The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 6, 1997 · Page 145
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 145

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1997
Page 145
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Page 145 article text (OCR)

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1997 The Palm Beach Post SECTION D il 'Season to Share' helps families have happy holidays and successful lives. PAGE 6D ACCENT i l i ! North Palm Beach County Living r'v x i A scDftbwar?e sfnoppeiis ram nznm I sn i I lis Does the mountain of computer " programs in stores seem daunting? Here are our two favorite games -plus a buying guide to help you please everyone on your list. WW J "-. - T SHERMAN ZENTStaff Photographer Chase Bias, 10, wants to be a chef. So tutor Madelyn Faust uses cookbooks to improve his reading, which has jumped two grade levels. Love of cooking boils down to leading success Chase Bias had a problem. A big problem. . Here he was moving from first to second grade and he couldn't read. A thing. . His poor reading made math hard. It made spelling impossible. It made going to school downright awful. "I felt different," he said. ?1. tJt X v I- . Or '! Ml.. , ml ? .JUiteLs pht sky- Then his parents, who knew as early as preschool that Chase had a learning disability, took him to a woman named Madelyn Faust, a retired school teacher and reading princess who through the years has helped hundreds of kids like Chase. Faust and Chase struggled along the traditional way, learning oi and ea sounds. But progress was slow. Really slow. "I wasn't doing well with Emily J. Minor Real Life Diablo Our favorite game In March, a co-worker introduced me to Blizzard's Diablo. "You're gonna be sorry," he said. Well, I'm still not sorry. But I am addicted. I can't count the number of hours I've spent fighting Diablo, Lazarus, the Warlord of Blood and innumerable lesser monsters from skeletons to snow witches. Diablo is nearly a year old, but out of the hundreds of games I've tried since, it's still the best. You start as a warrior (a swordsman), sorcerer or rogue (an archer). As you talk to villagers, you learn about Archbishop Lazarus, who led a group of villagers into a dungeon in search of King Leoric's kidnapped son, Albrecht. You become privy to a tale of treachery that eventually leads to the ultimate evil, Diablo. - You head into an abandoned church, which is the gateway to the first four of 16 levels of mayhem below. As you kill opponents, you gain strength, vitality, dexterity and magic power. You learn wondrous spells and discover magical weapons. . Along the way, villagers and characters in the dungeon send you on quests. These quests are not '. brain-benders; most require just a little more sword-swinging or spell casting. So what makes Diablo different than the dozens of other role-playing games on the shelves? Simply put, Diablo is an experience as much as it is a game. The simple controls let you immerse yourself in ' the creepy music and lighting rather than worrying about which two herbs to mix to make a healing potion. Blizzard has announced that Diablo II will come out ; next fall, I hope I can wait that long. ':': MARK DICKERSON STAFF PHOTO ILLUSTRATION mmmmammm him, Faust says. Then the family's nanny, who has been with Chase since birth, came up with a suggestion: t Chase really likes to cook, she told Faust when Chase restarted tutoring classes this summer after a short vacation. In fact, young Chase Bias, now 10 and in fifth grade, wants to be a chef some day. So Faust and Chase started over, this time with a focus on cooking. They began with the word boil. Then they added prefixes: Pre-boil. Then they moved on to reading actual recipes: Teddy Bear Bread, apple sauce and homemade peanut butter, they've made 'em all. One recent day, there they were making mango bread pudding. But it wasn't all a breeze. Chase was having a tough time with some of the words. The word bread was easy. So were the words milk and eggs. (Although they wouldn't have rolled off his tongue a year ago.) But, hey, what's this stuff? Sim . . . Chase starts. Seemaw ... he says, trying again. ; What did I just show you that comes in sticks and smells good? prods Faust. Cinnamon, yells Chase. Next time around, he pronounces it beautifully. I "Now, when we go to the movies, he reads the Sties. He reads street signs. He's so proud of fifrnself," says Chase's dad, Alan. : ' ; "' Chase can even laugh about the day he and ' Faust made the gross macaroni and cheese. .' i Faust stood there silently, letting her little chef carefully read the recipe, then proceed to broil the macaroni noodles instead of boiling them. "It was awful," Chase says. "What a difference an R makes,", said Faust. Chase's reading has improved two grade levels since summer. And just the other night, when his mom was picking up his brother from soccer and dad was still at work, he made dinner. Corn. Bread. He even scrambled an egg for the dog. ' ' ; .' And, oh yeah, he also made some broiled salmon. Boiled salmon would have been awful. " K S And the runner-up You're on a quest for the Ultimate Artifact, but Zam the necromancer is on your heels with a bloodthirsty band of bone dragons. If he catches you, you're through. Meanwhile, Craig Hack the barbarian is galloping toward your helpless castle with a brigade of ogres. You could clean his clock, but it would take a week to head him off. Up the road a puny clump of elves defends an enemy castle. If you stop to capture it, Zam will attack, but you might be able to beat him from behind the castle walls. What's a war-sawy warlock to do? It's your call in Heroes of Might and Magic II, a strategy-game masterpiece from New World Computing. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world populated by ghosts, vampires, elves, wolves and other creatures that make up the armies of warring heroes. You build castles, recruit troops and send your heroes out on horseback to find treasure and smash your rivals. Players start as one of six hero types knight, barbarian, sorceress, necromancer, wizard or warlock each with different strengths. The knight, for instance, is powerful in hand-to-hand combat but a moron at magic. Each hero has his own kind of castle, and each castle produces different troops. Knight and barbarian castles are cheap but yield weak creatures. Wizard and warlock castles take longer to develop, but only there will you find Heroes of Might and Magic II Barbie Magic Hair Styler From Barbie to Blood Gmen OK, so we haven't looked at every new title that came out this year, but we have crammed our stocking with a sleigh-load of software any PC owner would love to find under the tree. We pick our favorite programs for hard-core gamers as well as for little elves, twisted Santas and even gifts for people you don't really like. PAGE 7D For more information about our holiday software suggestions, point your browser to Palm Beach Interactive at httpywww.GoPBI. comyournewsclickhere powerful titans and dragons. As your hero explores the map, the landscape is revealed. He's on the lookout for artifacts that make his army stronger. He captures mines that provide raw materials to develop his castle. Most of all, he needs to find out where his enemies live. Simple to play yet endlessly varied, Heroes II is sure to provide months of fun. If the gamer on your list already has this classic, get the expansion pack, The Price of Loyalty. It adds enough heroes, scenarios and twists to keep even Heroes veterans coming back for more. DAN NEAL v Expert advice on how to survive a car jacking In broad daylight, 44-year-old Kazue Perron drove her gold Lexus from a gas station to a friend's house in Palm Beach Gardens. Two men followed her. In the friend's driveway, one of the men approached her car and asked to use the 1 phone. A half hour later, Perron's Lexus had been . .' :. driven to a secluded spot off Do you look like Santa (or know someone who does)? r Beeline Highway and Perron was dead. You'd think a woman would be safe in the driveway of a friend's house at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. And statistically, the chances of being carjacked are slim. (Consider that 310 of every 10,000 people are victims of violent crime, but only 2 in 10,000 are carjacking victims, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.) The chances of HO, HO, HO, HELP! We're cooking up some special holiday goodies for you, dear readers, but to make them work we need to hear from you: Share your Christmas miracles We're looking for heartwarming tales of holiday surprises. Maybe your soldier husband got home on furlough just in time for Christmas Mass ' Jaybe a child's holiday wish was grantt li at the last minute by an unlikely source. Heck, maybe you and your pregnant wife somehow got a room at a no-vacancy inn on a snowy Christmas Eve. Share your Christmas miracles with us. By Dec. 12, send a short description of the event, along with your name, address and daytime phone number to: Christmas Miracles Accent Department The Palm Beach Post P.O. Box 24696 v West Palm Beach, Fla. 33416-4696 Or fax us: 8204445. j Or e-mail us: F www.goPBI.comtellthepost Do you or someone you know neighbor, co-worker, plumber look like Santa Claus? Might he be the jolly old elf? Send us a photo of your nominee. Well choose finalists and hold a special Santa competition to determine the winner. And trust us: The prize will be better than cookies and milk! Please be sure to include your name and phone number as well as the name and phone number (and a picture!) of your nominee. Send entries by Dec. 10 to: Santa Look-Alikes Accent Department The Palm Beach Post P.O. Box 24696. West Palm Beach, Fla. 33416-4696 't -a- - Perron having your purse snatched or being mugged are far greater. But the random nature of the Perron tragedy is what makes it so frightening. "'Vhat precautions can you take? And what ?, should you do if someone tries to hijack your car? Advice from the experts is on Page 4D. LOREN G. HOSACK -1989 STAFF FILE PHOTO

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