The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 17, 1968 · Page 81
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 81

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1968
Page 81
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Palm Beach Post, Times, Sunday, Nov. 17, 1968 Fll The Record Corner Three Offerings By Pete Seeger hs " y v . w. . "i . I r .... . J YOUTH LOOKS AT YOUTH A young couple absorbed with a Photokino exhibition and with each other studies one of the picture groups from the world-wide selection of photographs entitled "Woman." This Pool Table Is Designed For Use In Cramped Quarters BY IRVING DESFOR AP.Newsteatures Some 1,600 outstanding photographs of International interest were gathered for 15 documentary exhibitions at the recent Photokina in Cologne, Germany. The photos, plus five live demonstrations of photographers in action or photography being used, completed the two-part purpose of the world's biggest photo fair. The primary spotlight was on the industry's newest cameras, accessories, equipment and machines. Its second task was to show the scope of what can be accomplished with a camera. It was interesting to note the increasingly important role which young people are developing in photography. One of the major exhibitions. "World Show of Youth Photography," was distilled from 10,000 photographs submitted by youngsters up to 25 years of age from 50 nations. The pictures were unified by a theme, "Human Rights," from a United Nations' proclamation listing the freedoms which people cherish. Youth's Involvement with basic freedoms is evident In the 276 photos selected, the work of boys and girls from 37 countries. At a special ceremony honoring the young photographers, more than 50 awards were distributed. Another exhibition, "We Europeans: Through the Eyes of Youth," had selections made according to age groups. The youngest, from 13 to 16 years, were represented in the color, black and white and reportage categories which made up the final display of 127 prize winners. . .a laudable feat. Youngsters are also active In the movie field and the best efforts In 8mm and 16mm films were included in a "Youth Film Show" program. Of the 20 films selected and shown at hourly intervals, 11 were shot In 8mm size and only two were without sound. They tackled topics like "Our Sunday," "Labyrinth," "Ex- In another interesting double release, Folkways has out "Groovin' Time" by the Original Chambers Brothers and Columbia is releasing "A New Time a New Day" by the Chambers Brothers. These two albums don't show as much difference in style as the titles and artist billing would Indicate. The original Chambers Brothers was four Willie, George, Lester and Joe Chambers, born in Mississippi, singers of spirituals in a Baptist church. The group now has added a fifth, New York-born Brian Keenan. On "Groovin' Time," which we like slightly better of the two albums though we much enjoyed them both we hear a definite gospel sound, in fact a driving gospel in the fast numbers. "Down in the Alley," which is slow, is more a grooving song, as the album title advertises, with a motion as real as 1930s swing. On the newer album, the Chambers Brothers' second for Columbia, the eflect is reversed the slow songs sound more like gospel than the fast ones. "Guess Who," a slow love song," is delivered with a gospel flavor. But the fast songs have the currently commerlcal "soul" sound, one step farther removed from the rural Negro South than rhythm 'n' blues. Their most recent single, on Columbia, "Time Has Come Today," went to No. 11 on the best-selling charts Oct. 26. various stages of construction. Easy-to-understand, step directions are also Included, along with a list of required materials. It's something any amateur can undertake with confidence. To obtain the easy-to-follow mini-size pool table pattern number 459, send $1 (add 25 cents per pattern for airmail delivery) by currency, check or money order to: Steve Ell-ingson, Palm Beach Post-Times Pattern Dept., P.O. Box 2.383. Van Nuys, Calif. 91409. Other patterns you will en-Joy No. 417, regulation-size pool table, $1. No. 443, Cue and ball rack, 50 cents; new booklet picturing all projects, 50 cents; no. 217 poker table, $1. the Famous Photographers School of Westport, Conn., looked even better by comparison. Its exhibition showed examples of photography by Its 10-man faculty along with results by Its students. European interest was evident by the crowds which sought out the American school's booth on the floor below where they studied the textbooks and teaching methods. All In all, Photokina verified some observations by Its director, L. Fritz Gruber. "Our age would be aimost blind without photography," he said. "Photography transforms fleeting Impressions Into lasting documents. It excells the capabilities of the human eye and renders visible that which Is hlduen from It. It provides a profes-, slon for many experts, a medium for individual expression for creative people and a sensible and fruitful form of recreation for amateurs with pleasing and lasting periment In Color" and one was a fanciful pursuit of a mischievous lost wallet entitled "Catch Me." Photokina's major exhibition was assembled after a global search to reveal the nature of "Woman" In every facet of her existence. Final selections consisted of 525 pictures taken in 85 countries by 236 photographers. These were arranged in groups, each an aspect of a woman's life as seen In different countries or by different photographers. Typical situations: Love, marriage, childbirth, motherhood, joy and grief. Such a huge display, though expertly arranged for spectator viewing and conveniently grouped, was far too big to digest In any one visit. It suffered also from poor display print quality In many instances, due, no douN, to lack of time to search out original negatives. In contrast, the Impeccable quality of prints displayed by our By MARY CAMPBELL AP Newsfeatures Writer If it isn't a Pete Seeger week and no record company has proclaimed it so in order to sell more records then it should be, because three new, good records by Seeger are out. "American Favorite Bal-' lads" Is reissued by Folkways. There are 17 songs on here and they are, Indeed, favorites of old-time American folk. Old-time American folk isn't recorded much any more; presumably everybody Interested in singing it has already recorded it. This has the very well-known things, "Down in the Valley," "Buffalo Gal," "The Wreck of the Old '97," "Old Dan Tucker" 17 in all. It was out In 1959 and 1962, but If you don't have it and you like these songs, It's a good one to get. One word of caution if you sang these songs as a child, you probably sang them at a faster tempo. Also on Folkways, Seeger has out "Wlmoweh and Other Songs of Freedom and Protest." These songs are taken from live performances and most of them Include audience sing-along. You can sing along with the record just as easily; Seeger Is a person the listener trusts and responds to. Some of these songs are from Ireland, from the Spanish civil war, Negro gospel songs like "Down by the Riverside" and "I'm on My Way to Canaan Land." The title song Is from South Africa and lyrics mean "The Hon Is sleeping." The last song is "The Hymn of the United Nations," with melody by Beethoven and words by Tom Glazer. These are sturdy, in some cases, almost classic, songs making statements for freedom. Columbia also has issued a Pete Seeger album, titled "Now" which presents his beliefs the most clearly of the three recordings. Seeger's main dlsire obviously is for understanding between people, and as a singer, he's trying to promote that through singing. "Letter to Eve" Includes Seeger's line, "We got to build a new garden, for all of God's children." The talking blues, "Talking Ben Trl," (which Seeger didn't write) includes his point of view, too, pointing out the irony of killing villagers to get the Viet Cong. Contemporary verses are added to "Michael Row the Boat Ashore." "The Cities Are Burning," by the Rev. Fred Klrkpatrlck, Is sung by the composer. And In case anyone is thinking that Seeger is anti-American on the basis of some of the satire on this album, listen carefully to "The Torn Flag." It's obviously written by an idealist, who sees things going wrong with his country but wants to change them back, in fact improve them, and it's sung with quiet fervor. Bcsi selling leioids ol Hit neck based on The Cash Boi Magazine's nationwide sutyey "Thow Were the Divi," Hopkin "Loe Child," Dim Rovt ami iht Supreme "Hey Jude," Beitle "Little (ireen Applet," Smith "Magic Ctrpet Ride," Steppenwolf "White Room," Oram "Klenore," Turtles "Hold Me Tight," "Midnight Confession." Krav, Root "Btif-Shtn(.-i-Lin(.," Archies fessional models. It also features an automatic ball return. Except for Its small size, it has all of the features found In tables costing much, much more. With it youngsters can really develop their skill In this fast-growing sport. As a matter of fact, here is a game that Dad and all members of the family can participate in, right along with the juniorset. Up until now the one drawback In having a table of this quality has been its cost, if this has been your problem, fret no more here Is an easily built, high quality table that you can own without hocking the family jewels. The pattern for building the table shown has eighteen photographs clearly snowing the Some buyers may wish to use the folder as a Christmas gift. For this purpose, an attractive Interleaf will be inserted conveying "Season's Greetings" in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese the five official languages of the U.N. The 1969 Minkus New American Stamp CatalDg has just come off the press and Is available to collectors as well as dealers. The 320 pages reflect the great Interest in U.S. stamps both here and abroad since there are more than 8,000 price changes, ail upward. For example the Postmasters Provisionals of Lock-port, N.Y., are now $18,000, an Increase of $2,000. Regular Issues and airmails also show startling Increas in value. The more than 2,500 Illustrations and detailed enlargements are of extreme value to all philatelists since they help Identify stamps that look alike. Aittt BySYD KRONISH The 1968 edition of Netherlands' popular Child Welfare semlpostals consists of five multicolored adheslves depicting familiar fairy tale characters. The set, which will help raise funds for the benefit of poor children In Holland, shows a goblin, a giant, a witch, a dragon and a sorcerer. Collectors in the United States will be glad to know that they can order mint copies at face value directly from The Netherlands Philatelic Service, Prinses Beatrlxlaan 11, The Hague, The Netherlands. A mint set of singles costs 49 cents In U.S. currency and a miniature sheet of the lower three values is available for 70 cents. For postage and registration costs, 33 cents should be added to each order for the first 80 stamps and 20 cents for each additional 50. Payment can be made by International By STEVE ELLIN GSON These are days when more and more parents are seeking wholesome activities that will keep their youngsters entertained at home. After all, a home is still the basic unit of all society, and the best place of all for any ambitious young American to keep out of trouble. Since pool has become America's most popular Indoor sport, and since it's a game that appeals to youngsters as well as older folks, we have designed a table that Is ideal for use In cramped quarters, small apartments, game rooms, or even on porches. The mini table shown here Is sturdily built, and unlike toy tables, It has real live cushions, regulation cloth, and pocket liners just like the pro money order or U.S. bills (coins not accepted). A souvenir folder containing one mint stamp of each new Issue by the United Nations during 1968 Is now available for gifts or as a collector's Item. The front cover Is a re- nederland 4520 production of a section of the Interior of the Trusteeship Council, showing the location of the Henrik Starcke statue on the panelled wall. The folder may be purchased directly from the United Nations Postal Administration (after Nov. 22) for $2. ..... . iu Vi baths from $16,000 3 j VlSCCli BY RALPH AND TERRY KOVEL Billy clubs and policemen are not new. The first police ! department In the New World was organized in 1650 by Peter Stuyvesant in what is now New York City. The police had rattles which were used to frighten thieves and, if needed, to hit them on the head. Policemen were required to call the hour at each street corner. The policemen who worked after the Civil War were given billy clubs and rattles as part of their uniform. The club is now considered standard equipment for riot control. ; The rattle looked like a small baseball bat with a nun-' die on the side. A center section of the "bat" revolved. Th notched top made the ra't'i noise. Q. Our old violin is market! !"Aegidius Klotz Fecit Mitton-walcll695." A. There were five we'l known violin makers named Klotz. The first was Elgidl who lived from 1675 to 1725. Joseph was the last with the famous name. He died in 1810. '. Aegidius Klotz lived from ; 1733 to 1805. He made very fine '. violins. His labels were not written in Latin, but in Ger- started collecting the very elaborate brass and copper doorknobs. A. Old pressed glass doorknobs were made by 1825. Bennington type brown mottled glaze pottery knobs were made about the same time. By the last half of the 19th century, ornate metal knobs were being made by many firms. They were made of bronze, brass, cast Iron, steel, or gold or silver plate on other metals. Study Victorian hardware In old catalogues and advertisements. Your library can help you locate some of the old sources. Q. My uncle has about 50 negatives on glass. We know how old they are because they were taken In 1904. Do the;, have any value? A. Yes. Early photograph--aguerrotypes, tintypes, ; : ether forms of pictures are -coming increasingly inters -'ng to the collector. The ' ures are cherished as an .r. lorm as well as an accura.e historical record. The historical society In your area would be eager to have the pictures. So would many private collectors. Book Review "Sulphides" by Jokelson (Nelson $15) Is a beautifully Illustrated history of a rare glass form. Although few collectors will own the formal sulphides pictured, the book should interest those now saving modern sulphide paperweights or less formal old sulphide marbles. For Individuality . Sabal Ridge oceanfronr condominium Only 2 Apartments Per Floor o 3000 Square Feet Per Apt. Views from Every Apartment 2 Balconies in Every Apartment INCOMPARABLE LUXURY from 146,000 ARVIDA REALTY SALES, Inc. Realtors 701 So. Ocean Blvd. Boca Raton, Florida 33432 Phone W P B 585 3400 ST eV1 rrr ON THE OCEAN $24,000 I if n the ocean que? LAW IMPLEMENT -A Baltimore, Md., police rattle was also a form of billy club. This black walnut rattle,, in use about 1880, was intended to frighten thieves. man. Wc suspect that your violin Is a later copy. Q. Where can I learn about doorknobs? They are tearing down many of the old homes in our town. My brother has at! ft. North of P.G.A. Club lor Sixth Station - 5227 844-0060 3 BEDROOMS 2 BATHS t x r A I. n i Tjt 1 Bedroom, in - I, T IT 2 Bedroom, 2 flfamtetane AN ADUIT CONDOMINIUM COMMUNITY m j X. 1 i m Baths from another exclusive design in . . . Palm Beacli Lakes 2,3,4 BEDROOM HOMES priced from $17,990 1 ADJACENT TO P.G.A. GOLF ClUB LUXURY CONDOMINIUM APARTMENTS PRICED FROM $18,400 - $30,000 MAINTENANCE $28.00 MONTHLY 80 MORTGAGE AVAILABLE FURNISHED MODELS OPEN DAILY ILY ROOM IR CONDITIONED SOUTH Models: and Ware Drive Models: 40th and 42nd Street COON, at 683-6998 6 Wo MORTGAGES AVAILABLE Huge lounging area & sundeck Swimming pool Sauna baths Recreation room Beautifully landscaped grounds NO CLOSING COSTS Models Open Daily 9:30 - 5:30 CM. Evenings By Appointment Palm Beacli Lakes ALL APARTMENTS HAVE TWO PRIVATE TERRACES WITH VIEWS OF THE OCEAN AND INTRACOASTAL APPLIANCES & AIR CONDITIONING DIRECTIONS: Route 1-95 to Northern till, left lo mm tscanu MAIN SALES OFFICE 301 CONGRESS AVENUE TAMBERIANE located 1000 Now Taking Orders Phono (41-2929 - 144 Palm Beach Lakes Baker Place Palm Beach Lakes NORTH Sales Manager MR. k Henry S. Bogatin Buiidr-Dvlpc 3540 South Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach, Florida MODEL OPEN DAILY L Day or Night

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