Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 17, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1936
Page 5
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"I TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 1936 THE ALBANY D E M O C R A T-H E R A L D, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE FIVE NfcW TODAY The Democrat-Herald Classified Rates. Religious Leader 1 15 For Rent, Houses, Apta. , j FOR RENT MODERN -APT., HEAT, j i-lec. rvfrwerstOT. Call at 6l' W. 3rd. j Phono '.MS. Q , ; : ml -Ml ; FOR RENT 4-ROOM DOWNSTAIRS Apt., furnished. Private bath. 3U E. j 'nd St.. Albany. mU-lS TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS Prices quoted below are thoae pre-vailing Kt 11 o'clock a. m. on day of publication, and are subject to taange at any hour thereafter. Answer to l'revious l'urzle I Portland Market Review li)tml. Ore. March 17. Putter firsts 'advnnctd one half cent n pound today. Eii if exim were booHted one cent. I New Hilntoe fnm Florida are. firmer and hinhet in price as a result of ln-I'lta.-inn dtituind. Luwur pricea are confirmed for lettucu. J There is a scarcity of quality celery. ! Hoseburu broccoli i sellinK mostly K5c(t 1 .nil crate. I WuIIh Will hi ttpinarh is in more liberal I supply and nellinR chiefly $1.00 lx. Hitter demand showinu for Wt house rv.; eTd "mTnte ADS MORS THAN TWO LINES 1 time, per word 2c 3 consecutive timra, per worj ., . . . tc 6 conecutie tiinvk. per word Tc Month, consecutive lime. er word it It K A DENS Count five average word to line. Set in :cai' diiublu fount. IVr line, first Uutertion, 20c; per line each additional insertion. 15c. Card of Thanks. 50c. COPY DEADLINES Classified coiy must be in office before 11 :00 o'clock on day of publication. Copy for Thursday must be in before t) :00 a. m. for classified page. aueTdiqTQ G i E 0RA1 KIDIIUT F3iiflls mulh RTAiPjT 0TBLI JZ RIEWPiSHS'E EjBl yTTTTP o e iflft yi FOR SALE 8 WHS. Ol.ll PMJS. $5. Paul Curler, Kt. tf, Albany, 1 mi. on tiuuth hijrhwwy. mil FOR SALE WEANLING PIGS. HEN Koielte. Kt. 3. Albany. Phone 32-K-S:!. mlT WASHINGTON FOR ORK.0 3 gcrra with :ttT a. in cultivation, balaiuv liaHturv, fenctftL run nine water, etc. Will exchunKe fur store proixwition, small ranch or auto camp. ONLY 14.00 PER AIRE: ISO acre wet of Cor va I lis at thin bar littin price fur immediate disposul. TRIPP tt MURPHY. REALTORS. mlT-tf SOUTHERN OREGON Fine suburban place, wants farm In valley, will aHHume. I'll ACRES, near Shfdd, on fine stream, fair buildings, $8!0I. Pay for this like rent. 270 ACRES near Tangent, a hiirh pro-ducinK yts-v"1' Kood buildings, $2QQ0 will handle, ( bait nee easy. bm-LARKIDE COMPANY, 120 Ellsworth ml2-tf , FARM "SACRIFICE" FARM Nearly Jloo acres, one of Linn county"X best farms fln liwtitinu. miul limii.lnto this place Is worth iUKMiHT acre. Price for quick snle only $4(j.u0 per acre. Can aell part. Never attain will you be aKAvto duplicate thia deal. (J IRV'NE L. HOOD. Thonu SAO liimi.oxTAij 1, 5 To day la ilay. 11 Portion, li To degrade. 14 To frustrate. lt Rubber tree. 17 Ciilebratcd. 1!) Unit. 20 Note In scale. 21 Deprived ot teeth. 23 Kind of llaslian. 24 To loiter. 25 To rent. 27 To worship. 29 Resembling nshrs. 31 Wild duck. 32 I-eopard. 33 Possessed. 35 Vehicle. 36 Eye tumor. 37 Writing fluid. 38 Year 40 Disunited. IDIYIAJB IQL 4G Railway. 47 Bone. 49 Iberian folk. 50 Southeast. 51 To seize. 53 Loom bar 54 To ooze. 56 Ho Is an saint. 07 Irish flowers. VERTICAL 1 Auction. 1pje ah op FUOI A Ml I a aTnTn t sU PTjlpr RiOlUISlElSTgCiUlTAlRiA EWSIEJS'HfB TCSWAiR EARSfeL A KWi fa A Tl OlAlft U IBTolMta T 0NVANT STOCKED PA Kit? Haxgood mill and warehouse, neve nil o FOR SALE OR TRADE TWO HOTTOM . 16 in. John Deere plow, almtutt new, for n a-14-in. plow. Widmcr ltrothent. III. . 4, Phone 74-F-4. mlti-lK 13 For sale, Miscellaneous FOR SALE MARSHALL STRAWBERRY planus, selected slock. Henry Amnion. Rl. 1. Alhnnv Kcri-..l Hill lhn.,A l.,ff.,-. son 9-F-14 , ml4-17 " HIGHEST QUALITY FRUIT AN' NUT j trtH-a. Hhriitw. rose bUKhes, shade trees. Send for pru-e list. Kvt t leineier Bros, j Nurwerit-. Rt. 3. Albany . n21-tf FOR SALE SEVERAL GOOD USED 'MeClanahan" Incubators. 240 eK $10; 540 4te.r S-0, reconditioned, tenud. and jiol.crtplete with all parts ready to run. E. h. McClunahnn Inc. Co. St., EuKne, Ore. HU0 W. 12th f21-m21 24 Wanted, Miscellaneous RAGS WANTED WE PAY CASH FOR old ram. Brinjr in vvhutever you have. Albany Raivnin House, 2nd & linker St. ml6-18 WOOL AND MOHAIR WANTED. CASH advanced without interest. M. Senders 4 Co, . v . mlO-al v- ASH FOftJ)UR CAR. W ARDEN'S CAR arket, J'hone 13:11, Lebanon, Ore. mti-aS OUJ UMTEDATES COINS BOUGHT DrTA t ,,wsnn-, nru Store. marltf CASH PAID FOR USED FURNITURE, "Look in your attic." Chas. Rohr- ! & Son, 415 W. First SU jl-tf CASH paid for OLD GOLD. DENTAL crowns, bridges, fillinBs, old jewelry, i ! 1 acres ol land and new house, clear of debt and valued at jJSS.OUCN rude and ayta" if stocked ond jua-pW-s. ) IRVINftOHOOjyPhone 300 126-tf NOTICE OUR HATCHERY IS OPEN f7 ) uay n niKm. urfiiir turkey etrws or tfi Jr aun" "'"x s- weu. any or Sjf fit. Pacific Haiffw-, Tunwent. Ore. i i soy a J Uo rJ ; : L- n e o '4 is , . F , la i'J HI) M Ai At AA. 4i 46 47 A0 49 ' 35 h1 i l l MM 1 1 im KATES A.NI INFORMATION Count six average word to the line. If yojr ad appears tnc-orrvrtly. notify u Immriltattlv. We accept rvion. iiliil tv fur one incorrect insertion. PHONE ADVERTISEMENTS i Adi will be taken oer the telephone or by moil. Thw Is done for the con- vt'iiifiHi m ini' auM-riincr, unn rtnm- tance should be mailed upon the receipt of invoice. Minimum 2 Li. 1 time 25c M-nimum 2 Lt. 3 time 60c Minimum Li. 6 times K&c Minimum 2 Li. Month J.6i Phon li GOOD WOOD PRICED RIGHT. DEI. IV-ered in any lentcth. Lester Chilcote, 16"fi Son t mm Rd. Phone 7.H-R. jliQ-tf 12 For Sale Used Cars FOR SALE RL'ICK 27 STANDARD Sedan. Clean runs ami looks h- reptionnUsr(COod I koocI. Make oft lonnvttood i lifiit Rood. Make oflt e. E. 4th !t. mltJ-174 c- k.u U. - 4T Livestock CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS 33; h ,iray and cowx. Day-old catve Ph, 14- luuny. Cecil MuntjnuiM. Jil4-tf . FOR SALE 21 WEANLPCtiSKlS, 7 wks. old. Gale Jakel, 2 mf. west Shedd. ml6-18 FOR SALE TEAM. MARE AND GELD-intr. 0 and yin. old, wt, 1 about : 1100 lbs. Jamm Caldwell, Kt. II, Phone 4H-K-24. mUl-lO-S nSORTHLESS HOItSl6).ND ieKWTup five of churito uriy'here. tKAD A: COW8 ) I'hone ll-F-14 Albiiny, collect ll-F-4 Corvall anyt. I n. WANTED DM A WORTHLESS horst'8 and cows. It. AI PWie col- leet ail-F-l'.!. Corvnllin. Al b Wllllfc initiiB. custom natcnins. urewsier Crabtree, Ore mfi-nti-S & Dor S&le. MactuEflery Flfil SALE-14-IN. JOHN DEEKE, 2 Case Sulky ffikfW. priced low for quick sale. Sudtell Vuction Market, We cash for furniVP. Phone 7t-R. mlti . 9 YEAH - but S Poultrv. fctff(l L- FOR RENT MODERN. CLEAN FIVE- ! niom house, Also ice box for sale, j Irujui-e at w ft. it ",1U ELLSWORTH APTS. HEAT, OVBR-tuffed furniture. Ph. 35 8U& Ellsworth. a6-lf IS Lost, Strayed, Stolen LOST. EITHER TOGETHER OR SEPAH- Htelv4 white weanlinc pias belwwn Albany and Morn in Star Granite Hall. Phone ia-F-4, or write Cti.ll Cox, Kt. 2. Albany. 30 Miscellaneous Classified NOW IS THE TIME TO BUILD THAT new home, repair or remodel the old one. Let me fiiiure with you on your work. I can help you desitin your new home or rearrange the old one. Also draw your working plans. 28 years' ex- prricnee as a buildinft contractor. Geo. C. Richards, 1016 -Calapooia St., Phone 177-R. ml 1-17-3 LAWN MOWEItS SHARPENED BY automi lie machine. W arncr Hardwure. Phone I;u-J. mlO-alO MONEY TO LOAN ON WELIMMPROV- ed funrm. Low rate interest. Wm. Hnin, Albuny. . flO-tf TRUaQaDIO SERVICE'AT ed nround corner from Bunk of uhKny. Radios, telephones, motors and electfJtal aiiplinnces repaired, phone 2'J-. " f24-m28 HELP TI1R NEEDT The Salvation Army needs fruits, vepe- t 'ables. clothing .etc.. to help needy people ( In emerireny caes. Money, too, if you I rare to contribute. We have no telephone, but brinn 'n what you have to dunvte or drop kp a card and we'll call for it- Capt-R' rt Hnil.-v H4t EmI Flr St.. Albany. MODEL STKEL MILL SIIOV Cleveland U.R) A comic-working model of the most nmu-ern sttfl pliint in Ohio was displayed here at a meeting of the Purchasing Agents' Association. The hot strip continuous mill tt-hich the model follows was placed 111 operation at YOUllgS- town recenuy. TO LAST SI'EAKS SITTING UP LOOK! HE5 SITTING UP YOU NO 1 ' I j ! i j j I j i imyajutch cases, etc. F. M. French & Sou. Snvc CONAE HOME "eKRI Y;J I TuCT YOQK1GSTER' Vlll (107 JUST "NfV. fc-r1" Jffcuc K)-BYE.UMR. boot- REMEMBER- E cTTu.,? Im' II, ' STODGV OLD CODGER. V V STAV- HOW COULD SHE? QSmr X PRIED CHICKEN! E hSufvM0 f 'l'f '' GRUMPY- SET IN MY B FEW DMS MORE . rS FTHTE-R d tosEEO 4', 4 HOME SOME EVEKIIKIg" TO 0 fHT br J Wl I w'lsE.0 7 W ALMo1t YCKJNQ AQMN-' I f THE SAME OLD EMPTY. J LOCAL GKAIN M. Senders & Co. WHEAT: No. 1 while, S"; red .and' mid, "He bushel. I HARLEY: Hansen, $21.00 "on. OATS: White. No. 1. Ji.00 : ra No., 1. $24.00 ; gray feed $110.00 ton. MEATS (D. B. Neberrall Meat Co.) CATTLE Steers . Heiferi . .$4.006.110 8.00 hi 6.00 . a.OU(ti4.25 , 3.001 4.00 . l.00(i(2.M $ 8.50 U.OOIilO.OO 8.60ic 8.75 6.7MC 7..10 Cows, beef Cowa, cutters. ISO to 1G0 pounds .. 1C0 to 210 pounds .. 2H0 to 350 pounds .. 360 pounds up .... Sown SHI Lambs Ewes Yrmrllng 4.75'(C 6.25 ....$7.60(18.50 2.00ftt;3.00 .... 6.0016.00 Live ... Dressed , ,.12-jc POULTRY . (Swift & Company) No. l(Ms. 4li to G lbs No. ITitns, over 6 lbs. No, 1 medium hetw, over 8'y Um. No. 1 medium hens, under 3'j lbs. Colon d (p rings . . , No. 1 bi-oilers, lUf 2 11., ...... Roosters Slatra ..16c ..10c . 1r 10c EGGS All Prices Are Delivered Albany Canes Relurnra Kxtms , St inula i clrt , Extra medium -. . . Standard mediums , - Brown extras Dirty extras Undertrrndcs Pullets 12c Pee wet .10c Live ... Pressed ..c ,13c BUTTERFAT A tirade II Krade C KHlde ::0: .1(0.00' By Moarc KNOWS A.ClVOMU1? WOMEM IN SHACYSIDE IW BETAKEN FDR GRANTED, BUT THEY SELDOM GO wrTHOUT SAYIWG .' 1 i 1 j j ' I I J ' I i ,(0 rhubatb at Inte prices. Potatoes and onions are practically rtiatiKed. PORTLAND LIVESTOCK Hy U. S. Dept. of Agriculture) Portland, Ore., March K.- Hokk : Receipts 2o0 ; steady, iiood-choice dri veins $10. M ; no load lots offered ; quotable to $10.7.ri ; heavies around $10 ; I in tit lights tt.7f'J 10.00 ; packing towa $x25ftiS.60; choice feetier pit to $10.t!5. H'Pt SO ; ralves IS; supply limHs) to othi.t and end, mostly she tiood Irntf fed stivrs offertMl. tmotable to (slock; few early Rales steady to weak; no $7.&o ; few common heifers JB.ooru S.fto ; fH' tw( heifers to $6.50 or above; low cutter and cutler cows $2. ifi'u 3.75 : com- mon-meuium cows $4.uont o.ou ; iiood beef cow to $5.50 or nbove ; bulls $4,75(( 5.00 : ooi venters xs.uwti y.tty, Helccts saleable to MHvp ; n. cripiJ "50; load choice clip)Kd lamlis Kteady at S.:(fi j very litrhtly sorted: other oflcrinjfs neKlicihle ; choice wwled luniltfi quotable to I w,1 : iiood fed ewes Uiiotahle to $5.50; Mnetly choice Hhl-weiKht ewc saleable to $6.00. THE PKODUCE EXCHANGE The following prices were named to be effective today : , . Ittitter: (.lube extran 32 'ye : stnndardH 3l.jc; prime fimta 31 'ic; firsts 30'jC lb. Cheene: Orenon triplets lc ; loaf 17e lb. Brokers will pay lj eeut below quotations. Kkks: Produce ExchaiiKC! quotations be tween den lent: Kxlrns lame IHc; stnnd-nrtU. larne 17c; otrus medium 17c: -(dfkl-m-ds medium 17c doxen. Jobbing r'uW:'c higher. PORTLAND WHOLESALE PHICKS These are the prices retailers pay whidi'sulers. except whet- ntherwine cd: milter: Prints. A miide. lb. in parchment wrapper, :i5...e lb. in rnrtons ; B irrade, pan hmcnt wrapper, 3.1c ; cartons 3li,c lb. Huttcrfnt: Portland delivery: A jrrnde, ileliverivs at leuat twice weekly 34rtj;Kc; countrj- roulea 32fii 35e ; II Krade 32(.t 33c; C Kinde tit market, B tirade C renin Tor Mnrket: Buy inn niii-e. butterfat ImsU. i'M.. n. Cheexe: Sellingr prUe to Portland re- HAROLD CRA Thompson and Coll VERE IN FOR A BAP BLSW Hf AD FOR THE HY.'iTFPMj GOLD COAST LniCD,' wt vt GOT A LONG TIVEK AHEAD, BEFORE WE DCLIVEK.' BY BLOSSER "HEAR uo evil, see wo EVIL , SPEAK WO EVIL AMD YOU'LL WEVER BE A SUCCESS AT A SEWING CIRCLE.' BY HAMLIN 5IIALL I RUV FOD PODT.'S IJeelers. TOO GOOD LEW WEN . 7 k, WAIT JACK- v SOMETHING TELLS ME THIS MAN CAN HELP US 13 Flour box. 5 Many tales are told about him. kTeieinI 17 Kim. 18 Tissue. 21 Small ears. 22 To become dispirited. 24 Lendings. 26 To express gratitude. 28 Moisture. 30 Unit of work. 34 Dyestuffs. 35 Cravats. 39 To bellow. 41 Pastry. 42 Cry of sorrow 43 To hurry 44 Region. 45 Word. 46 Fume. 48 Snow glider. 50 Dry. 51 Musical note. 52 Corpse. 54 Therefore. 2 Form of "be." 3 Neuter pronoun. 4 Domesticated. 5 To Rasp. 6 Toward sea. 7 Wigwam. 8 Provided. 9 Dove's cry 10 Astringent. 11 An earthly is named after htm. 55 Postscript. (ribcrrie : local. 25-lb. box, $1.&0 1.76; carfrn. ."tM 2.00. ipATS AM) PROVISIONS Cuunliy Meats : Scllintc price to retail-cm : C'o'ifliry illed houa, bent butchers, under lSllw., lll'.nMc; vealera, No. I, 14ftr ; linlit and thin 8fttI2r: heavy "tViDc; rutter cows 7i Hp ; cannrrs rows 6 If 7c build H'jftiDc; Inmlw lM7c; medium ViUt i:ic ; ewea Mt 10c Ih. Hacon: I'KliL'ftjc lb. flams: iyfti:toi..c picnic 2 Mi 22c Ih. IIOI'H AM) WOOL Il'ips: Nominal: 19;t5 cluntm Tfttflc lb. Wool: lUlHi contractH, nominal! Willamette valley, medium. 30c ; coarae and bi n id 2Hc; eastern Oregon 26c lb. WORKERS FORCED TO MOURN Cbangsha, China. All public cnWoycs in Hunan Province who fail to attend thi? weekly memorial service to Sun Yat Sen, the founder of the Chinese republic, will have their salaries . reduced.. .by 5 per cent. Dismissal will follow a second offense. I'RILST QUALIFIES AS FLIER Toronto, Out. Father J, M. Coulture. S. J., is one of the only priests on the continent who is a licensed airplane pilot and who uses his plane in visiting parishioners. Father Coulture, 5U, won his leconse luwJi'ecently. NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT NOTICE IR HEREBY" GIVEN That the undersigned, as Execu-trices of the Will and Estate of Alice Haas, deceased, have filed in the County Court of Linn County, Oregon, their final account as such Exceutrices, and that the said Court has fixed Wednesday, the lBth day of March, 1936, at the hour of eleven o'clock in the forenoon of said day as the time for hearing objections to said final account and the settlement of said estate. Any and all persons having objections to said final account are hereby notified to be present at snicQjme in the County Court Room in the Linn County Court House at the City of Albany, Ore-yon, and then and there make such objections. FANNIE BREWER, LILLIE BHENiER, Executricos of the Last Will and Testament and Estate of Alice Haas, Deceased MARKS & McMAHAN, Attorneys for Exceutrices, woany, Oregon. Feb. 18 25 M3 10 17 -0 FUNERAL DIRECTORS KORTMILLER FUNERAL HQMB fa or Night t)hnn' 447-R ( 1NSURANCK OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1011 WM. BAIN, INSURANCE. Money to loan, farm security. PRODUCE SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS U , th mnrlcpt fnr nnniti-. l arl cream. SHOE REPAIRING MUSGRAVE'S SHOE SHOP, 133 1 Lyon. Motto, Quality and Service. WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE. MaytaR, Easy, Thor Washers. WELDING HLACKSMITHINQ SNYDER ti SON - BEAR ALIGN- ing frames, nxles straightened. WELL DRILLERS C. E. GOUDINIER & SON ' Well Drillers "We solicit your inquiries" Eugcue, Oregon J B : : (uilcra: TillnmiKik tripUn TilliimtMik ncllintt Qtrirp l!lr lonf 22c lb. to whoU'salrnt ; Tiii1'ti lttr; loaf -tc lb. Kxk" i HuyliiK price itf wlinlcrtnkrs : Ex- trujt ltUUH'.jc; HttindnnU lite; extra mo (liumH l(r : tin iihiUi firHla 1 fc ; untk-r- Milk: A I'm t limil lctivciy, Cttc lb. Iiultcrfiii ti.i!tin fur 4 per rent. 1. 1 vt I'oitltry: fort In ml delivery buying (Hici: (ilril hen, ovt-r 4' llw., 17fi(lrtc; imili-r H.. 1 K'fi IHc ; li'tilwrn binn, uvt-r U. Ilw., ir.'.Hlr: tintkr j Urn., H'-dr.c; b(tliorn linilU'i-H, to Jli., 1 T ft 1 8 c : HprlnKM, 2 Mm. mul up, Qirtl)c ; roalont 8'u '.(; pi-kin ilurkti, -uunit, lldflTr; Rfi-nt' lift. I lie lb. Li vj I'oiiUry : Pel) Inn prbn by whnle-An: LiKlit Ih'B.h lAe.i mtHlium lii'tin !; ruliiri'il hvm lHcYbroik'rii 20fti i!tt ; npi-initH HKilMlc; pokin iluckn, you n k, lc ; -olnrvil Wlfif lllc ; 'iipiinn, ovir 7 Urn., 24'n2tic lb.; Ktiini'A bfijn, ROff onch. TtirkcyH ( Hresstfil i ; Sclliim pi-Ice to rc-tnllein : Nfi. 1 lii'tin, lilte : lonm .'J'lr.'.jC lb. 'I'lirkcyit I DivkhimIi : Huyhiit prico: New emn lu-nrt, Nm. 1, 2-'c lb. OFRBSII VK(;iiTAHLK8 I'ntntoctt : hoful $1.50 cfiitnl ; KlnmnlK $l.fir; ScntMKioHt.' netted ernrt ll.TiO; l)es-rliutcH netted Hems t.4ii'u t.rr cenlnl. Celery: Calirurnia, tV.'lMi'lAW, IVna: CBiffornin, Mi Mic lb. Spinach: The Dulltit MuH I. II) box ; YVnlla Wnl In $1.00 box. OninttH: Uituoti $l.-.'ffi'l.:i'i iter loo TomiitocH: iMvxicun, $4.OI)0j, 1. 01) lute, r-pneked. 1.1'lliiri;: ('ill 1 Torn in. $2.2511 1.0() nat Swwt PotntocH Cilliforn CO-lb. crnlc; Buiithi'rn ynm criito. "N CnuliflowSr I.ornl. No, I. M0ifi0f; do No. LVWfiflp; ItoiJclmrK rcft( 1.0D ; California tn'ff85c crt. Hhulmrb: HuthouHO, cxtrn fiuirV. $1.10; fancy II.HJ; cln-A vUc j.r l.'.flb) box. box. J w Curunilx rn : Loral, botboiiKe, H'lcfn $l.:i5 dozen. New IVihitoc-a: riuriiln, $.5() rrnte ; llii-waiiim $LM() (kt Ult lb Ut x. FKK.HII l-Kl'IT ii'inin; neneiouH, oxiru iiinry, i..o; nt fancy, tl.4h. Ni-wtownii. vxtrn fancy, $1.70; do fancy $1.45; fnr and fill, fancy, if; do fic and fill, choico, 75c. Kit)fn-bflrir, vtlrn fancy, $l.l!il; do onlifiatinn, $1.36, Itotno llcauty, jumble, 2'jir lb. Winv-8iiW, cxlru fancy, $1.(15; do fancy, $1,411;-do jumble, extra faiiry, ,'lc lb. 'ananao: Hunch 4 1 G ; humU fi'j'ii(Jr I Vara t D'AnJou, extra fancy, Jl.:i5; fancy $1.16; Jiiwc, comliination, face and fill, DOc box. OraiiKi'Ht California navel, fnni y, $'J.!J0 'ir.1.75 cane; fhoict $2.yur,i;j.oo ; standard $2.05 cane. '-Grapefruit! Arizona, $1. Mfiiti 2.40 carte; Florida, $''CV5 raae. liVinona; VaiWrnia, fnncy , $6,6015.75 iiihc ; clmice trl,omn.'rt cae. EW 4-rCI blouse, partly furnirthed. Immire at 34 : SAl.E"oR1FftgLBANY lropeity or farm near gjvo story fire-Wtconcreto swrviee s9kion and storawe oVHistMIiKhVay ut Mh Bend, Ore-irrS AiMmai P tt Uni I Uli.Kr:..i.i n mie-20 Vfb'dfef (feb'i'l M& (0S ikB THE ffii((Sjr 0d Cude rfeht. phone JdfiJ. )th St., Albany, Ore. Air 5-1 KS i .r. .... aaM WF Df) WITH THIS BIRO? YOU 4 SAi HE'S IN 50ME WIND OF TRjgjNE ; SSklend his OKI, I WANT 10 HAVE A TALK WrTH.)U!AWD WHY DON?-BE RE- 'ccklTrt ii I SHOULS ML -ee- I r, . M ttxti .'i iiUPe !' iTV 1, 0 Jrr TgH J j ' COME WORRY I THINK WF. 0 BETTER 'E.RCH HIM FOR THE ABOUT AE ClZACE OUT OF IIV o II DO) ( i i HIMSELF RIGHT NOW THE GEM.5 FLIENDS LEW WEN ALL ! I WAWT YOU 10HO THESE F&LkS THEY'RE MISTEJ ABOUT YOU? LOOk! EVEN. MOW, I BET THOSE LADIES ARE TALKIWG ABOUT YOU r1 WICKLACF.. friends YOU KhQj, IT') BAD, . BUT(METIMES,WHEM A BOY IS SUSPECTED OfyCjOIKIG SOME- TH1KS, PEOPLE NEVER FORGE "N I UEVEJ5 FORGECrX'f1' m JUTTY'S PHILOSOPHY O EVEN THO THE kID PROVES HE'S IKIWOCEWT, PEOPLE NEVER FORGET THAT, AT LEAST, HE WAS SUSPECTED! IT PUTS A STIGMA OM HIM !.' i- ' .. . vr," : ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professions people listed on this page are known as Albany's most liable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. In (he Democrat-Herald. rr . ft: aii rv rrD SOMEWHERE A VOICE IS CALLING Or ATTORNEYS MARKS & McMAHAN Attorn's at Law 1st Nut'l Bank Bldg. Phone WEATHERFORP & WYATT 122 W. First Phon IB AUTO FREIGHT SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. assss AUTO REPAIRING T. E. HULERY'S AT KELLY'S Garage. Towing & Wrecker, ph 80 BEAUTY SALONS MILDRED'S BEAUTY SALON 325 W. 1st Phone 458J CARPET CLEANING THE SHADE SHOP, 409 W. rtrs' Phnnp 7H FILM SERVICE HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOl overuitftu film nervice, BOY, WE LEFT TH' &RAMD f THERE DID YOU HEAE WXNk EHT. MBOY- fkVv'1 ' jA WIZER N A TOUGH SPOT HAH - ) MM ( THAT.7 OL' KIMG &UZ HAS ' ) MK&THEy'RE VAS Th' STUFF ?JkA ' " ' W : WOWTOCGUZ BE BURNED UP f AI l V GOT MIS MEW CUT UXMKl ' .'OLCOWIW' THIS A IF WECrIT ' "S&Sfft ) (O ) V WHEKJ HE FINDS US GONE, AW ' Wfif A I Al FOR US, --v xitM WAY DUICk CAUGHT IT'LL K CA5CALS ' y )S HETBESTGITOL- -AlYV-' ALREADY' BX VC0CI I LETS VbTOUGM' V 7 HAVE HID " DlNNY AWAY FPOM 'BURNED UPM J il VbiRDOWTH" (fnOUCK, Jmm!!. lL7HV-)vS THAT CAVE WITH AS HE MAY B - l I rJ GCAWD WIZEG'5 - Tfefl 'dMtW-C' ' A Vfl fit i l?ra 9. C - ' "-'-: -

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