The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 17, 1968 · Page 80
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 80

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1968
Page 80
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F10 Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, Nov. 17, 1968 Cost Of Housing Going Up than 5 per cent in the last year alone. High cost of money: Mortgages and Interest payments continue to be the most visible single Item of higher cost facing the home buyer and builder alike. Witn FHA Interest rates up to 6 per cent and conventional rates up to 7 2 in the past year alone, market analysts are predicting a possible levelling off but no real downturn in sight anytime soon. a year to meet the building needs of the nation between now and 1975. At present, only 16,000 apprentices are joining annually. Higher materials costs: The high cost of specialty fixtures has been replaced by the recent upsurge in the cost of west coast lumber due to increased competition from Japanese raw timber buyers as the biggest single increase in custs. Builders estimate material prices have climbed more rate, but also simply because readily developable land is becoming more scarce. Higher labor costs: This is not just due to higher wages, although the labor department reports building trade-wages up 50 per cent over the past 10 years. One key factor is the dwindling manpower available for home building. Manpower experts estimate the 3.8 million men in skilled trades are inadequate and an additional 400,000 men are needed . -.Mniwfc,,,,, . 1 .i it . . .1.- ... f 1 -I i t I 1 - I . . ,. V3V room and a sunken library panelled in cherry wood. Built in 19(i0 on a third of an acre it has a 15 by 15-foot kitchen, and screened pool facing the waterway. Mortgage was listed at about $36,500 and taxes are said to be $700. Negotiations were handled by Motherwell Realty in Boca Raton. SOLD BY PREVIEWS An asking price of $75,000 was reported on the former Ada C. Thomas home, 2934 NE 8th Ave., Boca Raton, which was sold recently through Previews, Inc., to John V. Modrall of Indianapolis, Ind. The eight-room, four-bedroom home is on a cul de sac facing the Intracoastal Waterway. Included is a 32-foot living accessories. The authentic pineapple design of the hardware marks this as a handsome addition to an Early American room. The desk Ls from Bassctt Furniture Industries Chimney Corners Collection. STUDENT'S DESK Ideal for a bedroom is this spirited and practical student's desk. Its turned saw-buck leg allows plenty of room for a chair, and the hutch top provides additional space for books and desk more bedrooms, bathrooms, recreation rooms, aircondi-tioning, all-electric kitchens and even sauna baths. Land costs: Another survey reports that land costs have risen 180 per cent for a lot. This is not only because lot sizes are expanding at a rapid Fine Print Made Easy Under Law WASHINGTON (UPI) "Read the fine print" may soon join "get a horse" in the museum of obsolete phrases under the Federal Reserve Board's proposed new truth-in-lending regulations. The board's proposals in a 70-page booklet even specify type sizes to be used in credit agreements. The coverage of its provisions ranges from credit cards to the single most Important item a person buys in his lifetime his home. Because nearly all homes are bought with some form of credit, any regulations which affect the relationship between lender and borrower are significant. The board's regulations make significant changes affecting both. The basic aim is to make the terms of borrowing easier to understand for the borrower. Most of the burden is put on the lender. The truth-in-lending rules go Into effect July 1, but the Federal Reserve committee which drafted the regulations put out a tentative draft for public comment before issuing a I'. nal version at the end of this year. The regulations cover all credit deals from charge accounts to mortgages. Excluded are government and corporation credit transactions and any consumer loan not covered by a mortgage which involves more than $25,000. The emphasis is on the finance charges the lender adds to the loan. The housing section has a detailed list of what is a finance charge and what is a reasonable expense which the borrower should pay as the cost of buying a house and lot. Excluded from the tally of finance charges are fees for title examinations, title Insurance or deed settlements, along with advance tax or Insurance payments, notary fees, appraisal fees and charges for reports on the borrower's credit standing. In setting out the terms of a mortgage or other credit agreement Involving property, the regulations even cover the size of type to be used in printing credit numbers and percentages no smaller than 10 point Roman bold face type. This ls one size larger than the type usually used in the news columns of a newspaper. The regulations add that in disclosing credit terms, any additional Information must clarify and not mislead or confuse the reader. The creditor gets some protection, too. One who lends money for the construction of a house stands first in line for his money against other creditors who might have Interests on the property. The lender also must state the amount of down payment or that no down payment is required, the amount of installment payments If there are any, the dollar amount of finance charges and the number of Installments, and the period of repayment and the due dates of the installment payments. Safety 'Musts' Outlined To Protect You In Home Steps Turn High Window Into Dramatic Wall Area WASHINGTON (UPI) -The high cost of housing is starting to concern not only home buyers but home builders. While Individual income has risen 141 per cent since 1950, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) estimates the prices on home mortgages it guarantees have risen 118 per cent while conventional mortgages have gone up 133 percent. The question then becomes, can personal Income continue to keep ahead of housing prices even as the demand for homes becomes even greater in the future? Indications are the answer is "no." Right now the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) predicts the $24,500 average cost of a home will rise by $1,300 in 1969 and by $1,500 the following year. This kind of increase could boost the price of houses an additional $10,000 in only five years, the home builders say. Over the last 20 years, home buyers have been willing to pay the added freight on new homes because incomes were either rising or getting ready to. For example, back in 1950 only 8 per cent of America's families had incomes in the $10,000-plus range. Today, 33 per cent of the families are in that bracket. But wages are not going to continue at that pace at least not while the income lax surcharge is in effect and home builders are beginning to look at the factors which have boosted home prices over the years to see if something can oe done. Home buyers: Since prospective buyers have been making more money it is only natural they should demand homes with more of the extras. A NAHB survey said that since 1950, single-family homes have grown in size by about 70 per cent and added Postal Scale For Home Use ROSELAND, N. J. - Park Sherman, Inc., of Roseland, N. J., is marketing the first postal scale ever designed to be beautiful enough for the home. Sold also as an accurate and durable postal scale for regular office use, Mail Scale is a true precision instrument. It computes first class, third class and air mail rates plus ounces on a big, bold, easy-reading dial assuring maximum postage economy. The company points out thai Mail Scale makes a highly imaginative gift idea. It is suggested for Dad's den; Mom's kitchen desk; friends and family for anyone who would enjoy a really functional gift that will give years of useful service. Mail Scale's sleek, low body is formed of rugged while or black Cycolae, the same tough stuff telephones are made of. It's topped off with a panel finished in nickel or walnut. Although the broad steady base allows an extra generous size weighing platform, Mail Scale's compact design fits easily in your hand. From the same design, Park Sherman has also created Diet Scale for serious dieters. It computes the exact weight of food portions and recipe Ingredients to help dieters keep track of precisely how much they eat. Both Mail Scale and Diet Scale can be purchased at stationery counters of department stores, stationers and gift shops. be a building contractor, constructed a narrow ledge about w aist high on either side of the alcove. Then he built four steps, like a small flight of LAST DAY See for Yourself if You're Qualified to Train for High-Paying Computer Age Career! Focal Point By VIRGINIA THOKBAHN An unusual focal point has been created In the home of Mr. and Mrs. D.B.L. of Delray Beach, as described in the following letter from Mrs. L. : "We bought an old Spanish-style house and have just completed restoring it as nearly as possible to its original condition. One of the problems which beset us was a high window in a narrow but rather deep niche. The window-served little purpose and the wall space was too deep and narrow for the placement of furniture. Perhaps you and your readers would be interested In the manner in which we solved our problem. "My husband, who used to terned fabric from an old Spanish shawl. Now we have a dramatic focal point and also a stairway to our little window from which we have a view of the water." Mrs. D.B.L. What a charming "lookout" you have created for your Florida castle. This is imaginative decorating at its best. Mrs. P.C. of North Palm Beach has a confusion of colors and requests assistance in unifying her living room. She writes: "I know that I have too many colors in my living room bul I am uncertain as to which should be eliminated. My rug (which must remain) is cocoa brown. The sofa is olive green, stairs, joining the ledges. We covered the stairs with a blight red carpeting (our walls are white) and 1 made loam cushions for the lops of the ledges in a brilliantly p;,f one chair is gold and one a deep burgundy red. The draperies are gold and the walls a Talk fire safety and most people will tell you about smoking in bed, piles of rubbish and extension cords that resemble an octopus. These deserve attention, bul if you are building or buying a home, there are "safety musts" which the National Fire Protection Association strongly recommends you look for in a new home. EXIT WINDOWS - Pay special attention to bedroom windows. Don't let aesthetics overrule common sense. All windows should be large and low enough for easy exit. Make sure units open quickly and easily. KIRK HAR DOORS - To many people a door is a door. To a fireman, a door Is a fire slop. Solid wood panel, or solid flush doors, are more effective than hollow doors in retarding the spread of fire. FIRE-SAFE ROOFS -Sparks or burning embers from another fire that land on your roof can be a serious hazard unless your roof offers fire protection. Some materials, such as slate and tile, are non-combustibleand provide natural protection. Asphalt shingles also are designed to provide fire protection DRAFTLESS WALLS -Studs (2 by 4's) which frame the aus of a house should be divided by snort horizontal pieces of 2 by 4. If fire starts In the wall, these act as fire slops by limiting air flow and helping to prevent flame spread. ELECTRICITY - Overloaded wiring Is a major cause of house fires. Make sure there are enough outlets and circuits. . .as required by the National Electrical Code. J"V creamy beige. Would prefer not to repaint at this time. I would appreciate any sugges r Register Now for Our "TEN-HOUR TRVOUT" CLIP COUPON AND SAVE J50 ON A COMPLETE... Introduction to Computer Programming All Inclusive Fee Covers Everything only tions you can give me to tie this room together." Mrs. P.C: The burgundy chair, in my opinion, is the flaw in your color scheme. Otherwise, the brown, gold and green combination of your living room is harmonious. It would be my suggestion that you slip cover or reupholster the burgundy chair in a print combining gold, olive green and cocoa brown, with perhaps a touch of coral or tangerine. The print could also be used for a pair of cushions for your sola. Mrs. CM. I.eM. of West Palm Beach plans to refurnish her teen age daughter's bedroom and asks, in the following letter, forsuggestions: "We are going to refurnish our 14 year old daughter's bedroom for her Christmas gilt and would appreciate your ideas as to colors and furniture. She likes Early American furniture and is fond of blue. Would that be a suitable color to use with this period? How should the colors be distributed as to walls, rug and iK'dspread? We will buy a double bed, night stands, a chest of drawers and possibly a desk if you think it would not be too heavy for a bedroom." Mrs. CM. LcM-: Pale blue walls, a deeper (but not darkl blue rug and a documentary print bedspread in shades of blue would make a charming room. White curtains and white accessory's would be my suggestion. The desk pictured with today's column might please youi daughter. FURNITURE REFINfSHING & REPAIRING USED FURNITURE bt OLESEN BROS. 6316 GEORGIA AVE., W.P.B. PH. 585-1928 l HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM FOR YOUR HOME Get your whole house heated and air condi tioned now and get the benefit of our "slack period" special offer. Don't wait for hot weather . . . you don't want to simmer another summer. 5 Two-Hour Daily Classes . . .Morning or Evening. . . Starting Monday, Nov. 18 History of Data Processing IBM Aptitude Test EDP Demonstrations Flow Chart Processing Career Analysis Tests Ptoplc from all walkl of lift con train for Ihit Spec. Agi thili. . .preparing for torotrt that pay up lo $11,000 and more a year. If you're a high tchool graduate or equivalent. . age 18 to 45. . .you owe it to yourself to learn your own qualifications and aptitude for data processing. . .and the rewarding opportunities it may have for you! PORCH PROTECTION WE MAKE SCREEN PORCHES CONVERTIBLE "IT'S LIKE HAVING AN EXTRA ROOM" !50 !50 - NO RAIN NO WIN3 - NO COLO NO DIRT SAVE We will deduct $50 from the cost of your air conditioning system provided it's purchased prior to April 30, 1969. Submit this coupon only after you have re--ceived a quotation from us. LIMIT 1 COUPON PER CUSTOMER '50 '50 $ n:m: Call or Mail Coupon Today to Register for Tryout Now! 3 w THE SOUTH'S LARGEST FEDDERS DEALER FREE! PROFESSIONAL SURVEY Mrs. Thorbuhn will be glad to answer your decorating questions in this column or to feature your Focal Point ideas. Please address her in care of the Editorial Department, The Palm Beach Post-Times, P. O. Box 1590, West Palm Beach, Fla. 33405. IORDINARY PORCH ADD PROTEK-O-WEATHER Slides Open Slides Closed .ond, Wrinkle-free clear vinyl panels, framed in rugged, lightweight aluminum. Installed inside your present screen. Weather proof your porch for year-round indoor-outdoor comfort. CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING GO. 683-4444 2535 OKEECHOBEE BLVD. TOO LATE FOR MAIL IF YOU DESIRE TO ATTEND REPORT TO MORNING CLASS 10 A.M. TO 12 A.M. OR EVENING CLASS 7:30 P.M. TO 9:30 P.M. 2535 OKEECHOBEE BLVD. Low initial cost "Visit our Showroom" Synthetic Rubber TULSA, Okla (UPI) - Petroleum-based synthetics currently supply approximately 75 per cent of the United No maintenance cost I 4352 10th AVE No. I LAKE WORTH I 965-8911 I Proteh-O-WeatLr frotei DELRAY BEACH BOCA RATON 276-7494 HOME OFFICE 261 1 OLD OKEECHOBEE RD. WEST PALM BEACH PHONE 683-9201 I States' rubber needs, accord Ixduiiv dealer . . Saacrett Aluminum rVodiKtt, Inc. toco taton 395-9271 lonlono 585-7581 1 Riviera Beach 848-5553 ing to the American Petroleum Institute. irjiie m hi. n i n

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