Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 24, 2015 · Page B5
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page B5

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 2015
Page B5
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USA TODAY—DEMOCRATANDCHRONICLE SATURDAY,OCTOBER24,2015 E3 5B IN-DEPTH MARKETS COVERAGE USATODAY.COM/MONEY TOP 10 MUTUAL FUNDS Fund, ranked by size NAV Chg. 4wk 1 YTD 1 COMMODITIES Commodities Close Prev. Chg. % Chg. % YTD TOP 10 EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS ETF, ranked by volume Ticker Close Chg. % Chg %YTD FOREIGN CURRENCIES Currency per dollar Close Prev. ! mo. ago Yr. ago FOREIGN MARKETS Country Close Prev. Change %Chg. YTD % MORTGAGE RATES Type Close 6 mo ago INTEREST RATES Type Close 6 mo ago 1 – CAPITAL GAINS AND DIVIDENDS REINVESTED Vanguard €€Adml ‚.ƒ +„.€ +….„% +„.% Vanguard TotStIAdm .…† +€.„ +ƒ.„% +.…% Vanguard InstIdxI ‡‚.…‡ +„.€‡ +….„% +„.% Vanguard TotStIdx .…„ +€.„ +ƒ.% +.ƒ% Vanguard InstPlus ‡‚.…‚ +„.€‡ +….„% +„.% Fidelity Contra €ˆ.‡€ +.„† +†.‡% +….€% Vanguard TotIntl .ˆ‡ +€.ˆ +‡.% +€.…% American Funds GrthAmA m ††.‚ˆ +€.… +.ƒ% +.ˆ% American Funds IncAmerA m „.† +€.† +ƒ.†% +€.ˆ% American Funds CapIncBuA m ‡.ˆ… +€.‡ +ƒ.„% +€.% SPDR S&P€€ ETF Tr SPY „€…. +„.„ +.% +.€% Barc iPath Vix ST VXX ‡.ƒˆ +€.‚ +.€% -†€.‚% Mkt Vect Gold Miners GDX ƒ.„ +€.†€ +„.% -€.% iShs Emerg Mkts EEM ˆƒ.„‚ +€.„ +€.ƒ% -….ƒ% PowerShs QQQ Trust QQQ „.…‡ +ˆ.€… +„.‡% +‚.„% iShare Japan EWJ „. +€.„ +.€% +.ˆ% iShares Rus „€€€ IWM .‡ +.ˆ +.€% -ˆ.„% SPDR Financial XLF „†.† +€.„ƒ +.% -„.†% CS VS InvVix STerm XIV ˆ.ˆ -€.†€ -.ˆ% +.ˆ% SPDR HealthCare XLV ƒ‚.ˆˆ +.† +„.% +.†% Prime lending ˆ.„% ˆ.„% Federal funds €.„% €.ˆ% ˆ mo. T-bill €.€% €.€„%  yr. T-note .†„% .ˆ‡% € yr. T-note „.€‚% .‚ƒ% ˆ€ yr. fixed ˆ.…‚% ˆ.…‡%  yr. fixed „.‡% „.‚‡%  yr. ARM „.% „.…% / ARM ˆ.‡% ˆ.€ƒ% Cattle (lb.) .† .†€ +€.€ +€.†% -†.‚% Corn (bushel) ˆ.‡€ ˆ.…‡ +€.€„ +€.†% -†.†% Gold (troy oz.) ,ƒˆ.ˆ€ ,ƒƒ.ƒ€ -ˆ.ˆ€ -€.ˆ% -.…% Hogs, lean (lb.) .ƒ† .ƒƒ -€.€„ -†.ˆ% -„.…% Natural Gas (Btu.) „.„‚ „.ˆ‚ -€.€ -†.„% -„€.‚% Oil, heating (gal.) .† .†… -€.€„ -€.…% -„.„% Oil, lt. swt. crude (bar.) ††.ƒ€ †.ˆ‡ -€.…‡ -.…% -ƒ.ˆ% Silver (troy oz.) .‡„ .‡„ unch. unch. +.ƒ% Soybeans (bushel) ‡.‚ƒ ‡.‚‚ -€.€ˆ -€.†% -„.% Wheat (bushel) †.‚ †.‚ unch. unch. -ƒ.‡% British pound .ƒ„ƒ .ƒ†‚‡ .ƒƒ†„ .ƒ„ˆ‡ Canadian dollar .ˆ‡ˆ .ˆ€ .„†† .„ˆ† Chinese yuan ƒ.ˆ†ˆˆ ƒ.ˆƒ€ˆ ƒ.„€€ƒ ƒ.‡‡ Euro .‚€‡… .‡‚‚‡ .‚„ˆ‡ .…‚€ˆ Japanese yen „.ˆ‡ „€.…† ‚.†‚ €‡.‚ Mexican peso ƒ.ƒ€„† ƒ.†ƒ† .ˆˆ‡ ˆ.†„† Frankfurt €,…‚†.† €,†‚.‚… +ˆ€„.… +„.‚% +€.% Hong Kong „ˆ,.‚† „„,‡†.ˆ… +ˆ€ƒ.… +.ˆ% -.‚% Japan (Nikkei) ‡,‡„.ˆ€ ‡,†ˆ.‡… +ˆ‡‚.†ˆ +„.% +….‚% London ƒ,†††.€‡ ƒ,ˆ…ƒ.„‡ +ƒ….‡€ +.% -.‚% Mexico City †,€€.„† ††,ƒ„….‚… +ˆ‡„.„… +€.‚% +†.ˆ% DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE MAJOR INDEXES S&P 500 STANDARD & POOR ' S NASDAQ COMPOSITE RUSSELL RUSSELL 2000 INDEX DJIA COMP +11.54 SPX +157.54 CHANGE: +.9% YTD: -176.37 YTD % CHG: -1.0% CHANGE: +1.1% YTD: +16.25 YTD % CHG: +.8% CHANGE: +1.0% YTD: -38.64 YTD % CHG: -3.2% CHANGE: +2.3% YTD: +295.81 YTD % CHG: +6.2% CLOSE: 17,646.70 PREV. CLOSE: 17,489.16 RANGE: 17,525.11-17,679.37 CLOSE: 2,075.15 PREV. CLOSE: 2,052.51 RANGE: 2,058.19-2,079.74 CLOSE: 1,166.06 PREV. CLOSE: 1,154.52 RANGE: 1,155.64-1,166.42 CLOSE: 5,031.86 PREV. CLOSE: 4,920.05 RANGE: 4,999.54-5,048.55 +111.81 +22.64 SOURCES: MORNINGSTAR, DOW JONES INDEXES, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS SOURCE: BANKRATE.COM Mallinckrodt (MNK) 65.75 +7.14 +12.2 -33.6 Microsoft (MSFT) 52.87 +4.84 +10.1 +13.8 Endo (ENDP) 56.60 +5.14 +10.0 -21.5 Capital One (COF) 81.12 +6.18 +8.2 -1.7 Alphabet C (GOOG) 702.00 +50.21 +7.7 +33.4 Wynn Resorts (WYNN) 67.60 +4.42 +7.0 -54.6 United Continental (UAL) 59.68 +3.63 +6.5 -10.8 Baxalta (BXLT) 33.41 +2.05 +6.5 -.3 Verisign (VRSN) 80.18 +4.77 +6.3 +40.7 (AMZN) 599.03 +35.12 +6.2 +93.0 Company (ticker symbol) Price $ Chg % Chg % Chg Company (ticker symbol) Price $ Chg % Chg % Chg Stericycle (SRCL) 120.31 -28.73 -19.3 -8.2 VF (VFC) 63.75 -9.46 -12.9 -14.9 Whirlpool (WHR) 145.90 -13.91 -8.7 -24.7 PVH (PVH) 88.17 -7.76 -8.1 -31.2 NRG Energy (NRG) 14.02 -.90 -6.0 -48.0 Host Hotels & Resorts (HST) 16.54 -1.03 -5.9 -30.4 Ventas (VTR) 55.13 -3.25 -5.6 -12.2 Target (TGT) 72.94 -4.17 -5.4 -3.9 Nordstrom (JWN) 64.99 -3.52 -5.1 -18.1 Fossil (FOSL) 52.00 -2.54 -4.7 -53.0 YTD YTD SOURCE: BLOOMBERG AND THE ASSOCIATED PRESS S&P 500’S BIGGEST GAINERS/LOSERS RUT LOSERS GAINERS Makes up loss on Valeant report. Driven by cloud sales and margins. Says it’s a different beast than Valeant. Beats estimates as card spending climbs. Google reaches record on Web traffic. Shares trade higher after China cuts interest rates. Takes off on third-quarter earnings release. Shire vows to pursue acquisition. Third-quarter earnings top. Jeff Bezos becomes America’s third-richest person. Plummets on short revenue and profit. Reduces forecast, shares suffer. Foreign exchange to hurt sales. Down on weak VFC quarterly results. Strong earnings growth projected, shares go other way. Peers post weak results, shares dip. Slips following earnings results. Dips all day as VFC posts weak earnings. As one of VFC’s customers, dips along with VFC. Declines as it sets release of Alphabet’s Android Wear. AMERICA’S M ARKETS ALL THE MARKET ACTION IN REAL TIME. A MERICASMARKETS.USATODAY.COM 5-day avg. : +0.56 6-month avg. : -7.07 Largest holding : AAPL Most bought : AAPL Most sold : AAPL Here’s how America’s individual investors are performing based on data from SigFig online investment tracking service: POWERED BY SIGFIG How we’re performing USA’s portfolio allocation by wealth 5-day avg. : +0.49 6-month avg. : -7.39 Largest holding : AAPL Most bought : RVSB Most sold : NFLX 5-day avg. : +0.06 6-month avg. : -4.90 Largest holding : AAPL Most bought : AAPL Most sold : AAPL 5-day avg. : -0.13 6-month avg. : -4.22 Largest holding : AAPL Most bought : NFLX Most sold : PPHM 5-day avg. : +0.50 6-month avg. : -3.76 Largest holding : GE Most bought : MSFT Most sold : DCTH LESS THAN $100,000 $100,001$250,000 $250,001$1 MILLION MORE THAN $1 MILLION NOTE: INFORMATION PROVIDED BY SIGFIG IS STATISTICAL IN NATURE AND DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A RECOMMENDATION OF ANY STRATEGY OR SECURITY. VISIT SIGFIG.USATODAY.COM/DISCLOSE FOR ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURES AND INFORMATION. POWERED BY SIGFIG More than half a million investors nationwide with total assets of $200 billion manage their investment portfolios online with SigFig investment tracking service. Data on this page are based on SigFig analysis. DID YOU KNOW? Facts about America’s investors who use SigFig tracking services: Among the most aggressive SigFig investors (more than 70% equities), Gilead Sciences (GILD) was the most-bought stock in early October. Yahoo Alibaba’s rating raised to buy vs. hold at T.H. Capital, receives strong ratings, shares near October’s high. Company paid $17 million for rights to stream NFL games, to be tested Sunday. STORY STOCKS 4-WEEK TREND $25 $35 Sept. 25Oct. 23 4-WEEK TREND $500 $800 Sept. 25Oct. 23 4-WEEK TREND $40 $60 Sept. 25Oct. 23 $49.66 $702.00 $33.17 Price: $33.17 Chg: $1.50 %chg: 4.7% Day’s high/low: $33.36/$32.24 Alphabet Google’s parent company hits 2015 high after it sold more ads and kept costs under control, which brought solid sales and profit. Cash balance of $72.8 billion enables it to authorize $51 billion in share buyback. Price: $702.00 C hg: $50.21 %chg: 7.7% D ay’s high/low: $ 730.00/$701.50 Price: $49.66 Chg: -$1.38 %chg: -2.7% Day’s high/low: $51.55/$48.97 Ross Stores It started as a solid trading day when Wells Fargo initiated coverage with an outperform rating. Some analysts think o -price department store deserves a higher valuation. Shares plummeted later. A: Tech investors are fixated on Apple, Alphabet, Amazon and Netflix. But Microsoft has quietly turned into a champion tech stock catching many investors o guard. Analysts see more upside. Microsoft has quietly built a powerhouse cloud business that is driving growth and profitability. Microsoft’s prowess on the cloud finally became clear to investors following the company’s third-quarter profit report. The company late Thursday reported an adjusted quarterly profit that beat expectations by nearly 14%. The stock soared to catch up, jumping $4.84, or 10%, to $52.87. Microsoft shares are now up 16% this year, turning it into a surprising w inner. That rally has lifted the stock’s valuation to 35 times trailing diluted e arnings over the past year, well above t he market’s 20 P-E but more in line with other more cloud-centric computer c ompanies. Currently, analysts rate the stock “ outperform” and think it could be worth $53.19 in 18 months. Analysts will likely be boosting their profit targets given the size of Microsoft’s beat. Unexpected strength from the company’s Windows 10 devices and higher profits from Bing could be wild cards. New Constructs says the stock is trading well below the present value of future cash flow. INVESTINGASK MATT Q: Is it too late to buy Microsoft? Matt Krantz USA TODAY Analysts like Microsoft’s future in the clouds SANFRANCISCO Twitter’s new chief executive Jack Dorsey says h e’s giving about a third of his Twitter stock — or 1% of the comp any — back to the company for an equity pool for employees. D orsey said in a tweet that he wanted to “reinvest directly in o ur people.” The 38-year-old tech billion- a ire made a similar move in December 2013 when he gave 10% of his shares back to Square, the digital payments company he co- founded and that he also leads as CEO. Last week, when Square filed paperwork with the Securi- t ies and Exchange Commission for an initial public o ering, Dorsey said he would donate 40 mill ion Square shares to charity. “As for me, I’d rather have a s maller part of something big than a bigger part of something s mall,” Dorsey tweeted Thursday night. He used that same line in t he paperwork Square filed with the SEC. “ I’m confident we can make Twitter big,” Dorsey said. Twitter spokesman Jim Prosser declined to comment. Dorsey’s magnanimity — worth close to $200 million — will likely be a morale booster for T witter employees, who could be eligible for additional equity grants. New hires may also re- c eive larger stock grants, which could help Twitter compete for t op talent. Dorsey has about 22 million shares of Twitter. W ith Twitter facing sluggish user growth and growing ques- t ions from Wall Street, Dorsey is looking for ways to accelerate the p ace of innovation and motivate employees. Dorsey has kept up a steady release of new Twitter features such as Moments, which strings together the best tweets from live events. Last week, he oversaw the fi rst mass layo in Twitter’s nine- year history. This week at Twitter’s second annual mobile con- f erence, Dorsey apologized to software developers and pledged t o reboot the increasingly important relationship. And next week, T witter is scheduled to report third-quarter earnings. Dorsey to give one-third of his Twitter stock to employees TLAYNEPHOTOGRAPHY Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. CEO reinvests ‘directly in our people,’ made similar move at Square Jessica Guynn @jguynn USA TODAY After su ering its first 10% drop in four years, the broad U.S. stock market is in rally mode and back in the black for 2015. Still, despite a rally of 11.1% since the 2015 lows in August, the Standard &Poor’s 500 stock index is still down 2.6% from its May 21 record close of 2130.82. The S&P 500’s 2.1% rally this past week — its fourth consecutive week of gains — was driven by a perfect storm of events. Thursday morning, fast-food giant McDonald’s delivered a big earnings beat, sending a message that U.S. corporate earnings might not come in as bad as feared in the third quarter, despite talk of an earnings recession. Next up, comments from the head of the European Central Bank hinting at more stimulus to come later this year to help boost growth. Then, after Thursday’s closing bell, three big blue-chip tech stocks —, Microsoft and Google parent Alphabet — delivered blow-out earnings. Finally, the Chinese central bank Friday announced an interest-rate cut. The big question: Is the rally all based on central bank stimulus or true fundamental improvement? Wall Street will find out next week when the earnings parade continues with names such as Apple, Ford and Starbucks reporting. The economic docket is also full, with fresh readings on home sales, durable goods and third-quarter GDP. There’s a Federal Reserve meeting, too, which means more chatter about interest-rate hikes. The market could show its true colors next week. What to watch Wall Street’s next test: Pro fi ts, data, the Fed Adam Shell @adamshell USA TODAY

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