The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 21, 1968 · Page 22
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 22

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1968
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post, Thursday, Nov. 21, 1968-23 Migratory Fish Run Continues OUTDOORS By Ed Bockow Lake Worth and the Indian River are teeming with pompano; commercial net fishermen hit mackerel off Singer Island and Port Salerno; bluetish were taken in the surf at Jensen Beach and in the St. Lucie estuary; sailfish are available offshore and snapper and grouper were taken aboard the drift boats off Palm Beach and Boynton Beach Wednesday. There seems to be no end to the pompano action in Lake Worth, and there are more of them to move down this wav. 'ft Horse Racing Miami Tropical Park ENTRIES By Tht Associated Prtss First Ptst 1:15 EST 1st 3300, Cl,2YO, 4f. xPavot Miss Mi Plact BMiiiaMMLaHHaBBaMMBBaMMiiMaiHMMaa. xxBorn Poor xClosing Punch Sports Final Rocket Destroyer Blue Trent Maxwelton Miss Wink Swiss Master ItiVeirside GDsbelf bgroeg idasGem Note Word Bucksnort Flapdoodle Devil Encanto Arturito Flying Dolt 2nd-J,50O, cl,2YO,4f. Shannon Express Sinful Prince Impropriety Justoitsred Deiong Pike Vai. xPrincess Ponder LirdChip Pacs Ahead $ Ohio Indian Jena van Transmission Stockade FabledCount x Bet Set Ma handler Miss Brett xxSweet Voice 1 SECOND TIRE ONLY With first 6.50-13 blackwall at reg. price plus F.E.T. each. Catches of pomps received ai Lake Side Tackle and Seafood ranged from 10 to 50 per fisherman Wednesday. Most of the fishing activity took place south of Peanut Island. Capt. Bob Soltysik and Joe Winsor returned to Bill's Marina with a catch of 36 pompano, all of them taken drift fishing south of Peanut Island. Coates Johnson came in with 23 pompano, Jim McCurdy came up with 32, and there were many catches of eight to 12. Pompano have flooded into the Indian River near Port Salerno. One commercial net fisherman took 1.000 pounds in the river Tuesday night, and another boat returned to Port Salerno with 500 pounds. The mackerel made it as far south as Manhattan Beach. Singer Island, Wednesday afternoon. Al Bowe, of Hudgins Seafood, said the net fishermen failed to make good catches because there were so many sharks. He said the fishermen killed a few sharks and fed their livers to the others. He said the sharks would eat the' livers, become sick, and would leave for three or four days. Clinton Pinder. of Pinder's Seafood at Jupiter, agreed that this was the way to handle ths shark problem. Spanish mackerel were plentiful in the vicinity of St. Lucie Inlet. One commercial net fisherman took 14,000 pounds of mackerel south of the inlet. With northerly winds forecast through this morning, the mackerel could advance farther southward, and some of them may enter Lake Worth. The macks and blues failed to put in an appearance at the .Juno Beach Pier during the day. but some blues were taken ifarther northward at Blowing Rocks on Jupiter Island, accord-ling to a report from the pier. Tom Goldmeir and Al Shoup took 109 bluefish trolling Tony Accetta mop lures off St. Lucie Inlet, and Bill Nelson and Robert Gibson caught 47 mackerel trolling spoons south of that inlet. Bluefish were taken again on cut bait in the Sun Parlor area, inshore from St. Lucie Inlet, according to a report from the Fishin' hole. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Kerry took 36 and Edward Ward and Sam Cole boated 30. Johnny Crawford, of the Snook Nook at Jensen Beach, said surf fishermen hit blues there late in the afternoon. Dick Hoke and Dot Hillier took 45 on cut mackerel, and other catches were made casting plugs and metal squid-type lures. Elsewhere on the inshore fishing scene, large blues and trout were taken on plugs in the north end of Lake Worth yesterday morning, and a few cobia and kingfish were hooked at the Lake Worth Pier. Capt. Frank Ardine's Sail Ahoy returned to Bill's Marina with a sail, two kings and a dolphin yesterday, and fishermen aboard the Blue Sea drift boats at Riviera Beach scored well on snapper and grouper. The big kingfish schools have not yet arrived for the drift boat fishermen, but they are headed southward for this area. At last report there were plenty of school kings being taken at Cape Kennedy, and some were being caught at Fort Pierce. There are Jrd-2,700,cl,3YOup,lmi. a-Lambrino Restore a-LenapeRoad xxBierut Sam s Pacemaker xOneKmg R,lcal xb-TigerSage Pova' Uie Bete Jr. xxb-Turf Flash a Roncaglione-Moore entry. b-Capriotti-Calumel entry. A WORM SQUIRMS, TIRES SHOULDN'T 2 fiber glass belts stabilize the tread so it won't squirm like ordinary tires do. Gives 40 longer wear. 2 cross plies of nylon cord increase stability and resistance to heat, impact, and flex-fatigue. 30-month treadwear guarantee. FREE MOUNTING NO MONEY DOWN TUBELESS 1ST TIRE I SECOND I PLUS BLACKWALL REG. PRICE TIRE F.E.T. SIZES EACH ONLY EACH 6.50 13 $20' $10.00 I81 S 7757.50 14 J25. 2.19 7.756.70 15 " lrS0 2 21 , 8.258.00 14 2.35 8 157.10 15 U 13-50 2 36 8.558.50 14 i29. 2 56 8.457.60 15 1 "9 1 14-50 1 2 54 I 'With trade In tire off your car. Whitewalls S3 more each. J Riscal, Boto Jr, Lanapt Road 4 Tht Moans, Win Jac, Oancinq Toy 5 Singing Fortst. Fighting Phil, Mip-oggio l-Dttault, Lucky Gussy, Dotty Twist 7-Bnan Ktlly, Miss Morriman, Laura Winston l-Flonda Castlt, Landholdtr, Windy Road -Groat Brother, Mailor, Ptrltct Picas-uro 10 Hoy Irish, Rhumb Lino, Stttltyco BostBtt-BtttJr RESULTS Woatnor Cnwr, Track Fast Ist-UM, cl. 3YO mdns, 4 I. Red Sea Crossing (Tennenbaum) 5 60 3 40 0D Intervener Miss (Porret) 12.40 7 40 Painted Doll (Maple) 7H Time 1:13 15 Out of Mischief, May Queen, Truftling, Cool Wampum, Lorda Lorda, Ynot Gerry, Queen tor a Day, Nashmont Lady, Com-ALong April also ran. lnd-1,700, cl, 1YO, I. Miss Apollo (Noble) 9.20 4 H 3 00 Sy Bee (Stone 4.00 2 K Gold w Keisler) 3 40 Time 113 1-5. Palace Portal, Syla-more. You Can't Ten, Jamandy, Never Bluff, Hustlin' Miss, Little Miss Mauler also ran. Daily Double 3-4 paid S22.40 3rd-2,700, cl, 3YO,4f. Robust Fox (Maple) 3 60 2 80 2 40 Grand William (Marquez) 4.00 2.80 All Magic (Despirito) 3.00 Time 1 11 4-5 Polly Come Home, Chief's Pride, Hello Gibson also ran. 3th-2,100,cl,2YO,if. April Co-Ed (Hole) 12.60 8 00 5 60 Jim's Pretty Girl (Morales) 9.40 5.80 Fab's Joy (Tennenbaum) 6.00 Time 1:13 1-5. Sun Genie, Neark, Encan-tress, Carefree Cathy, Home To Stay, Kay Ress, Cycladic, Matara, Veiled Charmed aisoran. Sth-2, 700, cl, 3YO,I. Nice Landing (Harrison) 5 20 3.60 2.60 Bley's Queen (Kelly) 5 60 4.20 Fan My Brown (Marquez) 3.60 Time 1:12 2-5. Native Witt, Lily C, Two Anns, Winsome Devil, Sister Marcy, M D Wim, Madame Heller, So Arrogant, Villainous Vampalso ran. 6th-2,800,cl, C U Later IMaplel 5 60 3 60 3 00 b-Golden Cap (Arroyo) 4.80 3 60 Even Better II llonnelli) 5.40 Time 1:11 1-5. Third Lane, Carlstoe, Lieut Treb, Lo Kid, Sweet Frima, b-Admirai Clove, Heather's Girl, Naturalist, Kippax also ran. b-Stiner-Deroa-Resseguet entry. 7th-3,IOO,cl,2YO,6f. Lady Chatterly (Waida) 16.80 9 60 6 00 Sadies Spice (Despirito) 8 20 5 20 King Aurora (Hole) 4 20 Time 1:11 3-5. Ridan Pus, Beware Wolt, Ring Of Valor, Miss Dee, Silver Mayking, c..o-,..," Big Perftcta (5-7, 8-1 ) paid 15266 Bth-8,000, cl, 3&4YO, 1 m0 yds. Bold Ship (Hole) 5.80 4.00 3 20 Fairway Jack (Perret) 14 60 8 B0 Bey Mahmoud (Depalo) 4 40 Time 1 42 2-5. Swamp Rabbit, FiresHch, Tahitian Dances, Show Talk, Make Certain a'so ran. 4th-2,00, cl.2YO.ftf. Dancing Toy Gypsy Cards The M eans Alice s Fault W n Jac Troy King Tom McEwen Rim Fire Jr KxEvelyn's Pride xPolar Park Chink Mr McDermott Beater B'SC't Sth-2,700,el.,3YOup, ftf. Any Calls Stoney F xM.ipoggio a Singing Forest Dish Washer Smiting Nancy xPert Beth b-Pretty Dee Dee Fighting Phil FireCity Bagpipe a-Zumbador3rd b-Frosty Dew Tuiyandy kk Astra Nova also schools of mackerel in the Fort Pierce area. a Cherivitch-Butler entry. b-J CP entry. oth-2,900, ct,2YO,ol. Lucky Gussy Our Cyclops Super Allergy a-Samira Default Dotty Twist a-Bfawny Lad Lorelei Miss Boaster ' a-Elias Bros. Farm entry. th-2,700,cl,3&4YO,6f. Laura Winston Jim Ryan Stoneland j Qixon ThickandThin Superliner MissMerriman Greek Lime Aqua vl xxvan Curler Special Artist xEdandal jrian)elly th-Vm f'.VQup mt 7I)vfk .. xLandholder Windy Road Ona Stage KenoBid Florida Castle xPocolody Acniico Mh-3,600,alC.3A4YO,6. Clear wither Bump You incumbent Great Brother Perect Pleasure Mailer Akio Estarde Southern Charmer Winds at War IOth-2,800, cl, 445YO, 1ml. 70 yds. Hey Irish Sir Trio a- Rhumb Line xSantiago a- Ulmer s Boy xxMademore Loco Bracero xSteellyco Don Taia a-Cmpass Fm-Sanderg entry. x-tlbs.xx-7lbsAAC SELECTIONS 1- Bucksnort, Ml Plact, Born Poor 2- Lord Chip, Transmission, Sinfol Princt Tangerine Bowl Waits 14 80 9 80 3.20 10.60 4.00 th-5,000, hep, 3&4YO,6f, Regal Hostess (Hole) Lady Ebony (Harrison) Fly The Green (Perret) 2 60 ORLANDO, (API - Ohio University and Richmond appear certain to play in the Tangerine Bowl here the night of Dec. 27 although sponsors plan to await the outcome of this week's games. As winner of the Mid-American Conference, Ohio (9-0-0), with only a game against Northern Illinois Saturday remaining. is assured of one of the spots. The other spot will go to the winner of the Southern Conference, under the new Tangerine Bowl format. Richmond, 5-0-0 in the conference, leads but has a Saturday date with William & Mary. The Citadel (4-1) can tie Richmond in the standings by beating East Carolina. Richmond beat The Citadel 21-16 in regular season play. Time 1:10 2-5. Peggy's Liz, Needle Pearl, Debbie's Trousseau, Whirlaround, Gay-lord's Touch, Distonia, Amber Song, Alpyce Clover also ran. IOth-2,700 cl, 3YO up. 1 mi. 70 yds. Play Fill (Campbell) 20 20 6 B0 5 60 Blarney Song (DeSpirito) 9.60 5.60 Such Fuss ISisum) 4.60 Time 1:43. Bold Miiargo, Bigamo, Hill Haste, Wounded Knee, Ute Khal, Turkey Lake. E llzondo, Neman Sea also ran. Perfectat-4paidSI55.60 Atttndanct8,546. Handle 1763,532, SHir"' flip W4i WfL illollMir flfllSvltiSjF V 7 i JUL - Stop taler, L, m VHR (jhCx 2. IS; .nd b.un. l K ' I' ' ULill I III U - low cost Xy X XAv ,IOifVfc u I INSTALLATION XgAlw 'USmI s' AVAILABLE tU,Q 5 yuuk Get heavy duty Speeia, Town & Country shocks Reg, exchange 14.95 SET is for the sun -e ::. V..N I If your car is sagging, bouncing around, wearing out tires faster than it should - then you may need new shocks from Wards, now! 88 EA. IN PAIRS 2J 12V, 24S Exchange Rog. 12.99 a. The Sugar Sands Oub and the pool so Olympic plus vast recreational grounds are terrific. There's hand-ball courts, tennis and charming gazebos and the ocean and lake make a fishman able to game fish or cast his bait from the pier. Everything for living is located here! Sugar Sands Beach Houses and the Hi-Spires offer a choice of residences to which it aspires to care for and leave the leisure to you Reg. 6.49 compass for all the things there are to do at Sugar Sands yy mm Cj LOTION ifl Easy-to-read compass attaches easily to car dash or to boat to help you find your way. Dial light for night reading. mm "ram u 4-8 track stereo No threading or rewinding. ETJ jg"N Q Changes from 4 to 8 -track If CO O O at flip of switch. Plays 4- H JJ track singles, "twin-packs," 8 -track stereo -even mini-tapes! REG. 94.00 Reg. 5.49 ' us moHwAr ovf & " l e I CuIIaI i ill mirror 95 8-cyl. 9 795 I 6-cyl. Restore pep, power to your cor. Get a complete, precision tune-up from battery check to ignition timing. Parts extra LUXURY 2 BEDROOM - 2 BATH CONDOMINIUM RESIDENCES FROM $23,900 FURNISHED MODELS OPEN DAILY 9 TO 5 P.M. INTERIORS BY RAY O'DONNELL Double the viewing area of standard mirrors; eliminates dangerous blind spot to the left and rear. Choice of round or rectangular. Call 832-3863 Open Mon. & Fri. Til 9 P.M. Auto Service Opens Daily at 8:30 A.M. 1 22 No. Olive Ave. Downtown West Palm Beach CONDOMINIUM BEACH COLONY Ph. 848-4351 A1A 0N SINGER ISLAND

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