The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 20, 1968 · Page 34
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 34

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1968
Page 34
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Palm Beach Post, Wednesday, Nov. 20, 1968-33 Gold Bug Bites 'Cheyenne' Star :.' f A. '"'a 4-f f "4f Ji. .1' ' J 4 " 4 If v P f ) (1 v UPI Telcpholo up in the middle of this hairy-chested world of muscles, curses and tough western action, really dislikes it all, but is working at it because it is her first break in movies. Although she plays teenage roles, Miss Darby is actually 21, and mother of a 3-month-old daughter. MOVIE BREAK - Actor John Wayne, w ho plays the role of Cogburn Rooster in "True Grit," takes a moment to have a laugh with actress Kim Darby, who plays the part of the heroine, Mattie Ross, in the movie version of the best selling novel. Miss Darby, who is caught t'Pl Tolcpholo Proceeds from the performance, was attended by the Royal with the exception of Queen and Prince Philip, who are on American tour, will benefit the Artists' Benevolent Fund in TALKS WITH SINGERS - Princess Anne of England talks with members of the American pop singing group, Diana Ross and the Supremes, following the trio's recent act in the Royal Variety Performance at the Palladium in London. The entertainers are left to right, Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and Florence "I'd be wary to tell," he said. "The place would be swarming with other miners." The big guy fully expects to suck up enough gold to refill bins at Ft. Knox. "What makes it so intriguing is that you don't know how much money you can find," he said. "I'm not interested in hard rock mining. I tried that once. It's too expensive and work is brutal." Walker was asked what he would do if, after vacuuming beds of several rivers, he came up empty. "Part of the enjoyment is getting away from it all," he said. "Besides that, you never know what's just around the next bend." It has been said that more gold prospectors these days have long since gone round the bend. But Clint still has an ace the hole. "If another picture comes along and keeps me from mining up there," he concluded, "I'll just mine the gold right herein the movies." Bit Parts: Alfred Hitchcock signed Swedish actor Per Axel Arosenius for a key role in "Topaz" . . . Harvey Lem-beck landed a featured role in the video pilot of "Barefoot in the Park" . . . Jean Pierre Aumont will guest star in the television version of "Holly Golightly" . . . Musician Is Arrested NEW YORK (AP) - "The Jefferson Airplane," a rock music group, tried to take off from the roof of a midtown hotel Tuesday. The result: a bumpy landing for actor Rip Torn and filmmaker Richard Leacock. The group had plugged in its amplifiers atop the nine-story hotel on West 45th Street for the filming of a television film documentary. But police were summoned when the guitar noise got the better of guests and tied up traffic on the street below. When police investigated. Torn got into an argument and pushed a patrolman, officers said. He was issued a sum Girl Has Double Life; School, Lead In Show Aldo Ray Hits Lean Period (C) Ntw York'Timts News Sarvici NEW YORK - Bayn Johnson Yes. that's her real name, and no. she's not related to the 36th president of the United States. She's a chubby 9-year-old blonde who disiikes taking baths, has a crush on her science teacher, and is mad about spaghetti. In other words, she's in many ways like most girls her age. r -i -I By DICK KLEINER HOLLYWOOD (XEAl -It's belt-tightening time for Aldo Ray - but the prospects are good for considerable belt-loosening in around six months. "These are hard times for me," Aldo said. "I'm living in a motel room. I haven't spent two cents on myself in months." That's the way it is with tycoons. Aldo Ray. the actor, doesn't make as much money as Aldo Ray. the land tycoon. But, right at the moment, most of his money is tied up in a couple of big land deals. He says he has to shell out alimony and support payments of around $12,000 a year and his insurance premiums come to another $20,000. Which is why the present lean period. "But, by next spring," he says, and his big face brightens, "I'll be over the hump. That's when the money starts rolling in from the land deals, and from then on 'I'll be able to live a little. I figure my investments will bring me $30,000 a year from then on." Ray will still act. of course. He'd like to do one or two pictures a year, or maybe a television series. He wants to stay close to Hollywood, to be with his two young sons. He and his wife are divorced, but there is "a possibility of them getting together again." "If we do get backtogeth-er," he says, "the first thing I'm going to do is to take my boys to a regular barber shop. My wife has them going to a hairstvlist." By VERNON SCOTT DPI Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -Hint Walker, the enormous actor who starred in the defunct "Cheyenne" television series, is running a fever of approximately 110 degrees. If it were a medical fever he would long since have gone to that big corral in the sky. But Clint has gold fever which, in some respects, is as deadly as the kind you run off the top of a thermometer. Eight or ten years ago Clint ambled off into the gold country of northern California to skin dive in the freezing American. Yuba and Feather rivers among others seeking out nuggets. One suspects he picked up more colds than he did gold. Since that time he has traveled over the area in airplanes, helicopters and automobiles with a prospector's fervor, convinced there is gold in them thar rivers. When he completes his current role in "The Great Bank Robbery" at Warner Bros., Clint will be off again. He pulled a quartz rock from his pocket which was speckled with gold. Turning it over in his huge paw, Walker's eyes lit up. "I know there's gold up there," he said. "And I've got a new plan to get at it with some placer mining. "I'm going to be dropped into some of that rugged country by helicopter. I'll have a raft with a sluice box on top and a suction pump with a hose running down into the water. "The hose will suck up the dirt and rock like a vacuum cleaner along the bottom until I get to bedrock. "Well, gold is heavy, and I should pick up a lot of gold that way." Walker, like all victims of gold fever, was secretive about the area he would be pumping with his raft-sluice-vacuum. lie was equally mum about how much gold he has mined in the past decade. Jamaica To Honor Martin Luther King WASHINGTON (AP) - The government of Jamaica will present posthoumously Dec. 10 its Marcus Garvey Prize for Human Rights to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., its embassy said here Tuesday. A spokesman said Mrs. Co-retta Scott King will receive the award for her late husband at Kingston, ceremonies to which U.N. Secretary-General U Thant has been invited. The award is for "outstanding contribution in the field of race relations. Theaters BOCA RATON "Lady In Cenwnt," 2:00, 3:55, 5:55, 7:45,9:50. CAREFREE "Deadfall," 2:25, 4:40, 7: 10, :40. COLONY "Interl ude," 7 20, 9.30. FLORIDA A Space Odyssey," 2:00, 5:00, "2001 8:30. LAKE "With Six You Get Eggroll," 3:30, 5:35,7:40,9 45 LOEWS CINEMA BOYNTON "Heart Is a Lonely Hunter," 2:00, 4:30, 7 00,9:30. LOEW'S CINEMA 70 "Lady In Cement," 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 1:00, 10:00. PLAZA "Boston Strangler," 1:00, 3:10, 5:10, 7:20,9:30. PLAYBOY "Come Play With Me," 2:00. 4:00, 6:00, :O0, 10:00, "Sugar Daddy," 3:00, 5:00, 7:00,9:00. RIVIERA "Duffy," 7:30, 9:40. MOVIE AUDIENCE GUIDE The following rating deMignatiun by the Motion Picture Aocialion of America applies to lilmi released after Nov. 1, 1 and is being run as a public service by this newspaper to acquaint the viewing audience with this new syntem. Hating symbols appear in individual theater ads. C Suggested (or General audiences. M Suggested for Mature audkenvea (parental discretion is advised). H Reitricted. Persons under 16 not admitted unless accompanied by parent on adult guardian. X Perioat under 10 not admitted. fot Maiuaf timh J ADULT HITS "THE THIRD SEX" the the the in IT I " 1 ? THE PSYCHIC STARS: Norm Crosby A year or so alter nis grandfather died. Norm Crosby's grandmother began complaining that she couldn't sleep. She was troubled by a horrible dream her husband was coming back and saying he couldn't rest. Norm and the rest of the family tried to calm her. but the dream persisted and the old woman was suffering as a result. Finally, to ease her mind. .Norm and his father went to the cemetery where Norm's grandfather was buried. They found that a tree root had bulged into the plot and tilted the casket. FIRST-HUN Relax! It's only a movie! yM JAMta JAMII ""CCBURN MASON FOX SUSANNAH ( TlCMNtCOiOiT 13 SPECIAL KIDDIE SHOW SAT. & SUN. AT 2 & 4 PM I U S I SimmNt SQ 7U 2211 W NOW! THRU. SIT. c?Uaiijfrkiix Wfl&rtisa Ltonehj Winter. TECHNICOLOR 4 832-5194 i edge. CEMENT' COLOR by Deluxe SHOWS DAILY AT 2-4-6-8-10! 4". Ballard. which Family Elizabeth a South Variety Great Britain. SANTA'S (OMINcRSjSsifcf TO OUR THIATRt! ,7a, A MAGNIFICENT FULL-LENGTH t MOVIE h33T" ""i'XJi ESPECIALLY BH omwJ FOR THE KIDS... iZrr FROM 2 TO 921 SaSSS MATINEE bf0j SAT.-SUN. JLi ' COLORSCOPE SEATS 75 have all been sweet and nice. " Bayn has a grueling schedule that includes classes five days a week at the Lenox School, six shows a week of "Curley" and occasional modeling jobs and personal appearances. But so far, Mrs. Johnson believes, her only child has not been adversley affected by her double life as a schoolgiri-leading lady. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, when she isn't working, Bayn spends at least two hours with her father, an economics consultant who teaches part-time at New York University while writing for his doctor's degree. They go to places like the Hayden Planatarium, or listen to records, or he reads stories to her. She goes to bed at 8:30 p.m. "But I got to stay up until 10 on election night," Bayn said. "I was for Nixon. I like his ideas. Everyone at my school wanted Humphrey." "And her grandfather is president of the Republican Club back home," Mrs. Johnson interjected. Bayn was born in New Or-, leans on Nov. 4, 1959. Her name comes from her mother's maiden name, Bannister. She was a baby model at 2. and continued her career when her parents moved to New York three years ago. She has appeared in 150 fashion shows and has posed for national magazines. "Bayn was taking singing lessons when her teacher heard about the show and urged her to audition," Mrs. Johnson said. "She won out over 1.000 other little girls and then she had to take elocution lessons to get rid of her southern accent." Th.e50-inch Bayri sings, dances, mugs, struts, shakes her head, rolls her eyes, waves her fingers and tosses out one-liners just like the present Mrs. Charles Black did a few decades ago. Last summer Bayn and her mother spent three weeks in Europe, visiting England, Germany, Switzerland, Greece and France. When Bayn is away, and also on Tuesday's and Wednesdays, the part of "Curley" is played by Robbi Morgan, 7, of Passaic, N.J. 'ia Direct from A totally now cowv it in artistic motion pictures for adults! iff Movit tiMt ttoc SOUIH4IN UVD I wist of ro! "MANTIS IN LACE" 2 mons for harassment. The film company, Leacock Pennebaker Inc., also received a summons for creating a public disturbance and filming without a permit. Deserter Gives Up MOSCOW (UPI) - A man who deserted from the Soviet army 25 years ago gave himself up to police recently after his wife threatened to poison him, a Russian newspaper reported Tuesday. Today BEACH (DRIVE -I I) "Stripping Wives," 7:00, "F renc h Honey moon, " S: 45. 10:30, BOULEVARD (DRIVE-IN) "Mantis in Lce," 7.00, 10:10, "Third Sex,"50. DELRAY'DRP (DRIVE-IN) "Miniskirt Mob," 7:00, 10 05, "Conqueror Worm," $40. SKYDROME (DRIVE-IN) "Live a Little, Love a Little," 10:30, "Buckskin," 8 50. 7 00, TRAIL(DRIVE-IN) "Secret Lite ot an American Wife," 7:00, 10:30, "Vengeance of She," 8:50. Hoss is She is o Actor Workshop Presents Brian FrieVs Comedy Success PHILADELPHIA, HEHE I COME! directed by King Page Tonight thru Saturday at 8:30 P.M. But then most girls aren't the star of "Curley McDim-ple," the camp Shirley Temple musical that enters its second year on Nov. 22 at the Bert Wheeler Theater. And most girls don't have a fan club with 1.000 members. "I love being Curley," the surprisingly shy, blue-eyed child star said the other day in the East 69th Street Apartment of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson. "It's fun getting letters and stuff," she added. "At school the kids even ask me for my autograph, which really surprises me. Even one of my teacher's boy friends wanted my autograph." But Bayn really doesn't talk very much in an interview. Her usual response to questions is to smile, glance across the room at her mother, smile again and not say a word. And so her 33-year-old mother, Pat, who wears mini-miniskirts and was once a model, does most of the talking. "All Bob and I want is to make Bayn a fine little girl. Otherwise we don't want any of it. I'm not one of those stage mothers you read about. They can be real terrors although the ones I've met FAtra Holiday Set For State Employes TALLAHASSEE (UPI I -The cabinet Tuesday approved special holidays lor Dec. 26 and 27 to give state employes a long Christmas weekend. State employes traditionally are given an extra day off at Christmas and New Year's but the cabinet decided to give both extra days off following Christmas because the two holidays fall on Wednesday. Cabinet members also indicated they may cancel the regular cabinet meetings scheduled for Christmas eve and New Year's eve. OPEN 1:30 60- Till MON. thro Ml. v ERICPORTMAN They had it fixed. From 'hen on. Norm's grandmother lept undisturbed. oskAR Hmm ERNER J IERR5 ... MUST iT HADDTN Xoncf To cvrRyoNr 'TP":. In nnvscrmi spUii(lr...'l lie most nianiiimil pic .hit nor! DAVIDOSfLNICKS. MAKi.iM'l ! 'M'. Ml "GONE WITH THE WIND" (lAllKUVliLi: YMLNLLKill LKSLIEIIOMIU) OLlMdcILMLIAM) STfRfOPHONICSOUND -MtlROOOiOR i STARTS FRIDAY AnAftiv Aird- EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT SHOWS DAILY 1:00 1:00 P.M. ADMISSION MATINEE $1.25 EVENINGS $1.50 CHILDREN ALL DAY 75' THE BOSTON STRANGLER "A brilliantly concalvad eeamlo dvantura." Co. UCLUilVf (NGAGfMFNT umo toum wfnoctxo. WOWS DAILY 1:00-5:00-1 30 DoruDay Brian Kellh tin imii inimi umiit" "WilhSixHl ?iS Get Eggroll" g nut WSNIY IHOtr 2 LAST DAYS , (I LEJ y irtis members FREE tickets 12.00 Stealing across the rooftops of Europe, Michael Caine takes everything-the jewe!s...the women... and the deadfall. (4 Tj Jie is a a"heavy"with a 280 lb. girl with a 37-22-35 "LADY IN private eye with o .45. 2 Adult Thrillers Swop Shop Sun. MV4IM I Kiiroff v i no I "Case of The Stripping Wives" "French Honeymoon" FRANK SINATRA I I t, J 71. v COLOR HITS VINCENT PRICE CONQUEROR WORM" BIG HITS On u I no I 2 BIG Oflt ItACH DIANE McBAIN "MM SKIRT MOB" ON US NO I 2 ut wotm Pn 1 i .. , I i ELVIS PRESLEY & MICHELE COREY PLUS-COLOR SHORT "KEY TO FISKIM FUN" RAQUEL WELCH DAN BLOCKER "LIVE A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE" Barry Sullivan A Wendell Ceray urn ROCKING CHAIR THEATRE BUCKSKIN C1U P-Cfi'ilMflMwti MICHAEL CAINE CIOVANNA RALU AIR CONDITIONED I tf.tOO mm S HAiHETTC NEWMAN mams CcutiOtlut IDULT ENTERTAINMENT JANE FONDA 'BARBARELLA' Corner lake Worth A II qeORGE PEPPARD "P. J. Davit Roadt - lak Worth

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