The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 6, 1997 · Page 29
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 29

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1997
Page 29
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w s c THE PALM BEACH POST SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1997 3B Car Shop in a Flash! More than 200 nam cars & trudis. Auto line, the best way to test drive all the new cars and bucks I Pal-Mar scrub, Talisman rank high on conservation listing In Palm Beach County, cat 561-355-6908 then inter the appropriate three digit code. r a OlDSMOWCf SUZUKI KUKA Maiar 14 WWsaMar 114 130 114 DUSU a 116 Mont. Carta 147 Pro.. IIS Pirn... 13 " umhm 144 CMMVldHi 114 OUZU 424 Soart MM JJ linni i 173 317 NSX III MoUki 14 Ajp. 117 tatn Kck-Ua 1U MX-n Spt Cpa 341 P.,.. , 173 X0 313 1 Integra II .cavrnan IJO aWrarlar III Oaa 116 WV 141 liSZZ 174 ) 314, Tl 1 TO S-na Pick-Up III Thun4wW4 II loan 117 MM 143 II 17 I SU 111 Carvarra 151 Traapar Ill ftUhnai 344 Curiaat War 176 707014 I' Camara 153 OfO Won -J 145 Irnvoaa 177 rVv 790 ' 4U0I hnpalaSS 155 Track 10 1AOUAI .Wara 171 tlOO rVm-Up Jl ' , AA in Pr,. 11 XJ W.I II miKtOfi fcrataa , IT Carney 791 , 41 113 CrWrStH Mra 11 XKI 118 C Clou 146 laaama ... WJ . Cobrialnl . 124 Cirraa 154 XJ Waan 111 S 147 Hr MOUTH Cafaa 14 ' 6tadaaaWgr. 115 Caacaraa 156 OMC MHa 111 I Clan 141 Vavaaar 110 Suara 73 ' low i a Cairn-, 157 Suburban 13 51 Sana, 14 Iracia 111 hia 196 MW IMS 151 aavanah 14 Xf Iav4 197 , 1 Sanaa 136 lama 159 faarra 15 Charakaa 111 AUKUtr PONTUC Una Crsnaar 11 , 7 Sanaa 117 Sonoma 196 Oeana Charakaa 114 Gran Maraui 150 tundra 111 4 limar 19 SSaoM 111 DOOOt Tukan 17 Wranalar 113 Sob.. 151 Oeana Mi 113 lanaC 300 ' I Sanaa II Ion, nek -Up 161 Jimmy 11 Cauaar XI7 131 Irani Sport 114 Carol la 301 laaamr 130 DakaM 161 Scaan 19 KM M.Koa 151 Orano Am 115 6. .Inn IH1 I Inrrupal 163 SaarMga 116 Tratar 154 tannavjila 116 . UK - SrraXa 164 HONDA Saahaj 137 Viaagar 155 InWf 117 VOLKSWAOfN ;' Skylark 111 Noon 165 Accord 300 315 ' ' rorkAranaa 131 lorn ran 4 Wan 166 ftvk 301 WW tOVK mTSUtUSH POfSCrrf on 6 On V6 116 1 lwi 133 Caravan 167 CR-V 301 Dncavory . Ill DtomonMj 156 1l Ill rr 317 laSobra 114 Avaagar 161 ad Sol 303 langa Invar 13 3000GT 137 la-tar 11 Coorla 311 i Cannjry 135 PraUaaa 204 Oatanoor 0 330 Monlora Saart . 151 Go K2 319 , IAOU Paaaporl 105 Honiara 35 SUI Cor) 330 . CtUUAC V.ikki 171 Odviaay 106 UFXUS Mrraga 160 900 303 ' IIDorada 136 lolon 174 IV 307 IX 430 111 Golonl 161 OOOO 304 VCXVO BaVllln 137 05 300 333 Icliaaa 161 960 321 I I Saaika 131 FO0 HYUNDAI 5C 400300 133 SAWHN ISO 321 . jumped from No. 24 to No. 5. Although that change would help the project get state money and in that sense is good news, it doesn't mean a purchase is imminent, said John Neuharth, spokesman for the South Florida Water Management District The tract's owner, Talisman Sugar's parent company, St. Joe Corp., has already turned down a $102 million offer from the water district The 52,000 acres south of Lake Okeechobee has been appraised at $110 million. Environmentalists want the Talisman land to be used as part of a complex system to store and clean water flowing into the Everglades. Martin and St Lucie officials, meanwhile, were pleased that Pal-Mar remained at the top of the list but were distressed by Atlantic Ridge's fall. The state has made a tentative deal with developers of SeaWind to buy a 2,500-acre portion of the Atlantic Ridge land for $15 million, but so far has not been able to buy other land in the 12,700-acre tract The sugar tract is considered critical to Everglades restoration. By Shirish Date Palm Beach Post Staff Writer TALLAHASSEE A piece of coastal scrub on the border of Palm Beach and Martin counties kept its top spot on a key state land-buying priority list Friday, as the so-called Talisman sugar tract considered critical to Everglades restoration jumped to the fifth spot Other pieces of environmentally sensitive land in Martin and rara tMour 179 KMnrra a. Wagon . TO! la wi .... IJO Milong.. 176 Tiaaron ..... 30 E5 300 ......... 235 CWVrour karaWVanWg 177 Accant . 210 Cavoaar 140 F Sanoa . 171 UNCCHM Von 4 lapa 141 lounu . 17 lawn Cor. 116 nitre Von 142 Ronoar Pick-up .... 110 MNNTI Conlinantal .... 237 VanmraMV 143 Ixorl I 111 J30 111 Mork VIM 231 ToKoa 144 i.iKh 119 mi ma NISSAN AMma ....... 163 PickUp 364 Ouatt . 165 Pomhmtor 166 maxima .. 167 200SX 161 Santra 169 SUtAMU SVX 301 309 110 logocy SanWgn ., A jarvKxaf The Pdm Beacti Ptot, SunSenbnela The fed Yellow Ungn tmpraio ... CK Kck-ap 145 inploror .. 113 045 . 111 240SX 170 St. Lucie counties also ranked in the top 15 on the list of multi-agency purchases for 1998-99 high enough to have a decent chance of actually getting portions purchased! Among them: Atlantic Ridge in Martin County, at No. 7; Hutchinson Island-Blind Creek in St. Lucie County, at No. 9; Allap-attah Flats in Martin County, at No. 14; and the Indian River Lagoon Blueway, with land in five counties including Martin and St. Lucie, at No. 15. That's going to be right on the cusp," the Nature Conser vancy's George Willson said of SPRINT PCS INTRODUCES 3A PHT7 JL J JL the Blueway project. The "bargain-shared" projects on the list receive half of the purchase money from the state, the rest from other sources which can include the county, the federal government or the local water district. As a result, just because a project ranks high on the list doesn't mean it will immediately get state money. Of the $160 million available from Preservation 2000 bond money each year, about one-fourth of that, or $40 million, is typically spent on the "bargain-shared" list. When local and federal contributions are added, that can account for $80 million in land purchases. The total value of the top 15 projects on the list is many times that figure. The value of the Pal-Mar and Atlantic Ridge projects is about $80 million, for example. .-Most of the projects on this year's list were ranked similarly last year. The Pal-Mar tract, for instance, was No. 1, and Atlantic Ridge was No. 2. An exception was the Talisman tract, which WIRELESS CALLING. This is wireless with no strings. Sprint PCS Prepaid Calling allows you to plan ahead and control costs. And here's more good news: No credit check or deposit required Free account balance notification A choice of plans to fit your needs Long distance and international calling available You can travel anywhere within the Sprint PCS nationwide network Experience the clear alternative to cellular today." I I. -.-"4.' ' b I '-W . 1" Get a Sprint PCS Phone" by Samsung for just $99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. See store for details. The official PCS sponsor of the NFL and the Miami Dolphins. KPSTtfl Hii ' St m .ryu'iB-r- 41 '4 st U ; i, .1 I Rapist gets 30-vear Sentence By Jill Taylor Palm Beach Post Staff Writer , : STUART A Hobe Sound man sobbed uncontrollably in Martin Circuit Court on Friday rijorning as he turned to face the two women he raped. 1 "I can't take back what I've done to you," John E. Reese, 27, tdld the women during his sentencing hearing. "I am truly sorry. I pray for you every day." ; Circuit Judge John Fennelly handed Reese the maximum penalty of 30 years in prison on two counts of sexual battery and said he would have ordered him to prison for life if he had gone to trial and been convicted. 3 "I can't give them (the victims) back their dignity," Fennelly said. "I can take action that will efisure that you never do this again." 3 If Reese is someday paroled, he will be designated as a sexual pf edator with the required public notice to the community. 2 Stuart and Martin County detectives urged the maximum Penalty, noting that one victim wfts 69 years old and the other was 55. Sheriffs Detective Frank Lunsford said he took the case personally. 3 "Mr. Reese is a sexual predator of the worst kind," Lunsford tpld Fennelly. "He preys on our nlothers and grandmothers." -! The 69-year-old woman, who was attacked during her morning jog behind the Martin Square Mall in May, asked for the highest ppssible sentence for Reese. 3 "My life will never be the Same," she said. j.. Reese pleaded guilty to the sexual battery charges and prosecutors dropped two counts of kidnapping, one count of aggravated battery and one count of Battery on an elderly person. The 55-year-old woman suffered a broken collarbone when she was attacked as she rode her bjcycle to work. ; Assistant State Attorney Nita Denton told Fennelly her office ajreed to the plea to avoid having te victims give statements and testify, a process both women feared. v - 1 Sprint Sprint PCS 1-800-480-4PCS "f 7 i The Sprint Store At 'JO RadioShack. Sprint PCS Centers: The Prado 8743 SW 136 St., Suite 2 Miami (30S) 259-1800 1001 W. 49th St. Suite 6 Hialcah (305) 817-1980 The Plaza at Delray 1652 S. Federal Hwy. Delray Beach (561) 266-2200 Pembroke Crossings 12206 Pines Blvd. Pembroke Pines (954) 704-3800 Country Isles Plaza 1144 Weston Rd. 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