Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 18, 1936 · Page 8
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 8

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1936
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE TWO. .THE . ALBANVP EM OX RAX.- k ERALD, ALBAN Y-, .OREGON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18, 1936, if HEADLINE NEWS ABOUTiCOIFFURES i. Tailored . Jacket j A that you must look at before you buy. If you are fortun-'t" enoual to look well in the violet blues, by all means wear it. It mates beautifully with black, as well as nvy. If you have blue eyes, you are going to find this color trans-foir i.ig you into a, pretty fas "Sip "' ,'n, ' & cinating woman. , . There is something more to good hair grooming today than just a hob and a good permanent. Beauty ShopsAafp ever so helpful in creating new coiffures s. ... clever wavs to set a wave 7 .- . just the right swirl to look' lovely' with very shallow crown hats . . . something ' Bright Blues are Gay This is a AS SMART AS , YOUR NE W HAT And Correct for Every ' Spring Occasion r blue about the shade of tiie carbon paper in my typewriter. . .the blue of a cornflower. . .the blue of a regal feeling bordering on grandeur. In fac.t it is called "royal" or,', sometimes "king'', blue. If you' would rather feel youngish and casual, better leave this color v.- 7 Wyf ,;-f;- AIDS! TRY THESE those who like to feel ii i s i irs i i i Sophisticated. r Is Oate O of AArr Dgclari rm , l .tSSS? ejd for Spain ) A LOVELY MANICURE For hands lliat rather special to wear in the evening with formal clothes. A beautician's life is about as complicated these days as a fashion designer's.. In our talks with caress spring, silks! Special 0JC Madrid, March 17. An extension of the state of alarm, preparatory to martial law. went into effect today during a lull in sanguinary rioting that has torn Spain for 30 days. Authorities, fearing peace was temporary, estimated A .smiti't hair dress, is always desirable but a timely one is CDLV0U want to wear witloiir new siSQg costumes. . Our smart selection of new waves and coiffures solves the problem for yottAnd our steam pi) niaTwnt wave system which has found so much favor amo'hg theWometi of Albany is your surest guarantee of satisfaction. some of the best in town, we found them anxious to do new things for you ... so I urge you to let their that 51 had been killed, 194 IMJ1LU, 131 ,!. CT , wounded and that 16 churches, 1 1 , .?c,3 a ,,LW wo" I r-r.rtwftitc 90 nnlillr.;,) r.l,,ViL- 1,1 l J ww. lewspaper plants, 21 stores, homes PEXDABLE tfl It- cafes and treaties had been burn SET ed by rioters throughout Spai makes more of the last month. the perky new n.!3 GE(MJE COOBURIED Peoriarfs p e c i aX) A large crowd attended the committal services of the late George Coon who died at his home in Corvallis. Burial was in the Pine Grove cemetery last Tuesday. George Colo and family resided near Peoria on a farm for a number of years. Among those who attended from bonnet, from t he latest outbreak was nf-the town of Jumilla in M()i province last night. - LEAQJJE), OF. flATIOQS CONTRIBUTES i TO S&ABTflCSS OF FASHIONS FORTMILLEK ELECtiT)) Corvallis, March 17. (Special Edwin Fortmiller ot Albr.ny was a distance were Mrs. Elsie Pirrco i Aft O Study the Clothes In the Shops . It's a Pleasant Way of Learn r tnt a Lesson In Geography, elected secretary-treasurer of the of Grants Pass, Mrs. (Qarcnce Southern Willamette Valley Fu- i Simmons of EugeijairsMargar-neral Directors' asstoMition at the i et Stewart and soft of Pleasant monthly meeting of tne group held Hill, Lane county, James CooJof your custanets, my dears, while I go into a song and dance about the new Spanish fandangoes for snftig. Whore do you suppose all those cute boleros came from? It A RESTFUL RllflgJ); sets the stage v , for the newest H coiffure! From 0 here last week. Karl K. Mills, i Albany, Mr. and M J. G. GTtli- took more than Wwoes ul rhum-ba rhythms to .inspire thenWi'akc a look at a picture of a feijbdor. Cottage Grove was named presi- ens of Corvallis aneWete Whitak-dent, and N. C. Lowe, Lebanon, ; er of south Benton county. vice-president. Plans for the tc ! , ' -jSK 2'.- convention of funeral directors to . TABLETS DypiPIIEQM) be held at Eugene June 22, 23 and 1 . If mnerad. Phoenician clay stores have done right by me. Sbrfflo of them look like a bit of English countryside . . . heath blues, English violet, moor greens, all simply beautiful in tweeds. Some of them catch the sophistication of London town like the grey flannels that England's royal ladies are so oft,on seen wearing in , photographs. I've found some suits with long- then go, right down into the stores SUPER CURLSNE ALL STEAM and look at the bolero dresses Some even have wide sashes! i Even rrrfttinery speaks with a 24. were discussed and a round "i"": '"c compieie uaosiauoi table riiscossmn n rHr:,tii of which has stumped archeolo- bating in:isnuce 'L10' e?very in A.sia suDjccts - ensued. Par deciditg) Spanish accent. Rolled Kb. fffimHOii Wuliams, cun- brims, upstanding edges, pom Permanent Wave Shop Hldorod one of the world's this worn F r Fislioi.,r,rl M,. 1 al'"Wn vy : a r renen excavauon Sili l nr mL 5 J?1' Partem 1930, have been deci-n.T l f '"L "nd, Ml' Phered here. They were found to Lowe and son, -Wnathan Lowc.;ninm rM,,.,.,v i poms in threes, all come from 107-Lyon Street Phone 14 lyfbanon. - - ,1111 iiuiiuumitj uuu Oiidll epos. r .- best 1 dressed women, wears a black lace oveninK snwn in fishnet pattern and a white flannel jacket with padded shoulders and other inan-Ui'ored touches. When you go romantic at night with bows and flowers in your - - - 151 - nair, you ,are aping a sweet sen-orita Irom ArM&IOi-g and you i. j 11 couidn t do . a wiser tliuife Jewelry and belts are taii muy I! ORIENT AND RUSSIA INFLUENCE STYLES FORM PARIS SHOPS cspannl and do a lot to add to the American landscape of fash ion. . Shainghui gesture East meets west . , . and little Lotus Blossom's 0 4 fashions have been transplanted to American shops. I can't tell Climb upon my knee, sunny Bill, while we study some fashion geography. Where is the Tyrol, mid what is it noted for? Why, the Tyrol is in Austria, and noted for yodelcrs. Bright answer, hut that isn't all. It is. noted among other things for grand skiing and other sports. It is noted for gay colofli) riotous embroideries, rakish hats, and the ploasantest people on earth. . . If you want a very, good picture of (the Tyrol, just fas around into the stares. I've found any number of smart fashion , whose ideas could have originated' nowhere else in the world, fear instance tbe little Shetland suits that boast jackets, short and shoi,to, fitted to give a tiny waist. These 'lire ho er jacKms, fitted trimly at I .Sa i you how much 1 like the coolie hats, and they are easy to wear: Paris. The influence of the Orient as well as that of Russia is seen in the Madeleine Vionnet collection. Street clothes are usually fashioned high at the neck jvith long and full calf length sfcjjt quite Russian in character. Wide suedo belts in bright colors are often e(m4jroideredrpr trimmed with apfuyM Chinese dragons. The new Vionnet sleeve is surprisingly so. They .don't seem a bit freakish, elthe(f)ind you waist , . . the kind of jackets that British huntsmen wear when they ride to hounds. One has to be pretty tall toQvear them becomingly, but if you can get away witli some, you'll have a suit that's quite distinctive. Wear your English tweeds rather shortish, and choose your shoes with low heels , for perfect harmony. full at the shoulder, but without! padding, and the fullness contin-M lies to blouse over jj tight wrist band or is chopped(o)f tomake a wide, short sleeve. as. lyrolean as a yodel. Some of the1 shorter swaggers look exactly I like those worn in i-hjy photo-1 graphs of Tyrolean peasants. Anil flpfyn t feel like running ahead of tr rickshaw in one. That's u big point, for often in some of the most charming fashions one may feel hopelessly out of place. But these Chinese huts are honorable fellows, I assure you, meant only to make you beautiful, A bowl of l ice, a cup of tea. unci thou, little mandarin jacket Were Chinese enow. The fashions 1 have seen were not strictly mandarin jackets, but their honorable giaiuUn()'ie. ThM) are nuricJ tunW. iih slits up the side, anil the same smart loose I here are Uwo) evening silhou ettes the tailored midnight suit patterned after a man's Tuxedo and usually found a black crepe or sheer wool and the classic Grecian drapery in rare and unusual combinations of colors. In the latter category is a pale pink chiffon lined in pale blue. the(fr)lds be Uleeves. Lots of tunes the (ftk Direct from New York come these exciting: New Fashions for Spring, 1936. Colors ate bright and cleat -deep and exotic soft and nevi-tral. Really and truly, fashion has " talten on an entirely new at ray of all the embroideries of the season plainly show this influence. ,.Many of the accent touches on sjiring clothes mark the Tyrol us their am(Stor. I saw somijjilovor frocks ana suits with nswisii th:.t were hearts. Give AnWican do-signers credit for copying them from their Tyrolean relatives. Day colors, and bizarre combinations arc as typical as feathers in hats. If you want to get gay, you l certainly turn Tyrol on your American background, (gj) Old Spanish - custom Click I.Mike UJCh' is n simple high hand, ing twisted ill such a way that that on man's shut before lie both shade); are seen. Pale vel- and very low is combined with a light but attaches his Chinese. origin green, deeper yellow 1 s IliiVOl cmnes lie British I've contrasted with deep purple and HulliiiK brims, pom-)onis, aiuirhiil- a bright' and deep purple make nevcMjefore been able to find enough British looking tweeds. I still another contrast. cros lirliiK out , the tipantw in lofr . o col There is a new treatment o f but til when tlipj fashions for spring. s is one season tulle net which is finely shirred into rows banded by cording that. lias ueen slightly stiffened by wire You'll b mote thaft delightecl with Hie tulle remains transparent but lJiI iUKes on body and stands out from Ntlie white satin foundation under ' v. -ns -W--,., :. ' . 'r: - V ,- ; ,r ...... i f V 0' I ' v IV ' J ; ! ' . the new modes. Styles are now on displayj at Sternberg's (that) have not even been shown yetjofiVthe coast by salesmen. Come in and look them over. neath. This is used for two evening ensembles with full skirts reminiscent of Empress Eugenie days. TBfoTWAVY It9 FASHIONABLE BIG COLOR FOR SPRIBG The blues, from deep navy to the lighter shades, strike up the band tins spring, Navy, always Flic New Fashions Do Not Stop With Dresses, Suits and Coats I syiuinomous with the season, certain to be more popular than ever. It is easy to understand. All winter long I've been wearing niacK or brown coats... and VfC, or lj -l have you and you and you. What sotoiter relief than to shed them iR4.ivor of navy blue? It is ensioi to wear than either of the otlwr iwo colors, mere isn I a woman Get out into the opeiw Cu'il sec) the colors that you are goihg(S$S$ecr this Spring. Fine? some pussy wfilc$;! . .conre their color with theox- gray crepe aftoon frocks 'f featuring. Look at a tulip garcliQ . the clear reds and yellows. . te soft pinks are just the shades youill see here for sportswear. And thos deep alive who really can say sh doesnl look weli in navy. So I roii'BQi'iid that from tiie to ot youi -?,eaii to tiie tip of your toes, you dress in navy. Its great popularity i:foi)idcnt Every store in town has-SSi win dows of it. I had toe)) dragged away from some o(lj!?in thev COLORFlft intriguing. ly colored tulips, Tare an h,itiftS ineivrejny famil-!e,Bstirc . . .their colors areiught(!ffiSS3g)c costume may be carried Vin JW'.v. . .and oasily cari? out.fnr W is 'lor tharS'mvariTblv J he NewesJliiSt oftjjsmartest prm(Q) yiffitjOTew eiiftSiibU': matoKv.3)art with dress, coat or suit Qk-omiii; -ij. bni;, shoes and ftves aUf MitwiIl be ST'RINC? GLOVE HOSIER0 ULyERf U kiKfi H'VX TL)t 1 1 1 il 1 10 It 1 (iM IT i2 1' very easy. But let me givu voii? bit of warning The snu&i.Vt Wnen do not n(a ;r)i their Tij4)e costume. When Yciii wear a na y suit, wear a hat to match . . shoes and hag to match, but strike aSKitrast in your blouse and glovcsttVmi might even cany . our contrast im,. PURSES COSTUME for the UiJHas -and 'flowa kiddie! JEWELRY' YMy cm n.r . And, smart buytjlP come (fcg) Bikman's first this year. Tlie cha1! and newness of the spring seasbnt) delightfully portrayed in the modift we are now displaying. Please accej this invitation to comg in at any tii0? and look over our Spring stockg) BIKMAN'S 0 'SlLr)UQll( (OJ"-nmWW "vy not utwy as'basici-OlorrnJut wear it sometiftOil astral accent. If v..n have surfiimbetKliefore thi of gray, what could bo than a navy ha!, bag. shoes and gloves with the grav suit. With one complete navy outfit, the clever woman will do a lot r inter-chaneiim. There's n r, Downstnirs Store 138 W. 1st St. fiHihng your public. Other Hups Tlu-ra ...i blue notes in-the Smine c.IpI V.1

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