAME0 ft. C.' Annual Window Unveiling Event Is Schadulad for 7:30 P. M. rr Color, music, entertainment of varied typoss headed by a home talent atr.Qtjur content and, fair weather, are, scheduled to usher in Albany's, annual spring opening on the first day of " official spring tomorrow, Friday, March 90. The wathr man, who says fair wee t liar is in the) cards, also say that spring will commeico at 10:88 fridoy morning, Pacific standard time. . The amateur contest will offer ambitious singers, dancers, comedians and what have you n chance to strut their stuff and maybe win a cash iiriae. The Show will take Dlace on Broad-! albuTi street in front of the Ham ilton More beginning at 7:35 Fri mm . m SHOW THEY'RE SAFE Here's the first picture to Lincoln Ellsworth and his pilot. rescue from Little America after ings and hiking journey across intrepid pair hone the worse for BARNEY OLDFiELD SAYS OREGON I ANS DRIVING TOO FAST Portland, Ore., March' 2t.r-Ore-gon motorists drive too fast, Barney Oldfield, dean of American aulo racers, said here today. "Oregon motorists are driving faster on the open highways than Californians," Oldfield said as he chewed his famous cigur. "I drove from" Salem at 45 miles an hour and all along the way cars passed me up as if 1 were tied down to the 'road." Oldfield said he believed slate laws should fix a maximum speed of 50 miles an hour and patrols enforce It rigidly. He said he considered fill miles an hour the ab-solute'maximum compatible with safety and' added that there are only a few drivers mentally and physically capable of safe driving -nt 60 miles an hour and only a comparatively few trrlles of our highways arc safe at that speed. ' "All the way from Los Angeles," Oldfield said,v"I never had my speedometer above 50 miles an hour, and I made as good lime as some of the fast drivers who whizzed byTne." Booster Herald, Vol. LXI, No. 203 Eqt$m River Contiiff Rofriprags; Etettiqj Mounf Wgh FIRES A60 TQ: MENACE Biases 'Light PittsburgB After Power Plesate ;; Shut Do n '' ttttshufftlV! Mereh 18. hirtV snvHi psveatw kj their lie ios AUFKrtsnir onset (PittStmeBh) during tha fasada M tieta f? tte last two dy, the cuftojiar's offidto announced today. The fiaure was established WltBi receipt of rjorta from outlywQ communities hitherto issJgtefl. The aeath toll in tha eeatattot floods was rtapoatad at 13 knvwft dead and constantly rising. . Pittsburgh, March If. Th re& afow of throe firas illurrinsteaj tens flnnded city of l.OBD.fflfO prsouBstina today while the wsfctrs of tha Adtag ghrny and Ifcmgatstla rivaa conna stovly from M mHlu-asti hon-aoUar "sntdsn trtacaw," mm buairms anl initnatrisA ffiaM Tha miUtsPT vm in contnil to awst vatit fcwtutg a aau. A seriss et TWimi rmtk ttrtion ejscta to tar tois rffa jus hert dam a, aiTtosJ a mru cAT Wnsr to titp ia inky MsmM naa tonw of the e a raw trie mHtiM Blwits. MMN manned by W9Jk werbm aa4 va untosre aicS nan Ml Mmtosjk IfAa vitrr-tekww traa o hanks, aditee buiMuasa sa mm houM, flash lianto a tenu artdiKC thasa okT Uts Inaucei. Tte sienam faakst Worn then ttery start at ta nhfftAtmf trwase. " Avar m caa &t arsMa eulilaal SS flames aha KfVWti- Ta" uteanidakai in tte .itos.-feuri4 ianwHt Aatoii. Tfct alaait at thV sat, of the LinvHT cvnae t )angAa fmea J fiuodad IsuMtunt irtri. , fJusefrfj XWt Ma tffliealBU. V. Vs.. Ban B- t cojKsow pavaons wtre bilM srX$ a ( wi hawM an day in tte gaat Thaeliag rnAtav trial arcav flonAs4 tBb Nnnnje Ohio riVar varl hich powoj djm flreaa Ttttanuryh. G.rfu OanBr vae'in "Wftm&dsft Qtapn, w4lve etgtit were fcilta1SS drnvnin, plcj3Mtn ant eataimra. The Ohio eosa to fewt Klijaing tlia stago of In gwtaS fkaifi of Whwling island in h OMS riser fae(reea Vest We&nitt rc9 Ohio tr at lO.fWO jwveow axdB largest initatJited rivar ihm& ifj the cocmnry was avterawgaSa Parent! Asks $Jatk CoopciWion of porentH ot fei-bany sch(l UJjjiB) as ta$&A today by JiaaXSW Jol)nsti, cw&ip hciM'tf nwsa in (jteej)ii softW. feSBother contajous dif cs under control. 0) ., Miss Johnston said (Jgt whilo the local (tuatlon is not yet alarmirfgJlWi gravity -is such fig to demarrd atientioii. Already o(Q death 14 occurred as a result of, scarlet lever, (Oss Johnston said, and several cases are known to exUt. "TN ; health nurse askedtait all ilrlren who show any suspicious ty)nptoms, such as sore throat, rever or nausea, be kept home O FLOODS- SEND f I'll II gene was apprehended by Officer I bunal to decide whether France's Clay Kirk after he had been told mutual assistance pact with Russia by Roncoe Ames that the youth ' violated the Locarno treaty, as al-had attempted to sell a 30-30 rifle loged by Germany, at the Ames hardware store. Offi- 2. Temporary security measures cer Kirk found Ostenrieder as he during negotiations, notably occu-was attempting to sell the gun at.tation by international troops of a another store. demilitarized zone in German ter- Upofl questioning Ostenrieder ritory only. " admitted that the gun was stolen I 3. Preparations for general nc- Von Ribbentrop Declares Proposal Is Too -One-Sided ALU GJVg NOTHING Locarno Powers Agree to P I a c Troops, " on MaginGt Lines London, March 10. Germany will reject a proposal by the Locarno powers to establish a demilitarized zone4 internationally policed, on German soil pending a final settlement of the Rhineland dispute, Joachim von Ribbentrop, German representative told German correspondents tonight. He made his statement shortly after a meeting of the league council, which unanimously passed a I Franco-Belgian resolution declar-1 ing Germany a violator of the Lo carno and Versailles treaties. Fowers Set Program The Locarno powers Britain, France. Belgium and Italy meantime had met and agread, subject to the approval of their governments, on a program for the basis of negotiations with Germany. The program was not published, but unofficial French sources said it included the following points: 1. An appeal to the Hague tri aotiationa with Germany, con forming to Adolf Hitler's European peace proposals, 4. An agreement by the British and French general staffs for the stationing e firftish 4nd Italian detachments in, front of the French iMaginot line of frontier defense. 8. Reaffirmation of the Locarno treaty during the period of nego- ; rations MULLEN DECLARES NO ENDORSEMENT GIVEN CHICK DOPE County Agent Floyd Mullen today issued a denial of claims reputedly made by the representative of a Tacoma, Wash., concern that the county agent has recommended a poultry remedy which the salesman is attempting to sell Linn county farmers. Mullen said that he has in no j way endorsed the remedy, and and one and one fourth cents for additional hens. Thus the treatment of a flotkj of 'ij)0 hens would cost the grower($it was found, while, according) to H. E. Cosby, O. S. C. poultry sflbfcialist, whom the Linn coitnty 'egtrnt consulted yesterday, tte BaMeor better effects would ba accomplished at a cost of but a i&tf, ejhts for tobacco powder. The salesman who is now reported to be wolfMrig-jLinn county FILfvt BOUND 'oiid and Olymptc HfcUt'o nkiit-t it k champion, Sonju I lento, of Norway, may soon lluah a fol fimcy curves for tho bonollt ot inovto fiina. Tho petlto SnnjB, Hhown (be ro an sho nrriVcd iV Ne W York nflor t u r n I n k pro-fi'HHtonal, is oil H'r way t0 Bollywood1, where. Mho 9Br 0 dcrgO acre on testt. FLOOD BELIEF FUNDS use Washington, March 1ft. President HOdsevelt today called o the nation lo contribute .generously to the Re4 Jfcross for flisid re lief, and declared all ygenstes of government had been coordinat ed in the tank ot relieving ditftreaS and preventing loss of life and property. V'A rrjiH'lutiiin oglling uyun tha president) to ifavef'-'i- t.000,s0ft frtim relief 'fondg to the Amtin Bed' Cross fof uae In fliarft siie- en ai-eas wOk iflTiiidUred by Srn James J. Davie, R., Pa, In a proclamation, h 8kod contrihuticms of at leas S,0W,' ooo for the Red Crtaa. Myiua 2tH,- OfHi people luid been driven Hm their homes in 11 states, With indications it he number would be materially increased. There wax a dramatic ton $ special press J01tCTnec, attended by memhers of Ms siecial lloixl committee 'lieadaA by Secretary of War Qaorgv H. Hern, when tlie president emphasized that everything1 possible wu being diin by the fedorai govrrniriviu to i-lieve distress. He lead latcat rept.rU from tha Hood area to Majot cjenexat td-ward M. Maihharii, chief of ai-m igi niters, and iritiiiated ltiit no d'-: in the flooded areas were clothing, food, medicine and hous ing! f.acilitien. u 1 he president said in .every flood locality the C'CC .Was Work, ing to rescue people, patrol streets, clear away debris and guurd pro perly. - Bike Riders WarnacJ (ty LtrjrttyioIoHons Chief of Police Crjalidler today issued a warnini; IhaL bicvele rid ers who violate the slate law gov erning lights on bicycles rwte: dark will be penalized, inasmuch as Ihe ntitliber of such violations has beeir-found recently on the increase. The warning was Issued after several local residents had com plained of being riHt down o; nearly so. -XUcJaw. Chief L'handl Iplalncd) requires a foiward light iilj1e lor at least Mi) feet u:)-. normal almosplui; conai-tions, and a rear red liiipt visible for 200 leet on each bicycle. ' BV noBEgf fluftr.SN'j Sis so sensitive! at I can'r brag on somebody's fine house without him thinjjui' I'm cenvlainin' about oift ) (Coprrlght, lPubllihin Srndlcsta) rr day night and must close by 8:20 to conform to schedule, it is announced, o 0 Applause 1a Decide The priaes of $4, $3, t and $1 Will be awarded on a basis of applause by the crowd. Mr. C. E. Williamson, Mrs. Lyle Bain and Justin Millar will serve as judges gauging the volume of applause. Dae Ryianda, manager of the Northwest Poultry and Dairy Product plant will act as master of ceremonies for the contest. Kir. ftylands haa had much experience as a professional entertamee.and promiaea te keep the contest moving slang aawtbls 4bd fceoy Uie crowd woterteifieij.. ' ;" Ameteui trtOtthJ ta " SMnpete tot the cash pvieas ute.ui'ged to register as auun as possible at either the Snow Peak 9 airy, 810 'Wast Seccsad, a at the itawiiags Stationery and Printing company, 123 Broadalbin. The deadline for registration for the contest is set toy 7:15 Friday night. A piano . wUl be oh hand for use in the contest free Balloons Too Unveiling of the specially decorated windows displaying the choicest of spring merchandise selected by local' (merchants will take place at 7:lo o'clock. Judging at the windows will be start-( ed soon afterward by a committee of three Corvallis business men, headed by Matt Matties. ' A largo quantity of squawker paJJoeats, serpentine and contetli WiU be thrown to the crowd by clowns, lending a frlurdi Gras (ouch to the aifair, which is expected to attract thousands to the flpwntown streets. A style show at the Sternberg Ladies' shop will follow immediately after the o amateur contest. The regular Friday night wrestling matches at the armory have been delayed Ijy, the Albany Volunteer Firemen until 0:15 to enable ail to take in the spring opening events. and that he had an accomplice, who he said, could be found at a local coaming house. Chief of Police Chandler and Officer McBride searched the rooming hous and found John Nelsart, SC afbn with large quantities of loot contained in several sacks. 0 Nelson surrendered vithout resistence and was taken to the city jail for questioning, inspection the lout revealed that it included al manner of merchandise, much of it positively identified as having been taken from Junction City homes and business establishments. Ammunition for a .22 automatic pistol and the rifle was identified as the property of the Twin-Oaks Lumber company at Junction City. Flashlights, the pls-tol and miscellaneous merchandise was contained in the sacks. The men had with them also a woman's coat which had been reported stolen flam a car at Harris- burg. From the men the police learned that Ostenrieder had recently MIILTAHY RULE as joimoi Early Curfew St; Visitors and Sighfssars An ; Rtfuaed Entry DISEASES ARE FEARED Rd Cross Rushes Supplies t of, Food, Clothing to Sufferers Johnstown, Pa., March 19 Military rule and a strict 0 p. m. curfew for 311 days were clamped on this flood-wrecked city today as Red Cross officials struggled to care for refugees, and workmen piled up tons of mud and debris. "We estimsta that oiva-half the people of Johnstown have liecn alfected by the flood," said Hubert L. Bondy, national Bed Cross disaster relief director, after u survey. "That is 71)00 to 8,000 homes i.nd 25,000 to 30,000 persons." . Sightseers Banned Two thousand national guardsmen patrolled the devastated area. Mayor Daniel i. Shields closed al Hyuor stois for an indefinite period. The mayor also issued a proclamation providing: 1. A 8 p. m. cut tew tractive for 30 days. 2. All sightseers and visitors lo stay away from the city. 3. Utmost precautions to be tali-en against fires. . live thousand refugees were given shelter, food and clothing in 15 Red Cross stations, in schools and churches. 20 Reported Dead Many children were developing sore throats and colds. The Red Cross national (medical director, Dr. William D. Rune, is coming here from Washington. Thirjy; nurses are on duty. That (Raw Cruaa &vne bi inciua iit truckloiids of four?, tint car of the refugees was handicapjicd by lack of gas, heat and light in many of the relief stations. Johnstown, scene of the disas trous and far-famed flood cf 1B89, counted its current flood dead at 20. u Reports reached the city (hat the Quemnhoning dam,(JI2 miles above Johnstown, was leaking badly, in imminent peril of go ing out. MILL CITY WINS OVER UMAPINE IN CONSOLATION TILT Salem, Orc.MvIarch 19. Finding the range'iB tpe second half, Mill City eliminated Umapine in the ciwiH'iIation round of the 17th an nual (state high school baskutball tournament today 33 to 22. 'Mill Cityled'al Ills' half 13 to 12. Senn, 'Mill City lorwdrd, bev gan to connect with the lioskct and got 13 points for high sciir ing honors. Salem, Ore., March II). Salem went on a scoring spree in t h e last quiuter to eliminate Rose burg from the cotwtflution playoff of the 1 nil annual state high school basketball tournament, 1 41 to 2B. Roseburg made an unsuccessful attempt to overtake the 'leaders,' cvming within 5 points early invtlie final period. Skopil, forward,, jid Williams, guard, led the attafj; for Salem to earn 10 points each. Colling was high for Roseburg with ($.1 oujuiii ieu uiLlif. nan ll io Mi. o.tiL'jii, oi e. .viarcn iw. v o termined Bensoirtcam forged ahead in the last tyiwrter to elim inate Ashiand 27 to 24 in the con solution of the state high school basketball tournament today. Ashland swept to a 10 to 1 lead ery in the game, but Benson re covered to make it 13 (to )2 at the half. Ashland againuvlk the lead making it 11) Uk 17 at tin end of the third quarter, but Ben son sank five field goals in a rovj early in the final period to cinch! the game. Ashland made only four field goals, getting 10 points on free throws. FowUo, Ashland center, was unerring(On' his atai for eight free throws ontX'if eight tries, making him hfgj) point man with 12 points. Seed Loan Applicatio) Blanks Received Here f7.unty Agent k-d OlIeitQJ-aVr reported thatTTe has at his of fice federal seed loan application DianKs, wnicn win nercndercdim-mediately availabliPa farnv The blanks will Si," fllledjf at his office, however, only onfjyin-riays and Saturdays of each week, the county agent said, at which time necessary assistance tw farmcrs-vishing th(fT) l((Jrfe w8H be given. v-i mm m e a w served a 10-day jail sentence at that on the other hahd the ingre-Eugene for carrying a concealed dits which are being sold are. if weapon, and that in January An-1 effective at all, bringing the sales-derson had served a jail sentence! man an excessive profit, on a drunk charge, also at Eugene. According to hand-bills which Both claimed Eugene as residence, the salesman is distributing he The two were fingerprinted and I guarantcos to rid chickens of turned over to Sheriff Swarts and.worrns with(OV'worm cxpeller" at State Officer Morgan of Eugene, the rate of one and ihreo fourths for transportation there for trial, cents a bird for floitfe of 400 hens reach the United States showing Hollock-Kenyon,' following ther their thrilling flight, forced Jand Antarctica. The picture shows the their adventure. C RE flESFI Washington, March 19. Prtfsi-, dent Roosevelt's $1,500,000,000 work-relief program met strong congnfesionaD opposition today from blocs seeking to increase and earmark the funds. House leid ers predicted, however, that the proposal could be passed quickly without "gag" action. Republican opposition to the proposal was expected, but administration leaders watched formation of democratic resistance anxiously. Unless many democrats bolt the majority. party leadership the bill tvfll pass quickly, they said. Mr. Roosevelt was said to have inforrncd close advisers he stands icudy, unless substantial numbers of unemployed arc absorbed by private industiy, (6) invoke some drastic form either of taxation or regulatory legislation. The president's declaration of his relief message yesterday Unit industry should shoulder the re- (IMoam! Turn to ratrn Two) Ms firing the valley by the Portland Pnysri cluo, which held a meeting rn Portland last month in which the valley was featured. Governor Martin and other prominent men spake of the prospects lor the Wil-lfin))'tte valley. A. C, Gage, prvx idcilt of the Press clu'b and editor of the Portland Spectator and The Angoriityurnal, told t h e meetine that Portland's urnsner- ' ity depended tipon Ihe growth of of the metropolis with Willamette valley projects. The Oregon state highway commission, through the recently created travel department, is likewise bringing hundreds of inquiries from all over the country ough its advertising in 'lime, Uonal Geographic and olher publications. These advertisements appeal primarilv to tourist travel, but CalifoiCrbujlt its i growth first upon thextuiy isls who ! came there, then returned to live. j The On-lo-Oregon, Inc., organ- izetion is likewise getting under ; wry with its ndverli.sin campaign. any tune in its history. Albany could reap valuable re sults from all otJIiis activity by tying-in with a(jHi)dest campaign of her own, sav tiioso in a posi- QUEST T Mood) of Espid; Response, Mission Convention SpnednTet! Tonight . Mrs. U. G.tJriebenow, "who with' ,bOr husbtsid Has been enjnged in mfcSioiwry work in Tibet for the I (r k' H years, will be the speaker. t'of the evening at the opening ses- hnrf armrrilV.W Cosbv.- wAtt.'Wc results. Advertisements were ejected from Washington, and. liiteri ?"'-'d i, fm m y.ptrs in Cali-from Umatilla counrv. 1tyiia alld) in the,, mid-western Evidence is now at hand that the Gitto Willamette Valli-y association is accomplishing Uing- Skies eailv this mririili. How'Ye plies are coming inSrrfd C. E Williamson, secretary has been mailing out folders and qucstinnaires at the rate ((it,)iQ0 a day the last ,.-l V Hrfroin school, even though the child vLwijAJs be apparently suffering only tiriies ai'e miming in fronr alt the up-state communities and urg-miti?t western stales and fr;ed the cooperation of businessmen It was explained mat an lirjens which are rui) on the same ground for several ywufJ will become at flicted with worms. Complete in formation on treatment of this and other poultry diseases is contained in U. S-rX). A. bullefn No. lo.ia accordinc io County Agent Mul len, and copies of the bulletin arc available at his olnce. Odd FeJlow Stat ' Head Visits Albany 2). IF: M sexton of The Dalles grand master of rttjft grand lodtfe of Oregon. I. F paid his official visit to Albany lodge No. 4 ..Wednesday night. One candidate ikas given the first degree Hnriru? Thf coiinn. . Circumstances attending 1 n e movement of Collins, who was taken from a stac here Monday, have convinced local officers that he was responsible for a scries of recent Albany house robberies. At Eugene where he was taken from Albany. Collins was found to be in possession of a pocket piece that a Junction City man had carried for years until his house was re- cently robbed, according to word received by local police. Collins was bound over to the Lane county circuit court grand jury yesterday on a larceny charge and piacea unaer $iuyu duoq. By Deacon Richmond "Redmond Octopus From California" When an octopus is'found far from his accustmned ground or. we'd say, more properly, far from his accustomed sea, we will find, e'er very long, something is extremely wrong. We don't gather figs from thistles nor from pig's tails make good whistles; we don't gather figs lrom thorns nor have much pleasure with our corns. Any-thingrrfauch out of place, has somelming wrong upon its fare for by its fruits each tbt(fi)ts known; thefarmer reatj) Just what is sc"t). iT?)j this had been fruit for oa table, 'twould had the California lable: like Q'unes. that are our very jwn. i5ut labeled "Califon)) Growri even o9r sceneryjgost grafcj H bears the Caljua h&inu. tj?ere's quite a rfass J the F stern press that, whcri tt diies not kno-, wyJiessjTJ often makes u. Jfna awiul "cracks" and p'tmtJlem as authentic facts, for some have not yet realized that Oregon is civilized. 1 the southwest. California leads the list but many ate from Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Tcxes, Arizona. New Mexico, Colorado Utah and trtbrr states. The GrwMl Willamette Valley association ' "Xas organized in Al- tKSnjrSlast yejr with a member s5?p-icomposed of representative of the majorily of cities and lowns in the valley .,Meetings have been held in Sule:i Tied Eugene as well as Albany ahcP leading men in ev- ery section are backing the move - .. . . . v. . worthy settlers into the v.-illf otherwise promote USBxintcrc :j I sion 01 a missionary conventifMi that will be conducted at the In terdenominational church tonight, it was announced today by Kcv. H. H. Hubbell, pastor. ' - An interview with Mr. and Mrs. Griebcnow appeared in the Sunday Oregonian of December 12.; The Griebenows have recently returned from Tibet on a furlough, which they are spending at their , home in Salem. They represented the Christian and Missionary Alli-SJlce on thecTibetan border. ,v Rev. and 'hP). A. I. Garrison, missionaries -from India, will be (ftrre to participate in the conference ' services Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Rev. Hubbell announced. Rev. Garrison will trate his talks with views M India and other countries through which he has traveled during his missionary journeys. 1 a. Services will be heldtttdiusht. fFriday,iiaturday and unjay ijjnis sji .su o clocK ITI auurRA.iiA rt.jij uin :v 17 li, f il II' ". vV . l j Ilia, IClHUItU l10ii(,in 1 ai, (Viany college publication, rrtade Iff appearance on tne campus trw rlv. ,v. The student newspaper Cijt complete stories on the f IfSvcampus row and its outcome "JUh the athletic situation recciv- (rtog the greatest mention. An ?n forum in the paper s columns t(fso announced by theOlitij fBf a mild cold. These symptoms, Miss Johnston said, may indicate scarlet fever, measles or some other similar ailment which would be imparted to other children if the pupil af- (Iflicled is allowed to continue in jfsyhool, and which may result ser-liusly for the victim if not givea immediate attention. . , v One family in (he Lake creek district was reported today to be quarantined with smallpox but as yet smallpox is nateprevalent. ; It was urged th(rjbcal parents notify physicians aira health authorities if and when" their children become afflicted with suspicious symptoms that cases may be diagnosed promptly, and that they watch carefully children known to hi been exposed to any one of iff, ' diseases. PLAV LADIES' NIGHT - Prof. H. Dillin of Linfield col- CV will talk on the subject; Scse Times" at the annual "la-es' night" session of the Albany Rotary club tomorrow night in the Albany hotel dining room, it was announced today by Dr. Wallace Howe Lee, program chairman. James Jenks and Clarence Veal are arranging a musical program. 1. K.V Ml..r,n U. VrSnirnl u'hii'l, iw Hniimi.H In 1 this rich sectik 1 President Raymond 11. Wilcox. C. H. MurffjB who, with Wil- i head of that organization, is also liamson, is o phme mover in working closely with the Kvcr-thc ortPTjation. is president. ; green Playgrounds association, of With theSwiught that more peo- i Washington and British Columbia pie will bring more prosQilyiand through the activity of all of and result in more industry in the these groups Oregon isvujng valley, thifiime purpose of the! more publicity this yeaiU Jjui , .3iiiikw. i:E v.tiTT ci.vii i mi (giton, Roy H. Gibbs of Gresh- am. deputy grand master: Guy Tra'(3l of Independence, special district) deputy grand master lor district 5A; George Simmons of fJ3i)anortr;oble grand; UtsO. Bor- ) of -7Singent. distrtt Sdeputy arfa masters; and Dr. H. W. V. hjlelaw o fCorvallis. noble grand of RarnijQlodge. Mr. Sexton alsofve(Ovocal solo. Lin den LauK?r gaf t)a piano solo and a vocal olo. A feed followed the tlieetirt organizatioVai to increase the pop- ulation of this section. Much in terest is in evidence, according-to j the first returns that have come QQfr'urthcr iQi rest was shown injtion to Judge.

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