The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 19, 1968 · Page 14
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 14

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 19, 1968
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

3FST Tfl I I PUT TWEM H I'.'J P. I THE LITTLE WOMAN 14-Palm Beach Post. Tuesday, Nov. 19, 1968 S0M6T1M6S T THINK sne ooes stupp luce that) irrr.- HI ONTOPOFVOA Tw' YEP-THERE ) (S bsr JUPITER Aniwer to Prttiuis Punic l3 6 Body of water 7 Redacted 8 River valley 9 Solar disk 10 Masculine nickname 12 Occupants 13 Lead pellet 18 Before 21 "Love apple' 22 Smooth (music) 23 Fish sauce 24 Bellow 25 Grafted (her.) 28 Newspaper paragraph 29 Narrow way 30 Formerly 33 Legal term (pl) 40 Fashions 41 Greek letter 44 Footed vases 45 Baseball teams 46 Sea eagle 47 Anatomical tissue 50 Fruit drinks 51 Firn 52 Sesame 53 Dined 55 Summer (Fr.) 56 Legal point rrl lu!VIALIAlMiOR IAIUAINI lf!?AlMlPir1fWMl klrtLOl J6 7 8 9 10 Hodgepodge ACROSS 1 San Antonio mission 6 Portable chair 1 1 Most unusual 13 Unruffled 14 Originate 15 Accosted 16 Put on 17 Recent (comb, form) 19 Number 20 Frighten suddenly 23 Exist 26 Individual 27 Roman magistrate 31 Diminutive of Alonso 32 Mount (ab.) 33 Symbol for silver 34 Pitch 35 Consume ood 36 While 37 Soul (Egypt) 3B Abstract being 39 Wave top 41 Light stroke 42 Encountered 43 Home of Rice Institute 46 Japanese outcast 48 River (Sp.) 49 John (Gaelic) 52 Surgical saw 54 Melt down 57 Waterways 58 Stow in a ship's hold 59 Rent 60 Worms DOWN 1 Circle part 2 Rendered fat of swine 3 Martian (comb, form) 4 Intends 5 Hops' kiln In 1 12 3 4 5 n I "Instead of the stickshift automatic and the special powerpack that Herbert wants, can we get pink upholstery and a matching phone?" tfcldr u 4:"d 18 15 22 27 23 124 125 31 33 39 46 47 " 28 129 130 34 31 42 FFL 32 36 140 43 44 48 52 53 59 HOROSCOPE November IS. 1M8 By SYDNEY OMARR "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points, the way." ARIES (March 21-Aprll 19): You could find that new approach helps in financial matter. Don't be afraid to break from tradition. Highlight originality, independence. Be a self-starter today. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Be receptive. Permit one close to you to seize Initiative. You learn through observation. Consult expert In any legal question. Mate or partner expresses concern. Be sympathetic. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Some people you work with express lack of satisfaction. General restlessness prevails. Keep control of -essential factors. Don't permit others to talk you out of possessions. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Good lunar aspect today coincides with romantic implications. Heart Is likely to rule head. Enjoy yourself, but re- CARMICHAEL IT FACE It-- INtwspaptr (nltrpiist Ann) JACOBY ON BRIDGE FOR TODAY member there is a tomorrow. Search for facts, direct answers. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Accent on environment, home, future. Some changes appear in wind. Be perceptive. Analyze statements, actions. Older individual may lack enthusiasm. Set example by being optimistic. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Short journey may highlight day. Family member needs something. You may be appointed as messenger. Maintain good humor. Avoid disputes with neighbors. You're headed in right direction. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Be wary where financial transactions enter picture. Take realistic view. Avoid false bargains. Stick to facts. Associate may be enthusiastic but could lack practical knowledge. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): You get what you go after today. Financial reward is indicated. Cycle continues high. Take Initiative. Highlight independent and pioneering spirit. Make personal appearance. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Avoid jumping to conclusions. You could be subject to rumors. Best to finish tasks at hand. Only when you complete project will you have all facts. Know this proceed accordinglv. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): New contacts could develop into valuable friendships. Be open give and you also receive. Member of opposite sex pays meaningful compliment. Express appreciation. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Stress on how to achieve goal. Key Is explanation of views. You need popular backing. This is obtained by receptive attitude. Tell your story, but also be a good listener. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Formulate plans. Catch up on calls, correspondence. Be in touch with one at a distnce. Key is to broaden view. Discard petty thoughts. Accent wide sweep. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are inventive, capable of overcoming odds to achieve goal. Upcoming cycle sees you throwing off burden and beginning anew. GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for SCORPIO, SAGITTARIUS, CAPRICORN. Special word to GEMINI: find out why some are reluctant to act on constructive sugges tion. BLOXDIE 1 1 X1 1 I fe 1 yf ii-igA PIND ME SOME WARRIORS 1 Lgr?r MISSION' KNOW TH6 MEANIN5-OP ? WiC FRONT AN'tfENTERf J fkHE HAND WITH THE RAPER I I INDEED, WITHIN SECONDS I Out TRACY SENSING 'VEAU LET? M CUP KEEPS AT IT1 THE RIGHT HAND IS FREE! THE OOOS AGAINST HIM. TAKEITALL ) Zc4&C (UlJ BlDES . 1 -Uji '! W UHH- WifJM' "S I DON'T LOOK DOWN, 1 I WHAT DID YOU FINP SST VlW 11 SEE-THAT'S THE j lN-, r-Zth XfZ MMZtZ' DIANA, MAKES M AT THE TOP Vl f I COUNTERWEIGHT A 1 VSfW yOU 0alf- VfiA THAT'S SO 1 kSH (JlJ 7TrVl 1 (J2 3 tv- I ' ALLEN HON Dd i V OH, WELL...X MEYl "N '"- YOU GET OVER i I PREFER 1 H-19 HAVE I ( GU7t ) HERE ? 1 ( OLDER MEN 1 n v THE FLINTSTONES V I M T"V f "AN' SHE KIN JEVERV-j AH SOTTH' Jfll A AH GOT TM' MONEV,") AHAVE mrrf ONE'S WONtV.SAMA'V I'Sy USAWrHASNO'eOTX NOBODV'S AFTERWTryT AFTER ME- HAS VO' rygjf Eff v). TH' BACHELOR? ) MECEPT LI'L JW BUT-cVKtef. GOTTHW CpfefX , I yjMiSPS rfT f HE REALLV I 1 3HK. iefiue HIS HANDS ARE JXK HOW HIGH A ( THE ) ! ) I ALWAYS SO STICKY J I DITTO CAN STACK JQ TOlCH yCS S IHANH " 'Wf Wfl THANKS FOR EVERYTHINfiri ''wE HAVE ALKEAPY HA?) I POTEET, PO YOU THINK I Tf'ftNCE IT T I VOT ffl MAYBE MY STORIES WIU INQUIRIES fEOM PILOTS.. AM A MDRPEKER FOR JU VAS MY AC3UITTAL ' M Jj If NO' POINT IN Xl HELP THE FLYINfi PEACE MAYSE A NEW AIRPLANE WRlNfilNfi OUT THAT AIR-Y HEAP HE w W PPOLONOINfi PrJhw CORPS A LITTLE ! yr-4 -r WILL COME FROM SOME - CRAFT ANP LOSING THE ) WAS ASOUT W ,5nl "'lk.T k)?'f mmpl (sHeE (xiroFTVBii fAP euv?r to perforate jjfjj JUST TO CONFUSE ME By Neg Cochran YEAH, I KNOW--VOU MADE CRYSTAL- SET RAPiOS OUT Of WIRE AKJP 06AH BOXES BACK IU THE OLDEN DAYS' WHO WEEDS ITI LOOSEWUPAW GET WITH IT PA --VOU HAVEN'T CHANGED WITH THE TIMES.' ' I CAWT HEAR 1 YOU.HELEW- HOLDOKlA MIWUTE... , 37 J7 I JJ 58 far 19 South's play was a desperate one. He needed two ..aBd-i'-eii-he-r went wrong he would be down several tricks at three no-trump but it is mighty good policy to take almost any risk at all in order to make an undoubted contract. Certainly a one-in-four chance is worth taking, and the chance that two finesses will work is one in four. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) 19 Q The bidding has been: West Pass Pass You, North 1 24) 4A East Pass Pass Pass South 1 A 3 South, hold: AQ 10854 VA10 453 765 4 What do you do now? A Pass. Your partner has bid strongly but you hold the same ace and queen you started with. TODAYS QUESTSION Instead of jumping to four spades your partner bids three spades over your three clubs. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow So WHICH OKIE DOES THE PROSPECTIVE BUYER. WANT TO SEE IN ACTION'? Hatlo's The cars l'p front om THE CAR LOT , H ARE CLEANED U mvi I , I -! U ' Finesse Offers Best Chance NORTH (D) 19 A 1093 V J5 AQ10876 A2 WEST EAST A 752 A AK8 VK973 VQ 10864 K3 4954 K943 107 SOUTH A Q J64 V A2 J2 QJ865 Neither vulnerable West North East South 1 Pass 2 Pass Pass Pass 2 Pass 2 N.T. 3 N.T. Pass Pass Opening lead V 3 Today's hand appears in Gt'orge Collin's ABC of card playing technique under "F fr Finesse." South's 22 high card point game contract is not a good one. He might well have dropped the bidding at two diamonds and North really should have bid three diamonds instead of three no-trump but South finds himself at three no-trump and it is up to him to try to make it. He starts by playing dummy's jack of hearts at trick one. This does no good since East produces the queen. He lets the queen hold. Sometimes an opponent is nice enough to try a second suit. As a matter of fact, East does lead his king of spades but this doesn't help South one bit because East's next play-is a heart. South is in with the ace of hearts and if he goes after the diamonds right away, South will wind up with only eight tricks since the best he can do will be to make six diamonds and two aces. South must take the club finesse before attacking diamonds. He leads the queen of clubs. If West covers, South comes back to his hand with the jack; if West ducks, south is still in his hand. Now he can try the diamond finesse and. since that works also, he will have his nine tricks. t IIM 101 ANOIIfl IMII They'll Do It Every Time iLAvVK ftvMiv5 flL?c?P,cZ C fArr M HAfO tucS' 5rTHIS ONE? 8-BUT-Vj YEAH-LET'S SEEi . I 1 JUST eoT ir IN"' f J HOW IT RUNS-.J3 V ' I HAVEN'T HAD A 7p5b r, r, TpS rT 1 STEVE CANYON OUT OUR WAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople LISTEN.' VOU'RE STILL IW HOCK 1 vwi -W'THlMKlN TO ME FOR THE DOWN PAYMENT ON THAT BOMB WITH WHEELS DLI COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT A LOAN FOR A PORTABLE TY IS OUT.' WHY, WHEW I WAS A KIP. lirJinvemtinI6 a new ' ( HELMET 4HOULO 4 BB A CINCH POK YOL),MA30 A PROVlOEO ir WULD FIT OVEK VOUR N06E A 3UT I WA5 IN A V7cf TEENl - jl TO A NEW FREAK ACCIDENT IaSEM SS YEAR'5 ) iAjuiiP-nAi-LIIMrt Z. Fl ATTPMPD PARTY wcri m & in " 4 ..0'' . f rv -A - -' I "c M mm mm sM FERD'NAM) .,, Jj U J v ) V W'M t YOU'RE NOT SENDING NO, I WOULDN'T I J- -T1 MOW LONG WILL LONG ENOUGH. ..Jl -V .''V f THAT POOR MAN BACK WANT TO BE ...ALLEV'LL GO YOU KEEP HIM BUT WE'LL. at!f' V'" ; '-' VA: tl' ! A TO MOO ALONE, RESPONSIBLE ( ALONG TO LOOK THERE? DETERMINE 5"T5 A OSCAR... )-.-.' I1 ' ARE YOU? ,X FOR HIS SANITVA AFTER HIM JT THAT BYJHE ( I HIT IT! - ts5fe ALLEY OOP t "o ' l 1 j i 1 CHALLfcN6E lf ft M ' . WHYArtOTHERS GET GRAY THE GENERATION! FLAP

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