The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 6, 1997 · Page 70
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 70

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1997
Page 70
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"iE THE PALM BEACH POST SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1997 l ' 1 I ll "-I 1 BM WiwM 15.g0 15.80 15-87 gm 20-02 20-10 20-12 20-12 20-12 20-12 Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Part-Time Help j I J Auctions Antiques Garage Sales Garage Sales Garage Sales Garage Sales Employment Employment J ll home office Collectibles f gardens lke wth hu9 House- pes y. sa. sa, 7am - wpb l,. a Famii, . Bo.. " DCCCADPU AUCTION TONITF fiPUl EiuiyTv ii-..i Cr.H Sals' Unique ornamenta. hold ft turn, more and mote. nam. Household Items baby B"Sf,n DRIVER Boom Truck (COL A PM FUNDRAISING Exc II PI HfcOfcAnUn Rye nocc PorSOna S 7. VV ! r,?Ja. ZJ? iLuci decoratione and gifts, 19 W. Absolute Bargains. 7a to 1p. tarnitura loys ctothes t clothes collectibles l M20 or B) 4 Warehouse Personnel tob .We tram .5 $8 .! PUaillcaS rCljUIIOia ORIENTAL lacq. desks ft cab,- S?"' R(S,'??a .tV'SL Cypress. Sal Sun. 8-4. 6091 Serene Run. 965-6702 morel 4451 Datlodil Circle Gun Club ft Cypress, Sat 8-12 PB location. X 964-570-9790 bonuses. Call 471-9331 ACCICTAWT aBaWHMISiMHEaWbM "ts Rosewood marble too S? i eft 7a5' Graenacres 5401 Uth St. So LAKE WORTH Lake Osborne PALM CITY: Fri A Sat, 1-1 WPB Victoria Wds, 5696 Dew- 'ItRIVER CDL Clasa B license POLICE BENEVOLENT ASSN AOblO i AN I standa, Satsuma yeses 1 Reasonable 561 622 7654 Sal g.Noo)) 3.lam,ly M), LAKE WORT Make usoorne rLfw . r . ga ? 2 required Heavy kfling r" 1 MFcnFri NOW , Vn- tucq rinW'ikS? BureauHutch Mahog $476; Baby rlema, misc. tun. clothea "i ,. Dr Lit i children'. 42nd Avenue (ofl Route 714, jewelry furniture, labnes, - q?edJ Druglfei oSodUJ 6 NE E HZ Part Time 17-07 JHE" CLOCK. 01.. toyj- 0 Se wro, $395; aomething for .yeryonel rtem., r.c ouseho" next to Palm City Auction) .household a sewing Mem.. tits, OT avail Call between Immediate lull time openinge RMpoos,b,, of this part PrlvfltA MndAlS tamos I Tteblea mrcro ft H0C'';5' 954-677-8153 Hob Sound 8717 SE Sandy W 3S5 EL PASO PR PALM SPRGS SOLD HOUSE! WPB BBO & Yard Sale. Fri 1 1- 9am-3pm, 561-274-9479. ipm-epm. fo artart. ."poM.oa mcluda heldmg Private HOOPIS S pSc wh ""VINO OLD POSTCARDS Ln. Sal ft Sun. 8am-4pm. Ram LaiS Yard Sale Harley EyeTylhmg insideout. elec. 4 Sat 8-2. Pi! Assisted DRIVER HELPERS f""", b"M"" "'"' telephone research inquiries. jgL- Modern orav offic. '"''oada. early doc- or ahmet Qg. waterbed, bo- oarta water skiis k'ick- beds books galore 39 An- Living Facility, 534 Datura St, rT LPE . 684-7573 end utilizing on-line ft kbrary AAAA AMERICAN MODEL ffiT' chWa lfofiah "mania, photos. Collections ft oka, toys, lots of baby Hems Cck g"5 f Sat 8-1 1am dma RrfsatSun. 965 6433 659 9330. BBO dinner $7. fifl npr hOlir Police CUKna No exp needed research toola to address re- DANCERS MODEL LINGERIE mach Taha taDlorTcStaS Accumulationa. 56 1-585-7064 HOBE SOUND SAT t-i J " awi- ,,... bikes xm. Holiday craft;, turn, desks. ,. 3O.UU per nOUr a 5-SE.rnto .rch wues... Work expe- CAROL'S BACK 439 3919 ' IfTtocSZcS. BUYING 4 SELLING 17 18c " " dK-.UrjeS grW orth M" St FRI ft PU7.SPToT Co,"S.X n" bed. chair, ft misc. items. Sllhr bn. Oet.ay 63a8684 . hmg on-kne data- ANCELS lection ot mul m relig art. Span Ital turn. Etc. TV'a Exer equip! golt cliba etc VaT 9AM ? 3 Fami y Sal. NacV Baby terns. Sat ft Sun WPB 10001 of Toys ft clothing PORTERFLOOR PERSON bases the rn ternet and 7QK.7nn Lockl. oraphite gotf clubs ft CASSIDY'S ANTIQUES Hobe Hts 7395 SE CRAIG ST EvehinrFor Sale 8-t 1 429 Palo Alto Drive. from $1 00 up 638 Northwood DC nr'a' BMTJSrJ (561) 79780 TIlWcVMe cSotr HZSJCZ H P,lmsprln9, 426lnglewood PJl pre-school -f t A,de.. SKsSrm9" COLLETTE'S MODELS rVpu,",9'A,;f,ro?'aJri':!?, L W. Lots of Off Gomez. Hsehld. printer.; cfoldMnAdu" ""othini Grn boSkU7S5oH Must tike WPB HUGE 2 FAMILY SALE F TorP T Bus Dmer 'Coun- u t confidence to mSet fTTTt 547-4436 mt 661-575-5624 dining aels. 633-0678 anlqs. child ft aduft cfathing. ,w iqoipTlehld items all. $275 OBO. 969 9164 Fine china, jewelry hswre, aelor. Sal's avail. 967 0844 the challenge ol working with mabtii' PRiutTF " WE BUY ft CONSIGN " www.r one comantiques. HYPOLUXO ISLAND 1 caV mi v ..m palm SPRINGS Sal Decern- '""i r'.0llo,"2cMBiLEJHOM6' PROTElllOlnrBCLEr the public. Pleas, .end mate- MODELING CAu FOR CHAIRS 4 O.k Spool Leg Mulh FamiS SaleTsal. ft Sun. LWS9?rNnLsTea?CIR bV 6th 7.1 2pm, The VM- "c Sal 'MU Garden Ave Looking for Sponsors, tel.- rial, to S. Alzolon .1 the ad- SPECIALS 1561 279-7671 ROIIQCOC $340; Carved Server C187S 9AM-2PM No early birdal 104 1 GW. Be Furn lage basketbafl c . Trun ol W.P.B. Sat. am-2pm. - Now hiring seasonal DrivM i.sed 1 non. tall 968-1716 dress below or FAX to S. 279-rorl HOUbSOS $650; Call 954 877-8163 S. Atlantic Dr. Hshld'it Tft Lot! foil Misc Davis Rdbtwn Library ft Pub- 316 Hibiscus St.. btwn Oh w ft Mlper No Orivjna required. ask lor Barry Slaley, Jr. Alzolon at 837-6409. MC969-2500VISA AUCTION CENTER CHRISTMAS COLLECTION JUNO - Sat only 8am-1pm. ..Km wo-TH FBAT U lie SaHey ft follow sign. Dixie Exercisers !?ave' - able 10 UN 70ib Pkga. Resident Manager needed Acntv m Person J!m 071.. V. k Various items Exc. condition. Furniture, toys, clothes ft LAKE5 wJ,VTer7.ce Dr PBO PBCB 07t 159th Court . misc items new ft used . - extensive walking, mmimum ",or Hal)wty House Min 1 yr MSS?Fnda 960 PALM BCH MODELS 24hrs 32 D X 0 HigflWaV Make offer. 581-622-4296 much morel 2082 Pleasant Dr. Mo5?NG sal 6 North &lt 8am 1prT WPB-LARGE SALEI Sat 9-3 ' ffson w" ft .. U" j" "T'J'AII?' MODEL AVAIL. ,.nllpm , Jl. wrih CRYSTAL PORCELAIN "lMUST supplies toddler bed SWHMmCSjgh Social Securily or Alien ID. ROUTE SERVICE TECH Apply by FAX: 561 820-4192 -dr S61-447-9R80 -4r LaK8 WOrlh Assortment. Handcrafted tor JUNO ISLES Moving! Every- LAK. wobth wmattreas. lull mattress set, (Spencer Lakes) children K Maior medical, dental. 40 Ik. P ' Apply by Mail: X 801-44 tfSSU y urtMniV T.ftft DU Czech. 6 at $50. 2 at $100. 2 thing must gol 12908 Ellison L"?f,I!1 sale Sat queen mattress set, loveseat, toys ft c tolhoa. Ig 1 m e t " DEC 8 8 30-11 30am etc. Career opportunity with a - , - . . . MONDAY 7:00 PM at $120. 379-2272 all 6pm Wilaon Rd. Furn, hshld itema, S?lS1im S onndS. Sears Metallathe, evinrude ACHeat unit lades clothing Comlort lnn maior company. Wilf Train Th PallTl BeSCh PlaytTiateS ncrEUDCD Q d1 DEJAVU AMTIQUFt P. 1ya. Sal. 1216 7AM 12PM rm'pK'Jim Drive outboard motor, iron preas baby c othe . 'tan n.tlo ' 1901 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd Call Steve at TRULY NOLEN 1 IlC Nd w. m 478 145a DECEMBER 8, 9 5h... 1 utm a oZ, Z JunL. aal. tl.i ti 19 7165 Pine Manor Drive. machine, 1936 Singer sew sel ft other lurn, hsehld items ,M,W3.T.Pceh,B aei.2T4.3O0O , L N"d We M" 478 1489 Antique., Collectib.;.. Used orTa. USS W "'"ort'SfcS'w'ilsIS Hl? RXV V"ia3?i 'hlne. g u JjJ t 8 v- EOE'M F SEASONAL WORKERS I dllll DCdLIl PRIVATF MODFL Furniture. Collection ol Rus- Northlake Blvd.. NPB. 842-4022 1937 Highland Dr. House- J ,? ,?lhAS 5 I PBG SAT 8arn ? 4394 S. Mary WPB YARD SALE Sat. Only 8- DRIVER Local deliveriea Exp NEEDED IMMEDIATELY! J. . rniVAIt MUUCL .l.n Cut Cryatal. Too much to nnLLHomat un... 7 hold items, dishes, furn, Etc. u ?clifu 6'.h. AY JLA,,,. Cir. AC'a. Color TV, Bar Noon. Household items, dpth. ft C ass D H req topfy 3655 Apply Mon-Fn, 8 30-4:30, at FOSt Lingerie and Swimwear. 24 Hrs. list! Consignment. Accepted D03dH0J!?lta C! JUP rHRlsTUAS SAl F Indian Famlly' L'3 01 Slul1 Stools, Dresser. Dive Gear, Ing, cardio glide, lenni; Northlake Blvd rBG 624-2299 THE SALVATION ARMY, 2 100 lUJl V. fR61M1i-'i201 t Peter J. Rousso. - Auctioneer nd "'iSoS8, ' Creak RU ihinr f' Sat ft LAKE WORTH Sat ft Sun Clothea. etc. 627-0422 racata, books lots of good " l..r Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. West 2751 S. Dixie Hwy. VT 01 1310 'iuJ TT Phone: 561) 586-2100 Holldaya. $300. 498-7791. Creek Rain or sh ne Sat ft 9am.3pm, 7566 Kingsley Ct 55. rnunlrDoint Est 10190 """ 1620 Sfal1lema . DRIVERDoooh Maker pm Beach. Or call David at West Palm Beach, FL 33405 THE CANDY FACTORY AU 489 AB 302 Dolls-Altxandort Bears gSS.S.SS,- 2. KahSd (SmithT Farm) Sub Division. "EShm C r Pln !- Furn WPB Sat ft Sun 9am ? .Jomj . he..) ilifhns 686-3530 tor more mtormation MODELS PB MARTIN CTY , 01, , S.eil Circua TraTn Hibel N "?$s dhu"W End ot Hyplouxo W. of Jog. "ems toy. 3609 Washington Rd., ree. Clean driving im a must -please indicate poaition Now Hiring 24 Hr. 642-9993 Tues. Eve. 7PM Dealer Sale Signature Morel 622-6606 9'ttacralts. xmaa decoration. Furn, houaehold, beautiful "feJ "''c P?S pi " oear etc Furniture, clothes, slareo " ?''"8 rka RiU77 CcrilDITV applied tor on total Mrmrc All New Merchandise for ERTE tianed torioraohl JUPITER Yard Craft A dining rm Ibl, everything must pmg-pong tM. diva geai etc , "',uric. Good Quality Call Brooklyn Bagel 625-6677 SECURlTT all materiala aubmitted." T0TA?"AEhiri Less Than Wholesale AmeriMn Miltoa ttndu Bake Sale- Sunday Dec 7 go. Call 432 9050 RPB - SAT. ONLY l-NOON FP- ' ' DRIVER Part-time. M-F, days. Al DU niCDATfUPO 24 hr service, hinng Public Invited, Flea fS Stm 4 H.S 8am-2pm. Jupiter SDA AT tarn Bio Sale! Sofa, Loveseat, Bras. glas. WPB Hug Church Sal. , "$7 hr, class B CDL license, ALARM DISPATCHER Equal Oppt y Employer MF 561-792-0017 Markeleera ft Store Ownera Soon harden Call 124 6275 Church. 413 Fern St. taii Ita iW tbla, .tat Re elect, bed. 7AM - 12 NOON " Riviera Bch (561) 844-4640 e,, Alwm Dwjtoha, ZlJ- UMIOUE MODELS TcltTt ESTATE SALE Entire Houae JUPITER ,28 Stillwater Cir. trstWn .cmp" Moi Plus morel 1 1 7 Sherwood Dr. C0fner Summit & Jog. ... DRIVERROUTE Experience for Maior Security Co. Exeat- RUNNERRECEPT - PT V I OF A KIND t 23H HRS Volume. Come See ft Save ESTATE SALE E J'1 Ho"s9: Saturday 8am-2pm. Moving 4141 Nova Lane off Lawrence RPB, 133 Waterway Rd. WEST PALM BEACH ; CDL Class D, squired Full lM .2 Noon-5: 15pm. We,. Palm W59240S "sT-Q2 bp? CPcnL AMOTION aa r.hye.iftor,ahieH0U89h0 a'aa" gg, i."""' (Southend) 3 Family Sale! time, Mon-Sal Salary, comm., ; ram oeaori erea Beach Law Firm. Spanish a Or tL,l AL AUL, I lUN ceramics class art textiles clothes ft software LANTANA SAT lam "ike, golt clups, lawnmower, SATURDAY 8-12 beneti... Call Vicki, 683 2663 Fa. ,...T64-733 33.3 plus. Call 684-2500." Snenf ftne?"' ptt JUPTfER RQn9 OCRORNF DRIVE tabl9' tooks man m'5C 3la MADDOCK ST. DRIVERS Day or Evening. . .. ' !rir SANTAS A HELPERS need- 17-12 SALE! booka- ma"- Xmaa gifts. Quality houaehold ft office OWi USBUHNt UKIVC RPB- Sat 7am ? Multl Family. WPB Sal 8-2 1 147 Fernlea Or ., Exp d. Musi be 25 or over Security-Armed Couriers ed lor local mall lor Christmas Sat only. Dec. 6. 9am-3pm. itema. Sat. 8-1, 116 Landward Hshld Good ft Furn. GT Interceptor bike, exer f fe BaS, oa .. CDL Clean PL Call 747-3212 Part-time positions photo promotion. Call M-F, MlSCellaneOUS Prnnorlu ftf intinno. 6600 Georgia Ave., WPB. Dr., Bluffs River. L AMTANA Sal 7-12 mach. clothes, misc. 176 Roy pm ctothJi mla?h '. Driver ft, Service Grand Tool ffi"'&'4t' W. lid '' 1-9O0-28I-8405 SOrViCOS Property Of Antiques EVERYTHING MUST GO. JUPITER Sat ft Sun. 8-3, LANTf2M W Browlrd St. Court Cir, Huntington Woods. giHledgeT LT - Rental. Now has openings. SJort Hours Active Taw International - CA ESTATE SALE Delray 19603 Loxahatchee River (E. of 95, oft LantanB Rd RPB 102 Miramar Ave, Sat. WPB Neiohborhood Sale Sun $350wk Mr. Mun 641 5600 !orCement wioirSl en- CCDUirC ANN'S privatb studio ramkb iptt-v rni i Sat' Dac 8am-'- 38 Sea' Hd': Houaah,'l'i llema. ouc"- 13th St. to W Broward) only 8-? Miao. kid" items. WPB Nal9hborhood bale. Sun DRIVERS Local Moving Co. clo Te'pend- SERVICE Ja71 T 'wSeSnSaW No E.bifds''muafae- ",'t? T cTi LANTANA Bob Kirch Molor., . 'Ck"! Fla.' Mango ft ForestHitl. A lil- ' needs exp d FT Drivers. CDL able vehicle and D ft G li- y X 439-7551 y Bftocmie iTu No Earlybitds. A must see! JUPITER Huge Garage Salel 1 102 S Dixie Hwy, Sal. 9-5 .. chair and much more. tie bil ot everything. 968-8119 A or B req d. Customer Svc a censes required. Call 1-888- . ACCIQTANT Look Better - Feel Better! HUbtKI a AUL.IIUN Fishing Rod St. Croix pack 12192 188th Street North. Closing business. Trucks, RPB Huge Sale. Counterpt Eat. fi.(aaa . ,um 6 must. 561-746-9266 477-1 122 to arrange local in- MOOIO I Mil I Experience pe"sonal to"h -Ai I cdicc iur rod wgold plated littnga Never Sat. and Sun. 8-4. Furniture. tools, parts ft accumulation. SR7 ft Belvdr. Sat 8-12. w? t.i T misc househoW : DRIVERS Must have a CDL lerview. Florida IPS. Inc. Licit M1-732W8 GALLERIES, INC. used $1K obo 792-9308 alt 5 rofrlg.. tools and hshld etc. LAMTANA 6916 Boston Drive Entrnmnt cntr, color TV, dish S,,s,,uro.,v7.u?'4e7e -Clasi A 1 drivel, teens' with Ag00026; B-94-00011 Part Time 70. LAKE AVE., LK WORTH HOLIDAY BARBIE 1W JUP FARMS Sat Barn-Noon. L Floral Park SAT 7-30?? washer, mi.e. haehold ft more "J. Saturda y 7.30 7 46 6 . . 2 years tractor trailer exp. SECURITY GUARDS I alra Wnrlh 661-682-1250 SILVER DRESS $150. Bunkbed. toya, stereo, ti.hing Multi-family. Beaniea $6 and RPB - MOVING SALE c.n,art Cnalr ... . Must have clean MVR and be Needed all shifts lor condo. LaKB WOrW asw ftsip rAy DNI VI ELVIS DOLL $50. 969-2499 hunting equip, too much to Up Dolls $60 and Etc. Furniture and Stulf! All Must wKB:,r ,,, g"" r, '.,u DOT qualified. Food service Call Mon to Fri, 8am-2Pm Responsibilities of this Part .Vl V UNt DAT UNLYI list. 17736 128th Trl N.. W. on ..mtama eTATg sale Gol Sal. 8-10AM. 1128 Grand- ?iHJ'em0s'RSTA9he '""SoSrs pfeaieapdplyinDp8ls . . , " IT ZIZS JJ 11 SUN. DEC. 7th 1PM IVORY NETSUKE en'TsnertslUf V9 4?8Vw,oEwSoTodTLa"LSat Cir., Counterpoint Eat. g&ffi$S; 'SISjr SnnRe'Ve4UeorS SZjJ E: FJL 8 20 Q $50 . 954-753-3659 jt S!SS y"THlj NW 6th Ave, Boca Raton. Muat have marine 4 sec. exp. liveries collecting subscriber 1 ' D c6 th ft 6th 11A 3P MARLINS Inaugural Coke 116 Palomino Dr. MOVING "r ''n "Bi ','''.'.' ft lawn equip, generator, etc. SAT 8-12 noon. .Ant quea, DRIVERS Nell Rentals, a DVPAUiru CDCkirCP accounte. and some ware- MpmhanrliCP P.S.iiih -'iLiiIV li.7. iT 6 pack. In orig. cardboard SALE: Fridge, BDR turn, desk, LANTANA Recycled jeans, Sat 8-2 12139 52nd Rd N crya al. wicker, collectlblea. " leader in the Equipt. Rental RYBOVICH SrcNCcR houae work. Valid Florida MerCnanOlSe Partial L ' Meiajon Stalues, carrier ur,0pened bottles. golt club., toya, much more. Pol"',, "'J- foa's; .G'eal bpb family I SAT Ham 'lSnA?ai a Industry is seeking a small 4200 Poinseltia Ave driver', licenae required. Bronze Figurea, Wool and Silk $600 or best offer 798-2653 ,,, ... -. u. . Flea Mkt Products. Fri ft Sal. RPB- J AM JLT I SAT 8am NO JUNK! 108 Heritage pomor Truck Driver lor WPB w p n fi 407 MUmtMmmmmBBHBBt Ruga, American and European J " " , ' , V. Jupitor- BIG SALE. Misc i0am-3pm. 1801 Hypoluxo Rd 138 ft 140 Cordoba Circle Way, Sanda wood Lakes " -' fSr Oi nutted frandirSti Twi r.ii sai nin a, ?i' Apply In Person Furn., English ft American MAYAN Pre-Columbian Art household items ft women's v f ,;. chr.. J ,.. Rain or Shinel Don't Miss! - . hale a it an dr'vnra ?icoTd Call 561-840-8113 Monday-Friday '9a-Sp Paintings by Fisher, Wiggins. Collection. $1,000 Steve clothing. SAT 8am-2pm. Lk Clark Shorts HygaSalo. Quality Itema. household, WE ST PALM BEACH Sat. oiOTJfSH 4.vj..r-.-,-F-tf in ou main lohhv 20-02 Rossinf Llthographa, Gold 305 461-1403 Miami a 189 Brier Circe Sat. 8-3. 1418 Beta Cir. Weight -4, in0ns, toys, Beanie Babies 7am. 1 Sun, Oam. 504 May- Z ?n!tf .M?$Et. AoD,v Sv FA661-820-4192 Pocket Watchea, fterling S ORGAN CIRCA 1900 Greenbrier Sect, Indian Creek. equip, RC boats, too much to clothes, leWelry, furniture, flower Rd. Antiques, miscella- , nVpea1i,eeQsaPLyNeand0Hf SECUR TY . W XrtX AUCt'0118 ver Gorham Tea Service9 Chi- ""EfifflJ Piano. JUPITER Everything Must Gol M E'elng mus go! twin matt,' set. canopy neous household ilem: benelits pkg. Oualilied candi- . . o Famrlle Porcelain $500. OBO. 561-791-7495 Sola, luvaeat, chair, miac LOX. Sal. 7:30 2, 17660 86lh bed Inens, Land a End WPB-PATIO SALEI - dale should call Nell Rentala, nCCIrMrBO TflP ADCAI IITr AlirTinu Scraen Worcester Collection Itema. The Hamptona 161 S Ct N. Seminole Pratt no. 0 catalog. Much More! 4204A Palm Bay Circle - TLZT7XB OFFICERS u u ! TEiAU! S-K pSm.RP0r8ee pbg 2 family sale ,uHBai3,LD,r ZtTlV TN'adti- LakT'oncslo0,ncior..7E!c2l 7 lDISSre?need,p- PallTl Beach Sat Dec 6, 10 AM fc8acerElLgaB, oWaT. '& 'WVZ&tJZ L.xahatch.. Sat ft Sun. ,0-1, 0. west Palm Bch Sat 8am- plyP Knowledge if P.B. Coin- ..n.-rl Dct- Since Jupiter Classic, has 'Xa Estfmated be Z "EP- lrlf ""c""' nanld' " 1"- W D "d 0,1 .Sol!lher". Ilema- haehold muQh 1,10,8 1pm at 3715 Paseo Anadalu- ... , lV FT. l200 $400'wkly. KENT SECURITY rOSt closed it. door., Elliot Paul ft "ee $200 to $200 0001 1 '"u01?,. Wldd'5ii Eagle. Ne.t-19056 Talon Way Bhid. Everything muat ool Tool R0YAL PALM BEACH aia. Southern Blvd 2 blocks Benefits. Call between 9-4pm. SwviM ttirooDhoul , Company has been authorized XSa lrtln Hert Stoned D"' D?.n,y,.l.,$2'60 JUpTfER Multl Family Suoer ahop ft carport sale. Signs 138 Sunflower Circle. E. ol 1-95. Vedado Park ,,.626-6991. immed. Opening's. i ?S?LSUZTE& Wast Palm BeacfT fT33405 MXSS&SSto otSd1 Natural FanlyYe? ,b ,w Sal'e TVa.teraoRf "an' LOX Set. 7am-2pm, Royal Palm Sat Sam-lpm. Household lur- WEST PALM BEACH -M OrlversSalesWarehse ; Counties, ie now hrftng tor AH West Palm Beach, FL 33405 biles and 'Pffsojal property to 0w, Weight 7.69 ct ft Ladles SING SNORE ERNIE $200 tlques, cribs. Kirby, Sega. BR, Acreage Orange Rd, N. on nilure, misc. , 6101 So. Flager Driver , Full ft part-lime. Local Whole- shifts in the Delray area. ,: "pim,. indicate ooaition eaa of orica! Straight Row Round Diamond OBO. 3 Beanie Babiea Bears DR, ft olfice lurn; records, Hall to 15135 77th Place N. ROYAL PALM BEACH 1095 Sat 9am-2pm. Furniure. rags, sale florist. Drug Test ft . Vnnlled i nn Locatton- ills fommerre Bracelet, 28 Diamonda, Total $150-175 364-8721 Julie SS refrig ft much more. 6821 Furniture, clothes, toya, cralt Cnoru8 Way, Counterpointe toys, clothes. Clean Driving Record re- Holiday ft Vacation Pay all matSs .ubmifted " LaSe Pennock Industrfa 28 97 cl. and Much more! SING a SNORE ERNIE Roebuck Rd. Sat. 8am-3pm. gift baskets, street vacuum Estate. Mulli family. Sal Sam- WPB: Big Backyard sale, Sal, " quired. EOE. 661-664-8655 i-mmimmm,,. all materials .ubmilted. Lane pennock Industrial DraW,g for Ladiea' Diamond $46; Slar Trek Barbie, $36. JUPITER Sat Only. 7am-12 LOXAHATCHEE MULT! FAM- 12pm noon. Toys, etc. 8a to 2P 320 Edgewoi Or! , DRlviRS Wanted FTPT MKfl-i.. i Equal Oppfy Employer MF Al TOMnRII F5 Se'shmenta P Au'iam- Call 561-989-8555. 1506 Kingsley Rd. ILY YARD SALE Sat. Sun, ROYAL PALM BEACH Furn, Lois of mce girls r,' Nights ft Days. Musi know Sale House Dette. - AU I UMUblLto SoKrt blammd tfS bp' Sing a Snoro Ernlo $200 (OH Riverside Dr.) 9a to 2p 8289 Grapevlew 261 Ponce De Leon, La Man- clothes, toys, books ft misc. , North area Must have clean u h TANNING SALON Have fun 1981 DELOREAN 1993 AoDra sal with LcKe obo. Still in box. Toys, bikes ft lots ol misc. ., Blvl- Miac. Items. cha. Sat 8am-4pm. 3 lamily. west PALM BCH Multi-Pam- JalTL7T TtotortZweZZl wreouworrMHohvatid SSScicatvi AB73 W"h P"fChAU456 (561) 576-2490 0 Jup Farm. HUGE MULTI FAM! LW Benefit Yard Sale Several Toys baby things, children. Today! 2966 wist- "Beliree Welcome 561-747-1363 w outgoing salesperson. Flexl- RPGo I??pS c , n SSSSSiS5iiii5i- SING a SNORE ERNIE SAT SUN 9-3. surfboard, Families 1509 N Palmway clothing, drum set. gate Ave. Collecliblea, liah- DRIVERS WANTED 1ftn UIDIW BAWIIC ble, part-time houra, PBG. warnL ? iooi Pcnon New in box. $150. Monitor, toys, collectible dolls, lot. Lamps Headbd Ctothea Tool. ROYAL PALM BEACH Sat. net, toys, lots, lots more- for class B Mixer Truck. Drug- $100 HIRING BONUS Call Lisa 627-7088 after 6pm. rncfr l T P?rK?lP 20-04 $l Call 582-1148 ol misc! 10828 154th RD NO Baked Goods etc. Dec. 8. 33 Pullin Ct. 8:00 a.m. wpB 16 yrs accum antqs col- . Free Workplace. Experience 19B? pi YMnuTH voyagfr ,, inc a tunas bbnie t?fi Jup Farms- SAT Bam Tiny NPB Sat Sam. Shop here! 738 Baby items, antique headbrd, 6C (u,n ' military ft much necessary. Clean License. I; iApply In perm M-F, 9-Spnt TEACHERS SE 1987 E l 50 MARK III JOWOlry IN0 BAB?ES Xmaa Teddy Tykes, Toys comp an tiquea, and 740 Nightfiawk Way lamps, lablea. Good Stuff. S. Sat onS 8 2293 Gabriel We otter competitive i wages. ; 230t) Pakn Beach Lakes Blvd CRUISING VAN 1992 i Showman T$25ea 7431M4I holiday items. 575-1672 (Lighthouse to Weslwind . RPB ACER AGE SAT 7 45-7 N of For. Hill, E off Fl Mango rolv CouConcr'.'tB '-." r-'. ' Needed for growing childrens DODGE D 250 CARGO VAN DIAMOND RING 1.40 ct. .me TlMOnc r PMIC ' '7892 127lh Drl,a Norlh Kifs ft adult clothea. toys, THE MOM'S CLUB' HOEFL WPB 5291 Kim Court In Summit ' Products 1926 Skw "T theate ? prSrTSl LK ' 1969 MERCURY MARQUIS SI-2. color Fppraised $3800. SINrG fmESfXma, JUPITER Yard Sale," 8a-2p, houaehold. lawn lurn. PK on RPB ft 49th St You Wp i Sat 8 2 Patio tuTTr ' --WPB DFWPlot 1686 4622 jc jf id j( Worth Playhoua. After LS 1988 LINCOLN MARK VII asking $2000. 278-2726 Ifll $225 obo 7.4f Sat ft Sun. Furn, Yard Tool!; NPB 924 Laurel Rd. Sat. 8-12. name H we have got It.JII pie dresser, mica desk, excer DERTwArThSE (ft) Will SECURITY OFFICERS 'l? DCMf?rOAISnBUYWSEL SING a SNORE ERNIE Ln,she;San'rL0anFdl!'n7OOd iBriirx'as' ft'se'iord RPB ST92 BILBAOST BBQ GriH househo!d aEmP?yrmD96r8F8e00 $7.25HOUR SrtW TlM; VIERA ,99, DODGE RAM pAMWDFNANC?A 689-6626 t0gT2 JUP TER FARMS -Family itema'pftice supplies ft more. Kids cli?he.B L.oJs ILxside ""hdwe u.eweslc' -DRSSSeC &JS-.SSSS& TlLTEn-.hra gS5 Wis'Sg, SINGgX WJSSkJk, XZT - CRY CLEANING RPB E O E. Lie. OAB8700030 9?!1 6e, 8IS0 Selling. Jeweler.. 1-800-329-GEMS. SING SNORE ERNIES '77 BENZ, Solalveseat, NPB 777 Lagoon Dr. Sat. 8AM- 1231 Gulfatream Way Apartments, 1598 Quail Dr. ;.r Counle Pos,l,ons available, ceCURTY OFFICERS FTPT 57iH933' Mon-Frl 8-9al" ' FURNISHINGS ENGAGEMENT RING 73ct i2, rS! 7loWb" gH set. Enter cntr, desk, 12 Wicker living room set, Slnaer 1$ Sat a.m. 9-12. Xmas SAT Dec.6 9am-3pm. Over 26 (561) 793-6800 villi Kin dXv area Druo' TELEPHONE SURVEY rUrilNianilNLaO Marquif ApoV $4300 Sel to ' 58'-S-8237 BUNK BEDS, linens, aquarium, baby Items, toys clothes, tree, toys, 26" bikes, BBQ $5 tables of household ilems, . --DUMP TRUCK DRIVERS F, , WOrtplace 861-499 3322 Flexible hours, no selling, ANTIQUES $2000 CaW 9587-4088 SPORT FIGURINES (10) clolhes. 168 Southvlew Dr. misc. furn ft other Ilems. . Sofa, lampB. wood lurn, clothing, art. and crafts ' " "'28 h,a!?llng .'Sc' ?,and: ccriiDiTv nccircu; a ct . i"0,,ice- Salaf' Borua' miiAinDiua bim- E,om 60 aach- Bi Sa'vino. JUPITER NPB Sea Oats Multl fam. sale. $5$10 ea. Jpn. Art. plywd, ft much morel ; -,etc. Call wkday. 10-2. 471-4100 SECURITY OFFICERS FT WPB area. 965-4773. 'GLASSWARE' Afct i 15 20 diamond. Below retail. 278-2,728 308 Circle East. Sat. 7:30- Hsehld, furn, kida items, dla vinyl tile ahtng wheelchr, wpB Moving Sale Salurday-9-2 -FIELD SERVICE Personnel pr Med,cal "denial ava Ca ALL TO BE SOLD TO THE $5M'' "all 621 72 SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL. Noon Aquarium, weight jewelry etc No lunkl Sal ft ahower chr clothes books, Everything must So. 2212 E. to sve hvy eq. CDL lie. ft Mon-TtariOsm 4 pm 647-223 tlfCCIfCMn HIGHEST BIDDER! W4 2U2 Complele Lovebird Series (3). bench, clothea, etc. Sun 8-2, 403-G Sea Oats Dr. many misc. 237 Cascade Ln. . Carol Ci?cle of Ardy Lane. ..endorsements req'd Call " Slate Lie. GtfoQOI490 WtLNLl TERMS AND CONDITIONS! ?JJ? &0, i,e,,PfJ' ST Mint cond. $7200. 616-4364. JUPITER - 122 Hampton Cir. NPB Saturday Only. 8-7. Good TEQUESTA Sat. 126. 8-12. "' 471-4100 se"eur,Y otlicers FTPT Cash, VlaaMaatercard, per- rnonda (toal wt let? Brtlliard" Tw Iron B.dt with original . Sat. 7-Han, Stuff 1 bit S. Lighthouse. 360 Fairway North. Tequeata WPB 0ld Northwood ft-2 FLORAL DESIGNER Exp'd wpT Jupiter Needed CUSTOMER aonal check with bank letter J,0 30 J Sd heir- "'aaa- Old fashtoned 3 Family. Appl's, furniture, cor. house S Anchorage i l C. Baby far 0 chlWren s Unique ilems software ,e FT.goodpayloqualiliedcan- Kmed Oppl'yT work "9 VUw I Vlwltn of guarantee toom $6500 CaH 793 9123 springs. $250. 963-2237. clothing, etc. Klngfish Rd. 641 Kinglish Rd. Items, sports equip, ft more antiques. 520 27th St. i didaie 1-888-259-7612 ?B92M "56 1 842 1051 ceOWIE BCD 10 Buyers premium added ,.J M wTckar Art deco style curved 2 JUPITER N Palm Beach Garage Sale. TEQ. SAT fta-lp Multilam BARGAINS GALORE! CIICIPD SECURITY OFFICERS need SERV CE REP , ?. ? "f. - L,flst sle blue ??ace ft PC sect'l, chair. liurTge $3?6 19675 Trail. End Terrace, Saturday 7:30-NooS 859 Lo J 0 Qr slull- 0lc wpb sandalwood Lakes. Sal ft FUELER ed All shills. lull 4 part time. , .t. . E lot Pau A Company SeleT $4700 309 84!9 Mantle clock $126. SB8-8644 Whiaperlng Trails. Sat 8am- Kingtl.h P ace; Games, equip' ""i cloth esl keyboard. Sun 8-1. Couches ft misc. fur- '-M Aircraft Service Intn'l. - PBIA. Vanguard Securiy 640 0039 ?."PM,bj! !?' ?' P?.rt cc-lorft0440 ? cNpu.cticc- XMAS ORNAMENTS - Hall- & mV'.0 h""il Clothea. Furniture, etc. Sega 19892 JASMINE DR. n,u,e, houaehold itema, clpth- FT wbenel,ts. Will Tiain. SECURITY PERSON wanled IZl 'S0", r.Z' 561-219-8448 "OLEX SUB MARINER mark Snoopy 79 '83. $20 "a - mjac. Muat .ell all thie NPB SAT ONLY a-? TcnilCCTA ing and BEANIE BABIES. , Phone 683-7992 SEU PS? VrXXj tSJ,ZZ. 'Zf'nl Stuart. Florida AUI582AB1589 ioolet III' sfio Schmlo Hummils, Disn 76 -"d- pu 912 SHORE DR TEQUESTA 74 7th Way. 478-1095 . '"Fundraislng Help $8hr to minium Exp. pref. Compela- C or t?irouQh w Sen i $3300. (661) 586-8120 '80, $15 ea. OBO. 842-6494 JUPITER MOVING Baby Off of Proaperlty Farrna Be- Saturday 126, 8-1 FOREST HILL MOVING istsrt. We train. M-F 8:30-12:30 live salafy Eenetita. T?ump q"u5 and confirming vSlidfy ANTIQUE ROLEX Yacht Maater 18K. mm !'' 6448 w'mS iTSR ""ee" and PGA 12 Trarewinds Cir SALEI Sat. 8-12 Tape deck. or 6-9. 7 openings. 638-8589 Pleza. Apply at receiving dept 0 solicited ordeia. Si! " 1 luuc box. papers mint! $16,000 20.12 Thl Shorea Sal 8am ?5r?o "LM BEACH 202 Indian Rd. Wellington 13722 Cromer Ct. word processor turn bikes, btwn 10-3pm on Tanglewood Cl montha experience in cuatom- AUCTION Firm, tall 305-898-2612. aCU-lat ;.!? 8am-2n" - Sat Sun, 9-3. Household Chatsworth Village, oil Green- yf'd equip. Knick-Knacks GREAT OPPORTUNITY SECURITY SUPERVISORS ' aervice or sales in an ol- E,8 jlw0,IV WATCH Diemond Bezel, ltd ed. GarattO SaleS 1 Z fSlv .m Z,1"0! i??V!!2d?J:Mh'"a- " Shores Blvd. Moving: clothea. JV. Rece ver ft En. for TAKE CHARGE person Alarm response a plua. fice environment, a,x montha Eta de Art HZmelf goldstainlss, 1 yr old Mo- "g " pat Only 8 am-Noon Long etc. Dealers welcome clothes, lurn ft misc Sal 8-2 Ctr. ft more. 81 1 WINTERS ST Manaoe A New Concecl Vanguard Security 640 0039 computer experience ft typing Sit ,W mEto I vado muaeum timepiece New ,m, .. . Pi"9 a ?, "r?ei:'?tf PALM BCH. GOOD THINGS - WELLINGTON Sat 8am 2pm 4455 Roberts Way In LW Vill- Dn thru Bwar aa Securitv Tralnlnc 14, Armed ft 25wpm req'd. Hours: Sat I Wa,chea FufnitSr 5 $2600 sacrltce $1400 795-7566 100 Nice Items. AC TV. VCRs ngJitSomething lor Everyone GREAT PRICES!! Sterling flat- 12486 TGuilford Way ? 790-7005 age Park at 5,60 LW Rd. Sal,,7 Pe.cenKS,0re Una'rmidVYacime"?, t2& Sun mornings. Leaded Glass Lamps Lf WATCH - RARE Vacheron J Z?Z Zl iaV0?,. Kihortd. fSSt Hou'ehold "good's, portable Sew machine bed, lurnlture, rrMrwtSStOO F-Cen"'r 964-2976 ApplyinPeraon gfJ- MWojta SterHng Cons. Ladies D be2s. iiiJX:. SWt ffi.'S.tfB ettATe'llt Sgg"" - yiSfii;. SECURITY TRAINING Monday-Friday 9a-5p SLttukBa -i? New Jewekv ' 305-865-2490. Gifts, cratta, miac. morel Sat HEALTHRIDER, Nice Jewlery Etc tpm"620 North Lake Way. w.iiin.An V,, rh... ik OA " GROUNDSKEEPERS UNARMED FIREARMS in our main lobby I N,au,,as f n W 2 BUY SELL TRADE B all day all wk. Call 1st 655- u. auu.i.i v.db c.i m p.L. .,k e..... ... ST WS ,,nfl,on.i37?9.C.hal8S,,.l.n 20-16 Full time at LION COUNTRY Placement-H.M.H-697-7711 Apply by FAX: 561-820-4192 ??"1 "l , Dai9u" Diamonds Jewelry Watchea. 2985. W.Lakewd ft Georgia SL..? ftLJrt JL.F. 'ITuhiv nlm T' l'X?gS:?J J2.'6 V M0Y,' . , . SAFARI. Muat have valid Flor- .cr,,p.TV ,ln.,H Apply by Mail; Fountama Ivory More HIGHEST PRICES PAID AtT.nH. cat rw 4 .11.. "L"?, V"Wd. "a,h0?J SUNDAY ONLY! 18th century ING SALEI Sola. Treadmill, HOUSOllOld SST,roS$6B50h, P3' Ti,..nyLe,oyN,lman bSSIS S DRa XX. ZToTTJTL MercjSe Crj The ErReen i3 "'lOS' SATSUN ,1287) 9 BTO gge HEALTH FOOD STORE Ju- T& PallTl Beach tS VWgS&SStt BS' ? ? Wa off Wesffrlst H"M --.wcice bar stock bulk. Musi 21 N. Military Trl, Sle N, WPB P-vct Limoges Borsato Boehm GOLD or trade in for new! maloClintmore. Lots of toys : . . ,.,'J , . . : DAI IJ DCACU WELLINGTON Saturday, 8a t Relrhj ............ $125.00 .,-n,. work Sala. Exp'd. 655-3657 or 6903 SW 21 St, Hollywood, rOSt December 5th Palm Beach Jeweleta 826-4000 clo hes ya I 'hseh lo litems LwviV ""'''rt!?'? i, rALM OCAVll to 1 la, 13732 Folkstone Cir. .Stoves 10OO0 "' HELPER needed. 6 daya per (954) 437-7294, Fax (964) .... u Preview 6pm-7pm ,.. r.BTlFB batbk rw. o.tL p..L. r '.000'. ol Items! NASCAR die , (1 blk S. ol hlghschool). 5 WashersDryers ; ,00.00ea week on Seplic truck. WPB. 437 8952 Kemp Security ft 2751 S Dixie Hwy December 6th R0Lp2lijpe ?D AMONDS RnrJ ,S.i?.h h.v?oC. boat motor, loys, col- i CCTATC CAI C Bahama bed Cardio Glide. " Freezers, Stackablea ' Drug Alcohol Iree 763-6635 Mveatigative West Palm Beach, FL 33405 Preview Noon-1pm Buy qiP Trade Se?ice 5U iSav 2!51ar R?Z9n J'c "' 1 aeVV' eic' S t2 I A I C OALtt ceramics, houaehold Itema, ' S locations lo serve youl . HOUSE CHECKING fc?'!!l- " -Plaaae Indicate position 'V UAO'rTai .ptonTS.. Bake ale Arte ft CraMsJ fSltSi , . '.'sT2 f lMBlEHaH J ; 840-4093 , Full-time. Need car. Caehie - Apply in p erso n, h A , MADISON 01 MARTIN Florida. 4 locationa. East Holiday Ornaments ft morel p.,, p, c,. Q , TrtnAV WELLINGTON 12754 Heed- APPLiAHCgSpnM7 -Ca28.,760. MiegaafewFB all ma&l. submllted.- 624 Northlake Blvd. aa. Jewelers 9.9680 SAT DEa 6TH 7 AM .2 PM " K''rjriye '' Y ZX3 ICE PACKER - Heavy lilting, ivjiB-BiMr . p.rifarisir t: 1 n ei..,u.e North Palm Beach, FL 33408 FREE EVALUATION SELL ,, r,.,,? ,ffi..ifl?" Linens, lampa, picture., tub 9 a.nT. - 3 P.ft). 1 (bone)' DR lit 6chrs whi!e: cleaneal selection. 1977 S. .40 hrs. wk overtime. SMp'rr ?.iJS pAS !15. Equal Oppt y Employer MF 561-881-7472 DIRECTLY to ua your from Community Hospital. whirlpool, ft Misc Items. S rnl.,, ', L . ,r bieak aat gfass too sal !' Congress Ave, WPB. 964-4568 , , , $6 50hr. Apply In person: Person needed Fprklilt exp e- Consign Now lor diamonda, high grade BOYNTON 1 Day Only - Sal 8- 1 akb papk n.i. t ?S Af fWTKW.'r0lI clt-ft misc Itema 79fl "iqR-l APPLlAMrp mnn im n. - -n5 N Conaffitt Dnlrav Rrh nence B plus. Ca 798-8378 nee 21al Aiirlion wntrhnx nnd nnld TnwAlrw 1 Ifififi Rarkia Aua nfl I aw. LAKE PARK 438 Date Palm K 100 Worth AvemjO, The Sim ft Cite, a miac. nemB. APPLIANCES $100 ft Up. Re- 3J5 N. congress, Delray Bch STAT-WD- CALLWG PT HELPS) AU438 AB1144 BeromaJ Jev& 642-2398 rence Rd L ml s' S Gale Drlva' Sat ft Sun 7am-l2 1 Surt, 400 So.Oceait Building WELLINGTON Sal TzTtT " Stovea. WD's, wry -.INTERIOR SVC TECH nee 'pSSEa? W exp. e6Tedo, antiques auction. Buyer. Premium 10 144 -Jergman Jeweler. 642 2396 "s.Lg''.viryo .. Sa26J 1 i" B'' W 8am-1pm. 1628 Hfwt'horne Pi'. ejnjarranJBS-Oao? dlr --ed lor expanding imerwra. needed. M-F, 8:30-12:30, t-5 "I'zt'SSr .nt.t. rni not cat .m" chalr9' k'da toys' ,lc- ' havebeen relocated lo our (Off Greenvlew Shore, at end APPLIANCES NEW cape Co. Oppty lor advanoo or 5 9. $8hr to .lart. Make PB Ac ,"m K ANTIQUES & ESTATE 20-06 "TsTOWMALINE BLVD LAKE PARK Sat only, 6am- "hous lor disbursement., of Hawthorne). Kitchen itema, Scratch ft Dent Fact Warranty ; nn . Exp. ...Pjelawad up to $10hr. Call 471-8655 Aul:l""' 540 334 I IUUW a C9IM I C . Clothes Deak Ceramic Green- 1pm. 822 Laurel Dr, Big Block : toys-collectibles trsding Up to 50 oil; I-800-773-2I4S ''''''"-' fowTRucK driver Auction Sun 127 1pm Stamps-Coins n.grSi; fig, se.e,, houaehold, crahs ohii- , KOsXlsWFAABcTLirUYSe .;lX,i:8 VIDA AS-IS DEPOT - Inventory Counters onD'83P3a',Ch.'' W PS. t " ZZLZLtZ BUYING COINS. Gold. Silver T2TOStTHS?RLEVET,T LAKE WORTH Sa, 8T,o 2p. ! Tffiff ' &"toSr. 3331 NE m Terr, Pompao. " needed lor Worlds largest Health Bnfts Avail. 686-5504 Employment S&al Ixhibfta' Collecliblea lor over 20 yra. f,, SFi,L 146 Duke Dr. Years ol accu- , of ForMI Hfll ' 328iA.Auie,?0d0li APPLS. WASHERS From $100 .'. Invamory Co. Great PTb. DRIVER - DELIVERY Wanted Sal 26 10-5pm and C EECHAETLSejelJO cd"?et ToySft Muc mulstion! Baby ft adult llema. , &" il Not Zhari iEMERALD FOREST I Dryer, at $76; Relrigeratcrs . , Eves.Mornings ft Wknds. Vear " Must know area. Italian Spe- lOam-unlil Auction Time - BOYNTON BCH Vur Sir "ic'id'ng furniture, TVs, etc. ; Weal of Dkl,) WELLINGTON Office furn., I'fi'WjSl ' round work. Exc starting wage cialty Products. 6B8-6544. .,,. c Dmra ICnrin.. an ng "tTJ; u"".t!i ' S.rTifo' Daalera Wanted For Santu- s; aWMfiTIIiiiPBltWB exercise equipment. Welling- 928 S Dixie L W. 566-2048 ,For more into t-888-2427447 ' DRIVER lor retail ?U J C Im ri Plfl.a BrUCe KOdner Gallery 20-08 995 2 1 Magstf c Way Sat 126. lucea H.S. Flea Market 124, PALM BEACHGARDENS" ton Place T.H. 13497 South APPLS RECONDITIONED .-JANITORIAL. Jupile, area uSr. "hom, S g "ee" "l82C-0919P'ea8e .au0'"'6 1,,81 Wearing Apparel HoJsLem0.'' 214.215.561-967-7714 P68 Kea.lno" Dr,o!f North- Shore ft Greenvlew Shore. Huge Inventory Clean Guaran- - nights. Experience preferred. enes. 561-265-0005 ' , ?A,li,22?u r, -? iooi81 . " ""J-XAJJI"" adull clothea, tools. L.W. - Moving Sale. lake. 1 block E. ot Military. Wellington 1632 Wyndclltf Dr f Up Financing -jSS' FT VALET ATTEND.- DAYS, Vte.0 S FBl-ga '.IoO-OIr LEATHER COAT B!ack long BOYNTON BEACH ,WATs& ? ' Zy? l"X llVToS BDRM fX'mODEL ' r fwitari-no0 AUCTI0N aa,i6 .swz& , v'MisMcifer- pk k,; jWi Jpjhesr "Se -inJupiler.Pleaaelaxreaume rrpfirr. E nmcuTnSy rl cPif .. , - . ., AUL,IIUN . ' ...... 1904 S.W 14th Ave. LW, LAKE CHARLESTON of Mlscl 2480 Cardinal Lane, WELLINGTON Meadowooda, 627-7052 BWBM ,-, personal into 10 561-575-6423 VSH'Sf (0,V0V A,,rf.MCa21?!nlB nNl"fS,g ANTIQUE COLLECTIBLE ft M,N.K LUSH C07 Bavnton. Multl Family Aahvllle Park Sub. 8-12am off Proaperlty Farms Rd. Sat. 8am to 12pm, 1476 BED KING, Serta maltbox KENNEL ASST for boarding Computer slilTs 7 self mo" i'ttU? nL"' FINE FURNITURE with white fox collar and tux- B0J,n'n, SM," Aol??i tfreaml "'' Bab bei ,umilu,e- PBG Sal only 9am-4pm ,00dPa ?Je" La"mower, springframe. Excel Cond. Pd facility. Experience preterred" fi S m at Good pay ft Bnd'' l' 832 96.1 Sat. December 6th 8:30PM I ont Appr aised $1800. ga Sak,. Ahol . 0 ml Chrlalrnas decoration., 2 Flami!!go Rd Phousehold , cart' l00w 5le,e $950 - sell $360. 433-5315 .... Must be avail, for week-enda. benefit.. 1-800-899-6325. ..e ,1 : Preview All Day Sell $1600 OBO. 844 0098 LoB 16 Las Islea Sal I -2 -?""he' m"ch ""'re' items, wallunil, TV, atereo's, Wellington Sat lam-H BEDRM- Dbl lull sz. 4 pes, It KSS J0,,KZ, Cdeaip.4, Located a. Boca Auction Gallery M'NK $300. BOYNTON BEACH Sat. 8a Y, e'Tvt p7g' 'saV'oTBam 11am ''"toWI?" S lag 77454 -oi laborers rs.a-ror' 'leWffi'sorto uv.9 m ssk tt'Njfs,;" f3s8oau,.hosa?eseaRmd:,M3uT!i L?Ms- .:;Ea,,y.Lon, w0 0 E"P f 4fES 20 09 BOSTON BEAh'GAIN "Ion 62 rr.'-nMTn'd distance phone company ia iodtyl Imriec some Eng Ref 66, 582-5902 Antique Furniture, Bedroom . PRIcJa Oul tof. voJr nL Ontario Shores PI. Sal. ft Sun. kilchen, computer, breaklast ,1943 Suellen Cir. Household Only $400. Call 561-968-7623 . seeking people to service avail FT or PT 630 5 or o 9 CLEANER FOR HIRE Sets'. Armoire Vanillas Gold BabV Items fiSng mist gT aS earn-? Holiday crafts, sports table, couch, double oven. Items, some furniture RFPnftfl 5CT lloriiaJun C Slen,,r,rfnn0!1i07ni,bX S8h,7 bonuses. 471 164 $11hour. 4-hr min 10 yr. Jewelry Gorham Sterling 7 " S lu'niC.Vds. Ismgs, ott'f'umituPee" to' PBG Salurday. 9-12. 96,6 WELL. Sal 7:30-10:30. Col- moireT bridge headbd. A- -n- m"-,e- '800-364 7331 experience. 744-2846 Ivory Roya Doulton Oil c jb Quality maplewood EVERYTHINGI Saturday morn- '""11 Honeysuckle. Household lectibles Heisey glaaa. 30's mond lam. $2.650 627 9526 ?JZ,X$r FLAGLER MUSEUM C?reAfLaoiC5rive.el5d68,r: Wr .Ji,. ZXJilh &WlS&. ft WSS r!:";r4 ZZZSTt'l cii7:H0H9AOr 476-8476 hooked9 o ?XSnZ S 164 BRYN MAWR DR. PVfat. 'SfiSm tMXtt:7& ,1-srPar!;,TJ,ple,d cUi,1,fngASi.L c,ec,aV$?8Lo tSLS&tS3 B?dbNTft0aNccPeR. ,, o '.SUbNig9 LTZA'' WELLINGTON Sa.,7-v Tod- BEm?H?rh.LZdbsUreNaED, - Will train, (fall 746 0999 . required. $7lw. BeautM and car. 833-0684 Checks Vi8aMCDi.cover Schwin 12 bike $20. 743-5575 clothea grilL etc. 1134 p'&l32!,3;? .'"Pj!,?. clothing -t- lole of houaehold dler boya slul . Little Tykes, S250 oboli, ill aip ii? - i i. i. ...i. u..; "ortcplaoa and cultured, too CNAHHA Seek, oosition lo AHI603 AU2100 ajURSERY Simmons, solid SW 24 Ave Gulfvew Harbor Future, Hohen appliances PALM ..,fu e.pncMT ,ovs' cl0,has lo,s 01 mia0- 432-9132 , ZllZff!,ZSiXll c Moii.-Frt, 669-2833 caVe for sich or llder'v f3lean as- u. ens. "ood: crib, 4 drwr drsr, 3 " -,Aru c 7 a " elecl,on":8' "''"a"- si. nih, ?m SSS 12354 W. Hampton Circle Bedroom Set 5pc Like new 1 2 ?hs.DkZ &s hl MFGPLANT looking for de sho ? Rah ft axi 969-2871' AUCtlOn Tonight 6PM drwr drsrchngng area, rocker. BY1? S"ft LW SAT 5030 PALMWAY E?lrvthKic f ma'il oo WELLINGTON Sal 8 2 f266- Set 6 upLlalared tjln- - 8 P B p wbTtT Paae conaSliou. em- CN A seek 'ellovment ALL NEW MERCHANDISE! EcdSTOOobo. 795-6657. rr8CH0Vsea0',Ga'wa flTj- Crib ft Sheet Set. Playpen 4072 lix jird.'sguth. 1303 12. Fairway Jngtm. hair. flOO. 433-9213 LArBkiT PREVENTION ployeos with good work histo- r hoZ3kino Now Running 2 Nighta a Week rence Sat' onh l28th 9-4 Dresser wchg Ibl, car eeat J ? Huge 5 Family Sale: 100's ot BEDROOM SET 7 pes. solid - AGENT Fy to work in clean ac work ?iL ,aL T qbr ??-i4 FRISAT tor All Your Holiday 9n eft rence. aat. omy l ctn a 4 high chair ft much more. pBG J3048 Coaslal Circle Items. Don't mlae III wood, King, exc cond mov Experience preferred, will Wa MuBt cook, laundry, etc. 986 2254 shoDoino B ft 2U-1U Boynton-KID'S SALEI Lake worth sai,Hau b i (Frenchmana Cove) Sat. only m-, , - , - inal si ooo Sfii.s7fi iw r.- TWWi.TC EnSSS CAbSe?iS-l?rl K,' RICKY S AUCTION Antique. sBu3N,eoW8hKPd'r?,oE,S?., fiSBlS 78UlNa0bHr I'ze- be6 ::,SJeK,Taf: 2ao VaU 39 Co8C""e ,,r4,h riiSS afiJ -gp'ge'9' RJPjL.WMAsfPlfQBelf Starting Salary $5 50hr plua CMaP "" help? (PBNC Writer Auctioneer Id Himmelsback ant10,ip a. abt wasitbo Ave. SAT ,26 8:30-4 1:.'? Trail North, PB Country Ea- Wellington 1409 Old Cypress BEDROOM SET Twin cpm- ,, Dept Stores, 69 N. US Hwy raises ft benefits alter proba- oleasi Ml? Cam"le 969733 AB 1699 ATr?JifuA1JfiRTcWJ,Ty? Miscellaneoua houaehold "'.I 8 ?L L! AD'' tale.. Wind.all. furn, hsehold Tr' SAI ?am- pm. Toys, plete wmirror ft matt, cream ' m t Pp9 ?pJi20p' hSocnc m lion period. Apply Monfri be- ,?J , ,' , , . CALL (561) 642-4959 nmpEt RI?!' R??SSr! artlclee, dlahes. etc. E u..h misc, clothes, ft much more. c othes books, misc. and lols mica. $860. 561-866-4626 Blvd, Royal Palm Bch EOE tween 10 am i 2 pm. COMPANION lor elderly per- 10 BUYERS PREMIUM ORIENTAL RUGS 8TERLING ' . , KL 12?! i f PBG- SAT ONLY l,m ol Itlll No Early Birds PLeasel BEDS A-f Pre-Owned Ir SIB aa MAINT PERSON FT PTI 2fl21 N Australian Ave WPR son. Housekeeping. Near " UD KOnNFR fl.QQQQ BOYNTON BEACH Mulli lam- Floblue tin type8 ft more), col- raw. t ONLY am-IJ uiei i lurrnu :.v If uwnea 'J ' s? Sfi hr Hnn,,no Pr,,ihi Fia, .. Aui'-an Ave wi-b. , k j, J86-0622 Dli . unnnicftue Mn.RUUWtM OUa-tfaaa lly. 1114 NW Bih Court. Sat lectibles, bicycles, teacher 10202 PLANT DRIVE r,Li , .rill d15630 Cea rL.?e,..AI?? ..nM .Seal -shft rT6a FI" ciMPANTON ,0, the elderly, BILL HOOD 4 SONS rfrtUES FINE ART :l Keaby hSST S " pS'lritttt AVton'lKc- SSSp"-' W "hinls Serta. Mr. Mallress 633-6100 SftVZir . -I, u , rSaSM Auction A Appraisers Amjm 'IT.T, 10,: Pa,m Be? IZl"' Jf-J BEDS BEDS BEDS ' K nL? halnf N Part-Time Help rrWrnai bi .hiFaniiah AMAZING AUCTION m BliVina n owa, 67 Kingliaher Way. SAT L.W. Toya, clolhes, golf, wind- Bayberry St, Sat. Sam-lpm. W.61-LIN!T0,N, , ,f p 'T'"' CLOSEOUTS--ONE OF A KIND '''ttarfM. COMPANION Polish Engliah HIYIHINU UV, 1 IUT1 aWJ UUyiUVj Dec 8th 8am-tpm. Furniture ft aurfing, 70 Triumph ml cycle. Hofjarl Meal Slicer, houae- urnilure babychild stulf ga- Largeal liquidators of b and E'jb'gLri11 lrai" 4.aMS- a c e N T A v o m an apeaking lor older person. TUESDAY DEC. 9th. 5 PM PAi M BEACH AUCTION HOUSE clothing. No Early birdal toy cheat, atat bike ft more hold llema ft clothing. lour Sa only 9am-4pm. name bada in Florida 80-60 NEWSPAPER CARRIERS ?.?,' i.?M,!v98' Shopping, cooking, driving. 2925 S. Federal Hwy Delray rw.M Btm,n a-iin HUUba B,,k' , Legend Lake Estates 4256 PALM bbach CAPnpm 1229 Primrose Lane. Oil. Serving S Fla since 1972 ,, Earn $250. weekly deuvenng 'jb66 Ino S?. Rep r iu Hi. P2fi9 Preview Monday ft Tuesday H 56 1-540-4334 BM 20 J W 22n"7ve SaV Hunling Thrall on LW Rd 14 1 ,7 b" .? Dr Sfnf Tree WELLINGTON Mulli Family" Twin siWs Doubles III ..--newspapers to our subscnb- Jl P -g?l"'' 6Bg'3369 Reserved seat; held 'til 5; IS 2 So7'mc' ml. Eaal ol 441. Sat 7am-12 oitS-llam fc5dVe?bed m- Furniture, toys, clothing, bikes Queen Sets $1,6 King, $135 'WiStTi'cT;!'' SS!;tS lAJ:?,!r- LsWesSSI pftry.81' Im-'tpm90" IDbId! - SndaS KalTcogpSerr. XV!? T ? 2qu; WZ, WON SAT fi are required Routes available necess. 15 20 hrswk. Fax H"SNA 8 p.dJlJ?.P.. NEXT AUCTIONS qriL ti( nSr? bold items, etc. 1017 Del Hsr- 206 N. O SI, Sst. 8.30 a m His unk, my treasuresl "5 f".'M"SE LN Mulli- LAKE PARK 624-4448 - throughout North Palm Beach resume lo 561-968-1008 Wl baal Wflf,?ls1in Dec 16th, Jan. 6th ft 20th. va,u )8acr lice $6(XX) OBO. bour Dr, Oil Linton ft AIA. LW Sal Only, 8 to 12, 4261 Hyacinth Circle No. anil Miw k H appl, tool cab. STUART ii,.(mi County. Call (561) 243 6686 BAG ROOM CART BOOM Exc. rela. Call 964-731-1560 Watch for Special Big Little ... 561 466 0618 a,ler ePm DELRAY - HUGE SALBIII 5533 3rd fid. (Olf Lanlana Rd, PBG Blkea Chrlatmaa llema miac clothea toy., bikes elc. "' ?372 1 ft RANGE ATTENDANTS for Hous. Cl.anor HoneslRelia- Book Auction ANTIQUE ROW 3301-3900 Furn. beda cVafal Chan- L" Weat ol Jog): holaehold miac Zn. WELLINGTON SAT Hi B!iDrt?,,a,LTa'l0J'ecl,if "i!n ' MirUT Boyn1?n Beach Tcl4 3S bl. Raa"aWa. BILL HOOD 4 SONS "' T''.JBmJ!i!S: WSS Kldi2?..,' . M&ZtS&KiT NlUnl hrswk. Dec. t to April 15th. NPBJupiter. 661-776-1181 uiu. nvvu a giw M-Sat. 10A-5P. 547-3990 waaherdryer. Victorian love LAKE WORTH Fri ft Sal. 8-2. Call for directiona 626-9473 Kid. toya. books clothes ft wouu opp pom 964 2527 DFWP. $5.76hr. Call; 56t- Housecleaning Washing, Iron- Art 4 AntifJUe Auctions aeal, Xmaa items. Much More 311 N. "J" St, rear. Indoors palm beach gnds lurniture inci oh t bed. Twin elec. (Craftmallc) , " fllCTriiniAIJ 736-4014, ask for John. ing. Excellent reterence. , " ,, A MTIfM ICC 0 Held at: ALLIED STORAGE. Glasswsre, collectibles, win- MOVING SALE Sal 7a to 2d WELLINGTON SAT M f.e,"?lUnft",dlllon' $30 UUblUUIAN OfP .' (681) 869-8332 . ,Lar0'u ""' J'Zl ANTIQUES & 313 NE 3rd St. . Atlantic, ter clothes, misc. bargains. 6333 Pompano St, North 834 ADONIDER LANE -lcal tl300 i 'Responsibilities ot .hi. Full CLERICAL To help with aea- HOUSEKEEPING PT Z mZC!- rfll I FCTim P! C4IP A'.!"' LV? 'l ' 1 1 1 1 .40 Pm Hel9h"' FuraYBIkMam s'o'la GleJa? Ia5' Timi position include general on mailings. $6 per hour. Mature lady. Experienced ft any chest; Pr. Huge Italian COLLECTIBLES FAIR SA 9a-4Dm Sun 9am-12n 8th Ave h!.: Crib, cradle ft PALM BEACH GARDENS heme Treadmill wri $25r, , L office cleaning, emplymg Call lor appt. 39-l33 Relerences. Call 832-0828 carved throne chair,; fine tor- 1000 DEALER EXTRAVAGANZA dfVbay ,ri cfr e TCan'S'.ha"' Sal, 8a to 7, 418 Riverside cZ ft ISwn Furn ft misc jjBfejtT - trash, vacuuming carpeta, op- CLERK NEEDED for Golf LAUNDRESS Experienced, ere.; over 60 pes., older Antiques Make Great Giflsl DE3LfuAnTnH0nA"JJ, toys, household ft clothes. Dr. Huge EststeMovlng Sale. , ,n '"' B l17. TABLF ,an eraling floor machines, and Pro Shop. Delray Beach Golf With references. furniture incl.: many chairs; Friday, ,25, ,2-5pm ,02 AVOCADO RD 482-2345 LW Sola bed. furn, 8' sliding Furniture, Household items, wf LUIJ?CT?M . mica wi h 4 chairs, $400; cleaning reslrooms. Commer- Club. 561 243-7381 Call 863 7961 outstanding collection silver a Saturday, 126, 9a-6p La lramP0Hne TV. desk. gls doors (new), tools, light kitchen Items, lots of nice fJLa0 " 8:30am-12pm. 661-471-5195 . cial or housekeeping experi- AAOM'SDAn-S wplcomb" u..i... r-.m,i,"- lewelrv (many pea signed); 66 Sunday, 127. 10a-4:30p "KS!!1" c 0'vf-J" fixtures ft more. Set. ft Sun. 8-4. women's clothea sizes 14 to 1':??6D?,,,a ' B.,ree!a Dl 'I! Brklast tbl w 4 chaira Glaaa enc. prelerred. Hours are Seal mPT houa Tef. H,"?'",,kp'5!T? L pc' YVallace sterling; tiffin Admission with ad: Opposne Atlenitc Hi Sctll 4732 Carthage Circle South 16 and shoes sizes 84 to 9. WfJn: J8 Voy "nd P" Ralt.n Baaa Mh3 Sunday-Thursday 10pm-6am. Sni survevino No .ellfno 0.478 1 alemware; labu ou; lamps; 62 $10 Fri., $4 Sal ft Sun. DELRAY Chateleine 20th An- WorthTAT B SUN 8am-? Toya, bikea, and ton. ol ml.- clothe., bric-a-brac ft more. cond. $400 OBO. 796 9709 . , , Professional office G e2i '" ,eal ""' 7'2 9478' Pc- M""" r,T SOUTH FL. FAIRGROUNDS nual Sale. 8AM-3PM. Great ,406 TAHOE COURT o"aneoua. WELLINGTON Sat only Bam- BR SET Blark d,a..! ApplyinPeraon BmSZ BovnfSn a,rK ., Nlht Security Avail lor Royal Worcealer (Dorothy WPB. 9067 SOUTHERN BLVD. buys Blwn Barwich ft Lk Ida 3 whl bike V' ila iollee IDl PBO 4202 Hyacinth Cir ' So noon, at 13768 Exotica Ln, moire 9 ii 1 oinnl IS , L Monday-Friday 9a 5p T01I96 CIll Sancv "cation N. Pirn Bch County. Doughty) 12" Birda; Royal PICCADILLY PROMOTIONS Rd. 3408 Blvd Chatelaine 'x6' white lormfca M lee bl S 8 4 (rain daTe Sun ) Art colbea. toya, household ,Jb,Tln , il Apply bv0FA?a6V,0 4,92 Mft999 JJ1:?-. LtS.V. 8'3'345'4431 DELRAY , Entire Content. 0. kn'g T SoZaKdC"6COpo V"i orSS: Xm.'hsWd' dwo'ratl Hem., lot. 0. mi.c. Hem. i5TET como. w, , I PP fepty by Maa PHONE SALES NURSEHOME CARE LPN X'Sj ',911 icMt BrOM. no ANTIQUES "CONSIGNED" home for sale. Beda, grills, sectional, S ! Orienlal iSmps, i Items, etc chrs, bedding, misc Wellington SAT SUN M bo, dreaaaf w jl ?,.m?i? AppbyMail. PMONESALES ,xp. Im pm. duty, cheekabl, Zi'wZX 1 1 141 US, NPB, 8 o, PGA Bl etc. 2209 S W 36th Terrace. Much Morel 633-0201 pur. H,, n.,.B. s.l. L,. J3,h CALLINGTON DR TMfta ' Tlio 510HOUR SALARY rets reasonable ralea 792 6966 pins, eerringa, hairpins; many Antiques-silver-chine paintings- Sunday 8am-12 noon LK WTH 1609 N Palm Way toya, lurn, electronics, clolhes A010?6, Toy F.T A a. g.. c ! IIIC 9'00am to 2:15pm. NURSE Home care, RNLPN patntinga incl.: F Edgecombe, turn (modernantique) Wanted .... , Sat 8-7 10 Family lurn, ft more. Saturday 8 , . 6345 Exer Equipment, Miac. o,.. ,?"dmD,'nWoS2l f J, I m I) ,,,, 1 WE TRAIN No Exp Nec pnvle duty, nightswkends. O.V. Schubert, M. Cooper. At- consignments 407-622-4991 EStateMOVing Sale Xmss items, hshld, misc, tools, Hollywood St, o Heights Blvd WELLINGTON Sal, 8-12, Brlri airs Vr?2i,7S',i Tbl rtlllTl tieilCn Delrav 561-63fl-004d Prel.r Delray 561-637 7969 Iributed lo AOele Herter, Antique Show Flea Market Sat Dec 8 7am-2pm clolhes, unilorms 540-4508 on Donald Ros. Rd. 2384 Stonegate Dr. (acros. b ... ! II . trorioj ju 1 vi jo uyH v- -fmany more; fine mirror.; Santalucea H.S. 214 ft 2 IS 16690 - 61 PI No Lox LW 1702 N K St PALM BEACH GARDENS Irom High school). Houaehold BR Set Queen 6pc wmirrored. POSt NEED THE BUSINESS? "'vY" h,&,C0'P Voaf'talnL CnT AmrJ, ABra' Pealer. Wanted. mltoK 166t79S 7 W4 U' Huo. Garage Sal. GARAGE SaTeiV JL'H '"ma. clothing, misc 'JWod bridge $360. G,,,. CALL work FTPT Lvmsg 640-6610 thl. an 8 AUI083 AB742 BAieiirrcARDS Personal Sat Only. 8-2 SAT. 12 16, 8AM-7 WPB Mulli Family, Sat 9am -?Va -iSL!51!L?l. - 2751 S. Dixie Hwy. . tik&a&zLj 561 278-8996 collaclio Tn lor slle C?vl G.utier Ottic. Suit. No Earlyhlrds. 8372 KELS6 DRIVE 307 341h SI ft 3 houses In " UNIT CHILDREN'S West Palm Beach. FL 33406 820-4343 5 r.n?U.;.i w,.,a.i Pa' .1111 1 I 10 000 cards T $20 000 lakea ' While Sofa, chairs L.W. 11 South F St (HORSESHOE ACRES) 400 blk 34th Street. 2 prs llv Bunk beds, desk, bookcase, . ..mattered,. YOUR HSSi J& BM, SdSSS LfftgS &J& SS Equal Oppfy Employer MF BUSINESS background. 39 yra combined Come Early or Come Lata BETNVEABYHOWDec" vanity deak wchair '".Si"!'' C,"Ls'o.B,S PAJrM r?HCH 6N?S I 8.' sli A '"A-9-69" gj nan 0b8 66 f 798 laM ' exp Work aa team or not. but Don't Misa It! 5 in iMTIJE painlings, desks 'a0' 43fl9 Weymouth St SE 8010 Edgemere Ln. Contents WPB Corner Okee Blvd ft He- NIGIHTFTUendnobi SERVICE Call 561 647 .623 FIELDS AUCTION SERVICE KSlT anZe eh cabinet Crn, 10th ft Military; 439-5347 of condo Kilcher litem, lurni- verhill. Sun only, 8AM- IPM. C"N,IGNJ"E?I STu5i No ewefnco neressarv ocnlv,c Co0w MONEY ,00 1 Jupner Park Dr Jupiter wpS 56? 622-6479 antique hope chest L.W. SAT. a-1 8220 Pinion lure ft misc. Acetylene torch Cypress Lakes Hadassah 1?AuM,kN.P8 M3 II8 6 15-9 M F $7hr 20 br AD GwinTiust a little tired of ,0 B P U1596 ABI132 ..'2 6479 Onenlal bench wpad Dr, Lake Worth Rd. W. ol PBG Sun. Only 2pm-6pm. The Flea Mkl Call Ricki Weiner NOW ACCEPT ING DESIGNER nu on co,lecl,onh 964 ?8, 1M Tu In S pounding aiay a 13151 N'f B'TVE3 . 16 Cra.lsman workbench Turnpike, right on Blanchet... largeal Home fPartyf Chrlal- WPB Your Holiday FleVMarkeT lISiSSL. IN THE your door? DEC. TH - TUES 7PM wninV ' . . An"tu8 ',r c8.9.8 ., h ? PmtT J,3lSJ. faa Around Ihe World Mary Bake Sele. Sal. Dec 6. 9am- COUCH Almond Leath $300; i ct pt . p 1' Do something about it NOWI x rnu .lirTinu X .i.u.a? 2..2Le . Antique FirePlece Mantle Trailer sleeps 6, (2) 8' Red Kay, Pampered Chef, Oorllng Ipm at Lighthouse Christian match chr ft ottoman $150 2 "V.T ifl2r?JZi'l POST Her.'a T bargain yoi 1 sho"d W GUN AUCTION BEANIE BABIES 140 to Bakers rack, ver tapes Tail Boas wcsges, clolhes, Kindersley Books, ft msny Center. Thi Pink Church. 854 occaa chr. $,50 both 733-8410 630-6 or 5-9 Pd training. know aboul Over 80 ouns accessories choose Irom at $7 ea. (561 brie a brae, elc. carpet, dual axle pul trailer more. 6630 Tamberlane Cr. Connlston Rd. t Intersection .i:hLnl,,.s9l1320 YELLOW CLASSIFIED- CM tTM" 3?!!?! '?J 8.12 ft much more. (Oil PGA Blvwalch lor .ign.) E. of 1-95 off Southern Blvd !lElltoi!!iJffiiJ HONE MANIA 6 charities lo d,ac Because now you can turn FIELDS AUCTION SERVICE Beanit Babies 50 Current. ESTATE SALE Today Ihru LW- Sat ft Sun 8:30am-? Wear PBG -J Family Sala WPB YARD SALBSaToniy excl. cond. 661-627-9360' call. 6 positions avail. 8 30- rAuC saleable items into spendable 1001 Jupiter Perk Dr-Jupiter $8ea; 15 Retired $l5ea. Mon. 1609 Lance Rd. Jupiter. your sweater ft mittena ft Sunday Only 7-Noon 8am-4pm 6750 S Rue Rd caiiru V7. 7i - ' " ,2 30,. 1-6 or 6-9 $7hr niDCTftov or aaveable caah 10 B P AU1696 AB1I32 Peace $46: Seamore $36. De- 747-7876 All At A to RvBde Dr come find lot. ol TRASH ft Furniture, clothes, etc, near Forest Hell Elem Piano j Rl.k 1 .8,h ...Sha"' 20 Bonus guar. 964-0810' l DIRECTORY Call 820 4343 lodayl 561 576 5524 livery a. ft 792 2343. rt .1 Seabrk ft rl. on Lance TREASURES. 611 N '0' SI. 6111 Barbara Street Chrlatmaa Tree ft lola more 439 3,36 ' 60T

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