The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 5, 1997 · Page 194
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 194

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1997
Page 194
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Page 194 article text (OCR)

6B THE PALM BEACH POST FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5. 1997 MSL Agricultural Reserve says bye-bye, buffer, hello, duffer I've always said that what we need in Palm Beach County are more golf courses. Golf courses as far as the eye can see. That's because golf is our sport It's a sport that gives grown-ups an excuse to hide out from their spouses and kids for long stretches of the day without having to actually do anything productive. It's expensive and time-consuming, frustrating and land, then you've taken the first step to converting farmland to high-priced housing developments j with their o m golf courses. I j "I have nothing against golf communities," j Commissioner Burt Aaronson told me. Aaronson, speaking mostly to seniors from i j suburban Delray Beach this week, told them that if the reserve gets developed, they could count on more golf. j "I want that 60 percent of open land for golf," j he said. ; Amen. Yes, we need more golf. ! "Let's talk about golf," I told Aaronson on Thursday. "Golf is a game to torture people," he said. "It's supposed to be relaxing, but when you're lousy like I am, it's not" Another selfless public servant. A man who comprehends the utter fdolishness of golf, and yet is willing to do his best to bring us more of it Look out, Maricopa County. Here we come. we do. But we can do better. Fortunately, we have politicians who realize this, and know our need to saturate our community with sprawling tracts of strangely landscaped land, pocked with sand craters, pesticide-rich turf and restricted access to outsiders. Which is why the wheels already are grinding to turn the Agricultural Reserve into another excuse to build golf courses. I remember the dark ages when environmentalists had pictured the Agricultural Reserve, a 30-square-mile tract stretching from west of Lantana to west of Boca Raton, as a sort of borderline for suburban sprawl. But now, due in large part to golf, we've found a palatable excuse to make it part of that sprawl. It's simple, really. Just a matter of redefining what is meant by "undeveloped" land. Big tracts in the Agricultural Reserve were supposed to be spared from suburbia, because 60 percent of each tract had to be left undeveloped. But if you consider a golf course as undeveloped There's almost nothing socially redeeming about golf. In golf, you bounce around in a silly cart, looking for your silly ball, while waiting for the silly group of people ahead of you to quit taking their silly time, so you can hit your silly ball again, hop back in your silly cart and begin another search. In other words, it's the perfect sport for the leisurely, over-the-hill, paunchy, money-to-burn, time-to-waste populace of Palm Beach County. Which is why we need more golf courses. We've been slipping in our national golf course rankings lately. "Palm Beach County used to be right at the top," said Judy Thompson with the National Golf Foundation, a Jupiter-based trade association. "Now, Maricopa County in Arizona has the most." Palm Beach County has only a measly 150 golf courses spread out among 109 golf facilities, according to the foundation. Sure, that's fourth in the nation behind Riverside and Los Angeles counties in California and Maricopa, which has 20 more golf facilities than Frank Cerabino tiresome. And it's one of the few sports that offers nearly no cardiovascular benefits, allowing your heart attack to arrive right on schedule. You can smoke, drink beer and even heed the call of nature while you play, and when you're done, you feel the same kind of weariness you'd have felt if you had spent the four hours trudging through the mall. RQD PlfiM MOD 2 mmm rout nkkui or w kowki. NO MTMEXTSHO MTEKfl HHUKIM KIWIS Subject to crsctl oppctvol Apples lo punkas modi the CompUSA consumer credit cord. Accrued hncm (Wok lbiiKsil(iOTmndilojlW()ii.rftokKe is not lad Ml nin su months VoU n qooafymg pardon modi hough Solurdoy. bomber 13, ml onkr. 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Hot ovnloble via mail order. Umit: 1 of wdi rtwi F35 Change not embraced by everyone SCHEDULE From IB who are being drained by the status quo," said Assistant cipalJackValerio. But on Thursday many teachers, parents and students were unenthusiastic about the change, saying it would mean much longer classes and bring other disadvantages. They're not doing this for educational reasons," said English teacher Judy Nordonbrock, who voted for the losing proposal because it allows for yearlong classes. "Studies show yearlong classes and a lot of repetition works better than short-term, intensive teaching," she said. Others, such as English teacher Dot White, were unhappy teachers weren't given another choice. "It was either block scheduling or block scheduling," she said. The new schedule won't lengthen the school day, but could cut into time available for extracurricular activities and academic programs. Parents and teachers worry that debate, art and even advanced placement classes may be cut, and that the 90-minute class periods tax kids' attention spans. For students, the change means being able to collect the number of credits they need to graduate by the end of their junior year, perhaps allowing them to graduate earlier. But it also makes every class much longer. "I like it the way it is now," said Joshua Cook, 15. "As it is, many kids fall asleep during some lectures." Some parents and teachers privately called the vote a "ploy" to implement an alternative schedule before parents could take up the issue at the Student Advisory Council, which was scheduled to meet the night of the vote to discuss the issue. And teachers who favored the alternative plan complained that administrators canceled a scheduled tour of Palm Beach Gardens Elementary School to study that system in practice. But Principal Joan Hunt, who favored the winning plan, pointed out that two SAC members were on the team that studied alternative schedules and which produced the two choices on the ballot. "This hasn't been a secret," Hunt said. Last December teachers chose not to switch from the six-period day to an alternative schedule. Then and now, many prefer the five-period plan the school board terminated two years ago in order to save money (more than 10 teaching positions were cut that year). South Fork High School adopted a block schedule that same year. "The next step is to minimize the concerns of parents," said Hunt, who plans group meetings to explain the changes. "Now that the vote's over, we can focus on making the new schedule work." 229997 1599" BI20000 EI20000 1399 tudora Mail Pro 3.0 PMCE ATlt REIATf Zip'lt EJMf 1 Mow'MCD'llTW 39"2r Instant ReboM- SAVE - wk -jaatmmaMamswm 24M" Instant Rebate TtT MFD. UPG0: Mat in Rebdellf 10" MFD. 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