The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 21, 1968 · Page 25
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 25

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1968
Page 25
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Page 25 article text (OCR)

26-Palm Beach Post, Thursday, Nov. 21, 1968 Bahamas Roundup Missile Guidance Systems Check Set Doctor Rejects Plan Tl XT T" 1 Ex-Havana Operator Seeks -- Support JL Research very little about the missile except that it has a range of more than 100 miles and can be launched by aircraft well out of range of enemy defenses. Use P-T Classified HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE. N.M. (API - The guidance and computer systems of the Air Force's new air-toground short range attack missile ( SRAM i are to be tested Friday over White Sands Missile Range. The Air Force is saying w Providence Gaming Place BEFORE YOU BAIL OUT For Heart MIAMI BEACH (API - A prominent physician who has recovered from a heart attack cautioned against adopting a big-money, big-plan, government crash approach toward preventing heart attacks. Instead, said Dr. Irvine H. Page of Cleveland, the urgent need is for more creative thinking and research, and there are some promising leads. "The plumber surgeons are cutting in because we know neither how to prevent nor how to cure atherosclerosis." the process of clogging within arteries that underlies most heart attacks, he said. The big-plan approach setting specific targets to understand this puzzle "would be costly and unproductive," Dr. Page told the Council on Arteriosclerosis of the American Heart Association. Research into atherosclerosis, formerly more generally called arteriosclerosis, is sim-plv not vet far enough ad McLaney's expenses had ever been received. Commenting on his surprise casino proposal to the government. McLaney said: "It was tendered with the idea of the enormous benefits for all Ba-hamians that could be achieved and which are so necessary to maintain the rate of progress of the surrounding areas." Under present arrangements, the government collects a flat fee of of $1 million per year from each of the three casinos two at Free-port. Grand Bahama, and the Paradise Island operation. Although McLaney has released no details of his proposal, there is conjecture that it may include a high percentage slice ot the net prolits for the government. Communications Minister Arthur Foulkes said that he had discussed the McLaney circular with his colleagues, including Pindling. and his reaction was "this matter will not be entertained at all." Foulkes pointed out that prior to the last election the PLP promised "to hold the line on gambling." and added that he considered it "unlikely that we will consider further expansion of gambling in the country." Sir Etienne Dupuch, Negro owner-editor of the Nassau Tribune, who for years fought the white politico-economic establishment and then allied himself with its leaders to combat the PLP, has resigned his seat as an independent member of the Senate. The reason he has given is his objection to the Senate president's admission into the chamber's records of a communication by a PLP senator which contained critical comments about another member of the legislature. Sir Etienne 's action came as no surprise to him, the president admitted in acknowledging the senator's resignation. He had, in fact, anticipated it earlier, as the result of remarks made by Dupuch to him after a senate meeting well before the new incident about which he has complained. Government leader in the upper house, Dr. Doris Johnson, discussing Sir Etienne's resignation at a senate meeting, described him as "a pimple on the body of Bahamas politics a festering pimple." Concluded the lady-senator: "The only words I can say with meaningfulness are 'good riddance'." Independent senator Donald riciu ur COMPUTER PROGRAMMING We won't let you waste your time or money until you've passed our FREE APTITUDE TESJ People from all walks of life can train for this Space Age skill . . . preparing for careers that pay up to $12,000 and more a year. If you're a high school graduate or equivalent . . . age 1 8 to 45 . . . you owe it to yourself to learn your own qualifications and aptitude for data processing . . . and the rewarding opportunities it may For New Bv BENSON McDERMOTT NASSAU - Michael J. McLaney. who once operated the casino in Havana's Hotel Nacional. has circularised all members of the government party here outlining a proposal lor a new casino in New Providence. The Bahamian Club, on the outskirts ol Nassau, was moved last year to Paradise Island alter being run as a w inter season gambling operation for over 30 years by ilia rd McKenzie of Providence. Rhode Island. Hotel guests in New Providence, where there are seven major resorts, must cross the Paradise Island toll bridge il they want to gamble. Signilitantlv. apart from the projected 400-room hotel at Cable Beach, the launching ot which was reported here last month, activity in the area ol new hotel construction is currently concentrated on Paradise Island, where, as they say. the action is. McLaney. of 1021 North Venetian Drive. Miami, and Love Beach. New Providence, assisted the present government party in the January. I9ti7. general election which brought the Progressive Liberal Party into power lor the lirst time. His estimate of the value ol his assistance was StiO.OOO. but I'LP leader L. O. Pindling. now Prime Minister, publicly put the figure at about $25,000. Last September the chairman of the PLP announced to the press that the party had deposited $60,000 to McLancy's Nassau bank account, although, he admitted, no detailed statement ot vanced for such planning to payoff, he said. "Victory will come. I suspect, and be announced more quickly from the working laboratory and clinic rather than the White House rose garden with instant reporting by newspapers and television." he said. Dr. Page, widely known for research into causes and treatment of high blood pressure and causes of atherosclerosis, suffered a heart attack 18 months ago. "Heart transplants and artificial hearts will not be the answer to coronary vascular artery disease for many vears. even if a Boston store advertises 'used organs available." he said. "We announce bravely through the news media what we will be doing in the year 2.000. knowing full well many of us won't be around to take the responsibility. This may keep research dollars rolling in. but it deflects from the real problem." yi w. FINANCING UP TO $100 AUTO BODY & PAINT SHOP Worth 583-6220 OKI SMMfS F0I ESTIMATES have for you! 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Too often, he charged, when a member of the public wanted service in a government department he was told the individual he needed to talk to was "busy having tea." The PLP member told the House of Assembly that public servants have got to "get back to a hard day's work; that's the way you get things done, and those who get the money should be prepared to earn it." A sure indication of a country's sound economic health is the condition of its construction industry, and on that basis a reassuring prognosis can be made about the Bahamas. Replace all 4 brakes with bonded or riveted lining Rebuild all 4 wheel cylinders Resurface all 4 drums Check complete brake system NO MONEY DOWN GILLETTE EXECUTIVE PBEQIID0 OF THAT LOW-PAY JOB FIND OUT.. .IF YOU'RE QUALIFIED TO TRAIN FOR A HIGH-PAY CAREER IN THE EXCITING nn n nr Stuctanl Uan Plan InftJknvnt linmaciMfalf Day Ivtmnf CIomm IBM tajutpmant CALl NOW FOR YOUR FREE APTITUDE TEST! 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M Um iliMrt KCHftM tf trtil rtiit. mm Ito tKi- ASKS J 4 499c0RL0Dwl U U UU Jf-B 59.75 UnU" p 6.406.50x13, 4.95.14 7.357.00x14,7.756.701$ 758.00x14, 8.558.50x14, -f-l "6.00x15 "5.60x1 5 7.757.50x14 8.157.10x15,8.859.00x15 '--f Full Quart ff ff BIO 16-OZ. OLDCRO Tubl Whit.wall. Plu. $1.74 Tob.l.H Whit.wollt plui $3 06 Tubli Whiltwalli plut $2 35 90 Proof lOO CANS inAA CFlGtAM ; -'a o $195 Ftdtrol ExciwTaxand to J2.21 F.d.ral Excit. Tax and to $2.81 Ftd.ral Excit.Tox and tt4 - 'u.-i.-i 09 K69 umduh r Z2ZX. Q Prelerred "" pEER ,n U V.O. Ij, XJZ, 1,,,,, ,., ,. ...J f I " I mnnnrcn km it J . ) RtitaMtM k Mitittil-((trv tin Mil If fll II piriMttt ititnl iMlwii m Nltttl ) triRtltif f4 iMtinil ftr IM lift IM triiil Itfto. 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Prico Inataw F3 100 GRAIN 1 l . ttWff fifty CRIBARI H martini s rossi itlT Ms L-.,,,. - - , VrO BJJu. i UTK'"KI M sweet or dry GILBEY (PORTABLE COLOR-TV tS KJLn TABLE VERMOUTH VODKA M 1 D t. fcllWINE ra H I Reg. $335 dinc here $ what we do: WHEEL ALIGNMENT . . . Rt. $7.81 WHEEL PACK . . . Rtf . $3.00 2 WHEEL IALANCE ... Rtf . $5.00 TOTAL VALUE ... $15.11 Got all throo and (ovt a big $61 mm i 188 ixzxwymw .ftSrfl J? .,. &t I TUB " giant color pirtur.1 H 11 I ixS'fc 3 B mm- 3 fffij' 'ryit ... lyjtityi 11 mM 'of I" dy with ii ii nn I mmr 86.8 Proof GLENMORE BOURBON 12 YR. OLD M no STAND OPTIONAL H Imported BOURBON 1 NO MONEY DOWN! 0 P RON ROMERO RUM KENTUCKY fl fL GROUSE M milshire gin TWELVE I tC SCOTCH fifth's pg 1 o yk4 I 330 10th ST. LAKE PARK, PHONE 848-3418 2814 SO. DIXIE WEST PALM BEACH, PHONE 833-1781 BHPan American Tire Co.D 1 13 W 6300 V IU W 58.25 Q1 1 4haJBjH9Ma

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