The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 5, 1997 · Page 193
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 193

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1997
Page 193
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Page 193 article text (OCR)

68 THE PALM BEACH POST FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1997 w S C Housing director allegedly hid invoices Hi PACK UP AND GO You don't have to go far to find great vacation ideas that'll get you packing. Just go to the Travel section in this Sunday's Palm Beach Post. SIMMONS From IB all that's happened, to continue to lead the housing authority?" 1 HIIIPIIM'I I The practice of withholding invoices is inconsistent with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Further, failing to pay vendors in a timely manner causes some vendors to restrict or revoke the Authority's credit privileges.' ALISA HOLMES Authority's second-in-command New Homes News Itchin' to move? Check out the beautiful new home communities in The Post's Friday Real Estate Weekend section. 'v. .:$': The board created the investigative committee in September after receiving written employee complaints and after the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development sent investigators to examine the agency's finances. The committee, which included Scott and authority attorney Sam Thomas, spent more than than two weeks interviewing all employees who volunteered. But the two did ask Holmes to respond to Smouse's October memo. Holmes responded that Simmons told staffers to "refrain from posting invoices" in four months of the current fiscal year, which began April 1, continuing a practice employed in the previous three months. In October alone, $9,625 in invoices were not recorded, she said. The practice of withholding invoices is inconsistent with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles," Holmes wrote. The result is that expenditures are understated and surpluses exaggerated, she said. "In most instances, for example October 1997, recording all invoices would have meant presenting a large deficit balance," Holmes wrote. "Further, failing to csked HIS! MINIMUM TOTAL PUKflAK OF '299 KQWKP. NO MYWKTSNO IffUHH NHMCM6 DETAILS Subject to credit mwovd titfm to purchases mode wrih rhe CompUSA consume! credit cord. Accrued finarw charges i be o$ie$st fTn the ntnd dote o( purchaM H bokmte months. Vain an ouwfvtrw fs not paid in y within si sin purchases mode through Saturday, Detemoir 13, 1997 only. As of October 1997, the' CompUSA credit coW annual percentage con (APR) is 2? 3UV AfD'i ry minimum rooriimy nnonte awrge ot v.W may apply (redrt is provxied ay Benelirial Norwnat Banli USA ..iilu..... j W trt Ik , - A mm"! K,.m.,..L,m.mmm j.i.tjJ PRICE BtFOHt REBATE 2597" EB 5000 E 10000 P ISO00 22 9791 PUKE AFTER RtBATt j ' ' ' 2 QTE3 t W-3 U I PAYMENTS! VVV 4? 5. zL . vav'.wv,v'.' imu e. emzZZZZrL I v. v.'.v.v.'. ilLLH M " ,ij-iv '.''. ( ti i i,4t ru'Xw I mr,m LjcJf'erTrl Iu Lm "" PAYAAE NTS : ,r .. IPAYMEMTSI - Wlfin HEWLETT AS LOW AS m AS LOW AS I m-uui eTT-l i Expanding Possibilities 0U&, J r. I j B n jOs, L 1 when mchased ww thc PaCKard Bell. , wnchawih i Expanding Pwsibilitieij 1 Z 1JU n ;..J( n------ CjLISACCMIJWSCKD(TCK) ComCaiSUMHClEDOCWO I 1 f, AS LOW AS "62?, ii laomni rennum rrwciwr 1 1 11 233MHz Pentium With KNIT Tethnology Multimedia Computer With Color Monitor & Color Printer 16MB Sync DRAM 2.0GB Hard Drive 16X MAX CD-ROM Drive 33.614.4 DataFox Modem 1MB Video RAM MPEG Digital Video 16 Bit Stereo Sound Multimedia Kit 14" .28 (13.25" Protessor with MMX" Tethnology Multimedia Computer With Color Monitor & Color Printer Wf-y, Protessor with MUX" Tethnology Multimedia Computer With vh A nl'Ap) Color Monitor & Color Printer ( Y,A(l) Vj?5'fly jF5,ly 233MHi Pentium II Protessor Multimedia Computer With Color Monitor & Color Printer 48MB EDO RAM 6.0GB Hard Drive 24X MAX CD-ROM Drive 56K FLEX7R4 DSVD DataFax Modem MPEG Video 14" .28 (13.2" Viewable Image Size) Color Monitor HP DeskJet 672c Color Printer 81 75 1 59765171 026l 54205 '56K modems ore capable of downloads ot 56Kbps, but speeds in actual use may vary. pay vendors in a timely manner causes some vendors to restrict or revoke the Authority's credit privileges." Simmons said deferred invoices were paid the following month and no money is missing. But Scott said the board needs accurate and complete financial information so members can make informed decisions. Holmes' memo says the $140,000 HUD grant, for maintenance and improvements, hasn't been awarded yet, but the authority has already spent the money by borrowing from its operating fund. Although the authority hasn't had problems doing this in the past, Holmes said, HUD doesn't approve of the practice. The board's investigative report also touches on questionable expenses reimbursed to former board Chairman Malachi Knowles, a troubled $1.1 million renovation contract and procurement practices in general. Other problems cited include: Paying more than $2,000 to Essie Duffus for photographing authority events without first seeking competitive quotes and without a signed contract. Paying almost $3,000 to tennis instructor Jimmie Home and about $4,500 to karate instructor John Walcott without taking competitive quotes until after the lessons began and without signed contracts. Simmons said administrators thought the services would cost less than $1,000, which, under authority policy, would not require bids. 24MB RAM 3.2GB Hard Drive 16XMAX CD-ROM Drive 33.614.4 DataFax Modem Multimedia Kit 14" .28 (1 3.25" Viewable Image Size) Color Monitor Canon BJC-250 Color Printer S605H3299i3247i 149286 i6520i 24MB RAM 3.2GB Hard Drive 16X MAX CD-ROM Drive Pentium Im D C I I I t Pentium Viewable Image Size) Color Monitor HP DeskJet 400L Color Printer DfintiUITl 3I00I52839I32471I49286I6I527 Ctllfe (33J CjUii3j,iMi. 1 1 mm j V1 S Q IIEBITE 299" nm Ei599"ii fNf! & rtej IM" ' ... 1399" l . 1 rit PcllET mMu l 5V 1 0 MFR. Mail-In RebcrteFREE 'mff1tJ' WmmmMkm f Vj I : "" I COMPAQl- V"-. . ft I ' 30MinuH Phone Card tmm Gomepaimmi 150MH! Pentium Protessor with i jtW r-riteU-m wwmMm 56KModem 7Ztt wiifim Sg X 1 75MHi Pentium Protestor r r,' , CiJ'Ill 14X MAX CD-ROM Drive (!'Jp) Color Hotebook (wl'M) 1 Handheld Computer nA EUtJ 1 2.1" High Contrast STN Color Display V 1 6MB EDO RAM 1 ,44GB Hard Drive 1 1 if&Wj I . ,7 I 'BAb JJW 16I01598I4 VillX 10X CD-ROM Drive I gBdX , !1 56K modems ore copaUe of ,. , 12.1" Dual-Scan Color Display I .J .TrrT?' ; Trophy Baa wikr'tBi?itii9" 9"MFR. Moil In ReboteFREE 1 04 Ker Keyboard mm downloads at 56Kbps, but speeds DentlUm 16-BitSound DenllUm . I WmnttmlSlt,mr.rm,MMAnS. WW MFR. Mai In RebatefREE jnactuduamoy.ory. 225CDS15ffll (olof N"lfW'W " . i i, 149(199 "1 YiW9 lf 149" ff!3 59" , v : mlT te I iSfeMtj ' : """""n' x Jffil9 bbeslpatai Jj9 SlW I PHILIP5' ' rnti - Jb 1 Stylus Photo Color Printer Kenwuhttured Color Printer u """ . 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The intruder, between 19 and 25 years old, ordered the employees to open the safe. When the pair told him they didn't have the combination, the man told Castranova to wait in the bathroom. He made Vilce stay and look out for other arriving employees who might know the combination. After several minutes passed and no other employees showed up at the store at 1775 N. Congress Ave., the man told Vilce to go into the bathroom with Castranova. He then left the store empty-handed, Schilke said. "I commend Vilce," Schilke said. This was his very first day on the job. He had several opportunities to run from the store to save himself because the suspect asked him to check the doors a few times to see if other people were coming. But he chose to stay because he was worried about Castranova." Police are asking anyone with information about the incident to call (561) 375-6100. iuir r M 4 - tu i i '-t. iii SMS Memory Upgrade 4 64ConfOle 172748 ildWi.u.i.- .t. N64 Console 172748 16X MAX CD-ROM Drive IwKriimmuiiollMHjPenlMil fteoi. NeOVV Gear Lin I petcustaiw. II iolly PlayStation" Consle 107979 4.0CB Narrf Drvi60590 STD 534891 A00 13251 5 Limit: 2 pet customei. 150995 -j Based upon purchase on the CompUSA Conurtw Credit Cord under the standard revolving plan ot current Annual Percentage Rate OT of 2230 as of October 25, 1997. Does not induce any additional charges such assdeTtax, deliver y, installation, jnsurance, late fees and ovei me limit fees. APR may vary. '1 .00 minimum finance dw gT 1 ar " 9 0'm '"""""""I Jnilr)riTHllirilfl bu-4 Iniin - i-nffir "'JiTlfciirf - T "r w.ll.,.mj,ui, JM J Over 5000 Computer Products! Delivery and kstarVrrion! Technical Services! 3 and 5 Yew Extended Service Plans! Training SuperCenter. Locations! Dedicated Corporate Sales, Education, and P Government Teams! CSrMP'.5 ' e"M4 - ' i . - . J North Miami 826 to NW 1 2th Ave., north to PoHccentre. (305)620-1800 Mon-Sot 10-9, Sun 11-6 Deerfield Beach Hilfsboro Blvd. to Military Trail, north K block. (954)428-6928 Man-Sat 10-9, Sun 11-6 Kendall 8851 S.W. 1 36tti St., in the Prodo Shopping Center (305) 234-5600 Moo-Sat 10 9, Sun 11-6 West Palm Beach 2021 Okeechobee Blvd. One block west of 1-95. (561)688-9955 Mon-Sot 10-9, Sun 11-6 Export Sales: (305)6201800 7ME Gr.1PUTEn SUPERSTORE chased via moil order. Please see your sales representative for deit. Any typoqraphxot photogrophic or production error it products, pricing or often is subiecl to correction. Widows is o registered Wxlemork ol Microsoft it me U.S. and other countries. PowerPC is o Itademorlc ol Intemotionol Business Machines. Monitor ifeptays ore simulated. Pentium arid the Pentium Processor logo ore registered trademarks and MMK is a ttodemarl of Intel Comcitatton. Sony is o teg-stored nodemork ol Sony PfoyStotion is a trademark of Sony Computer nterlainment, Inc. Pockord Bell is o Irode-mork of Packard Bell ffectronks. h. CompUSA The Computer Superstore is o registered Irodemork and CompPrice and The Low Price Period ore service marks of CompUSA Management Company. 1997 CompUSA Management Compony. "We'll beat my ItgHimole price from ony local nutborued rtloil store on every pcodud we sel, eillw ot me lime of pwchosi or within me foilowmg 30 days. Our low price guarantee pertains to ol new factory sealed products ol the some brand and model number mot ore available and in stock ot any local outhoriied retail stun. Our guarantee does not apply to competitors' cncHf-chkind often or other hmned-guantity offers, special financing, tatallahon, manufacturer s rebate or when a bonus ot tree offer is included in me purchase. 5ocne restrictions apply. NOTE: All products subject to ptire changes and avorkiMity We reserve the right to IM quantities. All trademarks ore the property of their respective companies. Certain items may not be ovoiiatle via moil order, and certain restrictions apply to products pur- M MIIID GAMES! Love word puzzles? You'll find four daily in Accent in Th Palm Boach Post.

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