The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 18, 1968 · Page 30
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 30

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1968
Page 30
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Page 30 article text (OCR)

30 Palm Beach Post, Monday, Nov. 18, 1968 Federal Funds Set For Johnson Park Warren Beatty Rotating Several Lovely Females I LAST DATS in coNratsao BOSTON STRAMQUA. THE BOSTON rejected it. The producers are now appealing to the government. Lucille Ball and Jackie Gleason have completed the plans for their "Diamond Jim And Lillian Russel" project. They will film it in Hollywood in February. They are undecided about whether it will be a 90-minute TV special or a two-hour movie. Lucille turned down the "Adelaide" role in a new TV version of "Guvs And Dolls" with Dean Martin and Orson Wells. "I'm not right for the part," she explained. Fred MacMurray won three champion and 16 other awards at the Portland Cattle Show. Fred has made a new fortune from his livestock. STRANG1ER LIU I lony Curtis J If ..! . ) j J vj P "A brilliantly coficoivaxi coamlc Mlvmturt)." -Cm HCtUSIVt tN66WHIT was clarified by the Interior Department officials here as meaning "facilities to explain the nature and individual aspects of the parks to visitors." The money will also be used for additional outdoor recreational facilities, "for windmill renovation, wayside exhibits, nature trails, roads, parking and landscaping." officials said. The park consists of 269 acres in Gillespie County. It was put on land which was originally bought by the State Parks Commission under Will Odum, head of the Parks body in Texas and a close friend of President Johnson. The purchase money was contributed by friends of Johnson. It was reported here that the park already has a high rate of visitors. The contemplated investment at the park presupposes that vast numbers of visitors will frequent it in future as a result of the interest in the Johnson family. Thus the park will become a sort of memorial to them. WASHINGTON (NANA) -Over a half million dollars of federal money has thus far been allocated to the LBJ State Park in Texas. Interior Department officials disclosed here. The park is near the ranch home of President Lyndon B. Johnson. A total of $509,749 was set aside for this purpose from the Land and Water Conservation fund, administered by the Interior Department under a law recently passed by Congress and signed by the President. These funds come largely from oil and gas production on the outer continental shelf lands off the Gulf of Mexico and California. The sum will be matched by the Texas Parks and Wild Life Department in Texas, according to Texas Democrat Sen. Ralph Yarborough. The federal money will go to provide for an "interpretation building and 17 interpretation stations" at the park, which MOVIE AUDIENCE GUIDE Thi following ritinf deBignition by tht Motion Piclurt Association of Amtrici ap-plita to films released after Nov. f, mod and is being run as a public' service by this newspaper to acquaint the viewing audi-nca with this new system. Rating symbols appear in individual theater ads. G Suggested lor General audeencee. M Suggested for Mature audiencea (parental discretion is advised). R Restricted. Persons under 16 not admitted unless accompanied by parent or adult guardian. X Persona under 16 not admitted. r S3S) grassy IIIMOtOlM tTsocotoe SHOWS OAlir 2:00-1:00-1:10 I I I Tl 11 iwa OPENS 1 3 i I ffify(iwwf p waiwp 'jmh. mm mi i waaj i nna wwvwm mmq Q iffy , . i , . muminiM S "X V'"i ' " "t i ii f'rl MIA ARRIVES - Actress Mia Farrow, left, arrives with an unidentified friend at Police Court in London, when she and others including American model Miss Luna were accused of obstructing police in a London hotel. The case was adjourned. Blood Bank Policy Hit ZSm Pirert from France,.. .n A totally new conccptin artistic motion picture foradults! Doris Day Brian Keith HO fHIII "INSTANI (AMHT" "With SixYmi 'S GetEggroll" 0 By SHEILAH GRAHAM HOLLYWOOD (NANA) -Warren Beatty has told Julie Christie that there is safety in numbers, and while Julie toils in Switzerland, Warren is rotating some enchanting females: Odile Rubirosa the widow of the late lamented Rubirosa; Bettina, the last la-dyfriend of Prince Aly Kahn; and Maria Callas, the damsel who was dumped by Aristotle Onassis not too long before he asked Jackie Kennedy to marry him. It's all grist to Warren's mill. A young European sex symbol had to postpone her next film because of a problem with pot. ' Producer Al Brodax turned the Beatles into cartoon characters in "The Yellow Submarine." In "Mandrake The Magician" he turns the cartoon strip character into a live action man. I remember when "Four Daughters" catapulted the late John Garfield, in a minor part, into instant stardom. His son, John, Jr., plays a young man who preys on the loneliness of Sandy Dennis in "That Cold Day In The Park," and it could make him a star. You can bet now that Geral-dine Page will win another Emmy for her lovely performance in "A Thanksgiving Visitor" from the Truman Capote story, directed by Frank Perry and scripted by his wife Eleanor. ABC is showing it on Thanksgiving night and you must not miss it. It's another glimpse into the strange childhood of Mr. Capote the boy who plays him, Michael Kearney, is marvelous. Geraldine as his elderly spinster aunt in the Midwest is so real you can smell the food she cooks in the great kitchen. The fifty-minute show is a gem, beautifully directed, beautifully written. Don Knotts insisted on wearing Oriental silk pajamas for his bedroom scene with Anne Francis in "The Love God." "Richard Burton and Rod Steiger can afford to expose their muscular physiques," says the comic, "but when you're five feet 8, and weigh 120 pounds, you look like an over-exposed X-ray on film." On the other side of the plate everyone in the film version of the D. H. Lawrence story, "Women In Love," rushes around in his birthday suit Alan Bates, Oliver Reed and Glenda Jackson, sometimes all three together, or alone flashing nude through the woodsey woods. But the film to take the biscuit in this sort of thing is naturally from Sweden "The Naked Winds Of The Sea." The sex is so horrendous that even the Swedish censors have Ml UK DtSNiY SHOIT 4 LAST DAYS , DETROIT (AP) The American Public Health Association has attacked what it terms the "scientifically foolish" segregation of blood Open 1:30-60' Til 2 banks in Louisiana and Arkansas and will seek to change that policy In the two states. The APHA executive board said it will send a letter of protest to state governors and health department and will ask the federal government to apply "such pressure as is legally possible." The two states do not permit the transfusion of blood between persons of different races, although there Is no scientific basis for not doing so, said Dr. Myron Wegman, board chairman. 1 1 U I LIST 2 DAYS! "DUFFY" JAMES COBURN JAMES MASON JAMES FOX SUSANNAH YORK SEE MOVIE TIME CLOCK VOUlHfBN ItVD. 2 ADULT HITS wist or aatPOif oskAR Mm werner Ferris A C0MIDT (RIM! "MANTIS 3 CAPER! W"THE THIRD " SEX" LACE m DIVORCES DONAHUE - Actress Valerie Allen sits in a courtroom in Los Angeles where she was granted a divorce from actor Troy Donahue after she testified that he kept coming home late to dinner. Donahue did not appear. Miss Allen, 28, married Donahue, 32, in Dublin, Ireland, on Oct. 21, 1966. They separated last April 11. tt.ineei 0Hs ... must it Madden ill woTno . 2 ADULT THRILLERS WEDNESDAY MICHAEL CAINE "DEADFALL" W hen Shopping Use P-T Classified Swap Shop Sunday "CASE OF THE STRIPPING WIVES" "FRENCH IIONEYMOOV X "' if 0NC EVERyONE?!?' ON U.S. NO t DII!lfACH 2 BIG COLOR HITS Actors Workshop presents Theaters Today I Gene Barry ADULT ENTERTAINMENT JANE FONDA TAAROC 7" "I "BARBARELLA FOLK DANCE CLASS MONDAY, NOV. 18, 7:30 TO 9:30 N0RTHW00D RECREATION CENTER 40TH STREET AND PINEWOOD BRIAN FRIEL'S comedy success PHILADELPHIA, HERE I COME! directed by KING PAGE Wed. thru Sat. Nov. 20-23 8:30 p.m. tickets $2.00 members FREE 832-5194 2 BIG HITS ELVIS PRESLEY k MICHELE COREY "LIVE A LITTLE , LOVE A LITTLE" Barry Sullivan A Wondoll Coroy "BICKSKIV AIR CONDITIONED LYON-INICKEL CAFETERIA 207 Royal Poinciana Serving Palm Roach sine 19S0 lunchtsn Specials daily oxcapt Sunday 967-2500 BOCA RATON "Boston Stranger," 2:25. 4:45, 7 06, 9:25. CAREFREE "Duffy," 2: 10. 4:00, 5:50, 7:45. :40. COLONY "lnterlude."7:20,:30. FLORIDA "2001: A Space Odyssey." 2:00. 5:00. I 30 LAKE "With Six You Get Eggroll." 1:30, 5 36.7 40.0:45 LOEWS CINEMA BOYNTON "Petulil." 7:30. 0:30. LOEWS CINEMA 71 '"Helga," 2:00, 4:00. 6:00.1:00. 10:00. C Walter Matthau John Richardson VIOLENCE l - dcbnci Lire ur The Shipwreck Lounge J Mkl Clkirrn ars a. k i 1 ON Boiled Beef, Horseradish Sauce (Dinner only) Stuffed Green Peppers (Dinner only) Boked Young Chicken (Dinner only) I AN AMERICAN WIFE OF SHE" lornor lako worth . Davit Roadi Lake Worth SINGER ISLAND 11:30 A.M. to 1: 1 S P.M. - 4:30 P.M. to :00 P.M. Daily and Sunday PLAZA BIG DOUBLE COCKTAIL 5:30-1 "Boston Strangler," 1:00, 3:10, 5:20, m PAUL SCOLUNS MUSIC TUES. Thru SAIS. 9 P.M. TILL? NOW . . . SERVING DINNER 6-10PM iirar . . . EXCEPT HONMTS 7:30, :4. PLAYBOY "Come Play With Me." 2:00, 4 00, I 00 1:00. 10:00. "Sugar Daddy," 3:00. 5:00. $00 urn at M i li r MAITINI daiouaii manhattan PARENTS: Directly BECAUSE OF CERTAIN REVEALING on the 3730 Ocean Drive RIVIERA "Duffy," 7: 30. : 40. BEACH IDRIVE-IN) "Stripping Wivet,"6 30. 10:00. "French Honeymoon,"!: 15. BOULEVARD IDRIVE-INI A NEW CONCEPT IN TV FOR SOUTH FLORIDA ACTION REPORT Ocean Riviera Beach IS Hie SCENES. ..WE 848-6621 "Mantis in Lace," 7:00, 10:10, "Third SUGGEST YOU SEE Resort Motel and lounge mi. so. DELRAY (DRIVE INt "HELGA" FIRST! "Barbirella," 7:00. 10:25. "Mine. 7." SKVUROMl' DRIVE-INI "Liv a Little. Love a Little." 7:00. 10:30. "Buckskin." S 50. SECRET TRAIL (DRIVE IN) "Secret Life of an American Wife," T OO. 10:30. "Vengeance of She." 1:50. TRUE! STARTLING!! tried w Lin ntTvttrri PLANET 0 MlTfE" YV - X m-LD J. X A Ml . lufrsmm sou.nt in 1111 ' n j .i' t taaaa NOW SHOWING juiic ooc. CURISHE-SCOTT FIRST-RUN Relax! It's only a movie! MONDAY THRU FRIDAY FOLLOWING DIALING FOR DOLLARS AT APPROXIMATELY 5:30 P.M. JAMM JAMBA JAMBS -CCCUSTN IWASCN FCX US ANNAN ..the uncommon movie MATINEES FROM 2 PM ACTION REPORT ACTION REPORT ACTION REPORT ACTION REPORT ACTION REPORT ACTION REPORT ACTION REPORT ACTION REPORT ACTION REPORT ACTION REPORT RON FORTNER The ACTION REPORT is designed to be the voice of the people ... to help them get answers to questions ... to help solve problems ... to cut through red tape ... to help our viewers get ACTION at the time when they need it! Problems? Water standing in the streets? A landlord who won't make repairs? Locating a missing person? Lost legal documents? A fraudulent salesman or business? A destitute person who needs immediate medical care? Whatever the problem, ACTION REPORT is designed to seek out the problems and then carry it through to its completion. Both the "before" and "after" of situations will be shown. Refusals to take action will be shown! DINNER AND COMPLIMENTARY COCKTAIL 2.75 Choice of delicious roast beef, seafood, or chicken. Special club dinner includes appetizer, dessert and beverage. Join us Monday through Saturday, 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. JM's Gulfstream Restaurant, third floor. All you care to eat . . . for Lunch or Dinner. Wonderful fresh fish in season I BROILED OR FRIED Served with F-ench Fries or Baked Potato, Hush Puppy, Corn Fritter, Cole Slaw. Out well stocked bars dispense drinks with lavish care Ship Captain's Buffet Luncheon, 1 1:45 to 2 PM, except Sunday Lunch and Dinner 7 Days Wott Palm BMch-7400 S. Dixie Hwy.- (82-5822 North Palm BmcIi-661 U.S. Hwy. 1-84-E245 Boca Raton -1701 N. Fadaral Hwy.- 398-81 81 Also in Perrine, Coral Gables, Miami, North Miami, Dania, Ft. Lauderdale South, Ft. Lauderdale North, Pompano Beach, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Orlando (Maitland), Cocoa Beach J ON PREMIERE TONIGHT ILraf J PALM BEACH MALL to a.

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