Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 16, 1936 · Page 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, March 16, 1936
Page 4
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THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON MONDAY, MARCH 16, 1936 PAGE FOUR CHAP FIVE GAL TWO stepped out a moment later on a hallway that was carpeted. Then they were entering a door marked "Private." Toby hud never been in this of- "Come with me. I'll speak to the cashier." , .... Ten - minutes later Toby Ryan was- walking along the" slushy street. Tears blinded her and she brushed them back, but they would not stop. Passers-by Entered at Albany, Oregon, pctofflee as ( accond-elaaa mail. Member United Preia ' and NKA Neva Service. Established 1866. 1036 N6A -r.Ice, Inc. BY LAURA LOU BROOKMAN aturing at her. three fuces. grimly accusing. Suddenly the girl threw up one hand. ' ' "It isn't' truel'.' she cried. "It-it can't be true. I didn't take the watch and I don't know anything about it! I tell you I didn't take it !" Her head dropped forward and she covered her ce with boti. her hands. Sobs shook her shoulders. The. voices of the others went cf?. but Toby did not hear them. She did not know what tney were ders! even managed to build a $10,000,000 capitol without borrowing a dime. The old shell game is not being played any more in these two states. The taxpayer is beginning to get value received for the money the slate takes from him. And what .uisas and Nebraska did, all the rest of the slates can do, if their people wake up and demand it. We do a great deal cf talking about the need for reducing government expenditures, and when we say that we usually think about Washington. Reduction of stale expenditures is fully as tiy I "No." ! "Then why didn't you return tliem to the case?" : "But I did!" I "All of thehV' "Yes." ! "'f here are three watches in the case.' Miss Burrows said. "The : foui ih and most valuable is not j there." j "But, Miss Burrows, I did put all of them in the case. All four of ! them. It must be there!" t The brown-covered book lay on i the desk. Miss Burrows picked it !up. "If you returned the watches, ! why didn't you sign for them?" ! she usked. "But I did " Toby began, then suddenly remembered she hadn't signed the book. She had meant to i and then she had gone to wait oil the woman in the leopard coat instead. I Mr. Henderson was flipping 'back' the pages of the notebook. i Hn h.M it ,,,, r,...r,o tr. 11-.. loci j saying. She wept on until Miss Burrows touched her shoulder. "Come," the woman -said. "The I cashier w ill give you your check. It's an hour before closing time, i but you needn't go back to '.he de partment. Since the watch has been returned we won't go any further with the matter " Toby tookO'ner hands from her tear-stained lace. "But, Miss Burrows, I didn't take the watch!" she insisted. "Oh, won't you please believe me?" The older woman only said, WINTER IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SANTA MONICA An Ideal Place to Live , At the ' ."' CARMEL HOTEL New - Comfortable - Reasonable - $2.00 up. lb Special Monthly Rates 2nd SWrtlU r, U : WONDERFUL a:.k tor you. That was how some of the girls were able to boost the totals in their sales books far above the oihers, thereby earning bonuses. Toby, had only one or two such "regulars." She was grateful to the woman in the leop ard coat. She turned to her next customer. Not once did Toby think of the blown-colored book she had left lying on the counter or of the watches in their case. , !! 20 minutes more she was busy. Then she was surprised by touch on her urm. Miss Burrows, the buyer said, "Miss Ryan will you come with me to Mr. Henderson's office. Right away please." "Why yes." Toby could sec that somethina was wrong. She stepped out into the aisle beside Miss Burrows and said anxiously, "What is it? Has anything happened?" . ; "I'd rathei not say anything until we're upstairs." That was all. But Miss Burrows who had always ben pleasant and friendly was suddenly another person distant, unsmiling, a stranger. Something WAS wrong. roby s eyes darted to the buy- ir's agY??y She was about to speak vut once more Miss Burrows said jrvut It will be better to wait until we're upstairs." They stepped into the elevalur. o o 'afesa7 for WORDS I turned to look at the girl curious-lly. Toby did not see them. She I walked on, unaware that the cold I wind was blowing her coat back, i that the soles of her feet were wet, jand that she was shivering.- ' I Bergman's was behind her I Bergman's and the job she had I been so proud of. She was not going back there ever. She had been discharged, branded a thief. (To Be Continued) abysCold Proved, best. by. two generations of mothers. Vic its ( w- V afo Rub and Broadway, Santa Monica to o o oo o o forJ ; ficc before. A middle-aged m:m ; with a large chm and wearing i rimmed spectacles sat ut a large, j highly polished desk. Miss Bur-I rows stepped forward. She said, "This is the girl, Mr. Henderson. Her name is Toby Kyan." 1 The man at the desk cleared his f tin oat. "Won't you ah sit 'down," he said, motioning toward chairs. He went on, looking at j Toby, "Well, young woman, what j have you to say for yourself?" Miss Burrows cut in, "I haven't discussed it with her. 1 didn't want others listening." She turned toward Toby. "Vou might as well tell the truth," she went on. "We'll find out soon enough if you won't. What did you do with the watch?" Toby's blue-gray eyes widened. "What do you mean?" shjiskcd. Miss Burrows went onQiskly, "I'm wai-riine vou tloit it will lie 'better for you to tell the truth, j You know you could be arrested for this. "But, Miss Burrows, 1 don't know what you're talking, about!" Panic edged the girl's words. Panic poured out of the blue-gray eyes. "Do you deny," the oltlcr woman asked sharply, "thai you went to the advertising de.O'.ment for the tour watches sketched for Saturday's advertisement?" O.No, of course not" "Do you deny that your received the watches from Mr. Keller?" 5 , 5. V X- sK-.-Mn --i o Mountain dft SI I I tzsss Editora and Publisher, W I,. Jackson and R. R. Cronlae SUBSCRIPTION RATR8 DELIVERED BY CARRIER One year, in advance $6.50 Six monthe, In advance 2.76 One month. In advance 80 BY MAIL Linn, Bentoo, Marion, Lane and Lincoln countlea. One ye-c. In advance $3.00 Biz montha, In advance 2.28 Three montha, in advance 1.26 One month. In advance 60 By Mall Elsewhere In U. 8. A. One rear, in advance $6.00 Six montha, Id advance 2.76 One month, In advance 60 Per copy, on traini and newsstands . . .06 , In ordering ehanecs of address subscril era ahnuld aWaya alve oid well a no Published Dally Except Sundays The Democrat-Herald Publishing Co., Inc. d Independent Afternoon Newspaper address. M. C. Mosensen A Co., National Adver tising Representatives, LIFE HAS COMPENSATIONS Prince Scre,e Mdivani of the professional husbiind brotherhood has been slain by a horse. Not lonfi ago his brother. Prince Alexis Mdivani also met violet death in an automobile accident. These two incidents brinK to mind a number of sayings about honest toil, the decepliveness of glittering things which arc not gold, ame9so forth. Perhaps some of us have envied those princes and others like them who have ch$en to dedicate' their .lives to the principle of living without working, devil take the ways and means. The Mdivani brothers mude their life-work matrimoninl business, a calling which, while it may have its draw-backs, certainly can be conducted with a minimum of physical and mental effort. With artificial and extremely doubtful titles as bait they have been able to attract women of more means than brains to support them in style. The princes had no estates, abilities or other sources of revenue. Only by selling their titles to weak-minded, sirong-pursed women have they been able to exist. By no thought nor deed hove they justified their existence. Yet they have lived in luxury. To hard working people it dues not seem right that such persons should be so blessed, but the brevity of the Mdivani lives proves that life is always attended by compensations. The slaves of industry may lack leisure and caviar, but they have at least the satisfaction that they have contributed, however impcfteplibly, toward betterment of society. No such reward has ever been the lot of the Mdivani brothers. Perhaps the marrying brothers have not suffered from lack of this satisfaction. They may have felt no remorse. Uut most of us would fee otherwise than they. We feel that we have been placed on earth for purposes other than to live without effort. Only u few are content to live off the ea n-ings of others, and those few who succeed in accomplishing this end usually come to some such straits as hove cut off the Georgian princes, leaving no contribution to the world nor any lasting imprint on the book of life. DEBTS STIt.I. I)K-lti:sS ' Few things are more depressing than hoplcss debt. During the last six years financial obligations have been the biggest problem before the people. The entire course of civilization now seems to depend chiefly on what is to be done with debts. Congress nnd similar bodies in the several major nations have been faced at every session with the pro'm, not only as it affects nations, but as it concerns individuals. Yet the difficulties of -debt remain unromoved, and in the meantime debts At still being piled up. It is refreshing,, therefore, to read an article in the current Nation's Business by Congres' man O. K. Armstrong of Missouri, which points out that tit least two of our slates have found a way to get their finances in order. These slates are Kansas and Nebraska. Even in the depression, they managed to cut their taxes and lower their costs. They have had the help of skillful governors; they have been helped even more by the fact that their citizens, earlier, had the sense to puss sensible lows. Kansas has strict tax limitation law, and a compulsory budget law. Payments on slate and city bonds must be made out of income; there are no sinking fumis. and the old game of borrowing to pay off old debts is out. Nebraska, even more remarkable, has no bonded debt. The state constitution forbids the issuing of bonds, and the state government has to pay as it goes. It Rets its revenue almost entirely from property taxes, levying neither income, sales, nor cigarel taxes. The .laic wonder of won BKfilS HERE TODAY TORY RYAN. Ill, works behind the jewelry counter of a large Manhattan de. parlment store. On her way to work dur. iiiK the crowded iwmilnit rush hour, Toby collides with II Kooil'loDkina younK man. She forKets the incident but the yountr man. TIM JAMIEKON (who ilms not know her name), bets a friend tlmt with in 24 hours he will have a date with her. He comes to the slore next day. In order to talk to Toby he buys a IrHy of rhincstone cllos. Tim niks her to have dinner with him, iimists, in spite of her refusal. Hint he will wait for her. loby is sent to the advi-rllriliiu depart- mint for some wutrhi'S Itifv llifre to Ik- skctchi'd. now ;o on with tiik htoky CHAPTKR V If Tobv Kyan. sti.'ppniK oul of the tlcvator on the first floor of Herman's department store,-ijad turned to the left instead oOhe riiht, it is possible that none of the things that happened that afternoon would have taken place. ' Toby cctuld h:Q reached the jewelry department either way. The distance was exactly the same. By UirninK to the riht she passed the silverware counters. She was currying the four wrist watches in her hand. An alert alert. business-like little fiJjrc, Toby Toby moved quickly. As she passed the silverware department Mr. Pilaris the young buyer,- stepped into the aisle. He said, "If you're going in tor smuggling you must be an amateur. That's not the wuy " He was smiling good-naturedly. Toby couldn't very well brush past him. She said, indicating the watches, "I've just brought them from the advertising departments They made a sketch of them." Mr. l'huris picked up the tiny "debutante special." "How much is this one?" he asked. "Seventy-nine lilty." "Good little watch," Mr. Pilaris nodded. He turned it over examining the other side. "Looks to me," he went on, "like a good value." Toby agreed that she thought it was. Maurine Ball, two counters beyond, glanced up just then. Maurine saw Mr. Pilaris with his head bent slightly and Toby listening, nodding in cement. Maurine didn't see the watches. But she knew that when Mr. Phut-is looked ut her like that, invariably he asked for a date. She concluded, therefore, that he was making a date with Toby. Anger, consuming and unreasoning, swept over Maurine. The day before, when Toby had been chosen to pose for the ndvertrsing photographs, it had been a blow to the other girl's pride. This was much worse! Maurine's face, above the cure-fully penciled crimson lips, wont white, and the customer, asking the price of u charm bracelet, had to repent her question. at It was only a few moments later that Toby slipped the watches into their place on the satin folds inside the counter. Then she got out the hrown-eovered book in which mcr(jB)indisc borrowed by oilier departments wiu listed. It was a rule that moimdise ta ken anywhere else in the store must be "signed out" and "signed in" with the name of the person to whom it was entrusted. Tuby, about to sign for the watches, looked up to see Maurine he(S)hcr. She did not notice that the oilier girl seemed agitated. Maurine controlled-, her voice well "There's a woman over there," she said with a nod, "who's been waiting for you." Toby turned, and instantly remembered. It was the woman in the leopard coat the one who had bought the compact and then discovered she lacked money to The woman looked up and recognized Toby. The girl smiled and hurried lorward. vou ve come for your paekagu. naven t you.' Toby said. "It s right here. I ll get it" She turned to the wrapping desk ind was back with the package. "I hope you'll like it," she said, handing the package across P counter. J The woman opened her purse and took out a bill. "While I'm here." she said, "1 believe I'll look ai (nut oilier compact you showsv ed me- the hammered silver oiva I think perhaps I'd like to have 'f both of them." ! Toby gut out the tray of com pacts and v woman decided to take the ,wn one. Waiting for package to be wrapped and to Sjvc her change, she said, "I've siVy more shopping to do next wccK gifts for some nieces of mine. You've lu-en so nice about this. I think I'd like to have you wait on me." "I'll be glad to," Toby told her. "Any time." Il wns im-e to' have -customers Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang0n No matter how many medicines you hnvu tried, for your cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation, you can KM relief now with Creonuilston. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot niTord to take n chance IUi unyUiinx less than Creomul-Men, which goes right to the seat of the trouble to nld nature to arjthe and heal the inflamed membranes as the germ-laden phlegm Is loosened and expelled. Even If other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee Ureomulslon and to refund your mony !f you nre not satisfied with results from tho very first bottle. kh.1 CrcvuiuUuu ilfcut now. IAuvJ ! a i I - r " porlant, if not more so; and the example of these two farm belt states shows thai the job is far from impossible. The chap with the shells and the pea can't slick around the slate house, once the citizens decide that he ought to get out. Bonneville Dam Cribs Dynamited Bonneville, Ore., March 10. The two upslear cribs of the cof-lerdame were blown out withrWy-namitc today. The cofferdam had shut water out of "the hole'' since February, l!)M. .Suturday tlie engineers stopped the pumps and Hie hole filled to within thrve feet of the outside water level. With the river released at this point and the water- flowing normally over the spillways, engineers said there would be a less powerful current to fight in sinking Cdflordams to prepare for construction of the Washington stale half of the (lam. pvUTItOIT tuxlctib ( vlc-tlmixed In a series of holdups, must have found it harrowing to watch such emtio technique, e e About till time of iiroiQ'iiiv-miff north their xitll trill throw It on the altlcKttlk. "Air Ik now our first llnu of (loft-use," declares n Wisconsin ton-giessiniiii. That "now" Is imz-sdlng. 'Unless .stimethintl I' ilunc, I in) MHO link trill tfioiiit ill Hi-roini Inke." The ll'f'.l tniijUt iii.viilf a II fen Hani. e "Alaskans to eaireliult'er In-sti'iul ot- I'cef." lWt. Ctiilsttiiii tliul enn tell the kldcllcH llnu Hon-tier, llllui'ii, etc., were puilmlli'il leQinlslake. Slump News Ity l. S. Klein 1 AUTI.OI.M'H Studio of fu NYw York linrhor ItccDiurs (ho xus.jtM'L ftr iinntliiT rnn'iKit h I it in p Ihhxw this 1im from K r a it v o. Urn-Kimy, in nml 1'et h, hi Issued Hfinlliii- stump, wliiln llto Matin appiMtrs on the current 15-ci'nl stump "C tho I'lilted States. Tin French M.inin is to hove tho vttlm of 75 ifiitiinOrt, with n mi it it x of f nMiUniOM Tor liencM f for-i'Ikii rcfiiKees In lluit country. TJio It, K. I'oslofttcfl Dcpiii I inout Iiiih hrokcii a lon-staiuliiiK rule, by rt'turnlMK to rover eollrrtors Iho envelop-.) Ii'di ltirh I Hey nent their Chin.. (Mlpi-r covers In tho post-musters nt Cuani mid Hawaii, mid whirjt had to go liy the t:ttno llrst ll.Kht. These, prohahly. aro even more valuable Ihau the vcKular first flight covers, since I hey are "business limit," while tho others were sent for philatelic purposes, Tentative date for the next new V. 8, Issue (be ti Initio Inland commemorative is Mny 4, the lfiOth of the hi ale's "declaration of Independence." Tho Philatelic Aueney nt AVash-IiimUii Imk withdrawn tho Hat. plate Mother's ! stamps from sale. You'd bolter complete your National Parks set. If vott haven't already done so, Ik fore tho sale of these stamps also Is llscontinued. FARM INCOMK JKS HiirrUbui'K, Pn. -Oew income from agricultural production in PcnnsyU itnia for 1!W reached ;ip-proximnlely $210,000.1100, . miv Ihiin Kl per cent above the 1H34 fiKuro. the state depart mcitt of anneulU:ni! ostimnte.. HOW ARE YOUR KIDNEYS? TF you iuttrr Uom r- tiiKltta, il kidiiry Irtt-muUr itict tnrk ywir trt ami jou Kir tlifil amt diDwsy v.iiVr (loin li(il4tltr nt ilU-v tn II, (hef nuv lr Itir it of tlistti.iciril kiHiri Ktir ttsr teUr-i of niiiitix hUttiry ii ttnnlii itirs Hi. iScnr A mint lil. In htir ln tctilut V-ly '1 lw fttlnii nt lu nmul'int Ini-rHc in tlilOiluK the Liinrt, litiitiiic ul. and rflirnnn iitlt4ltnn hit civen Jfllff to mm ami Muturn lit nny Sl.ur In thr t iihin r.tLii, ti) of li watrt nd "A nutic" atrr evny meat atiuuiJ briiiK iruuik ihle Improfiin m. liny of yotir nr i git boi hood drutElst now. Tallin tWSc and (I ,IS. Mail tlii nmpiir?n hi ink Uh ft In thr) A-mnic snLut- ami writ a a in plr of unitr for tier jiuIjwi lv ir, 1 tcivl CiliK. iiul- jjBARBS page on which tl). was an entry. "There is no ??viature," he said, "except the onVshowing that the watches were taken to the advertising department. It seems " There was a knock at the door and Henderson called out, "Come in!" A man in a blue suit, wearing a lelt hat, entered. Ho pulled off the hat rather awkwardly as he crossed to Henderson's desk and laid something down. It was a tiny, diamond-studded wrist watch. "We found it," the man drawled, "in her locker." Toby did not understand what he meant for a moment. She- look ed up to face three pair of eye i - - - States Power o HI,.-- .IILII II- .I... ,- ,., If 1 f I M 4 ! 4 i x cardinal Q cardinal (tpe switch (P). . NEW giving 25 ing otven bearing handles and TOTAL $5 dowand a&aVVtir : v: iJI a r Si-- 1 -1 - I 5 r I i I I 1 & L i o TJ1E NEW RflUGE THAT WILL ELECTRIFY AMERICA!! condimeset . T)gleaming white,' blaclt and vitreous enamel finish . .' ."new 1936, improved controls (7). automatic convenience outletj 1936, automatic oven with "heat eveners"' more usable oven space and record break s RANKLYfT). wc do not know how toQll youQ)out this ranee. No description of ours could possibly conv5) a correidea'of the exceptional beauty of design and finish, the symmetry of line, the masterly way in which this range is designed and built. The most careful workmanship a,d the finest of high grade materials assure a product of the very best. We doubt if a more perfect range from the standpoint of appearance and quality, coupled with many new 1936 f enures, can be purchased for less than $200. Q Look at these m f-iresO.Otwo Corox SPEED 0surface units (one with the new Economizer feature), also two New Process EBONITE surface units Q.tB) electric clock . . . artistic lamp fixture(gg). ebony and speed . . . new flat barrven racks ... roller storage draver new type convenience hardware. . . , . o . - SAVE $50 AT THIS PRICE Astounding as it may seem'Tr PRICE ONLY $99.75 ... ComiiillleQ very easy monthly term3t;8lrf Company

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