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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 1

Albany, Oregon
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Wednesday, March 18, 1936
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8 o o FULL LEASED WIRE TWO SECTIONS TODAY b United PrM Service 14 PAGES o .(Complete County, Stl?e, Nation-mraod World News the day it happens Serving all Lino County. SECTION 1 W-V'fl & o o The Albany Herald, Vol. LXI, No. 202 The Alba Hemocrat-Herald, Vol. LXIX, No. 212 C5 ALBANY, LINN COUNTY, OREGON, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18, 1936 8 MRS. G. B. S. WINS BABY TAKE WESTERN COMMANDS o " DAM BREAKS SENDS WATER LOCARNO GROUP FAIL TO REACH STAND ACCORD SIM 0010 ASKED dF-D SP1G0HG PLANNED 7:30 FRIDAY EVENING i DN JOHNSTOWN ; Slpi 1 J . 'xtgr n.& - J , 1 JFl? I K x Jr' J ' jew i ton L& M, m Estimates Relief Cost for Year Will Amount to $3,500,000,000 GEN. GEOKGE S. SIMONDS NO NONPUBLIC WORK President Declares Cut in Aid Spending Up to Private Industry O Washington, March 18. Presi-' dent Roosevelt today asked congress to appropriate $1,500,000.01)0 to continue the works progress administration for another year. President Roosevelt estimated that this sum would be sufficient (J) to care for the destitute unemployed together with $1,000,000,UUO in unexpended previous appropriations and the $600,000,000 carried in the budget for the civilian conservation corps and various public works. Up to Private Industry Limtation of federal relief expenditures to this figure, however, is dependent upon re-employment of substantial numbers ot the idle by private industry, the president said. "The ultimate cost of the federal works progress," he presiue.i: said, "will oe detejnincd by pii-vate enterprise. Federal assistance which arose as n result of industrial disemployment can be terminated u uiuusuy itself removes tne underlying conditions." As the preside .it's message vas GKN. HENRY . t'LAGGETT Two new generals have been named command. Maj. Gen. Gcoijic S. Simonds, (right), deputy chu t of the War Department General Staff, oral of the Ninth Corps area, with has Brig. Gen. Henry B. Claggett (left) has assumed command of the First Wing. Kcnerai headquarters air force, with headquarters at March Field. Riverside, Calif. Sun Cultists Get Salem Trip Plan Window Unveiling to Start Big Night for Albany THREE BANDS TO PLAY Great Crowd Expected to Throng City During Annual Event A colorful and tuneful spring opening is promised Albany Friday night. Displav windows will show all the shades and tints decreed for spring merchandise against specially designed backgrounds. From the streets will come the music of three aggregations, the Corvallis drum corps, the Albany high school band and the Schnicklefntz Symphonists. :, All three of these groups of musicians are known to Albany crowds by their performances on past occasions. The Corvallis men with their snappy, martial airs and equally snappy uniforms always please. The high school band, under the direction of Loren Luper. is rated as one of the best high school bands of the state. And the Schnieklefritz Symphonists com posed of picked piccolo pluckers under the direction of Ed Chandler, are specialists in "renditions." Unveiling at 7:30 Friday night's festivities will start at 7:30 o'clock with the unveiling ot windows for inspection by the throng expected from Albany End its trade territory. Judg ing of the displays will be started shortly after the unveiling by a committee of out of town judges. Several well-known Albany men will don clown .makeup and help the crowd enjoy he affair by j throwing out large quantities of (confetti and serpentine, lending a IMardi Gras -atmosphere - to the .celebration." I This years spring opening is bc-j ing handled by the merchants cooperating with the Lions club, i Plans for Friday night were re-! ported Tuesday night by Kio j Birchficld, general chairman, at : the regular meeting of the club at ithe Monarch cafe. Guests at the i meeting were Russell Bussard, i president of the Klamath Falls I den. President Matt Mathes and i Jack Scoville of the Corvallis den, and Roy Kyle of Albany. MISSION GROUPS TO HOLD ONE DAY PARLEY THURSDAY A one sored by day convention, sp 4- .mj- I'piinmiun, a the Oregon State For Suicide Try, Nude Parade Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Burgess I said. Forthwith Burgess disrobed of San Francisco are at the Oregon jnnd his wife followed suit, to the state hospital for the insane at Sa- j amazement of the spectators, and lem today for observation, follow- the woman handed some rings to a ing their self-asserted suicide at-'youthful bystander with the re-tcmut on the Hollev-Sweet Home nviik " won't need these any road late yesterday under guidance of the "sun-god " whose proteges they claimed to be. both entirely nude. The two were picked up on the Officer Rodman picked up the Holley-Brownsville road a milej Burgess wardrobe and started In west of Holley by State Police OM'jivrrait of the odd pair. When he ficer T. R. Rodman, who found overtook them Burgess was wear-them trudging along stark naked ing a small coat and his wife a excepting for coats which scantily cloak which they had secured from hid their bodies. astonished spectators who had First word of the odd pair was gathered along the roadway. The telephoned by Ernest Malone. I coats had been donated when Bur-farmer living between Holley and gess complained of being cold, the Sweet Home, to (Jllicer Hodman aiiOinccr learned. Lebanon. Malone said that while he was plowing nearby he saw a 1029 Lincoln coupe rush madly alorlg the road and overturn. Officer Rodman auicHv reached lood Returns After City Has Brief Respite From River "r MENACE MANY CITIES Red Cross Dispatches Aid to Stricken Sections -Through East . ' New York, March 18. A terse. dramaticwiccount of the breaking of a dartPin Johnstown, , Po., was given today by an amateur wire less operator who remainea av njs key in the flood-stricken city until authorities ordered him- to tho safety of higher ground. ' : Gerald Coleman, a member or. the naval reserve, who operates station W8FRC, in a message picked up by Walter B. Martin, Phila delphia radio amateur, taia ing Bethlehem dam, one oi two h Johnstown, burst this afternoon, eleasmg tons of water on tne ai-eady devastated city. . " . AU Flee City The National Broadcasting com pany, whore engineers at joons-town previously reported the dam had broken and said they were fleeing to safety, also contacted Coleman. ' The Bethlehem Steel company dnm is broken, Coleman said. "The city is ruined. The flood waters are creepi along two blocks away and rising rapidly. It will be necessary to vacate the house. When is restored,. I will be back on the air but it is necossiifj; that I leave the house here. Police and firemen and everybody else W8FRC is- leaving." . ', () That was the last heard irom Mm,.,..., ... .. ...... ... . ' .. '' Two Known Dead Johnstown, Pa., March 18. ' Flood waters, which caused an estimated damage of $36,000,000 and made at least 2,000 persons homeless hero, receded today. Officials considered the ques tions of establishing miltary and sanitary control to check the threat of looting and disease. The known death toll stood ac two although authorities feajed this figure jjight be increased when a survey of flooded buildings is completed. One of the victims was F. W. Buchanan, 50, prominent sportsman and authority on, wildlife, who was swept away by 'the swirling waters. Many Cities Menaced Washington, March 18. The Ameiican Red Cross sped aid to day to scores of cities and towns (Plcue Turn to Paffe Two) LEBANON ROBBERY SERIES CLEARED BY CONFESSION OF BOY (iJlystery surrounding a scries of Lebanon robberies that took place February 21 and at other times) recently was cleared up by Statu Police Officer T. R. Rodman and City Marshal Shasta Arnet at Lebanon last night with the arrest of Stanley Lorraine Sears, 16, who confessed, according to Vk officers. Sears was taken before Juvenile Judge J. J. Barrett today and was sentenced to a term in the state industrial school. According to the officers the yuQi admitted breaking into a safe in the rear of the office fjf Urs. J.' C. Booth and N. E. Irvhle February 21, and of taking cash, totaling $278 besides valuable papers. The officers procured $2J16 of the cash but the boy had burned the papers, which included $100 in travelers' checks. Other thefts and attempted rob- icries admitted by the boy, tho fleers said, included attempts to burglarize the Jones Feed store and Modern Cleaners' establishments and burglary of the Whitman apartments, where he took field glasses,, cigaret cases and miscellawSsus articles. - ' '' -The sAfc'was an old one wk&h yielded readily since only IheWt-ntr door, encased in a wooden frame, was locked, Officer Rodman said. - State Gas Taxes Drop in February Salem, Ore., March 18. For the first time in eight months the state's Income from gasoline taxes dropped last month. Secretary of State Snell reported today. Revenue last month was S5S3,-042.32, a drop of $63,998.95 from January. Bad weather was blamed for sales of gasoline dopping from 12,360,825 gallons in January to 11,060,845 in February. Eden Asks That Council Brand Germany as Pact Breaker GERMANS TO ATTEND League Sanctions May Be Bar to Cooperation From Italians London, March 18. Captain An thony Eden, Britsh foreign secre tary, urged the league council to day to declare Germany n treaty violator and to notiry the signatories of the Locarno treaty to that effect. Eden rc-allirmed his previous declaration that Germany had violated both tho Versailles and Locarno treaties. , The heads of .the Locarno powers, just before the council met adjourned their meeting until Hi p. m. Joseph Paul-Boncour ol France said "no full accord" had yet been reached. The league secretariat officially informed members of the counci that it is intended for the council to vote on the resolution finding Germany guilty of treaty violation in the presence of the German delegates. Italy Ready nut Stanley Bruce of Australia, president of the council, conferred twice with Dr. Leopold von Hoesch, German ambassador, and Germany agreed to attend the meeting. Dino Grand!, Italian ambassa dor, told the council Italy is ready to fulfill her obligations under the Locarno treaty, but hinted that entinuod sanctiou-s against lluly might prevent it. Gonzulo Zaldumblde, EcunV' can delegate, was absent fromThc council session. His governiruen instructed him not to attend, pre sumably to avoid voting against Germany. Eden s speech to the council lasted less than, ten minutes. H promised tnal tlie British gov ernment wouldnlay a full part in the necessaryQecoiistruction of western European peace. PHILOMATH MAN CRITICALLY HURT CRASHING TRAIN William H. Zeal, about 55, of Philomath, is In a critical condi tion at the Albany general hos pilal at the result of injuries he received last night when he drove his truck into the lender of-norlh bound Southern Pacific pi(sainger train No. 8 the Shasta Limited, at a railway crossing in Shedd. Zeal was reputedly en route to the Thompson mill cast of Shedd and had turned into the mill road at Shedd without observing the approach of the train, which was traveling at the rate of 50 miles an hour. ( ) The driver suffered a fractured skull, several broken ribs, and possible internal injuries. He was brought UiJmc hospital in the city ambulance. The engine crew observed the crash and stopped the tram. Thi engine tender showed marks the collision but was not dam aged. Tlie truck was demolished African Native Life Deibed in Chapel Livcsnd habits ot natives tne Cameron district, West rica, were depicted by Ernest ."VTS scr, relumed Presbyterian missionary, in the Albany college chapel this morning. Moser. a graduate of Oregon Slate college in 1920, exhibited miniature displays of African villages, and entertained the student body with numerous trinkets and articles, brought by him from the heart of the jungles. Outstanding in his collection is the skin of a reptile, approximately twenty feel in length, a leopard skin, aitf5)lhc hide of u monkey. ? Moser, who is onf2Jrlough for a year said that the uveragtfT: Vn fall in the Caifon districtSs 3' Icet annually. a:ii --ti lUllbC TT III UII New Class to Army Oi.rrh lit - ance s Soulier are cessarv to oops onie German insufficient and it call fresh classes 11 colors. General Louis FeJix rsgi war n.ini!0', reportiS q t'omnussion tonight. Mi'(g)in also urged IhiWaW possible conscripts on reserve have the customary training period of thiec weeks as soon as possible in ensuing months. the scene where Malone told him Lebanon. Neither of the two would he had noticed the car cruise back at that time answer questions or and forth near his place and final-I in any way explain their actions, ly slop. Then, the farmer said, it j save that Burgess kept talking was driven some distance away (about the sun and its supreme from the point where it had halted i power over man. and rushed back at the rate of 70 The officer took the two to Dr. or 80 miles an hour, finally careen- !n. E. Irvine at Lebanon for examine, turning over three-times and , inatinn, meanwhile meeting Stale V'ngfiffhing into ine road oanK, ievei- IfirfJ. telephone pole en route. filling into the road OanK, level - l Burgess exlricaled nimsen aim minor cuts -ana onuses, our mai then with the aid of Malone andjlheir feet, especially the woman's, others who gathered around thoi were badly lacerated by rocks. wreck rescued Mrs. Burgess, who was pinned under the car, Malone I (Pl.n.p Turn tn I'ak-i- 'IVnl by tlie Army for Far West high been named commanding gen headquarters at San Francisco. ; more," the farmer related. Then i the proceeded afoot toward llolley, Mr. and Mrs. Burgess both re sumed their clothing without protest, the officer reported today, and willingly entered his car, in ; which they were taken by him to ;v7inccr wimers. i ne pii.vsn.uiu I found the pair had suffered only ;Uiiiccr .winters, i lie pnysiciiui ; City Bus Route Is Changed Wednesday j Ilc-routing (of) the city bus will 'lake effect today with changes being made in the east side of the city. In the future the bus will turn south on Pine street at the terminus of the east route, and will proceed to Eighth, where it will run west to Madison. On Madison it will givnorth KTVourlh i .... i.- i. .y.. 4i. iTi,,.-!.....-,.- and on 1111. 1 111V uulll.. section, i The route utilized four is the same as that years ago bv H. O. Roosevelt, Garner To File in Oregon Portland, Ore.. March 18. President Roosevelt and Vice-President Garner will be candi-(Ljj'H for the democratic nonuna-iQ)s for president and vice president, respectively, in the Oregon preferential primary in May, Carl Secretary of St.v Earl Snell fur filing. V REV. COlXTEIt f0;.hO The regular weekly meeting of the Albany Townsend club helo in the McDowell building last -ning was attended() a cipuc O audience and reported as a. j successful meeting. The )'aK.r, Rev. E. E. Coulter of Cottage tlie American people, spoke for almost two hours on questions ulfi-g portance relating to the townsend-movement. A brief program v&s also featured in addition to .e address. William B.-irton, president ;of the club presided. ".luogtr 1 "ci even so run doors to keep my baby!" that plea of pretty Junnlta Dorp. 19, shown above with her son. Gpnree Marshall Borg. Jr.. 15 months, vas effective In Chicago court. She won custody of the4 child from George W. Borg. her mil-lionotr? father-in la w and lor-mer guardian of the baby Mrs. Bore had sued her 21-year-old husband for separate maintenance. THEATER NEED "The eighth annual "joint meeting of the Business and Professional Women's club and the Albany chamber of commerce was held this noon at the Albany hotel directed by officers of the women's club. Miss Amy Ross, president of the club said that there were 22 clubs in Oregon with more than a 1000 members and in the United States 1400 clubs and ap proximately 60.000 members. Miss Emma SummcrficO'hair-man of the program committee, introduced the speaker, Mrs. Ot-tilie Seyboit, head of the drama department of the sta university who took as her subject the "Tributary Theater," as a factor in the cducationT)nnd social life of the slate and nation. The speaker spoke at length on the growth and various phases of the theater of the past, leading up to the present. The professional traveling troop of years ago, in the smaller towns and cities, is a thing ol the past, giving way to community organizations such as the Pasadena group of more than 20 years aclivity and many smaller organizations. The schools Jul iuum inivi e."in u 111 ,11 Ullltllll. work in conjunction with their regular school work were explained as very essential. "Doing the things we like to do," in other words, finding ourselves as it were, was given as an important factor in organization work of any proper kind. Participating in something of community interest tPlease Turn to I'wre Two) From the Headlines By Deacon Richmond "Woman Observes Ninety-Fourth Birthday" She was born in old Kentucky) in eighteen hundred forty-two. and we'll bet that she waaTvlucky and had many ; things )do, for her folks went pioneering into Kansas, when 'twas wild and the James boys were "careeri'.g" and she was just a little child. Then she saw the country shattered, in the throes of Civl War: saw old Kansas bruised and battered, knew what it was "bleeding" for. When at last the war was finished and siie had becsie a wife she. with ardor (undiminished, sought the pioneering life: moved aain o'er plains and mountains to the glorious golden west: by Willamette's crystal fountains, found tne Oregon country- je is l .al'-ce J SP-'stion otOe passing fegitUVc year-. youth depends on good dig'Jl t:on and'iiii Conquering J one's fcar.-.f-l ir one's thoughts may stay cfuite f$ uthful and the eyes remain as bright, though the body's no so u:-0 ful and the - hair Is amffl white, if on" lives wQJ.ovy) resentment i keeps giving more and more, one can have a rea! contentment thoughts age is ninety-four. IT on ve wiM ii a thousand uixl uin jm-tun-tt ot htnvhiskiTt'rt (icntKC IttTiKii d Shaw, inuit'ri Irish dnunutist. Wi'll, meet tho missus! Anil take a nooil look, because a picturo of Mrs.-.C. It. S. is KoniHhing rare, she having been orlipsril by her noted spouse siiHO their marriage in JSHS. Since then, slu has quietly been inking care of him, while ho has been taking euro ot the headlines. T HELD NEARER Salem, 0)re March 18. Tem perance, one of the chief goals of the Knox law. Is being attained, the Oregon Liquor Control commission advised Governor Martin today, in its annual report. 'Consumption of wine and beer inrtBwiscd during 1035, and if that trefrtl continues it is not too much to hope that consumption of hard liquors will drop," the commission said. "The commission attributes its !)35 increased sales rather to de cline of illicit-dealer patronage than to Increased individual con sumption." Chairman Arthur K. McMahan of Albany, and Commissioners fames D. Hums, Condon, and Stanley G. Jewett, Portland, said llicy considered their most m( portant task was "to supply the demand for alcoholic beverages without encouraging increased consumption of them. w Uootlegging has been made so unprofitable it has almost been wiped out, the report declared. "In addition to law enforcemen the commission policies hu placed an economic handicap)!! tho illicit trade, thc-jinnual state merit continued. v5jiese policies have been lnrfpjy instrumental curbing bootirgging operations. Earning of profits in the opinion of the commission is secondary. and the lower prices of the 1935 dropping whiskey marwPV)were re-fleeted in immediate rrlail price reductions. Qv "While tax-unpaid sKiuors always undersell legal products, the competition of lower lj at state stores and aueneies frn a similar drop in bootleg goods, I he profit marmn for the boot logger now is Jrow lhat returns scarcely jiistify'M'ie risk. ; "Lower prices perhaps would have further discouraged the boot. logger but the commission bclicvci that too great reductions would In crease consumption and seriously impair funds available for unenv ployment relief. preacher don't come to much. We ain't ornery enoilgii to need savin, ana we don't give enough to be important members." (Copyright, 1131, Publuh.n Srndiau) mm. A I INT UPT 9 mm DogS Bite Sends Woman to Hospital Lebanon, March" 18. (Special) Mrs. J. B. Keebler was brought here Tuesday afternoon from the home of Mrs. Gladys Burkhart in the Tennessee district to be treated for severe lacerations on her right leg just above the ankle, inflicted bv n large dog belonging to Mrs. uurKiiail. r Mrs. Kccbii'i" was vfsitin ' at the Burkhart home, and was entering he Kecbier car when she accident- ..n .-(,.,,, ,im,M a ismsill terrier, presented, Speaker Joseph W. Lyrns revealed Mr. Roosevelt had aavised his leaders any inc.ease in tne appropriation over his estimate musi be accompanied by new taxes to provide revenues to cover tite added cost. All for WPA Mr. Roosevelt said relief '.expenditures in HlTC ' present " fiscal year would appioximate $3,500,-UUO.000. His budget, he said, contemplated expenditure ol an amount roughly equal to that during tne 1937 year. "An appropriation in this amount would be within the limit set by the budget message," he said, "and would in etfect provide lor the third successive year a reduction in the dencit." On this basis, he said, he would be jusliiied m requesting a straight WPA appropriation oi SJ OOO.OUO.OUO. Oi "1 am, however, not asking this congress to appropriate $,000,-000,000," he said. "1 am asking only for an appropriation of $1,500,000,000 to the, works progress administration. It will be their responsiblny to provide work lor the destitute unemployed." The president made it cl'.Sir that the whole of the appropriation should go to me wonts progress ( IMoapp Turn to I'aitr MOTHER NATURE LEADS LIL' RED O BREASTS ASTRAY Yakima, Wash., March 18 -'Tis spring. The robins have returned to Washington's lush Yakima valley, the sap is flowing in the apple trees, and so is the applejack. Swanson, orcnardist, became perplexed at the uncommonly queer antics of the red-bicasted seasonal harbingers chirping among his apple trees, so he investigated. He watched robins fly into the trees, then flit eratically hie out again, only to return. in shrivelled, laded apples, ruined for commercial purposes by last winter's rigorous cold, but still clinging to the trees, he lound the answer. With tne .return 01 warm weather, their juice has undergone a chemical change. They arc loaded with applejack. Risley and Large Seek County Posts o Two m(irj) candidacies for county offices were filed today with County Clerk Russell. W. S. Risley filed notice of his aspirations to the republican nomination to the office of county judge in the May primaries, asking that the statement following his name on the ballot read: "For Best Interests of my County; Townscnd plan 100 per cent.' Cl W. T.nr0p of Rrnwnsvilln filrrt as candidate for county romm-Q MVJIIl'l 111 ULlllUViailL yi t- Qaries. employing the slogan: 'air Treatment to AllO 100 per ant for the Townsend plan." p) ' HOME FROM SEATTLE Mrs. Del Alexander has returned from Seattle, Wash., where she was called by the death and burial of her uncle, George Keating. j which also belongs to Mrs. Bulk- Hamlin, who recently purchased hart. The large dog leaped at Mrstht; bus again. Keebler and bit' her before , she . : ; sionary society and the Women's Board of the United Christian Mis sionary society, will be held Thursday in the Albany Church of Christ, it was announced today by Rev. Virgil F. Halberg, pastor of the church. The meeting, he explained, will not bo a strictly missionary affair but will cover tho entig? pfygrtim of the church. The general theme for the day is taken from Romans 1, IS. "So as much as in mo is"; "I am ready" "To preach the gospel." The opening session will begin at 10 o'clock a.m. with opening song service and devotional. Morning theme, "Our Objective To Preach the Gospel." The program will include addresses:, "Preaching Locally," by a local pastor; "Preaching in the State. C. F. Swander; "Preaching in the Home Land," Mrs. M. L. Sanders; "Preaching in All Lands," Mrs. C. F. Shoe maker. Recess and luncheon ati 12:00. s-s . AfternoonVession, 1:30: sonj service: meine, uur muiuae ro-ward The Task I Art? Ready.", "Training Preachers," Qirgil (t). Halbig; "RcligiouSrf.ducalion,"X.. F. Swander; "LcVrship Training," member of the teja; "Missionary Education" El. Wit. Day (Mrs.) Address by a missionary; recess: dinner in the church basement at 6:30. Evening program. 730. Special song: theme, "As Much in Me is." Summary of the day, by the chairman. Address, by a missionary. Closing worship service conducted by the local young people. Rural Road Survey0 To Start April Salem. Ore.. March 18. A survey of Oregon's rural highways to formulate a long-range highway program will be started on April 1. It. H. Baldock. state highway engineer, said today. The projeH will employ 2TjO men. with 'fjWedoral government providing $iSu,000 and the state S50.000. The study will selila st-wide highway system, with all improvements planned as to priority for the next 20 years. Present conditions of highways will lc noted, along with the cost of improvements necessary for maximum use. could protect herself. C-'Te injured v;oman was treated wU anti-rubies serum whirr, was rushed from Poiltind, and the dog which attacked (Qi under observation. Henry Stewart to Hcad Demofay Group IS , ,G. Donaugh, Oregon stale demo-Henry Stewart was ' CTaMC committeeman, announced master councilor of Takena Chap- today. tcr No. 796, Order of LeMolay, at Ltonaugh received the applica-a meeting of the organization on t tions from both today and will Tuesday evening of this week, forward them immediately to Earl Fortmillcr was iO'-ri .,enior councillor and Kenti Biv.dh y, junior councilor. These officers, together with the appointive olli-cers, will be installed in a public ceremony early in April. At the same meeting the De- Molay degiee was conferred on Bob Deverell and Bob Ljnce bc-foie a large group of Masoiii. GOES TO CAMFOKMA Grove, a deep student of economic Marjorie Kamph today left foioand moral questions Omf routing San Dic"o and Los Angeles, Cal on a pleasure, trip in company with aunt anad unck' Mr. and Mrs. CTO. Wostland, JOI with Mrs. A. Westland ail JPorlland. They will retin v the ct highway. O O

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