The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 17, 1968 · Page 30
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 30

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1968
Page 30
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C6 Palm Beach Post-Times. Sunday, Nov. 17. 1968 Deal Etiquette Into The Game You At Your Best By HARRIKTTE TIMMERMAN West dealer Est-Wet vulnerable NORTH Q73 2 8 742 0 A8653 2 much as possible. The other players will prefer to have bid or play made promptly even though it turns out to be wrong than to have anyone' sit In long periods of indecision through fear. Nothing makes other players more uncomfortable than to have a player moan, "Oh, dear, I just don't know what to do." During the game, avoid conversation on matters not related to the game. Don't delay the game by discussing what should have happened or what might have happened on a previous hand. Above all: Don't express sympathy for a loser including yourself when you are losing. When a hand has just gone very well for you, don't talk to anyone about it. Don't point out your opponents' mistakes to them. This is even worse than criticizing your partner for his mistakes. All of this advice seems perfectly correct to me, but card By ALFRED SHEJMWOLD Most advice on etiquette sets an Impossibly high standard, and bridge advice is no exception to this rule. In fact, rules for behavior of card players were probably written by angels and meant to be read by saints. This pious thought came to mind when I browsed through the newest edition (the 55th) of "The Official Rules for Card Games," published by the U.S. Playing Card Co. The latest revision of an 80-year-old classic devotes 44 pages to contract bridge and about five times that many pages to other card games, but some of the most interesting passages occur in the first few pages, from which I quote the following advice on card-playing etl-" quette: An inexperienced player, or anyone sitting in a game with better players, is likely to be nervous and uncertain. This feeling should be concealed as the nine of spades. West over-raffed with the jack but could not stop South from making the last two tricks with the ace and ten of trumps. It was a well-played hand, and North silently nodded his approval, following the rule that you don't talk to anyone about It when a hand has just gone very well for you. But South could not restrain himself. "Why didn't you switch to trumps?" he asked West. "Because it wouldn't do any, good," West replied with more than a little asperity. "You'd win In dummy with the queen of spades, take the king of diamonds, ruff a club, ruff a third round of hearts to ruff another club In dummy, then ruff dummy's last heart and lead out the ace of trumps. You'd get one ruff less In dummy but you wouldn't lose a trump trick, so the result would be the same. The next time you want to criticize an opponent maybe you ought to think before you speak." South swallowed hard and mumbled an apology. East and West left the table to play against their next pair of opponents at another table, and North spoke for the first time. "You were right, of course," he observed. "But you'll never get any thanks for telling them about the brilliant plays they muffed." The observant reader has seen, of course, that West overlooked his chance to defeat the contract. After taking the ace of clubs West must switch to trumps, but he must not lead the jack of spades since that would allow South to make the contract just as West so bitterly pointed out. Instead, West must lead the king of trumps. South wins the ace of trumps and can lead a trump to the queen to capture the jack. But this line of play limits dummy to one ruff, so that South must lose three clubs and a heart. If South decides to ruff two of his three clubs In the dummy he must use dummy's queen of trumps for the purpose, and West eventually gets a trick with the Jack of trumps. South thus loses two clubs, one trump and one heart. It was a very brilliant might-have-been, but South should have saved his breath. West's angry reaction was perfectly normal: nobody enjoys having his mistakes pointed out particularly by an opponent. There Is a saying that goes, "The better a woman looks the longer a man does." Dear Harriette: This is the funniest thing, I can put on make-up and in a couple of hours, it disappears into thin air. Have you ever heard of that before? T.G. Lake Worth Dear T.G. Yes, I have and this problem is very common among women with a dry skin. The skin Is thirsty so it absorbs the makeup base. By applying one layer of foundation and waiting a little while for it to "soak" in, before the next application, your make-up will last twice as long. This is also an indication your skin needs more lubrication so don't neglect to use a rich night cream. Dear Harriftte: Does a woman start to lose her good looks as early as age 25? EX. West Palm Beach Dear E.C. She sutf- does and she's lucky if she hasn't already tvgun to show some sins of deterioration before then. Biologically speaking, the body starts the aging process around age 23. The glands slow down very gradually at first but faster and faster as the years go by. i Darn it! ) One of the first places a woman shows her age is in the face. . especially around the eyes because there are no oil glands directly around the eyes. A woman does not necessarily have to show her age by the 2"th year. She can prolong her youthfulness and keep her good looks extra years by taking care of herself, physically and mentally. Many women add years to their looks by ignoring the common sense health rules, they feel health is not important and think beauty is the result of a trip to the beauty salon and the skillful use of cosmetics. Nothing could be further from the truth. Good healih is the basis of beauty. It is virtually impossible for a woman who is not in good health to be a knock-out in the looks department. Mental strain is another beauty robber. The continous habit of frowning from worry makes wrinkles as surely as do the passing years. Dermatologists tell us that the three things that seem most detrimental to a woman's good looks are alcohol, (that will give you something to think about at cocktail time i crash diets, (they leave the skin loose and hanging in folds) and excessive sun. (If you don't believe this, go down to the beach and have a look at the "alligator" looking skin of the ladies who bask In the sun everyday.) These three items pile on the years faster than Father Time ever could. At age 25, a woman usually looks her youthful best. She has overcome the awkward teen years and accompanying skin troubles. Her body has stopped growing so she has acquired a fixed dress size and has discovered the styles that do "something" for her. Her attitude toward life is more mature and this reflects in her face. This School's Different WEST 4 KJ V AK1095 0 72 4 A987 EAST 42 0 QJ 109 K 1063 SOUTH A 1098 6 5 3 O K4 QJ54 West North East South I (J Pass 2 2 4 3 ? 3 4 4(J 4 Double AUPass Opening lead - K players of all classes and grades will find it impossible to conform. For example, how do you keep players from discussing "matters not related to the game?" Not long ago, an opponent and my wife (who was the dummy while I was playing a redoubled grand slam) exchanged recipes all the way through the play of the hand. In the middle of the fifth trick I had to stop and write down the recipe for ma-rinara sauce. (I didn't make the slam, but the sauce was delicious.) In short, card etiquette should be regarded as an ideal to be aimed at but never quite realized. Nevertheless, certain pointers should be heeded more strictly than others, as the story of today's hand will make clear. During the 1947 Australian Pairs Championship one of the leading Australian experts played the hand shown today at a contract of four spades doubled. West led the king of hearts and continued the suit. South ruffed, led a diamond to the ace and returned the singleton club from dummy. East played low, and South's queen lost to the ace. West led a third round of hearts, and South ruffed again. Declarer ruffed a club in dummy, got to his hand with the king of diamonds, ruffed another club in dummy and ruffed dummy's Last heart. South then ruffed his last club with the dummy's queen of spades and ruffed a third round of diamonds with Window Shades In stock or cutlom mad EstimatM and inlollalion The riOM-.r.K .o. 210CImoti Phono 833-8443 school, but on a smaller scale. The representation is real, a cross section of the local population : The farmer's daughter, the doctor's son, the migrant worker's children, the banker's and the merchant's and the carpenter's children." Mr. Capote says the school started as a dream. He helped, before the school had even held Its first class, by giving a fund-raising reading at The Town Hall, In New York City. The profits enabled the group of eager but Impecunious parents to begin the 1966 academic year with an idealistic staff of seven teachers and 30 willing students. Later he helped with two other benefits. How can an Independent school, with no government subsidies, enroll children, many of whose parents quite obviously cannot afford the tuition costs mandated by the costs of operation? The answer Is that the parents give what they can, and then raise money, and try to raise more. j opening! I MON., NOV. 18 I 139, YoUi 'County fllcai, tfcUm ffleaci ! 1 WEEK ONLY 50 O W OFF pkivati: oi:imi;( i:: for Information Call 967-2609 Dear Harriette: What is the correct way to massage the scalp and what type of hair needs to be massaged? E.K. West Palm Beach Dear E.K. Scalp massage is helpful to all types of hair; dry, normal, and -oily. Massage brings the blood defji lno the scalp to stimulate It. Regular massage seems to bring if" back into "dead looking" hair and helps to correct such problems as dandruff, falling hair, and makes unmanageable manes more manageable. The correct way to massage the scalp Is to press the cushions of the finger tips against the scalp and move the scalp with the fingers. DO NOT move the fingers over the scalp with a scratching motion. Gently, does It, your head Is not a ball of dough and should not be kneaded as such. Slight scratches to the scalp can lead to infection. Start Wi the back at the base of the scalp and work around the edge of the hairline to the front. Then, reverse the procedure and work from the brow to the back of the head. Continue massaging back and forth until you have covered the entire head. As you massage, you will feel the scalp begin to loosen up. You should also feel a tingling sensation over the scalp as the blood circulation Increases. Scalp massage Is very relaxing, as any of you who have ever had a a body massage knows. "Candlelight Grooming" All breeds! Jean's Tender Loving Care 13 YEARS EXPERIENCE 1771 So. Congress Congress & Forest Hill Blvd. West Polm Beach, Fla. Ph. 967-2609 DON'T MISS THESE GREAT VALUES THOUSANDS OF YARDS DECORATOR FABRICS! 1 'W V 1 1 OUR MILL'S If EXCESSES It SECONDS MILL OWNED i f PRICES Why does Truman Capote, famous American author, call his own schooling an "unqualified disaster"? He says the Hampton Day School in Bridgehampton, Long Island, New York, is a "school with a decided difference" because all the pupils succeed at what they are doing. The Hampton Day School, subsidized entirely by local contributions, is ungraded grouped into a lower, middle, and upper group with each child moving as slowly or fast in each subject as he is comfortably able to move. There is no emphasis on marks. Reports are used to evaluate each student's progress according to his previous performance and estimated potential. The teacher's are better than average perhaps, but not necessarily, because the salaries are higher than average. None of these aspects is unique, but all are important, and not typical enough. "What Is unique about this fledgling school, and Its most compelling feature for me," remarks Mr. Capote, "is the fact that, by design, ordinary rural kids go to It: Kids with an ordinary range of talents, problems, backgrounds. Although It is separate from the local public-school system, it does not cater to the sort of rich or exurban professional family that usually sends It children to 'private' schools. "There are children who range in IQ from 86 to 149; children from families on welfare, and from others who fall into the highest Income-tax bracket. The population is similar to that of a public rrTc si DON'T SAY WATER Say Tired of the Line at the Kitchen Find it hard to smile when the team lines up for a drink at the kitchen sink . . . just as you're preparing dinner? Keep smiling! There's a wonderful way to stop these interruptions! Ever think of bottled water, delicious and cold, served from a convenient, compact Westinghouse dispenser? No fuss no bother delivered right to your door. The team will think it's great! Incidentally, so will you! GttjWx SPRINGS FREE HOME DELIVERY 833-9656 sink OUR REGULAR LOW SALE j V Jjfcp 312 Clematis 8334661 tiiflrilv Cotton Sloopuckii Sleeping Lounging Lingering Warm your ankles on chilly evenings in our cozy 1 pc. pajamas in a pretty yellow print with smocking trim 8 00 petite-small medium-large LUCLRIE 2nd Fl. ONE WEEK ONLY! mmmammmmKsmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmHsmammmmmik DRAPERY-SLIP COVERS-UPHOLSTERY FABRICS PRINTS AND SOLIDS Moderns - Florals - Provincials Documents Geometries - Abstracts - Tweeds - Linens - Antique Satins - Satin Backs Cottons Dacrons - Sailcloths - Nub Weaves - Dobbys - Jacquards Sheers Semi-Sheers Polished Cottons - Patinas Repps - Barks - Acetates Rayons - Miracle Blends Textures - Early American, Spanish, French and Italian Prints. SPECIAL SALE CHRISTMAS TABLE CLOTHS 50" x 52" 1l09 EACH 50" x 72" 00 each MATCHING TRIMS GALORE! 2 GREAT STORES YARDAGE UNLIMITED 4824 SOUTH DIXIE WEST PALM BEACH Phone 832-6132 ACROSS FROM PHIPPS PARK ON U.S. I OPEN 9 A.M. to 5:30 DAILY CLOSED ON SUNDAYS 632 S. FEDERAL HWY. FT. LAUDERDALE mi 41 mM f I aho in Defray and A'. Palm Beach Westinghousej

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