The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 20, 1968 · Page 27
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 27

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1968
Page 27
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I Palm Beach Post, Wednesday, Nov. 20, 1968-27 THE LITTLE WOMAN WHY j 1 1 $ THAT OOESNY MAKE SENSE- TW TsTTT TJTl T 1 ( AT LEAST NOW ' L ARE YOU J 1 VOO -lAVEN'T EVEN ASKEOME ( WFr, , I 62 J ,,V IT MAkS Answer to Pre'ious Puzilc Numbers ACROSS 1 Battle of Forks, Virginia 5 "The Freedoms" 9 Base of , decimal system 12 Heathen deity 13 Lazy 14 High priest 15 Passenger vehicle 16 eleven 18 One who (suffix) 20 Wapiti 21 Western state 24 Of planes 27 Denied 30 Organic salt 31 Auto 32 Illegally concealed goods (var.) 34 Three (comb, form) 35 Beverage 36 New Zealand native 37 Card game 38 Appears 40 Respecify letters 42 Girl's name 43 Hard-twisted cotton 44 Greek letter 46 Flat surface 48 Produce 51 Salamander 55 Suited 56 Footless animal 57 Persian tentmaker 58 Bud's sibling 59 Informal record (ab.) 60 Feminine nickname DOWN 1 Paroxysm 2 Mountain in Asia Minor 3 Voice (Latin) 4 Bibical prophet El 5 Wind instrument 6 Aroma 7 Gums (comb, form) 8 Plexus 9 Water boilers 10 Cloth measure 11 Nothing 17 Le Sage character 19 Primitive family symbols 21 Enclose in a box 22 Tradesman 23 Pacts 25 Rewind 26 Bird 28 Guido's note 29 Hinged barrier 30 Place apart 33 Choler 39 Spouse 41 Musical instruments 45 Biblical region 46 Particle 47 Refashion 48 Aeriform fuel 49 Upon (prefix) 50 Mimic 52 Australian bird 53 Existed 54 Attempt IOR;E'AT1E4HgmL.Eb 1 1 INIUEItIsI 1ST E E Vp IUe'ajseH "s's's'es iu. CHECK INTO IT SOON AS I FINISH 50ME30DY 5NI12MD YOUTUERE.' ... SET A MAI R CUT .' A EwTTUE OF J HOPE TWEY DON'T TRY TO DRINK ThE STUFF ... IT COUUD AFFECT THEIR EYESIGHT MEDICINAL ALCOHOL. TV "I think we really should be getting home." i unnrnPF for thhav 1 2TT 5 6 7 8 9"T0iT" 12 13 f? ' ' 118 "19 p'p I 272223 24 25 26 27 " 28 2T 130 i 31 """ 32 33 " 31 g 37 Lm ; 38 39 J "'140 41 ' 42 l--" - Jw 44 4T J467 L 48 149 50 57 52 153 54 55 "" 56 57 j 1 I I I I 20 i BONE-BREAKING BLOW ACROSS THE FACE.FOLLOWED BY HIS SEIZING THE GUN AND GOIING AFTERTHE OTHER TWO. FUNNY, 1 DOOR IS LOCKED WITH A V , I HAD TO SO IN THROUGH J QjjJ' lOCK--"KiHKJM , y1b2LuT5 ' WHOEVER LEFT W T Jf ' j (Newtpaper Fnterpme Assn.) ON BRIDGE ILMA. rZT all ideas. Solid approach to basic problems wins major point. Act accordingly. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): You are encouraged toward greater self-expression. Don't hold back. Give your all. Highlight creative approach. Log jam is broken. Results are due. Pleasure indicated In romantic area. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Avoid deceiving yourself about home, property, values. What you wish is not necessarily factual. Know difference between actuality and rumor. Family member needs your support give it. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): You are called upon to deliver message, transmit report. Important to get facts straight. Don't rush. Adhere to rules. Accent on dealings with neighbors, short journeys. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Money, possessions, ways of Increasing income are spotlighted. Finish with project which has weighed you down. Evaluate relationship may be time to break it. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): New moon in your sign portends new starts in new directions. Other factors encourage you to take Initiative. Be independent, original. Don't follow crowd. Set your own pace. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Steer clear of public debates, spectacles. Wise today to remain In background. Unless careful you could reveal something which Is best kept secret. Be discreet. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Social affair could result in gain of allies, friends. Be willing to experiment with Ideas. Don't close your mind 'to "exciting possibilities. Some of your desires are fulfilled. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): New moon accents your ability to overcome obstacles. Accept challenge. Welcome added responsibility. Co-operate In community activity. Be confident. Strength is on your side. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY your interests are considered unusual by friends, associates. You tend to look bevond Immediate indications. You are Interested in the future and can detect trends. New start which you made will prove beneficial. GENERAL TENDENCIES: New moon highlights innovation in transportation. Time 0 A- m BRING IN THE BOTTLE, LET'S DRINKTO HIS BALD HEAD PO YOU THINK HE WOULD ACTUALLY HAVE SHOT YOU IF I HAPN'T SNAP- ROLLEP HIM C THERE WHERE'S HAP? TwantN MEAT BALLS I SPAGHETTI am ah is ( -but if vo' gits ) BACHELOR IT'S (worth fpo YOU THINK L ROLLEP HIM OUT feTrr OF- THERE ? funny yi LAST NI&HT: 7 AW. HAW. HAW! R ai m iiiineAm PHANTOM THEFLINTSTONES L'lLABNER HI AND LOIS STEVE (CV s RFDF.VK I 1 T Vk -- THE FRONT PERFECT-JUST LIKE new LOCK. ELEVATORmyJ THE. BACK HDUUSE IT WAS TVmH this the Blocked up By WHo HOW ABOUT MEAT BALLS 7 AND SPAGHETTI J s. FOR DINNER, ZAV. AH PAID ( PUENTV S THIS HIDIN' I PLACE-BUT VWORTH r-0-- I PIDN'T iL B;TSy, AE YOU SEAT WS? STILL BEOODINO H KNEW AB0l)TTHE6LIN-A LATCH " -I MAN FALUNS OUT r-7TO CAN YON YiT if By Sydney Omarr "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points thewav." ARIES (March 21-April 19): New moon accents journeys, writing, publishing. Be receptive to ideas. Catch up on study, correspondence, research. Today you get fine opportunity to gain knowledge. Broaden horizons. TAURUS (April 20-May20): Breakthrough indicated in connection with budget dispute. You come out on winning side. Display good will, humor. Means don't adopt I-told-you-so attitude. Check prices, debts, obligations. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Obtain hint from TAURUS message. Be aware of promise to mate, partner. Not wise to skip details. Accent on essentials. Be practical. Celebrate another day. Stick to routine tasks. CANCER (June 21-July 22): New moon position today coincides with need to improve work relations, conditions. Stress ability to communicate CARMICHAEL M&chaMicaUY NlCUlKjEPy; 1 meVer Krjow VHAt To They'll Do It Every TOO SET TO JliWTOLLEY 4505E.0RMEST. WICHITA, KA.N. WELL. 3 r THUNDER( SHOWERS BEFORE NOON TURNING STEA.DY RAIN 5 THE LATE MV DOUGH ' " fcVtKY Wvf" DAY AND WE HAVE WATtK . LN.TH-E CELLAR" J NOON"- t-.-iTA b But when it weather SAM FO' A, S IT'S J IT,'- pavin'ao'plentv) me a j? r W2s IT'Sq Wrecks Defense There would be no play for the slam if West had happened to open a spade, but West had a normal club lead. A lead from queen-jack-10 always looks good, while a lead of a doubleton looks dangerous. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) 20 Q The bidding has been: West North East South 1 Pass 1 A Pass 2 Pass 3 A Pass 3 A Pass ? You, South, hold: AQ 10854 VAN) 453 A7R54 What do you do now? A Bid four spades. No guarantee goes with this bid, but it is worth-while to try for this game. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding two diamonds, your partner jumps to three diamonds over your one spade. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Hatlo's INSPECTING" THE MEN i S THE ARMED BANDIT POTS DOWN HIS WEAPON, TRACY ACTS. l-XO LOIS, HOW MUCH HAVE YOU SIVEN CHIP THIS WEEK? 9 WOULP ZAP WE-ANP HE HAP THE GUN HIS HANP' OUT OUR WAY THAMKS FOR LENPIKJ&ME THIS NJEW BASKETBALL AMP SKIS, FELLAS.' MA KMOWS I WENT TO OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUWT--AM' WHEW SUB SEES THIS STUFF AW STARTS JUMPIfJ' ALL OVER ME, I'LL SHOW HER MY BAMK BOOK Hip.,, thc owe T HTM n 11 r hi 1L y--" , J ' ' ' ' " ' " " ". W OKAY- I'LL a STANP WATCH. 20a ( HOLD 3Pe I I WF WILL N IS 5 I IT JACOBY Surprise Trick NORTH AQ654 V AKQ1 87 4864 20 WEST A 102 V653 943 Q J 109 7 EAST AKJ97 V J 109872 2 52. . SOITII (D) A A 83 V Void A K Q J 10 6 5 AK3 North-South vulnerable West North East South 2 Pass 2 V Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead- Q In chess, a gambit is a sacrifice of a piece or pawn in order to gain advantage in position. In George Coffin's ABC of card play, G stands for gambit and he defines a bridge gambit as a sacrifice of a trick to gain two or more in return. We don't recommend South's bidding of today's hand but he did bid the slam and it was up to him to try to make it. Many players would lay down a high trump at trick . two. If this dropped the nine, bidder would enter dummy to discard his losers on the ace. king and queen of hearts. If the nine failed to drop, South would run off several more trumps and eventually try to get to dummy with the queen of spades. This will itI woik because East holds the king, and South would be set a couple of tricks. The gambit play is far better. It consists of leading a low diamond at trick two. This gives the defense a surprise trick with the nine, and establishes an entry to dummy for the good hearts and will bring home the small slam, provided the third heart doesn'' get ruffed. Not only does this play work but it represents a far' better method of attack than the play of the high trump first. er..say,dad,can comes to a scientific report'" she's doubting THOrAASINA'" (yjLLI BELLA PUTS GREAT STOCK IN TEA-LEAF READERS, SOOTHSAYERS AND CRYSTAL-BALL GAZERS IN GENERAL- . it fer - II THOSE WEATHER' MEN NEVER GET ANYTHING RIGHT-LOOK HOW NICE IT IS OUT-HA-HA-YOU LOOK LIKE AN AD FOR COD-LIVER. OIL M V TO I IN j AFTER-J A M "fflwHILE HeVhE SAIP HES HE SAIP HE 3 V V-vd V- r&A -1H II ii! i, vou THINK OF WHAT fiOINS TO SAY TC ITOKS WHO PAi? MS TuitTEiP' . ;': I By Nog Cochran VEAM YOU'VE SETA II PK6CEPEWT JUST 8 N OPEWIWO AW ACCOUUT' VOU'P BETTER SOFT-PEDALTHE OCCASlOW OR SHE'LL BE EXPECT- IW&'lOUTOPUTSOME THIWG W IT OWCE IW A WHILE -shot peal ,.T,k,r;-, OUT f ALREAPY r KWOIWS HOW Al vni POWER i WHY ( EMPHASIZE BY PULL- ) v n; i .' II 11 J-i j yvj YOU AKt FOE MENTION A 8ELT-ANP I THE POOR WA4 A SOUT GIVE.' A. Zw AT CHARISVAS TEA TODAY THERE WAS THIS WOMAN WHO TOLD FORTUNES- IT WAS UNCAKIMY- SHE SAID I WAS COMINS WTO MONEY AND I'D CROSS WATER-SHE SAID I WAS TOO TRUSTWORTHY- I ft Km. K-t'irw In. I1M Vn,W n.M. RwCSl Al m. mTVl OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople fV M r-XJI I1'6 L0TiH& LL Y NTIME 1 AIR, CLYDeAtHE WORLD Stl'T YOU REALIZE YE6AO, EVEnIVOU'VE Jl HES IM rlPTOM 5POP.T6 'HAT WE SCIEM - THE DULLEST) EVER 0 Ht LlN3URlE6 CAN'T Be (I MIND 40ME-cALLEolNVENT0fW) IF 1T'$ 30TKEKED WITH ) TIME'S O U4 (VtRAMCE J KEADY TO TRIFLES iOM AS5l)PPLIE4 H6ENILI6E4T I BE OlPPED , WORVZ EQUIP- X THE Wr, WOjJ M LIQUID ',ment AMp--'fyro 6bnil.7T' rJ?Ser Kffi ffrh x n IV III S-Sl I WHAT'S ON THE YES, EVERY- - Jl 6oS S v I VIEW-SCREEN? THING POOPLES y h My POOR ...WHAT AM ' DIP TMEY MAKE SEEMS IN IS STILL VI uebsy . HIT ME ( iiVpa.' 1 IjlT A0.L RIGHT? ORDER, OUT COUJ K ' " ? 3sJ ALLEY OOI'V lAii GOOD HEVV1NS.' IT . ili'm VSIa ' '- A'.U-X"V iiimiSA . IM!, MIA. t-. TM.Iilm Off.

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