The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 17, 1968 · Page 56
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 56

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1968
Page 56
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Page 56 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post-Times, D14 Sunday, Nov. 17, 1968 Fault With Films Is The Writing, Says Peck WPB Auditorium Week's Schedule "It seems so Impersonal and' I look at it in a completely detached way. So the satisfaction comes day by day In doing a good day's work. In one day, you may have one cracking good scene and several mediocre ones which are purely to tie the thing together. "Another way of putting It, it's much less tratifying to the ego than stage work. One has to do without the satisfaction of dally audience response and approval." Peck said he tries never to carry a role home with him because he wants to come will ever come up. "But each morning Is a new chance to do some good work. The Interesting thing about a screen actor's life as opposed to the stage and I've been both is that a ritual takes place every night in the theater which is complete in itself. "In films, the story is pieced together over a matter of months and when you finally see it finished several months later, much has been done' the editing, dubbing, scoring which you had nothing to do with. back the next day feeling refreshed. "In front of the camera, you must Invest tension, energy and drive. One can't simply stroll on and be perfectly casual or the audience would fall asleep. In a movie, everything we do is planned. "So for the most part I do't go out in the evenings when I'm working except at weekends or an occasional early dinner or theater. I try to be In bed by midnight or before, then get up at 6.15 a.m. to get to the studio. It's not a hardship. It's a job and I enjoy it." B y MARIS ROSo LONDON (UPI) Members of the movie-going public who feel they are offered too many mediocre films may be pleased to learn that Gregory Peck agrees with them. But Peck says: Pon't blame the actors. "I simply think there Isn't enough original and fine writing these days to meet demand. If there were 10 Robert Bolts ("A Man for All Seasons," "Lawrence of Arabia") each writing a film a year, I'm sure the public would go and sre them," said the Hollywood star. "It's a most difficult and demanding craft for a writer of substance. There is little incentive for him to write directly for the screen because he immediately is faced with all sorts of controls and compromises, while the writer of a play can have it Immediately presented as it Is written. "That's why so many screen versions are created out of novels and plays, and we do shadows of them. "We (In the movie bus!, cess) seldom have weighty .material, seldom deal with, perceptive Ideas. We mainly play out paperbacks. Accepting that, to do it with great skill is the challenge and often to make them better than they are. "I think that was the great thing about Humphrey Bogart. Hs attitudes toward living somehow invested his material with qualities of sensitivity and enriched it. Perhaps that's what a star is supposed to do the mysterious 'X' quality." Peck, 52, expounded his views between takes of his 4Uth movie, "The Chairman," an adventure story based on a novel. Every so often he had to clamber around a mockup of roof rafters draped with artificial cobwebs in the studio near London. At any moment he was expecting an invasion of- Irish cousins whom he had met on a sentimental Journey to the old lamlly homestead Pingle, County Kerry, before filming began. "I think they lionized me In Dingle not as a film star but because my family was related to Thomas Ashe, who was a great Irish hero," he said. "The Chairman" is perhaps the first major American movie with Communist China as its setting. Peck plays an American scientist on a dangerous mission to. seek the for--mula of a revolutionary enzyme which enali. crops to grow anywhere in rty season. In China he meets the Communist Party Chairman, played by Conrad Yama who bears a striking resemblance to Mao Tse-Tung. Communist China is a touchy subject in the United States. "1 think it might attract some attention from the press, but I can't see any basis for controversy because the film is not serious," Peck said. "It is a melodrama. I can't abide Box Offlce: 68M012; 10 am to 6 pm; Sunday 1-5 pm. Sun. Public Ice Skating, 12-2:30; 3:30-6:00; 7-9:30 pm. Mon. Public Ice Skating, 2-5: 30 and 7-9: 30 pm. Tues. Public Ice Skattae. 2-5:30 and 7-9:30 pm. COTERIE CLUB CARD PARTY 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Wed Public Ice Skating, 2-5:30and7-9:30pm. Thurs. Public Ice Skating, 2-5:30 and 7-9:30 pm. Frl. Public Ice Skating, 2-5:30and7-9:30pm. Sat. Public Ice Skating, 12-:2:30; 3:30-6:00." Hockey Game (Bruins vs. Stars), 7:30 pm. Late Skate Adults Only 10 pm to Midnight. Sun. Public Ice Skating, 12-2:30; 3:30-6:00. WALGREEN RESTAURANTS a story that fakes Itself too seriously as a commentary on political Issues. "If there's a message In the film, it .escapes me. Not that I'm one of those people against message pictures. I've read remarks from those people uid I find them quite dreary. I've been in quite a few message pictures, particularly 'To Kill A Mocking-bird' and 'On the Beach." "I'm in this one purely because I think it's an extremely Interesting suspense structure and fun to do." His most memorable film was 'To Kill a Mockingbird," for which he finally won an Oscar as best actor 19 years after his first Academy Award nomination. He played a lawyer who was ostracized in his small town for taking the defense of an assault case. "It was the easiest job I ever had to do," said Peck, who comes from La Jolla, Calif. "I knew the small town and the attitudes so well that It was rather like climbing into an old suit and finding the fit perfect. My own childhood was like that of the kids in the picture and my own father was not unlike the character I played." . Peck was pleased with that picture. It was, to him, "the kind of thing that compensates for the disasters, when one has a string of mediocre films and wonders If something good Good Food Served Fast - Prked Hight . rWSfMm SUNDAY DINNER COMPLETE CENTER CUT HAM STEAK GLAZED PINEAPPLE RING COUNTRY CLUB CRYSTAL LAKE FOLK DANCE CLASS MONDAY, NOV. 18, 7:30 TO 9:30 N0RTHW00D RECREATION CENTER 40TH STREET AND PINEWOOD $ SAMPLE ROAD, 7i Ml. WEST OF U.S. 1, POMPANO BEACH, FLA. 39 INCLUDES: CUP OF SOUP OR CHILLED TOMATO JUICE, WHIPPED POTATOES, HOT VEGETABLE ROLL & BUTTER BEVERAGE & DESSERT I. Hi Present, jKtim MR. SWASEY Food Mgr. says "OUR SPECIALTY IS PLE.4SIG YOU" . 1 89 VALUE LIMIT 4 WITH COUPON LAKE WORTH PLAYHOUSE ALA CARTE DINNER SERVICE ALSO BOUNTIFUL BUFFET $3.95 SENSATIONAL HELD OVER SAT. A SUN. 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WKMK . fyv vtNiwss om MtytRs rmHtu mm LUMET JAMtS HOBJON CMVKt rKTOW y:sy: u ' -A A NEW CONCEPT IN TV FOR SOUTH FLORIDA ACTION REPORT JEROME ROBBINS mi, er mmdh v ne vw uac 8CRKAMNS0N PATRlCIMlfW JEW ROSENTHAL jrJeilBrrfiw if Arnold ftrl 'SARAH AND THE SAX" An amusing significant Off-Broadway play 8earrhin,T for understanding of today's eeneration can. f eatures Broadway-TV. performers' Miss Sylvia Mann and John K. Byrd with a unique audience-participation format. DADE COUNTY AUDITORIUM MIAMI TUES., DEC. 17 THRU SUN., JAN. 12 (Mi I M Sunday, November 17,8:15 P.M. at TEMPLE BETH EL . 1 (BOX OFFICE WILL NOT OPEN 'TIL LATE NOV.) Series subicription tickets at $10 per person or individual program tickets at $3 available ot door. Students admitted ot 30 per program. Jewish Community Forum of the Polm Beaches MONDAY THRU FRIDAY FOLLOWING DIALING FOR DOLLARS AT APPROXIMATELY 5:30 P.M. MICb(wl) 0RCH.1ME2Z. ULCOUT fVu.'ti!.'":3.M S9JB Sl.00 S7.00 $6.00 IR&'umi M m $6.00 $5.00 fat. m.i, it m $7.00 $6,00 $5.00 tUOO j fflw.iui.intt $6.00 $50 $4.00 t $3.00 'EniimriL $1000 WJB $8.00 $7.00 OVER WO LIONS ROAMING MB! DRIVE YOUB OWN CAR THROUGH ' ACTION REPORT ACTION REPORT ACTION REPORT ACTION REPORT ACTION REPORT ACTION REPORT ACTION REPORT ACTION REPORT ACTION REPORT ACTION REPORT WW IMPORTANT! NOTE! Dec. 17 Preview sold out to Brandeis University. Dec. 18 gala opening tickets available only thru National Council of Jewish Women, Miami. No performances Dec. 23, Dec. 30, or Jan. 7. ..iiimiimiitniM.tiiiitiiiiiiiiiimiimiMitimiHiiiiM Mall order form for "Fiddler on the RooP I Drive over African Veldt Territory. Lions and other wild animals come right up to your car window. BRING YOUR CAMCRA! You'll see zebra, giraffes, elephants, chimps, Gus, the 3Vi ton white rhino, and many more, THRILL TO THE ONLY REAL SAFARI OUTSIDE AFRICA... FIRST n in; Date, 1 11 Wnt Palm Buch it Royal Film Bitch Juit oil thi Florida Turnplki Exits I or I chick Eneloiid b my mwtj rdr tor J. N AMERICA! RON FORTNER The ACTION REPORT is designed to be the voice of the people . . . to help them get answers to questions ... to help solve problems .... to cut through red tape ... to help our viewers get ACTION at the time when they need it! Problems? Water standing in the streets? A landlord who won't make repairs? Locating a missing person? Lost legal documents? A fraudulent salesman or business? A destitute person. who needs immediate medical care? Whatever the problem, ACTION REPORT is designed to seek out the problems and then carry it through to its completion. Both the "before" and "after" of situations will be shown. Refusals to take action will be shown! Oil u-.:' Q. W (UtCHOICI DAY k DATE) 0i tL - - - ' 4 X (2nd CHOICE DAY k 5ATE1 fcVfe iZA (3rd CHOICE DAY & DATE) ; , . fM';'-- fV tn,,. - i' w-.ft Ujriii ... " , i'ttjt MAKE CHECK OR MONEY ORDERS PAYABLE TO I i rf,tl J.?5T'"''w''''M,Vfrlll f! NATIONAL AnRMTIOaSJNC. 1 cHJ"f, '"W'''.J f I B 839, RiY.ridi Station, MiimL Fli. 33135 1 A can no JLjl 4"0- A No orders filled unlets ielf-addre$$ed stamped en- I 4 "i-XS! PREMIERE TOMORROW ON (jp 3

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