The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 17, 1968 · Page 64
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 64

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1968
Page 64
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E6 Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, Nov. 17, 1968 Tart Hurt: Nets Play 1 11 " .,V.. I isVf( TART Miami Next Bay Fans Ask: 'What's Wrong With Packers?' Special To The Post-Times MIAMI BEACH The Miami Floridians wUl honor Mayor Henry Milander of the City of Hialeah at their Monday game against the Kentucky Colonels. Game time Is 8 p.m. In the Miami Beach Convention Hall. something to gripe about. Some of them are jealous that the players are overpaid, overen dorsed, overexposed. "So many people here don't know what it is to take a loss. They're just used to win, win, (illEE.N BAY, Wis. (APl -"The Green Buy Packers," said Olive Jordan, "are like your own children. You want perfection from them, without pushing them. "So when you know they have the capacity to do something, Ijui aren't doing it, you don't reprimand them you sort of just question in your own mind whs it isn't coming out right. "Naturally, then, the people are taking it hard. But there's no win. A loss is a bitter pill. But I can remember when we used to go out and pray for a first down." That was years ago. It hasn't been that way since Vince Lorn baidi took over as coach, and no one expected it to be that way Kentucky offers one of the strongest back court 1-2 punches In the ABA. Darel Carrier, a (-3 (ruard from Western Kentucky, and Louis Dampier, 64 from Kentucky, are the League's finest exponents ol the three-point field goal. Carrier has 21 and Dampier has 16. Miami's only contributor to this method of scoring Is Ron Perry with two. Carrier scored 273 points In nine gamos for an average of 30.3, ranking second only to Rick Barry of Oakland. Dampier scored 194 points, averaging 21.6. Kentucky Coach Gene Rhodes has Jim "Goose" Ligon at center and Randy Mahaffey and Jim Caldwell at forwards. Monday will also be Latin American Night at the Flori-dian-Colonel game, sponsored by the International Y.M.C.A. and directed by Manolo Diaz. The New York Nets meet the Floridians Wednesday night In the Miami Beach Convention Hall. New York's Coach Max Zaslofsky beefed up his back court by acquiring 6-1 Bob Ver-ga from the Denver Rockets. The former Duke star played for Dallas last season and scored 735 points in his first 31 games for a 23.7 average. He was named to the ABA All-Star game but was drafted into the Army and spent six months in active service. Another outstanding guard (or New York is Levern Tart who played high school basketball for Roosevelt in West Palm Beach. Tart played college ball for Bradley and last year played for the Oakland Oaks and New Jersey Americans. Tart scored 31 against the Floridians in their season opener as New York rolled to a 112-102 victory. But he will miss the trip because of an injury. Wednesday's game will offer a special half-time attraction. The Playboy Bunnies basketball team will meet a quintet of local radio personalities, including Larry King, Rick Shaw, Jim Dunlap, Mike Millard, Johnny Knox, and Dan Chandler. The Harlem Magicians with the world's greatest ballhandler, Marques Haynes, the former Harlem Globetrotter, play a preliminary ballgame against the Sertoma Club of Greater Miami at the Miami Beach Convention Hall at 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 23. The Miami Floridians meet the Indiana Pacers in an American Basketball Association Eastern Division contest at 8 p.m. animosity." That's the way the wife of the when the reins were passed on this season to Phil Bengtson. Packer defensive tackle tried to put into words the pulse of the "We're spoiled, I guess," said h - ,i' M . people ol Green Bay, a town of so.ixkj that still takes as much pride in its Packers as its chil-'dren and has made total com mitments to both. That was evident this particu lar Sunday, which turned out to be no different from anv other Matt Fhoto by John C ryslal Larry Erickson, manager of a taxicab company. "We're down in the mouth a little good winners, poor losers. But there's no less enthusiasm. You can tell. The Packers are on television so the cab business has dropped wav off. "We should have expected this. You can't win forever. The Packers used to be good for three points before they even went on the field just like you always figured the Yankees were one run ahead before tliey got out on the field. "Now you sit in front of the television with a lump in your stomach wondering what's happening. "I think it's because the players are under a lot of pressure trying to prove they're the same 71, Fred Ellis, and No. 64, Jess Pitts, search for the ball (behind Feeney) during their game Thursday night. Palm Beach Gardens won, 12-6. WONDER WHERE THE BALL WENT Jeff Feeney of Palm Beach Gardens (No. 20, dark jersey) and a host of Palm Beach junior varsity players, including No. Phil Bcogtsoo "It's all very frustrating," said Mrs. Jordan. "We keep wondering why, what, how, what's going on. It's been a most frustrating season for all the girls. We'd like to know what we can do to find the key. "The men don't understand It either. But we have the mutual understanding together that the blame is placed on no one. If something goes wrong, it's the team. The girls will be the first to criticize their own husbands, but then immediately someone will say, 'Don't be silly.' " Mutual understanding. That's Sunday in Green Bay when the Packets are on the road despite the fact that the aura of invincibility surrounding the tea in has been completely shattered. It was p.m. The streets were deserted. In hotels, stores, bars. homes, people were clustering about their television sets, making last-minute tuning adjustments. For, on Sunday when the Packers are on the road, there are two things you do in (mm Bay: ? MBS WOMffi ........... ..u,., TILL 9 I what Green Bay has for its Ml OPEN NITES li TIU 9 20th & BROADWAY RIVIERA BEACH 1. (Jo to church with vour family. 2. Return home and watch the Packers on television. At the Jordan household, Mrs. Jordan and 10 other Packer wives, dressed in a very relaxed manner in slacks, eating and stiacking, prepared to watch their husbands against the Minnesota Vikings. At the same time, Mrs. Jordan Hied to explain further the feeling in Green Bay about the sudden misfortunes of the Packers, who alter three straight Nation-aim football League championships, now are tied for last place in the Central Division with a .'!-" 1 record. Packers now. A questioning certainly, but no great decline in enthusiasm in this strange set-ling where hearts rise and fall with the success of a professional football team. "There's a different aura in town on Monday's depending whether we win or lose," explained drug store owner John Holzer. "If we win, everybody's happy. If we lorf, it's Oh woe, Oh woe, Oh woeful, lamentable day. "Sure some of the people are questioning things, but they're tin-horn sports. They're the ones who have been waiting for the roof to fall in so thev'd have Big 12th Anniversary Sale Continues Without Let Up- Prices Slashed! prkt! affectiva storting Monday, Nov. llth., whilt quantititi last Store hours - OPEN EVERY NIGHT TILL 9 -(EXCEPT SATURDAY OPEN TILL 6). "Nehru" JACKETS Hog. K13 to ! " OUTDOORS By Ed Buclcow Packers whether they gained a couple of years in age or not. They're trying so hard they're fouling up." At the same time the people are somewhat upset by the sudden fall of the Packers' fortunes, there is a protective shield being thrown around Bengtson. "A lot of people feel sorry for Bengtson," explained Charles Brock, the president of the Packers' alumni group. "He came into this situation with the team having won three championships and everyone expecting with the same personnel they should win again. "But any team that wins three is fortunate. There are a few died-in-the-wool fans who have started hollering at Bengtson, but mostly there's sympathy for him." Mayor Don Tilleman feels much the same way. "I haven't felt any change In the people's enthusiasm. It's still the Packers win or lose. But there is a growing sympathy for Bengtson. He's as good a coach as Lombard!, but teaches and coaches in a different way. "I think, though, the players are pulling just as hard, only In a different way. Someone said recently, and it's probably the best way to put it, that you go out and tear your arm off for Bengtson; Lombardi would tear it off for you." No less of enthusiasm. A protective shield of sympathy for Bengtson. And, possibly an effort to mainiain pride in the Packers, if that becomes necessary. "I think we'll have more enthusiasm' now," said Norm Chcmik of the chamber ofcom-mcrce. "This has jarred the community out of its complacency and should give vent to TiackT NOW Reduced to I MESS SUCKS J l ; ?" con., I I s 0,,on I L Solid. -. t I Handsome Fabrics. Brocades, Knits, Nylons, Vinyls. White, Pastels, Darks. Many Problems For Everglades Men's 7 to 1S. PERMA-PRESS DRESS SLACKS .sr.. to si.. Ladies Fine Imported SANDALS Sale $ lrie 99 Pr S;.l(. S 2 sll Special Anniversary Purchase. j 1Imi 8100.00 SUITS Dacron & Cotton. Solids & Patterns. r 7 1 Best Colors. Flatty or Heels. Silk & Wool Dacrons & Wools Mohairs 7 Brand Name Men's SHIRTS Be. SM.K , 5A C 14 i: & or " "-" GOLF SHOES NoWllM Fnmot Brand Whil they Inst. Also Fabulous Selection of Brand New Suits Just Arrived for this big event! PETROCELLI - RATNER DEANSGATE-CURlEE--MIODISHADE- MICHAEL STERN ENTIRE STOCK 500 SUITS REDUCED lor this BIG SALE more loyalty. You can t really measure the extent of the sentiment for the Packers unless you live here. "You have to be here to sense it, feel it. You don't know what it is unless you experience it." But, while, Green Bay hasn't changed its attitude about the Packers, the attitude of visitors has. At the local hotel, desk clerk Win Melotte found that out quickly when the Chicago Bears came into town, Just a bit more self-assured than tney might have been in the past. "We haven't lost our enthusiasm," said Melotte. "But we feel their losses as much as they Men's .-() I;iir S:,0. Genuine Corfam WING TIP DRESS SHOES li'ns SWEATERS. OIL 1'11'E LINES, TV TOHr.RS, Alligator Alley, power lines and now another proposed highway. This is the modern day story ol the Everglades conservation areas. The latest proposal is to construct a transportation corridor across Conservation Are .'), as a link between the projected jet airport in Collier County and civilization on the southeast coast of Florida. Robert W. (Boh) I'adriek, chairman of the flood control district hoard, recently said the KCI) hud "assumed" the highway would he constructed adjacent to Tamiaini Trail, lie said the new planned route would save only six minutes in transportation time. Recently Padrick issued an appeal to conservationists and other concerned individuals to help defeat this "abomidable proposal." He's getting that help. Pick Tillis, director of the Pine Jog Conservation Education Center, said late this week that 1IKJ letters have already been mailed to Governor Claude Kirk objecting to the proposal. In addition to that, the next meeting of the Federated Conservation Council has been called for Monday night at 8 p.m. at Pine Jog Center. Rudy Sobering, chairman of the council, said the meeting was switched from I) p.m. to 8 p.m. to enable a representative of all suortsmcn's clubs to attend. Twenty-two clubs and organizations concerned with conservation are affiliated with the FCC. Purse Seining Limited The Cabinet Board of Conservation, upon the recommendation ol Director Randolph Hodges, has placed limitations on the amount of fish that can be taken in Florida waters with controversial purse seine operations. Use of purse seines will be restricted to those holding permits from the Board of Conservation, and the following quotas have been placed on landings for the l8-(!) season: Kingfish, 1I9.IHHI pounds or nine percent of the average recorded commercial landings for the past five years; Spanish mackerel, I.I11.5IMI pounds or 13 percent of the average recording landings over the last five years; mullet, 1,K35,500 pounds or five percent of the five-year average. Each person obtaining a license must post a $10, IKK) bond which will be forefeited if the terms of the license are violated. Applicants for licenses must also state the species for which they will fish, where they will fish, where they will land their fish and identity the wholesaler who will receive the fish. One of the most popular forms of fishing sports in this area over the years has been catching tasty blue crabs during the winter run, but now the population of this species of crab Is threatened. Blue Crabs Threatened The crabs are also the basis of an important commercial fishery in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. But production has almost been cut in half since i in these four states, accroding to U.S. Bureau of Commercial Fisheries statistics. Conservation Board Director Hodges said recently that it appears that an rpedemic Is spreading southward and northward from a center near thp Georgia-South Carolina boundary. It has not affected the entire State of Florida to date, but losses in Nassau County are comparable to those in South Carolina and (ieorgia, said Hodges. The four states have -joined with federal authorities in an attempt to determine what has caused the decline and to obtain information needed to restore the blue crab population. The Board of Conservation has embarked on another research project the construction of Ihiee thermal rooms to attempt the study of thermal changes on marine ecology. Biologists have been concerned over the discharge of great volumes of hot water into rivers and estaurine areas from power plants. In severe cases, they label this discharge "thermal pollution." The Florida Power Corporation has offered a $25,000 grant to defray the cost of the study, according to Director Hodges. do. We get the visiting clubs in here and we sit right in the mid J'y" House & BEACH SHOES dle of the thing. When the Bears came in we really got it. 00 9 IS) See those Packer helmets Sale Price i S.i I,. hanging over the desk? Well, the Bears wanted me to hang black crepe over them." Famous Nationally Known Brand. 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