The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 5, 1997 · Page 15
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 15

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1997
Page 15
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16A THE PALM BEACH POST FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1997 THE PALM BEACH POST FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1997 17A ft In brief Graham battling pneumonia European Union bans tobacco advertisements r Violent inmates sent to federal prisons The European organization also ended sponsorship of snorting and cultural events by the year 2006. State news 'In the end we could not vote for the law.' H0RST SEEH0FER German health minister Graham is conscious and alert andT has been walking around in his hospital, room, where pots of flowers and cards' from well-wishers have poured in. ,irc The hospital had to double the number of telephone operators to fourj to handle the calls from around the!" world inquiring about Graham's con-0 dition and expressing wishes for his ? recovery, said Carol Chaffin, a hospital spokeswoman. ,n When he developed a lung infecJ tion, his doctor told him to go to theo nearest Mayo facility, which happened to be St. Luke's Hospital in Jackson- ville. , b After completing his treatment, there would be no problem with Gra-j ham resuming his ministry, Burgerq said. si Doctors in Jacksonville say the 79-year-old evangelist has responded well to his treatment. The Associated Press JACKSONVILLE The Rev. Billy Graham has a "run-of-the-mill case of pneumonia" and is responding well to treatment, his doctor said Thursday. "He's responding nicely. I don't think there will be any complications," said Dr. Charles Burger, pulmonary medicine specialist at Mayo Clinic-Jacksonville, who is treating the 79-year-old evangelist. Graham was brought to Jacksonville on Wednesday night for treatment of the respiratory infection, which he Graham: 'I'm pleased how he is doing medically,' his physician, Dr. Charles Burger, said. already have been granted clemency as a preliminary step toward deportation for an estimated state budget savings of $17 million. Florida twice sued the federal government to recover the money it claims it spends as a result of poor illegal immigration policy. Both lawsuits have been turned back by the courts, but MacKay said Thursday that the prisoner swap and the deportation policy are signs the state's complaints are yielding results. the marketing of cigarettes at the same time it is subsidizing the production of 350,000 tons of tobacco each year. German Health Minister Horst See-hofer said he "tried to make compromises" to soften the effect of the ban. "In the end we could not vote for the law." Tobacco advertising is already banned in Finland, France, Italy, Portugal and Sweden. Belgium will ban it starting in 1999. In some form or other, it is still allowed in nine EU nations. s f os pcsrjorjz? 1 I V." a ' sr ( ""' REG. & ORIG. PRICES PLUS TERRIFIC VALUES ft lTW f & i ... ' ff cA l v W : f x : r-'L: fy .... , t J A : i I v ' HT A ' l, w A, , 1 .ii,:. ' ty v i I .' sf''.' I I if i f,i - -?... . permanent exemption for Formula One racing, citing the 50,000 jobs the sport provides in Britain. It softened its position after it was revealed the sport had donated $1.7 million to his-Labor Party. Also, Formula One organizers said before the EU meeting that a tobacco ban would force them to drop many, if not all, its 10 races in Europe and move them to Asia. Formula One racing collects some $200 million annually from the tobacco industry. Sources said Germany and Austria voted against the ban, and Denmark and Spain abstainedThat left 11 countries voting in favor. Germany saw tobacco advertising as a health not a trade issue better left to ' individual EU nations. It was troubled by the contradiction of the EU's desire to curb Day-fd-diStnc? dresses A terrific selection from R&M Richards, Sheri Martin and others for misses, petites and women. Reg. 79.99-$ 1 88 Sale 59.99-93.99 Selected jewelry Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, cultuied pearls, semi-precious, sterling silver, 1 4k gold and more. Reg. $20-$5000 Final cost $9-53,600 spokeswoman Barbara Nolan. Tobacco companies won another reprieve of sorts, getting until the 2006 deadline to phase out their advertising at major sports and cultural events, such as Formula One car racing, tennis tournaments, operas and art festivals. The accord was a triumph for the EU executive commission, which tried since 1989 to get governments to crack down on tobacco ads and sponsoring. However, it also was a victory for Britain, which sought a sponsoring exemption of seven years or more for Formula One racing. Until last month, British Prime Minister Tony Blair's government had sought a Sweaters for her From our exclusive' Jennifer Moore, plus Jeanne Pierre and Wainscott. In cotton and more. Reg. $29454 Sale 21.75-40.50 (PDQU)tf0CD Cold weather gloves for her A terrific collection of your favorite styles and colors from Fownes, Charter Club and Jennifer Moore. Reg. $1 5-$68 Sale 1 1.25-S51 i ' M developed during a Caribbean vacation. He is listed in fair condition at St. Luke's Hospital. Physicians ran a series of tests on the evangelist Thursday which indicate the infection in his right lung is clearing, his fever has subsided and his white blood count is back to normal. "I'm pleased how he is doing medically," Burger said. He refused to speculate on how many days Graham will be in the hospital, saying it would be a day-to-day decision on his progress. "If he continues to improve, it will only be a few days," Burger said. Burger said Graham is being treated with antibiotics and that his Parkinson's disease will have no effect on the treatment plan. VtaJ u uuu jQ) 1 1 '" Air men's sportswear Sweaters, sportshirts, knits and more from Ron Chereskin, Evan-Rcone, Bill Blass, Woolrich and others. Reg. $26-$150 Sale 17.99-109.99 Vanguard cookwcre .5, 2, 3, 4-qt. saucepan, 1 0' skillet, 6-qt. Dutch oven. Reg. 49.99-79.99 Sale 2499 8, 1 0, 1 2-af . stockpot, 1 X-qt. chicken fryer. Reg. 89.99-1 1 9.99 Sate 34.99 GIVING to , i 1 I -i III t I ' ... if. French officials ft refuse to extradite " American murderer Palm Beach Post Wire Reports .3 i ruvio un Planum, a lugl- tive from American justice, walked free on Thursday, setting off a trans-Atlantic legal storm, after a French court refused to ,, extradite him to the United States 'I to serve out a life sentence for t' bludgeoning his girlfriend to1' death in 1977. Einhora, 57, who gained fame t and influence as an anti-" establishment guru in his home town of Philadelphia in the 1970s.'m was tried in absentia in 1993 ana ; convicted of first-degree murder'j in the death of Holly Maddux,! Her mummified body was found,' stuffed in a trunk in Einhorn's 'J closet in Philadelphia, after she ,; had been missing for 18 months. Einhora, the chief suspect,:3 said he had beenframed and thenn vanished shortly before the trial'1 was to begin in 1981. Since theri,'' Einhora, a pacifist who enchant-0 ed his audiences with lectures about psychic weapons, psyche-1-,delic drugs, and the environment, traveled through Europe under various identities while American ! detectives tried to follow his trail.'"? In June, he was jailed in Bor-" deaux but the appeals court there ruled Thursday that it would not extradite him because he would-not be guaranteed a retrial in thev. United States. ' H .it Woman who fell near Miami high rise ID'd ; MIAMI Police have identified a woman found dead near a"1 high-rise apartment building,,-though they still aren't sure whyl she fell. ' t Helene Deborah Gusik, 40, v was identified through her fin- gerprints. She- died Tuesday when she hit a garden wall aboutf eight feet from the base of the.'' 24-story building. "j The condition of the body led authorities to believe she fell; from much higher distance, per-' haps a passing airplane, but in-, vestigators now say she fell from " the building. . j Gusik died from injuries caused by the fall, said detective Delrish Moss. Police are still not; sure how she fell, he said. She -' was not a resident of the building. Impending ban boosts -beef sales in Britain ' ' ' LONDON Undaunted by new warnings about mad cowj disease, Britons rushed to their DADTC T c : butchers Thursday to stock up on-rib roasts and T-bones before aS government ban on such cuts" takes effect. With the holidays only weeks J away, butchers and retailers said the prospect of a ban of beef on the bone had, if anything, inO creased sales. The news has "probably done' ' us a favor," said John Grabowski,2 owner of Bosworth Butchers in i Loughton, 12 miles northeast of1 London. -m Joe Collier sold a week's worth of ribs in one day to customers in Berkhamsted, 28 miles northwest of London. One man,.'.) determined to maintain his ribb habit, bought $335 worth. The government decision Wednesday was based on advice from scientists who believe bovine spongiform encephalopathy: the scientific name for rnadd cow disease can get into the human food chain through bone 4 marrow. - A new strain of CreutzfeldfcA Jakob disease, the brain-wasting human equivalent of mad cowl disease, has killed at least 20'T people in Britain. i' . " Lost Woody Allen film turns up at TV station w NEW YORK In all likeli-7 hood, a 25-minute film, commis- sioned by a public television sta- tion but never aired, would have, disappeared into the dustbin of history by now, if not for one'-' crucial fact: It was made by '; Woody Allen. Allen wrote and directed theu 1971 film Men of Crisis: The Harvey?, Wallinger Story and stars as " Harvey Wallinger, a supposed top :G aide to then-President Nixon. Wallinger, we are told by a q stereotypically deep-voiced narrator, is a powerful man who graduated 96th in a class of 95 at Harvard, but went on to become Nixon's closest adviser due td shared political beliefs: "They both love Richard Nixon." Shots of Allen are intercut1 with dubbed archival footage to make it appear Wallinger played a : role in McCarthy-era hearings on alleged Communist infiltration of the U.S. government. Allen made the spoof for New York's WNET-TV during a lull in his feature film work, after fin- ishing Everything You Always1 Wanted to Know About Sex (But ' Were Afraid to Ask), said. Jack '' Kuney, who produced Wallmger. :" i it . i 9 , mi . , l Florida is shifting the cost of bad immigration policies back to the federal government. The Associated Press MIAMI Florida plans to ship some of its worst 30 killers and other violent criminals from state prison to federal lockups as part of its effort to shift costs of immigration policy to the federal government Under an agreement announced Thursday by Lt. Gov. Buddy MacKay, the state will exchange the prisoners, most of whom arrived in the 1980 Mariel boatlift from Cuba, for 30 minimum-security U.S. citizens serving federal terms. ' "I think that the people who came here as a result of the Mariel boatlift came as a result of federal policy," MacKay said. "I don't think we should pay the costs." , Most of the state inmates heading into federal custody were convicted by a joint federal-state task force of homicide prosecutors in the early 1980s, in response to a crime wave following the boatlift from Cuba. Of those involved in the prison system exchange agreement, 29 are Cuban and the other Jamaican. Twenty-six are convicted killers, and 25 came to Florida in the Mariel boatlift. But the state has another 600 Mariel prisoners it wants the federal government to take, MacKay was quick to add. The Justice Department originally pledged to take the inmates, but working out the transfer agreement has taken years. ; MacKay said that Florida will save $10-15 million by sending the 30 violent criminals to federal prison, and by taking non-violent prisoners in return. The prisoner exchange actually is planned for early next year. The 30 Florida inmates selected for the upcoming exchange to federal prisons are not eligible for deportation because of their violent crimes, and because there's no treaty between the United States and Cuba. A total of 523 state inmates FBI arrests suspected Basque terrorist Ramon Aldasoro Magunacelaya was selling cars in Homestead under the name of Gaspar Axpe. Tlie Associated Press r. MIAMI - He called himself Gaspar Axpe. He worked at a car dealership where he was a good salesman. Co-workers and neighbors described him as polite and quiet. FBI and Spanish authorities said Axpe isn't his real name. And he isn't such a nice guy. The Spanish government said Ramon Aldasoro Magunacelaya was involved in the murders of an Army general, two police officers and as many as three others in the 1980s. He was a member of the Basque terrorist group ETA and fled Spain nine years ago, authorities said. Aldasoro, 41, now sits in a federal detention cell, awaiting extradition. FBI agents arrested him after a tip from the Spanish government. As Gaspar Axpe, Aldasoro obtained a Florida driver license in April 1996, which appears to be about the time he migrated from Mexico, according to state records. He went to work about a year ago at Homestead Toyota, a large car dealership south of Miami. General manager David Rich said he still doesn't believe the man he knew was a terrorist. '.'. "I didn't know him as an assassin," Rich said. "He was just Gaspar." Aldasoro lived in a three-bedroom townhouse in the middle-class suburb of Kendall. Spanish authorities have 45 days to present information to extradite the man who they say went by the name "El Rubio." - Aldasoro was connected with six murders, according to Interior Minister Jaime Mayor Oreja. He allegedly belonged to two terrorist units before fleeing. An affidavit described how Aldasoro was the getaway driver during the killing of two police officers, who had identified an ETA "compatriot." The Associated Press s BRUSSELS, Belgium The European Union outlawed all tobacco advertising Thursday and gave cigarette makers until Oct 1, 2006, to end sponsorship of major sports and cultural events. - The deal was clinched at an EU health ministers meeting after Britain, now under Labor Party rule, dropped its longtime opposition to the measure. ' Starting in October 1998, governments get 3 years to enact the ban on all advertising, except at stores that sell cigarettes. - Cigarette advertising in those EU nations that still allow cigarette ads in newspapers and magazines will be exempt from the ban until October 2003, said EU Famous maker separates Jackets, sweaters, pants, skirts and more for misses, petites and women. Orig. S76-S246 Sale 53.20-184.50 At V mi Handbags and isiinihags From Jennifer Moore, Charter Club, Sereta, Nine West and a famous American maker. Reg. S25-S38 Sale 18.75-26.60 Fashion hoots for her From Nine West, Enzo Angiolini, Timberland, Candies and others. Reg. $40-$145 Sale 29.99-101.50 WEEK OF NOVEMBER 30: NY, NJ, CT, RA, DE, MO, VA WnfeF1aira,DaruryFair&rtmta GASun. 12-8Mon.-TueslO-10Wed.-Thurs.8-ll Frt. 10-10 V O H i y WO-ty 1 . ' - ' i i mi 1 Shop Sat. " I most ISJI lads' eifferwessr ,From Gallery, Rothschild, Badge, Pacific Trail and others for infants, toddlers, boys and girls. Reg. 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