The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 5, 1997 · Page 2
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 2

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1997
Page 2
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2A THE PALM BEACH POST FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5. 1997 w s c Newsmakers Michigan legislators l take new aim at Kevorkian I It former Mouseketeer Darlene accused of lying, obstruction -liWm Beach Post Staff and Wire Reports -pa. Former Mouseketeer Darlene Gillespie has V-J&en arrested on charges of obstructing justice v;.,i u.. u: Renter DETROIT The Michigan state Senate passed on Thursday a new ban on the practice of physician-assisted suicide by a vote of 27-8, one day after Dr. Jack Kevorkian was present at another death. The bill marks the strongest juy iyiu& duuui a cv.uwucs p-ffaud scheme. Gillespie and ! her fiance, Jerry Fraschilla, .allegedly produced bogus letters from associates and a 'stockbroker claiming they ''-tiad the means to pay for itstocks when they didn't "Trie indictment, unsealed ' jdnesday, also alleges the lied under oath about a fictional person named RnMhaAl Anffrmvc plaiminrr Gillespie move taken by state legislators to stop the retired pathologist since a temporary law expired in 1994 and since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in June that state iji ft JU; Medicaid law barring transfers draws lawsuit The federal law prohibits attorneys from helping seniors transfer assets to relatives to qualify for Medicaid. The Associated Press ALBANY, N.Y. The New York State Bar Association sued the federal government Thursday over a law that prohibits attorneys from helping senior citizens transfer their assets to relatives to qualify for Medicaid. The law, approved this year, makes it illegal to accept a fee to counsel people on how to make those transfers, a common practice known as spending down. The lawyers' group called the law a "gag order" that keeps people from seeking professional help. "This 'Catch-22' legislation says to the 80-year-old Alzheimers patient, 'Sure, you can make lawful transfers, but no one can help or advise you,' " state bar President Joshua Pruzansky said. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Albany, claims the law violates First Amendment protections of free speech. Several other bar associations have expressed interest in joining the lawsuit, said Frank Ciervo, a spokesman for the New York bar. The current law replaced a 1996 law that made it a crime to apply for Medicaid, under certain circumstances, after transferring significant assets. It was quickly dubbed the "Granny Goes to Jail" law by critics. Congress repealed the unpopular law in its Balanced Budget Act of 1997, but substituted the new language. The misdemeanor offense carries a penalty of up to a year in jail or a fine of up to $10,000, or both. There was no immediate response from the U.S. Justice Department But a spokeswoman for Rep. Steven LaTourette, R-Ohio, defended the new law. Debbie Winston said not many people will be caught by the new provision; a lawyer would have to counsel someone to essentially break the law. "You would have to counsel the person to do something you knew Medicaid doesn't allow," she said. "My boss is a lawyer. He doesn't think they have a whole lot to worry about it" ; f i ;lre prepared some of the documents. Gillespie, jS, and Fraschilla, 60, were indicted on 26 fed-Sral charges of conspiracy, securities fraud, , ;mail fraud, obstruction of justice and perjury. Thpir arraignment was scheduled for Monday. iV&fter their arrest Wednesday, she was released ,on her own recognizance and he remained in with bail set at $50,000. In August, the two r';got probation for stealing a food processor and clothing from a Macy's store. Gillespie per- ' ;. Jurmed in the original cast of The Mickey Mouse "Club television show from 1954 to 1959. i jllnn considers run for Congress 4 "Congressman Kelly Flinn? The former Air ..Force pilot who is touring the country promot o governments may outlaw doctor-assisted suicide. The new bill would make assisting in a suicide a felony punishable by four years in jail and a fine of $2,000. Like the earlier measure, the offense would not apply if someone prescribed drugs to relieve pain and suffering, even if those drugs increased the risk of death. But in an effort to close a loophole that favored Kevorkian in the past, the proposal said the medication must be prescribed by a licensed physician who maintains a clinical practice in a fixed Michigan location. Kevorkian, who his attorney says has helped between 70 and 100 people die, lost his license to practice medicine in 1991. He has been acquitted three times on assisted suicide charges; a fourth trial ended in a mistrial. State officials are looking into the reported involvement of Kevorkian in the death of 82-year-old Martha Wichorek in Detroit on Wednesday. '4 if -I' vm; m tf ,,-..'-V THE ASSOCIATED PRESS America's Christmas tree ing her book told CNBC s Chris Matthews for a segment airing today that "a couple of congresswomen" have suggested she run for the , House. "I've been thinking about it," she said in a transcript of the show. Flinn, the nation's first and only B-52 pilot who quit in an adultery scandal, wouldn't reveal any details about where the sug- WASHINGTON - Steven Miles and his daughter, Amanda, 4, stand in the glow of the national Christmas tree on a wet Thursday night, shortly after the tree was lit by President Clinton and two children. The 40-foot-tall Colorado blue spruce has stood on the ellipse of the Mall between the White House and Washington Monument since 1978, when it was transplanted there from a farm in York, Pa. Today's forecast Jacksonville ( 6230 TODAY Partly cloudy and cooler ' conditions. High 73. Low 48. Y V- Orlando ; gestion came from. Asked what state she would run in, Flinn said, "Oh goodness, I'd have to figure out where I'm go-l -ing to live. I've left the military and I really don't have a home." Flinn, 26, resigned in May and i i took a general discharge rather than face a '. ! court-martial on charges of adultery, lying and I disobeying an order. 1 iCaii Perkins on mend after strokes Y Carl Perkins is up and around after two ; t strokes in two weeks. The rockabilly innovator i underwent surgery in June to remove a block-t Sige in his carotid artery. A blood thinner and (physical therapy was prescribed after the 65-: ear-old Perkins suffered a stroke on Nov. 20, uand he suffered a second stroke Tuesday, according to his son, Stan Perkins. Perkins, who !, jwrete Blue Suede Shoes, was resting at his North jckson, Tenn., home. .,- ST. LUCIE COUNTY D O (D O First Full Last New Dec. 7 Dec. 13 Dec. 21 Dec. 29 FFtl SAT SUN Sunrise 6:55 a.m. 6:55 a.m. 6:56 a.m. Sunset 5:27 p.m. 5:27 p.m. 5:27 p.m. Moonrise11:27a.m.12:11 p.m. 12:54 p.m Moonset 11:05 p.m. 1 2:06 a.m Fori Pierce I I ' Port If . Y-A'-"A:A St. Lucie I Vrrf '- . Saturday Mostly sunny and cooler conditions. High 64. Low 44. Fort Okeechobee . 7044 Fort Myers Lauderdale 7046 , - UW , l Miami Sunday : Mostly sunny and continued cool. High 65. Low 46. MARTIN COUNTY Indlantown 7146 0 ",4K1 SOLUNAR TABLES AM P M DAY MIN' MAJ MIN' MAJ Friday 9:47 3:34 10:14 4:01 Saturday 10:44 4:31 11:10 4:57 Sunday 11:38 5:24 4:57 Fish and game seem to be more active at certain times during the lunar period. The major periods last 1 12 to 2 hours after the time listed. Minor periods are shorter. 7047F ' .S Through 8 p.m. at West Palm Beach TEMPERATURES High ....77 Low 70 Record High (1942) 89" Record Low (1974) 42 Surf temperature 75" RAINFALL Thursday 1.13" Month to date 1.14" Normal month to date 0.42" Year to date 58.25" Normal year to date 58.68" Lake Okeechobee water level : 15.58 ft. Average 14.65 ft. HEAT TIME TEMP INDEX WIND HUM 8pm 73 76 S3 79 9pm 71 71 S3 84 10pm 71 71 Calm 84 11pm 69 69 Calm 90 Midnight 71 71 Calm 84 lam 73 76 ' E3 84 2am 73 76 S5 79 3am 75. 78 S8 79 4am 73 77 SE6 87 5am 75 78 SE4 82 6am 73 77 SE8 87 7am 75 78 SE8 82 8am 75 78 SE9 87 9am 75 78 S6 87 10am 75 79 S4 94 11am 75 79 Calm 94 Noon 73 77 Sll 100 lpm 71 69 SW6 100 2pm 71 69 S5 100 3pm 71 69 S6 100 4pm 71 66 S9 93 5pm 69 65 . SE8 100 6pm 71 66 SE10 93 7pm 69 65 S8 100 Corrections h i " L- ' - LorJ""" PALM BEACH COUNTY Belle Glade 7449 Jupiter t'yr 7247' I Wellington West "48 paim Beach 7348, 0-50 Good, 51100 Moderate, 101-200 Unhealthful, 201-300 Very Unhealthful, 301 Hazardous. POLLUTION INDEX: 15, good, caused by particulates. POLLEN INDEX: 10 on a scale of 0 to 201, which is low; it was caused by oak tree pollen. MOLDS: 2490, which is low. 24-hour air quality recording, 355-3962 THURSDAY TODAY HI Lo Pep HI Lo Wea Cocoa Beach 79651.20 6438s Coral Springs na77na 7449pc Daytona 73650.11 6236s Fort Laud. 76692.12 7450pc Fort Myers 71681.29 7046s Gainesville 73640.10 6134s Hollywood 78670.30 7451pc Homestead 72704.86 7451pc Jacksonville 71620.18 6230s. Key West 77702.98 7462pc Lakeland 73661.49 6537s Melbourne 72651.19 6439s Miami Beach 75732.29 7451pc Naples 77590.67 7249pc Ocala 74650.11 6236s Orlando 73671.60 6339s Pensacola 63530.00 5829s Sarasota 72702.21 6539s Tallahassee 69600.22 5729s Tampa 72642.03 6438s Vera Beach 74700.32 6642s AREA Boynton Beach 7461 ftJ C-.The Palm Beach Post incorrectly reported the u Itlmes of Kaleidoscope '97 events. The International Tree Lighting is from 6 to 9 p.m. Satur-rftay. at Centennial Square, Clematis and Narcis-C aiis streets in West Palm Beach. The Interna- tipnal Concert is from 4 to 8 p.m. Sunday at n Meyer Amphitheater, Flagler Drive and Datura Afreet . B . Because of incorrect information supplied to ffke Palm Beach Post, a story Wednesday about a construction accident at Lincoln Elementary School in Riviera Beach was inaccurate. A crane JJ'Ht the site had nothing to do with the accident, j which crushed a worker's leg. The beam broke i ftte while workers were trying to install anoth-" er beam. IS: FLORIDA LOTTERY N. Florida Delray Beach ICentral S. Florida Florida Keys 7449 Boca .y TODAY HI Lo Wea 57-6229-35s 63-6736-44s 68-7445-51pc 73-7467-62pc Saturday HI Lo Wea 50-5427-34s 54-6034-38s 60-664047s 66-7049-55s Today'i rating: 4, which is low. Burning will occur after the highlighted exposure. Raton 7481 I VERYHOH I WQH I MODBWTE I ' LOW I MNMAL LIGHT 4tD6 71085' 10tDl2 15t)20 30 SKM minutes rrirUes minutes mhuks minutes DARK tessihanao 301040 50to60 75to90 2 hours SKM minutes minutes minutes mrutes N. Florida Central S. Florida Florida Keys TODAY HIGH LOW 3 m Saturday's I Lotto !' 4-9-18 a.m. p.m. No. picked Winners Prize All 6 1 $26 mill. 5 Of 6 403 $1,379 4 of 6 20,560 $64.50 3 Of 6 381,459 $4.50 37-40-43 a.m. p.m. 11:53 11:32 11:56 12:08 12:42 1:19 12:03 12:40 11:23 11:47 11:44 TIDES Palm Beach Inlet Palm Beach Ocean Jupiter Inlet Boynton Inlet Boca Raton Inlet St. Lucie Fort Pierce Inlet FORECAST 5:46 5:16 5:35 7:43 6:47 5:20 5:20 wmi,a ,jH'iin - ,- :";:,: ,i ,r,::,:,:i:i:r:::.r:j THURSDAY TODAY TODAY Bogola 7143 Jerusalem 6647 Panama City 9265 Hi Lo Pep Hi Lo Wea Acapulco 8572 Bonn 3830 Johannesburg 7952 Paris 3932 Calgary 1450.00 3111pc Amsterdam 4333 Buenos Aires 7560 Karachi 8358 Port au Prince 8974 Charl'town 32280.00 3323c Ankara 5642 Cairo 7554 Kingston 8673 Rio 8977 Edmonton 16110.00 2810pc Athens 6452 Cancun 9066 Lima 7563 Riyadh 7754 Fredericton 36270.00 3525c Auckland 6858 Caracas 8564 Lisbon 6152 Rome 5743 Halifax 41280.00 3828pc Bangkok 9375 Dublin 4330 London 4534 San Juan 8772 Montreal 30270.00 3523sn Barbados 8873 Geneva 3628 Madrid 5135 Seoul 3717 Ottawa 28140.00 3423sn Barcelona 5041 Guam nana Manila 8868 Stockholm 3024 Quebec City 30190.00 3322sf Beijing 3317 Havana 8669 Mexico City 7645 Sydney 7464 Regina 14-30.00 203pc Beirut 7257 Helsinki 2111 Moscow 238 Tel Aviv 7757 Toronto 37360.00 3526sn Belgrade 5140 Hong Kong 6958 Munich 3523 Tokyo 5238 Vancouver 48290.00 4836pc Berlin 3731 Istanbul 6148 Nassau 8059 Vienna 4335 Winnipeg 21170.00 2312c Bermuda 7362 Jakarta nana Oslo 2819 Warsaw 3424 SATURDAY HIGH LOW a.m. p.m. a.m. p.m. 12:17 12:5Q 6:46 7:24 12:29 6:16 6:54 12:32 1:05 6:35 7:13 1:43 2:16 8:43 9:21 1:04 1:37 7:47 8:25 12:20 6:20 6:58 12:08 12:41 6:20 6:58 SEA CONDITIONS 3-5 ft. Choppy 4 ft. Rough chop 3-5 ft. Rough chop 3-5 ft. Choppy $10 million Next Jackpot w 6:23 5:53 6:12 8:20 7:24 5:57 5:57 SPEED 15-20 15-20 15-20 15-20 WIND .a Wednesday's I Fantasy 5 I No. picked All 5 4 of 5 3 of 5 Winners Prize 9 $32,445 1,856 $26 34,802 $4 Lake Okeechobee NW St. Augustine to Jupiter Inlet NW Jupiter Inlet to Key Largo NW Key Largo to Dry Tortugas N K 4 18-26 11-21-23-24-25 Thursday's Fantasy 5 II Thursday's Cash 3 5-8-0 Play 4 2-5-7-4 4 - m n Fdrthe latest drawings or last week's results, call 511, line 1008. (50 for up to 5 minutes, see details below). Palm .Beacti Post employees will not give out winning numbers over fre phone. ft : The Palm Beach Post I 2mn " Jpeapolisji i v I s LL TYta jSu pan Francisco I r I J 3626L-rT ' ' 3htk 2917 1 's- 443 A COX Newspaper "MAIN OFFICE S751 South Dixie Highway West Palm Beach, FL 33405 WE RECYCLE For information on recycling in your area, call 930-2511, ext. 4511. Enter category 1080. The call is free. ; HOME DELIVERY RATES ; jbeven days. J.uu 1 l3-wk term, rates differ by terr. ! filondavto Friday only, $1.45 THURSDAY HI Lo Pep 43290.12 42210.00 1610.00 57450.14 57510.27 52370.36 63390.00 61370.17 22200.00 53490.00 20130.04 38220.00 50380.00 67530.00 42420.25 38280.01 28190.00 65620.00 49490.16 56480.06 30250.00 32320.00 39390.00 39390.15 45170.00 66580.01 41410.18 46290.04 60310.00 38360.00 33240.00 28240.01 39370.08 25230.00 52320.00 -7200.00 22160.00 35350.00 63470.43 48290.06 30100.00 81730.00 60380.00 35350.00 TODAY HI Lo Wea 4024sn 4926s 3129sn 3722c 4624pc 4732sh 6140pc 4230sh 2711s 4626pc 2110pc 4122pc 4429sn 6755pc 3628sn 3827sn 3326sn 5933s 3622sn 4827pc 2616pc 2924c 3022c 3429sn 341 7pc 5428pc 3327c 3821sn 5128pc 3023c 3715pc 2513c 3626sn 2417sn 63318 2113c 2014c 2721sn 4724pc 4225sn 245s 8070pc 6041s 2923c THURSDAY HI Lo Pep 49470.00 39370.00 36220.00 57350.00 42410.10 56410.00 71560.00 41400.00 50440.00 33320.0O 31200.00 59500.00 47470.03 59540.00 53420.14 52390.12 63470.07 51270.00 31200.01 30290.00 54400.15 67480.00 46460.16 45280.00 49350.00 49300.06 63530.05 24200.00 45210.00 62440.25 39320.01 44230.00 66370.00 71530.00 58550.14 30280.22 49400.00 29210.07 35220.00 45340.21 39250.00 65410.00 52290.00 61430.08 TODAY HI Lo Wea 5224pc 4035r 2917pc 5738pc 3422c 4625pc' 6856sh 3523c 4025pc 3023c 2520c 5830s 3621pc 5935s 4531sh 4531c 4833pc 4023pc 2713c 2819c 4530sh 7148s 3227sn 3623sn 5037pc 4427sh 4926pc 2714pc 4627c 4532pc 3523c 4025pc 6040pc 6654sh 6151sh 3022sn 5035s 225pc 3523s 3827sn 3215pc 6746s 4119pc 4432sh Albany Albuquerque Anchorage Asheville Atlanta Atlantic City Austin Baltimore Billings Birmingham Bismarck Boise Boston Brownsville Buffalo Burlington Caribou Charleston, SC Charleston, WV Charlotte Cheyenne Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Colorado Spgs. Columbia. SC Columbus, OH Concord, NH Dallas Dayton Denver Des Moines Detroit Duluth El Paso Fairbanks Fargo Ft. Wayne Greenville, SC Hartford Helena Honolulu Houston Indianapolis Jackson, MS Juneau Kansas City Las Vegas Lexington Little Rock Los Angeles Louisville Memphis Milwaukee Minneapolis Mobile Nashville New Orleans New York Newark Norfolk Oklahoma City Omaha Peoria Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland, ME Portland. OR Providence Raleigh Rapid City Reno Richmond St. Louis Salt Lake City San Antonio San Diego San Francisco St. Ste. Mane Seattle Sioux Falls Spokane Syracuse Topeka Tucson Tulsa Washington r Saturday and Sunday only, $1.75 ? ' r "Published each morning by Palm Beach Newspapers, Inc. periodical I 'postage is paid at West Palm Beach and additional mailing office. , tUSPS 418-720 i -. - I Postmaster: Address changes to The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700. West Palm Beach, FL 33416-4700 Houston y-JrA V' ' f 6041 -J W. Palm Baacfe a An f 73V48 u : . Gulf . 7 Mexco Cancun ""-- EXTREMES NATIONAL HIGH: National City, Calif., at 79 NATIONAL LOW: Alamosa, Colo., at -13" FRONT KEY P flKjift,jlk Cold Warm Stationary Legend: s-sunny. pc-partly cloudy, NEWS DEPARTMENTS West Palm Beach 820-4401 c-cloudy, sh showers, i-ice, nam, Le M -HOME DELIVERY AND BILLING 2 West Palm Beach 820-4663 tOttier 800-654-1231 MAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS jt (ates vary by zone 820-4231 Subscribe at t CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING t Tequesta to m Bdynton Beach 820-4343 t-trrunutffsturrrrs, si-snow nurnes, sn snow, clr-clear, w-windy. Meto CityVyyK Caribbean Sea Mexico City b4b Stuart Wellington Belle Glade Port St. Lucie P.B. Gardens Delray Beach Okeechobee Business Entertainment Features Listening Post Opinion Sports PENNYSAVER Forecasts for noon today; all maps and data provided by Weather Central, Inc. 286-5151 7905880 996-6731 879988 8203030 279-3450 8204401 8204438 8204708 8204730 8204702 8204461 820-4440 820-4777 Forecasts by phone Martin and St. Lucie 24-hour sports and news 287-4108 4611423 "oounfies 3 .Fort Pierce IS .Inflorida 800-3q5-7023 LOCAL UPDATES: For Free News 12 Doppler forecasts, call (561) 355WPEC, line 1212,from Jupiter to Boca Raton. Or call 561 3370511, line 1212 in Martin & St.Lucie counties. In Broward, call 9547644511, line 1212. Internet updates Visit http:www.GoPBI.comweathw for ... Conditions updated every hour News 12 Doppler radar refreshed every 3 minutes Severe weather warnings from around the state Worldwide satellite maps Weathero PALM BEACH W INTERACTIVE ww w.GoPB 1 .comweather ENTER LINE NUMBER 5760 Air Travel Report 7100 Horoscopes 1008 Lottery Numbers 3816 Golf 3861 Tennis 3600 Pro Football 3200 Baseball 3055 College Footbatl West Palm Beach 80O432-7595 800432-7595 8327400 Delray Beach Boca Raton Classified Call 511 from Fort Pierce south to Homestead and west to Belle Glade (50 for up to 5 minutes). You must be 18. Charges appear on phone bill. For a directory call 800-349-1511. ' -legal 82O3106 It ".RETAIL ADVERTISING West Palm Beach 820-4300 S f'M. Gardens 820-3000 Oelray Beach 279-3400 maX 223-3r0 NATIONAL, INTERNATIONAL: Call 511. line 4100 (50 from Fort Pierce to Homestead and west to Belle Glade). For 30ay AccuWeather forecasts, call 1-900776-3959. Use 7 for Q and 9 forZ. 95 a minute.Charges appear on phone bill.

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