Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 18, 1936 · Page 3
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 3

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1936
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-H ERALD. ALBANY. OREGON " PAGE THREE ) WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18, 1936 They're RinkStars Now! LATE, COMPLETE NEWS OF NEARBY NEIGHBORHOODS Chas. Crampton, Mr. and Mrs. Edd New Electric Line Keyes; May program Mrs.! George Wilbiij, Mrs. Clarencei Serves 21 HomeS Eagy, Mrs. AWon Keyes. cltMUWi'n1anag7d1r;niOnT;och:1 OakviUe. (Special.)-Rural elec- , S i n?nk Cra wfSd, Henry trification made it possible for 21' H .les and H uold Coon homes on the 1 1,000 volt rural ex- u'lK!' """ "a'c"cl Loon- ; tension electric line extending . A from Shedd to Oakville to have ton, from near Albany and Miss Nora Ashton of Corvallis with a dinner in honor of Mrs. Ashton s birthday anniversary which fell on St. Patrick's day. Dr. Hogan of the Baptist stn;e convention spent Saturday nigln and part of Sunday at the .J. C. Harrison home. He preached Sun-e, morning at the Brownsville til i hit PeoriL Peoria. Harry Ponvr is driving purchased re- Bisls church. In the afternon iCncstur and Vernal Whitney and a new ear thar e cently. J KOAC Radio Program m "Twtisi fjf& Mr. Harrison took him to Albany to meet the stage for Poi iland. electric service beginning Friday. March 13, when representatives of the Mountain States Power company, Albany, completed the project. The line involves six and one-half miles of construction running west from Shedd to the Clair Mc-Cormick farm, south by J. C. Brown and Gerald Workinger to Wednesday. March l.S , Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Abraham drove to Eugene Sunday morning. Mr. Abraham recently returned from Eugene where he was re- Oovering from an infected eyeball, le will need to make more trips to Eugene at intervals to receive Oakville Jn the Campuses; 5:30, , OukU . Mr. and Mrs. Vmer- vespers, led by Rev. inusicro:4D, II. H. Griffis: 6:00, diner concert; n'lfv (IreL'iiii Kntn(vs' Union: . George Willetts, Mpn east to the 0 medical attention Mr. and Mrs. fHe Lamar of Sil-verton visited TSranday afternoon fth his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. son Davis accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis to Juncton City where they attended funeral services for Jumes-Calvert Tuesday. The deceased vLM Mrs. Robert DaxiiTather. IttyB E. J. Clark is recovering from illness thatn kept her confin fT. Lamar. Mr. and Mrs. Eln ( :I0, Farm Hour-WyitO, Things ; Earl Shearer fariVI Seen and Done. Floyd Mullen; L. C. Schraeder, rural service t:45, market and crop reports and i etigineer, conferred with those in-weather forecast; 7:00, Clyde j forested concerning the possibility Walker, "New Developments in ! of securing electric service the first Kum liactois"; 7.iSW. L. Close, 1 of Dcccraiicr. Major construction Kederal-State Iihtion Serv- . began Htj he first of February, ice"; 7:30, Music for the Strings A considerable portion of the (. lura Chapman, Catherine Jordon w01'. was done by ticipants of gjilunson left hoi receipt of iwjier's brother recently ioKansa the news the fi hattClW. They wt rceoccompanied isisterSilOfcai by Mri. Munson's tv ed to her home for over n week. Bruce Bloom and Miss Signa Iui Mr. and Mrs. Jack j)ierwood ,i,l r.,..l Vnim- H-A M,, ,.i.,l IC ""'" '"'Pi"" ' ' i from near Hatfgfc anutgjMr.- and Mrs. William bncarer spent Sun- Affairs "TheTower of One Municipal Corporation to Tax An-1 SWIMMEKSJMLL MEET Members KSrthe local WPA i)ther," Dr. James D. Barnett, head Idiiy at the Earl Shearer home. lOJWilliam Miller is drivng a new of Department of Political Science, ijniversiJJSvf Oregon: 8:05. music; 8:1 -Alexand 5, Wernte a Story car purcitjgyd last week. Among old neighbors attending ; swimming class were notified to-! day that the 0s will meet at 7:30 ' p. m. VRlnesday in the Hostess . ; house, vWh Daphne Wyman in .charge. The class will not go to ! Corvallis that night, Miss Wyman I snift Tonics for discussion nt the er HulL 8:30, Pacific Cmllege; 0:00 U:15, (Mited Press ndfiJI. son, of Albany. They made the trip bg)auto. JJi and Mrs. R. B. Paine. Dickie (ojand JoQn Paine, were in Corvallis Saturday to visit SffrH- Paine's parents, Mr. anw Mrs.- Fred Heinrich and family. Bete Whitaker of South Benton county was a business caller in this vicinity Saturday. , , fSr.- and tire. Glen Shtdlcy of Slicftitat, Wash., drove down on fhure?ay to attend the funeral services of Mrs. Studlcy's nephew, Kenneth Jones. S3rr. end BSrs. Will Dobrinin, Mrs. John Potapoff and daughter, Dorothy, drove to near Silver Creek Palls Saturday where they visited relatives until Monday. & numbor of relatives and ftionds fr8n this vicinity attended -tho funeral of Julius Abraham funeral services for GJDige Coon held in CorvalliiK TueWay were Charles and Elizabeth Barton. Glenn Curtis, Harold and Dale Miller. Mrs. Amanda Stockton accom Thursday, Mare" 1 I meeting will include the questions 0 a. m., HometeH'kers' Hour 0f transportation, registration and ' Wayne and Jane":-10, Music; procurement of the Corvallis pool lo:15. Guarding Ykiu Health; for the new term. Miss Wyman 10:30. Music; itt;45, KOAC School said panied Rev. E.' J. Clark to Albany"! Friday to see her brother. J. L. McBride.f who submitted b an NASAL CATARRH o operation,,"" for the amputation of! lis onlv a moment or so Dei ore Hie lls hockey nlayofi, folks, anil the Misses lnonne. u appears. Iliiallv have minle up their minds which teams thev 11 represent. Villi true womanly logic, they chose the ones with the prettiest suits. As they eagerly await the opening bell, Cecile. left, of the New York Americans, clasps her stick Willi holli luinils as If she. means business The Miinlreal Maroon Marie, gazing ill awe rt sturdy Emilie. the New York Ranger beside her. lindniihiedly is wondering whether it would -not he the better part of valor to concede the game in advance. It her sister-opponents were wise, they'd keep an eve on Annette of Hie Huston Bruins, who seems up to some scheme or other: or on Yvonne ot Toronto, right, the picture of tahy determination. o or the Air 1 NKational Problems, 11:15 The Romance of Words, 11:30 The Story of Music; 11:45, Music; 12, Noon Farm Hour 12:05 News, 12:15 U. S. Forest Service, 12:40, Market and crop reports and weather forecast. 1 p. m., Music; 1:15, World Book Man: 1:20, Music; 1:30, What Educators Are Doing; 1:45, Music; 2:30, llome(Qarden Hour "Roses" Wm.EnScliede, Hillsboro; 2:45, Music; 3, The Club Woman's Half Hour "Romantic Art" Bernard Hinshnw, Associate Professor Art; "hfllfl Saturday afternoon in Al Jibn a few dropt of ViVs Va tro-nol clears clo&ging mucus, reduces swollen membranes, brings comforting relief. bany. " one of his feet at the Albany general hospital Thursday. IS' ') Frances Brown, beuy Macpher-Son, Dale Clark and David Mac-pherson. local Oregon Statei college students, are enjoying semester vacation this weefij A more rapid recovery from a "Bass Helen LeMar and Mrs. Carl Gu"tfHrt taere Eugene Batur-diij) visiting with ft ionds and shop- 10c and J0 VlCK9VATR0R0t " Mr. an tilrs. &. W: Smith of 3:30, Music; 3:45, The Monitor!-Views the News; 4, Musical Stor- ' ies; 4:30, Stories ,for Boys and (J Girls. 5 p. m., On the Campuses; 5:30, 1 SAN DIEGO iiatnt illness than was expected, permitted Yates Sherer to resume his work as a senior member of the CorvHJis high school. Edith Gray, wh.8 has employment at Crabtree. spent the weekend with home tolk. Beryl Pool, from near Shedd. is m:ik-iny an extended visit with her. Corvollis were visiting with their KUi-in-lew and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Taylor. Mr. anfl Mrs. Raymond Slodo and son,- Pranklin, were weekend, guests of relatives. Mr. Mode is employed at the McjJride mill west of Junction City. dohn Patapoff was a business caller in Albany Saturday. C'v " ia. .... -'" r,..t lJ.. 17l..4 TliiltY,.,,, o O Vernus Barker was hostess Jo members of the Young Women1 Missionary society at their March study meeting. SundW afternoon. Organized playgroundball is the Music; 5:45, Vespers Led by Dr. E. J. Harper: 0, Dinner Concert; 0:15, Portland Better Business Bureau "Swindles to Suit"; 6:30, Farm Hour fi:30 Farm Act Infoi-mntionC:45 Market and crop reports nnd weather forecast, 7 H. A. Lindgren-Supplementiil and Native Pastiires Tor Sheep," 7:15 Hop Program; 7:30. Radio Shorthand Contest Prof H. T. Vance; 8, Music of I he Masters; 9-9:15, United Press News. Ash Swale Ash Swale. A large crowd attended the party g-.ven by Mr. and 0 Mrs. H. C. Poland Saturday night, principle- recreation on the grade tchoor ground following close of the basketball season Tuesday of last jveek, when the local boys scored 10 to 8 points in a game in their modern brooder houst Tho Marfason orchestra furnishes the- music. There is to be another O 0L CORTEr OTl tOOND WAT H with the Tangent grade team. Mr. and Mrs. Gale and daughter Veida. Ma.xine Willett, Mr. and 0 SO fans Iwt'll. two ur lhrT nui'ws, anyway I ' MARRIAGE SECRET 13 YHARS , Red Oaks, Jowa. Mr. nnd Mrs. Arthur Frunze have nnnounced ; their marriage, after keeping it a secret 13 years. ThcyOwere married at Maryville, Mo., March I ; IS, H)23, and have since lived with i their parents. Amidst the applanst; as shown nt loft. pin k Mas party. Saturday night, March ii. After that Mr. Poland is having several hundred little O.turks brooded in this building. ' O W''s- George Spaur of Corvallis spent last Monday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Harrison, and. her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and airsV Re.x1 Harrison. (Everyone is invited to- attend lhn. Ash Rwnle Community club Mj A I Ik-pii la-il. ami the nppuMnir centers- Annette nl It. if m .ilt.-awli .,-V lli,,,-,-!,.! Vtl.nn lx.i- MOM M hit; 1 lion nt hoi ke- tmn namt.'iit gets und'T way, ihw lt(rtli and vomic of the loronto sin k -wrons end to' " Alter a cniitn o'thini. hut she tound there was no stopping tho quins. bo Aiinelle ihchhid the nurse) und Marii. riuUt, , Maple Leafs swing into action. Cuiih ctorl .( . ... X' ii i . . t.-Ahv :iu vihinvn : iV- r i Kt: fried' li'i :i 1 1 :i tmlt Mrs. Terhun I came from Tangent to attend the community meeting Friday night. Dale, little son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Windom, is responding favorably to treatment at the A floop siispiciomsecm'nV "i;iL'.n all around .that the Leroux llimfr hide.s. tlui pin k. waUh clvur.Ift vliilo Y'onne(.H)i is the nurse's iinircr And just in case the pink slnmld he there. Iteierce Leiuux had better leave the rink in a Ki'at hurry, bec-agse Kmilio apparently is all radv to let h"r slick l!v Doernbecher hospital, o 'FortlaOH. deuce. Mr. nd Mrs. St. John, who garage is now located. Mary nt- rival Onions that led to bloodshed Oregon Slate college. Gordon live in the Greenback district, ex-! tended the Jeffoison school and at thevfcrown-Willamette logging Shearer gave a violin solo accom- Uuiit bh Postponed 01 ow pauied l)y Mjs. Terhune of Tanent. Pliday night, March 20. MrDC'rowe say the parents who visited the is putting on the program which five mon' old baby a lew days promises to be good. Ladies please ago. bring sandwiches or cake. Hector Maopjierson, local mem-Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clendenen ber of a Corvallis high school de-and children, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle bating team, with Howard Holt, (Tucker-and Leo Clendenen, jr.. won a unanimous decision in. a arVC 10 thl"r akVil,C uht SChOI)1 in S",hcm 'e- I Xua&n in Seaside was Pupils of the upper grade class-:8"- August 18. 1873 she was mm'- j repm.u.d as sim tens altlicugh "Bachelors League'' a comedy in one act was played uy -Kenneth police kept a win guard , Cale, Richard Peterson, Marvin es directed by Paul Beight, .teach- . ed to Hugh l;oy pioneer north- state Due to Spring Opeftiftg Our Qilfii Show Will begin oh MareB 20 the town. Fightim: between Crawford. Grant Lindsay and cr :iti ModiiiniDi' n :ins lor n.ll- ." ..... ... ,,Vv, last , Sunday debate vim; the Independence drove to Tidewater : .u.,i,, I,.,,., mance began while h mance began while he was stop- children of members of the rival Richard Stockton. team last week. The question con- and spent the day t in-, and Mrs. George Harrison (turned adoption of a state system o o Committees announced by Dick Davis, vice president, who presided included: April program, Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Froman, Mr. and PENNEYS and son. Jimmy, have moved into , of medicine. mnnira -mrl voc ii numbers at-the P'nK at thc n""'' wncn ne was unions was broken up there yes monica and ouil niraoeis in. building of the terdav bv state police. music festival to be iichl at RiVw- , j f f , n , ' 0 side.May 1 1 he program is l emS I889 ;,.v movcd , Seattle.' Her I sponsored by the rurl schols ,vt lu,sb.11Ki' djl,d M,Veral years ago. MiA Give ProqrOITI the Western I. inn Cduntv lcachcr. ,.L. : i i... j..i. '"t!" vi.v Gardening' is claiming 3ts share the Rose Hawley property m Mrs G. Pugh, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and MYs. Mr. and Mrs. of interest in farm activities. Potatoes and hardy varieties of tables are being planned, Some gardens are showing peas and group of which Mr. Beight is vk.,,,,;;;; ' : , For Ookvilte Club ?XW:J' North Brownsville and George i working for his father-in-law. II W. Mallow, on the Stanaid place George's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F- president. Mi VrtllU n I'nvtWI Solll... nnn uvoi a. .i.uiw, U ') Prof. .Orson White of Forest Grove attended morning chtircli E. Harrison, have moved from onions ready to cultivate. I sister. Mrs. Estelle J. Alexander! . of Jefferson, and one brother, Fred1, Oakville. Special) A capac-n W;,iio,- .,f Tnlrrin .v audience heard what is being services at Oakville Sunday. I 7, commended as a ni ouram of merit Brush Creek. back onto the home ; The construction of one of the ranch and are starting farming. most modern homes, in the vicin-On Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Johr, ity is practically completed on the Whitaker entertained Mrs. Whit- Ira St. John Property. Electrically akei's parents. Mr. and Mis. Char- equipped with modern conveni-les Ashton, r.nd sister. Hael: Ash- 'ences is a feature of the new resi- . . ii. . . a presented bv local talent (it the an- More CoiOplOintS Are . mu.l mens meeting, Kriris night. Filed in Woods Row G. H. Brown, program chairman. rnea in rrouas nowann( lho 10,..,m foliowing Jefferson Pioneer Buried ot Seattle (I f7; that diffemti III tltH-F r1 M M TYrnon4v I ' A Coat of Arms & ammui Answer to Previous Puzzle. S A I IN It I P AT Iff Tl CiK . . ;: : a community sing led by M. S. Jefferson. (Special.) Mrs. Es- i Astoria. Ore., March 18. With Coon. Thc grade school boys pre- telle J. Alexander received word a total of 4!) men arrested so far sented a farce in one act entitled from Seattle. Wash., of the death in the Clatsop county lumber "Bills." Characters were Charles of her sister, Mr.s. Mary L. B. Foy. union war. District Attorney Wil- Lamb. Donald Stockton and Ells-Sunday afternurin. March 9, iftej-is West reported progress today ' worth Gunderson. Piano selections a long illness. Funwu'l srt'ic!i their prosecution. were played by Melvin William- were held in Seattle Tuesday af- Six more complaints were fifed son. Questions concerning adop-ternoon and burial iiOlhe familv in justice court, making a toU.I of lion of a state system of medicine plot. Mary Walter was born 84134 so far, Nine of tne men pro-' was debated by Yates Sherer and years ago in a covered wagon as 1 viously charged were arraigned Hector Macpherson. Jr., two mem-it .was enrnute from Iowa to the today, pleading not guilty to riot ners of the Corvallis high school Oregon Territory. charges. rioijiiting teams who have won a Hit parents, italph and Kather-j An attempt by counsel to free nigger of decisions during the ine Walter, were resid'-nts of Jof- six of the men, all of whom are year. Music, male quartet; vocal ferson, moving to town after tak- identified with the Timber Work- solo, Ellsworth Gunuerson: reading a donation land claim north crs' Union, failed today in justice ing, Clarence F.agy; vocal solo, of town which is now owned bv court. Larry Walker. An oration entitled W. F. Hart. The family conduct- j West said the grand jury will "Fifty Million People May Be ed a hotel for a number of years meet in a day or two to bijJBkjn-; Wrong" by David Macpherson, a on the trat where Knight Bros. 1 vestigating the quarrel byjj)'n member of the oratory squad at G o- set Moravian Barley for rich, p airItda b a s eHfMLl 5 EEJDUJH L n I. nJiHom. t R EDE PTE n t a t e DHOG AtoORTt rkmr H E.:N m: sun p7k HEAiete rtjfe t v1 (Tn kbp yjans l PIAIBIAIT E dBrIy iosds i l uIrie snsiEXZ tja k The a sTeIp nslE 11 ip ll Iftll Is !H Is'HlA'rlTldlC K S HORIZONTAL. 1 South American country's coat of arms. 9 President of . this country. 14 Fool. 15 Smell. 17 To drip. IS Flying ' mammal 19 To decrease. 20 Measure. 22 Shower. 24 Tidy. 27 Pains. 20 Tiny mH full body. . ; the subtle tang of th) 0 13 All right. 16 Form of "be." 21 : raising Is an Important Industry here. 23 Maintains: 25 Prayers. 20 Refunds. 28 Angler's basket, 2!) Metal joint. 31 Theater pathway. 32 To daub. 3S Card game. ) 40 Margin fof action. 44 Soft twi'l. 43'Alver mud. ' 46 Ale,,; (vW Onuger " -IS StritKi falirlc. Pistol" Sii Conjunct iun. r.2 Inlet. 54 Wrath. So CoiirtesitJiljS fill PnsseHe.". 48 Seaweed. A KRTK'AL 61 Capital of tills ) 1 Dye. vegetabMiTJ 2 To steal. LAtlcmpts. choicest hops for zestfumess .... melloVed by months of careful ageing- combined by Bohem-(jjn brewing skill to create that different flw3) which has made Bohemian Club the choice of dis- K :J)ro nreen. fx. lOcean. count,j) - Buenos iDJJOesire. TfTo butt. .IS Handles. 59 Melody. 60 Mountains In this countfyj 60ailor. , 62 Those fljo) dye. 2 C.azelle. (f Ulght tdentr. .8 Atikles. "-((i 'Vo press. v" At ns time,') VpraycV- QjOvercoati( TiTo obsei 12 l.icht UrnTwi. Uijfl'ermanent. 29 To alleviate. 41 To choose by ballot. 42 Ogles. 43 Snakes. criminating bedrinkers.' 46 Vile Sm.D(f, 'l EVERY CONVENIENT SIZiTgLASS CONTAINER Hi AT A pfilCP5 7J ? CD TP ytu Can- Y'Wpf It hi the old-fathioned late men like in whuv f SjSS .. .... ! t Vv V'. H '45 PRIVATE BLEND key. And it full 90 proof in strength. It tte TO V'.Sti -J. fb, PER food .tr.ight. It mi... well in hifhb.ll. and MRj'is SOE m'T, ) cockuiU. And it tell, t a price jrou can afford. TVlSii' ' rffftRRto BLCHO iJf)iiiugmMiiti 7 a 7 io 1 id it 1? - " 7" 0 "ie T""M & JS so ' '-- '--' 1 L 50 M 1 JKfr. yy Vtg JJ " Us I M 4i I lie '.7 ' mmm .m- i 4e 4cj w . 4 5i M t? ; 3 te. ; -i. B E T. Pw e DOIIDML ffKEWEMES ! INC. SrOKANE "BOISE o i ! II

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