The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 18, 1968 · Page 34
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 34

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1968
Page 34
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Page 34 article text (OCR)

THE LITTLE W OMAN 34 Palm Beach Post, Monday, Nov. 18, 1968 ( HE TAKES V THE MJM f OUTOP V 3IZIXP t .-3 DO VOU MARC A 3UOd. the cauMPLEY corner j .' -isal rr in for me toswt poavtxm --stt3ZL -"" I ' ) JTws Jfifks te ilo l! Vs Answer to Previous ruule THA1T H I ID; El IP I Pi a i hH aq5 w uBl I N T EpyOPgL DEN OlTlARONRifc ' DEI OCT RKjT LHfflADS SHf LIP orMI L t Foster's Works ACROSS 1 "Old Tray" 4 "Co...-Where My lies Dreaming" "Old Folks at " 12 Pulpy fruit 1.1 Love god .'Volfhound i5" Races" 17 Do not wish (law) 18 Before 19 Tidal flows 21 Snug (var.) 23 Social class 25 Fit 26 Agreed to become tenant (law) 30 Honey specialist 33 Loop 34 Fragrant rootstock 35 94th psalm 36 Historic Paris fort 39 Turf 40 Dull yellow 41 Old World lizard 42 Taking to third power 45 Sesame 46 Styptic 47 A wish for success 52 Ballet skirt 53 Lamb's pen name 54 Ocean 55 Grain (pi.) 56 Bambi, for instance 57 Crafty DOWN 1 Duke (Fr.) 2 Eggs 3 Gamblers 4 Tardy 5 Shoulder (comb, form) 6 Promise 7 Masculine appellation 8 Dependent 9 Swan genus 10 Man HSonofSeth (Bib). 16 Look closely 32 Korean, for example 35 Letter 37 Hauled 38 Long playing (ab.) 41 Little drink 20 Make amends 42 Roman 21 Roasted senator piece of meat 22 Musical drama 23 Is able 24 Near 27 Silent 43 Hawaiian food fish 44 Large cask 45 Slavic ruler 48 Bullfight cheer 49 Expire 50 Teleost fish 51 Period of time 28 Bar legally 29 Acts 31 Magistrate 7 8 19 110 11 . I . IW1 W.,U ) LJ IM W.,u vKn "I'm so sick of getting all this junk mail! What we need is an unlisted house number!" JfA. JTUWHW V HMPWl Will 'i U ' I I m mm mw arwwtm REDEYE ' " HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY 14 17 1 2 13 12 Z f-WOU SAV THINGS ARE 20 27 28 29 135 38 139" 45 48 49 50 51 I 0 i 54 57 18 n w I lbs'ISARMED,HANDCUFFED WITH HIS OWN HANDCUFFS,; AND CUPPED! J' DICK TRACY, TllE FLINTSTONES L WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? NOTHING-. JUST HANG U PHANTOM 1 f HOW ANOTHER Piece I ROCK W TOUGH ALL OVER ? HA! NOT THIS TOUCH. L-1 THIS ,., uw HAM I ABOUTv op BERRY V 1 Y -AN' NOW YO'LXXBPATCH i -UGH!-BELLES GOES HOWLIKI' V-wmichAA -cHUCKlEf- REMEMBER, GALS.' TINY BELONGS TO LI'LORPHIN . AN CLAYJIN AFTER THE BACHELORS." AB&IE.' A A t H-18 HOW YOU KNOW IT ASIAN FRU ? isXnd tracv is using that paper clip, as ONLY TRACY CAN! IT FOR ELEVATOR. ByNeg Cochran kM ..... ' '" ' WART -so he'll be II RUNNIN'AGIM' NOBODY A NEXT V'AP.-) MEVAH H ARDLV - i.i mm VV I wi m 1 mmemmxastim'esF!a - LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Settle down. Be aware of fine print. Get repair work completed. Key Is thorough approach. Don't lose patience. The more you build, prepare, the more secure Is the Immediate future. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Obtain hint from CANCER message. Give full play to Intellectual curiosity. Answers can be obtained to pertinent questions. Don't be discouraged by one of little imagination. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Money, possessions, Improvement of surroundings these are featured. Family member may make special request. Keep harmony by saying yes. Don't confuse issues. Spend for quality. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Cycle moves up; you get opportunity to fulfill personal desires. Exchange Ideas. Impress with sincerity, knowledge. You will find that others are attracted. Check appearance. Dress up. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Past catches up; means do what you promised. Otherwise, you create hidden resentment. Make known your views. Truth can set you free. Throw off tendency toward secret fears. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Accent on desires, hopes, wishes and friends. You can rid yourself of financial burden. This lightens load, allows more time for social contacts. Study aims, aspirations. You can move ahead. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Emphasis on career, ambition, dealings with one In authority. Be Independent but also back up attitude with 'fresh suggestions. Means try unique, original approach. Exude confidence. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Stress on travel plans. Look beyond Immediate Indications. Strengthen personal philosophy. Keep communication lines open. There are lessons to be learned. Listen and observe. You'll profit. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you attract people to you with their problems. Key Is also to learn how to aid yourself. You are leveling off from cycle of strenuous activity, responsibility. GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for SCORPIO, SAGITTARIUS. Special word to TAURUS: play waiting game. Your hand Is stronger than you might imagine. Time And how about an appropriation for fumigating the COUNCIL. ROOM? TkMitIWATlPI'O 7D WIN FIELD S. GREENLEA.P ...I FIGURE MOO'S JUST THE PLACE FDR A PICTORIAL JOURNALIST TO GET A POSTGRADUAT EDUCATION ? wm mm rwaiavtio Novnntw IK, 1 By SYDNEY OMARR "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points the wav." ARIES (March 21-April 19): Uncover secrets delve Into areas previously hidden. Spread your influence. Get financial guidance from expert. Invest in your own Ideas, talents. Be self-reliant. Dig deep. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Accent on how you look to others. Means protect and enhance Image. New opportunity Is due. Examine various factors. Don't appear overanxious. Special emphasis revolves around marriage. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Accent on how well you consolidate efforts. Not wise to spread yourself too thin. One who teaches, or with experience, proves of Invaluable aid. If you don't know, ask. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Social activity Increases; fulfillment Indicated through special hobby, creative efforts. Reach beyond present area of activity. Check various possibilities. Position should be flexible. CARMICHAEL IT' JUT MOT MY PAV ALL 5 ills, AMD FOUR OF TM WEKE POSTAGE DUE"--- They'll Do It Every llfil Wtild liflhtl 1 1 I WHERE IN VIEW OF WHAT fcOULD V HE SAID ABOUT SOU LIKE V, RUBBER 'IM TO BE? 7 DINOSAURS.- m ill 11-3 23 w W 31 32 34 t 36 42 43 (44 B5 4T 52 55 3S (Newspaper JACOBY Entry Problem NORTH 18 442 VAQ75 964 KQ74 WEST EAST 4 873 495 V 10643 VKJ9 KQJ 8752 4A108 4J953 SOUTH (D) 4AKQJ106 V82 A 10 3 I 62 Both vulnerable West North East South : 14 Pass 2 4 Pass 4 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead K Jim: "George Coffin of Wal-tham, Mass., can sure cram a lot of bridge information into a little space." Oswald: "Assume you have been looking over the new edition of his 'Bridge on Deck' which is a real summary of the elements of bidding and play." Jim: "His set of sample hands at the end of the book cover various points of play. He calls it the ABC of bidding, and covers each letter of the alphabet by taking a moderate amount of bridge writ er's license. Oswald: "Here is a hand under 'E for Entry.' South would have been better off letting his partner play at three no-trump but bouth was looking at 150 honors in spades and bid game in that suit." Jim: "George points out that South lost the four spade contract by sheer carelessness. The way the cards lie. a heart lead would have beaten him automatically but West made his normal opening of the diamond king. South took his ace and promptly drew trumps. Then he led a club toward dummy. West ducked and South was in dummy with no way to get back to his hand. He led a diamond. West collected two diamond tricks and shifted to a heart, whereupon South had to lose a heart and a club trick." Oswald: "The hand is really an example of the rule that declarer should draw trumps as soon as she or he can afford to do so, but no sooner. fr FERDNAND 6EE,00t; t HOPE WU DIDN'T HIT 'IM TOO HARD I H7 . -.raw he poor ; MISTER I I J L3UTA MAP AND NOTATIOnI in the pirrtcrrvES hip POCKET. HELD TOGETHER WITH A PAPER CLIP HAVE BEEN OVERLOOKED. THIS COUNTERWEIGHT I USE SYSTEM WAS BUILT i AM AGES AGO-TOPRAW WATER ALL THE my TO THE 1 WE'RE GOING (GASP) ALL WA UP ON THIS? IMS )! BUT-,ss7:'-Aor -CO'-CHuCKtE.'- IONGH SArf SUFFERIN'FUM SENESCENCE OUT OUR WAY -l- . v.', .t7W - ''. 5-" ill. THE WORRY flMWTWCMcTiWH h- JOT ZJkJll 1 ' W ; 'IS? SrdK; ALL ff -tPSt'E-' WMILE WWBW1I I Itf-Jy' JtlfJ I I ' M " m I'i V IB Wt P I Wl . m -Th -5r .'V S r r-, Inierprise Asm.) ON BRIDGE Defects South If South had stopped to study the nana he would have attacked the club suit at trick two. Assuming that West ducked that first club lead, he would have been able to get back to his hand with a trump. Then he would have been able to draw trumps and lead a second club to dummy. This would set up dummy's second club honor for a discard of a losing heart and South would have made his game." (Newspaper enterprise Assn.) 18 Q The bidding has ben: West North East South 1 4 Pass 1 4 Pass 2e Pass ? You, South, hold: 4Q 10854 VA10 453 47654 What do you do now? A Bid three clubs. Your partner's two-diamond call indicated good clubs. In any case you hold tour of them. TODAYS QUESTION You bid three clubs and your partner jumps to four spades. What do you do know? Answer Tomorrow Hatlo's then let's get "im into the machine... I Dorr want him MIWHTP"? HERE WHEN HE COMES TO H AIR POLLUTION PROBLEM NAW, HE'LL BE OKAY I IN A FEW MINUTES I oblea. SNIP A VERY PRETTV 6IRL SHE LOOKED SO TIRED 1 fnodOCf APPRECIATES FELL ASLEEP ON AV J I DECIPED TO BE A ) Ik V NICE 6UYS. SHOULDER IN THE BUS J I NICE GUY AND LET 1 -77 N k pTr r-ih HER SLEEP ALL THE : 4 bS ft rK'. V WAY HOME K, RjH Lk V V. - GEE -Ho)j AN ESCAPING GUNMAN X AND THE CABLE WE W NOW WE "SKAJSE WONDER i HID OUT IN THEIR AIRCRAFT WEKE HOLDING 15 AN A 5HOULO HAVE LOSE OUR ONLV W l THEY ARE AND TRIED TO fORCE THEM ORDER TO RETURN STAT- A GOOD CRY 1 REE PILOT !jm BITSY WEEPING.. J TO FLY EAST) WHEN 8!TSY S!PE BECAUSE THE REAL k, HAPPY IsT v TURNED -HE FELL OUT.' Jl HENRY RIZE IS ALREADY VW AuSJ-J' L'lLABNER STEVE CANYON f ll ( N. V DID YCHJ GET y THIS POWDER mANDLjT K'fiySiSCtBfOfif lr.Ajj- II f 'f JANE, I TH0U6HT Hts f POTEET AND XJLA WOULD BE If A.RK! 7TTuc6Z6-';C AVP' W fiftBlf.KOp'J If ark! KW,;4r OUR BOARDIN G HOUSE with Major Hoople RlGHT, I'LL HOLPOW HERE VOtJ T DOWN AkJD TAKE V ARST HURRY UP THOU6H, 'CAUSE W3WT KMOW HOW LOUd I CAW HAKJG OKJ--AW1 1 DOW'T WAKJT TO 1 50TTOM A&AiM! . , IT WA6 TUE II EXPECTIN6 THE ' DAY THE MODETKM TOUCH AOEN ITC0ME5TOALIBMM6 VOWLS'CLUB LIKa TOO MUCH ( A 0LACK EVE HE CAN OUTDCV BAR VlBKATION IN HIS j A WET WEATHERMAN AT ACOLLAPSED ELECTRIC Picnic re-member the (( -obviously I V toothbkuh A HIC leandek IM f ilSffilL r uiri. .Atr-jij, 1, O !MI hv MIA. U TM. If. VI. Pa. Of)

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