The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 5, 1997 · Page 207
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 207

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1997
Page 207
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- THE PALM BEACH POST FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1997 7C FLORIDA CORPORATION INCORPORATE OVER THE PHONE... ITS EASY Pro football MASTERCARE CAR SERVIcTj rasjiEEECEn n i NFL leaders m 11 5 r- . I a 1 Rookie corners cause for concern ! h i i,; ' - 1 u ; () - ftp- 1 ! . XA J THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Cincinnati's Corey Dillon scores the first of his four touchdowns in Thursday's 41-14 victory over Tennessee. Dillon set an NFL rushing record for a rookie in a single game with 246 yards. Rookie Dillon runs over Oilers a HApCOMfLt IE - IM t.l ur.S: Articles at IT Wm I . (.'rpursl . Orawratr Seal. Slsch Certificate. Prelimiaart Nam tfn.'i.i"ij.)ii.mi.'u.u.H:iTi Searrti. Slate Filtnf Fen. Aitvrnev'f Fees Off Shun Corps.. Sm PrAl Uvpt- Lantetf Partner ship, l-easr Retirws, LLCs. DBAs. Trademarks ur tatam SaMUTmrlsait V4, 'f5. aV 'Vf. C vrps also avulaMr for unmediMe debtrr? t urn aka muMtfutcii ataiUMc tt.ln I.D k S$Lam tfft Ame RiLawve R 74W2Q2 6&9214 272-9228 IK (MMf l 4 Uwvif n m oar ikuH M 4 4.-h h(m SQLF'10.Q0 Walk 7:00 AM-12:00PM Ride 12:00 PM-3:00PM 7 DAYS A WEEK Tee time 3 days in advance Call 686-0948 f Haverhill Rd. off Okeechobee Price subject to change without notice. THE CLUB AT WINSTON TRAILS NOV. 19th-DEC. 14TH RATES AM HAM 9 Hole. & After 4PM Mon-Thurs 42 J34 $20 Fri, Sat, Sun je $5- $20 Tournament - Events - Golf Outings Available Golfs Newest Rangetinder Technology 3 Starting Time Reservations Call 561 439-3700 Taw Unlana or Hypo)uo Rd to Jog Bd m Lake Wortti PncrsU))eclloangeoulnot)C8. Low no-hassle, no-haggle prices on America's most popular boats! 4295 45th Street West Palm Beach, FL (l Mile W. of 195) In SAM'S Club Gift Certificates with purchase of qualifying NEW boat DECEMBER 4-7 ONLY 9am-7pm Thurs., Fri., Sat., Sun. Enjoy boating, the affordable all-family recreation. Choose from a variety of premium quality boats at low, SAM S Club"" prices. Immediate delivery on most models. Convenient monthly payment plans for qualified buyers. Non-members of SAM's Club welcome memberships, subject to qualification, available at sale! uunn&un aUTBOARDB 1 bsatfi" 'am-j Jp Nov. 1"-Dec. 31" GOLF RATES .P.te ; $35 Sat-Sun m 1 A3I Prises Include-' ' " Green Fcd & Cart Fee '' t v f Champions Q ULUB .jJT MSummerfUCd 561283-1500 Located in Stuart on the west side of U.S. 1, 1000 ft. south of Cove Rd., 16 minute north of Jupiter T M.ii.i Mi QtiarttrbKki Att Com h TO In S. Yoonoj, 5.F. ChindUr, All. Fvrt, G.B. Dllfer, T.B. , Johnson, Mln.) Aikman, Dal. Mitchell, Del. Plummer, Ariz T. Detmer, Phi. Fref otte. Wis. H5 12 m 167 421 249 336 m 452 275 423 244 414 236 112 102 244 134 402 204 2386 16 2191 16 3175 21 2356 20 3036 20 2745 16 7119 15 1449 I 1567 7 2682 17 Rinnan AH Yds Avg LG TD Sanders, Del. Levens, G.B. Hearst, S.F. R- Harris, Chi. E. Smith, Dal. Walters, Phi. R. Smith, Mln. Dunn, T.B. Allen, Was. Anderson, All. 263 1594 6 1 121 268 1237 4 6 521 7 234 1019 4.4 51 4 25 1 974 3.9 681 10 234 963 4.1 44 3 250 946 3.8 28 5 184 936 5.1 781 5 173 738 4 3 521 4 210 724 3.4 34 4 214 712 3.3 39 6 Receivers No Yds Avg LG TD Moore, Del. Rob Moore, Arlt Carter, Mln. Fryar, Phi. Sanders, Arlt Reed, Mln. Irvln, Dal. Morton, Del. Freeman, G.B. Emanuel, All. 89 1125 12.6 81 1348 16.6 80 929 11.6 77 1138 14.8 64 793 12.4 62 1040 16.8 62 983 15.9 61 778 12.8 60 941 15.7 56 868 15.5 79 47 43 57 701 56 55 731 45 56 Porters No Yds LG Avg Hentrlch, G.B. M. Turk, Was. Royals, N.O. Sauerbrun, Chi. Horan, St.L Jett, Del. Berger, Mln. Feagles, Arli Hutlon, Phi. Gowln, Dal. 60 2727 65 45.5 71 3211 62 45.2 72 3249 61 45.1 78 3399 67 43.6 38 1654 60 43.5 69 3002 60 43.5 59 2560 65 43.4 74 3186 61 43.1 73 3125 61 42.8 68 2884 72 42.4 Punt Returners No Yds Avg LG TD Palmer, Mln. Sanders, Dal. Williams, T.B. Uwaeiuoke, S.F. Guliford, N.O. K. Williams, Ariz Mitchell, Was. Schroeder, G.B. Tobmer, NY-G Mllburn, Del. 30 397 13.2 57 33 407 12.3 S3t 35 428 12.2 63 30 348 11.6 36 37 422 11.4 32 34 386 11.4 50 32 343 10.7 46 33 342 10.4 46 40 408 102 531 1 37 328 8.9 40 0 KIckoH Returners s Avg LG TD No Yd- Bates, Car. Guliford, N.O. Palmer, Mln, Mllburn, Del. Hanspard, All. K. Williams, Ariz Walker, Dal. Mitchell, Was. Hughes, Chi. Staley, Phi. 34 33 988 29.1 56 865 26.2 1021 19 45 472 24.8 62 69 1110 24.7 32 765 23.9 93t 63 49 971 58 45 40 39 953 23.8 928 23.8 37 869 23 5 43 1008 23.4 40 931 23.3 Scoring Touchdowns TD Rush Rec Ret Pis Sadden, Del. Levens, G.B. Alston, T.B. R.Harris, Chi. Anderson, All. Carter, Mln. Freeman, G.B. Emanuel, Atl. Irvln, Dal. Phillips, St.L 1 12 11 10 10 9 8 9 8 8 8 72 3 0 60 0 0 60 0 54 0 54 0 54 0 48 0 48 0 48 NFL Injury report The National Football League Injury report for this week's games as provided by the league: Sunday ATLANTA (54) AT SAN DIEGO (4-9) - Falcons: QUESTIONABLE: K Morten Andersen (hamstring); CB Michael Booker (hip); DT Travis Hall (ankle); CB Lenny McGIII (thigh). PROBABLE: CB Juran Bolden (hamstring); CB Ronnie Bradford (elbow); CB Ray Buchanan (hamstring); RB Byron Hanspard (knee). Chargers: OUT: QB Stan Humphries (concussion). PROBABLE: CB Owayne Harper (thigh); TE Freddie Jones (leg). BUFFALO (6-7) AT CHICAGO (1-11) - Bills: OUT; CB Marlon Kerner (knee-lniured reserve); RB Tim Tlndale (knee-lnlured reserve). QUESTIONABLE: CB Raymond Jackson (hip). PROBABLE: TE Robert Coons (ankle). Bears: QUESTIONABLE: WR Bobby Engram (ankle); TE Keith Jennings (shoulder). PROBABLE: WR Fablen Bownes (hip); DE Alonzo Spellman (shoulder). DENVER (11-2) AT PITTSBURGH (9-4) -Broncos: OUT: G Mark Schlereth (back). PROBABLE: G Brian Hablb (back); CB Randy Hllllard (eye); OT Maa Tanuvasa (ankle); DE Alfred Williams (elbow). Stealers: OUT: LB Grefc Lloyd (ankleInfection). DOUBTFUL: TE Kirk Botkin (knee). QUESTIONABLE: TE Mark Bruener (foot). PROBABLE: RB Jerome BetfIs (back); WR Will Blackwell (ankle); T John Jackson (knee); 5 Carnell Lake (hamstring); WR Yancey Thlgpen (knee). DETROIT (7-6) AT MIAMI (8-5) - Lions: DOUBTFUL: LB Richard Jordan (hamstring); CB Corey Raymond (foot). QUESTIONABLE: LB George Jamison (shoulder). PROBABLE: G Mike Compton (rib). Dolphins: OUT: S Brace Walker (leg-lniured reserve). DOUBTFUL: TE Frank Walnright (pectoral). QUESTIONABLE: RB dim Kilts (groin). PROBABLE: WR Charles Jordan (toe); CB Sam Madison (ankle); WR Briah Manning (knee); RB Jerris McPhall (ankle); T Richmond Webb (knee). GREEN BAY (10-3) AT TAMPA BAY (9-4) -Packers: QUESTIONABLE: DE Paul Frase (back); WR Terry Mlckens (knee); TE Jeff Thomason (ankle). PROBABLE: DT Gilbert Brown (ankle). Buccaneers: QUESTIONABLE: WR Horace Copeland (ankle); LB Rufus Porter (neck); G Jim Pyne (groin). PROBABLE: RB MlkS Alstott (shoulder). INDIANAPOLIS (1-12) AT NEW YORK JETS (8-5) - Colli: OUT: CB Dedrlc Malhis (knee). QUESTIONABLE: LB Ellah Alexander (ankle); S Robert Blackmon (thigh); LB Stephen Grajlt (neck); CB Carlton Gray (hand); QB Paul Justin (knee); RB Lamont Warren (ribs). PROBABLE: WR Aaron Bailey (thigh); S Ray McElroy (shoulder). Jets: OUT: T Jumbo Elliott (Achllles-inlured reserve); T David Wll-liarrn (back). QUESTIONABLE: CB Aaron Glefin (knee). DOUBTFUL: QB Glenn Foley (knee). PROBABLE: DT Jason Ferguson (shoulder). MINNESOTA (8-5) AT SAN FRANCISCO (11-2) t Vikings: OUT: QB Brad Johnson (neck). DOUBTFUL: OL Scott Dill (back); CB Leonard Wheeler (ankle). QUESTIONABLE: WR Chris Walsh (thigh). PROBABLE: DE Fernando Smith (groin); S Orlando Thomas (hamstring). 49ers: OUT: RB Garrison Hearst (clavicle); WR Jerry Rice (knee). PROBABLE: G Kevin Go-ganilknee); CB Morquez Pope (foot); CB Fran-kle Smith (knee); S Rod Woodson (shoulder); DT Bryant Young (ankle). NEW ENGLAND (8-5) AT JACKSONVILLE (9-4) - Patriots: QUESTIONABLE: WR Terry Glenn (hamstring); WR Dietrich Jells (knee). PROBABLE: WR Shawn Jefferson (ankle); CB Steve Lofton (hamstring); RB Curtis Martin; (shoulder); DT Henry Thomas (knee). Jaguars: DOUBTFUL: C Michael Cheever (back). PROBABLE: T Tony Boselll (ankle); DE Tony Brackens (ankle); LB Kevin Hardy (hamstring); RB Natrone Means (ankle); DT Esera Tuaolo (ankle); G Rich Tylskl (quadrlcep). NEW YORK GIANTS (7-5-1) AT PHILADELPHIA (64-1) - Glints: OUT: C Derek Engler (ankle); DE Cedric Jones (leg); LB Ryan Phillips (knee). DOUBTFUL: S Brandon Sanders (tjroln). QUESTIONABLE: RB Rodney Hampton (knee). PROBABLE: RB Tiki Barber (thigh). Eagles: QUESTIONABLE: G Ian Beetles (fool); WR Chris T. Jones (knee); CB Randy Kinder (ankle). PROBABLE: DT Edward Jasper (asthma); DE Greg Jefferson (back); DE Ndukwe Kalu (thumb); CB Troy Vincent (hip). OAKLAND (4-9) AT KANSAS CITY (10-3) -Raiders: QUESTIONABLE: G Lester Holmes (back); CB Albert Lewis (knee); DE Anthony SmHh (quadrlcep). PROBABLE: LB Rob Fre-derlckson (foot); T Pat Harlow (back). Chiefs: OUT- QB Elvis Grbac (shoulder). QUESTIONABLE DE John Browning (calf). PROBABLE: RB Kimble Anders (ankle); WR Lake Dawson (knee); LB Oonnie Edwards (thumb); CB Wows' (' T NEW ORLEANS (5-8) -Rams: QUESTIONABLE: DE Leslie O'Neal (foot). PROBABLE: TE Ernie Conwell (back); G Zach Wlegert (shoulder). Saints: QUESTIONABLE' TE John Farquhar (ankle); LB Mark Fields' (neck); WR Eric Guilford (concussion); S Anthony Newman (neck); TE Nicky Sevole (ankle). PROBABLE: C Jerry Fontenot (neck); DT Wayne Martin (shoulder); DT Pio Sagapo- IUSMnL?b(6-7) AT BALTIMORE (44-1) -Seahawks: OUT: T Howard Ballard (arm); RB Reoaie Brown (knee); DT Cortez Kennedy (ankle); CB Shawn Springs (thumb); P Rick Tuten fnelvls) DOUBTFUL: LB Joe Cain Mel' G Derrick Graham (neck). QUESTIONABLE- CB Jeremy Lincoln (ankle). Ravens: OUT- G Leo Goeos (chest). DOUBTFUL: CB Eugene Daniel (thigh). QUESTIONABLE: S Rondell Jones (groin); S Slevon Moore (knee); RB Tony Vinson (thigh). PROBABLE: RB Joy Graham (ankle); CB DeRon Jenkins (back); CB Antonio Langham (back); QB Vinny Testa-verde (knee); DE Keith Washington (calf). WASHINGTON (6-6-1) AT ARIZONA (3-18) -Redskins: OUT: RB Terry Allen (ankle); DT Chris Mlms (abdomen). PROBABLE: WR Hen-rv EMard (groin); G Tre' Johnson (shoulder); DT Rvan Kuehl (ankle); RB Marc Logan (oroln); C Jeff Uhlenhake (Knee); WR Michael Westbrook (knee), Cardinals: Reports no new Inluries. Monday CAROLINA (6-7) AT DALLAS (6-7) - Panthers: OUT: WR Mark Carrier (hand). DOUBTFUL' WR Raghib Ismail (shoulder). PROBABLE: LB Michael Barrow (groin); WR Rae Carruth (knee); QB Kerry Collins (concussion); S Damon Plerl (foot). Cowboys: OUT: RB Daryl Johnston (neck); T Mark Tuinei (knee) DOUBTFUL: CB Delon Sanders (rib). QUESTIONABLE: S Darren Woodson (shoulder) PROBABLE: QB Troy Aikman (back); DT.eTony Casllles (anklehj' Tony Hutson (orcfn); S Slngor Mobley (anTe); G Nate Newton (knee); RB Emmltt Smith (shoulder); T Erik Williams (ankle). I t I I I ii By Ethan J. Skolnick Palm Beach Post Staff Writer DAVIE The Lions are backed into a corner. Actually, two corners. Rookie cornerbacks Bryant Westbrook and Kevin Abrams will start for Detroit on Sunday night, but Lions coach Bobby Ross said that won't cause him to toss and turn too much under the covers. Dolphins notebook "I could sit and think and not sleep at night," Ross said. "But I'm not going to do that. I've got to sleep. Am I concerned? Yeah, big-time." Westbrook, the fifth overall pick in the draft, won the starting left cornerback job in training camp, and has started 11 games. The 5-foot-8 Abrams was a second-round pick who didn't get his first start until last Thursday, in a win against the Chicago Bears. He will start again Sunday, with Corey Raymond still nursing a sore foot. Abrams blew the coverage on Erik Kramer's 78-yard touchdown pass to Ricky Proehl. Later, Chris Penn beat Abrams for a 33-yard catch to help set up a field goal. Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson said, "their corners have a lot of ability. Westbrook was exceptional last year, and Abrams has tremendous speed." B Plans for Phillips: Jimmy Johnson is hedging publicly, yet privately he has related his plans to play newly acquired running back Lawrence Phillips quite a bit this season, if not this week. Phillips practiced again Thursday, and was slowed a bit by soreness in his left knee. Johnson announces his first four of eight inactives today, and Phillips is unlikely to be one of them. "He thinks it's bursitis," Johnson said of Phillips' knee. "I think there's more there." Yet Johnson does not believe any surgery will be necessary until after the season. B Seeking support: Reaction to the Dolphins' signing of Phillips keeps coming in. Tyrone Williams, a Green Bay Packers cornerback who served 126 days at a Nebraska correctional facility earlier this year for a misdemeanor weapons charge, was a Nebraska teammate of Phillips'. "It's good to have a nucleus to depend on," Williams said. "Here we have guys who I can go and talk to. I don't know if he had that situation in St. Louis. "I think he's gotten a bad rap, but there are some things that he has to control himself and can fix. It's up to him. ... He needs to surround himself with some good guys who can kind of guide him along." B Secondary shake-up: Starting strong safety Shawn Wooden has a slight tear in his right forearm, and starting right cornerback Sam Madison has a sore ankle. Both are expected to play Sunday. Just in case, Calvin Jackson has been working at his old cornerback position, and Corey Harris and George Teague are switching off at free safety. B No blackout: Miami's ABC affiliate, WPLG-10, and Office Depot agreed to guarantee the purchase of any remaining unsold tickets by game time. That means the game will be televised in Dade and Broward counties. 57 703 But not all the critics. "Everywhere I'd been, I was well-thought-of and liked as a player," Mitchell said. "And (in Detroit) was really the first time in my life when people questioned whether I could play, questioned everything about me. It has made me a better person. It kind of gets me fired up now. You just learn that this life isn't about what happens to you, but it's about what you do about what happens." with 12 yards on a fake. George carried only five times for 11 yards overall, his lowest totals in two NFL seasons. B Baltimore Ravens: Coach Ted Marchibroda named reserve quarterback Eric Zeier the starter for Sunday's game against Seattle, replacing Vinny Testa-verde, who has not recovered from a knee injury. Chicago Bears: The team has allowed an NFL-high 377 points. If they give up three more Sunday to Buffalo, the Bears will be the most scored-upon team in 78 years of Chicago football. t Denver Broncos: If both Denver and Kansas City finish 13-3, the Chiefs win the AFC West and get home field for the playoffs because they would have one division loss to two for the Broncos. That would make Denver the fourth seed in the AFC, behind the other two division winners. B Kansas City Chiefs: The team signed free agent corner-back Bucky Brooks to a two-year contract. Brooks, 27, had three special teams tackles in three games with Green Bay before being released Nov. 25. He also . had two tackles for Jacksonville in three games this season. B New York Giants: Coach Jim Fassel said he won't hesitate to replace struggling quarterback Danny Kanell with Dave Brown in Sunday's key game at Philadelphia. "I don't like to pull quarterbacks, but he's a young quarterback and he's learning how to play," Fassel said of Kanell, a former FSU standout who has thrown four interceptions and been sacked 12 times in the past four games. "We're also in a playoff race, and I need to do whatever I can to win games." B San Diego Chargers: The team will place quarterback Stan Humphries on the injured reserve list today, officially ending Humphries' season. He hasn't played since suffering a concussion Nov. 2 at Cincinnati, his second in 18 days. nil nuaiUKt 7 rii TCP U H UrlLlLii " ii,rfoc rpfill Of UDI0 1 n5;stenHM0W-30oil 99 1 U Most vehicles. ! 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Federal Hwy 692-3194 OPEN SUNDAY MV09440 UtAlintW ll ww do not Mhm nw w ,,, k iw and cop, olncnhmiM J, " -M h (hop lilt im. be aoftd. whclM, rJJJ " J i- Y0.1 Smc ottlim,, in, , " .minim, wmn cniM ohm ut mK. . . . . " I.. Si.i s alS Z 'ST " -I.. ott ( not mimmVSZ SSmT,""- Ho Payrntnt lot 90 DyS on qu Wyinrj f "SZ SS" : n mailt n,rh. n Jm ,. i. - . tta may vary will t imposrt L Z, rl i Vm WO & lull I wilhin 90 rtL u S ,..0.' P""' 1 "01 ' "nmw anig, J( 5Q n fl in ail n I HP fcj Most vehicles. 1 MasterCarer Si ; ri -l MK ECONOMY k? RADIAL 0,0004-1 njkfc MILE . ill LIMITED VSt ftiiltfi b warranty; t-fl f K 74 f -111 ' Palm Beach Post Wire Services CINCINNATI Corey Dillon rushed for 246 yards an NFL record for a rookie running back and set a club record with four touchdowns as the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Tennessee Oilers 41-14 Thursday night. Cincinnati (5-9) has scored 114 points in its past three games with 36-year-old Boomer Esiason starting at quarterback. He threw for 253 yards Thursday. But it was Dillon who won the crowd's cheers and a place among the NFL's top running backs. The second-round draft choice out of Washington stiff-armed the Oilers (7-7) while breaking one long run after another, scoring on runs of 2, 31, 1 - and 2 yards and moved ahead of Tampa Bay's Warrick Dunn for most yards by a rookie running back this season. n With just under 2:00 to play, Dillon broke Brown's 1957 rookie record of 237 yards. He took a handoff from Esiason, bolted right and bulled for 10 yards while the crowd cheered his name. Dillon brutalized a defense that was ranked third in the league against the run and had a lot of motivation. The Oilers were coming off a 27-14 victory over Dallas on Thanksgiving Day and needed another win to stay in playoff contention. The two-prong attack of Esiason throwing and Dillon running shredded the same defense that stopped Troy Aikman and Em-mitt Smith so easily only a week earlier. The game was decided by half time, when the Bengals had 321 total yards Dillon had 152 rushing and Esiason 161 passing and a 28-0 lead. Unable to rely on Eddie George and their ball-control ground game, the Oilers were at a loss to move the ball against a defense that had allowed 922 yards in the last two games. Punter Reggie Roby was their leading rusher at half time Critics haven't MITCHELL From 1C Achilles' tendon in 1993, Mitchell started seven games and threw for 1,173 yards. Just in time for his free agency. Had Marino not been injured, Mitchell said, "I'd probably still be (with the Dolphins). It's hard to do when you're a backup when you play behind a guy like Marino, who never got hurt and always played and you just knew you were going to sit on the bench. "I watched a lot of other guys who were drafted before I was, a lot of guys that had already been given chances to play, and a lot of them are out of the league now. And it's because when they got their spot, they didn't take advantage. I just knew I had to make it work when I got in there." But when he got to Detroit he learned a quarterback can also be a target for criticism. "He appears to handle it well, but he's a fcuman being, like all of us," Lions coach Bobby Ross said. sacked Lions' Mitchell Mitchell's recent games How Scott Mitchell has fared in the Lions' current three-game winning streak (a 99.8 QB rating in those games): OPPONENT An. C0MP. YARDS TD INT Minnesota 29 21 271 2 0 Indianapolis 28 16 150 0 0 Chicago 31 20 282 2 1 TOTALS 88 "You hear that kind of thing, it's got to be bothersome to him. I'm quite certain of that. I've tried to get him to ignore it. I hear it, too. It's very quick to happen." The previous three years, Mitchell took abuse along with coach Wayne Fontes, who constantly tinkered with his variations of the run-and-shoot. Mitchell said the curnpnt system keeps defenses more off guard. K 1 J I 71 1 1 I "jaaVJaan.

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