The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 21, 1968 · Page 32
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 32

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1968
Page 32
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Page 32 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post -33 Thursday, Nov. 21, 1968 ECKER,3N mm Retirees 9 Dollars Untapped YOU CAN CHARGE EVERYTHING AT ECKERD'S FOMPANO BEACH 2501 E AHantk Blvd LIGHTHOUSE POINT 3780 N. FioVal Highway BOCA BATON 150 W. Camiita tool VILLAGE OF PALM SPRINGS 3343 Congrtfl Avt. WEST PALM BEACH 860 Mtlitory Troil South MARGAIt 5709 Moroot. Blvd. HOLLYWOOD 6665 Toft Stficl HAUANDAIE !6?0 Hallondak Beach Bl.d OfERHElD BEACH 930 S FeoVol Highway OflRAT BEACH 318 N E ?-d Avt MIAMI 8651 Carol Way J378 S W 7th At. 4801 S W 8th St 4878 Bmoyn. Blvd. MIAMI SHORES 9060 tucayiw Blvd. NORTH MIAMI BEACH I8SI HI 185th St. HIALEAH 571 W 49th St FT LAUDERDALE 2231 W. Broward Blvd. 3420 N Ar.dr.wi Ax 5011 N 6 18th Avt. 1385 S ( 17th Stmt PLANTATION 6171 W. Sunriu Blvd SALE PRICES GOOD THRU SATURDAY SHOP 9 'TIL 9 WEEKDAYS SUNDAY SHOP 10 'TIL 7 MEsanrrioNS. diucs, sale items, everything at eck. ERDS LOW. LOW PRICES. IY CHARGING YOU HAVE AN ITEMIZED RECORD FOR TAXES, INSURANCE AND MEDICARE IF YOU DON'T ALREADY HAVE A CHARG-IT CARD ASK FOR AN APPLICATION FORM AT ECKEROS. JAR EG. W LIMIT 1 eg fi x LISTERINE W REG. S3' LIMIT 1 POLAROID SWINGER FOR BLACK AND WHITE PICTURES IN 10 SECONDS, MODEl 20 20 OZ Is raaffl MS). OUR REG. 4.SS LIMIT 1, 100 VITAMINS ttW SVlflGFR 5 K aaaa b a a av m a 1 i n MYADEC Kraft L-y ' I K CAMERA CASE MODEL 1660 OUR REG.73 LIMIT 1, 11 OZ. MENTHOL MINTi SWINGER "JX FILM 1 aa TYPE 20 FOR MODEL 20 RAPID SHAVE FOR THE SWINGER AND OTHERS .& 39' VALUE, LIMIT 1, STAINLESS STEEL, WOODEN HANDLE FLASHBULBS 99 PARING KNIFE AG-IB OR AG1 OOtUBIMC I IVIT 1 3.U.7E' C3 f MLvb, timu I, 74 m MASKING TAPE W :-pML "oSTER ELECTRIC ': CITRUS JUICER II '! 1 l BUR REGULAR 12.87 1 ,2k. G9e VALUE, LIMIT 1, 10 INCH , WHISK CUOOM ENJOY FRESH CITRUS IIIICF FV. rcHoS ERY DAY. STARTS, STOPS AU X 0-' TOMATICALIY, MODEl 368 01 : : TOMATICALLY, MODEl 368 01 VAN VYCK ELECTRiC CAN OPENER REG. 2 FOR 14' LIMIT 2 BALL POINT PEN FOR .95 VALUE S ) iMirkl aLIU tITC AD CUAOC 88 SL'JiSJp CAN, WITH BOTTLE OPENER. MODEL VW-7 '-mM;J'' IU7CV CI CMDIP. BfMirP CUARPFIKFR REG. 15 LIMIT 1 20 SAFETY PINS I BM.fcl LLfcWimw ninik CAN OPENER 14.95 VALUE OPFNS All STANDARD 199 5CMR!L CANS AND SHARPENS KNIVES SAFELY, MODEL 622 9 TRANSISTOR RADIO BRECK 4 OZ. BEG. 54c 66 FIESTA BY JULIETTE, INCLUDES rcc CADDunklF RATTFOV 6.95 3 fiRFf.lF RINSF W))C VALUE TP9. WHILE THEY LAST WASHINGTON I NANA ) -The $40 billion yearly purchasing power of retirees "is virtually untapped" by American business, according to a college professor of business administration. "As consumers, senior citizens are a substantial market." Dr. A. Coskun Samli wrote in a recent issue of the University of Washington's Business Review. "In terms of sheer numbers, they represent a sizable and expanding market segment. They are willing to buy a large variety of goods and services and they have a reasonable ability to buy." The sizable senior citizen market already more than 10 per cent of the total population is growing by 300,0(10 to 400,000 new consumers per year, according to Dr. Samli. By the end of the century, senior consumers will represent 12 per cent of the population instead of 9 per cent current- "However, this market segment is not easily accessible to marketers," Dr. Samli noted. "There are many difficulties to be overcome." "The senior citizen does not like to be considered one of those who make up masses," he pointed out. "He is harder to sell and more .quality conscious, with more brand, product and store loyalty than his younger counterparts." After surveying nearly 300 retirees in Sacramento, Calif., Dr. Samli concluded that "neither during the week nor during weekends do they spend much more than one hour on shopping." despite their increased leisure time. One reason is lack of good transportation for many retirees, which limits their choice of retailers. Nearly three-fourths of the retirees interviewed habitually buy their medicine at the same drug store, while nearly two-thirds stick to the same food store. Spending patterns of the Sacramento retirees lor shelter, clothing, food and medical care followed the national patterns. However, Dr. Samli uncovered a surprisingly large market among older people for hobby supplies and materials. He estimates that nearly two million retirees spend $500 a year each on their hobbies, or $950 million altogether, "which is rather substantial in terras of a hobby market." "Crocheting, sewing and knitting were first among hobbies," Dr. Samli reported, "fishing was second, substantially ahead of gardening, the third most popular choice." "Reading as a second hobby had the greatest popularity," Dr. Samli added. "Crocheting, sewing and knitting was a close second, and gardening was the third most popular second hobby." Two thirds of these retirees said they spend more than six hours a week at their hobbies, while more than a fifth devoted IB hours a week or more to these pursuits. Virtually all the retirees Dr. Samli questioned read a daily newspaper, and more than a third read more than one every day. Almost half spend one to two hours reading the paper daily and even more time on weekends. Favorite reading matter of retirees, in both daily and Sunday papers, is news and sports results. Men also favored editorials while women preferred women's articles. Travel and theatrical sections of the newspapers are least popular with older readers. Fewer retirees listened to radio or watched television than read newspapers. "News is bv far the most important feature of TV," Dr. Samli 'pointed out. "Discussion programs are the least popular." Commercials and violence were disliked most by retirees, he said, with Western and soap opera programs next on a long list of complaints about TV. QUESTION BOX "I receive 30 per cent disability compensation from the Veterans Administration. However. I will soon be 65 and retired. Can I waive my disability compensation and come under the VA pension program if it is to my financial advantage to do so?" In a word, yes. However, you should check with the VA regional office where your records are on file and ask whether it will be to your advantage to switch to the VA pension program. Pension rates and income limits will change on New Year's Day 1969. But keep in mind that the monthly compensation rate for service-connected disabilities will also be raised next January 1. Your 30 per cent compensation rate will go up from $60 to $65 a month. LIMIT ONE JULIETTE AMFM-AFCMB PORTABLE RADIO 37.95 VALUE 4 5 OZ., POWDER OR MIST OUR GALP SPRAY DEODORANT 7c SOLID STATE ELECTRIC OR t a ni f tr i imp mm riiiit in Bi h 5CHRS3 INCLUDES BATTERIES, MODEl Tin NA1143M UMIT ONE HQ RIU. J9S. 1 OUR REG. 62c KING SIZE WITH MFP COLGATE TOOTHPASTE JULIETTE AM FH SOLID STATE RADIO-PHONO m iaa lit LIMIT ONE T5T 32" TEFLON IROHIIIG nnucn 9. DAn ffiC i.JaaaVv SAN TAN BY OPIIRAY - ASSORTED STYLES, COLORS 2.41 VALUE TEFLON 7" 4 349 FRY PAH REGULAR M Me loo 44 iiii.i i Mii iwi .. .il. , B .B... B regular ore 98c VALUE 2.00 09 REGULAR 1 30 3 00 I 8 OZ . GOTTOH "WET" MOP MEN'S GREY OR WHITE SWEAT SHIRTS 49 SMALL. MEDIUM, OR LARGE I Wee4)css Hooks MITCHELL 300 REEL WITH 6' ROD SPORTSWJ COOKER I III "a Jv ftv mr 1 uVbuYon mErsF j . lm v I 'I ALLOWS INSTANT 5 T iJT j M Tllj3 Ij J J l3 MAUt Ur UUKMDLC r""-'T'r WW-- Ik V, tubiwIieglass J 1 1 ll JnU liKlcl IT llvJ FRIES, BROILS Z'? ' tifrt : ' rod with fixed RE61 VAmHmma GIVING YEARS OF WfjV y uKfiT ' f ffi Hickelure Jigs 88 1759 .a 59 fp it v ;4 iJ HVSpt 9 ' Dial Bath Soap SJgA. maaajPj yA4jftay ALg FLAVOR HOUSE K 1 H 1 VICKS J " I PRY ROAST NUTSf I ALUMINUM FOIL 1 1 FORMULA 44 S ! I PALMOLIVE I j O SHAMPOO lSS I"" 'SflC 1 Sour EfiC J M,lDI",,M S our ZWl K 2 ,2",25' H K 3 tt zllil i S 0I!R ktllTM K 3ifei Mr If 1 n 35c VALUE U P ! m, Rljllf REE. 7fc nftjf P jr.f BATH SIZE COLD M PINK 1 OUR REG. 2 FOR 45c ! 73 Ei i c-;i ic l j cii b i ;i LIMIT 1 WITH COUPON THRU 1123 K LIMIT 1 WITH COUPON THRj 1123 M LIMIT 1 WITH COUPON THRU 1123 UMIT 1 WITH COUPON THRU 1123 V LIMIT 1 WITH COUPON THRU 1123 MM I 1 : J Iter u -n, . JF II w II

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