The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 5, 1997 · Page 28
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 28

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1997
Page 28
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Page 28 article text (OCR)

63 THE PALM BEACH POST FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1997 S c Housing director allegedly hid invoices Housing authority employee complaints The West Palm Beach Housing Authority's board appointed an investigative committee in September to hear employee complaints about Executive Director Sam Simmons and then-Chairman Malachi Knowles and to examine the agency's finances. The committee's report includes some employee compliments of Simmons' management but many more summaries of complaints. In order to ease fears of retribution, the employees are not named. Here are highlights of the report The practice of withhold ing invoices is inconsistent in writing Thursday. "While I readily acknowlege my relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ, it is inconceivable that one would perceive such a relationship as threatening," he wrote. Simmons commonly told numerous employees that he's the boss and that he doesn't care about their morale. "I'm the boss. No one else runs the authority not the board, not HUD (the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) " one employee reported. Simmons undermines supervisors by directly contradicting their orders to, or directly commanding, favored employees, several staffers testified. Simmons undermines staffers who oversee tenants by reversing their decisions when the tenants complain, some said. A few women complained that they were paid less than male counterparts. Simmons said this wasn't true and that "raises are approved on the basis of merit" Simmons "indicated to staff that he is directing at the direction of God and not of the board." Simmons told at least two employees that God had identified to him the name of the person leaking information to the press. Another employee said Simmons told her that he and she prayed to different gods, and that he is the only one who gets his prayers answered. "One employee expressed the view that Simmons uses his relationship with God to intimidate people," the report said. Simmons responded with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Further, failing to pay vendors in a timely manner causes some vendors to restrict or revoke the Authority's credit privileges.' ALISA HOLMES Authority's second-in-command SIMMONS From IB i aH that's happened, to continue to lead the housing authority?" ; m The board created the investigative committee in September after receiving written employee fcomplaints and after the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development sent investigators Jo examine the agency's finances. The committee, which included Scott and authority attorney Sam Thomas, spent more than than two weeks interviewing all employees who volunteered. But the two did ask Holmes to respond to Smouse's October memo. Holmes responded that Simmons told staffers to "refrain YOU AUTO BUY NOW 3 ML from posting invoices" in four r months of the current fiscal year, which began April 1, continuing a practice employed in the previous mree months. In October alone, p9,625 in invoices were not re corded, she said. k0 "The practice of withholding 57 is inconsistent witn Generally Accepted Accounting nnmum row mem m Kwmi. DO MTMEKTINO MTUEST HWUKHK KUIU rnncipies, Holmes wrote. The fesult is that expenditures are understated and surpluses exag Sobwfl k ndH oppravd AppKas ft porthosK mode wi the lompUM tomuiw cradit cord Accrued trait (taps will Im assessed hom ihs orioinal dud of purchase il faoJann coda ki antm in months. loW on ouotlvm gerated, she said. Dwchma modi firm Stfuraw Ohmmh 13 1997 3 ', "In most instances, for exam on As i Ottob 25, in;, ' ijmpcji (nil mi onnuol piwiut rok MP) i 22 30V API's ny; muwmim monthly frame thorn of SI 00 inoy apply Credit is crowded by tmhaol Notwnol We USA ple October 1997, recording all invoices would have meant presenting a large deficit balance," """ "ri ! n n set rs. i " " " m Holmes wrote. Further, failing to mm pay vendors in a timely manner Is PKICi ItFOftl mm 2597" E 5000 E 10000 B 150 causes some vendors to restrict or revoke the Authority's credit privileges. Simmons saia aeierrea in voices were paid the following month and no money is missing. 229791 MKf AFTER REBATE But Scott said the board needs accurate and complete fi "Vs nancial information so members can make informed decisions. I- Holmes' memo savs the $140,000 HUD grant, for maintenance and improvements, hasn't - . i i- t been awarded yet, but the au PAYMENTS payments! PAYMENTS AS IOW AS thority has already spent the AS IOW AS AS IOW AS WBl HEWLETT k'Zj PACKARD Expanding Possibilities 00 HEWLETT PACKARD money by borrowing from its op 3$ -'62?. erating fund. Expanding Possibilities ; Although the authority hasn't 233MHz Pentium II Protessor had problems doing this in the Multimedia Computer With Color past, Holmes said, HUD doesn't approve of the practice. Packard Bell. 233MHz Pentiunf Professor with MMX" Tethnology Multimedia Computer With Color Monitor & Color Printer 24MB RAM 3.2GB Hard Drive 16X MAX CD-ROM Drive 33.614.4 DataFax Modem Multimedia Kit 14" .28 113.25" Viewable imoge Size) Color Monitor Canon BJC-250 Color Printer S605 1 I3299I3247II49286 I6520I 166MHz Pentiunf Protestor WithMMTTethnology Multimedia Computer With Color Monitor & Color Printer 16MB Sync DRAM 2.0GB Hard Drive 1 6X MAX CD-ROM Drive 33.614.4 DataFox Modem 1MB Video RAM MPEG Digital Video 1 6-Bit Stereo Sound Multimedia Kit 14" .28 (13.25" Viewable Image Size) Color Monitor HP DeskJet 4001 Color Printer 3IIMI52839I3247II4926VI6I527 Monitor & Color Printer 48MB EDO RAM 6.0GB Hard Drive 24X MAX CD-ROM Drive 56K FLEX'14.4 DSVD DataFax Modem The board's investigative re port also touches on questionable expenses reimbursed to former MPEG Video 14" .28 (13.2" Viewable Image Size) Color Monitor HP DeskJet 672c Color Printer 81 75 1 59765l 71 026l S4205 56K modems ore comble ol tium board Chairman Malachi Pentium ' I) ( I I I O II pentiumJI dowiioods ol 56Kbps, but speeds in actual use may ray. Knowles, a troubled $1.1 million renovation contract and procurement practices in general. Other problems cited include: AFTER MAIL-IN Paying more than $2,000 to MByy., J?rL ,. tmMmmmifrM torn REBATE Essie Duffus for photographing authority events without first ma unm nun 1 AS LOW A!j I '00 (Nol gvoitobli no mail ordM. linil: I of oodi item poi Mam I '35 229997 1599" seeking competitive quotes and without a signed contract. Faying almost $3,000 to tennis instructor Jimmie Home 99 fill SAVE and about $4,500 to karate in 1399 structor John Walcott without ludora Mail Pro 3.0 V taking competitive quotes until Zip'lt 39" 29" Imtont ttebole- after the lessons began and with Vrr Instorrt Rebate W MFR. UPGD' Mai In laboteHtEti 10" MFR Moi In RebrteFkE nnol 01 HMMtv itquvid In ugorali nMi. out signed contracts. Simmons said administrators thought the services would cost less than $1,000, which, under authority policy, would not re quire bids. 'incite 30-Minut Phom Card -nun 7"-7" MFR. Mail In RebateFREt 150MHz Pentium Proussor with Camepad mini l(T-ia Mtft Mail In RebaleFREf in'v MMX" Tethnology Multimedia Color Notebook Toshiba Pentium' 16MB SYNC DRAM TOSHIBA 6GB Herd Drive 56K-Modem V''AV'AV-.V','1,' fill t'f'i" "I 'i 1 III 75MHz Pentiunf Protessor New man stays with co-worker during incident INTRUDER From IB 14X MAX CD-ROM Drive Handheld Computer 12.1" High Contrast STN Color Disulov 133MHz Pentium Pntessor Multimedia Color Hotebook 16MB EDO RAM 1 44GB Hard Drive 10X CD-ROM Drive 121" Dual Stan Color Display 16 Bit Sound 225CDS1543lt 16MB RAM 16I0I59814 810MB Hard Drive 6.1" Actrve-Mortrix Pentium Imogisior fropfcjr tVsi mm- nanrm TT MFR. Matin RebotefREE Wannttma mm r-T MFR. Mail-In Rebole-FREE downioods at 56Kbps, but speeds pentl UrTI in actual use may vary. " 0 c 1 1 0 " 20"-2ir H In ReboleFREE Color Display iti64t 110991' PIKI HFOII HUTl 499" "I still find this whole thing a 499" BJ0000 III little incredible, Schilke said. tsSk Crtoo, This guy cuts a hole into the roof m 3004 3 20 and was just waiting up there until he saw some employees come hks AFTiit mm fn 59" "a 9Q99 :PBEST-DAT1 1 JSAm 33.614.4 Internal Datatax Modem V.42bis correction and compression means throughput ol up to 1 15,200bps. 139770 Limit: I pw customer. in." NCI AffH IHATI PHILIPS! The intruder, between 19 and 25 years old, ordered the em 17" .28 Color Monitor ? (16.22" Viewable Imago Size) I Stylus Photo Color Printer Remanutattured Color Printer 6-color technology and true 720dpi resolution, Up to 600dpi block printing and 600x300dpi prints up to 44" panoramic images! foil free (0lor prinHng and up to 6.5ppm. Optimized for lech support, 2-yeor warranty. 158214 VrVidow applications 179568 ployees to open the safe. When the pair told him they didn't have Astra 600P flatbed Scanner 30-bit color, 300x600dpi optical resolution, parallel interlace. 159265 1280x1024 Resolution. 28 Pol Prldi 3-fcar Warranty 176555 1 1 AMOotl I JSoh "U i t the combination, the man told Castranova to wait in the bathroom. He made Vilce stay and look out for other arriving em www i.;d 'utt' I Mlft ' M J I PKtt J A J ployees who might know the I V: iTh lyf i 4 AQV ? - I O" -10 1 IJ 0I99 lAAOOH J1 HEAVY GEAH heavy combination. After several minutes passed NKt AfT IMATt D-? ,! WWilOWS 9iiai;Li8t I and no other employees showed 1 1 4.0GB Hard Drive masn mm mymmmm. Sony PlayStation1 Consle mtj tiJX HeovyikarmJ Based upon pwchose on the CompUSA Consumer Credit Card under the standard revolving plan at cuttent Annual Percentage Rote (APR) ol 22 30 nsof October 25, 1 997. Does not indude any odoilional chorges such as sales tax, deliver y, imtollation, mt, lete lees and over the Unit L APR may m '1 .00 mmimurn Lnce cnot North Mwrni 'jijljd V y i I I L,ir aJjbai Over 5000 Consputw Product! Delivery and IniMasHon! letJinkal Servkeil 3 and 5 Year IxtendJ Service Mans! Training SuperCenter. Locations! Dedicated Corporet, fe Sales, Education, and K Covemment teams! up at the store at 1775 N. Congress Ave., the man told Vilce to go into the bathroom with Castranova. He then left the store empty-handed, Schilke said. "I commend Vilce," Schilke said. "This was his very first day on the job. He had several opportunities to run from the store to save himself because the suspect asked him to check the doors a few times to see if other people were coming. But he chose to stay because he was worried about Castranova." Police are asking anyone with information about the incident to call (561) 375-6100. MIND GAMES! Love word puzzles? You'll find Jour daily in Accent in jfoe Palm Boctch Post. 826 fa NW 1 2th Ave., north to Porkcenrre. 1305)620-1800 MonSollOV.SunlU WieMBeodi Htlrsboro Blvd. to Military IrrJ, north K blodt. (954)428 6928 Mon-Stl 10 V, Son 11-4 Kendal 8851 5 W. 136m Si., nth Prado Shopping Center (305)234 5600 MonSatl09.Sunll-i West PoJm Beodi 2021 0ketSob Blvd One bWc west ol 1-95. (561)688 9955 Mon Sat 10 9, Sun IM Export Soles: (305)620 1800 FfJ COPAPUVEft SUPERSTORE rhosed via mail order fleose see your sales representative for delois ny typooaphKol photographic or production of rVkrnsoft in tfw II and error in products, pricing or often is subject to correction Windows is a registered In wlemork fit COMPWA of International Business Mocbines, Monitor disnlovs ore simiJntiid Pcntiim omer countries rowerri is a TroaemarK c is a ttodemarli CONSUMER We ( heal ony legifimole pme from my lod auftwued retool state on ewty ixodiKt m sell etltw at me lime of puttliose at within me looWo 30 days Out kw pnte guarantee pertains to all new, rodory sealed products ol the some broad and model mmbet mot ore available and it stork at ony loral autWited retail store Our guarantee does not apply to (ompetiton' oneH)fliind offers or other limited quantity offers, spend fimrKino, inlolotiKt monufoc-tuter 's rebole at ifwi a bonus or free oHer is mduded the pwihose. Some resltKtions oppfy NOrt, A prodwts sj jert to ptKe rnonoes ond ovottolMlitv We reserve the noit to Ut quonlmes trodemorks ate the property of ttW respertive lomponies. Certain Dents may nol be ovoilobte via moil order, and tertom restrKtions apply to products pur ate registered Itodemorlis and MMX is a trademark at Intel ton ate regtsterea ttoaemorts and MMX n a trodentark at M ana me remium rrotessor togo urporalmn. Sony is a teg-isteted Iraoemork o) Sony PtaySlatwn e s IrmternoHi a( Sony Comput biterlaninenl bx fcckotd Bell is o trademark of Podcotd sett BedtonKS Int. (omnllVA Fhe (omputet Wrstore is a reorstered nadenmk and fnmnftm and tne law me retioa ore semce marks it lompusd Management lompony. & I W lompUSA Management tompony.

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