Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 18, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1936
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE FIVE I HU.HKST Ol'ALITY FKII1T ANH NUT MONKY TO LOAN ON WKI-L-1MPHOV- sent them, duly verified, within NEW TODAY farm -sacrifice" farm Nearly 300 acres, one of Linn county 4 Business Opportunities 1 TODAY'S MARKET red cedar 20 M, NWM SEVi red fir 440 M. Sec. 21, NE'4 NE'4 red fir 222 M, SE'A NEVi red fir 170 M, white fir 20 M; none pf the timber to be sold for less than $1.75 per M for the yellow fir, $1.50 per M for the red fir, $1,00 per M for the white fir, and r?ed cedar, and 75 cents per M for the hemlock. T. 4 N., T(. 3 W., Sec. I'd f ii nm,. Low Albany. rate iiilcrvBt. Win. Hum. fllMf TRUAX RADIO KliRVICB NOW 3.0CAT. ed around eorner front Hank of Albnny. Radios, telephones, motors and eleotriial appliances repaired, l'hono 'JO-K-i. noticf: of final settlf.mknt Notice, is hereby ivcii that the undersiKned ns- the Administrator of the Estate of Sarah Jane Hollo- best farms tine loea.u.n. mut liquidate, this place Is worth li0 1 l here. I'nce iur " Ht'll pari. W'VCf ItKOIII mm jvm w . duplicate this dial. IRVINE L. HOOD. Plionu !W0 WANT STOl'KEIl FAKM Have itood mill and wairhoiiiw, nrwrul acti'6 of land and new huiist, clrar uf dilit and valued at $8,000. trade und assume if stocked and equipped. IRVINE L. HOOD. ie 300 ili6-tf FOIi3ftKNT OR SALE TRACT OK 42'i. ui'yjliill under nooil statu raitiiation and locatod Iwtween 'Itipjii'iit jfowtj I,cl-amic-It. . W. Trilip. : .... 'MIS 7 u iVmi To nuv SMALL, 110USK way, deceased, has filed in thejw ere ' County Court of Linn County, Ore- Lettuce muiket here Is .jammed with u SOU. his Final Account as such ' supply of III airloads on the truck from Administrator, and that the said ! -''" Pi'ices w th.-ivfmv sharply Court has , appointed Saturday, I luw'r ."" imiHTial stock.: the 18th dav of April, 193(1, at the I- ver "''"'" l"'i,"( n",m"'1 f"r hour of Eleven o'clock in the fore-. ai""'"" """'w1' uitference. in quality noon of said day . as the time and for couple, tiuole lowest lush Piiie. All-I I'ASII KOK OLD AMI W OHTI1LI.SS CASn ,A)1) F0R pyvj) FUKNITUIIE, dress llox .4821. cre Deniociut-lleraU. I horses and eows. Dnyold calves. I'h. M- ( tftc ...Look .ta youP attic." Cha,. Rohr-mlS-20 j K-H Alliany, Cecil Montitonicry, mt4.lf . bough' Son, 415 W. First St. jl-U he Ctounty Court Room at Albany i a 'new ",SL Wi,.K up to $2.50 Oreuim, ns the place for heariiiR ol I t(ir flll ..... .. saicmnnl Account and the settle- j ,.,.; f,.uil vtWn r 8leily with Fior-ment of said slate. ; trettinu scarce and demand ttoud (Aay and all persons havimyab-j for A-.Uima. JWions to said Final Aecoui'ftjri'e r Rhubarb demand is good but supplies ai-e hereby notified to present same at 1 llBht, said time and place and then and I More hothouse cucumbers are offcrim: there make such objections. yPAUL JANSEN, listrator of said estate of; said deceased. GEO, W. WRIGHT, Attorney for Admr. Mar 11 18 25 Apr 1 8 NOTICE OF FINAL o SETTLEMENT WB NEED VOUR POULTRY K US ,befoi-e mnrketinK your emi Tlioultry, live and dressed veal, wool, etc. fthnnk Produce. Phfcne Gti6. - mlSLl) FOR EXCHANGE 40 ACRES GOOD river bottom land, improved. : Want a house in Albany, centrally located. See It. M. Ijince with Fred Hoflich or phone 1'4J-R, cvenintts. ml8-Ju ALEXANDER OFFBRI .EXANDER OFFBHS RENEWED CARS Vr. v..A nl ,,vn S,lnn hllilt ill tl'Unk. Ford DeLuxe is our most popular model. Low milt.- our most popular model. Low mile- ajte, tan finish. You would hnve to buy l new one to bent it. '34 Ford DeLuxe Coupe, oriitinal rinish. upholsterinir spotless, ituaranteed in every way. $145 Down. ttiai roril ueuuxe uoupe. inis car mis been well cared tor.rivwn payment oo. ty9 Ford Pick-nrVeomplete!y recondi' tioned, 71) per cent tires, new paint. 1U27 Chev. 4-Door runs like a clock. body and inturioi- fine shape. ALE.lAJDER MOTOR CO. Your Ford Denier ndjind Lyon. Albany. " ' ' v ' ml?lla -CL F0R Phone 243-R(Tk(M) Lance, lttT4, V. miel from bridire on HuVhwny. , : ml8-2tP ! I , 1 J i - I IMUilLE, la ntltttH UIVI-IN $10.0tl : klliKfsd,ivs $8.25(,tH.60 ; feeder that the undersigned administra-1 piBB suuioru'iii.cSr tlix Of the estate Of A. I. Scott, de- ! Cattle: Receipts 200: rnlvos 26; slow; Ceased, has filed her final account fed steers 15ri2fe lower: other classes as such administratrix with the"",ll"'l sternly: three loads fed steers $0.75 Clerk of the County Court for Linn 1 7-15 : f,w common heifers js.oosi 5.110 ; County, and fc?it said Court has low "r cut"'' "" $-'75(1, 3.75 ; appointed Friday, the 20th dav 0f ' "'""""lm u,n ,cow" 4'u00-"': '" March,, 1936, at 10:00 o'clock in 1 ''f ""lotaWe i" : few bulls , . r, t rt 1 , ififit B.lio ; Veiilei-s $9.50 down. the forenoon, at the County Court- slH,,,,,: K(.,la 0 ,,, -room of the Court House for Linn ! ,,.,.,,,, (ruck,,,, , lmllm ,u,nbll. County, Oregon, ns the time and ; r0m :.r,M,.n: choice load lota to ) .r5iClSAfiK)) LOTSIU-V4. PI timb-'r to toyTor (BJoce l S14 perljf. I Gravel road tTiru place. $500 hajidles. K. (13 J- Benton. Lebanon, Kl. 1. l-24-S- pr ' OT.D-Glt. 4.TT. SlyAa) vrOOD. SPECIAL! prices this mo. only $2.50 per cd. for 10 cils. or moQ Smaller lots. $2.75 per cord, i Adkins (W)joT1 Vrdv 21"f-l'hurstot), I'tlone.E, ..Xe 8-2o'll33-J. " ml8-24 .'St.-, E'ukct O UOMRSTIC SCENE '' O- six (B) months from the date of ihe first publication of this notice to the undersigned administratrix, at the office of Marks & McMuhan, Kirst National Bank Building, Albany, Oregon. Dated and first published this 18th day of March, 1936. KATIE SAYLOR, Administratrix of the Estate of Anson 1. Say lor, deceased. MARKS & McMAHAN, Albany, Oregon. Attorneys for Administratrix. March 18 25 April 1 8 15 NOTICE OF SHERIFlSALE By virtue of a niortiSftre foreclosure execution issued by the circuit court. ol. the state of Ore eol, fm. Linn, County in Suit ."No. 17147, The Union Central Life Insurance Company, a corporation, Plaintiff, and Wilbur 13. Storer, Walter P. Storer, et al, Defendants," therein pending, and to , inc. directed, If'shall, on the mtn day of Aprlir-ia;iB, at the hour of one o'clock in the afternoon thereof, at the front door of the County Court House at Albany, Oregon, sell at public auction, for cash, all right, title and interest had and possessed bv said Defendants, or any of them, on or since the date of execution of the Plaintiff's mortgage, in and to the following described real property, to-wit: That portion of the John Smith and wife Donation Land Claim No. 47 lying within Sections 20 and 2!) in Township 12 South Hauge 4 West of the Willamette Meridian described as follows: Beginning at a point in the North line ot said Claim 2D.U0 chains Kast of the center Muddy Creek: thence South 2"3(f West 10.2H chains; thence West llO.flU chains to the center of Muddy Creek; thence North 10 East down the eenler ot said Muddy Creek 10.4iyu,'ns to the North line of said Claim No. 47; thence East on said North line 29.00 chains to the place of beginning, Also, Beginning 10 chains South of the Northeast corner of said Claim No. 47; thence West 14.53 chains more or less to the Last line of the lands formerly owned by Martha Mor gan; thence North 9.30 chains more or less to the center of Muddy Creek; thence in the Northerly direction down the center of said creek ttWhe West boundary line of-tho 5fihii.W son and wife Hona1(rfyM.and Claim No. 60; thncrfStiuth on West line of, said chltm to the place of beginning; Also, All that part of the West half of the Thoriaji Can non and wife Donation Land Claim No. 48, lying within said Section 1!) Township 12 South of Hauge 4 West of the Willamette Meridian that lies West of the County Road; A'so, All lots 2, 3 and 10 in Section 19, Township 12 South, aange 4 West of the Willam-lle Meridian; . ' The land herelvt) otaiveyed containing in the uSregate 1 (15.44 acres, more or less. Also including herein all lands ad- Ojaceni u tne aoovo wnicn nave been acauircd bv utauJors fori accretion, HEKHKRT SHELTON Sheriff of Lion Coiirrvy, ("Oregon PHILIP HAMMONDS- 310 Guaranty Trust Co,, Bldg., Portland, Oregon. Attorney for Plaintiff. March If) 25 Al R 15 if r EXECUTRIX'S NOTICE Notice is herebvntlvcn that the undersigned has vjjtien, by the County Court (ol Linn County, Oregon, --duly --appointed executrix of the last will and testament of Walter G. Smith, late of said County, deceased. All persons hav ing claims against the estate of said deceased are hereby rrHoiired to present the same with the proper vouchers, to the undersigned at the office of Edward E. Sox, in the Vissl National Bank Builcfiita, in tljejjrty)'f Albany, OrcgonKi said comity, within six months from the date of this notice. Dated and first published this ltn clay of February, 193(1. ELIZABETH SMITH, Executrix. EDWARD E. SOX, Albanv. Oren, ATTORN KY YOU EXECUTRIX Kehv. 19-20 Mar. 4-1 1-18 GENERAL LAND OFFICE, Washington, D. C, Feb. 6, 1036 NotiK is hereby given that subject to) the conditions and limita-tioite-tff the acts of JuiioHL 1916 (39 Stat. 218), Febiuary(23) 1919. (40 Stat. 1179), and May Tf, 1928 (45 Stat. 597, Public No. 417), and pursuant to departmental regulations, Circular 1200, the timber on the following lands will be sold March 31, 1936, at 10 o'clock a.m. at public auction at the U. S. Land Office at Roseburg, Ojon, to the highest bidder at notjess than the appraised price as shown TrCKTIs txvvTsNff THERE- cQpW "V GLAts YOU III FHERFECT, 1 1 ) DISHES IS r X rr-Al T PW5R W?WR Cjl GOING TO WHILE rMbOIN1 I UKPn TH' RONNIE- NOW I I 'WOMAN'S JOB- f l NOW, ill SUPPERS I' LL SPOIL ME I TH SUPPER- I SOpI1r3"t ,! SHALL WE J liMOYOO SIT IJ) KOVQ IfL YER PIPE- H ,F vop 'I THINGS . YOO I WASN'T SO f WASHTHE L Sj RlGru THERE $$f ANNIE"' A 1 P-s DON'T g vnn cS I O VERY SPECIAL- f WISHES,? Jr tf WHERE TH' fW MNN't M Kg.' ( ',Wffl WATCH J J v,. . s.iw. -M light's good-ty-v M PSoV' 'm out- M Jii".., rl o Kl-r a'- V tr'-.J:. A KS ? )-7T7.B)ft . . 'V X1 CI INlEKtSIIN- m FUR SALE E(iCS FROM PURE HKEU Huff Orninuton hvna for hatchinic. Phono 213-K. R. M. Lance, Rt. 4. Albany. mlS-JO WANTED EXPERIENCED ENGINEER who can fire with sawdust. Phono Cor--Mit H-F-13. mltf-ai)' USED TRUCKS l'jaj Chevrolet LWII Dual WlutO'ruck 11)34 Chevrolet Short Whwll).vSl Dual .Wheel Truck. HUM Chevrolet LWB Dual Wheel Truck. 1932 Chevrolet LWII Dual Wheel Truck 11138 Ford M., Ton Pick-up. . lllliy Dodne Ton Screen Delivery. . These Trucks have been thoroujrhly He-Contllt lolled and are in A-l Shape. SCOIT-CHKISMAN MOTOR CO. Chevrolet Dealer LcUnnon : Phone 171H ... . . J18 SOUTKKN OREGON . Fine uuliurlurit ;Aee.' wants farm in vuilcy, will aasumfcr' . : - 170 ACRES, near Shcdd. on fine stream, fair buildinirs, $8500. Pay forthis like rent (A i 270 ACRES near1 Tannc-nt. lt-fiijrli vro-ducing farm, good buildinits, $2000 will handle, balance easy. DOLLARHIDE COMPANY, 120 -Ellsworth ml2-f FtSALE ZlMiHJriQllAN SEED WHEAT iTOc bu. Victory andjlirec-itrain oats, $24 ton'. Brintr sacks. S. S. Kennel. n18 Gentle and true. Ben OnTintt," Phontr 14-t'-b: mlS 1)" fav) vrAl Vt' fine" KSpKO siwciala in addition to the ones nfeiit toned in our rcRular ads. Mountain lijil I'owcr Co. . f 17 north of L')ion witli running water, 5U tiiGtX'ith 5(a)'res itorsburK Straw-Writs ami 1 ncro lrs Sails with some raspberries, 40 acres un3er culrflion. balance assure along creebrs with (vrpod lot. Six rnnm hniK,. urith U.nrtinr, .,,. f; Hi.Vn aA n,.t K.,ilal!k All Wi jajid with in(jmtiiate possein for only $100 per acre on terms of half cash.fbaV '(Li) ISeVCS(S:'MWph,)': if-r1 : ' ' , & mlgrtf - - : , ;.: I J'or Ot ritejirior.ij F .J,-)LpEn'l) TBEjl, JU$TJ riitht lor plantinc; L. Gilkey, Sunrise. ml8 LOSj-,iVDY MAl;,L GOLD WRIST i,wscn vun una oraceiet. rnone loo-it. lli(wa'd. 1 ALLEY OOP T7m-.3 tr-7,.ri,,-r?i , .. ' f ,rjtl 11 3- Little . CMLJtV rf. .t r. Allmhan , VI U11U11 T"6 : (MVJpvORf ft, 3cl TeLL US.VWD'l) tihe (AYQU? HOW.)lkit0RM PJPYOU GBtf W 1 FRECKLES AND HIS i' LpOr,Ff?EC..nm- J : Arwill HrrVvyK V THAT LITTLE CSURECP -aXZ1-' J) J? Jofy j I 1 1 I j 6.i FOR SALE OR TRADE FOR ALBANY ( fnrm ncKrTw0 (lory fire. proof concrete service station and storage n .Court iiiKhway .ut. Norii. h. ml. Ore tton. Aikirvss V. U. Kood, MurwIifK-Ui, Ore- nun. mic-'i) . 8 For Sale. Woodland Coal r WrZZZ TIIK KICHT - i i, price. Claude Wriirhl. ' phone ' f ittW Ct Ail...... i A.... M..n r. wu I E. tn St., Albany, Ore, Mar 6-1SS i I OOD WOOD VRICKO HICHT. DKIVJVyl I cred in any length. lAstir Chilcute. Uitn t Santiam lid, Phone 7IN-R. jJ0-tf Livestock .- FOR SALE 21 WKANLINti 1'IllS. 7 vvks, old. Gale Jakel, St Shedil mlti-lS I.OII Kll C-TPX.ML m'ahk'and geld inf. -6 ilipSI Qiy. oW. vrt. nliout 14H0 lbs. James CaldeiOl!t. 3, Phone 4H-F-2 1. ml3-l!l-S . . DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND ciwsNpicked up five of chariyi anywhere. PhiWl4-K-14 Albany, jr not aiiswor, P collect l4 CorvallisC ) W ml4- in. tf , . Ci wavtfI) I1PAI) AND WOHTHlTKS WANTED DEAD AND WOHTH1, horses and cows. R. A. Citle, Phon, cl Icet IIJI-F-rj.' Corvallia. mKlVf Poultry, F.ggs :-C?HITE LEGHORN C llfi pqh gALE- Also Custom . Ilatchinir. : Ilrev-wtei Hatchery'. Crabtvce. Ore. mtl-W' 9 0or 3ap, Mrejiinery FOR SALE 14-IN. JOHN DEERE, 1 p , .. . r . . , ' . ' "le. Sudtell's Au'ctiiuiMnrkct, We pay 'cash for furniufreri Phone 76-R. m!6 F(Ht ) SALEfili TRADE TWO HOTTOM hi in. John Deei-o plow, almost new. for a 3-14-in. plow.WSdmev Brothers. Rl. hone 74-F-4, fj ml6-18 FtySfgt QQiscelfgiieous Fog) SALE (T5EVERA4. GOOD USED "McClnnnhan'nculiatrSj; 240 ew $111; 540 etttr. $20, reconditioned. ti'Bted, nml sold cciiVlete with all parts ready to Clanahan.lnc .Co., 200 W. llith ! OV GUZZLES CUV.B k 4i u.ti.-c v " CAUGHT, . ,, - . ,., 1 , i , . I I " QUOTATIONS Prices ciuoted below are those prevailing Ml II n'clock a. m. on day of I'litilieation. and are nubjert to ehanse at any hour thereafter Portland MarkeQlQiew Portland, Ore. March IS.- Hutlcr ; a ""'koi'i. l'.xovme to,, for. nuanty tut. , and Home suttnt recession is suown in price. iTY' Dry onions nro weak. J Rilie bananas continue scarce. PORTLAND LIVESTOCK llljr U, S. Dept. of Aitriculture) Portland, Ore., March M. Hum: lie-.vlpts 3011; active: fully steady; kihkI hoice drlveins mostly $10.50 : few odd l.,la L.rDll Oil I,.,nvi,w n.l lih, l!.,l,iu P10.O0: irood flit ewes saleable to $5.50: choice liehtwelehts to $0.00. NOTICE TO CREDrrriRli Notice is hereby given tfTTrt the undoi'simicd has been riyly appointed by thiQounty Court of the State of ureuon for Linn County, Administratrix of the es-tatuif Anson 1. Saylor, deceased, ancVlias qualified. All persons having claims against, the estate of said decedent, are hereby required to pre- Bv HAROLD C$AN UKA..M.. LET'S SEE O INUW-- I HUfV) CfcN .1 RErVCT tALICkl KA EYES BLUR SO?) AR-R--HEM! BY HAMLIN y'WOULO, I ; ! ! i lmils. nwr hi - lrlo ... (3W Cty.-n. A for price lift. Scttlrmcicr llros. Rt. 3. Albany. n21-tf amea. miscellaneous - m tt. . .i m . li RAGS WANTKI) WK PAY CASH FOR old ntirs. Itrinir in w;jrfSV''" ",,u "Kvu. Albany Itarxam Houst llnkvr St. :-r-r.r-rr - wi , AM) Ml A t WAV. K II. CASH Sunders mtO-al advanced without interest. CASH FOR YOUK CAR. WAUDKN'8 CAR .Market. I'lione ia31. Lebanon, Ore Ol.l) tlNlTHnjSTATES COINS 110UGBT at r-i-vsimV Druir Store. ma:Jltf CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD., HKNTAL crownsfbfidKes, tillinKS. olaVJewelry, watch citmw etc! K. M, French & Sou, I" Jeweltra. d30tf 17 For Rent, Farms ' FOR KENT 5 ACRES, NEW 4-ROOM luiuse, partly furnished. Inquire at i!4a K. 15 For Rent, Houses, Apts. FOR RENT MODERN APT., HEAT. elec. rcfriiteralor. Cull at 626 W. 3rd. Phone 248. ml4-tf FOR RENT 4-HOOM DOWNSTAIRS Apt., furnished. Private , bath. 314 K 2hd St.. Albany.-' . mllj. mlSJS' OVTR- EI.LSWOHTH APTS. ' I1EAT, OVER-stuffed furniture. Ph. 36. 805 Ellsworth. 6-tf 21 Help Wanted, Fertile DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE WANTED by niuTfoXjil ormtnizatioii. Pi-efur woman, 25-45. iXur attractive iSo CnnvHssiim. Give qualifications. tfiAtcor, 301 Weslport, Kansas City. Mo. v ml8-20 18 Lost, Straved, Stolen LOST.' EITHER TOnrrHHRl)lt8EPAH- ately 4 white weanllnif pijts between Albany nnd Morulnit Star Granite Hall. Phono 13-F-4, or write Cecil Cox, Rt. 2. Albnny. nilli-ls 30 Miscellaneous Classified LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED 11 Y automatic maohine. Warner Hardware, J'hone 331-J.-,. v mto-nlO ii": r y what them nGOOFY LUGS )) SAID "BOUT (OV GUZ BEiN' MEARLY BUGS? sry , .kw ii ii x I'D LIKE fcrlGHT OL- 29, SWKi NEy4 yellow fir 390 M red fir 85 M, dead yellow fir 193 M, dead red cedar 100 M, SE'4 NW'4 yellow fir 15 M, dead yellow fir 285 M, NW V SEVt dead yellow fir 280 M, dead red cedar 20 M, SW'i PEM dead yel low fir 520 M, SEVi SW'4 dead yellow fir: 455 M, SW'4 SW4 yellow fir 175 M, dead yellow fir 195 . M; T. 15 S., R. 1 W., Sec. 27, SE',4 SE'4 red fir 1015 M, SW VI SE'i red fir 865 M, white fir 40 M, hemlock 25 M; none of the timber to be sold tor less than $1.75 per M for the yellow and red fir and 75 cents per M for dead yellow fir, dead red cedar, white fir and hemlock. T. 20 S R. 1 W., Sec. 27, NEVi NE!'4 red fir 1510 M, red cedar IBS M. hemlock 170 M, SEV4 NE'i red fir 2910 M. red cedar 130 M. hemlock 100 M; T. 7 S R. 8 W., Sec. 23, SEVi NEVi yellow fir 775 M, silver fir 90 M, larch 280 M, hemlock 870 M, . SW'i NEA yellow fir 530 M,v larch 185 M, hemlock 750 M, NE', SE"4 yellow fir 2900 M, larch 125 M, hemlock 760 M, NW!i SE!'4 yellow fir 3200 M, larch 140 M, hemlock 440 M, SEV'4 SE'4 yellow fir 2800 M, hemlock 290 M, SWV4 SEV4 yellow fir .3700 M, hemlock 195 M; none of the timber to be sold for less than $1.75 per M for the yellow fir, $1.50 per M for the red fir and $1.00 per M for the red cedar, silver fir, larch and hemlock. T. 26 S., R. 12 W., Sec. 13, NW'i NEV4 yellow fir 335 M, second growth fir 85 M, red cedar 85 M, SWVi NEVi yellow fir 2695 M, red cedar 235 M, hemlock 125i M; none of the timber to be sold for less than $2.00 per M for the yellow fir and $1.00 per M for the second growth fir, red cedar and hemlock. , . (Sgd.) Fred W. Johnson, ,, Commissioner. Fob. 26 Mar 4 11 18 25 Aprf! 1. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S-SALiE In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for Linn County: UNIVERSAL BOND & ) MORTGAGE CORPORA- ) TION, a corporation, ) Plaintiff.) vs. ) J. R. CARTW RIGHT, a wid-) ower; J. C. SHIELDS AND) HAZEL LEE SHIELDS, , ) husband and wife; THE PA-) CIFIC SAVINGS & LOAN) lAEQnrt ATTrtM a mmnrD. fion: STATE INDUSTRIAL) Q ACCIDENT COMMISSION, ) and MARGARET A. ) THOMAS, Executrix of the) Estate ot J. B. Ashenfelter,) deceased. ) Defendants.) By virtue execution, judgment order, decrrennd order of sale issued out ofCflie above entitled Court in thevibovc entitled cause, to me directed and dated the 17th day rL February, 1936, upon , a judgmcrOrendered and entered in said Court on the.4lhQiy of Febriuu favor, of Universal Bond & MortMge Corporation, Plaintiff andttfgainst J. R. Cartwright, defendant for the sum of $3,265.86 with interest thereon at the rate of 10 per cent per, annum from the 21st day of December, 1933, and, tM further sum of $55.43 with interest thereon at the rate of 10 per cent per annum from the 5th day of November, 1930, and the further sum of $58.76 with interest thereon at the rate of 10 per cent per annum from the 4th day of December, 193Q, and the farther sum of $50.97 with interest thereon at Aiie rate of 10 per cent per annuirUrom the 9th day of January, 1931, and the further sum of $29.62 together with in-tertrvt thereon at the rate of ten peivjjvnt per annum frornvthe 5th (lav of February, 1931Vjand the ther sum of $15.00 together withfhvterest thereon at the rate of ten por cent per annum from the Ath day of March. 1933, and the Tnvther sfinji of $235.20, together with (frVterest thereon at the rate of terKper ceht per annum from the 28th day of September, 1933, and the further sum of $14.b9, to gether with interest thereon at the rate of ten per cent per annum from the 10th day of May, 1934, and the further sum of $114.54 together with interest thereopnot the rate of ten per cent perminum frota the 13th day of December, PU5J and the further sum of $f"M)0, and the further sum of $300.00, and the further sum of $23.05, costs and disbursements and the ooets of and upon this writ commaiujipg me to make sale of the following described real property situated in the County of LlnptpState of Oregon, to-wit: Jiois Ten (10) a Eleven (11), In Block six (fl); in the City of Harrisburg, Linn coun- of the county clerk of said county and stale. Now Therefore, bjgwlrtue of said execution. iudgTSRnt order. '(ftvcree arK order of sale and in Kmpliapce with the commands of said writ, I will, on Saturday the 21st day of March, 1938, at 1U o'clock A. M., at the front door of the County Court House in Albany, Linn County, Oregon, sell at public auction (subject to redemption), to the highest bidder for cash in hand, all the right, title and interest which the within named defendants and each and all of them in the above entitled suit had on the 6th day of November, 1926, the date of the mortgage herein foreclosed, or since that date had in and to the above described property or any part thereof to satisfy said execution, judgment order and decree, interest, costs and accruing costs. Dated February 19. 1936. , First Publication February 19, Last Publication March 18th, 1936. HERBERT SHELTON, Sherirr of t.inn County, Orogon. Feby. 19-20 Mar. 4-U-18 place for the hearinR of objections to said final account and the set-tlcthcnt thereof. Moated and first published this 19th day of February, 193G. ROSE E. SCOTT, Administratrix of the Estate of A. I. Scott, deceased. EDWARD ESOX, Albany, Orcspn, ATTORNEY FOR ADMINISTRATRIX. ' ; i Febv. 19-26 Mar. 4-11-18 - . OH, ' : ' u ifT" ' q i,,',.--,- ''. " ;. . - '- O j A STORM AT SEA : q ' By Thompson and Coll FQf4 yki I PHEW THAT isfitlrM',E(OAR-MlS$ (fy witAT JHSX OMETHNO,T?OTTBNmm,w ) n IM SHE STEtR BCAT' UP' ol f'T ' HERE-THAT CHINESE fWEHOULD HAVE- J u rnMiAVrpiPTTV ftK 4570RM-3 urprt prir- jfrFX HY5TCrS?JUL.,fS THQ5E Vi COOK'S HrLPEh?, LEW 1 1 5H0T TMEM .' ' FRIENDS O O q poking on nui y again w BY BLOSSER ' ft K'CC?' ( 'djZ-il-L T MADP ' Wl--''"' " fPOR LfTTLE HfS UCX-p JUDGING PPOM THeV ) r fifl K Wt?: .. . f-Jjg3':(C W ' r TAnDr,F ''' I mess touW made, A-P 1 J '! 'f' ' ''h A ,Y ,T " V'A -VW SHrvERrwG . (hawdnutiy' I'D say you Din V U' $rJ -U) : DRUGS O'ls W a om puppos ' 7, . "- . ObSH, THAT YOU SAVETD ' : Ay4L WttJ Squeak ' bakely saved M $ ' " - v ; ty, state of Oregon, according ) to the official plat of said addi-thWfiterior. J tion now o record , the offico I . re "n mmmm-1 1 hax r POOR OV 6?A,jdY EfjHAW Tcr - i-.'cru - Ati' '1 vnwA si KlMGGUZ -HES $$r VEH.IT'S 111 (ObTAGGECED i WOULDJA? by this notice, sale to be subject with an additional sum of one- fifth of one percent thereof, being commissions allowed, must be deposited when the right to purchase is awarded by the Register, sue until the'purchaser has com - but certilicale of sale will not is plied fully with said regulations, Circular 1200, as to thov'sccution of the contract of saloSiifra bond required thereunder. The ratfney deposited will be returned ii sale is not approved, otherwise patent will issue for the timber, which must be removed within 10 years. Bids will be received from citi zens of the United States, associations of such citizens, and corporations organized under the laws of the united States, or any State, Territory or District thereof only. Upon application of a qualified purchaser, the timber on any legal subdivision will be offered separately before being included in any offer of a larger unit. T. 10 S., R. 1 E., Sec. 21, SEV4 SWVi red fir 625 M., white fir 20M: T. 3 S., R. 5 E.. Sec. 35, NEV NWV4 yellow fir 880 M, red cedar 90 M, hemlock 200 M., NWV4 NWVt yellow fir 1320 M, red cedar 90 M, hemlock 535 M: T. .1 N. Tl. 2 W by this notice, sale to be-subject l0r AC 3'!,proVaL"f 11,0 ,t,ccrctu.rJ The purchase priefc. AFE ENOUGH-. OM - MEA5LY .WELL, WELL.' T'SEE .MOW, T SHOW OUR1 GUZZLES FACE, R'VCE-SMO USE US STAVIM' LAimm MOW i IM THIS I V WW "I A M' Sec. 0, mfy SEV-i red fir 200 M,l ; lJ6 HT NIA stHVIIA. INC T M

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