The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 6, 1997 · Page 158
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 158

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1997
Page 158
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Page 158 article text (OCR)

THE PALM BEACH POST SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1997 - Talkmovie highlights I; rem "rfi'i'L-ii LM!J For complete daily listings, please see Sunday's TV Post. PALM BEACH V INTERACTIVE Next two weeks of listings plus more descriptions at wwu.GoPBI.comPBITV 9 a.m. DSC Horn Matter: "South maian Cooking; Velvet Fruit; Plaster" Baby care; Velvet fruit' hnma nmlr I garden tools; collectibles; . win maian cooking . iTVai ttivw t! Gossip Show: Celebrity j oiiu gossip; nost i Julie Brown. (TVPG) (1:00) ' 865490 11 a.m. BRAV Inside the Actors Stu- : Oio: 'Ellen Burstyn" Ellen i Burstvn. (TVPfii rinsi Noon V-- wiiiiwion ' A hAhv rirriic elonhant uiitK j big ears is laughed at, until ; TV version may include ' short cartoons ffii u nm O News NBC News Sport Splash Flamingo For. Volcano! (R) 48631 Th Pretender: Nip and Tuck Profiler: Power Corrupt New Saturday Night Live B New CBS New Inside Edition Coast Guard Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Early Edition: Christmat (R) Walker, Teia Ranger News Living Single Living Single FX: Tha Series ' C3 God Speak Today Main Floor Today' Health Due South: Eclipse (R) Movie Soul Train Hi Showtime at the Apollo (R) i S3 Signature Serie Jewelry The Jewelry Box (JIP) Evening Elegance (JIP) Collectible Knife Show 6 6B (4:30) College Football: Big 12 Champ.: Neb, v. Texa AaM College FootbaH: SEC Championship: Auburn vs. Tennessee 606099 New NYPDBIu Texa Ranger SD Pensacola: Wing of Gold (R) Home Imp. Seinfeld Cop Copt(R) America Most Wanted New MAD TV Pentacola: Wing ot Gold (R) . G) Team Knight Rider The X-File: Ice Star Trek: Voyager (R) Earth: Final Conflict (R) Viper: Triple Crot (R) Wild Thing (R) Movie: Watch It (R) 58281 f ; CB Roger Whittaker: Concert Lawrence Welk Holiday Special: Great Moment and Memories 180099 Perry Como i kith Chrlttma 93631 Doctor Who Doctor Who ', ill' Gaither Homecoming 997438 Left Behind New Faith The Active Word Carol Pikinl Jack Van Imp God New Jewish Jewel in the Word With Gil McDowet Oft the Air ' CD Engelbert Humperdinck: Love Unchained 4070 Yanni Tribute: Concert at Taj Mahal and Forbidden City Helmut Lotti Goe Classic 46344 Andrea Bocelli: Romania In Concert 48099 '. CD New inside Edition Walker, Texa Ranger Cop Cop(R) America' Most Wanted New MAD TV Movie 2 ' ' 3B (4:30) College Football: Big 12 Champ.: Neb, v. Texas AtM College Football: SEC Championship: Auburn vs. Tennessee 184780 News Soldier ot Fortune, Inc. (R) TalesCrypt ; SB Noticia Noticiero Tutti Frutti Gigante Sabado Gigante Nolicia Bunven. Movie: El Ratero de la - 2 '. IB) Blossom Grace - Frasler MadAb'tYou Frasier MadAb'tYou Wild Things (R) Viper: Triple Cross (R) Star Trek: Voyager (R) Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (R) IS The Outer Limits (R) The X-Files: Ice Movie: Pointman ('94) (Jack Scalla, Rwann Bigg) 82099 New Seinfeld The X-Fite Earth: Final Conflict ! AtE Home Again Home Again Mysterie of the Bible Biography Thi Week Investigative Report Mow: Harper f 66) (Paul Newman, Lauren Bacall) 869693 Biography This Week j AMC (5) Movie: Breaking Away Movie: The Pleasure ot HI Company ('61) 73223S WENN Movie: All the Young Men (BW) ('60) 377457 Movie: Breaking Away (P& 79) 139032 BET Teen Summit Thea ABL Basketball: Atlanta Glory at Columbut Quest 796761 HltLirt Comicview Comicview Movie: Prison Storie: Women on the Inside ('91) 298964 ; BRAV (6:05) Movi: House Calls (P6, 78) 88159780 inside the Actors Studio (9:05) Movie: Alice (PG-13, 80) (Mia Farrow) 54808815 Inside the Actors Studio 1(12:05) Movie: Chat 2:30 : CNBC Succeed Business Business Tim Russert Best ol Great Stuff ' Rivera Live Charles Grodin Hardball Tim Russert Rivera Live ' CNN WorldView Inside Politic Capital Gang Bu. Unusual Prime News Sports lllus! Larry King Weekend World Today Sporting Lite CNNSport Illustrated Prime New Elsa Klensch COM Make Laugh Make Laugh Robin William: Off the Wall Young Comedian Special Pee-wee Herman Show South Park Viva Variety Prem. Blend ottsides Movie: Mob Bos 444552 2 PIS Growing Pain Muppet Movie: It Nearly Wasnl Christmas 6678631 Stingiest Man (9:25) Movie: A Mom tor Christina ('90) 12675070 Wall Disney Presents Zorro Spin 8 Marty DSC Sci-Trek Discovery Atlantis Wild Discovery Sci-Trek: Volcano Fury Justice Files: Falsely Accused Detectives: Forensic Science Wild Discovery ; ESPN (4:30) Golf SportsCenter College Basketball: Purdue at Louisville 745709 College Basketball: Arizona at Texas 964612 SportsCenter NFL Matchup Amer. Muscle ' ESPN2 (5) Rodeo: National Finals, First Round (R) NHL Hockey: New York Ranger at Montreal Cartadien 9489964 NHL2Night MotoWorld (R) Rodeo: National Final, Second Round 2 i FAM Pinocchio's Christmas Santa Claus Coming to Town Movie: Blazing Saddles (R, 74) (Cleavon Little) 205506 Movie: Avalanche Express (PG, 79) (Robert Shaw) 563032 Bonanza: A Time to Die : FX 21 Jump Street Miami Vice: Blood and Roses Mission: Impossible: Wheels Mission: Impossible: Spy In Living Color In Living Color Back Chat 21 Jump Street j HBO (6:15) Movie: Zeus and Roxanne (PG, '97) 51722235' Stomp Out Loud Movie: Star Trek: First Contact (PG-13, '96) 966070 Movie: Assassin (R, '95) (Sylvester Stallone) 5243032 ; HB02 Happily After Babar Movie: Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown Educate Peter Movie: Ricochet (R, '91) (Denzel Washington) 5366051 inside the NFL Movkt: Dead Silence 1:45 HGTV in Good Taste Wine Cellar At the Auction Collectibles Bartholomew interiors At Home tor the Holiday Interior Bed and Bath Bartholomew Interior At Home for the Holiday i HIST D-Qay: The Total Story History' Mysterie Highway Hangout: Celebrating America' Roadside Attraction Movie: Merrill's Marauder ('82) (Jeff Chandler) 88341 Roadside Attractions j LIF Movie: Too Young to Die? (R, '90) (Michael Tucker) 206235 Movie: Zoya ('95) (Melissa Gilbert, Bruce Boxleltner) 263148 - . Girl Ngt. Out Girls Ngt. Out "' MAX (5) Movie Movle: Coneheads (PG, '93) 728167 Movie: Twelfth Night (PG, 98 1421902 1(10:15) Movie: Demotltion High (R, 'ft) 8478186 (11:45) Movie: Allen Abduction "; MSNBC (5) News Chat Weekend Mag. WPhillip Big Show WOlbermann Weekend Mag. WPhillip Time 8 Again Big Show WOlbermann Weekend Mag. WPhillip MTV Real World Real World Real World Real World Real World Real World Real World iReal World Real World Real World Real World Singled Out Mattrock ! NICK Figure It Out Real Monsters Doug Angry Beavers Rugrats All That Kenan tKel Allen Strange H.R. Pufnstuf Land of Lost Sigmund H.R.Putnstuf Krofft Electra i RCN (5) Movie: Harnessing Diana: In Search of Happiness Movie: Casanova (Part 1) Sins 6957490 Movie: Casanova (Part 1) Sins 5980823 2 ' SC Devil Rays Thoroughbred PGA Tour College Basketball: Georgetown at Miami 620588 Sports News PGA Tour Butch Davis Calendar Innerview Sports News ' SCFI (5) Mystery Science Theater Movie: Ticks (R, '93) (Rosalind Allen, Ami Dolenz) 9309728 Movie: Moonbase (R, '97) (Scott Plank) 9605167 Mystery Science Theater 3000 ' SHO (5) Movie Life as a Dog (75) Movie: Salt Water Moose (Q, '96) 57575344 - Movle: Bastard Out of Carolina (R, '96) 133780 Movie: Demolition High (R, '96) 9102070 Women SUN College Golf (R) Racing Report Women's College Soccer: NCAA Champions.: Notre Dame vs. Connecticut (R) NBA Action Lightning Women's College Soccer: NCAA: N.C. vs. Santa Clara 1 :30 TBS (6:05) WCW Saturday Night (8:05) Movie: El Dorado f67) (John Wayne, Robert Mltchum) 61334167 (10:50) Movie: Coogan' Bluff (R, '68) 8062065 (12:S0) Movie TLC Next lo Nothing The History of the Bathing Suit The Operation The Human Experience Sam Sheppard: The Real Story The Operation The Human Experience TMC (5:45) Movie: Dracula (7:20) Movie: Canadian Bacon (PG, '95) 45856235 Movie: Sunset Park (R, t6) 7792631 (10:40) Movie: The Rapture (R.l) 61244902 (12:25) Movie: Full Body . 2 TNN This Week in Country Music HeeHaw OpryB'kstage OleOpryLlve Statler Bros. Gaither: Joy to the World Opry B'kstage OleOpryLive Statler Bros. TNT Flintstones Bugs Bunny Lois 8 Clark: Superman Smudge Seu' Grinch Movie: Trading Place (R, '83) (Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy) 771148 Movie: Clash of the Titan (PG) 161273 2:30 USA (5:30) Movie: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 413032 Movie: Kindergarten Cop (PG-13, '90) 134419 Movie: When Danger Follow You Home (PG-13, 97) 409235 Movie: Night Eyes II 2 WGN Earth: Final Conflict Family Matter Illinois RicheS " Movie: What About Bob? (PG, '91) (Bill Murray) 293099 New Coach Movie: Pulp Fiction (R, 94) 701815 2:30 (VCR) 50341 COM Daily Show: Craig Kil- 12:30 p.m. CNN Travel Guide: Istanbul. i (Repeat) 345970 COM Daily Show: Craig Kil- : DOrn. (IVHU) 50631 1:45 p.m. BRAV Inside the Actors Stu dio: "Harvey Keitel" Harvey Keitel. (TVPG) (1:00) 6677032 8 p.m. BRAV Inside the Actors Studio: "Alec Baldwin" Alec Baldwin. (TVPG) (1:05) 8802525 9 p.m. CNBC Rivera Live: Developments In legal issues and court cases around the country. (1:00) 1880186 El A Room With a View (1986. Drama) Helena Bonham Carter, Maggie Smith. An English miss tours 1907 Florence with her cousin and meets a man to love. Directed by James Ivory. From the E.M. Forster novel. Adult situations, nudity, violence. (2:00) (VCR) 461438 MSNBC Weekend Magazine With Stone Phillips: Highlights of the week's reports and features on "Dateline NBC." (1:00) 3023612 11 p.m. BRAV Inside the Actors Studio: "Christopher Reeve" Christopher Reeve. (TVPG) (1:05) 1883186 El Howard Stern: Howard's best of radio on television. (TV14) 716490 11:30 p.m. El Howard Stern: Howard's best of radio on television. (TV14) 797525 Midnight CNBC Rivera Live: Developments in legal issues and court cases around the country. (1:00) 5045755 MSNBC Weekend Magazine With Stone Phillips: Highlights . of the week's reports and features on "Dateline NBC." (1:00) 5227823 1 a.m. El Gossip Show: Celebrity news and gossip; host Julie Brown. (TVPG) (1:00) 843197 1:35 a.m. CD Entertainment Tonight: Dick Van Dyke. (CC) (1:00) 6566194 2:30 a.m. BRAV Inside the Actors Studio: "Sally Field" Sally Field. (TVPG) (1:00) 133113 2:35 a.m. (B Entertainment Tonight: Dick Van Dyke. (CC) (1:00) 8737858 3 a.m. MSNBC Weekend Magazine With Stone Phillips: Highlights of the week's reports and features on "Dateline NBC." (1:00) 7237755 ' 2 p.m. CNN Your Health: Health issues. 494790 El Love, Hollywood Style: 1 he media spotlight affects relationships. (TVPG) (1:00) 792070 4 p.m. ID Entertainers: Danny De Vito; Tony Danza; Tia Car-rere; Damon Wayans; Jessica Lange; Tom Selleck; Heavy D. (Repeat) (1:00) 97419 El Gossip Show: Celebrity news and gossip; host Julie Brown. (TVPG) (1:00) 715761 For more VCR Plust codes, see the Sunday TV Post. For assistance, call 800-432-1827 'Indicates program in progress 5 p.m. Holiday TV BRAV Inside the Actors Stu dio: "Arthur Penn" Arthur Penn. (TVPG) (1:05) 2160525 CNBC Equal Time With Bay Buchanan: Perspectives. 4119457 7 p.m. of the holiday; host Jane Seymour. (2:00) 82964 2 p.m.lS Movie: The Christma Stallion (1992) Daniel J. Travanti. Teen's uncle weighs sale of her horse farm in Wales. Drama ((2:00) 8032 3:30p.m.USA Movie: Holiday Affair (1996) Cynthia Gibb. Two men vie for young widow's attentions at Christmas. Romance ((2:00) CJ 110273 6 p.m.FAM Pinocchio' Christmas: Pinoc-ohio joins a puppet show to earn money for Geppetto's Christmas gift Voices: Alan King, George S. Irving Animated. (1:00) 688815 7 p.m.ffi Christma at Rockefeller Center: Matt Lauer, Jennifer Lopez and the Rockettes are on hand for the annual Christmas tree lighting in New York City. (1:00) 37525 (B Lawrence Welk Holiday Special: Great Moments and Memories: Myron Fkxen; Jo Ann Castle; Dick Dale; Anacani; Bobby and Elaine; Ken Delo; Norma Zimmer; Ralna Eng Eve; scofllaw Chuck (Fisher Stevens) helps. Santa escape from jail. (Repeat) CJ (1KX))- 9371 59761 ' (9:25) DIS Movie: A Mom for Christmas, ( 1 990) Olivia Newton-John. Mannequin comes to life for motherless girl and her father. Fanta-' sy ((1:35) CJ 12675070 9:30 p.m.ffl Denyce Graves: A Cathedral Christmas: The mezzo-soprano performs at Washington National Cathedral. CJ (1:30); 424070 10 p.m.Q) Perry Como's Irish Christmas: ) Como sings carols and Irish airs at Point The-! atre in Dublin; the Artane Boys Band; the Chorus of the Glasnevin Musical Society.' (2:00) 93631 TNN Gaither. Joy to the Worid: The Gaithers: celebrate Chnstmas with Christ Church Choir in Nashville. Q (1:00) 573612 J la.m.TNN Gaither. Joy to the Worid: The' Gaithers celebrate Christmas with Christ! Church Choir in Nashville. CJ (1:00) 165755 lish; Mary Lou Metzger; Gail Farrel; Ron Anderson. (3:00) 1 80099 DIS Movie: It Nearly Wasn't Christmas (1989) Chanes Duming Santa Claus helps Chicago girl reach father in LA Adventure ((1:35) CJ 8678631 FAM Santa Claus Is Coming to Town: A mailman (the voice of Fred Astaire) explains why Santa has whiskers, lives at the North Pole and brings presents once a year. Animated. (1:00) 218070 8:30 p.m.TNT Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Boris Kartell narrates the animated tale about a curmudgeon and merry Whoville. (:30) 470051 (8:35) DiS Stingiest Man In Town: An animated musical tells Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." Voices: Walter Matthau, Tom Bosley, Theodore Bike), Robert Morse and Dennis Day. CJ (:50) 48633419 9 p.m.gjB Eariy Edition: "Christmas" A bomber targets a skating rink on Christmas Today's holiday television shows: (5:05) TBS Who's the Boss?: "Requiem" Angela helps Tony deal with memories of his father. Q (:30) 5673693 (5:35) TBS Who's the Boss?: "The Christmas Card'' Tony and Angela exchange Christmas surprises. Q (:30) 5064693 (6:05) TBS Who' the Boss?: "A Spirited Christmas" Tony attempts to reunite Mona and her brother. CJ (:30) 21 1 1070 10a.nt.DIS Spot's Magical Christmas: A puppy helps two reindeer find their missing Sleigh. (:30) 454273 10:30 a.m.DHS Teddy Bear Christmas: Ben the teddy bear comes to life and finds another like him in a toy store. Animated. CJ (:30) 919525 11 a.m.ffl Police Academy: The Series: "A Few Good Elves" With summer vacation canceled, Hefilfinger decides to get a head start on El Model TV: Malia Jones; Christmas. Q (1:00) 83902 A& Great Escapes of Worid War I: The breakout from a stalag: the ambush of a Gestapo truck; a Christmas Eve escape from a German POW camp; a massive Dunkirk sea rescue. (2:00) 915631 CHS Bluetoes, the Christma Elf: The smallest, least-imrjortant elf earns a ride in Santa's sleigh. Animated. Q (:25) 2063877 (1 1:25) EMS A Disney Channel Christmas: Jiminy Cricket presents animated shorts with a holiday theme. Q (1:35) 71093051 11:30 a.m.UF Night Court: "Santa Goes Downtown" Harry tries a man in a Santa Claus suit. Guest: Michael J. Fox. CJ(:30) 573419 1 p.m.Q A Hollywood Christmas: Rare dips and deleted sequences show film's treatment Beverly Johnson; Isabella Rossellinl. (TVPG) 215186 MSNBC Weekend Magazine With Stone Phillips: High lights of the week's reports and features on "Dateline NBC." (1:00) 3034728 JOHN SAUNDERS & JOE GIELLA SHERMAN'S LAGOON J.P. TOOMEY,' MARY WORTH 3 in. 1 in'-1 ' 1 'i I . . J -v ix.. r,i,v i a.v Ttn -r".ner aC i 1 ii.i o,n- L IT this 111M.lF I -'mj ' I TAk A hflno LOOK I sf ' . ' V VOUVtV M Hnvk IOU NV CbU fcVkM U LtrUfC I IT HIVCIS Ul WU f i tho souvenir H AT THE .Iff V5rr NEW T-V. SHPW 16 AB00T I R Tjir II 9 fllP,C00L,X0Urft,r ' A HIP, COOL, VoTgY I pictures twey -ilwtiH-r--J 1 1 WftCooL, FuN-Vit4& J MP p0p. c Qm f & FuNlWiK& WIST? ROSE IS ROSE ' fatbrady; DOONESBURY garry trudeau fammmT) fj W Wpj (. L FMwN t . rn u ill g 1 1 ZTrn IF YtNU W EUP ASIHY FROWN fl&TlME TUl WlTMOir SSS I AWntSmTh Lste together? llmkmi htlV r v v I I ' " MARMADUKE bradanderson JUMBLE ' 1 ' A KlE - - VvMV ' :08jM&-A . ; ; F'V?TTl 1 Unscramble these tour Jumbles, . . , N ' " """ "ri" 'ni- 1 1 '7'"'" I . fi&l one letter to each square, to form Tr.,, Jon , ' J Wm four ordinary words. rrSH S : n&ft W I vaadi n I clM WARLD A J k A STUMPED? For helD call 1-900-454-6873. The cost is 99 cents a minute. Push Crossword button or rotary phones. For more crossword fun see the Classified section. 01867 Tttm MMU SovkM, w. Solution time: 27 mint. RINGO I k A A MlAlNfl A1RIGI0T1BTAND L"n.i"jQ)on MUDINS ri m n THE RESULT OF WEARING CASUAL CLOTHES TO A FORMAL MEETING. lAlQlOtll I A RM I L LI tcTAJR V I rTljEljK I HE F"fv E A LEIC I d' E ! 1 R sip n iHiJl a nE3 il A J-. IP" A R R jlpiAIN O I uEfslA L A D j A I E yvWefF CH j 1 s HSlgp w tIhTr p wKJpiiR ICS H P O P Jwi. k 1 h I i (J T A Hflp T O EflLl L D E N Y U D A Wi N U ElE K ACROSS 1 Current 5 Disguise 9 Predicament 12 Rife with foliage 13 Busy as 14 Flamenco cheer 15" want for Christmas..." 16 Singer Campbell 17 Churchil-lian gesture 18 Whodunit GOSPEN H TT-" LJ I I LJLu Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. i E 3 p TTIi 6 p 1 r"p io hi T2 13 14 15 " TfJ 17 Ta T9 rl 20 -'' ' IT-22 23 pi 25 ' 26 "(27 28 29 So"" 31" 32 ,mlM 34 35 I 136 37 laa - : ': -jam hiriiiMiriiMWi ini 39 40 41 Hl4 43 i 45 46 47 48 ""149 50 51 52 53 54 1 55 56 W f Tf l IP If Xf Yesterday' answer 12-6 (Answers Monday) Jumbles: COACH TRUTH PARITY OUTFIT Aniwer: Steamy weather can turn into this on the newa-AHOTTOPIC Vesterday'a "The bank sent us a calendar with pictures of cats. Hide it!" Cryptoquip Cryptoquote 36 Hit the matched horn 54 Timid 37 "No seats" 55 PBS 38 Firewood? science 39 Gunny show fiber 56 Rem- 42 Answer nants to the DOWN Sphinx's 1 Scandal riddle 2 Calm 44 Gymnast before the Korbut storm 48 DDE'S 3 Christi-command ania, now 49 Cairo 4 Executive suburb mansion 50 Capacity 5 Hungarian 51 Pantyhose 6 Corn-shade petent 52 Part of 7 Vacillate the loop 8 Author 63 Un- Kesey 124 WJSFS BG PEHUSF QJSH E OEH WJFNQG JBG WNHUTS BHWN JBUJ USEF RSCNFS JS USWG JBG RFEBH E-UNBHU. GNTFDS NRGDTFS 19 Last word of Joyce's "Ulysses" 20 Month segment 21 Mound stat. 23 Essen expletive 25 Collect 28 Actor in NYC or LA.? 32 Standoffish 33 Franklin, for one 34 Made a transition 41 Stage statuary 43 Black Sea arm 45 Crazy one 46 Outcry of 1849 47 Iowa city 49 Card-table call 12-6 QSD VRWQWOP PWOB NSDE WEQDU BOUP QSGQ SRP IWVPNSQ NGU'Q ID IDDQ. Yesterday's Cryptoquip: I'M SURE THAT THE CROOKED CLOCKMAKER WILL WIND UP IN PRISON. Today's Cryptoquip clue: B equals P 9 Jupiter's 30 Prior alias night 10 Sheltered 31 Embar- 11 Gentle rassed 20 Capital of 35 Type of the Yukon 5 Across Territory 36 Bicycle-22 Allude seat style 24 Docket 39 "West entries Side 25 Petrol Story" 26 Pub order faction 27 Dress 40 Home of 29 Pinnacle the Jazz Yesterday's Cryptoquote: CHILDHOOD DOES SOMETIMES PAY A SECOND VISIT TO A MAN; YOUTH NEVER. ANNA JAMESON A new online crossword daily at wilw. GoPBl. comcrossword Svi PALM BEACH fy INTERACTIVE

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