Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 18, 1936 · Page 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1936
Page 4
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THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON WEDNESDAY, MARCH J 8, .1.930 PAGE FOUR KUKOI'KAN STATESMEN WORK FOR PEACE s A BEHIND THE SCENES - IN WASHINGTON BY RODNEY DUTCHER Entered at Albany. Oreuon, pottofflee as aecoDl-elaM' mill. 'Mentor United Prraa and MEA News Service. Established 1865. and then, "Do I have to have the photographs?" "Why. yes." Toby got to her feet, gathering up her purse and gloves. "I'm sorry," she said, "I I guess I've changed my mind about being a model." (To Be Continued) COM6 OM NOW FELLAS let's get this eraiop.A4 AFFAIR CL6AMEI OP SO WE permanent mental disability, almost always congenital, while insanity in its many forms is due to -almosfas many earrsesr Tind it may or may not be of hereditary origin. Insanity may be cured but imbecility with rare exceptions is incurable. The study of insanity is progressing, but science is at an impasse in regard to idiocy, save with those few cases which may possibly be blameable upon cor- CAr4 CO HOME AMD GET READY aided him and he appears to have been so successful that there will be few voices raised against the president. ' yHEY laid Huey Long in his grave months ago, but the famous, Women's Committee of Louisiana organized to drive Huey from public life is still after his colleague, Senator John Overton. Charging that the Senate has used "be whitewash pail to destroy right ot petition" and that the committee's petition cn- . taining sworn charges lerojly drawn and alleging fraud in Overton's election hasn't even been referred to a Senate coniniltteeK the women's organizatio7)clialtv maned by Hilda Phelps- Hammond, Is circulating a chain letter designed to incite protests to Vice .BY RODNEY DUTCHER -NK.4. Srrvlc-a Staff CorrrNpondrnt TfASHINGTON Twelve years ago that doughty- old warrior. . 'William Jennings Bryan, took the platform in the Smlth-McAdoo fight at the Madison Square Garden convention and received a terrible booing frorp-!he anti-McAdoo delegates jSM ga(0j:es packed by Tammany. Today Democrats are discussing the likelihood that Al Smith will receive a similar but perhaps worse linen nf tliA Rn Sip if hfi ri-&. tn nt. Mack the New Deal at lifapartV 'convention in' Philadelphia peM haps worse, because Roosevelt forces will control nearly all tbs, delegates, as well as the galleriii It would be the first time, poIP tlclans point out, thatTAI ever had to "take It!" W efk,e Farley-H'jrja strategy will adeslgned to make Smith, who undtJirptedly will be a member of the New York delegation, look as lnnAcnanfa nR nnssihle. Rut it isn't rectible glandular deficiencies, and much insanity is of a psychological nature, while idiocy is a purely pathological matter. If Dr. Laughlin's sensational I terviow was reported correctly does not advocate death as the best cure for insanity, but confined himself to idiocy. Furthermore he merely suggested the lethal method as incidental to a general pro gram of cleaning up the race. There are times, both in cases of idocy and of hopeless illness, when death is preferablcrauj life for everyone concerned, but the most thnl cliriulrl m rrnn iHnitt ciirli cases is to remove inhibitory stal - (El CClear 'et iust what A1 'ntewSs Letters to the Editor -K OHKV FOBt'V To the editor: Here we have some more it "IT". You just cannot keep sound philosophies out of you columns as long as Human Magnets(ish and, pull intellectually in onettcord. ft Having observed Dr. Palmer's sound doctrine in your January 25, 1936, mSflzine sections You will observe, that in my cdtWden-tial letter to the Dr. it specifies, nnr fnr ntilil ir-i Iv on fnr (fjion unless by my signature. TThus you mjSyhave my signature 10 prim my leiier ana the( LM-. s sincere renly Honoralile J Judge Daniel C. BurkholderT Q Dr. E. Payne Palmer President St. Joseph's Hospital Phoenix, Arizona My pea)' Fellowrivm: Having observed, in a Sunday-Daily for my congenial home en- diiuiuirciu. nrsy-iy impression Tirom your photo: (Then, cave iust dues to your "Ten Rules of Omis sion," Jntenested in authentic his tory only, drisound philosophies of life, toi- death. I will now kifiVly ask your per sonal, and confidential, not, for publicity, understand me: W are not to print mv incraisitions nor your reply, unless mysignature in-dicatra otherwise: (Here we ha(Oit betweori you and I: You stfScifieallyr announce in rtur last (paiagraOh in sail? trtmtiiUC fnn one) hns'' the rinbti to irina fleatlf to hlntself or aiioiiiyi wLKjL il ue ut$ juage-irfent of a jur anff court) 3Sow you aiaj sfflt to etfSvvSi' this otoB: Htm (Pbout stablishUig) only criminal court to. ba en- 1 tored into: sjau venues, but, President Garner. (fforpA. finally IsVgeJiing out iime (J counter-propaganda which- may prove somewhat effective. Newspapers everywhere are beirfg) told ot the percentage of WPA money going into their states which is being used for permanent improvements, such as highways, parks.VfnaygraTHids, public buildings, waterworksr-and sewers. Harry Hopkins is authority lor the assertion that S6 per cen(pt all 'WPA.projects consist of "additions ikhI improvement) to public property' Q;e other 14 per cjaV of WPS funds goesQo. (whe collar projects, sewing, andolher production projects for u'bjthe) unemployed. empioyeu. (J The ;(n,i.r to chargQ, of vicis politics in WPA adininis-ti(aion in several slates (hasn't been foiQdQlf uibe.s (nn fec-tlvj) one, it ftl la):e toconsist of vigorous action. . (L'oiyriKht, 1 11.(6X1-; A Service, Inc.) should be considered in the human. Human ancestry is of(gre)it importance when contempla ting marriage. sTIie essentials for successful married Cllte date rbsscfo ta tHe participants' ancestors. ) It is ridiculous to consider 6eH-. fipreason than Tnoi-onisTic envy??? (Byously thif-jjeriigrce of fowls, dogfi itlfd Jierds and die'gapd iurTffAs f!nm nn Wench, loss vnm jury, unlSss iiaiff1 out df tho-pocket ithe olfeniiaro pjpcUiing at torney nor iier.onse attorney tecs tuiowea in criming cases in sucn iTjetn'iiislfscP-courts: ffit en fee - (Ulowed in criminQjl cases in such tesa auormgy assistgjice. unless at (isci'cyticm of the 3 judftes: (Mt(Tcii)g ( o siara of iiio eeUnjl criminalj b.elM-e.He)ir Juflgf Iurkholdr-i" nuiiuiii ance.-w yviixea marriages, ii. e., those of different social, ra- ciai, pnysicat, iinanciair lnteitec- Uml, political, and religions beliefs, do not reslHj in happy or satisfap- tory murt-ica nte as a rule. If those contemplatinti'lriarriillr; sluwld think in terms 'eugenics cliWlcss homes and biirth) control would not be in existence todav. Yoursvwbry truly. o E. iyne Palmer, M. D. tfto jutjges jga;s tnoir decisions?.'.' Alright here is tile otlftir one i Pbsitivclyi abolish all divorce ; Miltt's in America, estdblisS strict mnn im coilefij usrru sound and i sane rwaHngw-incrfjICs IJefurb mar- ; ciciif pniloprogenitiveness via of j that justice could be better W-sound bred off (sj)i'ing for divorce-. ministered by ir-Rroup of judges. less union. .'.' I -ine aveiae jinoi uoesinoi possess Thatp apd childless homes by legal knjwledge or Irairung qual-strict birlli control for Ijiipeless ' ifyine mm to pass on most of the moronist parents: The Alrjiighty easesjViat come before courts. Awl STL'frijN'TS VISn)5(ALEM) Jefferson. pfSpttCarr) Students of the publie-spenking and psychology classes of Jefferson WB'K school spent Thursday in Salwri, visiting the state institutions. Their' teacher, Mr. Lever, accompanied rpjjm. The different institutions visited woa'-e the Fairview Home (feeblemiridt'd school ) ftlie state hospital, the blind scholrr; and also . the Kay Woolen mills. Q es ctwae if!J 011 medical aiidrst our modern science, "surgical deficiency, , for tolerating mating and breeding i hopeless illiterates: lie wishes: ; Editori. and Publisher - I. Jackson and R, R. Cronla SUBSCRIPTION RATES DELIVERED BY CARRIER One rear, in advance $6.80 Bi months. In advance 2.16 Am nnnlh In advance .. .60 KV M A IT. I Lfna, Bentol. Marlon, Lana and Lincoln countiaa. Ono year. In advance 18.00 8UI months, in advance 2,26 Three months, in advance ., 1.26 One month, in advance 5U Br Mall Elsewhere in U. 8. A. One rear, in advance S5.00 Sll monthi, In advance 2.76 Ona month, in advance f0 Per copr, on trains and newsstands . , .06 In ordering changes of addn-ss subscrlt era should aWars alve ntd as well ss no- ' Published Dallr Excep5silndaB The Democrat-Herald Pubrtia Co.. Ine Independent Afternoon Newspaper address M. O. Motensen Co., National Adver tising Representatives. PEACE BVJIEATY To settle the European situation by sienine treaties with Adolf Hitler should elicit a smile from lb rest or the world. Europe's statesmen should feel no surprise at the laughter from the sidelines a&Jhcy bind the German dictators' and themselves with solemn vows, for the spectators know that if they i)uld only look at the record th would find that this modern world has neither the will to honor treaties nor the capacity to enforce Worn, treaties ttJ4i)iy c precisely hat Bon Bcthm0!9-fbll-wtfiisald they were in lOl-.'raps of P0r9ri decorative id sntisS in to hon or the jjl, biW more or less orthlflns from any practical slo'tfilO1- 6 fJ8rttlonp the grog) poj-1&S sbjncfi a solemn iffljeement to liJCllJtet the territorial jntegrity of KB)8ium. The one restm of this ns Hint o good part of the World! Bar was fought in Belgium's fronVf ftcr that, was smoothed over, fye powers signed the' Versailles treaty, keeping a revolver jammed In Germany's ribs to make sure that she wouldn't renege at the lust mlnute.QSincc then the Versailles treaty has been whittWl down until today M. Clemenceau himjf Shouldn't recognize it. There wns the Iai treaty, iorn a;djider by Hitler just the other y. Thengwere the far eastern treaties, which worked until Japan decided to have u go ut Manehuriii. There were the various leitjuc commitimnts, which survived until Sussolinl sent his ffig) down into Ethiopia. die and all, they lasted until sifi&fjKSO dOciftod to brei them c18 tho other sigtories get to-gOtaOr (Brl 8)a8r thj dument Wtoa tTcccssa WS tw 2$t&0. ftD UOrtO) adtes S'o'lod J3) coloift && 8o GS ih just (OftjKln't Soor. Ii09 Ugly went ct3brituriti& too &$im ere -M fi doll 13 something, but the TOSS iQDSStoW 9ge8? SKIED SCHi moeH iu the ShiogKrii lis 6 jot ttKiJIi eiteih into i8?to0 cVWc On p. Out Be OVilgji to relgio Ihrjii' traditionul to On fijtmtal Cgissivo do- TSW :v uttj stsuwu, 11 1110 6555SvW6 slfitoli start reviow-iE&i lr0CaaC9i lo( Vme b0d8. O S&r 10, cdJB IS Piriig) peace fjooifj in oi 5 lievin e m solemn Salf!) kwe no force? fiht fflfiiiffltice of peaceful mt ini'nationiikdisputes tl possibly fib. wlien na- ti Qiot 1 depend)on cither to honw' their own sgjiutures or to their neJ65hrs honor theirs? yOdo plain fact is that the world's inl6)nalional sfetytinns (tiKlay are wi state of arimxliy. iWis like a wild west viTiti which even the VB5jlantes v-tiavc started .robbing stagecoaches. And the blindest man can so that such a mIu..(Kai going W lead to a great deal of shooting lib- less there is a speedy and faV 1 . reaching reform. (o) IDIOCY AND INSANITY ih criticizng the recent proposal by Dr. S. B. Laughlin of Willamette University that legal bars lo "mercy" killing of hopeless idiots be removed the Oregonian wanders somewhat off the road in citing the findings of Dr. Wilhclm bonge-Eichbaum of Germany that many of the world's greatest geniuses have come from familes in which there was a taint of insanity, or have been themselves Insane. - yj q There is a sharp line of dc-markution between insanity and fjocy, and the two constitute sep- tc problems which require spe- ainte treatments, despite the occa s.onal relationships between them. To elimnate idiocy would probably fall fur short of solving the insanity problem and lo eliminate insanity would have but little effect upon imbecility statistics. Idiocy is u stale of profound and FOR. THE MEXT BIG WAR Hiatt . fly iiuukl bat at "bt'V "That's Hie spirit," he said. "Some I'd likfa picture (T)yau lUcy that one hand up and a big smnV. Migfn) be able to sell it for an ad. Well so lon?j, (Jtjd. Remimiber I'm betting on you." Tli!;y went to tlfi do tf(gefE$i'. ieiS-j'Iiutt set ciH WD.4W61 tJ' and oby, turned east. She vtrfij aOare, bhd nQ(9d, 'A a (fettling, of -x- Weill, (li Warmth that Oluunlit color (Up Iff lit! Oil, tf-sho rattliy could suctitDjob, couiti1 ourn nplfas nuich nuiiiey as (H)att d tnon-tiWicd. It would 1 1.0 a fortune! She thoi(rit, "But rl'mjiito't lIt (frti is 111 ine au-L-i-tiSLTijnpift, IjAv're bi(5litiful!" Tide) phi loTogranlfeiri diaa (sieiTifcd) believe that Milie could, bO rfli model, though, lie hadffchixwi ROr his picture instedd qf Miurfino Han. Maybe sue coukt do 11, Maybe she could All the way lo the subway station and during the ride imUAvln Toby kept repeating ,0 herself Hintt's reassurance). BuV-1 by the time she reached the office build- If. , Ollllll. Hill! lilKl'll lllllll IM lll-l. With a milo she tnlffl KA-Mf til a gulp , she. tolcy WSMi, u tl" '. . ' :V." '1' panic had talton hold of her out. Anil I've got to go lhrou8;i with it now. I promised-. AAC. Hiatt." u licsoluti'ly she imer ed the iloor went inside. The elevator opeartor sliowed no surprise when she said, "Mu(fe)s' League." He answered, v"I'ifth floor." banged the dooiyrX the car fcullflYc tlieOhot upuWd. )'I'ivVsteppVtT out of the clcvaLur lace a UvTtecIivii col ridor. w.mdei eil tovtW' Qyight a dozen yards, then to the left. Surien(y saw the door just ahead. An neat black lettering fore (he words, "Models' Kei-.guiv "InH" Tfiby pushed the door opi-n, ci:-reryd. The room in which she stood was a ratl'r small office, separated from u-Wrgcr one by a railing, jfvirl sat at a3esK h. one cornel (of Hie room. Bchiiul her ininji tW tills, wore rows of Vl.p ionraph.s7The iv was talking u slendei distinguished Uniking man wililgViy hair. j A tlozen chairs slooT. against jihevV-ill at the right. (A man Trful girl jd-'eYo sitting therer llie man readmrf-fl newspaticr. On thi. I, -It ttft4tt' Ih,. vM-itim 1111 0!li cuver fjd -ti kilvi-rtise- mcnls. eacfvi been fastened. A small girl in a black fur coat aid yjfrKhnt came through the -rivtnuirg pate, paused before the serein Toby siippivssed n gasp. was the girl XbrWery same one pictured on the maga.ine cover. ho girl gazed at the photograph, studying it impersonally. Yes, in-iloVto,.-K was the same girl lylooy J'ocamo aware that the girl .iitnesrii'sk was looking at her in- iiuirinuly. The slender man had departed. She said hesitnntlv, "I'd like to see Mr. Blake." "What is vjs; name?" the girl asked wisphlf )) Kvaii--ToStSfyan." "Oh!" The other girl smiled in friendly fashion. You're the girl MSJiatt telephoned about?" (IvWs." Toby hadn't known Mar matt was going to telephone I but she would be eternally mate-! fill to him lor it. "Mr. Blake is busy now." the' girl al the said, "but he'll see ! you l.tter. While you're waiting fjtGcrridof dryness and smartinq-make your skin 1 smooth and sofr'jtn b a a am km "smooinanasorrtcn v let till - & do lit 0 r this Created Earth to oe blessed pants to consider marriage seri-with proper human breeding, likclously prior Clo entering into the breed my' world record towis: utes, and then only in extreme cases. To condemn an unwilling subject would be out of harmony with present soci;(Tittituc, but to permit removal those who havc(a)readyJjeen condemned )by nature to unalleviarJIc anguish with consent of the victim or those responsible for him would certainly be the more humane method. However, h must be agreed thai infgvneral the' better means of at-taijiyug) the problem it ) through tlgcnies and education, rather than via the more dircct'but less shockirOimelhod which Dr. Laugh- lin proposed. He himself suggested tlt. cidyr; Not MeJcy Marshfield, Ore., tAurch 18. A clump of good luck four-leaf clover stuck in his inpeWhe body ot IJearl Albert McCutcWon, C'oos River,, farmer was dragged from thut stream early today by state police. - Discovery of the body ended an all-night search for the man. Mc-Cutehoon drowneo when his car went off a dike road into the adjoining stream. 3 BARBS ' ' AN v tn N-bhlo editorial itugKCsts the nxpnyers nocil a batilo try. At that, tlicy might feel the belter for just nn ordinary cry. In nine years, a ToleiUmn ta en the prolan ut l.vm.ifih) )ilcaiu ;iairf fiiirtmrr? compared tcllhMu- rmml ml ordinary siraignf razor, o Counterfeiters recently were ills-cofftl In Snn Qiitiu. 1ml to iliile no piiHoncra linvo walked Into the wnnlcn's mill nnnouncrd it -'" ... 0 o .Vac irf.vf (i it frf To iiirc a lino JiWyfW-o-jiicniT contract. : .Ideicc for nWnjiiriii! , i nf xciQl'bc-actrcss : "Co Hue West, youny iraian." : n ' ' ' M Is hot too early fur I lie new Japanese premier hi Ix'Rln gi'lllnr, oil good twins with Ills brotliei-lii-law. U r 4" SK. DRIES IN Hv I-. S. Klein l I. IH III "Old Hickory; TVKXT to Jof- ' fcrsun, t h o fiery, twining Andrew .lack-son lias liecn a guiillnK star tor members of the Democratic party. Oppo- , nents nilfiht n memlicr him as the man who V'nrtod tha-iiiineful "spoils system" 'h concert ; WJ'' nsiisnln ilion of President (urn-ld. llnl Jackson's vforililucriMook luyj lilm as arTtetlWooiled exeoti-tlVr who toiichtjli the 'tcvoluilon when lie was oTrfy 111. who i-ruhod the t'reck Indian revolts in Alabama anil (.eorRin anil brought ubout the iiiqiilsition i Florida territory, nml whose victory nt New Orleans was one of the greatest American triumphs over IT reat llrliiiin In the war ot lsf.'. Throughout his presiih n.-y.Arom Si to is:!7, Jaiksons popiiMiity grew as dill that of 1111 filler preM dent nttcr him. Alinct his first art as the seventh presiilent of the United States was illssnlullmi of the V. S. bank. At the same time he took the llrsl steps toward spe cie currency and an independent U. S. treasury. I or Ids courape and hardiness, his tilemls -allcil lilm "Old Hickory." Five .1 Jn- V. S. s t a 111 p s V. S. l?'i-3 An'rrir Jackson li ilht t inlet r picture Andrew Jackson. T .1 r one Isxucd lr l;io:: give- tin (In I cm iI hii bit til llTCT) anil death (ISir.lO to 00. Op one will try to sto(T)iim if he'ants-jtOTuidress theVonven-tion. Hiijjtay-sit tight and reserve comment until afterward. Any such dramatiVgesture as a "walk" from rCie cofWintion hall (would ber&retted by a tremendous raspberry, i private re marks ot practical politicians in a pdsTjion to plant the booing) yfirley l(a)i been bus)ironlifg out various state situations from (which antl - Roosevelt deligajag) tlircjnt'fnejt to emersp. ueatu 01 ex-Governor Ritchie chaifged the situation Jim facetd) in Jtaryland and. .wjilliBgriess of Sntor Walsh nhtl; GoverndS CuSley to sit to- (sejher 0n, 'dj pro-Roosevelt dele-riitliuj1 from Mashusetff) 1 r-i Does he riot??? Should cursed, affected, culprits be rmfldng inroads to divine blessed homes??? (FpiOno other iiujjiiifii lotii uu Lull icrapunu li' this as fraternal as llria submitted for your person al aTlehtj Honorable Judge Daniel C. oumei . ionorahle Judge Daniel C. Burk - nomei-. r fllollcy, Orogtin. w (J xour iciicr 01 januarjyinin was . received. The rush of-business has. prevented my acknowledging and i answeriiS)it sooner. j I thoroughly agree Willi vou in many tot your views. It is my be- again, I am for positively abolish- ing all divorce procedures. Our present day divorce Situation is due to the failure of the partici- married state, fropier mating you every saa. AVAILABLE IN OREGON njjon: j D . you can filoul this . catd. Have you had any exii'icnce (js a modiQ" Tiyb said that AT had not. fUo girl did not, as JVoy had ai:dd, look as though this was a shodginj admission. Instead jshe said, "I'll you know when r. Blake can see you." - ii () ' 'i Toby retired Uy-, the fal sest chair and bgiin to nil in W9 card. She wrote her full nft(i, id)ess and the ephone number al' her romii house. In file fliace oypo-sjte S.e she wrofd "18'', cposita wcigiit', wrote 1 101 pounffi. She 5 '''foot 3 inches toll) Alone size diftf.i()s, foiir-A) shoes, ft atf)tV rtigs, ,1 ti hats und'tf gloves. lions for employment butQsht 'fiaH never sedn such a cartDasthis. Absorbed! by her ,surroundihgs; tllfi (S slipped (by-quiijlcly. lie was startled) when slpj hcaixDher ifaXne called'. "Mi fly an?" ' L. It was 'thy girl at tlfd tehT; Who hnfll .ultoti. (ShrS weiVD on, '(Mi-. Bhijje will see you noV. Go througl), the gale and down the oiTixlorMrs tlie last office on the U'l't." r- TdbV iullovodj instructions. Be fore the last dour on the right she halted. The doiutood open. Toby hesitat-.'d, uncertain whether to kilobit or spenkJ H . ' . ,1, ..1 IV'W nVn "w'dc lok',d "P suc'- j l d put dowll the tatiV he had been reading. "How you do," he said. -. "Did you wfSM to sucNine?" He w.i.V- a broad-shouldered. yiiung (vi)in, wearing a tweed suit. tils nair was oolk orown aim ne l.(it a very sti';(iait nose and a wiuc mouin. tocTi-, lot- a neetaig inoment thought she had met him siinibWhel e. ThaW of course, was impossible. She mlist ( luive seen litfijl though. All ;(l 6nce, she knew. Ilis lhotogia)li Wat was it: one had seen his photograph a dozen limes, advertising a certain make collars. Or was it shirts? -She said quickly, "Are you Mr. aUki-?" rv ' 'Yes." j'Thcn 1 do ant(kys you(j)i looy ttyun v j "Oh, ves. Martv Hiatt sent you oveiCWant to ,(5H a model, do "I'd llkcM tij- if f "COitte in and siVjcKiw-n.' idiistteil a chair nt his vfgll nticed that the card sIHlJI COirie in and siVjeKiwn. I Bllike indiistti'il a chair nt his vfglit. TjAiy noticed that the card slhLfad fill ed out was lving before him. H d out was lying before him. rux ncked it up. glanced at it for 111 nstant. then at the girl. Then lWy ins' tapped the edge of the card againsUhis desk. , "U't'sihave a lookf at sou from the Invalid. "NVwJhe other side now -mai:lit front again." Ho contiiWfl to study her for sever:iW)ioments, intently. "Well,',' he salii ah last, "we may be able to use vVtr: The registration fee is $50 but that comes out ot your earnings. You'll . have fiV-v have uhotomonhs. though. Bolter1 have three full-face, profile mJstand- ing. You can have thcml mn te for Something in tiic girl's stopped him. Toby said. "Oh I Roux Shampoo Tiil graying nair New An OU Ptrm:miMit - - WALKER'S Barber and Beauty Shop Shoe shining in Connection 113 Lyon SL rhone S79R Vsives $0.50 of of I sasssasaaaasssissaisassasMssjsssasssssssasassaaaasasaaaaM IHI'IM "lslslsrasas lssas ssA SM O 0"astc!?he tkh fl-ivor iP feffli always that oMlie choicest ''tiP M?$V81r W'M I Im n wuhiskc :s possTi twvbhitt Wm m lm obtwa. Having tried iWy j ; Pi IM othbtW people tejitrdlng t i(gg Mnt i 1 thrb j fff LAua5 Lou BteaKW TOIIY JiV AN, III, work brliir.d. tha lowelry countci of 11 Ini-fNtMnnliiittan de- imrtment Slit ionea for a' pliuta)'ni)h tf ho uhuiKjh n store ftdverlini-hK-nt iintl M A KTY UIA'IT. the iiioloKril'r. Ut!" Inr mIio hint a ' rnnnrn far.1. Toby Kuca to din no rwith 1)1 llfiANDT wlm worhn in an ailvi-rtiHiilK llfftftiy) A IVw c1yn later Tby Um '.-Jier jolt, ue to the c hem inn of jfiiloua 1AI(BI HALL, nlHO employed in tho jewlery ile-imrtmcnt. O " offorln In find 11 new j in-e rfniiMftii. Mite meetK(MJirty (STlall, le) llli'- tiiKiaplier nnti confikH what 'jvipfk'i)- vu. Hiatt nyn Btuhltinlk. vf know you oiiKlit lo ne Ctxp'reri vii "WelU; said Marty Hiatt, "in the lirSipliiei he's n swell guy. And a friend" of mine. But that fib i.mii. wily i waiiL vuu Li nun. licfUlila ke runs the Model's Lca- rli( Models Lcogue?" TobjM- pealed. "Sure. Haven't you ever Ileal d of it?" She admitted that she hadn't. "'I'lH' Models' League," said iuii. 'lis an agency. It supplies motion? for commercial photographers. You know the pretty girls you see in advertisements inmtws- i.mpi.-ih iiuu iiuigu.iiies.. i'iumgi a-lihers hire their models through in agency, and the Models' Lea gue is one of these. One of the best, loo. Most o( the girls on top the business girls- who make $175 nml $201) (irwif-k) are -registered Iheie." Toby gasped. "A hundred and seventy-live dollars a week! Jusl for having-their pictures taken'.'" Hiatt noildfd. "Yes. and you bet they eaiil noising is hard lortk. Ot coirrc, oViy the toiinouTrers get the high prices. Hut it's a nice Job. 1 think you'd like it." Toby's eyes were round, "llo-xm really think 1 could do v: t!ie asked. 'Of course I do. Didn't ,L tell you those shots 1 made the(jfluT day were swell'."' "But 1 don't know anything about pisuii;." Neithfiriid the ( when they started. You've ijot wluit il takes, kid a camera facjuj I lold you that the other day,(di)irn I? Well, Marty Hiatt never frfosos. II were you, I'd go up and talk to llltike " .-- I'.ll.V ,,,( fr, l.nJ f.w.l --I.-....... ... me a minuter-SIo saiiVT T.hii,v;(s U a public trU'phono at Uh fr the lunch room and Intu it. She deposited a com inniS d(;ikj.l the number ot the eirtfilovim nt igency.. ( Thi- voicce of the woman she had talked to earlier that morrtilTi came over the wire, lnbv bxtrjK ed Hint sjj.e had tailed to ket lie job at -fliRsturo because been toHar;.. "1 m sorry. (he womuu. said. "I w nliaid of that. Will!. Veen 111 touch witlm,. In a riav-rti so there may biVTimethmg. ' 'Hut isn t there anvthim: else 1 can try today? 1 can't ailord to be without work " "1 ni sorry. "TV'ie woman saivK auain. "Tbei-1-tiasi.'iiiD t... msSr now. IVibaps bvKtuy- tifrjtj.f the Toby hui, up rr&?l came back to where It! ill itt waiting anil saicl. ' WclirTm going to take your advice: Where is tins . . . .vv Mr. Blake and how do 1 net there?'' The photoRtaiTL took a card from his piK-ki-fSTTj.. tu. ;. dress on it. It was ,n a building up-town. easily accesible by subway. Toby took tin card.- smiled and brought one hand up in a smart salute. "Okay," she said. ' Never let it be said aOKyan missed an opportunity. I'm oft!" clay 1 as cili i(t for all. 11 - 1 in;, me anil to she 1 tog a' iiT-Kiiu' Il I ty ECHO SPRING STrVpRHTVHISKi;Y-90 PROOF Also Imported U B O N N E T WINE The great FrSnc? aperitif. (18 alcohol by volume.) F&r those delightful DuboniVCOj'ocktails andMan- ears 6 months olJ...anJ fyi tastC its mellow age in golden drop. $1.35 PINT No. U4C hattans. it'JlSchenlev import. URGE BOTTLE .00 No. feCOA t-oprriahl 19.16. IJieoIrT llmribuioft. Inc.", New York QUART $2.65 Resinol M.'A Scukt, Jnc ) (l.)ll.M. o o

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