Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 18, 1936 · Page 9
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 9

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1936
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT h erald; ALBANY. OREGON PAGE THREE PRINTED CHALL1S SEPARATE FURS ADD FINISH FOR SMARTEST OUTFIT "MIKE FRIGHT" DONE AWAY WITH AT U. OF 0. ahead of fashion, for they are right up in front in smartness now. Trace their ancestry, back' to the Chinese, for they, are and full, hanging free '. ' - . -vv.., t x if V j ilj&s jit ; No matter how causual most ot the clothes in your wardivbo , the fur scarf you buy this spring i will be anything but that. It is just like a woman, now i isn't it? We go mannish in our; clothes... we see that our coats! are as little and casOaVi us thev i can be, and then we turn con-1 tradictory, and order the most luxurious furs possible. But ec tradictions like that arei what make costumes so good look- i ing this spring. The most sleekly j tailored suit may step out wilhi a fur scarf or cape that simply drips luxury. Consider the Scarf The vervi smartest of fur scarfs are those .iVv.i;.. Squared shoulders, : ' short leg o' mutton sleeves, are a (ay tea-time fashion for Sprint, 1936. :: : J L ..yat li is. ikiilJ from shoulder to the .point ot tcrolination which may be anywhere from elbow to wrist, X like this sleeve far better than the ordinary puff sleeve, and there isn't a single, solitary woman who cannot wear it becomingly. Because it is not caught tight at any point, it will be comfortable for wear all summer long. :.; v.- fashioned of small skins, such as kolinsky, sable, mink and baum marten. And the more skins you wear the bcttrf?Kiiot them about Students at the University of Oregon now get practical training In radio speaking, a field now held to be ai Important as that of oratory or after dinner talking. In thia photo a student It giving a Weech, which with the aid of the machine shown(ijere, Is electrically transcribed and can be played back so he will notethe way his voice will sound over the air. James E. Carroll, Instruct in charge of this division of speech work, stands behind the microphone regulating the machine. shouldCI? oaiO osOT&S&Ea nd - FOREIGN OUVES OPPOSED SaiVFrancisco, Cat. California olive growers have decided to oppose all reciprocal trade treaties 'A. your neck iSeKl your costume seems to fairly billow .with them. Sling them back across one shoulder. Twist them around your arm when you don't feel like wearing them the usual way. Sable is by far the most beautiful of all, but one must be interested in the financial columns before getting into the sable wearing class. But don't let it bother you ...kolinskys are often dyed so carefully that even these old would place Mediteranean count r ;untry-Oliver in competition with v :: e-ca Liliforma product. They will Renders, we give you Madame. The Bell Sleeve If you bought back a bill designed to recfppense Schiap.nvlli, the lady who likes I a dress with wis Sleeve last sea- prooncers ior losses auo iu wrn eagle eyes have been fooled ul design architecturally. She; lot" not them. And even when they do knows that shoulders squared, make waistlines and hips mure-1 QC?ES A DULL MOMENT IN SELECTING HAT; MNY SOURCES AID DESIGNS ied Irom those that' Mary Stuart wore at that time. Milliners assure me these are quite authentically copied, and vhe they are WsS Will Eainy Sp-tog'" filao Cto -Yds ape sable, they are beautiful in their own sweet m'. 'Q-v Scarfs A"'svholc kinder-garden oh little scarfs have sprung up. I've found Uiese not usually in fur departments, but at trimming and neckwear counters. They are made of kidskin and galyak, and such sleek furs they are! Fur Capes Separate capes are the smart women's fashion, and I am easy bait for the one in silver historical, they arerrVa bit hysterical and you can wear them without leeling you are on your way to a fancy dress ball , . . or i (lucnces . . . not quite so obvious j to you and me, but none the less I important. They tell me that many 'of the high(f(iues are direct steals from the fiWastic coiffures of the shnder. It is her lavorito tricK this spring, and by the way, mine ....and I'm here to pigjict that it will soon be yours. In tailored suits you expect your shoulders to be squared. . .but when you encounter the styl in dresses, it becomes an unstpected bit of styling that you are going to take to like we took to "The Music Goes 'Round and 'Round"! Liltle leg o'mutton I am al without being ridiculed by your 7S fiH SENDS THE VA3EnKG TO THEJLlTOY! I geisha girls. One or another of jhusbn& iia. There is nothing that will ! these Chinese hats, is going to ; Colorful Hats Have at least ! suit you. For myself, I stick to one brightly color6t)hat. You will ! tfojy coolie type as the mcfcjbe- probably want it 111 a sports felt, learning, ! and you can thank the Chinese in- Flemish influence There was dfNluence for all the beautiful shades. 1 Flemish exhibit in Paris i . . oniKOn your dark hats have a touch w$ the world than slinging one ol these over your slender shoulders. ways as softie for any fashion that' harks of period styles. That's i why (fRie Uttleeg o'mj$ton has 1 me gaping intoahop windows. It is full at the topf gradually nar-' rowine: down to just below the ! exhibitions are the essence of life ot color, too. a gay nower, rea Tlic flai'igiiiii Latnulry Service for thrifty-home' rrtan-ajft'i'a tiverythiiiR washedflat work ironed we are fatuous for the quality 'of this service TRY IT! Albany Magnolia Lauhdfy thcr. or ribbon. CANNON B.ACKFIIUiSi) Toledo. Two 15-year-olir boys built a small home-made cannon and began blazing awav at an elbow where it ends abruptly (Bid A frock of bright green challis printed in bright red rose buds is one of spring's smart introductions, worn by Mrs. Bernard F. (Sitnbel, of New York, at Miami, Fla. Her hat is of natural straw j to the designers. At the mention j of one they sharpen their wits ; and their scissors, and it isn't long ' ! before we are wearing the results. The Flemish off-face high toques automobile and a garage. Upon j charming' without a semblance of Veils Important Veils and veils and fjeus . . . little ones and longer ones; And snoods, so smart to tuck up your hair and hold (0 neatly in the back. You'll feel aDout as romantic as the hats look, when you wear them! eompiaini 01 neiguuuis, puuee ei-ia cuu. i ime mis &ieeve uvsl iui fected a speedy disarmament, and; spring and spring only, because from History, Geography? I.itcra lure ami The M;i in Our Uvcs. ConifUlie Newest Siys ((jth two wool pompoms in red that perch back on the brow Phone 50 200 Ferry Street parents of marksmen made I am afraid that the below-elbow tightness would not be the most nocentlv are extremely flattering. speedy financial settlement for damages. una gi ven lur u miming, iiuiua 19 forecast as one of the important materials for sportswear. comfortable fashion for summer. Some peuaantishrv bonnets and Be anything but yourself this piiestly saucer teJm.s also thank season- when it comes to hats, i this exhibit for their being. You will see what I mean when! Historical Hats The sixteenth SAffeTY APPA)TUS FAILS Pratt, Kan. CU.f!-For 15 years there were no accidents on the Rnrtc Island railroad street cross- you Dcgin your nai scouung. iuu century lives again in a play in will find that you may begin to pn,.is ;,nr) some 0r the hats I've ini? here. Then the railroad in- MARSHALL SERVES 45 YEAgS Louisville, O. Frank Guitlard was honored by munit.pal officers and leading citizens when he began his 45th year as town mar-shall. He was. first elected in 1892 and neve?' has been defeated at the polls. He is the only represent a different personality seen. Coachman hats, rolled brims stalled elaborate crossing signals with every hat you buy. That's an(i shallow crowns like Henry III '. and lights and the following day Why there is never a dull instant is said to have worn, are sprinkled la switch engine struck an au when you buy hats. There is fun in shops here and there. Some of mobile injuring three persons. In deciding what influenced the 'the cleverest and most flattering! law officer in the community milliner to do this and that and hats, they tell me, have been cop- D.-H. Want Ads Bring Results 9 V ' V - ....-.J.yJ- .FfB. i I (if W" sHyJ ':- - that. Huts from literature Now where i earth do you think the idea came from for those little tirims and bontiety; affairs that border on the., quaint side? r It is easy to gefsWi on the milliners' secret) here. Just hie your-' telf to movies and see the Uick-in's classics brought before your rye. You'll see the fore-runners Of these little hats in "David t'oppcrficld" end "Tale of Two Cities". Now don't get me wrong. You wont look like a Peggoly jn them, or e t(8i picture-bookish tharacter. You'll be very much the jnmil young woman of fashion in-$tBd. Man u them are quite tuiifired, lerfei't foils for .tailored Suit- p Mannish Hats 1 tip my hat to Ihe men ogain.-and salute them for one ut m(tUshion favorites (hia sprind. There are two, styles 0 So muith like theirs being shown that sou and your brother are going to have difficulty telling your hats apart. They are the jlimiburg and the mannish slouch. Jmgpne Ilcing Able to Wlk On A Pbblc and Not FttI III Wv?i?B? TAItOBED-'SPORt COATS: 1 jM " -4" Jt Everyone wears them well! The difference in fj fe K !tyle eo,nes only in le"trtn und neckline. We W B VWk? have both the new jigger length and the long- t $'d''',l i"i 01 coas 'n swaggers,, reefers, polos and lial- & lllfifli'lOlS maccans. ,:, 1 I irnwm f Fll ' $,"89 to 29-50 ' & 111 'Itll rrints and high shades in pure tCJc silk crepes, a & W "j jgNff' 1' ! vl " tremendous . amount of Spring Fash.ns at ' JPHtTVf I very reasonable prices. I WHY NOT THIS SPRING ! Ally St E Tyrolean hats with shooting feathers are grand and gay with suits and sports clothes. : v-There are too many styles' Irom which to choose, to give anyone a i V X i v TI icrcfl&re no other shoes in all the world like -s , IR STEP Shoes. You'llCWhow that the instant f you a step in them. Their sensational new ' sole adds no extra weight or thickness. Yet, in 5) t" uSNl I "Lfi This year the favorite type is mannish. On all jXl mMI fides you hearabout the., new man-tailored g p1f'V ItKiMl suits. Herri e ' smarteS;.fctyles. $8.95 to $24.50 1 JL''A . Smart Slr 01ors. "' g visibly filled with hundreds of tiny air spaces, h protects your feet, your whole body from jof and jars. Walking in Air Step Shoes is a glorious floating sensation that makes you tal younger,a vibrantly alive. Gjio.s2 yjes for occasions NOW fromNrn amazing variety of lovely s spring models all correctlQjesigned, skill-v J ( fully mfidf; of fine materials. All most unusual at K ' .' r U COME IN AND TRY "THE PEBBLE TEST" SHOWN ABOVE reason to -wear anything but the piost becoming hat. To go on with 4liese mannish hats, they were designed to wear with man tailored suits, terribly !ored coat.;, ftaid occijQonal shirtwaist frock i . . and nothing else! Don't ever commit the unpardonable sin of wearing them with any of the . iomininities of; the season. Wirf iyfiem straight on your head asr man does. You might even crease them in the crown as he does . . . go all the way in being fVnimic. Take especial care thn ywur hair beautjfullMSrme CQyou wear jtfese h,T.A-i,S!rict ofew curls pi-iCLfroia benenth QJiK-'ir Asims. Th3), where iTY great-(Qit charm Vies - . the TtTarp con-IQ'ast between e femininity of (fvur face and hair, and the sever-Jt of their lines. In my opinion (One worms: wta weith-s. hats jTiost beiQ.n ar.(j) M)mne (Jjlpes. - -Chinese HatswThe Chinese influence in theft fflmg picture is as I'jevitahle ayw.-vjth chop suey! 'f-i-e itSSJrfrKand again in rAi$. ami I like it 5. end. M"st 2;0irable hats are(Oj).se which 02) their ancestrvthe coolie. IfeWey seen Wy) and over 2g beiOlssnd '(ffp'f the nice Cyings atK(0)-hernS that they go ( equally well with Uiilored lobthes as with diessy ones. Thee IQ'lomelhing casual about them XAlSOmore pretcnt;oi are the (Q).gooa brims, and the ones wheie crown and brim merge into each other in an utterly new la-hi"n. Ttiuv aie otiitr CluiiCit 111- GUAHANTEEDl -J I. -ii.ILI tNew Bags Jewelry, Sweaters. S teWI Gloves, Hosiery Step on a pebble in your present shoes, then in AIR STEP Shoes. Feel how the magic Air Step Sole absorbs shock, protects your feet from rough surfaces. O See them all )their new season finery hefp Air Step Shoes or guaran-ttd ai odtvrtlid in Oood Houl(pinQ Magaxlnt 9 McDKV0"S SMART Charmingly Correct Styles for Every Occasion I Wp ll'ATi kP l HJ P I Li 'Stylish Clothes for Women" w :.-sv.-joast'

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