Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 17, 1936 · Page 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1936
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HIR ALP, ALBANY, OREGON TUESDAY, "MARCH 1 7," 7936 shoes. She couldn't go around in mucn longer in them, as they What ails him, however, is a magnification of that undying Yankee insistence on all that the law allows for his WHAT WILL TIIE HARVEST EE? I were. . Entered at Vlbany, Orcnon. pontofflce at econdcIua mail. Member United Preti and NEA Nwi Service. Established 1866. BEHIND THE SCENES IN WASHINGTON The waiter set the glass of milk and sandwich before her. Toby money. The An.crican is a bargain hunter; hot or cold, he isn't happy - Editor and I'oblUhen L. Jackwn end R. K. Crnnin. picked up the class and drank -BY RfjDNEY DUTCHER unless he feels that his dollars are BY -lWiDXl-' DUtdlKIt giving him 100 cents' worth of ef deeply, flow good it was. She took a bite of the sandwich. That was good, too. She wondered whether fort every lime he sends them to SUBSCRIPTION HATES DELIVERED BY CARRIER bn year, In advance 81i monthi. In advance ' Otw month. In advance M: Ki-rvlre SlnlT 1 rr-NM,nilenl tyTASIIINfiTON. Mr. Roose she should go back to the agency market. $ ft. 60 2.75 fin or telephone. It would cost veil souks llio rich and the It is this trait which lies hack rich, soak Mr Koosevelt and nicke to telephone, but it would save time. She had lost one job BY MAIL Linn, Benton. Marion, Lane and Lincoln count!. of the old complaints against trusts and middlemen, and which has Mr. Iloosevelt soaks the rich again today oy being ami if they don't' look out there will be no one left to support the furnished the motive power for farm produefs, and because some of the distributed profits may go into wages. . The holding company idea will lie discouraged, because 'undivided surpluses won't' be' used to acquire subsidiaries or buy stock in oilier corporations another sock at "bigness." (Page Justice TftraiideisviMl' Dr. Frankfurter!) Excess productive capacity will ho discouraged, liecause corporations won't be so likely to expand plant unless there's pressing demand for "it. Corjl6?l'tions won't have large surpluseVto toss Into the stock market and encourage 13.00 . 2.26 . 1.25 . .50 growth of the co-operative move The voice came from behind her shoulder. Toby whirled, staring up ment 111 this country. And that One re&r. In advance 8lx monthi, in advance Three months, In advance 00 month, tn advance Br Mail Elsewhere In U. S. A. One year, In advance Six months, In advance One month, In advance Per copy, on tralm and newsstands movement is worth a bit of study, lierlrani B. Fowler recently B. 00 ai a man in a gray suit and brown hat. He was carrying trench coat over his arm. "Thought I recognized you, , 2.75 . .00 the man said. "How are you and .06 In oroVrfnn ehamrti of (nMrttia fubacrit tn should a Ways a-fvr wil as no what are you doing in this neighborhood?" Toby studied him blankly. Suddenly she said, "Oh, Mr. Hiatt ! Published Dailr Except Sundays dangerous booms. The Democrat-Hera Id Publishing Co., Inc. American Liberty League. The new tax plan drips with New-Deal philosophy. If Congress nc-repts it. the New Deal will have Inched along a bit farther in sharing Industrial wealth and rcston ing mass purchasing power. Proposal to tax corporation profits by levying on undivided surpluses and dividends on a get-'em-KohiK-or-comlng scheme was substituted at. the last moment for an earlier decision by Roosevelt to ask Congress for nn inheritance tax and a larger assessment against higher bracket Incomes. The more Roosevelt studied his tax problem, the more this relatively radical fdearuipealed to him. wrote a detailed study of the American co-operatives and found that they are entrenching themselves all across the land. Fair.j have gone in for cooperative elevators, oil companies, fertilizer distributors, and feed stores. Co-operative grocery stores have spruM. up in many places. Co-oprktiWb;,ics and dairies Independent Afternoon Newspaper address. The photographer grinned back S an item ot further Interest to at her. "Uidn t know me for a min M. C. Mosenscn & Co. National Advar- ute, did you?" he said. "Thought . . tifllnff Representatives, cerpt from House debate on the Department of Agriculture appropriation bill: i was a iresn fUJT "Well," TobJ-'admitted, "just A JOB FOR EXPERTS lor a minute." ,. Mr Cannon of Missouri, inter rupting Mr. Grcever of Wyoming; "That's all rightr Marty Hiatt tossed his coat aside, leaned Commenting upon the muddle are thriving. Along with these has come the credit union, providing customer-owned banking facil- Tlimendmetit the gentleman rose to umtnnrf lu tn ftt nlil lull forliiit . against the counter. "Say," he said. Since everything Wtat liamiens ln-Li,.i,",i ini v,.a,im ii,( c y-mmmmmm "those pictures you posed for the other day were great. Bergman's K..i.i . n.. : ...f n " " "" - v .. 1.T.M.BH..1 urn, ,i-i nas a iviinje,ent1emaii lias said applies lo cro- itJ toKlcnl statinni and T wonder if tho ougm to give you a raise for tha All these things present ctmO ntleman lSrows what' an ecoftotv job, or anyhow a bonus." Cj lenge to business and industry. Tguess that the president was espe- fyolally impressed with the desirabil ioDy smned oiiteriy "it isn Carried far enougVJic co-oncr- which has arisen in connection with Oregon's social security legislation, the Commonwealth Review , University 6f Oregon fc monthly publication edil(ry)C?Ic' school of soci.HjJieience, remarks that "Devotees of extreme democracy are confronted with Qrave problem in the confusion ijriich has been brought upon thfcjltate by the defeat at the lils of the lkely they will," she sliia. "I'm no i siaiiou is. Mr.AHeeever: 'The thing in which r? aiWinteresled In the state of working there anymore." atlvc movement eouldfjjrikc a terrific WVv at retail tra8e .t- Wyoming is co-operattui You re not? Why? Got some ity 01 appealing to consumers, who are fed up with processing taxes on food ami will now benefJiy a great reduction Ijfynich taxes, and to sJbll stoiioiders, who pre- .4. nV .....:.X.. Tiie chain thing betl f!" 1 stores have Mr. Cannon: Will tliir gentlema. Briefly she told him the QjO tell us what ai'e ecological statioiVy begun tojinch(fllo small QcrtVant in ?L....JSnA 'ISm more Mr- Orecvcr: The situation "U-'r rutiU'iWi wimiuaicc Ohich we are Interested Tn Wyoin- uee, Hiatt said, "that s a toiQh break." There was genuine sympathy in his voico. 'Sjhati you as the Viopei'nti' "2) pinch him if they once rc0jin to flourish. Ik)tQOi'S inOfWO lines by tlsurpliis tax. hi Is stations to accompllsii people 'tJTiixe bill to provide fuiuQ g011J) UK'" hfs2Z2S O iCKSnra A 1.-. . JS. is jjioviaea vtr in mo mil. "L,OLfor OKf)&r jtfPifi q&ne would be ej&iflfly C&SffldSS 0 kill, W "i3 W: CE3,-e I t t'r tl e yid- e dowrPhere j efisssta nc thin ti iiw pi.n. yriiiiii to iia on nOirni b$ i &i for old age pensions through Uu' medium of the sales tax," lelatvj thereafter the difficulties which would ensue should anyone challenge the legality of the present alternative plan of employing v Men BStH Pv tra ttj)Kos. 'dcfSJ. a O mip&3) eBegtoietO iJi H-1 W5se: ttuIJSO CoMileld ( 11 ic.- wuuiv4L'i "CV Isug9. In grovSSI (OflUft co-c woks. &. ua? 4Bui mi9 rjjo ;nswa)p on Sc eotcfieaeai tjj m OorvMt ftiOiSseat-. HfchftsioB laijjna et isnifDM!m ifTnnrts Ti 1 ativcs.Qien, the bttuiaca ShA can SIOTO. vnilll IS arfl.O't a ua A 4W IIS StiantW dt-Jlaoiiffilfrmflfirsms On liittm IB mrm iBTSfa stoit as Ifcfgjusttii's." e iSfiATt msA iisUililn .imtipw&4iariltr money set aside by the regular potSpiotuts vi ill ejiPdfl mtico, Swaano ti4 in Tta TOtW 193EQssion of the legislature for vonsanieea m s cine d vay tnttni c0yrlstit, 1S3; srvteo. CtttoD 'hat 8o thtij "&3y )oif, tot jofcs ig rnai. tie asaed: to mQVit as iOc(Qif 10-dyin QtP (,oQ 6 Jai - gnins iQw iCHfaaJ) cwnagoOuo- on Phoebe i unit Shields, (lisiald Dsri-1 'Trips sctpJalJ tsilt tafte tTNJ "Thta one0o ojjv S12.S0. I ins. Claude Feeree. Julie Anne 1 touele Stom Tart o Astami anflr ta gel 91 at Bergman's." Shields, Joye W ampler. Second i the Columbia .riw to FoMfaii5 diffiEtilt jni n. an t'nms m file of UUW "Here's smiaOiiiig," , wift 3rain out n t tto rarcb. "You rmght try tliis u " it a a 4itc latthet down one Toby had nevn titurd ot lu. Tlc fore wantt'd -piticnmt .sufc' wiiieti. mOi'O 0 Qillw 00 tutP Ob 0o9 aPl honor toll Mary Loawil." Junior ewndustiftsr atvideiat 'aBShfilies en yg r6 c the OCWWioH &m !o O't Kra, linliriv feairviri. Nortna Swv- Trie man whistled scltiy. "It's not much?' Toby agixd", "but it's, 'ttw tfiali nothing." "Sure. Thet-e's no doutrt about 0 B KiSUSS kCJ 0OCB(51A In effior 0(fla, iupffljo- ;0i p!ir-0 erson, Jury tHiwr, Artoiah ifiower- Qaw. Bwoftd aradv Ctiarniaine (Mw cssoiMi aac touts. Tfroy ptan to rpttitDi fe !Ur bany Friday evening. 'Similar trips are tnaSe aeh TUftnJnesde? in -Willoiintf? eUey towns 4)y ijr. L. O. McAfee, degn of "Who," shf sltt'd herst'lf again, "could have done'it'.'" I inter,. Deri-all KJein, etie i4ae ftlffit V1. ID, wmkH Uhind tin- that." Hiott cea siient Jor a mo meot He said, fro wrung slightly, own siji lays a wk, the lOftlrK ctiyilaT of n f,rKf OwtilUitl.. 4c- iiwl. ihud grade Emerald 2'hc n-u-r as a f,ir away as" woman went .n." atid tiitv only Sittser, Starjorie SleuteL Edith 4y JSJ" 39' C33 0"C flBSi tSSUHr. nd il0 cw-eggOtftoMPa tffr tfriOB to ftO n cloitft fiver busifoi, il is B, to fewieafe; f 080,9 tt2B osoMi QWelmig federal funds, lyjd continuing: "If one takes thcQsition that the blame for this confusion rests with .the legislature rather than with the referendum, the indictment remains equally weighty. This raises the question of the wisdom of allowing details complicated tax legislation to be worked out on short notice while the legislature is in session, by men who may have no qualifi-tions or aptitude for the task. If democracy is to be ie for the world it will have 'tcarn ta.use skilled technicians in govcriTWent and legislation, as well as in mcrgy cine or any other impUuint de io college, Where he acquaints high school topperclassmen with Pearce. Fourth grade Janet Bil- it Ii) fccii. Ari r. liwHiuh, a I !' I2 '! hut It's tr.i- best thert K nur tnit .fpt T"bv. Iti'fV tixlay. Vuf? misht try it anl mrw uz somtfTniiig Tor you. You ought to tw aWe to ind si.methirig better than that" Suddenly his face lighted. yeuj Euxuta Iwis arid Brvce the Albany colleee curriculum brtmtit h t t a priuliral VH tt nl'iattT if tin-re's something else I'll WiS; O) w3uafcfi IKs oB0 Ob, he M mi i j fine tirt. J mat. kee yu in mind." SO, ClQ S3l:SwW ( to k ow lr iOR, pyf Itwt itli. .' 4MI itA . mngminrr. r u;n grade note iy-bach. Siath grade Bobbie Nixon, Edward Krieser,- Bob Balkovich, Harriet Barber. Savanth Arada-K r hi nva,s i snisillr 0fur ht-t losms th t fa at" Hi lliMMli's, Kit; llish QO) eooidb' iQaeWi ot -oSko- Qa' cv(y 0 eegQi4Miiga. KSouo is aa Nae & JtoQttvp ft '09e9oefi iffl oS-'usaMt, fe. Natalie Cathcart. Eighth grade .Via sW)ti! iyie uanncr and leslie xoder. HTIte of hrt rWkol. tf(t aiU 0i for Im. Tony (jpt to ht feet. "I've Rot to have a job," tie said, 'i'll trv it.". . fihe Was rwt mire how to rpaeh the it t!i F anii asked a K'lard in the Subway ttatiifi. f il'u r he niii du eled ti r ot slie did lud under stand the itv-triictnitia, ti Wlieti sh left tlie'stiliviray hv was blocks from the address. :lit" 'took, the sniraCi ar, Walk ing several ji;a its l .thl l after she lclt the car. I i.llv (the-reached the address, ttiiimt tlie right dier Trips Are S far fed aay! he said, "why didn't I think of it betore? f know a guy you ought to see. It's the very thinij!". What?" Toby demanded. "I mean who " "Ben Blake," Hiatt said eagerly. "D'you ever hear of him'." Toby shock here head. "No," she said, "I never did. Who is Ben blake?" (To Be C-ontltaaed') s 1 Mowwa aoitx iisisui. Harnsburg. (Special.) The following is the honor roll for the trade school: first honor roll lilO.'eff sikv 9iin&s s fifidBis, partment of human uftairs in icii ii,.,,- u, m .i,l.l. H.,)r(lM: : ircwopos :iid radios wiWiin which S value of knowledge .! S-lii' kA out ( ta d, (Milled) her battiiiitie atut her, and pielseU up tier m;a- from Ihe tabic. There As exai'tl.v" 13.H in th jiii. sc. T li'.v feint tiaitt her at HePiiWun's 't tlwfou days site UiMf ffl:uci itiat weh. s. "Will it wt hist lung," fujiy hW tn r iSl,' and knew altogeiher Imi wi ll how true it was. The first in a series of trips, con-. reiah oriwy .'a-cie 1111 a Oi.9 't(jas 1O ii iS'P enAO-y AQOO 9ti AaSO in- 4109.4 au ',IH lL tl ( iuntr 'I'nliy, In J.-I"V liO -l ni of 0"Ii'. filailiW MMkvl t'n awil'g rn tlu- nMb. too, ! m,-l vliililp wnlrh III ilfciwslnir. titfc In OK'A-tluiail. CQIn t lt4l in roiiiul in r li,-krr mIh- Ik ilirtniittM'il, (acting Oregon tiitfh school seniors in the interest of Albany college, began Monday when Dr. Quirinus jgI TRY A BOTTLE tCOat 1330 St. eV. 0 -o tjreen and rnomas s. Friaeaux left for a week, visiting the coastal cities of Oregon. Slie 's:rt mechintcally, Tii dress. Jirfi minljng, Tobv kne. skill are recognlzcdQ This Is a re-statement of the ,-gumcnt in favor of a smaller and more select group of legislators who will make it their business to study legislation before it (g adopted. O When the country was primitive, simple legislation sufficed to carry On the business of state, but as populations and vocations have increased and diversified society has o C'H.WTKR t'f was i' than any wurfc. hi floiMil, as s slipiied on her The oitra'led mo) of light bi owi OranO Oi?d Moiuin aafit Qlci -' ni(689 0rjpga 0a's OVr- same as giving a sioalloy a Stv scar .-iv. o .siiw.s, that ttieyctuut Jietome 'we! hair sii'tv4 isgealj( arid front Mie iiU'M tief.iie ami ww titit l)ci.i yh uMatts me eye at- ai'-. It (ft' flHli fllllla ly, and 9ln, aj, a wonient. 'tgpOad uti. A'iiIQ' sat a' i d -uS.f at and .like rj up a fiiiiht it stairs. V man at a desk behind a rail-1111; aLiiu'id 1 p. V ju lotkillg for- job?" he aiihni e "Ves," 'ty uid. "I've come limi " , Uettue she timid fini'h the man said crisily, "Tno inte, Vou .-dieiild have here an hour aw." "hut" Teby began again. "It's no use the man interrupted. "They. iniy wanted four girls ami they've hired, 'em all, Vou can leaf your name if yom want to. till. out this vat)'' He handed her the uual i)li- HUite itiy. Well, .she wukbi't buy a new pair imw. She gut Into her tick dress, i unimaf.tiig n a drawer for fresh collar. in, infis. Hie-ently slie become more complex, whiT)ca Klvern ;n).slionK pleaded lOietit'iluceny charge in .Justice t thf eliiclf. Six fAy-fi. tfiai as all nirl. KAie s:rk few, airiaaiL' was i'ti.iv itiMi )iikvt ub, ), for more complex legislation. Yet this legislation is being entrusted still to men with tjnparatively court Monday conlCfcing tn the theft of soVrfe vira Trnoi St V. lie covei onci5 9mirc, rfR nOint; auivt's and iiurae ami went down to tlie street. Ai sui)wUy"iam vva iMtiiiiiK iisio flR closely c))"1 chin, if Storer. lie Qis rOiftjd by J6s Olllver to 25 ii Q Uo vxejlQp primiGnmds, who, if they be honest, merely vote no wfSi in lW'l- A'lic'U'lisly :u$i aifaxt: Qiu coi's. Ail a mini!' Shore ."fil tii " sLiJioti a rt inil. ttifoimh tlit- gate. She leli t m a. doubt, and if otherwise vtite wit t tiir impliiyit-t ami 't'oby everSjay will profit them. ifK U sa.MMHMe and Mrs. 0. K. Cl.W.rd returmvs-T''' ,b"Us, " lew lom. nH- '! a srag , Clint to. ti it. .She wrote tn fcer name aSTdl adivas ami under "previous 4ta?i'H!iij.it6' li.-tiSt all the places terday fejim Seatlle where she lu .been tiVvi(pjt her daughters vTi te attending college Were. slw ht sinfcid except uiuir.wiy '.my irtjwiu'ii, w, h;iOa fcrltn, vaKUi'ly, nt sonu--lliniK wlipk'iisant w;i.; lu htippi-n tod;i!jQ, StunSplhinL; vrry uuj)li';is-ant.M'hiit wasMi? Slu si-aiOl'J her memory. vs itgic back of large wvifian, um-ingo-u ta' tiiftniii'd with nrtifich) cln'ris slui m front of tub The ir'iai-n cojft ' untastened m4 Toby noticerl the iifejnestone 04,-41 w SercfKan's. , fa-il! gave the card bai to the ian.Btunu 111 went down the .11 irnqn woiuiiii s I1CCK. I SORibS IN 3 w IS f A It "'mart ,Toby thiul; of lie iiis aim out 10 me sueei. aud-demt' itrjeurred to her that she lirr 11111111; shea hiW it m n mo-m A All lit nin'i" 'I'iih(8lii'w ll a. young, man W the sto the before the ridiculous one who h:,H lti,l,t C-,11 nil .,..,..,1. ..r ..i.a.. Has huiiKiAL She had eaten noth-ig the iikM beforeOad had only fSk-r job at lleigman's. ler, of course, than the vote which i in the interest of self aggrandizement, W it is small conili to u peoplewhich is looking to its legislaluOfor act of Q isdom. It is only honest po0-e action, nnd not honest negalivetion, ch can solve the probkW, of state. It is not that prcsen--M'slation is not complex enough. In fact the statutes could probably be simplified w'ithout losing efleQ iveness. The trouble lies in t conts and confusion wlrJat- col tcii tlSHt mitfning. Sfc'..t.. f . J stone clips an4 Insisted he w,ne35 (SjiWJwallOl along for several j ($SQSS333& xcloety- I) O O.' iSto aSa, childio. I Qi ' 0 0 ffl blocks-looking for a place Vhere n, iiini- mi 11, iiiiiiii-i. nail lie waitedOfi tll as lid- said he would .' Toby '-didn't think so. thrmigh there tired, disiiiai tied. AiuPlor tile worst of reasons, lh3t. The w hole miserable scene .the af$-rnoi)ti befoi came bivk !0lur the private office ii(9f fjrrows fel'l MrJiideipn) denmiiuing, fflftl iliAw"; you (. with the w Cn?",Vai man the tlie loird would be clifajj and fair-ItVelean. Then, on a cw nefcAicross Uie street, she sra :i roimli'i- 4lfl)'t think theri! -as the vli,tir.-:A Jikelihood that ho nad. But SMl'O Jur rhinestone clips! :Jtneh. iby crossed the street and went IobVbegan to l-.))e how reci- blue suit saving, ''Vf-mund il in inside. "A gfKsr'offmHk and ham ienu leisiaiion enacien oy in ndwich," slie told Tlie youth be- state legislators. There lui her Iffai.ei-; (ffl llaVnmfusii.J '''G'0 (ffl,l'U1 bl w,,h S4S'CS,V Lo 1,4 to firing Kt heiifP0 soon, rilty-ine dPi vithndrmmi.R,'-e'SaieNii'(VS'8 ,""U,xl-v ccl,ls w"s )ot O'i hiiul the counter. too little underslaiidiiig aifeii)1 Vwas warm in the lunch roof and there was a ulasant aroma ot food. Toby lokeVjfliuC'J at h. It'll -v ' II il the "vni 111H.-V11.V i me em- that V1 J:. '! had sent W IMI f nru nAI An o1rr-ru c- Am ,n .i TI w Mil co'is oer h ntf! tiv.sluit little co-nrdinntion among jjw-makers rQselves. Too many am'atcura are attempting to defe Qto( rMMrts too tf. tjii-er;(Qe acmig as surgi . This is nut lojtv thi3.i(R)aie il..tlit. ,u '"f.s'Jiaii s. inereilie told Jill , all of it.gfee. wj'inair-who interval d ap- piS,iv .yjwa -9. hadilJiHirje (.W.tyst uSRQljpy Jews nn Qs . wnwif i-., v., v.v.iv . wnai naa nap-peneiWie da.M)efor.. 'rinWoman mirsedTSr lins nod iuimctwii ILBiytlll not capable meiiSfi the legislatun But those who fliViK.rii f.iy the legislative liuftr.- Ihwn SjjI'alpstlno laA9ije) ' ntjf WiK-ker. She had wiflked Uai'd at ime,- liijioa,!. on lheT-.trir Is -ynergifat's, lung hours her W "fQprns. third Qfkt t I IH!(hed. .e had li.-Moilil.Tiani-an Ei-re Uu'tMtyi 1 w wilhouiIiiffches. hjid sii((!T?kl ,m nuirod, "Minni, It's too bad." T'oby couldn't tell wluJIier the woman believed her cQlot. She said insistently, "1 dun't know atl;'.flv;iv 1 c:m liriiv,, it l,i T If 1 ' 0 . , ; eKhQote ! " O H ln-ra started 1j inirciii-tiRti iiiuSjfi.'ti,,,.! SiS,a ..!,... f.,itf,a ;it ...jb... ed by the preponderance p those less qualified, with the ' iii'iis, nmior uniiri -(t iu-gLil.'( yj unreasoiia!i3 ei&ATr hj)d,d'' tBkl ,lu watch. I was wait- they are powerless to giv .e haijsnii. e when CS pni:-CsV(iMi TSliniiKli coloi best service, and therefore become Mead aSW-d; jm uff-Jffi iiif?K eiori3YtfcmrTlKlt. IlKO .15TS. yet it lvuinins W.i l discouraged, since the misdec . tl ! "... ..... .. ' Population n ml -"t! ,,. ,1 VllSIUIllt'l rte woman said "Mmm." again ana went on as though-jbv had not spoken. "I hope (fej -an place ymi, but il r.iav he auttlo ,el- n ro. Lisiyenr. new ediicat 1, Ai'V,-as Iwr fSSljiStJ '' bo put lutoTivt I (9h. . yfCtiUjll caineKuV The I Plan to stay awhile when Anislirit s) die inlnml. hirf tlioii bef. mloiiilnn hn been wiiliheltl. (fif.- oy Had cn(Sgllier-le lQiiliatioii, the sell to sleel: V you visit the NEW Exposition. . .There's Roux Shampoo Tint reason, arrurdins to rumor, IsliQ) injustice hail. i.i. more, she Gives Graying Hai ui uic niajuiry reueci s Jjll on the minority. The solution lies vgji the people themselves, who must learn to exercise better Judgment in selecting their public officials and to give good men proper encouragement by retaining them In the positions they arc Tilted to hold. Since Democracy is government by the people. It is they who must In the end accept responsibility for its success or failure. much to see in San Diego RATES 2to310- nrunni is ininKinR 01 lurnrrsjovor the colony to Oroccp in rctiVni for a more ulieheretl spot on the Mediterranean for Its warships. The historic K11 ksroiincl of Cy-prim Ii plrturod 011 t lie It stumps of the erle Issued for tli vteny tn 1934 Tlu one shown here il. lustrate the ruiin of the llomxn forum at Siilnmli). wlirre SI. 1'hiiI sad St. ilarnatinii Imiiled in 45-46 3o to '8 '.Si thought. i'W.-heauld ever bear. She had wanted nothing so u.uch aVir-the earth to open up and swallow her. Now. this morning, she saw the matter in a different light. Anger flared in Toby's heait. "Somebody." she told herself, "took that watch and put il in my locker on purpose. They must have known I d lose my job. but they didn't care. Mavbe that's w hat they wanted. Oh, who could have done such a thing-.' Who 6 t coon shop (QbscribPtoday and get the biggest nev) an feature alue ev offered in Albanj- O yJarrier 50c Per month Phone 15 9 . Albany i' & i Admire . . A. D BUSINESS CHALLENGED New An Oil Permanent - - would want to do it','" Toby didn't know. Shi hadn't I mm- The man who is always trying to get something for nothing generally winds 1$ by being somebody's sucker, and finds himself laying out more than he can afford In the belief that he is buying the postoffici! building. WALKER'S Barber and Beauty Shop Shoe shining in Connection tIS I.yon SU Phone 67SR the ghost of an idea who could want to harm her. She wasn't aware that she had any flu-mies Certainly there was no ome at Bergman's whom she ha'd evei I1.11 llll ll. ,11 IO' nu lit

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