Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 16, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, March 16, 1936
Page 5
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MONDAY, MARCH 16, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON . PAGE FIVE ..: 24 Wanted. Miscellaneous I TUUAX RADIO SERVICE NOW S.OCAT . I ed around corner from Hank of Albany. Stumlnrtl mediums Urown eliu .... The Democrat-Herald Classified Rates. Versatile Writer NEW T0AY FOR SALE 21 WEANLINGPIGS. 7 wku. old. Gale Jiiktl. 2 mi. west Stwdd. n.lC-lS rv.;,v Answer to Previous Puzzlo ADS MO KG THAN TWO LINES time, per word :!c consecutive times, por woru .... 4c conticeutive times, iht word 1c Month, constH-utivv timin. per word -"i KEADEKS Count five average word to line. i n rn do utile imu ii i. I V r h ne. first insertion, 20c ; per line each itJiii tiomil insertion. 13c. Card of Thanks. 5 He, COPY DEADLINES Classified vouv must be in office before 11:00 o'clock on day of publication. Copy for Ttiutsday must be before $,00 a. m. for classified pajie. FOR SALE 14-IN. JOHN DKKKK. 2 Q bottom tractor plow kqqA ha nrw, 16-in. sc Sulky plow, priced low for quick hiilr. Suiitrll's Auction Market, WV pay cash for furniture. 1'honv T6-K. mill FOR RENT MODERN, CLEAN FIVE-room house, $18. Abo ice box for sale. Inquire at 1)04 E. 1st St. ml 6 FOR SALE BUICK 27 STANDARD Sedan. Ck-nn car, runs and looks x ccptionally jrootf ; tirca good. Make offer. ISilS E. 6th St. ml6-n WANTED WOMAN TO STAY NIGHTS. Mil taut 9th or Phone 513-J. mlfi IQIU E.IEJN M AIR V aJu l du:e rljl 0FFN sfPWNlJT. bTaTS 5 HAkT kF VHf t iT"trglljBS ALlAA:M 1fi aTTnIIiT ujirnoimlTC niATTTLllGTl B E'mpfflElEjP! S JiA PlEISpLncjABlA.L A lk'0 NtslNIElE.UE L OJP.E C QlN SiQiBlf rTWi I idiqTw EID WiHil. AMI MOHAIlt WANTED. CASH ndvunced without interest. M. Sender & Co. mto-ul CASH FOR YOUR CAR. WARDEN'S CAR Market, Phone VMl, Lebanon. Ore. j OLD UNITED ST AT Eh COINS BOUGHT j at I soil's Druii Store. marltf CASH PAID FOR USED FURNITUR8. etc. "Look in your attic. Chat, Rohr bouiib & Son, 415 W. First St. Jl-tf CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD, DENTAL j crowns, bridges, fillings, old jewelry, j watch cases, etc F. M. French & Son, . Jewelers. ; ' - . daOtf 15 For Rent, Houses, Apts. ELLSWORTH APTS. HEAT. OVER-stuffed furniture. Ph. 36. 805 Ellsworth. afi-tf 20 Help Wanted, Male MARRIED COUPLE TO RUN LOCAL j coffee agency. $45-n-weck opportunity.! Aulotmiibile given producers. Albert Mills. t-S Monmouth. Cincinnati, O. ' mil' .T"rr.;TT , ' sinti- aKV cxtn'riMicr. finlni-y. refer- ... .... ...... , ,. lleiuld. ml3-IG" u ivn'ii U'ltillk rlTTTvwu IVIT1I ' , j , j I HOKIZON'TAL 1, 7 Author of "(lunga Din." 12 Tiny veRctnblc. 13 Kxpcrted. 15 Wur flyer. lti Knithy matter. 17 To place in line. IS Sharp. 20 Minister's half-year's pay (pl.). 21 Feather. 22 Taro root. 23 Inlet. 24 Groek letter. 2G Agitates. 31) Tract of clearod land. 34 Relieves. 36 Vcrhnl. 37 Sandy. 39 Valley. 40 Strife. 41 Organs of hearing. 4! Musical note. 46 Tense. LOST, EITHER TOGETHER OR SEPAR. on Coast Hitihway at North Dead, Ore-ately 4 white weanling pigs betveen yon. Address F. B. Hood, Miirshficld, Ore-Albany and Morninjr Star Grange Hall. sun. m 16-20 I'hone 13-F-4, or writ' Cox, Rt. 2. ml6-lS Albany. 49 Driver's command. 50 Preposition. 51 Sasli. G2.Vieyaricator. D3 Harvests. 66 To appear. 58 He was born in , India, 59 Some of his lias an Indian background. RAGS WANTED WE PAY CASH FOR old rags. Brintr in whatever you have. Albany Baif-nin House, 2nd & Baker St. ml6-l8 SOUTHERN OREGON Fine suburban place, wants farm in valley, will assume. 170 ACRES, near Shedd. on fine stream, fair buildings, W5uO. Pay for this like pnt. 70 ACRES near Tangent, a high producing farm, good buildings, mono will handle, bn lance easy. . DOLLARHIDE COMPANY, 120 Ellsworth ml2-tf FOR RENT 4-ROOM DOWNSTAIRS Apt. furnished. , Private bath. 314 R. tmils lo cut several hundred eords vtn bt't'' " wood. See C. 11. Murphy, eaie Tripp & j cMvn Murphy. ml3-IS j 110118 j 150 to 160 pounds 21 Help Wanted, Female j'0 '' 2 "unl FOR RENT MODERN APT., HEAT. clec. refrik'erator. Call at 6tJ W. ard. Phone 1M8. mH-tf CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS horses and cows. Day-old calves. Ph. 14-F-14 Albany, Ceril Montgomery. mU-tf WANTED DEAD AND WORTHLESS horses and cows. II, A. Cnle, Phone collect 33-F-12. Corvallis. ml3-al8 j Poultry, Eggs FOR SALE-WHITE LEGHORN CHICKS. I Al , vhh nn. i AIbo Custom IluU-hinix. llrewntt'r'K t Ilntrhory, Crnbtrre, Ore. ni6-ae-S , 13 For sale, MiscellQi eous FOR SALE MARSHALL STRAWBERRY liltmts, selected stoek. Henry Amnion, 2. Albnny, Seravel Hill. I'hone Jefferson tl-K-H mlJ-lT' .'.I FOR SALE TWO FIVE HUNDRED Electric llrouders with .11111 sluiled imnviiu, u inrmy weaner pi;s Sft.uo each. Phone 113, Brownsville, Ore. Farmers Seed Acet.. mi;i-n READY TO SERVE YOU WITH A FRESH ' and complete stock of Oarden and Field Seed. M. Senders & Co. Inl0-16 HltiliKSi tlUALlTY KUUIT ANn NUT t rees, shrutm. rose buxhes. Rhade tnes. Send for price list. Seltlemeier Jiroa. Niiini'riei, Rt. H. Albany n21-tt FOR SALE .SEVERAL GOOD USED "McClanahan" Incubators, 240 egg $10;-640 egg, $20, reconditioned, tested, and complete with all parts ready to rim, E. McClanahan Inc. Co.. 200 W. 12th Eugene, Ore. f21-m21 WALNUTS, CHERRY. APPLE, APRICOT, Peach, llamboo, figs. Rhubarb. Butterfly Huxh, etc. Ptacock Nuntcry, Rt. 4. Al- bauy. Phone 4G-F-4. O mlU-16 FOOLISH 7" o 'm ' io "J it T i? T 75 IT" ; SO tJI W ea 9 "SH 3i3T" . ; mijjmm 35- - I I I I I I I I I III I -ffl Kitdioit, telephoncH, motor and elcctriial illane repaired. 1'hone W-V-t. flU-ml's HELP TUB NEEDY 'Da- Salvmion Army needs frulU, vte-'allies, i-lnthinn .etc.. lo help tuxnly neonle in . enieruency cant. Money, Uh. if you i to rnmniiute. Wr have no telephone. 1 but brins n what yon to don a i drop en a card and we'll call for it Capt. Bert Bailey. S4t. Kant Ftmt St.. Albany. TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS Prices Quoted below are those prevailing at 11 o'clock a. m. on day of publication, and are subject to" change at any hour thereafter. LOCAL GRAIN M. Senders &' Co. WHEAT: No. 1 white, 8i ; red and mixed. 78c bushel. BARLEY: Hansen, $21.00 ton. OATS: White, No. 1, $20.00; gray No, l J-1.00 ; gray feed $20.00 ton. MEATS (l. E. NrbergaU Meat Co.) -th w tAlll.h Stwrs . Heifer. Hull. ... $4.O0U'6.Ofl 3.00f(j6.00 ...... 3.0(lfi4.25 3.00jif4.0ti ...... 1.00&(2,50 . $ 8.50 . 0.004(10.00 . a.60(,; t;.-(5 . fi.Tflfif 7.50 . 4.76t4jJ 0.25 , . J7.fii)fa H,60 .. 2. ootti: a. oo .. ft.OO4j6.OO 3S0 pounds up , I Sown SHEEP iambs Ewes , Yearlings VEAI Live Dressed POULTRY -12!ic (Swift Company) No. 1 hens, 4Vfj to lbs. , No. 1 hens, over 6 1t. No. 1 medium hens, over y'j lbs, ... No. 1 medium hens, under tt',j Iba. ... Colored springs No. 1 broilers, 1 lo 2 llw Roosters Stags KGt.S All Prlcei Are Delivered Albany Cases Rrturneu Exlrna .-. Standaidii Extra medium T THIS TCWN CAN TAKEA 3K j j By 14 Drooch. lil An outspoken poem prevented him from becoming poet . 19 Ke was a fine , also. 23 To sow again. 25 Lava. 27 Rowing tool. 28 Custom. 29 Measure. 31 To propel a boat. ' 32 Constellation. - 33 To wander. VERTICAL 2 On. 35 To scold. 3 College official, 38 Wages 4 Sweet potatoes. 5 Genus of fan palms. 6 Earthenware casks. 7 Dogs' home. 8 To conceive. 9 Body of water 10 Frosted. 11 To require. 42 Money changing. 43 To countersink 44 Serbian. 46 June flower. 47 To instigate. 48 Breakwater. B2 Pound. 54 Form of "be." 55 Spain. 57 Me. New rotatocii: Floridn, ti.bO crate; Hawaiian $2.40 irer 60 lb box. AsparaKua; California 10c lb. FKESU FltUlT Aitplcs: Dollciotia, extra fancy, $1.70; do fancy, $1.46. Newlowna, extra fancy. $1.70; do fancy $1.45: do face and fill, fancy, l.r.c; do face and fill, choice, 75c. Spit umbo nr. extra fancy, $; do combination, $1.35. Home Hcauty, Jumble, iUjc lb. Wino-flapa, extra fancy, $1.65; do fancy, $1.40; do jumble, extra fancy, 3c lb. Tlnnnnntt: Hunch, 4ftlT)c; hands 6 Mi c lb. 1'eani: U'Anjou, extra fancy, $1.36; fancy $1.16; Uour, combination, face and fill. 00c box. OniiiKcs: California nuveln, fancy, $2.00 dc;t.76 cime ; choice $2.U0ni .3.00 i standard l'J.116 cane, (.rnpefrtilt : Arizona, $0(if 2.40 cane ; Florida, $l.l)iji.li6 cane. Iemonn ; CtTiifornln, fancy $5.605.75 1'iine ; choice ffi.OOdi $.26 case, CranberritK : loent. 2 5-lb. box, $1.50 (ft 1.76; eastern, $1.76,2.00. Mi: ATS AMI I'KOVISIUNS Country Meata; Hellintt price to retail-era: Country illed hoKH, best butchers, under 160 I ha., lari! lie ; vealers. No. 1, ll'"llijc; llrbt-and thin Mvyic ; heavy 7r.(1e; culler cowh 7fi(8c; canners cowb 6 fn 7c bullo 8jfiM)e; In nibs 10(1 17c ; medium VlUt WW ; cwi'H Ci lOc lb, Huron : 261 2(1 jc ib. Hams: '.!';c picnte lilC(.22c Ib. HOl'B AND W'UOL ITop ; Nominal: 1D36 eliwlera Ifu 0c lb. "Wool: lii;t ;ontract, nominal: Willamette valley, medium, Ililc ; con rue and braid 2Wc ; eastern Oregon 26c lb. TQjOIVI HKOWNStlLLE J, U. Harrison, fa'mer o North nrawnsvillc, to an Albany business-visitor this afternoon. EXKCUTHIX NOTICE Notice? is hereby given that the iintlcrsiKned hus been duly np-tiointod executrix of the estate of E. W. Sours, deceased, by the county court of Linn county, Oregon. All persons having claims against said estate are hereby required to present same to the undersigned at the office of Swan & Swan, in Albany, OregotP duly verified and with proper vouchers as by law required within six months from the date of this notice. Daled and first published February IMth. Kl.'tO. OEOltGIA A. SEARS, Executrix,. SWAN & SWAN, Attorneys for Executrix. Feb. 24 M2 9 16 23 2nd. St.. Albaun ml6-18 KOH SALE OR TRADE TWO 110TTOM 16 In. John Deere plow, almost new, for a 3-14-in. plow. Wldmer Brothers, Ht. i. I'hone 74-F-4. , . m16-18 FARM "SACRIFICE" FARM Nearly 300 acres, one of Linn county's' best fAl-ntu fin I Bf il . m jihcq is worm 51UU per acre, 'rice i for Quick 'sole only J48.50 per acre. Can sell part. Never attain will you be able to duplicate this deal. ', ; WANT STOCKED FARM Have good mill and warehouse, several acres of land and new house, clear of debt jnd valued a8.000, trade Jnd assume if storked and equipped. , IRVINE L. HOOD. Phone 300 l2G-ir Little Orphan Annie And omicn .YRA NORTH, Special 8 638 ,,. Iba. -( NB ftN ORCHARD Mb A k:; '( IF ONLY WE COULD (C-,BUT SHUXf WHAT'S T- TiT" f A BIG GARDEN AND CHICKENS- ' OUST STAY HERE- I'D Wl H' USE 1 HE DOESN'T J EVgr?THING I'VE ALWAYS i' FVkHRD '' S NEED US : ITS ONLY VWirTT VS-Sfo-jj stayHh1s long- J) r- D .He .He . 16c .14c ,12e .lUc Dirty i.Mraa ..... Umh-rnidra PulleU I'ett wee . . . Live , DivsmU IUITTEKFAT Krwdc It grade C grade Lamb . .$8.2o(il0.0U Portland Market Review Portland, Ore., March Iti.Thcre was u furltur advance of lo 1c lb. in the price of cube butler effective Monday, lhn only exception being firsts, which wan unchanged, llutterfal was up lc. Cunpiiralively strong lone is showing for eggs. Onion market Is soft with priceH mixed locally. U ranges, 2(Min and larger, . are lower again. . Few small lemons tire available. : RiiH bananas are firmer. . Arixoun graiH'fruit is I5e higher for fancy and a dime up for choice. ' 1 Fancy Imperial cur rota are repotted to $2.85 for 68. Hothouse cucumbers are steady. PORTLAND LIVESTOCK (Hy U. S. Dept. of Agriculture) -Portland, Ore., March 10. Uogs: Receipts 2000; 054 through and direct; driveins $1' 40tjj 10.50 ; load lot $10.1.0 steady; good to choice ltl5 to 215 lbs., 10.75; 2;to to 200 ib., $io. oofct io.2fl ; ;trj0 lb-.., $!'.50 ; packing sows $8.25)11.50; light lights StMi.OO: feeders $l0.00fU 10.50. Cattle: ReeeiptN 1S00 31 Ihmtigh ; CtllveM 75, 3 through ; active, 'mostly 25rt;ifi centn higher; Inslanecs 50 cents higher; bulla steady; vealers 505 cents higher; bulk fed steers $ti.50ru 7.15 early top $7,50; common steers $5,5(1111.25; early top Jti.GO ; cut-tent $2. 75ft! Ui 3.75 ; common to mediums $4.00fi'5.0l) ; good beefM $5.26ftf 5.50 ; bulla $4.75fti5.50 good choice vealers $H.50ft 0.50. Sheep: Receipts 2200 j 718 direct; active, fat lambs Bluntly to strong ; fat ewes 50 cciiU higher ; good-choice fed lambs $y.75'(f. lO.ybeat driveinn $0.75, common grades down to $7.50 ; shorn lamlw, spring lambs and yrarlings rtcarce; few fairly good faL ewea $5.50.; odd head choice ewes up to $t;.oo. . THE PRODUCE EXCHANGE The following prices were named to be effective today: Q llutter: Cube extras, a2'Cj standardtt 31'.jc; prime firstB 31 'jo ; firsts 20c lb. Cheese: Oregon triplets lOe; loaf 17c lb. Rrokein will pay Vj cent below limitations. by HAROLD GKA1 Thompson and Coll YOU CAW CALL ME BAD, IF YOU WANT TO, BUT; JUDGING FROM WHAT 1 DID TO HIM, I'D C?A T uMr- r-ir-ii r.y GOOD J tf, 1916 (H htA Uii BY HAMLIN 7 f 2 RATES AND INFORMATION Count ix average words to the Hue. ' If your ail appears incorrectly, tioti- j ly us imimdmwlv. We accept rvsxti I ability for one incorrect insertion. J rilONK ADVERTISEMENTS i A-le u.;ii v.- l .L I I 'us w inniii win i uv li. c-.miumc or by mail. This ts done for the convenience of t h athfrtiser, and remittance should be mailed upon the receipt ol invoice. Minimum '1 Li. 1 lime -5c M'nimum 2 Li. S timea 5uc Minimum 2 Li. 6 times 85c Minimum 2 lit. ----Month $-.5u Phon It FOR SALE OR TRADE FOR ALBANY proiierly or farm near Two story fireproof concrete service station and storaizo WE HAVE SEVERAL VERY FINE range specials in addition to the ones mentioned in our regular ads. Mountain Stacs Power Co. fi7 112 ACRES NEAR LEBANON ABOUT 25 a. in timber, balance oiwn land, mostly could be cultivated. Price only $25.00 per acre or will take part in good trade. 65 Acres for Trade: Good location with some timber. Will exchange equity for lota in Willamette Valley town. For Rent: Truck garden, and berry farm for 1-3 crop rent. Tripp & Murphy. mlG-tf FOR SALE HOUSE. WT. 1600 L11S.. Arthur Normnn. Cruulix-e, Ore. mW FOR SALE BALED WHEAT STRAW, $6 ton, N. N. Rcth, lit. 1. Albany. I'hone 28-F-5.. mlC For Sale, Wood and Coal THE RIGHT WOOD -- THE RlfillT price. Claude Wriitht. phone 1'6-J. E. 6th SI., Albany, Ore. Mar 6-I8S GOOD WOOD PRICED RIGHT. DEI.IV. Bl y lenKtn' I.CRlCr L-llllCOtO, 1BUK Santiam lid. 34-11. j20-tf Livestock SALE TEAM, MARE AND GELD, ing, 6 and 0 yre. old, James Caldwell, Rt. . about 14D0 I'hone 48-F-2I. ml3-10-S DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND cows picked up free of charge anywhere. ! Phone 14-K-14 Albany. If no .answer. Ph. collect H-F-4 Corvallis. m H-l f NEb- rse IF A 5TORM SAY- NOW FRIENDS I'VE LISTEMED TO ENOUGH MASTY RUMORS ?! VEC MAJESTY -THERES USE OF US TRYIW T PULL OOP'S DIMOSAUC AWAV FROM TH WiZECSV CAVE - HALF TH' A5MY ACE CASUALTIES. - r , (tLc PXi? urrM" SELb- LWOUT HERE- " MPtfrACHf Ms,!,' AN I JVJJ i TiuKS' f THIS NJ P(RieHTQirM5ui?Fl -s. . xiiii i - . , V , -x" ' It j t - y 1 .1 6 Set in Rt, j : sold E. St., O ) f j I V MORE MYSTERY ADDRESS sparethin ENVELOPES. DIGNIFIED work. 35 lo $15 weekly com- m;HSillll Kmrl..iei unnecessary. Stanift bringllt tails. El Employment Manager, Dep ;tj3,Wx 76, Mr nm mo ml, Indiana. mlt on nji: II Ol NOW IS THE TIME TO BUILD THAT new home, repair or remodel the old one. Let me figure with you on your work. I can help you deign your new homo or rearrange the old one. Also draw your working plans. 28 years' experience aft a building contractor. Goo. C. Richards. 101 tl Catapooia St., Phone 177-R. mll-17-S LAWrvx MOWERS autom.w machine. Phone &11-J, SHARPENED UY Warner Hardware, mlO-nlO MONEY TO LOAN ON WELL-IMPROV- edl faVnui. Low rate inleretit. Wm. Unin. AibniTy. flO-tf HOPE DOMT HAVE TO STAND BY USTEM TD GUYS MAKE ABOUT ME ' M) PRETTY HOT Kkkbi l'roiluco KxchntiKu iiuotntlonn bo-twi't'ii dn.t'in : Kxlrn la we ; Hlunil-iti'dH luwe 17c; cxlrnn medium 17c; Htnnil-anlH mi'tlinni 17c tlozi'ti. Jolihinir irjccH 2c IiIkIht. I'OHTI-ANI) WIK1I.K8AI.K ntlCKS 'I'lu'm- an- tin ' iirict'n rctaih-ni pay whuU'ryak'rH, except wlivrc othcrwUtj tttit-: Huttcr: I'rintx. A uruU; Sl'c lb. tit parclinu-nt wrapper, 36 'jc lb. In cnrloiw ; 11 Krailt', pavchtm-nt wrniipi't, H'Ak ; cariunH Ill'.jo lb. Iluttfi-fal : l'ortlaiul ili'Hvi-y i A kvihIv, dt livfi ii-H at luaHL twice wuekly 'Aui Me i country rotilvs JlLifri. !Ifit ;. It ll-'ifllllo ; C Ki'aili' at marltot. r ' . : It (irnrii! C renin for Marlu'l: Ilityintr price, buttcrfat IiiihIh, 'l!l'jC lit. (.'lii't-rU' : Si'llinit price to l'ortlnml rota licit. : 'I'll In mook triplcti lilc lour 'J'Jc lb. Tillnniook ucllintr price to wliolcKalrm : TriplctH I1r ; loaf 20c lb. Kkkh : Ituyintr price of wlmlcHnU'in : Kx-tiHH lHc; ataiMlmclH I tic; txtra nit'tliurm P'c ; do mcilium firxtH 15c; uiitlcrKi'adii 13c; pIlllctH lilC llo7.CH. . Milk: A Kiailc, rortlaml ilclivvry, CKuc lb. bullet'Cat IhihIh for 4 per cent. . lAvti I'miltry: Portland delivery buying price: Colored hetw, over -tfy llw., l7(rlHc; under 4j IIih., IKfilHi-; leKliorn Iiciih, over Ibn., iriMiic; nnilcr 3'.j IIih., Mf,firc; leuhorn broiler, 1 j to 2 llm., 17f. I He ; nprliiKH, 'Z ll)H. iiiul UM, llfnllr; roMci ViUiWc ; pekin iltickn, youi'K, 1-lfiMTc; uiexe 1U Vic lb. I,(v rmiltry : SelliiiK price by whole-Halem: I.lttht he im Mr; medium bwtiM irc; rnlorcd liens lHc; liroilern liilfuL'lr; upriiititt WMu'ttt?; pekin ducks, ymitiK, I7e; colored l(irv;ic: caponn, over 7 IIjh., Uic.cjnc lb.; uuiiiea Iiciih, fiOc t'Ut'li, Tiirkeyn i Dresned i ; ellinir irlcQ. re- lailei-H! No, 1 helm, 23c; toum 22(22', 'I'urkeyK (l)renedi . Ituying .urii-e; Hi New crop Jiiiih, No. I, 22c lb. FKF.SII Vi:r,KTAl.Krf rohiloe: l.cnil .r.l eendil; Kliimath ll.fl.'i; KrapihtoHo netted y,vmn $1.6(1; Iha-cbul4'H neltid Kerns $ ) .1 Mil 1 .rt.'t rental. Celi-ryt Ciilifornin, $2.26fti2.. I'ciiH : Ciilifornin. f'it l)e Hi. Sinneh: 'J'bi. Onllett, $I.(M('1.2G bos; Will la Walla, $l,0u'til.H) bo. Oniomi: (iivon, $l,2r',f i.dO per inn TomntucHi Mexican, $ -l.ur 1.60 Iuk, rc-liiicked. Lettuce: CtiHfornbi, $2,6ftff3.00 rrnte, Swe:L l'ulatoe: California, $l.!iil per ito-in. crate; Buiillicrn yann, $1.86 crate. iiir Cauliflower. I,neol, No. 1. WKrtMIe; do No. 2. 4Hf.60c; Itiwebiirif, OOrC ; California 76ft; 86c crate. Khubnrh: llotlioune. tra fancy. $l.oif 1.15; funey $1.06; choice 80e per 15 b. box. 1-wtJ.urui (y).i.n. .Cummin n.! Loral. hiithnuHp, Hrirl$ THAT daylight looks ( GOSH ll" LOOK-A m EAVENSfQifl JACK. THIS MAN IS IN SOME 50RT1 J HAVE BEEN DARK .CHINESE ) - ( ME FEEL Of- OF CATALEPTIC TRANCE.'- I LAST NIGHTy S V MIS PULE HE HAS BE EM DRU06ED. . XSS THAT i r$&xV5Z& s2rS5?i'-54! T7iA ?qSEr After tmeir first AMXIOUS UIGr-JT, SIMCE ESCAPING FKDMTft : YACI7 MVRA AMD OACK THANKFULLY GREET THE DAWN GOOD, EVEN la-bWEw NG LETS DIG OUT V(.TLAL, PLENTY OF HACKI30NE LEFT ' r dv Di rcocD : , L , . -y" 1 ....I- ,. . T .WHATS THE IDEA W I Cni-k-lkliCT ,nLl AND FRECKLES AND HIS THERE'S THAT GUY THEY SUSPECTED OF BUSTING A JEWELRY STORE WINDOW ' WHERE THERE'S SMOKl K : IHtKtS H A V t. - M . . I 7 " x Jfire ' ALLEY OOP VIMO GUZZLES ATTEMPT - , ,, f . . Cafc-I ALONQj IAf TOUR SOW... WITHOUT Tit HE OUTWEIGHS LIKES-vOF YOUVJ) ME, AMD IS iv. s i . I ASKED FDR IT !.' .) i-f ' V ' ' ' " " tit . y . i ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. CU on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. In the Democrat-Herald. , - T ,' NUTTY COOK' ( NEARLY A M vice, mc T. M RtO U S PAT Off. YOU'RE BAD.' ; HEAD -5r1 TALLER S , i 1 1 i u JI.H1IHM I I I ILL A OO THIM' GUZ IS GETTING rJCV VEH-SUT VVE OOT DO SUMRM -Hmm 5aV ' i I GOT IT.' ASSEMBLE ALL TW MEM WHO . STILL CAM TEACH THAT SMART MUCj. LESSOM - SC HIS DiMOSAUC. NOWEXJ -THEM'S YEC OROEBS BRIMG IM ALLEY OOP.' I DOMT CARE HOW Y DO IT - SCOUR TH' WHOLE COUNTRYSIDE AWYTHIMG TO DISCOURAGE DIMMY S &.OCKADE. OF THE C-RAMD WIZER'S CAVE EMDED WITH DISASTER FOC THE WOOV'IAKJ TH' G2AKJ0 WIZER AM' THENJ ATTORNEYS FUNERAL DIRECTORS MARKS & McMAHAN FORTMILLEIt FUNERAL HOM1 Attorneys at Law Dv or Went ohnnsr 447-R 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. Phone 299 WEATHEllFORn & WYATT INSURANCE 122 W. First Phonf 19 OWEN gEAM AGENCY AUTO FREIGHT Opposite P. O. Established 1911 SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight WM. BAIN. INSURANCE. M-wey Daily service to and from all to loan, farm security, points. Casco Briquettes and coal . i i dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., PRODUCB Phone 371. ' SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN AUTO REPAIRING the market for eggs, poultry eV T E. HULERY-S AT KELLY'S "nd cream- Garage. Towing & Wrecker, ph BO SHOE REPAIRING I'OUNTKY STOKES MUSGRAVE'S SHOE SHOP, 1SJ MANELA'S WAYSIDE STORE Lyon. Motto, Quality and Service Furn. hdw. etc.. Phone 3-F-ll ' 3 ml. N on Pacific Highway, Rt. 2 WASHING MACHINES BEAUTY SALONS OTTO KOOS. AMES HDWE. Maytag, Easy, Thor Washer. MILDRED'S BEAUTY SALON - ' '" 32S W. Isl Phone 458J WELDING BLACKSMITH1N6 CARPET tXEANING-SNYDER A SON - MAX ALUM ing frames, axles straightened. THE SHADE SHOP, 409 W. IMrsI " . - n Phono 7R WELL DRILLERS FIIJM SERVICE C. E. GORDINIER & SON Well Drillers HURLEY'S DRUG STORE. FOI "We solicit your inquiries' oveiuiKlit film nrrvu-e. j Eugene. Oregon HIDE SO I CAM T DO MO ABOUT IT TH' LOUSE DAMG HIS ORMERY HIDE -rVESSE SOU THIMK I WOM'T TURM TH' HEAT OM HIM - HAH.' CtRRrSrRh, I. -T YrtV' -w ' ' i-i-i-' r-IKST,v?ftJECESSACY' ftf" g Nr s m- i full rfefil) V f

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