Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 18, 1936 · Page 10
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 10

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1936
Page 10
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Ml PAGE FOUR THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18, 1936 MigratoryWorkers Face Starvation i diagnosis and prompt action, explaining that the late of the patient usually is decided in the first 48 hours. NEW CURB SEEN them the name used by the best West End tailors, are meeting instant success in this country. These colored stripes appearmostly on blue or black grounds and the 1 FOR PNEUMONIA ' i ! , J ; O vIh'i 8 i OATS GROW AT MATANUSKA ! Palmer, Alaska. Oats "weighing ' 42.6 pounds per bushel! were pro- duced last season by colonists in ' the Matanuska valley, H. J. Lock Londesj. Medical science 's ner, superintendent of the Matan- 'li!IP ivithmtireach of a "truly rational uska experiment station an- treatment" of pneumonia after be- j noujced oMhe grown ing almost neipiess iui ceiuui ica 3fi nmmris ' npr bushel, Leckner against me nign aeam ion ot ia'said. , disease, according to one of Gitat) -- fabrics, nine times out of ten, are ither worsted. Qor hard finished Britian s outstanding medical authorities. Dr. W. H. Wynn, professor of medicine at the University of Birmingham, said that one of the most hopeful signs is the rapidity with which "medieval remedies" sharkskins, which should be good news for men who go through clothes in a hurry. : are being shown to have no bene fits. i ms ooservations were maae m USHER IN SPRING FOR KITCHEN WITH BRIGHTER TOUCHES JJext to watcrn; the first cro- bloom iiVje garden that planted last autumn, theres no better way to get into the spir- a recent issue of the British Medical journal. ' Tolf Recently Reduced Pneumonia, he saidjsthe most widespread and. fatol vl Jhe acute diseases prcWOett nVocivilized countries ancVjunil the last two or three years, its toll of lives increased steadily whilrftke toll of tuberculosis, typhoid rWer, smallpox and jfcarlfet fever dropped. "It wouWseem," he said, "that critical examination is depriving 1rrtc-honored reme- iffvif spring than to give the kit- wn unn nrnnkrmui nnnit n rpi nr. i Dishing. gr 3- a ...i tMiJL , a . : I ; 4W11 vpM : nnu ill V11! dKi ul-luiiiiivi: Approximately 1000 field workers and the! Ir famfl iP.S drovp tn Nlnnmiw consolation Cal tn their rattletrap autos. set up lean-to dwellings. aOd preparid) rt Cs but hSe thnhh,rVe-rLth',LC.r?.: T,he P?a crop was SIS' If our'K ce us of several rtaitir-1h certain reme iBiiltarianism when even t n e hmfible frying pan appears in such glorified guises it becomes almost unrecognizable, there is no room in Use bouse where one can achieve such revolutionary results with little expenditure. In Ifitif ushering spring in througlK)our kitchen door can be -.. ..ub.,iui nuifcifaiuj lmu uajs 111 siA.wceits. i ney were near starvation when relief worHws found them, and rubied in food Photo shows one of the wortwsj wives wither twoiildren. with greater values than ever before. For amplc, this 610T ... an ideal iWcrican and Foreign Philco for use on table or botsiuhclf! Hand-rubbed cabi-nefc Complete with buill-iif. Aerial-Tuning System. Only5f! n 49.95 szt,iS)) dies hav proved false, vek our means otspreventing seriousymp-toms are steadily improving and we(Se within sight of a truly rational treatment of a disease which takes iMieffvpW'l at all ;g?s of the strong as well as the hePl they that harmonize. Introduced during the first in ,, exhilarating an experience as taKing a trip if you regard the re IfiJEQ&TAtsn 8CE.IHJ3 fiT$ILO Eff&TUas ternatiilnl housewares hall of L New Bedford. Mass. When ask-scienceM the Mart, a new mate- ing 12-year-old.Rita Moulin to sing rial which is water and heat proof one must stai9 the laiitiiirte be-can be had for curtains, table cov- ... , Nnralnr Important FatW;i Dr. Wynri said no drug is known I come into prominence. ers. chair seats and aoclied on tin .!FuW s'"gs in uianan, cpan- furbishing as an advenUire in color. In the matter of selecting a decorative scheme to give your kitchen the right touch of spring frivolity, remember that two colors are better than one and thn are' better than two. & model kitchen arranj4y which has a specific action or ma felyles just don't "happen". AI- has 'thougS there have been occasions I Tucks. ish.(Jiench and English. -tJnder the terially influences the progress ol and folds and pleats kicw is used for matched cannister sets, bread and vegetable boxes, fij- . (if? manufacturer exhibiting in tHg direction of her mother. Rita has pneumonia and aside from scien-progressitt) as a Singer and also as tific turti-bacteria methods and; a pianist. ; improvements in nursing there! ! has been no real advance since 1 . . (the first introduction of expect- . FEAtt GRASSHOPPERS ;,t treatment. j Fn-ffo N D Dnti collfcteri "Much of our treatment." hei semblii(j a igfazed jdiintz, the material comes in a mwnber of bright color combinations. AiW fur a final note of gaiety there are fcettles that sing, egg boilers tofpc by yellow chicks when a new -style delopcd on """ K'cw- 11 K' ollly i, j i i expect a sharp reaction. That the deigning bengj, of some mnn-,,,ilt.lie, js llmJ m.lkin(, j(s(,lr u)l ufcturer,-you can be sure mat . parent. .Sports backs for spring this style does not last. gthentic o in for simple lines. The one stales usuIy begin with theithi is being worn by the best "leading set" in London, at the j dressed men at the various easl-castojn unvcrsities, at the Ami- erg universities is the, gusset out resorts or In the mqjjlu colony sleeve, us shown in this column, on the cost. It is well to rccfgnie j This suit curries a simple back. and importance le growing in well dressed) men will watch this that pewp when the etc is cook ed to the desired solidity, toast ers. pci-colatcrs and grills in a new I :,. ' " "L'!." V ! tality, althounh varyiiitr from year. (rchandise Wirt, L.mcago, features a color scheme of jade green, a deep clear yellow and touches of scarlet. The woodwotj$ is painted green, the walls are deep creattV, curtains of yellow checked gingham hang at the windows and red pots holding geraniums and a red enameled kettle on the stove provide gay contrast. In another model kitchen lemon yellow and blue the color of ragged robins are the dominant shades with pome RALSTON MOTOR CO. Seventh and Lyon Streets) vitrified china decorated w i t h J . " " J" . to year, remains at about 20 per to year mew? Eiiiiuuuces ann in mat way bunches, of posies and amusing sea-! !f nva "frealf styles. . soning holders in a variety of 'j ,' ,7 . i: ',;nr. wiU hi a very few words I will trv cent. : The Birmingham professor is an I advocate of the vaccine treatment,! but urges trip imurotance of early from animals tolf.? !LmTlV,e.';il,e.P'a'Ue 0nly shapes ranging vegetables; trend closely. Fabrics for sports suits are bold and colorful. The foremost single color is a Glen Uriiuart plaid in a deep bronze. Following closely are tiie mixtures of grey, blue and brown with green. These mixtures appear in plaids, hound's tooth check and solid colors with colored, overstripes, Cliev i o t s, shctlands and tweeds are greatly I UV-- III lUltlieu UI l-'ilS. granate red for highlights. O o Oi to give you a clear picture of the stales that will be most important this spring. 1 will discuss here the trend in suits, topcoats and sporting apparel. On unMher page I Will toll about the furnishing and hut stylos that will predominate. First, becauso or Its urowinn importance, 1 will view the trend in eports suits. When Worts Suits first appeared several seasons aijo ! favored. The new cooking ware so designed that it can go right from the oven to the table also lends itself to brightness in the kitchen. While this ware calf be had in complete matched sets including mixing bowls, baking dishes, pie plates, cups, saucers, salad or breakfast plates and coffee and lea sets, it is frequently more fun YOU'LL LI THrS& SMAfVT NW o Mixed suits, that is, sports Jackets with odd slocks, continue to bo the best liked, informal outfit. This season 1 hnvo noticed ( Milium tlml better dressed mon are bar hort pleats, or mussels, ex- 5?! r.'.wi 1 - '.d t erni mitiglod reception. One tend npproxiinately eight inches monizinj their outfits instead Of group saw in them UA a that below tho shoulder and two side i going in for contrasting shades to mix up your colors, taking care , CO wouia soon puss. Another-group recognized in sports suits an Influence that would remain because it,. was sound and filled a desiro in ;clothing that wus long-full tlwt is, the desire for caxuul com- vents at the boltom of the jacket ; Plaids arc lni-Rer and gayer and m e the limit of its sportiness. i most seen and brown is usually A though f say that this is 'the. the color, ono suit that is must important! Conservative suits are Roncretlly frojli n hii;l styles -viewpoint, I. niore colorful. .The outstanding don't mean that all other sports" contribution- this, spring, comes iori 13 . "'v in ic. in III!., , llOMl l.OOOOIl, IWO-CUUIl Mlljrt, n weaw any number of spoi ls I miNiiis that simpler s)orls backs i or polychroma t i e stripes, to give rf You rr preparing foi nn eventful,- enjoyaKlr Sprinj; thi year ..... New Wearing Apparel for j our Wurdrohe .... protaljly u trip or two ... unci,, later m, no floibt, an anxioiusly await..'d vacation trip. Not all bf ef-fofd to K.'t new thinp's to from head i( foot. But, you can Mill I"? Oi'ossod 1111! Clean cloOit'S Will help you V Send your clothes to Tit.) Hub I'leatiors today ! n j ml May Hy fMk , Wm . 3 'fhc Carefully mid satis-f.n torily cleaned and "pressed.- Phone K for free delivery m- iee : : ; Kitchen? Right! . . we've opened tlie season with style-, pocked new fabric originations by Varsity-Town (gkthes, we've literally pattern 6ursetye wfth ($dr$ criceiwpble (peyfwavgJ JnlfrsfWgly) giJfgF dnjrj. S&6ftl0 Stvugj gtjf'ris) gvjfg)ssyej .O ODKKN ELKCTRlCrHQ.kes it I I't M, er&,Sari.n .economical to lake drtidifcj out of the ilPY, fto 1 but iCfe REBIOCKIN0 ranges, refrigeration and other present d, (JS1 to saving unnecessary hours of work and fol)ic!5 .m. is of We take pride in announcing- the arrival oiG(? trie ranges and refrigerators. fYlease tuHsiti3iisvoiIrfintffal! nijjj hjltj 'Plei t tiiif e )st is $25.00 to come in any time and look over tluve sparklijiewd 00 MOUNTAIN STATES POWER COMPANY (A' CLEANERS 122 Ellsworth St. Phone 499-R

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