The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 20, 1968 · Page 44
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 44

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1968
Page 44
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Post-Times Classified, Wed., Nov. 20, 1968 7 15 37 Pontiac 15 37 Pontiac 15-40 Thunderbird 15-38 Rambler Only Make Payments '65 GTO. 7 OR NT. 4 spd. Like new. Doyle's. 110 S. Olive, 132-4357 PONTIAC LEMANS !J YMA Pontiac Lemons, (t) 2DR-HT. One 4-DR HT. Both full pwr. ac Air. Extro sharp. Your choice ,1995. Con finance complete. Chevy chopping Center 2100 $. Dixie. WPB. 131-7341. 60 T - B I r d S398. SISDn S2'Mo. D Gist, 1119 N. Di e, L. Worth. tl? Total price. 29.000 miles actual. 196$ Rambler automatic 4 Door. Marvelous condition. Very, Very easy to drive and park. Also 23 mi per gal. on gas. Will accept trade Bank financing. D. Gist, 1119 N. Dixie, LW 1M2 CATALINA convertible. VI SO Full power, new top. Mornings, 113 Date Palm Dr., LP 1964 T-3ird Landau, fully eguipped. lac. air low down payment Kor King 910 South Dixie 47 Andrqs 1W0 THUNDERBIRD. Chrome re FIREBIRD 400. S2I00. Rood, Palm Springs. 65 GTO 4 Spd 1298 A 66 Cony 464 CPE. Both 4 Spd. 0. Cist, HI? N. Dixie. L. Worth. verse wheels. Excellent shape. 585-Jj8i after 7PM. I960 THUNDERBIRD, air conditioned, radio and power steerinq, bucket seats. 1 door. $495. Call 1967 PONTIAC. Tempest Custom. Air conditioned. Rodio, heater, automatic Sacrifice 12,000. 965 3467 after 5PM FORD T-BIRD 1965 THUNDERBIRD. Yellow, red v nyl iife-ior. Full Pwr, Fac Air. RmI cleon car. $I5'5. Con lirxnee c;mp;ete Chevy 5h:p3ing Center. JO'J S. Dixie. WP3. i.3 HI Take Over Payments '65 RAMBLER. 4-DR., R&H. Auto. Extra nice, Doyle's. 810 S. Olive. 832-6357. Only Make Payments t BONNEVILLE 4-DR , HT. Full pwr., almost new condition. Doyle s, 10 S. Olive, 137-4357 63 BONNEVILLE Conv. $498 Exactly 115.10 Dn. $34.37 Mo. D. Gist, 1117 N. Dixie, L. Worth. PONTIAC 1964 PONTIAC Starchlef. 4 OR, Full rwr. Foe Air. Extra sharp cor. SI095. Con finance complete. 159 Vlo. Chevy Shopping Center. 2IC0 5. Dixie, WPB. 133-7341 NO LONGER NEEDED MACHINE RY sells fast. Place an action-producing Classified Adl 62 Auto Trans. 15Dn.-29Mo. D. Gist, 1119 N. Dixie, L. Worth b nn P&&v Jill I llTIIllllS W HAS fast start liSi WITH OUR "VOLUME DEALING POLICY" WHICH HAS MADE US SALES LEADER YEAR-AFTER-YEAR! smm n i j frnii am nm mm fm j WED.-THURS.-FRI.-SAT.-SUN. i BRAND NEW 1969 MONTEGO 2DR. HTOPS. & 4DR. SEDANS FULL 9WM) III WITH FULL FACTORY EQUIPMENT '68 REBEL 770 V8 4 DOOR SEDAN wi FACTORT AIR FULL FACTORY EQUIPMENT including FACTORY AIR, V8, automatic, full power, radio, heater, plus many factory extras, FULL FACTORY WARRANTY. '68 MERCURY MONTCLAIR 2 I 4 DOOR NARDTOPS FACTORT AIR FULl FACTORY EQUIPMENT including FACTORY AIR, full power, automatic, rodio, heater, vinyl roof. Sold new: $4600. '68 CALAXIE 500s V8 2 DR. or 4 DR. HTOPS, wrhS FACTORY AIR FULl FACTORY EQUIPMENT including FACTORY AIR, automatic radio, heater, full power, FACTORY WARRANTY, plus many extas. '68 COUGAR V8 2 DR. SPORT HIRDTOPS FWTORT IIR FULL FACT. EQUIP, incl. FACT. AIR, BS, V8 eng, full pow., auto R&H, defroster, padded dash & visors, plush carpeting, turn sig, back-up lights, emerg. flasher, front & rear seat belts, many ext. l2595 FULL PRICE J3195 FULL PRICE FULL PRICI FULL PRICE l2299 2831 '68 CONTINENTALS 2 I 4 DOOR SEDANS FACTORY AIR FULL FACTORY EQUIPMENT including FACTORY AIR, full power, vinyl roof all luxury equipment. Sold new: S7S00. '68 COLONY PARK V8 MERCURY 10 PASS. WAGON nil FULL FACTORY EQUIPMENT including FACTORY AIR, automatic, center facing rear seats, radio, heater, full power, many exlas. '68 F'LANE 500s V8 2 DR. HTOPS. ir 4 DR. SEDANS with FULL FACTORY EQUIPMENT including FACTORY AIR, automatic, radio, heater, full power, FACTORY WARRANTY, plus many extras. '68 MERCURY COMMUTER V8 10 PISS. STATION WAGON with FACTORY AIR FULl FACTORY EQUIPMENT including FACTORY AIR, full power, center facing rear seat, heater, radio, plus many other Mercury luxury extras. PAYMENT money BIGGEST TRADE ALLOWANCE! LOWEST RATE BANK FINANCING! 3599 FULL PRICE 3199 FULL PRICE FULL PRICE s2499 FULL PRICE 4995 t2PII nninipi i i ml 65 OLDSMOBILE '66 FORD '64 VOLKSWAGEN m-m mm mm mm m m m w m.. ... m mm GTA 7 DR HTOP Automatic, radio, heoter. '66 COMET 4 DOOR, 6 cyl. AIR CONDITION, automatic, radio, heater, Beige, motchmg inferior. Sharp! '68 FORD ,;jv; Mwp FACTORY AIR, power steering, power brakes, radio, heater, automatic, burgundy, 4 MAP matching bucket seat in- X1Q tenor like new VVVv twrnrcn wagon, rrniie, f, full equipped for com- t DFLTA 88 4 DR Focty AIR, radio, heater, outo matte, power steering A brakes. Yellow, beige 895 ping. black bucket seat interi- 1795 1495 1395 '67 CONTINENTAL '67 COUGAR GT HARDTOP, VB. 4 on Hoor, wide oval red line tires, R&H, full console, '66 CHEVROLET IMP At A SUPFR 5PORT, 2 DR. HfOP. Auto., power steering. '64 CONTINENTAL CONVERTIBLE. Facty. AIR, Ml power, all deluxe. Continental equipment Green, white top, white leather inter i- $ M Q f '66 FAIRLANE 4 DOOR, AIR CONDITIONING, radio, healer, economy 6 cyl , yellow, beige interior, like new. 4 DOOR, All colon, interior ott luxury extras including 6 way power & AIR COND from $3295 rodio, healer, VFj Blue, white bucket seot mien- urn iron, uiui. iinyi root, matching bucket v 5995 2395 WITH TRADE fjS IV M " WORTH mr only M99 jvy frail i 0 I WPM3rr ! 1595 seat int. Sharp) '65 OLDSMOBILE '68 JAVELIN SPT. CPE V8, Full facty. equipment including FACTY AIR, outo , pow '67 FAIRLANE "500" 2 DOOR HTOP., Focty. AIR, automatic, '66 COMET 202. 2 Door, FACTORY AIR. automatic, rodio, '66 PLYMOUTH FURY III ? OR HTOP., Focty. AIR. radio, heater, outomotic, power steering, Hue, matching tf int. VISTA CRUISrR STATION WAGON, outo., PS, PS. R&H. A beautiful one owner car in excellent cond Dark blue, motrhing int neater, economy a cyitn- der, 2 tone blue, thorp steering. Turquoise er Steering, nan, pivt mony extros. FUll FAC- 1695 1295 1895 2699 1495 matching interior. little car. TY WAR' '1 67 THUNDERBIRD 53 MG '66 VOLKSWAGEN SEDAN, oil extras incl FACTORY AIR, con '67 PONTIAC CATALINA 2 DR. MtOP Facty. AIR, automatic, '68 CHEVROLET EL CAMINO PICK up, V8. FACTORY AIR, automatic, rodio, heoter, soie aura irons., run power, windows and seats, 15 000 octuol rm , SfDAN Radio, heater. Seige, matching interior. Extra cleanl CONVERTIBLE A real collector's item. Dork green, black top. Sharp! Radio, heater, 4 on the floor. 1295 brakes, radio, heat- f 1995 2495 wtiite. biack vinyl root, 'other ml Factory Wjr- power fleering, power & brakes, white, block vi- V 2495 er. White, gold interior 12995 nyl interior 67 FORD '67 MUSTANG 64 VOLKSWAGEN '63 VOLKSWAGEN '67 MERCURY PARKIANE CON-VERTttlE. Focty. AIR, onto., PS, R&H, fuH con HARDTOP. V, focty. AIR. radio, heater, auto mote, power steering. STATION WAGON Recently overfiouled Ex e) s895 2 DOOR, rodio, Keater. fed, sharp. COUNTRY SQUIRE Wogon. FACTORY AIR, Ml power, radio, heater, automatic, beige, matching interior, low mileage 795 cedent condihonl White, blue inter sole. Slue, blue top, $2195 '2595 2395 bucket seats. mo Strung interior. ico urnniiBV ini vv muievui CON 67 FORD '67 COMET 702 2 DR 6 cylinder, outomotic transmission, rodio, heoter, po VEdlllll. Vi. IAC-Pt l. oulo . 4H. PS '64 T-BIRD 2 DR. HTOP Focty All. Ml power, all luxury extras. Radio, heater, white, white feather inte- '60 FALCON 4 Dow. 6 cylinder, out mo he, new tires, excellent condition, white, blue I P8. wwdowi, 4 wot. CUSTOM 4 DOOR Facty AIR. automatic, power i leering, radio, heoter. Gold, beige interior. 1695 M95 wer ireering. row miieag, beige, matching interior. SI CQC CIUIM COI"T. "1 MM). . likt new! Blu. blu lop 1495 3695 Very mce economy cor. & mat ,nl '66 LEMANS PONIIAC TFMPF.ST, 67 BUICK 64 OLDSMOBILE '65 MERCURY . FACTORY AIR, automatic, rodio, heatei, power iteenng, power '64 TEMPEST PONTIAC CUSTOM ? DR HTOP cyl.. focty AIR. automatic, power steering, radio, heater White, blue mte- SPECIAl STATION WAGON, f PASS , Vt, Forty AIR. power steer 88- CONVERTI8K Alt cond. Auto , PS, PS, R&H konie. white top, , matching bronte inter i- 1 or tike new! convertible, outo trans , console sh.H. R&H. PS, rose bronie, wtiite vinyl bucket seat int Sharp! , low mileage, one owner, new tor frnfte m ing t brokes, "rt, White, burgundy in- brakes, A way power sra's, white, red leather 1095 2595 1395 1695 1495 tenor extra sharp' 66 CHEVROLET WE STILL HAVE 36 LEFT-OVER '68 MODELS! '67 CHEVROLET SUPER SPORT Di HTOP Focty AlR. rodto, heoter, automatic, MAHIU 4 DOOR SEDAN. Focty AIR, raoSo, '63 BUICK SKf tARK, 2 OH HARDTOP, FACTORY AIR, outo from., power windows, R&H, PS, turquoise, white top, matching wit looks and rum like new' '66 CHEVELLE SUPFR 5PORT 2 DR. HTOP. V8, automatic. c radio, heater. White $ with turquoise interior, '67 MUSTANG 2 Dr Htop, VS, automatic, power steering, radio, heoter, blue, matching interior, $ factory warranty, extra tho'O heater, outomouc, 1595 power steering waive, blue inferior, low mire- 1795 power steering. Gold, matching buckets. Extra sharp' '995 '2395 1595 noe extnj rlenn' '63 CONTINENTAL 66 TEMPEST GTO save UP $ TO L '67 PLYMOUTH SPORTS FURY 2 DR HTOP Focty AIR. outo., power iteermg ft SfDAN WKrte, tight turquoise interior. AH ruxu- '66 PLYMOUTH FURY III, 4 Dow, FAC TORY A I CONDITIONING, rodto, heater, automatic, power steering, tow mileage, 4 turfluotse, motchirwj inyt 3 '67 MERCURY MONTEREY 4 DR Focty AIR, automatic, power steering, radio, heater, a Wtxte blue interior, low 2 Dr. Htop., J ,peed. VS. radio, heater, like new, red line tires, 2 tone ncolfl equipment in- m . eluding FACTY. AIR I lfyK brakes, raaio, near- er. White, black vinyl red & white, white vinyl 1995 '1695 2195 M power. I VVW 1695 I miieoge. mo' matching m BIG FORDS - MUSTANGS - FALCONS TORIIiOS HURRY! FIRST GOME! FIRST SERVED! mrnmm

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