Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 18, 1936 · Page 13
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 13

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1936
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

j . Wednesday, march is, 1936 ; . THE, ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE SEVEN Corvalhs high school he entered Tys Curious uregon state college out, clue to ill health, he was forced to drop his studies. His illness has ex- tended over a number of years, lie is survived by his widow, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R, M. Jones of the Willamette district, and two brothers, Joe Jones of Eugene and Dean Jones. - ' ' I in Dallas last Wednesday to al-i tend a district meetinsj of the Neighbors of Woodcraft, j Guests at the home of Mr. and I Mrs. Lester Consor last Sunday ; were Mrs. Lula Calloway. Virtus .and Fred Seehale. of Portland, and i.i Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cunningham i and Mrs. Elizabeth Ttiix and son Gerald, of MillersbuifJ ! Mrs. L. R. Reynolds suffered a bad scald last Friday, morning ! when her handa&aught on the han-: die of a kettQIcif boiling water. throwing the boiling fluid into her ; clothing. , Mrs. Laura J. Blume has com-i pleted her duties in the office of the secretary of state in Salem. ' She was in the auto license SKWINO f'M'B MEETS club will'have a onO o'clock luncli-reoria. (Special.) Mrs. Dick eon at the home of Mrs. Ida iijuimuufaj nMK,. rJ -hSS Duncan was hostess lasi l luu srtay 'afternoon to the members of .the - Potter Sewing club. In the ab- sence of tjwvwyresident, Mrs. Hon-' SPR Lures You into the Yard and Garden AMiikc the work more t TULIP TRELEL IS KNOWN ALSO AS WHITE-WOOD, ONOE-WOOD, SADDLE TREE., AND YELLOW FOPLAR ' CURJOLJSL-X ' THE NEAREST ' dELATrVE OF THIS -AMERICAN TREE IS FOUND IN THE CHIINIESE INTERIOR. 1916 BY HZA SERVICC. INC. POLARIS, THE POLE STAR, IS : TRUE NORTH ONLV , TWICE EACH DAY (WHEN IT IS DIRECTuy ABOVE, ': AND DIRECTLY THE POINTT OF TRUE NORTH) m convenient tools. Wo lmvu them! Something different a new lawn mower, turf etlgers, shovels and hoes for ladies' use. Lawn Mowers - - $6.50 up Garden Hoes and Rakes, 50c and up W. Sell Lilly's and O rmain Flower and Garden eed Buy1 Seeds t g Seed Store ' HIGHLY COLORED ACCESSOR IBS MA&U STRONG ACCENT I in. Tangent Tangent.- The Tangent Bridge cluMict at the home of Mrs. Er-nestHarnisch Thursday afternoon. High bridge scores .went to Mrs. George Koos.: and low to Mrs. E. O. Newport. Guest prize was won by Mrs. Kenutze, Guests included Mrs. W. D. Shirley, Mrs. K.A. Hul-bert, Mrs. Hugh Richardson, Mrs. Kenutze and Mrs. Ann Davis. A. O. Peterson of Seattle visited at the home of his sister, Mrs. John Brown, a few days last irlyk. Faye Muller of Milwaukee is spendifie)a few days visiting at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs, A. Muller. (Mi', and Mrs. A. R. Forster and Mrs. H. B. Obermeyer were business visitors, in Salem Saturday. Mr. and (.Blrs. Homer Speer of Sweet Home;) Mr. and Mrs. Price Speer of Eugene and Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Obermeycrvwere guests at the E. O.0;wpc4,t'.homc last Sunlit', an Carl Newport spent last Sunday at Blodgett, visiting at the home of (tjr. and Mrs. C. W. T.mdsav. Wi: and -. Sd Grell, (Mr. and rs. Jt- Jocfe, (Si-, and Mrs. a-mer' jenns ana ivir. ana Mrs. mbhuuu wtnir Ki.ii.-ai:, ul u dkmer party raiven, at the home oPfr. on fes: fe . Newport idiy cvtWine. Mai duller and JamOs Whi)po o CorvaJlis spent toW "Sunday isitiRg af the A. ur 5Phi 8r of fo. M(ho. apeiii B fw (Jays isfc.'t w69k visiting hi Wfms. wev. ana wti's. j. r. tWfflv. Scravellitill Scfavlhill. Edwin SorciMli rnniVIKTfr miGmonmmm held each Sunday, Wednesday and Friday nights in the Crabtie POLARIS Is not exactly over the Konh Tole, Tlioiplore, aa o olisorvo it for n period of 2 I hours, It makes a small c ire IS !n tho heavens. -'-Only twice n day, then, when It Is directly above, oft directly bulow, the North Polo of tlio sky, does it nctuSlly llo ill tho iliraction of true north. ntKa..cDnmin v nan. -. ricRC nine ana IWiMWm 393 wasi stro8 IpII MBtoM Phone 84 I u'uuu mi i II the meetings are. in charge of Mr. Dicfccrson. Pictures of reign countries are also being .shown. frs. fjftims Warren Salem is 1 (SfeiUngwMhrclatives hcw. , ft tclott8ft9 ming was hld Wrs of leban Lin Nt. f3 : AQtiSij wftthel. er noo joWi with mitral.. T ip n ftas fttft Mn scries Seldom Match. Titer is r Popularity of MaMing, potfli lists a9 .Pleasing) O ttattnonlcs World 3. William Ferguson were: used as by the incas. was born in The Dalles in 19(W, but had spent practically all his life 111 T.lnn sinrl Knnlun eoimtinu After Jip was eraduated from tho 'W iW-wi a ltMmKii-uma SUffES 6X0 MotJarnifiSic Select fiom walnut, maple and enamel finishes. New sets have the modern, wanted fiijjl length mirrors?. . Prices surprisingly low. SOgs ftid CE&TTI0SSES Sunrnons, Rome and many other woll-known brands t o choose from. M3i$.3EyM&i w bbi 7 B - ; . i KF1ME comeet:e(, wrtft trntral o several Sits. VohWic ttfrs. Sli-r . . (f tuing Beach, Cai, loft for heir. .TH G(t-1ltUl0ctb iaet fues- ftomr Thutsay aPtot a two'wwfcs' iJuy oftcsrtwKHi with Mm. Nrlli ' " t fip ftonic of Mr. oti4 Mi's. Beutler in lanor. A '"Uttf-k" P'tPr Clu-iTnson. d)nnr ,was tTiJoyert. itbout 1 o'-r TVtr. Villm Wwteoll mas . ftus-itlock, by he memlters twtit. incss visitor in Salem Thursday. n m bsm sr ; 'olor rules accessories! $li o never has been a season fa (Jbv shoppWfe car&- QaStl- I v,Sa't i born . yctferdjiy whjm handbnw , r3evrv nthB ,ac -1 ccKofvl was so. busts. MMm mtflar- i ful. That's hy you i(t) shop T . " " " V I FOR LATEST STYLES 'without their showing a sign of ! strain.. p Q ; ' Crushed goal, pinscal calf, baby j calf, and plain calf in matt and Iratiny Ciifjyies-are: .the leathers I liked bestuut if you go for novel-. lies you will find them to your hearts content. . . J rti kind of cloves vou buv be .ujl. 1 have pair mannish oS , -.,( u,. hHnn tn he . rJltolV, S either si rie ol ! efew lOUtioned toil eithei side of . wrist, or slashed-at the bak; c1' An4 lh0 'e tlle ,jv ci I you will ear with your tlorgff suns hiiu c-iui, is thing snfSvter . . . and) they-are extremely inrfpurtapt in titfcs - . PbeSjti !lvE are way, i$ nv l'"t "s to smaj-tttSss. Mot of ?gm ;e ($hajle and tl-ffl K -or --mMy oneiui vai iety from nj!fand. he leetnei L.,.. bceii totaled j ep gri!ne rem iien;(li'itt,.ng. S:r(f4 glovis (jjave. ..egiii'iftoui mpoi tanee. 1 lity them i(iirnoiia-,v in a'i1 the bright colis . . . .'. i t h tweeds, with knfts, s?ith camel's hair coats. Ihcy .sti'lfig Mlontf nerfretlv. In this ssftne fam-' ily 1 have 0een" other crocheted il, ves.i Kome of them arc woifkli of art. done (tntirely by hand. im.. .......... 1 I i FUUfHTU!IH with the'CBtmost care, and asseni-1 ble your -petbt eni-jBpVfls) hi)ue,hj- fujiy, with (ffrsal regai a tu wliat.; f,il' ,iti,h ihiX ' . . " "" '"'V";ifsisrio members ot the aeravel w interesting jrogrann. Miss Mar- I fcirhuia vfiir na cniKcr ui sere Stewart placed her memt- riH with me club. The next m1- mg will be lusia wittt Mrs. Mary UJoung. The lxiiiy, "Hobgoblin House" atj the 4iS hall fcy the Joffrs.m r.,,no ,irln TKic mvcljtrv luu , I ry Abraham, Mrs. Ed Zimmerman' pregded-during the business meet .'', ., , . . , . mfi- Needlework and two clevo contests were enjoyed. FirsLprizes went to Mrs. J. W. Lamar, arid Mrs. J. C. Clay who tied with Mrs. Freerksen. Second awards were received by Mrs. Harry Sprenger rind Mrs.. J. W. Lamar. Mrs. Claries RonnenkantD assisted-Thp Freerksen in two weeks. . h ; ' Democrat-Herald Want Ads. nrnu Rpiilt ' enjoyable by using nev.: Now Sportbg! LlVlM ROOM SUITES JAftir, velours, hMJ. tpe3tri6 favnrila cijiurs ftis tring oi tew, titi, rut and arawk A yrire renga to suit evary purs. , 6109 - Oil (U 00ftS3Sy itpjaicttg to cuatgieto your living rigig). Walnut and Maple DINING ROOM SETS Seven and eight piece sets in up-to-the-minute designs. Tables extend to six and eight ejfeet chairs beautifully upholstered in tapestries and velours. Several Bavarian Patterns in open stock , dishes mi r '-' H":2-.Z 6' 1 "r ' ; . lrtr Bulh' ni Bcww Hanfion 'W HUtfStS 4lt II birthday dinilfl' birthday dinnw fleas in tb . BagJ-iiere are' lllts oI n&v iffOGB. in cbggs (Svivl joi. are going to 'Have a great ffoiPoi j v,-a: mb11 nrl toaajMeente(. Jorinff larficf WaMion at fti;i h14 t P -ove ccme-' - , "ISje 111 Alay rrcentty. j icr ;lst Friday a?ferenon follow- Mi1TttM1witM '' V'.s Hw" mwn, D. W. vr au4 ingavlew at ihc Wdisort street IUrrragrg? "; 'rtii StrntW wavM t tb iUt- . llthjdist shurch in Corvallis. Rev. uio cnou'yng voui.irst oiii.j top hanWes r tptlhf ffa:V; WOre first shiSl nJast season, Cg- i men loved being Mble & sw'jgg huo. jilniitr M'linii ' tlicv wru Hznri Ml ;i 0 O O O ft f 0 f-I Jill ftl 0) jj j& IS. ftfi S. S (Cl Ufiay MUtm Lotaiwawfl Mt!Mnrri Gooifkh ot the United 'MjUersburg. Miss Sylvia Cove? lias completed her work in Salem cliu . . V so don't think th:.1 do-' signers would give Up Jtie: it'ea so ' soon. Top handiest-are included, again;, and w ith a' vengeance. . i The ilendak sliapO continues to and is now at the home df her par- 'bws of tl Santism Ontfal local Hilts, Mr. and Mrs. E, B. Covey. of he farmers' Union hv the Louis Ba-ager? of Mefrili, Ore., fiII les(t nd have biilt an ad-' 'penf last Sunday night t fh ditiimi to thr hll for a largo timer liome of his psiietits, Mr. ant Mfs. and Jrssing oiis in iirpara:l"un L. W. Drager. Me was on his way to -Pbrtlan on a usiss rif. J- wimw.imk.. justness e4pleasur Urtji to Sa ""' Mrs. Drtla OTilsoi r4uwi4 to.aViA ffloyd Cvwont. jo ol Mr. fbe smart. It is a great favorite; with n(,:and I especially like it : wCtli spits. Anothei1 of the. newer shjxprs i-- t'"'i with cut off cor-' ners. This gives a kind oi pagoda' shape that is in harmony witliH the- other Chinete tashions. ( " iPatent leather ifopg!tant--fut-ujj eitf . leather, pleliming ancWjilow-. in$y is the pet of the season. You will see it in every shape uittrf'r tile. sun. big bnus and small, dark. rii-.Y ue often doir ei inusli U Custcr m Jfueay atto 4mv- , jot pcoe of th .-.-nnnwity, ..Oiir with yom wi) uixsuicM j(lg several hahs with hr f;i- wm narried rti VrKouvw TuSi-.i...-1-noun iFi'ocks. t'ber. Who has twi ill t .shlnd, i l abric Qlovcs t irst--Inexpcn- !Vtrs. fti. D. figo' ettiriwd Bt-if . TiwAt-mwu ( Itd.'twitf-sivu as they are, fabric loves arei i,a,. hump here last irlav ovoainM enr vu. a iiiltat at tt (Lidjtiui colors and light. One of the nicest trenei)(lously popular. "c ivei tm-n, i.iantuinn m all the I marlorl mlfH of the season, and l HOPS alMllLI t KfSfS new OriCSt IS that theS) can ffaTry outvie vogue; for clpj- ) . tUrillianUv. 4?e1:-, grjn brigSl blu;. yellS.. (tS) - ious (pastels are pei(fiS) in patent, for (Oley reffi 4Rir good looks arte- u,ev- mil ffinrfe: iffitrv. i ; ; ' U'ey are (ldcos. 4!ou will find; Loran Mufdn vlMtdbltt to 6i thurd twtuM tvndi cre tfim in ajery color under thejaftetid school test mmuMs a an osrv Mappar a he 'sun, from darks ($j lights, from pfl illness. , ... . v iBoatwa B8c. aa Mil.- a;Bii pastels to brisifts, in white, ancH! Wr. aitfl Mrs. lVin Truat of; Ovcrholter. iiioiT and more white. I IVirtland visitu d A Anf& atfi txfr CiC iitora4i aHanr Ji--ii)gv hy? Sj):caS the l.aihet girls. Carolyn is a member of the sophomore team. She ($as an nvnt-niolit minct nf llin hnino if Florence McGuire after the name. I iBBtilah Robinson is c6ilu to and 1 man Albany each day where she has employment at the Howard real estate office. Wi: i6B81M'rs, Rolland SlcGuire -Wbany at the H. w. WcGuire home I this wel? afld RollatoS1 is driving. Tne mit Puo whil it. W- c-Guife is hoving dental woi done and njoyiiiff a-visit. .with his bro-thr m Spattle. Ml', iioa Jli'ss Sf6phen Ovcrhol-ser ot Tabgei 8ft a friend from Kebui(( called at tho Frank Johnson homo Wednesday. . Mr. andcMrs. D. "W. Porter were rait club at Weir, liome riuay. JONtS RITES iM& S'eorin. fKnecL'il (Irnvesido Ifuneral services for Kenneth Jones Brethren college church at Philo math officiated. Kenneth Jones Yesi lffvely is the word.ind it's tt, ti. The designsMhis yen' rim I formal conventional motiffii and blu" is- the gj'e-dominating shade. Nooa Pi?l?ioie eoigSs ... Wo have received our stock of itew WOiVflor wall paper and thrc are hundreds of pat- terns to (igect from. Mayflower wall paper is washable, fadeproof, and sun-ioof. And it is popularly priced. lyouiafolluwing the trend of the economic cycle y'ttiJ know that you will pay mJ icu eveiyuiiipvtaLci on. 00 whj wait enjoy w,ose new rooms now. It's cheap to paper a room. Tln5lverage room 12 by 14 feetVffjuare will require about eight rolls of paper. Even if you pay 5Dc a roll your paper would cost- but $4.00. And we have many beautiful designs at less than half that price. If ,0 do your work the labor (He is not high. And the work. will be done right No rhaigft Tor estimating No charite for trimming wall Taper. pNkw Imperial Line For those who want higher quality we carry samples :jfi catalogs of the famous Impel -11 line, of which you have read iO national magazines. It's washable and superior to other papers. Come in and order from A samples. Paint Your Woodwork With Rasmussen's Enamels DANNALS I'lonerr Painter Paint Store and 1 nt0 hr, tt-innrl .( .-fOii.h Sit ffliiin rMh fStnO) lat awr hrhf Aid rli-an ' the day vou biSislit fittefli. . 'I fI6a fiind ; smari among the sprmtp colors is ljonoon tan, or. " Si til-.,-- adeJ shop! SEfiVe WW - - m jm i j 1 w lifBOHgc tali, or saddle. I found different stoles eplllng'it different colors, but it. .is .all .tW' same to you and me. It is a glorious shade of'-tan with a slight coppery glow, There is nothing that can lop it for chic. ,: . ; Gay , bags , are -M'cn here : and ( there. If you have lots rf bags. . buy one. for they are smart, but ft they cannot be used as extensive-. V; ly as the other colors. Tuesday and US'(!fts(liiy. Mn I0' stJs .oT urograitu to br giv- eri tiv ititing locals and eoifMBuoi- l-si fiorsii, daufihtw of Mr. unA Mrs. MartMi H.rri. ftoMw HudAay. .. Vtr. in ItVs. Vaik 1Visoi Ml Ok'l (fcirknnis. aotor4 to ton wutaaay v)ft for h awakct- fcafl gamtiewci the sephomares of the high school and thecnjiege r fl . Done ii thorougiily scientific way. All the dirt is removed, making your rugs as bright iind lovely as they were vhv;n new. You'll be surprised too, athe reasonable cost! O CO Phone 78 409 West First Street FiVnts r,iiri lloV-o in Bv colors hand blo-lced elfecls ... I have . ' Cicow on the smartest lopvts th en iiism imported from E114-, (prbig. ' . i.:r.d. from Japan and from India. (grslumeislovcs uf fine kidskir.s re very much in the picture, and vou will find that no other glove i will ever take- their place in fash- ion. ry-c 1 .utinn ttn-j t tri stuu ais with almost every costyime this spring. For several seasons ; now smart women have been ; k no 1 t i n g a silk handkerchief i aroimd tlicii' necks as a finish to ' ;-.porls f rocfes .-and sweaters of all 'types. They look chic, they; have ' a nice .silky feel tibout the neck ' . . they give a touch of color thai nothing else will. These scarfs; are going to be more and more irnporU'iit. I have seen them in(i out-of-doors season thiun t;nd wind. '; iou will be glad to knoW--ti.'at Some are no bigger than a man's! ' big bags still are smart. AmV Je- handkerchief, and must Wi) kip(-! sigit..i; Vinye found more places ltd. very simply. Others are a ; -; for tricky pockets and.' envelopesj.yarcl- square, and what tricks yttici -;,t! Thvi is almost no end to whaL-an do with them! You can even, you can stuff into the new bnij:-. wenr 1'iem a l.'louse! I IS&I Jpfimk I! spcftdina stwni fc a ,rloasm - trin A tautawisai. od ortlanft - I Mis. Elizabeth1 -Trua 4aw day and WednMcWy. ' ' I Mr and Mrs. F; N. Barnes yere; ne' sf'i'fii signs taiid (Otytos. ij)t,er-i ; i fc;i f e v e r" 11 te ti) ty 1 e . v oine 111 ifyuj ioimj) ovei oui-,ircsent stoi:j, If we I. 4 haven t just what you! want, we can g Qfor yTTVn 21 hours if notes- . , o 7? Your Ilome ring With Venetian Blinds i LlQ)u show you how inexpensive they can be in 5'oiir home! I the: si'i 1 ";'; . ISACADT TO all ' Sf-!iV.,Z('jfr All the.: nemst de- DressCjp SI laaTtfT7a Yes! Si's V-A'nd the delightful brings with it an increased r(j for skin cart" for use nf -the iroduct.-)at will gbf ' you protection iy Doroth Elizabe'iV Ai0n line toiletries win help lems gM two solve Oj'ur skin pruli- j snow you wnwoijjese lines Hurley's DRUG STORE "The store of personal se r icf " ii sirniFi? ri--!.-;-,'-. vl': 1 FURNITURE CO. Mll-.l It.

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