The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 19, 1968 · Page 25
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 25

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 19, 1968
Page 25
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Page 25 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post, Tuesday, Nov. 1J, 1968-25 Soviet Places Second In Peter Sellers Loves Hollywood dov and G. C. Chernyi, professor of aerospace engineering at the University of Moscow, stated that major goals of the Soyuz 2-3 flight included the testing of changes which had been made in the Soyuz spacecraft and its parachute system as a result of the death of Vladimir Komarov in April, 1967. No new technical breakthroughs, then, occurred on the latest Soviet manned flight. In fact, it was similar to the latest American flight, Apollo 7, in which astronauts went into space for the first time in two years. Astronauts Wally ""Schirra, Donn Eisele and Walt Cunningham tested changes in the Apollo spacecraft made as a result of the 1967 fire which killed three of their comrades, and qualified the craft for a trip to the Moon. The two flights put both the Americans and the Russians back in the race, but did not give the lead to either of them. The next step for us will be taken during the Christmas holidays when astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders attempt to go into orbit around the Moon. If this Apollo 8 mission is successful it will put the U.S. far ahead of the Russians. To snatch the lead away, the Soviets may try putting cosmonauts into lunar orbit in early December or at the same time as Apollo 8. If they cannot do this, they might try upstaging us by landing dogs or other animals on the Moon, which they have said they will do oefore sending cosmonauts. Ex-astronaut John Glenn, the first American to orbit Earth, thinks the Soviets might also use a robot spacecraft to get a sample of the Moon and bring it back to Earth. In March, the U.S. plans to make the first manned test in space of the Lunar Module, designed to take two astronauts from an orbiting Apollo spaceship to the lunar surface and back. Next spring, the Lunar Apollo 10 mission, manned by astronauts Tom Stafford. John Young and Eugene Ceman, will conduct a complete rehearsal of the lunar mission in an Earth orbit extending out to 4,500 miles. In the summer or fall, the first Americans may land on the Moon. Crews have not yet been named for . these missions. LEGAL NOTICES No. 5869 NOTICE OF HEARING OF OBJECTIONS TO PROPOSED IMPROVEMENT CONSISTING OF PAVING. WITH PROPER DRAINAGE, OF CUYAHOGA ROAD IN FLORIDA GARDENS PLAT 3, UNRECORDED AND PLAT BOOK 24. PAGE 20 DIS-TR1CT 3 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of County Commissioners iof Palm Beach County, Florida, will meet at w.w a.m. on tne 24tn day ot December. 1968 In the County Commission Room. 301 N. Olive Avenue. West Palm Beach. Florida, lor the purpose of hearing objections, if any. of all interested persons to the pro-osed paving, with proper drainage, of CUYAHOGA ROAD IN FLORIDA GARDENS PLAT 3. UNRECORDED AND PLAT BOOK 24, PAGE 20 DISTRICT 3 according to plans and specifications on file In the office of the County Engineer. The Board of Countv Commissioners has determined the necessity for said improvement and the same Is required to be made or the Board may proceed to have such improvement made by contract. Assessments against property owners will be made in accordance with advertised proposed resolution of the Board of County Commissioners to be adopted on or after December 24. lf. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF PALM BEACH COUNTY. FLORIDA By E. F. VAN KESSEL CHAIRMAN ATTEST: JOHN B. DUNKLE. CLERK CIRCUIT COURT By HELEN K. BAKER. DEPUTY CLERK JONES. ADAMS, PAINE & FOSTER Attorneys for Board 601 Flagler Drive Court West Palm Beach, Florida. Pub.: Nov. 19. 26. 1968 AlJUAKIUM icT Race If these flights are completely successful. America will probably hold its lead in the race and be first on another celestrial body. But one major failure, or even what NASA euphemistically calls "a partial success." could put the Russians in the lead. Like the recent Presidential election it will be a close race LEGAL NOTICES Ne.Stat NOTICE OF AMENDMENT OF ZONING ORDINANCE STATE Or FLOK1DA CITY OF PALM BEACH GARDENS TO THE CITIZENS AND RESIDENTS OF PALM BEACH GARDENS: PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on Tuesday, the 3rd dav of December, 1968, at 8:00 oclock P.M., at City Hall, 3704 Burns Road, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, a Public Hearing will be held by the City Planning and Zoning Commission for the purpose of amending the Zoning Ordinance No. 21-1968. by amending it with the following respects: SECTION 1. The following described real property ig hereby removed from Zoning Classification R-1, one-family district: A parcel of land located in the Northwest Quarter of Section 11. Township 42 South. Range 42 East. Palm Beach County. Florida, bounded on the North by the South Right of Way line ol Monet Rd. as now laid out and in use: on the East by the Westerly Right of Way line of Ave. of the PGA. as now laid out and In use: on the South by the Northerly limits ol additions to the Professional Golfers AssociaUon of America Golf Course and on the West by the Easterly Right of Way line of Florida i Turnpike as now laid out and in use. Subject to restrictions, easements and reservations of record. Said land shall henceforth be classified as C-l Limited Commercial District. This notice is further given for the purpose of ratifying the Zoning Ordinance of the CITY OF PALM BEACH GARDENS, and as amended. CITY OF PALM BEACH GARDENS ThelmaCompton City Clerk (SEAL) Pub: November 19, 1968 COMPUTE 10 GAL 11" 833-95( ing a braking system similar to the era ave ma e sue an i one which will lower astronauts to the surface. Luna 9 and 13, two Soviet "automatic stations." also made soft landings, but U.S. space experts doubt whether the much simpler Luna technique could land cos mona uts sa fely . Zond 5 and 6 are thought to be prototypes of multi-man Soyuz spacecraft in which the Soviets have carried out their latest manned flights. In October, cosmonaut Georgi Beregovoi, 47, twice brought Soyuz-3 into close proximity of Soyuz 2, which was unmanned. The Soviets did not disclose how close the vehicles came. They made no claim that the two spacecraft had docked or linked up, although this would be a natural objective of such a maneuver. In fact, an article in the Soviet newspaper Pravda noted earlier that one purpose of the mission was "to perfect docking techniques." Writing on the Soyuz 2-3 mission, the authoritative aerospace magazine Aviation Week and Space Technology concludes: "The Soviet Union's resumption of manned flight activities after an 18-month hiatus failed to achieve its major goal of docking two spacecraft manually." U.S. astronauts docked spacecraft on four Gemini missions in 1966. The Soviets twice linked up unmanned spacecraft by using completely automatic techniques a feat far more difficult than doing it with men in control. Nevertheless, most experts believe the Soviets need to perfect docking of manned spacecraft before they can land cosmonauts on the Moon and return them to Earth. In an interview both Dr. Se- By SHEILAH GRAHAM HOLLYWOOD (NANA) -Peter Sellers, who said all those uncomplimentary things about Hollywood after his experiences in Billy Wilder's "Kiss Me Stupid." now loves Hollywood. A real-estate lady told me she has instructions from Peter to find a house for him in Bel Air or Beverly Hills. The success of his Hollywood-made "Alice B. Toklas" could have something to do with it. On the reverse side. I hear that Burt Lancaster and his former partner Jim Hill are planning to get together again with a film company headquartered in London. Kay, the ex-Mrs. Groucho Marx is coming out of retirement for an acting comeback in TV and movies. She was saying at the Hotel Trinidad in Palm Springs (where most of Los Angeles is baking out colds), that she has already been on the road in "Hello Dolly," and in Hollywood in "Gaily, Gaily" and "Peyton Place." I understand that the TV soap opera, a habit among many nighttime viewers, will be retired at the end of this current season. Life can't be all bad, can it? Nancy Wilson is huddling in New York with David Sus-kind about starring in his film, "The Billie Holliday Story." Jean Dairy mple may come to Hollywood to stay with her close friends Jose Iturbi and his sister to recover from the shock of losing her most charming husband, General Phillip Ginder. The General, whom I had known ever since his marriage in 1951 to Jean, who put on those marvelous Film Festival PHN'OM PENH, Cambodia ( UPI ' Prince Norodom Sihanouk opened his country's first international film festival Saturday and entered two movies he had made. There are no American entries. HARO-OF-HEARING? Your answer is HEARING SERVICE IN LAKE WORTH 1205)4 lake Ave. 585-9464 IN WEST PALM BEACH PALM BEACH MALL 683-6080 musical revivals at City Center in New York, had been suffering with a bad heart for the . past year. He was a great dancer, a sweet man and a courageous soldier. I shall miss him. Patti Page and Peggy Lee have a "Patti and Peggy" special up for grabs at the networks. George Schaefer called to say he is conducting a mad search for a "fresh and beautiful face" to play the lead in his "Letters from a Portuguese Nun." "The girl must be young, beautiful, spiritual-looking but with smoldering passionate qualities." I wish him luck. We may have lost Lee J. Cobb to Shakespeare. Except for some indistinct shouting, I thought his King Lear at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre in New York's Lincoln Center, was among the very best I have seen. I have always considered Lear the idiot-boy of tragic drama. No man in his right senses divides his kingdom between two daughters on the strength of their protestations of love. And what a bad father he was to disinherit his youngest daughter Cordelia because she told the old tyrant that when she married she would give half of her love and obedience to her husband. Mr. Cobb managed to make me sorry for Lear, something Paul Scofield was unable to do when he played the addled king a few seasons ago. Portuguese Have High Birth Rate LISBON (AP) - The annual number of births in Catholic Portugal has been steadily declining in this decade, but the birth rate remains one of the highest in Europe. In 1961, there were 217,916 live births in continental Portugal. In 1965, the figure was 210,290. During last year live births dropped to 202,061. That was roughly the figure 20 years ago, when Portugal had 1.2 million fewer inhabitants than the nearly 10 million it has today. But the birth rate, at 21.4 per thousand, trails in Europe only those of Albania 34 per thousand and Ireland 21.6 per thousand. Specialists attribute the drop in births to continuing heavy emigration abroad and the rising cost of living. School Sets REDLANDS, Calif. (AP) -Educational innovation will be the rule rather than the exception at Johnston College, says its first chancellor. It-will give no grades, have no departments and hold few classes. Instead, the students will do a lot of reading, attend many seminars and field trips and do an enormous amount of hard work says Pressley C. McCoy, 41. who will head the Redland University satellite school. The first student body will consist of 120 freshmen and 20 sophomores, McCoy said Sun LAY-A-WAY NOW FOR XMAS! TROPICAL FISH - ALL SUPPLIES LOWEST PRICES AQUARIUM CENTER 517 NORTHWOOO RD. see how Vm, new c&viAnMM mi, World Seek Science Service The recent flurry of Russian space activity demonstrates that, contrary to what they say, the Soviets are going all out to beat us to the Moon. But these flights also demonstrate that the Russians are running second in the lunar race. On Oct. 30, Dr. Leonid I. Se-dov, former chairman of the Soviet Government's Commission for the Promotion of Interplanetary Flight, told newsmen in Houston: "In the nearest future, our space pro-' gram does not include landing a man on the moon." But since Sept. 15, the Soviets have sent two unmanned spacecraft around the Moon and accomplished their first manned rendezvous mission in Earth orbit. Asked to elaborate on his idovsaid his country had "prior space experiments" to complete before they could go to the Moon. These experiments involve re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere and "maneuvering and controlling spacecraft." Zond 6, launched Nov. 10, and its predecessor, Zond 5, launched in September, were primarily concerned with the former need, while the Soviet four-day manned flight in October had the maneuvering and control of spacecraft as a major aim. Zond 6 followed much the same flight path as Zond 5, the first spacecraft to circle the moon and return to Earth. The latter feat was hailed as a big step toward landing men on the Moon, and Britain's top space expert, Sir Bernard Lovell, claimed that it put the Russians ahead of the U.S. in the Moon sweepstakes. But as far as a manned lu nar trip is concerned, Zond's only real accomplishment was to demonstrate that the Soviet spacecraft could survive reentry into the Earth's atmosphere at the tremendous speeds that are part of a return trip and could land safely at a predetermined spot. The U.S. already accomplished this in November, 1967, as part of the unmanned Apollo 4 mission. Swinging around the Moon and coming back to Earth on a so-called free-return flight path is a relatively simple feat compared to, say, making a soft landing on the Moon. Five U.S. Surveyor spacecraft have made such landings us- LEGAL NOTICES No. 3023 NOTICE OF ABANDONMENT OF FOURTH STREET IN HOOVER PARK SUBDIVISION. PLAT BOOK 16, PAGE 20. PALM BEACH COUNTY PUBLIC RECORDS. FLORIDA TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at a meeting ol the Board of County Commissioners ol Palm Beach County, Florida, held on the 12th day ol November, A. D. 1968, the following resolution was adopted: RESOLUTION ABANDONING FOURTH STREET IN HOOVER PARK SUBDIVISION, PLAT BOOK 16, PAGE 20, PALM BEACH COUNTY PUBLIC RECORDS, FLORIDA. ADOPTED November 12, 18 WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Palm Beach County, Florida, pursuant to authority provided in Section 336.09 and Section 336.10. Florida Statutes. 1065. upon the petition of Pioneer Growers Cooperative, called a public hearing to be held at 10:30 o'clock A.M. on the 12th day of November, A. D. 1968 at the County Commissioners' Meeting Room In the County Administration Building adjacent to the County Court House, West Palm Beach, Florida, to consider and determine whether or not the County would vacate, abandon, discontinue and close, and renounce and disclaim any right of the County and public In and to the land or Interest therein which Is herein-atier described, and WHEREAS, notice of the holding of such meeting was duly published In the Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach County, Florida, in the issue of October 28, 1968, and WHEREAS, this Board, while convened In regular session at 10:30 o'clock A. M. on the 12th day of November. A. D. 1968, did hold such meeting at such time and place, and no objection was presented to the vacating or abandonment of said road or to such renouncement and disclaimer, and this Board having determined that such action will not materially interfere with the county road system and will not deprive any person of a reasonable means of ingress and egress to his premises from at least one county, state or federal highway. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF PALM BEACH COUNTY. FLORIDA, In regular session assembled on the 12th day of November, A. D. 1968, that the following described All that part of Fourth Street as delineated on the Plat of HOOVER PARK subdivision, according to the plat thereof on file in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Palm Beach County. Florida. Plat Book 16. Page 20. lying North ol the North right-oP way line of Airport Road. Said North right-of-way line being 35 feet North of the South line of Section 30, Township 43 South, Range 37 East. be and the same Is hereby vacated, abandoned and closed as public mad. and this Board does hereby renounce and disclaim any right of the County of Palm Beach and the public In and to theabove described road. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the following described easement is hereby reserved for public utilities, more specifically for the use of Florida Power and Light Company and Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company: All that part of Fourth Street as delineated on the Plat of HOOVER PARK subdivision according to the plat thereof on tile In the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Palm Beach County, Florida, Plat Book 16, Page 20, lying North of the North right-of way line of Airport Road. Said North right-of-wav line being 35 feet North of the South line of Section :o Township 43 South, Range 37 East. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that notice of the adopUon of this resolution be published in one Issue of the Palm Beach Post, a newspaper of general circulation published in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County. Florida, within thirty (30) days following the dale of the adoption of this resolution. E F. Van Ketsel . Chai rman George U Warren E D Gaynor E. W Weaver As and constituting the members of the Board of County Commissioners of Palm Beach County, Florida. ATTEST: John BDunkle, Clerk Pub: November 19, 196 Few Classes day, with a planned enrollment of 600 by 1973. Before classes start in September, students will take personality tests. The results will be fed into a computer to determine which teaching methods are compatible with each student's personality. Aztec Pots Found MEXICO CITY (AP) - Archaeologists on the heels of workmen digging a new subway say they've found a building foundation and dozens of clay pots made by the ancient Aztecs. The subway will pass the site of one of the Aztecs' major pyramids. A.M. - 5 P.M., Monday thru Jmhy Thomas Chairman of the Board TO DOWNTOWN ORLANDO, 2 hrs. 50 min. JACKSONVILLE 5 Hrs. 40 Min. One Stop Seats reserved at no extra charge. Nationwide thru service. L ""Nation t j N. ' ' ' 1 w "e doubt if Car'ataly0neWi,'eyouan WU'" low e an fast' Thar Serv,Ce ". ann d,ectt0oi I tS here's a.lh To our Auto L0an n htne" d'a' 585-757l. rs thea epaent. Just FROM WEST PALM BEACH to 1-woy ORLANDO Choice of nonstopi $5.60 JACKSONVILLE Day or evening last trips SB. 50 WASHINGTON Fastest thru service $31.55 MEMPHIS Direct thru service $31.25 Auto Loon Department Hours: 9 Thursday; 9 A.M. - 6 P.M., Friday. NT easiest travel on' earth TRAILWAYS BUS TERMINAL 501 S. Olive St. (US North) 832-0141

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