The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 19, 1968 · Page 24
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 24

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 19, 1968
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

24-Palm Beach Post, Tuesday, Nov. 19, 1968 Brezhnev Unfolds Soviet Doctrine r so long as Brezhnev's formula is allowed to stand as a declaration of Soviet policy, the danger will remain. NEED NEW FLOORS? cat rDICCIkl FLOORING GRIFFIN COMPANY Southern Blvd. at Lata Av. 832-7561 Free Estimate! a parliamentary majority in any country, will this automatically entitle the Soviet Union to intervene to preserve their rule, even if they are defeated in the next elections? Egypt and Algeria regard themselves as "socialist." Does this mean that the Soviet Union will feel free to intervene in their internal affairs? Not, as things stand now. by any stretch of the imagination. But then the Czechs, too, believed that the Soviet Union could not possibly invade their country. The exact circumstances in which the Soviet Union would seek to apply the new doctrine are impossible to foresee, but HEARING $ 75 AIDS Bartmwf Accauorin Rtpoira, aN main RIVIERA OPTICAL speech in the United Nations, and Michael Stewart made it clear to the House of Commons that he. too, was concerned at the implications of the new doctrine. If the "Pravda" article was also intended as something of a trial balloon, the Soviet leaders got what they wanted. The West was concerned but far from alarmed. The elaboration of the new doctrine could therefore proceed. More forceful protests, even the dispatch of diplomatic notes, would have given the Kremlin dove the arguments they needed to restrain their own hawks. But Western governments did not wish to dignify a "Pravda" article with any such serious response. If they had, Brezhnev might not have spoken as he has now done. There is no telling where the new doctrine may lead. It now applies to "any socialist country," not to the ''socialist-commonwealth," as in the earlier versions and it is for the Soviet Union to determine what is a "socialist country" and what is a threat of "capitalist restoration." If the Communists ever gain WS litWur. bmn tack 148-4412 sion attempt to assert he new principle that the Soviet Union would not be bound by the generally accepted norms of international law. The'-Pravda" article itself was also part of the Kremlin struggle. The failure of any other Soviet paper to follow up what was clearly a new and important principle, after it had first been presented in "Pravda." meant that a ban was implied on any further press discussion of the matter. Some of the journalistic "hawks" tried to get around the ban by quoting the strictures of foreign party leaders on the notion of "abstract sovereignty," but by and large the ban was observed until the dispute in the Kremlin was resolved, and Brezhnev presented the agreed formula in Warsaw. One purpose of the "Pravda" article was, evidently, to alert like-minded foreign Communist leaders to the dispute in the Kremlin, so that they might then add their voices to those of the Soviet hawks as, indeed, they did, notably in East Germany. But the article could not fail to alert also the "doves,"' who promptly let the Kremlin know that the new doctrine was unacceptable. - British Communists asked that the new thesis should be "speedily and officially repudiated." The Italian party paper "Unita" said that the Soviet leaders claimed the right to intervene in the name of a higher principle, but "it is not know what right they have to act as judges in such questions." The Western governments, too, showed their interest. Rusk made a good debating body of international law. A political doctrine of this kind goes only so far as its authors are able, and willing, to enforce it. The Kremlin has shown in the case of Czechoslovakia that its own interpretation of the danger of the restoration of the "the ..capitalist order" by "internal and external forces," to quote Brezhnev again, is extremely elastic. What it means, for purposes of practical politics, is that the men in the Kremlin will, themselves, decide when such a danger exists, and will act on it, unless they are restrained by the international community. The danger to the peace of the world arises not so much from the invasion of Czechoslovakia as from Brezhnev's new definition. If the nations of the world accept it, acquiesce in it, or even ignore it as just so much hot air, those leaders in the Kremlin who comprise the "interventionist" faction will be encouraged to extend the doctrine little by little until it comes to affect the vital interests of the West as, for instance, in Germany. The Kremlin "doves" might well have sought to prevent the proclamation of the doctrine by arguing that too precise a definition would only be used by "anti-Communists" to spread distrust of Soviet intentions. Hence, presumably, the three-month delay in announcing it. The "Pravda" article which argued in September that the invasion of Czechoslovakia must not be measured with the yardstick of "bourgeois" law, because the laws of the class struggle were above all this, was the first post-inva NEWS I i ' , ' JACK I . v 51KEES! M J X 11:00 PM Vv W Is tonight j yy UPI Tdephoto SHE HAS FAITH Townsfolk and others are coming to the financial aid of Janet Lee Chekofsky, 5, of East Orange, N.J., who underwent her first operation in 1963 for a congenital heart defect; underwent another last month, and now faces a final corrective one. She says, "God is taking care of me." Satellite Failure Reported By VICTOR ZORZA LONDON (NANA) - The Brezhnev Doctrine, which asserts Russia's right to intervene in the affairs of othen Communist states, has at long last emerged from the murky shadows of the Kremlin. So far, the doctrine has only been presented somewhat inconclusively in Soviet press articles trying to justify the invasion of Czechoslovakia. Now Brezhnev, himself, in his capacity of general secretary of the Soviet Communist Party, has proclaimed the precise terms of the doctrine in his speech to the Polish Party Congress. His definition may yet come to occupy the same place in history as the Monroe Doctrine, which warned European powers more than a century ago that any attempt to extend their system to the Western Hemisphere would be considered dangerous to the safety of the United States. The Brezhnev Doctrine concerns itself with the dangers to the safety of the Communist system and proclaims that this applies to "any socialist country" which makes it clear that such countries as Yugoslavia, too, are included willy-nilly. As now defined by Brezhnev, the doctrine states: "When the internal and external forces hostile to socialism seek to turn back the development of any socialist country to restore the capitalist order, when a threat emerges to the cause of socialism in that country, a threat to the security of the socialist commonwealth as a whole, this is no longer a matter only for the people of the country in question, but it is also a common problem, which is a matter of concern for all socialist countries. It goes without saying that such an action as military aid to a fraternal country to thwart the threat to the socialist order is an extraordinary, enforced square (last resort) measure. It can be caused only by the direct actions of the enemies of socialism inside the country and beyond its boundaries actions which create a threat to the common interests of the socialist camp." Brezhnev's words can be interpreted in a number of ways, but this is not the issue. The Brezhnev Doctrine is not a legal document, any more than the Monroe Doctrine which, for all its historic importance, was not embodied in any act of Congress, was not part of the American Constitution, and is not part of the (C) lJ N.Y. Tlmti NtWi Strvlct HONG KONG - Reports from Peking indicate that China may have failed recently in an attempt to put a satellite in orbit. The reports have come to Hong Kong from foreigners recently in the Communist Chinese capital. According to the reports, a wall poster was seen in Peking in late October, announcing "warm acclaim" for the launching of what was called China's "first manmade satellite." This poster was followed by Hot Water Tank Causes Headaches another a few days later on Changan Street, the capital's central boulevard leading into Red Square. This poster also referred to the launching of a satellite. The Changan Street poster, however, was covered up within a few hours after it appeared. The reports reaching here say that among members of diplomatic missions friendly to Communist China there ias talk early in November of reports, that a satellite had been lofted, though no one had any authoritative information. The tentative nature of the news of a satellite launching has led observers here to speculate that a launching may, in fact, have been attempted around the end of October but that something went wrong. This is believed to have led Peking officials to clamp down on publicity, but not quickly enough to stop a few posters from going up. California, AM or PM Via non-stop jets from Atlanta. Leave West Palm Beach 7:10a l:16p Arrive Los Angeles 11:51a 5:46p Arrive San Francisco l:43p 7:23p Via Delta jet connections in Atlanta. Jetourist fares: Los Angeles $140; San Francisco $157. Add tax. One stop from Atlanta Delta's ready when you are! TERMITES? CALL TOMASELLO 585-2551 FOR COMPtETt PEST CONTROl SCRVICt MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL PESt CONtDOl ASSOCIATION night at the Andrews home. Mr. and Mrs. Andrews and their daughter, Wendy, were asleep. Suddenly, the hot water tank in the basement exploded. It shot up through the kitchen floor, zoomed through the ceiling, rocketed through the air and landed beyond a grove of large shade trees some 75 yards from the house. All the windows in the house were broken, the walls were sprung and the entire house was knocked a foot off the foundation. The Andrews? Their only injuries were three headaches ! LONEPINE. Mont. (AP) -Exciting things don't happen too often in Lonepine. But there was quite a ruckus there recently for a town where the population is listed as 10. It happened one peaceful Bathtub Control BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) -Mayor Willard Fraser fractured his hip in a bathtub accident while attending the national mayor's conference in Chicago. The Billings Gazette printed a cartoon showing a fence with the inscription: "Willard ALICE BEAUTY SALON RICHARD'S $50 LANOLIN WAVE NORTHSIDE COUNTY COURTHOUSE 337 3RD STREET, W. PALM BEACH 832-7684 Fraser Back Strict Bathtub Control Legislation." " h l 1 .::: wm . HT I On Tropica Singer WHERE PEOPLE LIKE WHAT THEY stand Ft HEAR ...... K.wm'mL ' " ' n 1 1 iMifroaif MHaMiM 'iAMjM H 'txtit, $j5 f F '- S t p - l"- V ' 9 " "it 1 Take it all or take it easy, Sugar Sands is designed with you in mind. The lively choices of any and all water sports have a perfect spring board from the sugar white sweep of beaches on the lake and ocean. Sailing, water skiing, deep sea fishing, light tackle at the lake-side docks. You name it and you can claim it. at Sugar Sands. Cycling to the Sugar Sands Club, a dip in the pool, sharpen your golf, or play it lazy in a sauna, you're inmeshed in the spell of island living. 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