The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 5, 1997 · Page 73
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 73

West Palm Beach, Florida
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Friday, December 5, 1997
Page 73
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Page 73 article text (OCR)

6F THE PALM BEACH POST FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1997 Ula theme, new role: ileston edition helps lamilies learn bible By Steve Cushee Palm Beach Post Religion Writer 7 would not be so presumptuous as to say I climbed Mount Sinai and found God. But I think perhaps I climbed Mount Sinai and found Moses, which is what I was supposed to do. ' CHARLTON HESTON much and I was glad to have the chance to see that they did," Heston said. The handsome volume is filled with 150 color prints of some of the finest Christian art by Raphael, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Pali and others. Photographs of Heston on "Jo-cation in the Holy Land taken for the television series and others books of the Bible and from the New Testament life of Jesus. The actor writes brief, simple introductions to each chapter that tells a Bible story using the King James version translation that Heston edited. He loves the language. He loves the stories. And he insists he is only a storyteller. "I have no ecclesiastical credentials," Heston said. "I am very careful with this project to make it clear that I'm dealing with this as a storyteller. And, this side of Shakespeare, there is no better writing in the language." The actor in Heston loves the language. His spirit is drawn to the Bible. His career has given him extraordinary opportunities to know the stories. In preparation for filming The Ten Commandments, he studied Moses and walked the rugged hills of the Sinai desert in search of that leader's charisma. "I would not be so presumptuous as to say I climbed Mount Sinai and found God," he said. "But I think perhaps I climbed Mount Sinai and found Moses, which is what I was supposed to do." Heston has written other books. The Actor's Life: Journals, 1956-1976 and Beijing Diary concern his acting career. But Heston has a special devotion to this effort because he feels that the soaring language and profound stories of the Bible have been neglected. Mere snippets of scripture, are read in churches and temples in preparation for the sermon, he said. "One of the results is that people don't get to hear the Bible from his role as Moses in The Ten . Charlton Heston has a long association with biblical stories, to say the least. He played Moses in the epic The Ten Commandments in 1956. . He starred in Ben Hur and played '" John the Baptist in The Greatest Story Ever Told. Now he has pub- lished an abridged edition of the -: Bible for families to read together. "A book is different than a - performance," Heston said in a . recent phone interview. "You read a book at your own pace. I think : we give people an opportunity to do what families are supposed to do together. What every child needs is to have parents and grandparents read to them." The Bible is the bestselling book of the year every year. But no knows how many are sold, r J i -ii l LMmmunumems win piease some reaaers. But the stories are the star I he account of creation, Adam and en colors and in more than 15 translations, according to Judy Sandel, manager of the Christian Book Store in Stuart. Many have study notes accompanying the text. Others have full commentaries. "I sell more Bibles than anything else I have in the store, Sandel said "They are the biggest seller of all." Heston's version culls stories from the Torah the first five according to Nancy Guthrie, publicist for the Christian Booksellers Association in Nashville. There are too many distributors, too many printers, too many Bibles given away and no group that tracks all those sales, she said. And every year entrepreneurs package that ancient library of books in new ways to sell even more. The Bible book comes in large print, large and small sizes, a doz fcve, Lain and Abel, Abraham and Joseph lead to the remarkable lives of Moses and Jesus. Ihere s a reason why people rail thpcA tho mrcmtact curiae a ery told," Heston said. "They are. Livingstone paved "ft"' :i 'i i 1 way for missionaries 1 1 in southern Africa f U v 1 m : -TPT -WWtf K' , i u v S r i h went on to become an explorer. However, Livingstone viewed his explorations as missionary travels that prepared "God's highway" for those who followed, historian Alvyn Austin of Toronto By David Briggs The Associated Press He was a Scottish missionary who converted only one person in his 30 years in Africa, and even that tribal chief reverted to his old way of life. As an explorer who discovered Victoria Falls in 1855, he never did find the source of the Nile or a V2&1 . ,J writes in Christian History. His faith showed in both - his staunch anti-slavery efforts and the way he treated Africans. -' Books to inspire the spirit and lift the soul When Livingstone spoke lout on the subject of slavery and race relations, white Afrikaners trieid to drive him out of South Africa at one point, burning his station and navigable river that cut across southern Africa, the primary goals of his two final major expeditions. But David Livingstone's extraordinary travels through the heart of Af stealing his animals. While most whites the Afri m ii Jew: cans in remote areas had come into contact with were slave traders, Livingstone impressed many natives with his common touch Not all religious-themed holiday books are Bibles, nor are they r- all about the holidays of Christmas ' and Hanukkah. Here's a sample of a few books available this season, ranging from $250 reference -. books to $5 stocking stuffers: B Jewish Women in America, ' An Historical Encyclopedia (Edited by Paula Hyman and and the respect he showed them. Livingstone rica paved the "He treated Africans as well as, or better than, any white per ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY .BIBLE LIFE riMES 7C1 O E'nday Objrcu Uw a Cuvonu Relifiuut Riir IrMirti Clothing Onupjtifltis FihxJ h Medicine PUrm AniiiuU Farming Ttvtl Guae itid PjMimcii w Eduuiiw Ttuir 1 ) way for some of the greatest missionaries of the 19th and 20th centuries, and as much as any person he may be responsible for Africa being the only continent to become mostly Christian in a single century. In a complete issue devoted to the famous explorer, immortalized by journalist Henry Stanley's greeting "Dr. Livingstone, I presume" upon their meeting along the coast of Lake Tanganyika, Christian History magazine ex son they'd ever come into contact with," Olsen said. When he died on May 1, 1873 in a mud hut in Zambia, kneeling beside his cot in prayer, his African 'friends some former slaves he had freed buried his heart under an impundu tree 70 miles from the shore of Lake Bangweu-lu, Austin reports. Then they carried his body back to England, where he received a hero's funeral in Westminster Abbey. ', Teresa's permission and blessing to write a biography. It deftly chronicles the nun's story, from her childhood in Albania to her founding of the religious order, her being awarded . the Nobel Peace Prize and international attention and acclaim. B Stalking Elijah (by Roger Kamenetz, HarperSanFran-Cisco, 370 pages, $22): Subtitled Adventures with Today's Jewish Mystical Masters, the book's author insists that a profound Jewish spirituality is not contrary to modern life, contemporary science or interfaith dialogue. He sets out to discover the sacred in everyday experience through a variety of spiritual teachers, not all of whom are Jewish. B Meditations from the Heart of Judaism: Today's Teachers Share Their Practices, Techniques and Faith (Edited by Avram Davis, Jewish Lights, 256 pages, $21.95): This practical primer on Jewish spirituality includes more than 20 contributors, including Sylvia Boorstein, David Cooper and Lynn Gottleib, who write about why and how they meditate. They offer insight and suggest ancient techniques to various meditation methods. All of them serve to enhance our relationship to others, creation and to God. ueooran uasn moore, two volume set, Routledge, 1,770 pages, $250): This book is not for every personal library. This massive effort is, however, an im- portant contribution toward documenting a largely ignored segment .' of American religious history. ..Profiles include the obvious ; characters such as Bella Abzug, ; Golda Meir and Sophie Tucker. But Goldie Hawn, Gloria Steinem and Dr. Ruth Westheimer are also part of a gallery of 800 biographies and 500 period photographs. They . are supported by more than 100 general entries on such topics as " -cookbooks, Yiddish theater and settlement houses. Trappist (by Michael Downing, Paulist Press, 176 pages, $35): This beautiful book will feed any reader's spirit, regardless of their religious tradition. This handsome volume explores the mystery of what a monk aspires to '. be. The model used for telling the ASSISTED LIVING: The Death Penalty, An Historical and Theological Survey (by James Megivern, Paulist Press, 641 pages, $29.95): This book explores the extraordinary history of how capital punishment came be the common practice in Christian Europe. The author's own rejection of the death penalty drives him to an exhaustive study of why and how his church came to support the death penalty until recently. The issue was the need to stamp out heresy. But the story is complicated. The book is fascinating and well written. Rosary: Mysteries, Meditations and the Telling of the Beads (by Kevin Johnson, Pan-gaeus Press, 409 pages, $29): This book is written to appeal to readers in junior high school and rates starting at s895 per month includes '.' 3 meals per day Housekeeping Medication supervision Planned activities J 24 hr. nursing staff ' plores the complex life of the man some Africans said had three wives: the Nile River, the struggle against slavery and religion. "In the 19th century, if you said the word missions, the face that would pop into your head immediately was David Livingstone," said Ted Olsen, assistant editor of Christian History. "He may not have himself converted a lot of Africans, but for sure he opened the way for hundreds of missionaries after him." Livingstone was born March 19, 1813, in an industrial town near Glasgow. At age 10, he worked 14 hours in a cotton mill, then attended classes for two hours. At age 27, under the inspiration of veteran missionary Robert Moffat, he set out for South Africa. The first 10 years, according to Christian History, Livingstone tried to be a conventional missionary. But his only convert, an African chief named Sechele, reverted back to polygamy, and Livingstone meditations extracts the wisdom of the world's religions. Part 1 addresses the life of one's day, including waking, eating, working, movement and going to sleep. Part 2 embraces passages in life from birth through childhood, coming of age, aging and death. Much of the text is taken from the contemplative traditions of Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism, but the wisdom of Islam and that of several Eastern traditions are also included. B God and the American Writer (by Alfred Kazin, Alfred A Knopf, 272 pages, $25): A serious and remarkable study of the meaning of God for more than a dozen American authors, Kazin's superb work explores the nature of God through their works. The book's gamut runs from Hawthorne's Scarlett Letter through Melville's Moby Dick, including the works of Walt Whitman, Lin-, coin, Mark Twain, T.S. Eliot, Frost, Faulkner and others. Of Robert Frost, he writes, "God was somewhere offstage, waiting for Frost to summon him and be argued with about the eternal injustice. Frost did not love God (few of the modern masters ever do) but never lost sight of his force over the universe." B Mother Teresa (by Kathryn Spink, HarperSanFranclsco, 306 pages, $23): This authorized biography of a woman whom many believe will soon be declared B. Meeting ywr ""T" needs witn UC V values alfecc . i?JJ!uaitycai Golden Nuggets (by Sir John Templeton, Templeton Foundation Press, 86 pagers, $12.95): A collection of pithy one liners such as "You have the most powerful weapons on Earth love and prayer." this feelgood book is compiled by on of the world's richest men, who willingly shares his spiritual wisdom story is the Roman Catholic Cistercian order of Our Lady of Mep-kin Abbey located north of Charleston, S.C. Brilliant photographs help the text reveal the secrets of monastic life that is both noble and quite ordinary. Mepkin " is a community of prayer, silence, simplicity, solitude, reading, work . and worship. Trappist invites the reader to enter that community. ' Reader's Digest Illustrated Dictionary of Bible Life and Times (by the Editors of the .Reader's Digest, Readers' Di dui sens his investment advice. 50 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Turned 50, (by gest Association, 416 pages, Phyllis Dolislager and three a preaictame ana neiptul Reader's Digest staple. The book explains more than 1,500 objects. older. It is an exhaustive, readable and entertaining volume on the history and practice of using the rosary as a devotional tool in the Roman Catholic faith. B Biblical Literacy (by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, William Morrow & Co., 628 pages, $25): This valuable companion to the author's very important work, Jewish Literacy (Morrow & Co. 1991), sets out to give us Telush-kin's wise insight about the most important people, events and ideas in the Hebrew Bible, which is the Old Testament for Christians. He succeeds admirably. The work will serve Jews, Christians and anyone who seeks to understand one of the most, if not the most, influential books in history. B Gifts of Spirit (by Philip Za-leskl and Paul Kaufman, Har-perSanFranclsco, 271 pages, $25): This two-part series of mm maw; IJ'flUMMDlS Your Work Boot Headquarters tools and traditions found in the : Bible. Junior high school students should be able to understand the text easily. Entries include centu 7 menas, self-published, 50 pages, $5): This Boynton Beach author compiled a list of truisms about laughter, honesty, exercise and prayer. The booklet is available from Amity Book Store in Boynton Beach, Inspiration House in Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach and from the bookstore of the First Baptist Church in West Palm Beach and Boca Raton Community Church in Boca Raton. STEVE GUSHEE 20 W rion and cherubim, guest and guilt, I veil and vessel in alphabetical order from Aaron's Rod to Zion. Biblical characters are not included. Some definitions of Biblical minutiae are short paragraphs, while others are as long as two columns. a saint includes fresh information about her struggle to begin a new religious order. It also is the first to cover the nun's death and funeral in September. An Indian born British citizen who has known Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity for nearly 18 years, Spink was given Mother in mm except 6ale Items J Alabama pastors say Baptist president betrayed them The Associated Press Caterpillar Carolina "A liar is a liar," the Rev. John Alexander told the Tribune. "If you tell one lie, you have to make up another to make it fit. I said to my wife, 'That's the devil's work.' " Lyons said the letter was mailed by mistake and that all the money wasn't given out because Lyons decided that some of the churches really didn't need the help. But four of the six churches still need to build or complete improvements, the Tribune reported. Investigators with the Alabama Attorney General's Office have questioned the pastors, asking whether they received any money from Lyons, who remains under investigation by federal and Florida officials examining his finanijal dealings. While the investigations continue, the tiny congregations of the unfinished churches struggle to raise more money. Statue of the Virgin Mary on tour NEWARK, N.J. Roman Catholic authorities expect thousands of the faithful to view a statue of the Virgin Mary during a three-month visit to more than 40 churches in northern New Jersey. The wooden image, depicting Mary with a crown, is a copy of a statue erected in Fatima, Portugal, after three children in 1917 reported seeing an apparition of the woman revered as the mother of Jesus. Some 30,000 people of Portuguese ancestry live in the Newark area, and about half of northern New Jersey is Catholic, so processions and special services are brfng planned. TAMPA Pastors and deacons of Alabama churches that burned two years ago say the Rev. Henry J. Lyons, president of the National Baptist Convention U.S.A. Inc., betrayed their trust. A year ago, Lyons accepted a check for $225,000 from the Anti-Defamation League and the National Urban League. Two weeks later the St. Petersburg minister wrote the Anti-Defamation League, saying six Alabama churches had been given $35,000 each to help rebuild. But most of the money was never distributed. After The Tampa Tribune reported the status of the money two months ago, Lyons returned most ftf the money to the Anti-Defamation League. Wolverine Rocky Throgood SimiHtKS i Purchase orders & large quantity discounts available Shoes & Boots from 15 up 1649 N. Militarv Trail WPB 654-5533 2M(outhofOkMchobyM-F 9-8 5 9-6 Sun 11-5 OUTDOORS

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