The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 17, 1968 · Page 94
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 94

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1968
Page 94
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(J 10 - Post-Times Classified, Sun., Nov. 17, 19fi8 15-34 Mercury 15-35 Oldsmobile 15-35 Oldsmobile 15-35 Oldsmobile , 15-35 Oldsmobile Gobble Up A Bargain" CUTLASS F-85 BY owner 1967 OLDSMOBILE tl'IOSS OLDSMOBILE, aood running 1962 COMET AUTO R, $595. SOUTHSIDE MOTOR SALES 1132 SO. DIXIE, LW 512 5951 Luxury seaan. Cray with wocic i conamon ana sjooa tires. iw. 96 -added too, marching interior. F-jlW - 2549. 1961 Supreme Coe. 2-DR. HT. The Durmcj JOHN MATTHEWS eguipped Including factory air con 1962 MERCURY Comet jtotlcn wog on. outomatic transmission, rodio, heater. Good condition. 1350. 5 7911. ditioning and cruise control. 24.000 SPRUCE UP YOUR HOME with actual miles. $3050. 20M Pone De Doraoms! Find them N the Clossl. nnesi bunt by C3M. Looted with ex Iros V I. Fac Ar. PS. PB, R&H Vinyl roof, bucket seats, vinyl Into rlor premium tires, cost new over I420O Our price $2595 or $67.96 per no. OAVE RUPP AUTO BROKERS Special Used Car J i-cvn, wro rnune, COS-4V4J. ;fied Ads fodoyt 1966 CUTLASS 4-DR. V-t. Fac Air, PS PB R&H, 4 new premium tires lvoo Original miles Oarage kept. LW cut. The real old folks special & con be proven. This is one of the finel tomily cars mode. Econo my & clou with extreme comforts. You must see this one at $!I9S or $55 15 per ma. DAVE RUPP AUTO BROKERS 2202 N Dixie L.W. 585-7517 Bank Financing Open Sundays MORE AUTOS TURN PAGE mHANKSGIVINGJ 2202 N. Dixie L.W. 585-7517 Take Over Payments 1963 COMET 2-DR R&H. A reol bfouty. $6 Dn. delivers only $6.80 Wk. 585-6406. Dealer. Bank Financing Open Scndayf SALE SAT: 8-6; SUN: 12-6 422 TODAY!! SACRIFICE 1960 Comet wagon, good condition. $165. 683 317 1965 CUTLASS Sport Cot. VI, 4-Spd. R&H. Wide oval tires, oosltrac OLDS CUTLASS '67 OLDS Cutlass 4-DR., Sedan, full pwr., Fac. air. Extra sharp. $2195. Can finance complete. Chevy Shopping Center, 1100 S. Dixie, WPB. 133 7341 rear end, performance special at 15-35 Oldsmobile H4V5 or 34J.4I per mo. DAVE RUPP AUTO BROKERS 15 30 Ford 15 28 Chrysler 15-32 Jeep-Willy SPORTS CAR SPECIALS! 2202 N. Dixie L.W. 585-7517 Bantc r-lnancing open Sundays JEEP truck, 4-wheel drive, dump WAGON IMPORTS tjtjtjMQOjf HARD to find. "of) Chrysler Newport 4dr ridtp. V 8, toe. air, R&H. outo.. p s , p b. S339S. Will take trade and tinonre at bonk rote. Call Larry, M31M Dealer. '67 OLDS 88 4-DR. Sedan Delmont. Full pwr.. Fac. Air. Our low, low price. $2395. Con finance complete. Chevy Shopping Center. 2100 S. Dixie, WPB. 133-7341. 1963 OLDS 98 Conv.. immaculate, full pow. and oir, $895 full price. TED LEE, 2201 N. Dixit. LW 1968 OLDS "442" coupe. Four-speed transmission, power steering, tinted glass, AM push-button radio, heater, red line wide oval tires. 11,000 miles with balance of transferable factory warranty. Beautiful briaht red" I30O CC- Oufk fgYMA, WIMtt) op A fol ttol '66 AUSTIN HEALEY 1966 Country Squire. Pass. VI. AT, Fat-Air, PS, PB. New premium tires, low original miles. White with blue interior, power tailgate, tinted gloss, R&H. A real fine buy at IW5 or $50.9 per mo. DAVE RUPP AUTO BROKERS .'1995 1M2 CHRYSLER All power, oir-rond'ttoned. safety features. Extras. 68! 28. body, front end winch. Many extras. 68J 5925 otttr 4PM. INTERNATIONAL '64. Scout as current model, neorly new, low m le age. 4-wneel drive. Towr Lock rear. .000 pounds wm'h, deluxe trove top. all extras. First $1550. 148-9012 after 3 30. 1951 JEEP V Ton 4-Wheel drive pickup. $695. 4 Wheel drive Army Jeep. Extra parts. Runs good. $275. 643-1820. CREDIT OR NOT OR SACRIFICE ' 4 WHEEL DRIVE ' ' 150 Jwee in f4 CMiewmi " 1 ' cwmptet camper tat up. W4I be mU Hate week-en to. hajltnt at- ! " BEACH CARS ) ' 944 lhtJtM Id. 1. elM-tl. FOR CASH. IMMACULATE 1963 llOO ConveHtcbtt Pal blwajt. whit lop. J j PAP lprrod tyam. htte ' fuH prm !! '66 FIAT 7202 N. Dixie L.W. 55 7517 OLDS DELTA 18. LOW. LOW MILEAGE. WILL PROVE 1 OWN 15 29 Dodge Ban Financing Open Sundays 2 oil vfttiDitL until aui with white accent stripes and black vinyl bucket seats and interior trim. This hord-to-find model is an excep ER SOFT GREEN, NEW BLACK ((on. on pwrvtf Towii for BANK REPOSSESSION '66 MG 895 only tional buy at $2950 full purchase. 68 MUSTANG. OT equipment, 490 BEST BUY engine, jutomafic transmission, pow 66 CHEVY II NOVA SI A HON WA price, loo per cent financing available Bev Smith Rambler, 1215 U.S. 1. Lake Park. 148-8671. '66 SUNBEAM IMP 2 DO OH. In top STQLT condition Sokt prto ij 195s JEEP truck, 4-wheel drive, warn hubs, gun rocks. $400. IIRSi. LHARLtc AIKEN, 225 NO. MILI ARY TRAIL AT AIRPORT. 1967 OLDSMOBILE Cutlass four-door. Town sedan. Has regular V-8 engine, automatic transmission, fectory air conditioning, power steering, tinted glass, AM radio, heater and excellent premium tires. GON, er brakes, power steering, factory air 5 new tires. Exceptionally cleon. S2485. Phone Ralph Bogle, 433-2581, Extension 250. N?w 1969 Dodqe Coronet. All the nqht equipment including air-conditioning Only $2979. $199 down and SrJ9.0 per mo. Call Murray Bry-son at 683-ISH. Dealer. ill Vft! STSlf fiCrSS $uNoor .4 t. jftftr m 1295 UTILITY hunting Jeep. Good condition. Best offer. 83 2 6075. corf 19G3 F 85 CUTLASS 2 Dr. V-8, A T, very clean, $84 Dn. $48 mo. TEU LEE, 2201 N. Dixie, LW Has balance of 5 year 50,000 mile 19G2 KALCON S-W Deluxe Ini ond air, a real nice cor. Vl On S35 mo. TED LEE 2201 N. Dixie, LW 15-33 Lincoln-Continental factory warranty and is In completely original and excellent condl 1 1 o n throuahout. Finished in con DATSUNj, ft '64 PONTIAC SAFARI STATION WAGON, V t), AIR CONDITIONING, power ttconng, powr servative mass green metallic with 196! LTD Ford with air. 582 2740. conrrasting parenmenr tull vinyl upholstery. A fine buy at $2395 full purchase price. Bev Smith Rambler, 1215 U.S. 1, Lake Park, tVftV 8671, broken, rodto, itoow a t . AAT rol met fomiii tor rtoHy to da " WWW 1966 CONTINENTAL convertible, Pltciorn blue, white top. oir conditioning $2695. 844-6146, 148 0290. CREDIT OR NOT. OR SACRIFICE FOR CASH. GUARANTEED THE BEST CONTINENTAL ON ANY LOT. 47.000 WILL-PROVE MILES. 1963 DLX. NEW TIRES Uli 1968 OLDSMOBILE Delta 88. Cus-torn four door hardtop. This 8,000 mile car has all the extras Including factory oir conditioning, power steering and brakes, tilt steering wheel, AM rodio, high-tread premium tires. Finished in Ivy gold with contrasting black vinyl rcof and gold cloth brocade and vinyl interior trim. Transferable factory warranty. $3495. Bev Smith Rambler, 1215 U.S. I, Lake Park, 848 8671. CREOI OR NOT, OR SACRIFICE FOR CASH. 1962 FALCON. WILL PROV-J 1 LADY OWNER $191 DOWN CHARLEE AIKEN, 225 NO. MILITARY TRAIL AT AIRPORT. 65 HILLMAN husky seac STI-Tltl W1GM 093 CHARGER 1966 383 enq. 4 spd. Air Cond. Pos-itrac rear end. R&H, Fac warranty, red line tires. Midnight blue, white interior. Special ot th week & in good condition. $1695 or $3. 20 per mo. DAVE RUPP AUTO BROKERS 2202 N. Dixie L.rt. 585-7517 Bank Financing Open Sundays 1969 DART SWINGER VV down or trade. Exclusive price Credit statement by phone. Call only Chet Haerim 683-1511. Dealer 1968 DODGE Suoer Bee Sports coupe. None ol these oround and this '68 MUSTANG f AS IBACK. AU) CONOr-TONING, ovtomotK iTontmiuion, rodio. 68 DELTA 88, 4 door hardtop, air conditioned, fully equipped. 7200 ml. taar driven. Like new. Sold over $5 000. First $3275 takes car. 844-7595. 848 4336. '67 EN3LI5H Ford. Radio and heater. Economy car. BIJ South 'M' Street, LW. 582-8691. 2500 OKEECHOBEE M3-5III DOWN. CHARLEE AIKEN. 225 NO MILITARY TRAIL AT AIRPORT. inteKior. Comport thtt $ 1965 LINCOLN Continental convertible, white with red interior. $2395, 585 2832. 1295 65Cust.500Air998 66Ga!axie Air 1298 D. Gist, 1819 N. Dixie. L. Worth OLDS DELMONT 88 (2) 1965 OLDS Delmonts 81. Both full pwr., Foc.-Alr. Extra sharp. Your choice $1695. Can finance complete. Chevy Shopping Center, 2100 S. Dixie, WPB. 833-7341. I '62 MG MIDGET ROADSTER. '295 0 '58 KARMAKX-GHIA ZBZAm' "tTJ '68 HONDA MCC 11 495 f AMERICAN MADE I '67 COUGAR Z'Xill-T M995 '66 MUSTANG '- '66 DART V:,srA r- '1595 I '65 MUSTANG SSi" $-295 '65 CORVAIR :, r.,'r;.."0T 795 '64 T-BIRD liV1::;; M"T95 '64 CORVAIR riT.:r wsm OLDS CUTLASS '66 OLDS Cutlass, 2 DR., Red with white bucket seats. Full pwr., Fac Air. $1995. Can finance complete. Chevy Shopping Center, 2100 S. Dixie, WPB, 833-7341. '66 FORD COUNTRY StDAN STATION WAGON, V-8. ttorv ord trontrntUKiri, AIR CONDITIONING, 1967 MU;TAN3. Power steerlnq, pwer brakes, alr-canctitioned, ste reo. S2100. 683-5646. BANKRUPTCY 1965 Factory air conditioned hardtop sedan. There were two cars. 11966 Cadillac, sedan that was sold Wednesday for wholesale book. And '6 OLDSMOBILE 8, power air, radio and heater. Below list. 813 South rW Street, L.W. 582-9691. 1960 OLDSMOBILE, 2 ton, 4-door Sedan, Super 88, 1 owner. Very good condition. $375. Will consider trade. 655 4335 or 683-7670. liko brood now! Stmng n $ 1395 irvgl there, is this 1965 Lincoln thjt wilt FAIRLANE 62 FORD Fairlane 4-DR. Sedan V 8, 3 spd. White with red vinyl interl or. Extra sharp. $595. Can finance complete. $34 mo. Chevy Shopping Center. 2100 S Dixie, WPB. rnm 'i one's a knock out. Has many luxury ; extras uncommon in these cars, in-' cludmq factory air conditioning, au i tomatic transmission, power steer-! ing, tinted glass, and much more. I Very sharp sunlight yellow finish 1 with spurklinq white pleated vinyl : interior Transferdole tactory war-' ranty. Will finance any or all of $2995 tull purchase price. Bev Smith1 Rambler, 1215 U.S. 1, Lake Park,! 48-861. ! 67 DODGE Cor. 4 dr. sedan V-8, PS j Heatc. At $1695.00 Can finance total ! amjunt. See Jim McDougal 683-1511 ( Deaier i 1966 OLDS CutlaiS "442" red with white top and white leather bucket seats, wire wheels, factory air, lull power, 20,000 miles. Privately owned $2,250. Delray 278-4083 or 278-1030. 1962 OLDS Starflre. full power ond air, extra clean, $84 Dn, $48 Mo. TED LEE 2201 N. Dixie, LW CUSTOM 4 DR., o cyttfi- also be sold for wholesale book. Come to the dress shop at 2100 N. Dixie. Lake Worth, there is First come first served. There is no telephone (Financial assistance available if necessary) dor, itondard horwrttt- Mon, rodio, hooter, 2 toot hrtrth, low ntWt, foctory Worronty. Jwtt SUQl Ot good ot now' I O W W IWWACULATE 1967 Mustang Fast-back, 289 V 8, power steering. 3 on floor, radio. Best offer. 965-5707. BARGAINS '63 FALCON $joq Runt Good, targoifi VUO MCOmil $ng iMlcknn lOO JC0tVll $ng MotuoCp. , ovtQ. from. .. OOO '61 (NVAII iUC 4-0oor. ovto. troflL tltwl MVALUIT $909 4-Ooor. tmom LvQ '62CHEV. SOOO STATION WAGON. Aulo . WOO M COMET JCOO Avto tram Ckne DOO '62UMUAC SCQO 4-Door hordtop DOO BEACH CARS 941 laVEOUE ROU VYPI pt. 655-45 15 NO LONGER NEEDED MACHINE RY sells fast. Place an action-producing Classified Adl '66 FORD 1 1964 FORD Falcon. Excellent condition. 582-6804. "SUNDAY SPECIALS" LAKE WORTH AUTO SALES 1516 NO. DIXIE, LAKE WORTH 585-0677 CUSTOM 4 DR., V-l, 66 DART GT, V-8, 4-speed, radio, heater, aood tires. Like new condition. $1,600. 8-12 2386 "Remember, the King Cares' 15-34 Mercury avtomatK traniiriiMon, powor tttoring, power brohM, rttottr. Former municipal cor in excep-rtonolry good condition I 1968 MUSTANG convertible. Loaded. Yellow, black Interior. Original owner. Original cost. $4,000. $300 down, take over payments. Balance due, $2300 . 3070 South Ocean Blvd., A1A, Monalapan, 795 1962 COMET 6-cylinder wagon. Reliable transporiatlon. Inspected. $295. JU2-2972 days. Aoynton, 732-8368, evenings, weekend. 66 COMET ? DR itith iKitt. econo MUST sell. 1963 Comet. One owner. Excellent condition. Automatic. $595. o63-876o. Take Over Payments (2) 1962 FALCON Wgns. Real nice. $6 Dn. delivers, only $4.85 Wk 585-6406. Dealer. my O, raaio, nvaitir, an whiio. The economy $ 910 So. Dixie W.P.B. 655-3397 1195 1909 NEW 12 TON PICKUP 5 Year or 50.000 mile factory warranty. Only 52 2 3 1.5 0. $99 Down, $69 99 per month. Call Joe Fortin at 683 1511. Dealer CREDIT OR NOT, OR SACRIFICE FOR CASH. FULL S I I E O 1964 DOD3E 5'ENECA, AUTO. $198 DOWN. CHARLEE AIKEN. 225 NO. MILITARY TRAIL AT AIRPORT. One 1968 Dodge 2-Dr. Coronet Demo, left! Has power steering Air conditioning, radio 8, many other extras. New car warranty. $2,9V5. Can finance. See Dick Bergeron. Palm Bench Dodge Inc. 2101 Okee Blvd 6831511. 61 DODGE. 2-door. New paint and Coupe DeVille, All, Sharp! Sedaa, DeVlla, likt ntw, All . . Coupe DeVille, like ntw. All Automatic, viayl lop. All, clean Vinyl reol. All, automatic, Safari wagon, All. Nice! 1963 Mercury Monterey. Automatic. Ladles car. 39,000 miles. $750. nil tar '67 PONTIAC 010. 2 Ot. MAROIOI1, MERCURY COUGAR 61 MERCURY Cougar 2-DR, HT. loodnf. Alt CONOl- 1959 BLACK Ford, runs good, good body. $125. 582-3703. FAIRLANE 500 1964 Four door 6 Cyl. Standard transmission, radio, heoter. White-wall tires Original condition. $595. Can finance for $34. per mo. trONING, poww. tM thorpl troctKoRy he eAV4ew ml While, bkxk ynyl JT QE V-8, 3 spd. o,0O actual miles. Extra sharp. $2395. Can finance complete. Chevy Shopping Center, 2100 S. Dixie. WPB. 833-7341. oof fa WW '67 CADILLAC '66 CADILLAC '64 CADILLAC '67 FIREBIRD '66 GTO '65 PONTIAC '65 MUSTANG '65 PORSCHE '64 TEMPEST '63 FALCON '62 ECONOLINE '61 VOLKSWAGEN $4495 '3695 $1895 $2495 $2095 M895 '1095 $2395 '1095 $595 $795 $575 battery. $250. 842-3912. 15-30 Ford 1965 GALAXIE 500. V-8 automatic, radio, heater, air conditioned, tinted loss, power steering, brakes. White sidewalls, vinyl interior, marker lights. Good condition. $1100 . CREDIT OR NOT, OR SACRIFICE FOR CASH. UNUSUALLY METICULOUS 1963 MERCURY MONTEREY. AIR-COND. WILL PROVE 1 OWNER. LOW MILEAGE. $298 DOWN CHARLEE AIKEN, 225 NO. MILITARY TRAIL AT AIRPORT. 1964 FORD Go lax It convertible. Fully eguipped. Sale or trade. 59 Edsel wagon, standard 6-cylln-i963 MERCURY Monterey. Lady's der. Swap lor boat-rig. 848-5342. car, clean, 39.000 miles. 848-1808. '60 FALCON , SIAOON WAGON, Reol XQ1 horpl good 2nd eorl Wllv '65 FORD GALAXIE 500, 2 DR HARDTOP, 6 cylinder, vtondard (to mm it- tion, hootir, Pricid to SAP A ,11. Good trontpor- Hijll lotion WVW 100 MORI TO CHOOSE fftOM - n ii m mii f l n Clean Convertible, rial clean 6 cylinder, automatic, Sharp! (2), automatic Campif, 1-awntr, nit i l-ownr, ftal t(onomy RAMMER EXPERT RETIRXS TO BEV SMITH AS SERVICE MANAGER HKV SMITH IS 1'HOl'I) TO A.SSOCSCE the appointment o( DALLAS AHVIK as SKK-VICE MAXAf'.KK. Mr. Arvik has been servi-cing Rambler .Wit ;r Cars feir eight years in the Palm Beaches and is well known hy hundreds of Rambler owners for his ability and integrity. For complete satisfaction in all your service needs, we invite you to consult the lop man in his field. nriTtillIFIIIlit!Hirf H jti ..... .frtii.'" u... P CALL lirkV w,i CRED'T OR NOT, OR SACRIFICE FOR CASH. FORD 4-SP 1964 CONVT. AQUA, LOW MILEAGE. BEAUTIFUL CAR. $3 9 8 DOWN. CHARLEE AIKEN, 225 NO. MILI-TA RY T R A l L AT Al RPORT. 1966 MUSTANG Hardtop. Six Cylin. der engine, stick shift, radio, heater, etc. Brand new US Royal white wall tirei. Candy apple red finish with motchlnq vinyl bucket seat Interior ond white vinyl root. Clean. Take over $6 9. 6 2 payments with only $139.26 down to bring account current; or can take trade and refinance balance. Bev Smith Rambler. 1215 U.S. 1, Lake Park. 848-8671. TKU " eU-leZZ , . EVENINGS and SUNDAYS y at W.P.B. 967-2246 v ON A NEW "GMC" or USED TRUCK 70 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM SUNDAY ONLY 50 GALLONS of GAS FIIFF, With Faeh Car Purchased!!! You'll never knew II you mode the best deal tn new truck unless you checked with Mr. Tracks beltrt you bought it. DALLAS ARVIK SERVICE MANAGER Bill C0RNIUAUD Inn in Ira.." u.s. hwy. ill I JeJJJVrj Bev Smith Rambler $goo 1963 FUTURA, air-conditioning, radio, new tires, power steering, and many other extras. Mint condition. Exceptional buy at $9 0 0. Firm. Phone R A. Wilson, 833 6467, between 9AM and 4PM, 1 1 , , ,.,. I iltfi.i i "I oh i'av Ao More or "lMC" And It Costs Ytiu Less" JERRY EARL PONTIAC - GMC Inc. 2400 South Federal Hwy. 278-3219 W.P.I. 967-2246 DtlRAY IEACH WM. IJ1-I67J "OPEN SUNDAY 12 'til 6' 1966 GALAXIE 500. 4-Door, factory oir, power brakes, steering. Radio, heater, vinyl top. 428 V 8 engine, new pa'nt. $1695. Days, 848-5543. Nights, 833-2321. 1960 FORD Fnlcon. 3 speed stick. $125 or best offer. 848-7212. I""" "" -"-"IfT -T,-7-r,m-,..-.....,,.. r . ., .-,-.., , i1, j n.iJiiiM'.i.'M Ask for special Don't wastt time, pick-up the phone & buy by appointment dealer representative! GUtVtA In Palm i 11 II ntnii H t7in. WtkJ I I jtvf WAL-A HOIK i ? 1 -x YOUI1G! i-A r d.l r-.... i llfl ii I H ILK RLlilllk0 J? I MUSTANGS 1968 FASTBACK 2 1. Loaded. Fac air, AT, console, R&H, PS, PB, V-8, tinted qlass, wide oval tires S, many extras. Drive this 8. you'll buy at $2695 or $67.96 per mo. 1967 2-DR HT Cpe. 11,000 ml .Foe warranty. Loaded. $2T95. 1966 2 DR HT. Cpe. V-8, 4 Spd. $1295 DAVE RUPP AUTO BROKERS 2202 N. Dixie LW. 585-7517 Bank Financing Open Sundays DEAL' 683-8500. . jm ' i .-. .mi -eniikiiiJM i jmrritmikmz. wf i in iiifninouo i "' i ft 1901 FALCON 4 Dr, slk, runs fine, $20 dn, $24 mo. TED LEE, 2201 N. Dixie, LW MUSTANG '67 Mustang 2-DR HT. Full pwr., Fac. Air. 8 Track stereo tope Extra sliarp car, $2395. Con finance complete. Chevy Shopping Center, 2100 S. Dixie. WPB. 833-7341 66 MUSTANG $1298 Other MUSTANGS 65 Fastback Fact, air Pow Strg. 68 Cpe. V8Autom,-Pow Sfrg.-RH 66 Cony, Autom. Great Gal's Car. D. Gist, 1819 N. Dixie, L. Worth mm "BACKARUDA" But He'll Soy "YES" To Any Of I h f 1 ml e Tnes. DeaUII I -"?V IIJ J I U J ffYK zla -138- f fr 'rhtWirWtt : LOST SOMETHING SPECIALt Find It with o result-getting Classified A FAIRLANE STA. WGN. '64 Fairlane 4-DR. Sto. Wgn. e-cyl. Stand. Trans. Real economy cor. Powder blue with matching vinyl interior, bxlra snorp. wvs. Can finance complete $49 Mo. Chevy Shopping Center. 2100 S, Dixie, WPB. 833-7341. CREDIT OR NOT, OR SACRIFICE FOR CASH. HOTROD 1963 CUSTOMIZED FORD GALAXIE COUPE. DLX STEEL CHROME WHEELS AQUA GREEN. ELEVATED FANNY PERFECT COND. $348 DOWN. CHARLEE AIKEN, 225 NO. MILITARY TRAIL AT AIRPORT. '68 PONTIAC Carolina 2 4 4 Dr. (A4A. Htidlaps, (ACT. All (OND, lull pow., (!,, 0 II (In loloti. some wilh vinyl lops l,om VjIwW '68 CHEVROLET Station Woqon. : I 1 Post, I 6 Pass.. V I, lute Inns, ratio I heller S O 1 O C f ACI0SY All. lull power, powti window Net (01 JJ I Jj Z noinnly tOIJI fH0l(P " ' W W '67 FORD Galoxie 500 2-Dr Hdtp, ttflAAI" V I. auto lions, ISH, Pi, PB, FACtOKY All. vinyl int. M Balance ol now tar warranty Exceptional oW 4tr '65 PONTIAC GT0 2-Door, SITAE 389 V I std nans, radio A heoltr. powti sleermg. 1 I J1 power Biokes, (an t be told from new 0m '68 RAMBLER Rebel 770 4-Doori -jma- VI automatic transmission, lodra I heoltr, power S'jriQC sliinnj, pawn brakes. F ACT0IY All (ONOIIIONIHG, aUrfil lolonri of new or warranty lowmrloaol (htrca af tolars. W4 '65 CHEVELLE Malibu Super Sport 2 Door Hardtop. FA(10I All, tall powti, luia $ tCflC trans, radio I healer, turquoise finish, while bucket jlSlilil seat ml Immaculate '65 OLDSMOBILE Dynamic 88 $4 pAli 4 Door lAClOIT All (0H0I1I0HIHG, full powoi, j Htf 1 one ownoi ntw cat trade in low miltott ... VVfP REFINANCE Alr-Cond. 1965 Mustang $1098 51 due. No cash reguired. Just moke $64.73 pyts. D. Gist, 1119 N. Dixie, L. Worth. 5124452. 1966 FORD Fairune 500 stotlon wagon, 4 door 8 passenger, smoll V 8, auto. Irons., power steering, radio, heater, oir conditioning. $1350 965-4441 ALL NEW '69 '63 DEMOS fVV VVia DIVMmiTUC SkcZII LTLj WITH OUR "VOLUME DEALING POLICY" kJAI rLT...UU I !.w IYrriTVf CMS WHiCH HAS MADE us SAlts lEADtR TEAR-AFTER-YEAR! wjV 1 J SAVE 5 SAVE r L0W PRICES T0P mDE ALL0WANCES L0W BiNK l $900 $i4do I I wibn I '66 VOLKSWAGEN IflMW! VL A I - I y' I kg ..,0.205 bakn'fAci Ait cono 1495 w-Jir i J f ri A Iw '68 VALIANT JL I 1 0 ) I . ' Y S.j,l 4 Ooor. ouloRSH, . M ititnng, FACIORY AIR .j-., !5 1 1 " I f :,.,t". C0ND' $2695 .rr:iy-.:,..$17Sw N IS?,(l!Iif r 1 'Ii8 FURY III '68 BUICK I nn ..X.. 1 I nnA 4 dan. y t. oo. g'or. sport, I III ff II """" wwwwwi rm mr rm ,oHNDp,fAc,o.rA,. $2795 . $35 I MM r MMMm 1 m$ 2995 r'7- MSS5 MONEY 'Afn PflTHEHT '68 FURY III '67 CHEVROLET I ESSSZSSZa I Y rcr-r $2795 -sr- $2695 UUVVN j 4 A '65 CHRYSLER '68 PONTIAC I ' itu'::a"1 1 f A n n mm zBP- M495 tr- $2795 1 woTrE I 0 I 0 1 JAM MUSTANG 1 9 6 5 6-cylinder. Good rubber, new paint. Clean $975, or $425 down take over payments. Call 844 6754 or 844-1445. FAIRLANE F. L. 'M FORD Fairlane 2-DR HT. Full pwr, Air cond. Total selling price $1795. Can finance complete. Chevy Shopping Center, 2100 S Dixie, WPB. 833-7341 11 FALCON 4 Dr, auto, inspected, $29 dn, $29 Mo. TED LEE 2201 N. Dixie, LW NO MONEY DOWN 66 Falcon 6 cyl. Auto. R&H $55 00 month, Coll or see H. Young, 683-1511, Dealer 63 FAIRLANE Hardtop, Likt new; convertible, factory air: oiler. 683 5658 I V W WW I wmant; . . V WW I H '66 PGitTIAC i !..,, '66 CHEVELLE 1 I taaatic, fewer wj mmm mtmm Sfxmm mum VlymoulU ft ly 2522 N. DIXIE HWY. LAKE WORTH 535-0021 On The torder At The Point Beach Conal iLZm ISOO NORTH DIXIE - WEST PALM BEACH - Ph 832-8401 OPEN EVERY DAY iml. SUNDAY '! II MeT-MletM MM T-aiTlTlTllMeMwwfe

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