Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 17, 1936 · Page 6
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 6

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1936
Page 6
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f THE- ACB'ANY D EM 0 C R A T -H E R A T D,' A L" B A R Y," 0 R E G 0 FI TUESDAY, MARCH 171936 f PAGE SIX Priceless Mirror on Way Wpst I University of Oregon; 8:05, music; .8 :15. We Write a Story Alexander Hull; 8:30, Pacific College; 9:00-9:15, United Press news. BY ART KRENZ KOAC Radio Program in ixiis Corner "WW. OAKS DEBATE DROPPING OUT STATE LEAGUE 16 TEAMS WAIT I START OF BIG v HOOPTOURNEY L-pi fnff jjp'-.' Tjs v I Tuesday, March 17 , 5 tj, rn.. On the Campuses: 5:30,: Mu5ir.ft:45, Vespers Led by Dr. I iJ. b. Burns; 0. Dinner Concert;! ! 6:3U. Farm Hour 6:30 The Ag I Club. 6:45 Market and crop reports I and weather forecast. 7: D. C. Smith "Preparation and Planting of Corn." 7:15 I. R. Jones "The Management of Earlv Spring Pas- i lures for Dairy Cattle"; 7:30, The ; fs I DICK - o ; W-fe SjSM , .,vt-v X&wr " c ! Citizen and His School "Training ; Walter Winters. I for Hon:emaking in High School"; The youths were finally con- Miss Bertha Kohlhagen, State qUered and taken into custodv, (Supervisor of Home Economics witll Citv Officer Clav Kirk final-I Education; 8. Musicale; 8:15. The y participating in the melee. World in Rpview Dr. Victor P. i Tka t,n nrinnmnlo iha r..n.i,c '"'A,l 'fa , TV' 'v 'ft ' 'jSjf' . 3fV Oncertainty was expressed last night by the board of ffTji'ectors whether or not Albany wffifid continue in the state baseball league. The board was dubious over the Oaks financial situation, and held the state league champions' re- entrance into the loop in some doubt. A meeting of the state league executives has been called for Portland Wednesday evening, and the question will probably be decided then. Jim Ault, who pitched the Oaks into the championship last season, was selected to represent Albany at the meet. The directors also agreed to abide by Ault's decision as to whether the club should enter in the loop. If Albany is entered it was believed that Ault would become manager for the season. Washington Hoop Champs Eliminated Denver, Colo., March 17. In their first nationnl A. A. U. tournament game, Gilmore Oilers, of Aberdeen, Wash., one of the eight seeded teams and winner of the Seattle district tournament, today bowed to a lightly regarded Louis- ratba team, the Gaylords of Bog-iSmisa, as today's schedule got un derway. The score was 53 to 44, Gaylords, after the Gilmore fiv?, playing hustling basketball, had led up to twwminutes before the end. It was a second round game, unmorc having drawn a bye in the first round. GROEN ING RATES SECOND HIGH IN DISTRICT SCORING U (J Vic Groening, whose stellar work as a Bulldog guard earned a post on the district 7 all-star team finished the season the . lcaeue's ! ,.,-nMH-hl,.l, Bcnrer GineninB scoi-! ed 131 points. 12 less than Minney I of Cottage Grove who took ;; Salem, Ore., March 17. Baskct-.ball in large doses will be the prescription for Salem as the seventeenth annual state high school basketball tournament gets under way with eight games scheduled for tomorrow. The sixteen teams, ireDresenting every part of the state, will run through 27 games in the four-day progress oeiore the 1936 champion is crowned Sut-urday night. Astoria, four times champion in the last six years, is the team they'll be laying for, experts agreed, although mobody would risk his reputation by naming a sure winner. The fighting fishermen will run into trouble early in the race, meeting Benson of Port-Iund in their first game and then the winner of the Coivallis-A7!J land tilt. - , .... (Profiting by the result of the (Washington tournament just con-Tiuded, in which tiny Valley high school led the field, mighty A league contenders are watching the smaller schools, especially Dellefountain, from the same district that produced Oakridge. which nearly upset the apple-cart last year. . r,fi,nltic Cnlrsft- nnrl thn luin Portland entritSr' Benson anN Franklin are being built up byT rnany as likely championship material. i ' B league entrants will have their bwn championship at stake in this year's tourney. The four B teams, Myrtle Creek, Mill City, Umapinc arid Bcllefountain, have been f ron pod together, with the winner rom the four being automatically entered In the semi-finals with the surviving A quintets on Friday. The B winner will also get a trophy sonifying tSfc class B state championship, i Eight of the sixteen entries thl year arc rorjters from the 1935 competition, and Myrtle Creek and pcllefountain are only teams making their first trip to -the state plaVoff. "However it has been several years since Bend, Roseburg Bnd Mllton-Freewatcr have been represented. S With his eye on joinine the select group of three year all staters, fTed Sarpola will come up from Astoria twice designated on4he nil-state team. If he repeatsvmis year he will be the third to possess that rare honor. Glen Sanford, U, of O. star of last vear. was all- AFTER MORE THM FOUR yeftRS OF EXILE, Jt15 BEHEMOTH OFfiE MAT RETURNS 10 THE THRONE OF Q WE HEAVYWEIGHTS, HAVIN& pownep PMfio o'MfiHoqey.,, Morris; 8:30, Music of the Masters; 9-9:15, United Press News. Wednesday, March 13 9:00 a. m., Hurra-makers'- Hour; 10, music. 10:15. Guarding Your ncaitii; io:;ni, mus,c; iu:4, is.ual School of the Air 10:45. national problems; 11:15, TheGrowth of MusicrjN :30, The Stoiy 6! Oregon; 11:45, music; 12. Noon Farm Hour, 12:05. news; 12:25, John Kerrick "WrQe Sal.v?"; 12:40. Market and civup repui ts and weather !'orecast. 1:00 p. m.. music; 2:00. poetry Helen Miller Senn; 2:15, music; 2:30, Inte;csting People in the News; 2:45, Songs of Tomorrow; 3:00, "gym" or physical education "A Physician Looks at Physical Education": 3:30. music; 3:4."i, The Monitor Views the News; 4:0(1. iuusical Stories; 4:u(), Stories for boys and gii Is. 5:00, On the Campuses; 5:30, mi..s.c; 5:45. vespers, led by Kev. II. H. Griff is; 6:00, diner conceit; t:la, Oi'cgun Farmers Union; t 6:30, F(irm Hour 6:30, Things; Seen aho Done, Floyd Mullen: 6:45, market and crop reports and weather forecast; 7:00, Clyde Walker, "New Developments in 1 at in i atiui a j i . i t . u. tui "Federal-State Inspection Serv-1 ice"; 7:30, Music for the Strings Clara Chapman, Catherine Jordon and Carol Yocum; 7:45, Municipal Affairs "The Po-Xr of One Mu nicipal Corporation to Tax An- I other," Dr. James D. Barnett, head 1 of Department of Political Science, ) ..lUtSUAI - ! , LoadeiTin an unilerslung flat car as hundreds wali-hert. the mice crate rtrnlalnlng astronomy's jr.. 000, 000 telescope mirror Is shown bere, as Its guardians prepared to leave Corning. N. Y.. for the trip to California. The 200-Inch mirror will he taken lo the California Insti'uie of Technology at I'asadena. where It wtll be ground lo perfection, an nperallnn requiring Ihree to four years Then II will tie placed In the world's largest telescope In Mount I'ulomur oliscrvalory. THE FIRST" AXENPEP VIE THRONE IN 1989 BY BEAVN6 dlNi LONDOS, AND THEN LOST PTE TTTLE IN I95I 75 THE HMDS,ONE 6REEK, .after the league leader in strike- nuts reported to the Scuttle tr ing camp 10 pounds overweight. Monterey, Cal., March 17. The Mission Reds meet the Tokio APemz: - , , ; i L.- : : I ATI? MM PI RTR Vf ' NEIGHBORHOODS Tennessee q Tennessee. Mrs. George h-rnst, who had been here the past few weeks visiting at the Douglas home. htt) Wednesday for her uun'e near Aberdeen, S. Dak. l. - L, i,..l k:i..dii I i tnpKjfiiuur mzwau-r is enjoying a TV'Glnnts of Japan today in the fiivjTNhonors. Three Bulldogs were in thej"ew moioicycie, a iccem misy rai vr.v ivi iiLin-n. tiuu Mrs. Lawrenr-e Mullejere dinner the guests Thursday oflMLrs. March and Miss Blackiaw. Mr. and Mrs. Billy Wagy are improving their farm, the former Prior place, and are setting out several acres-fMh of Marshall and f : A..1I siaes omening, iiu viniui, ward, and Homei Groening, guard and brother to Vir. landed among the league's leadetsV fg fp pf tp Minney, C. Grove ...05 13 34 143 V. Groening, Albany 46 29 9 131 Nolan. St. Mary's ...48 13 15 109 Shortridge, C. Grove 42 23 23 Kroger. Corvallis ...44 16 Bailey, Uni. High . . .40 16 Saven, Eugene 43 8 Crockett. Corvallis . .30 15 Warren, Corvallis . . .38 15 Carson, Springfield .311 19 White, Springfield .,40 7 Arthur. Albany . . . . .36 9 Trai'y, Cotlaee Grove 3K16 Illrrritledge. Corvallis P3 ) R Decker. C. Grove 25" 24 H. Groening. Alhanv 30 11 M. Mann. Uni. High 31 6 Stevenson. Eugene f .32 4 ytate guard for Salem in 1930, 31 menace," Lcroy Havncs, born in and 32. Jean Ebcrhart. now coach Indiuna. raised in California and at Southern Oregon Normal, took adopted bv Philadelphia, the honors with Eugene in 1924,1 The end of Da Preem came rlis-20 and 27. mally in the third round of a V. Salem and Astoria have each scheduled 10-rnund bout at the taken f I previous state chum- menu last night before aunroxi-'pionships, other contender rnntely 10,000 fans who p:i(fd)$lfl,-even npproncfcjjig that figure. Of 000. , the teams in this year's tourney, Havii; spotted Ciiriu-ia 08 J'l-onklin and AshlniuLhnvn each ; pounds, tijken the crown on Although: Eight solid snliwks agninsl Car-not In the fray this year, Medford ncra's chin during the first round nas been chnmpion twice, and Uni- gave Havnes the necesaarv confi- Etterberg sliaybernes. red rasp- work. o c'o berries, peaches and filberts. D. W. Stiver has recently bought Mrs. Ethel Blackiaw spent Suif- ii variety store in Coquille and has day afternoon with Mis. R. A. Elgone there to take possession of liott who is gradually improving the business. Mrs. Stiver and son, from her long illness. i Dick, will join him there at the Lorcn Blackiaw has beoti. spray- no ct the school year. Ing orchards on the Ross Krnni- jjjtjor F. B. Dwire of Portland herz and Groves farms aiMj for inucted the Lebanon hospital Reeves Brothers on McDowell unit Monday evening and gave ev-creek. Q idence of being greatly pleased Mrs. Charles Shortridge of San with the entire organization. (Vc-Franoisco. Mr. and Mrs. Harry fore inspection Major DwireStnd Douglas of North Ucnd. Orr,-vcTC the officers of the Lebanon unit CC Men Resist Cop, Draw Jail Sentences Two members of the Arborteum C. C. C. company are in the county jail today as the result of a small rint in which they participated last night at a local restaurant, and in which they reputedly strenuously resisted arrest by State Officer were Michael Gavdes and Charles Ka7anowicz. Gaydes pleaded guilty to a disorderly conduct charge in justice court today and was sen- fenced to 25 days in the county jail. Judge Olliver. however, sus- pended 17 days of the sentence, in effect paroling him for that period to the officers of the C. C. C. company. (FJ Kazanowicz Jm-aded guilty to a drunk charge and was fined 10. In lieu of payment he is serving a 5-day jail sentence. H. L. Ball, Sweet Home, forfeited $10 bail in ciiy court today when he failed to appear for trial on a drunk charge, on which he was arrested Saturday night by Officers Kirk and McBride. RETURN'S FROM NEWPORT; Dora Bussard, who has been ' spending several weeks at Newport returned to his home in Al bany Saturday. 1UUAI - I oi a loves days! says LOU WILKENS K?5 S3 MsrT BACK AND LIGHT UP a pipeful of Prince Albert," this picture of Mr. Wilkes seems to ay. V. A. is cool, flow-burning doej not bite the tongue. It's the grandest of "m:tkm V for rolling cigarette too. Tie ofTVr at 'f is open, Ihroueb your nearest dea;i 'jj pipeful cf fragrant tobacco In every 2 -or. tin of Prince Albert OREGON'S FAVORITE 'U ' " lwu B"",u -''""' - ' .. , , in - San Bwrnardino, Cal., March 17 fehP lUsAngeU-s regulars bunched IiVe-ins in the fifth ves- te,d"' tofiind the Angel Yanni. Bans a s to i di-teut. Fullorton. Cal.. March n.-Cilan-ager Frank Shellenback today sends his San Diego Padre regulars against Eddie Mulligan's-i'Sham-rocks" in a St. Patrick's dary practice game. , . Stockton, Cal., March 17. All Stockton awaited arirval today of the Portland Beavers, who will finish their (mining here, after i running into cold weather rains at VWjturn. d Sonja Henie Joins p. Professional Ranks York. March 17. ftnriia of Norway, the world's gfoutrsl woman figure skater, has rnK pri,ss lt..1.ncd todav iun.niiui,ii, mi- uimi-u ( The graceful blonde who won her third Olympic . title at Gar-fisch i Partenkirchen, Germany, last month, will receive $35,000: from Madison Scjuare Garden for eight appearances during the next three weeks. . - i Four of ihem will be in New , will be In New , rom ami mur proDaoiy in ciucago, and Ueti-MV It was learned she signed a conT tract with the Garden shortly afleV I . CARNERA QUITS IN THIRD AFTER BAD jOLTJ BY HAYNES nt,n,wini.-,t,:n ?m. ...u mountainous form of Primo Car-, nm was rubbed off the heavy- ..wiSi,. ..i - 4j.. i i.:.. ' IIMTnnVhn .7- iu.;C Wert gone glimmering. I Instead, there anueared on the hnvino hnrbnn immhw --Mioir rlence. Coming back for the second. the negro weaved in under Car- nera s mammoui-siea arms ann rained him with fisfe.)The barrage was too much for rfto Italian. He was on the floor, but not knocked out, when the second round ended. Camera's handlers dragged him to his corner and sent knnfoul for l ie mirci roU(iryne was w.ooiy, Mitiny iinu ii iMiiuiiiiK. nii.viifs pummeled his head and chin with stinging rights nnd lefts. The Italitfftyslunk to his corner. Ho titnierrvjns- back and got a death-grip on the ropes. "I gotta 'nmigh," Cai iu-ra aid through split lips to Uo(erec( Malt Adgie. The official' pushed llaynes away. The end came after 53 sec-.onds 1n the third round. TRAINING CAMPS CHATTER Fresno, Cal.March 17. Manag er iny ui. battiiw'iiract O'loulO concentrated on i in workina I 17 Sffi)iislei Ei Ptlugifadj I hce for the funeral of IheMvbro- thet-' Warren Douglas. -- Friday, March 27. Dr. Diycn Lebanon will give a lantern slide ri-ntprl.Vmment ( of Alaskan scenes nnri wild life. TtT the Tennessee 5Chool house at 8 p. m. All in- vitecl. Io admission cnarge. ited. No admission charge. last week. Three tables were in I'he Tennessee P. T. A. met PvH pb.v and at the close of the eve-jA- at the school house with "Mi i(jrtg honors went to Miss Dor-resent. Plans were marie for othy Pearson and Mrs. Larry iwi'lie Tennessee P. T. A. met Fri- ua- last weeK. l nree lames were Junior Matrons' clubentertained fT, j husbands. Cov were laid for 24 aCtfibles centered with bou quets ol daffodils and marked with St. Patrick's place cards. Mr. and Mrs. Reed Clark vcre honor guests .tf).he party. Afteihe dinner hour contract bridge was offered for di- version and at the close of play the honors went to Mr. Heed Clark lor the hiiffiptst score, and to Mrs. John McK.TKht and Mrs. Lester Wilcox who won the floating and Bohle prizes. Twenty members of the DeMo-lay from Corvallis were guests of Lebanon Masonic lodge on Tuesday evening and during the meeting they put on the initiatory degree for a Corvallis candidate. District Deputy Grand Master Bcatty (T)Corvallis was present and had Tharge- of the degree wore entertained at dinner at Ho- tcVT)tbanon. () Fit-water and Miss Ila Burrell were joint ho-'tes-es to lb" members of the Hi-N-Lo Bridee club at the country home nf Mi: s Fitzwater on Tuesdav evening of Gronquit. Miss Lucille Weeks and ivii, icii:ii iri iiiviili. liio,,,. C. N. Freeman. Portland archi- 1t.... r'.... .......n I.,., .(..fti'tc lect, was in Lebanon on Friday for Hip tnii-nosAlvl,i'nnsiiltini- with tile members SfUip school boarrifiiil tard to the jsjans for the nt-w ws;ard to the clans for hirfpi rbnnl pv'nM-iasii im. biin school gyWiasi Konrajhritiiw in hn nmnlnvi-H Vi a h.nNiJin Portland ... ... tional bank of Hermiston. H e spent several days of last week at th hnnvi of hie hnrrM in t.elvi. all(i .. . . , PVfr relativ. and f,.ie,,ds in iVestone, Minn. On , ,r return irjD t0 the coast she 'Will Ul" U BHtrl Ul Uiunui ui vtii- .ha and Denver. I : 1 1 ... 4 nr J.. nt A. i tilen ftniiier, tormeriy oi lreicu, Cal., has come to Lebanon to take the position-ef. salesman for the Mountain State Power company. IVelind his lirmily will occupy the l.Wniis house on Fast Grant street. "I still remeiiier LOOK AT LOU WILKENS. about to do some gardening: around the plac.Ilc' fonduf smok ing Trince Albert in hit p. pes! "Thfl)i$(im I tried IArrVil-kens daioviren this photo was made, 'I Knew by the tatp it was milder and mellower! e tw. a. j. iurMid t. n. STARTS TOMORROW WEDNESDAY TO SATURDAY SHOWING r.ugcne n Corvallis . .28 7 LIPSCOMB WINS Portland. Ore.. March 17. Jack , iTjpscomb. Indiana matman, out-, mstea live oiner minaiewummr, ; last night in a battle royal which featured the Labor Temrjle card, Albert CamDOi.was the first to go , doviJ. folloWed by Ernie. Piluso ' nirWrnstellnV-rtan Sneai and Otis n-Tn., (Z,,ll nilH lttG phngman. Jack Curliss downed iMriiil Khan: Jean Lb Bell and Jack Haeimrircw. and Toca- Jlirai i ...on on n foJl from Herb Bt'lgJ-son. ...on on a Wl from Herb I5erg)-son.t . m NN huls hki.ij Funeral services for Mrs. Norn( Lsarah Dunn, who died In Albany ...... i ., I...L I I m;.... a j.. I TVll S. lOy v Ul II JAiiiil aun Piatt. KrU-rmenr vas made in rrhe MasoiHtr cemetwy. Mrs. Alvin Knox, A. Pollak, L. M. Palmer and ,R. B. Towers. 7 ' . - "A r -j I i nr futme work and a discussion held ....I I.. .....J I1...I.. .......,1,,. Ull nun iiim i The Community club (wis en- tertained Thursdiiy; at nr home nlUJvli-s. Ethel UlaMrtaw when thel It :iMri:iw when a i-rnw-iOissembled for a so- lU, prnwiflissemhlt-d for a s cial afternoon. Visitors present cial aftonoon. Visitors present l-oi-n M,- Ann.n Chnrtraw nf I.eb- Uasre Mrs) Anna Chartraw of Leb- - Vi,. SfV... ;,,.,i tTneii.v f umwnin firv.-mi' . MrCkiM(a.VaiVv nu v-V'V,' versuv nign oi tugene, cun'-fi Washington of Portland and Pi-rK .(ueiun nuve t--tu ut-iu uuiiuis pnee. rs ,. The four B teams will Unfid off Ihe schedule Wednesday with Myrtle Creek vs. Mill City at 1 ii'clock and Bcllefountain vs. Uma-pine at 2. Astoria vs. Benson of Portland; Corvallis vs. Ashland nd Franklin of Portland vs. Roseburg will follow at 3, 4. and 5 re-uoctivrly, , veiling games will feature Tillamook vs. Salem at ff30; La Crando vs. Oregon City at 6:30 and JJertd vs. Miiln-FrcBwater at 9:30. . '. Officials for the tournament will be Emil Piluso and Harry LeedJK of pnttlnnd and Ralph CoU-uWk of Olrvallis. . O Voncouver Captures Second Playoff Tilt '.i Vancouver, II. C, fch 17. ' The Voncouver Lions arttf Portlnnd Buekaroos were tied today in their 6 layoff series for the right to meet .frSeattlo Seahawks for the cham-piojiihip of the northwestern hpekey league. -With both teams plavia sti (Jefensive game, the Lloiwi'won furious 1-0 victory o-er Portland here hist night. Portland yi the Xirst playoff, 4-3. The eding, name willj played tit Portland,! Thursday night. ! t arriving here last Wednesday f i om i Mrth 12, were hclnVMonday from . cathr)o'mlas anclUiuW Rog- im the past year since his gradu-Paris where she won her tenth I thFm tmillex luni-ral home at j el.s Vri (fusini' prizes ion from the University it Ore-world title. 2:30. Rev. IWJS. Weber of Eu- werc wnn bMrsCtoi-'0rgia Bug- gun. has aae to Hermiston where i gene ol.'IciateiT The singers werel., M... (-i,.,, i,:hv h h-., n (iioiitinn in the First Na- trni i-rL- iiimI M 1 I HI 1. 1 I,d I ,-1 ' ' Denver, Colo.,l March 17(,-J ThelJ Oregon Normal basketball ouintet, " 'lil'h defeated Sul-Hos) Teachers I Carnegie and Mrs. Nelson Alter-actiCiraodav of Alpine, T,sas, 41-3fi,'in a first-niaft were in charge of the floral - p.,...,,l n.,n.w t, l.n A A II I. ....I.... '. Ur l..n Tk. h..lll.nnvAn. Lebanon. tW ivfjlhe most in-on before going to 41'vrmiston. teresting social enls of the pasjr Mrs John Summe&jsr. is vis-week was the Wo'yi-k St. PatY,illg at the home of her parent iiiiiiiii i.,iiii ,11 uii- , u. uii,.niiri uiit-i nit;. inr i.uii'i ,u.i . i v ball tournament yesterday, wilrxee Uurkhart, W. V. Merrill, G. M. riCK s aiunwai uie nome oi mi . and Mrs. (Frank Mayer on lu.t street when-the members of the IVMI I I A MAO Bv W1LLIAM.S meet the Penn Athletw-' club of , Philadelphia at 3:30 p, m. today. OUT OUR WAY ' r 7- i , . TtV-IOSE. WERE TUt 6RaS 7 F'IME, WES, IFVUM MAPPEkQ 1 .1 V5, curly, tm): BIO rancmos., f be a dow.bleltw&y mad peom-3 .P'il) i .ilMF. PICTURESOUE DOMS, TMEM. TOO- TMfilU.'iAMP OF 'EM. ( ( ) U( i VliTU rvVVjlsllFICEIMT WORSES. TO ONE1 d6mH0R(F.BODY mf?TO ! ONLY 12 MORE DAYS SADDLES v EOv- I'D LIKE TO TO OMSI'D OF BE.EM A PEOeieJO, I N WAVE LIVE0XM THOSE. DAYS YOU TAKFWE OLD THINGS'LL J ( V : y , TAKfi-I WE MEW , ! ...When this kind woman loves. ..she - ne end of her that first pipeful' I W ' .And then it will be late to take advnntnKo the government's F. II. Easy Payment Dan! too of () out his San Francisco Sells. 11 seeking replacement of the hatting strength lost with departure of Joe )Di Maggto. Joe Becker. Art Garibaldi and Lennic Backer. Santa Monica. CjilMarch 17. Aianager Dutch Itiiuthj r today sent hp. aco pitcher, Trick Barrett. through weight-reducing exercisi-1 "Quality For Less come in iodnv 1 AT F RACER'S IT APPLIES TO REFRIGERATORS RANGES 4 ; WASHING MACHINES IRONERS LINOLEUM Don't -delay until it is too hite- fTil Be guided by Lou Wilkens tip on pipe smoking you risk nothingi Srooke 20 trmtrmnt pipefult of Princ 'Srt. If you don't find it th mellowMt, tlit pip tobacco you r iwofctJ, return thm pochet tin with the- rst of th tnbaccoin it to ui at any tima within a month from thii data, and w will refund full purcha price, plui poatica. (Sirnd) R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Yinton-Salem, N. C. Prince Albert THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE and let us explain. FRAGER Furniture Co. i,V-v ",: -- --v. :- - i FIrt and Lyon Streets

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