Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 18, 1936 · Page 14
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 14

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1936
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

-, i k ' PAGE EIGHT THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-H ER AL'D, ALBANY,' OREGON WEDNESDAY MARCH 1 81 936 men will certainly welcome thised to the aetivity'in question. It type of gnrmcnt. is this phase of sportswear that Even slim young things are! I think you'll be most interested corset addicts. I have never seen I in. Briefly, I will go into the BEST COATS COME IN VARIED STYLE FOR SPRING WEAR : -ny figure so slim, or so perfect, i.styles that are being worn. I that it could not be improved ! Golf, the national pastime, of-I with the proper corseting. ! fers two forms of dress. The first that you won't be able to turn them down. It is' my idea thatl three of them would not be tool many for any wardrobe... a black one ... a navy ... and a . brown biege or a high shade. j Swager First Let's take the swagger first because you know j them best and because everyone can wear them. I found more of, them around town than any other There are literally dozens of i involves slacks and second different little lastex modelt'Wght ' knickers. Grey slaaror light be it from me to say that lady can't pick a winner. The straight ones are nice. They are a bit on the Chiijffjk side of the world and have to3s chosen a little more carefully than the swaggers. Some of thase ace shown with fly fronts likeU nQ's Chesterfield. If you want to show the world that you are just a little ahead of the rest, you will stick to the straight and narrow in your little coats. New Frabics The range of fabrics in these coats is practically limitless. If you want one coat trv wear with all your sports inches, I suggest a neutral shade irr a rough homespun, or one of the rustic tweeds. Then there are countless formalized wools, soft and lightweight, and perfect to wear with silk pias and such. s a featner. but ready to ddTheir 1 weignt tweeds, aney growing duty. You will be wise if you wear ! tendency toward gaberdines is gme sort of foundation with every I noted. These are replaced during ttistume, all of the time. , I the summer months by washable : s materials. Knicker suits are once ' mrtr-n in fnrkinn n 1 TL I've been going 'round and 'round and have decided that the length or rather lack of strength, is what makes a coat something pretty special this year. I'm not sure just wnere they started. Some say it started with a fashion English sportsmen have of wearing short topcoats. Some say it was stolen from our own sailors' pea Jacket. But I'm not one to worry too much about the pedigree of fashion, so long as it is smarMid good. These are. g Casual Distinction-These little jiggers may start a little above your knee, be knee length, or I inw't " iiuiiiuii auu i in suit; you'll see more and more of them ! as the season goes along. SPORT CLOTHING ASSUMES GREATER type. They really are the most practical. TVfB are some extremely fullJLiaiaring fishtaihywi the back, af Jthere are some xj are temperffwr in their fullness. Straight and Narrow Almost like a challenge to the popularity of the swagger, these boxey jiggers have spruce up. They tell me that they are Schiaparelli's pet and while I am not as mad about them as I am the swaggers, far Q Shorts and slacks are equally IMPORT FOR MEN important for tennis. Crew neck and polo neck short sleeve shirts flrd tone Ctft tha pnurt J'ra During the past few years sports ;mav cable stiched sweaters aO vm. . . .... Glomes nave been elevated to a iiaitjji Diazers worn with colored muulers. For riding in the country, regu BEipS$5rrf aDoui jb incnes lone. Dont be airaia or them. They give 3 all warmth you need on cool lation tweed ridiO sack, twill breeches, field boots, foulard riding stock and bowler are correct for practically all occasions. olace of decided imDortance in the wardrobes of well-dressed men. More than ever before, greater distinction is bQi; made between the two 'generaT types of sportswear. J The first types Is called spectator sportswear. It is worn by men "nfhing a sporting activity. Th8f e garments in&udD) clotli09) to "SS Jw- TVew Vorlt. One milium yrllrths days, and they give you ever so much more freedom in wa(0)rj? Smart women were wearing) this leijSh in fur cofii last fainter, it'sT that prgcticgj! fjgny Ditfereht Tyfjs-If up untir nd Q hgv tjean coat-a-Onsog' irl, this year is goins to find you a changed woman, bscgusft thsad little coats come in too many different types, and are Sqjrjehoo ft) inexpensive of 'Olcojjol -will (JO' pr0ueBd aom cv 'j yimaiuiw ofeu5,ig! maize in a new soutn Aaican with need, for thfiy r meSie bonou that ere rtwa&ia cuviiy. icnemical plnnt early in 1636, ac- The cond typa is, of ceUK5, cording to "Industrial and Engin-active sportswear. This oflU9 for eering Chemistry." Dry-icw, will DDtachable tops Qre glfiD an im MODISH TT9XBLB&NS AJSD LOWERED CROWH MASK HAT STTtES FOR MEN fiftJtna th at tfto Ifvn- W ted toot ttw ltaostteM he year, hstt tow tpsmmi mew ha-tgamuse fat BtB stylfe ft"". lata swan ts faroa a 4-fltfi sjtt toward tewer n-awn HW vtto to km. Kwso Won eW l$ftW Is dtawgnw. So white fte Stt toon, m w ferny J, 8 4lKW(B mod , ttta or-uafam tflfKfcs mo WW .sUpfe inttti-. Sir w ww'wt aa mwUA m ttylad rapeibly laOorad smoetMy an! allm Ifm htp, er.l vbat more caih nay cm fashion erit? I gm fuaaa about taikjoS uit. I think ttwf AnuW tgen all tika feoadnass Wia mn' clattoa tocasw. I contact Otw I v auriai4 to find as mmr xiUn umL' (round lava at I lay art tujperlor Aram tTWty rtsmtiinitit iatoric, cut, Wtifci and fit. If you can hvc uoa fwtfcnt nuuta, If ail manb' OB w, but i ftm can 'a Atoi't fciavt lw I rqnt tA many I uaw vara anillmrt. Am 1 ua4tan4 that Ima team alt been ma4a fey fi-araw nn't tilt wt certainly no ttiair butimwa. WanniA hat My lantfita huts an ttMoa In liUvi(nt fl lUtr nwm'a, ttliok a man', niad bto mn'a, tut in toltu that no tfnxa mi Mtl4- ivn 4ra w tot. They ar gttra to vf il:' with toilit siilti and cna. And iB fayw .Time tojur, tlw .utiaiTcr Sou vtU iot. Sty tumti Annther ttcal from S atraftc ! l)y trom att klie asBioii an irt, cuai tun) t fw areast. it knlta vera nw and ttw whnte, two to be TOWN CLAD te aw ts ttos traaamme VowOk, WW ! tXtttrf SUITS f DUMBUKV FABRICS lb a tonal? I 1 1 y 1 1 elaosa h noet dlKiimlaatui 1975 i: The Spurt Suit is here to ttayl Discover red Jilting sole and comfort In Town Cladl Plenty of ree-4wlng shoulder room fcuhioned In smart looking pleated or panel backsl Fabrics of fine long taple wool to hosJ md pattern you're bound to tikel Style you won't bo able to reslitl Sport Suit, itiutrawd, o toipttd meat Sprtn' aova'to- dmuxnd. ' fmf harki. Mtmi 0-usr G000 FIGURE IS MA0I AS1R 8Y ' MODERN GARMENTS (4 (AO kwJiM rny -e tW can tus uf leasts . . . Bw9 am at fwv of tha titutvae 6W are btaxgs 4togr p hngAteii ta , Rue mm ro eom ftMomtet m m ,l"','lte.'jiij.aju.aiKlueiegaiiiiie j,l m Itvu ill nciaa teow ahit fOK TH 1A0IES? oci Agxara you IMaa no CI you I tarn ycavaalp molded into one of j Ifteaa ne (aments, fo ttv titkc SI tauS as tbxscfgfifi Knot at uaitha miat f fcur natv'aJ curaaa MS ABRtOatf aw tS va en hal lt ot tnem that I have seen M, aizt9 u aaa aa.hava been bnieleu wimderii. And! annua Uto tVim a w n walsiarviaiitialy, the.a are not niih-for rau reiain our nwv or, Udj; only tA slim. The woman of gen-ftJteafls, petatiOTOftK'e W inlarovw volrduoia can scrnp boned Wcjjwat'a fsfcn4 thia aeeSMn. 1 eiwnta now if she desires, for SofljB you a'P awms l gu ittt cometieis hava worked won- ver? 7nWy staaions yourjdwe With rows and rowa of tine stuff, toroutt thewa flw no clotnes ! stitching. Thia gtvea. the flaui' CtRliM so flflttaring to the taminiive) ' marvelous lift-and form." ' " f8r as tuilorSd, meanish tmea. If you really ". wunt boned gar-INiJSe tla classic tailored suit, incuts, mid h:iv. mm-, f.ith in W 'fls"''- H' hes PttMod shoul- i thttn, hy all means stu-ft to them, j uu which go 10 ne WOtpis very some or me new garments help 961T. It buttons snugly which 'you make up pour mind if you ygs a gpm nn. It njjjshe waist i can t dtfcide what type you mopt tm&risimasn Gloriously Colorful : : i l TItLSl Qlxgirca fSi-QS 31 Take advantago of tliia ROvonimriit-KHsy'-anteed loan to equip your home with a new sa Elrytric WQtQr Sy&tyn lt is not enough to have the deal under 'if March 31. The papers must be completri and filed with the bank on that dale. So hurry. Take advantage of this convonicnindf".e.pensive means of improving your liomMr iVfl). NEW LAWN MOWERS See our line ol lawn mowers, garden hose, lawn sprinklers and other equipment for keeping up your garden.- They are priced right. WE GRIND LAWN JFERS OPEN FRIDAY EVEG DLKINT. -: SPRING OPENING NIGHT FOK ' YOUK C0NVENIEN5N C0MK IN , AND LOOK OVER TlWNEW 1'.):16 FR1GIDAIBE MODELS UWet fi 0111 t country's lcadmi; furniture markets (chosen there by Mr. lVajrcr personally) ci- these furniture evidencesfhe3-'w ring season. The merchandise is new, ti$j)n.and amazingly low inl-ice. V cordially,, invite yoii' to coQ in and look over the latest sprinjr pieccf fj, Trade in your old " : Vr' f '-3 furniture Jo us as part j - - v- W yi f payment on opring j ,L J fV I I merchandise. .. . (ir : W'1E - ' Our Albany Barjrain ! i! fj lAWT Wnse handles a mm. 1 'ill "'S&- '. fc1') ( ' iiiR Room, Dining ' Room, Bedro and Kitchen Furniture. New. too, is the y.6 line of refrigerators. QodeiQs B A line of 2nd hanctf I ! A 4k X 'A Wi 1VT 4 l! W3 JHlrn.ture. ranges, etc. l-a&M 11 'Vt li their stnffnr lig-J fA .xllcconomii . .'-.these new Wcstinsrhouaertfii u: wis, purchaser will Jec ,W f Jnd and B.ker Sts.J U' lUJ 11 W jj I'i rs just simply PgiT'oC'n oeiorcfjii a it HI . it l. V Vlil ! , IT -Vl , jsjm II It II I T IIF.V 5 HURLEY'S Plumbing Shop nnni5ii& ft , ssssa- h OIIIB.IMI mm mm u 0 mm. m.iWBkrm t.p Second and Ferry Streets 1'hone 108 1st and Lyon Sta. "Quality for" ' 1 X

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