The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 17, 1968 · Page 22
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 22

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1968
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

BIO Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, Nov. 17, 1968 United Fund Schedules Final Campaign Push t IIIL LI Ilk. JIIIIILII I II. ...11.11 I 1.. imiWIMMI i i -A u4 - sh B it il l ft: 7 a. 'bL ports 25 c "immunity service agencies and covers the area from Boynton Beach to Jupiter, west into uie Glades. One gift each year helps the underprivileged, handicapped and youth programs. Agencies elude: aided by UF in- another $700 Is anticipated. Two other divisions are over the top. Education is $1,416 above its $13,000 quota, and Special Gifts, with $6,258, surpassed its $6,000 target. Commercial and Professional, where the final two-week push is expected to reach goals, are under quotas by $16,000 and $11,500 respectively. The Commercial Division quota this year is set at $56,000; Professional at $90,800. Collections or pledges in other divisions, with quotas as the second figure, follow: Government, $11,804 and $12,000: Neighborhood, $12,235 and $15,000; North County, $4,761 and $6,000; South County, $14,153 and $16,000; West-boro, $2,309 and $8,000; Boynton Beach, $4,957 and $18,000. In addition, a late campaign in the Glades is gaining momentum. Upwards of $1,000 now has been pledged. United Fund of Palm Beach County's annual drive sup Volunteer workers with United Fund of Palm Beach County will begin a two-week push Monday to wind up the fall campaign by Dec. 1. Calls will be made on merchants, business and professional firms, and others who have not yet met quotas within various UF divisions. Campaign Chairman John Green and other leaders who attended a special meeting Friday to prepare for "Operation Clean-Up" have expressed confidence that the $375,000 goal for 1968 will be met by year's end. Late returns expected after the first of December include donations and pledges from the Boynton Beach and Glades areas. Reports submitted during the past few days moved the total amount of donations and pledges to $332,320 or 89 per cent of the goal. The Industry Division, with the highest quota of the UF drive at $140,000, has surpassed its goal by $5,000 and Arthritis Foundation, Lion's Foundation for the Blind, Blood Bank, Child Care Center and Home Nursing Service in Boynton Beach, Boy Scouts, Catholic Welfare Bureau, Children's Home Society, Crippled Children's Society, Family Service Agency, Girl Scouts, Jewish Federation, Mental Health Association, Milk Fund, Opportunity Inc. Referral Board and Kindergarten, Retarded Children's Association, Salvation Army units In Lake Worth and West Palm Beach, two branches of YMCA, United Health Foundation, USO, Visiting Nurse Association and YWCA. Liquor Leads To Arrests Stopping of a man tor speeding by Sheriff's Road Patrolman Ralph Wiles early Saturday morning led to his arrest and the arrest of two minors in the ear with him. Thomas Curtiss Thomas, 28, of Jupiter was stopped by Wiles two miles south of Jupiter on speeding charges. Investigation showed that Thomas had beer and vodka in his car. Wiles reported. Thomas was charged with speeding and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The youths were charged with possession of alcoholic beverage by a minor. They were booked in the county jail as Charles James Lawson, 19, and Joe Louis Hatcher, 17, both of Jupiter. Thomas remained in county-jail Saturday in lieu of $1,045 bond. Lawson, too, remained in lieu of $100 bond, while Hatcher had posted $100 bond. Moon Visit To He Short WASHINGTON (AP) Astronaut Walter Cunningham disclosed Friday that the first Apollo manned landing on the moon is to be a very short visit, much less leisurely and ambitious than previously had been planned. Cunningham told a National Press Club luncheon that instead of the 22-hour initial lunar visit once contemplated, the two Apollo astronauts in the first landing will be interested mainly in testing the transportation system the lunar module or LEM that will lower them from and return them to the orbiting Apollo mother craft. "If they get down on the moon and pick up a few rocks and get back again, they will be satisfied," Cunningham said. Air Force Lt. Gen. Samuel Phillips, Apollo program manager, confirming Cunningham's remarks, said the first lunar-landing crew will spend not more than three hours outside the lunar module, moving around on the moon's surface. 'i .... -i left: John J. Coplan Jr., Key Club, North Shore Junior-Senior; Karen Otis, Z Club, Palm Beach High; Cyny Woolridge, Keyette Club, John I. Leonard High; Roxie Childs, Civinette, Riviera Beach High; Deatre Wright, Apostolate Club, Cardinal Newman High, and Jane Josey, Ex-changette Club, Forest Hill High. OUTSTANDING STUDENTS - At a dinner Wednesday night the Optimist Club of West Palm Beach gave plaques to the presidents of various organizations representing high schools for outstanding service to their community. This was in connection with Youth Appreciation Week. Judge Emery Newell presented the awards to, from the DON'T BE SATISFIED WITH A NEW RUSTPRONE '69 CAR GET THE EPITOME IN RUST PROTECTION! Foriim Program Tonight O O Amplifier Missing From Store a Sherwood Tuner Amulifi- At tho Fimctnno tr,,.r.c A Sherwood Tuner Amplifi At the Firestone Stores, day at Temple Israel, 2815 N. Flagler Drive. John K. Byrd, who has appeared on television in the "Defenders" and "The Naked Citv'.'will play opposite her. Dr. Marvin Rosenberg, chairman of the Forum, announced that tnc public is invited, and tickets for this play or the whole series may be purchased at the door. 201 N. Dixie Hwy., James McClon-don, an employe, reported that while his pickup truck was parked at his home Friday a 20-lon hydraulic jack worth $75 was removed from the vehicle. Dean Doused BARCELONA, Spain (AP) The dean of the College of Philosophy and Letters at the University of Barcelona was doused with gasoline Thursday during an attempt by a group of students to burn the school's entrance. get INSIDI DOO FOOT UNOII CHUOM! INIIDI muuiuiNU! jjhiimii IAH04T1 BICK UD INSIDI TAN UOHT WIUS INIIDI QUARTER FANIL INSIDI DOO uas ' IOCKU Miss Sylvia Mann, who was a member of the original Broadway rust ol "Fuller on the Roof," will star in "Sarah and the Sax," by John Carlino, at the Jewish Community Forum piouram at 8:1.") p.m. to- lien Shopping Uc P-T Classified ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY Jhere Li er, valued at $,'180, was found missing Friday evening at G & A Electronics Research and Marine, 205 Lakeview Ave., tier A. Weimer, 1711 High Ridge Road, Lake Worth, reported to city police. In another report, Mvrtis Marshall, 1,103 list St., told police that two rods and two reels, valued at $12,150, had been stolen from her utility room. home! Phone 683-5710 free consultation no obligation . . Shop at ZIEBART IS NOW AVAILABLE or Shop in our store in Palm Beach Mall We bring samples fret estimate PUZZLES Kslili'tl ly William Gaul are so many ways to dress a window . TV, MOYIKS AM) TIIK THEATER ACROSS have the one you want with CUSTOM DRAPERIES mmm I3 Stop in and see or call 832-6609 GOLD COAST ZIEBART 1030 26th St. W.P.B. OUR ONLY WPB LOCATION IN SPRAY CANS 1 16 Sour. 117 Solitary. 118 Apex. 120 Woman's name. 121 On the Bering. 122 Being: Fr. 123 "Strange Interlude" heroine. 124 Love: Sp. 126 Craggy hill. 128 Paydirt. 129 Heaven. 130 Chatter. 44 Separates. 45 Pertaining to an old woman. 46 Remains behind. 47 Play on words: pi. 48 Thumb. 49 Spill over. 51 Stones. 53 Notion. 55 Abusive remarks. 56 Malt drink. 58 Mistake. 59 Sweet . 60 Ribbed cotton. 61 Mist Gabor. 62 Mapje tree fluid. A M S EV (; X S W A . INIIDI OOOI PANILI INflOl I 1IOMI Willi mjlDC . ' . HOOD INSIDI MNDII Willi 100 Monkey. 101 Unfailing. 103 Oct. 1571 battle. 105 Spencerlan character. 106 Singing star. 107 Eucharist plate. 109 Sleeper's sound. 111 Pooch. 113 Watchful. 114 Sword. 115 Hostelry. 33 Printer's mark. 34 Unemployed. 35 Harrison or Coward. 36 Large casks. 37 Smooth-shelled fruits. 41 Destiny. 43 Chance. (' Ft Y I' T O (J It fN8U NCOMflfTI IMOIMIM 12 3 4 S 7 I 10 11 12 19 14 15 16 17 IB ig I 20 T . 22 1 23 mlA uuj . . . I i 25 28 . 1 27 28 IT If 30 l"l 32 3 " ILJ mum. r Wm lwiiiiiiiwiiii.j;14 W ,)5 m fjmrn i.hi.i.ii. aMalUeaefiVsfL Mmmt mmh k-t- i '9 40 fr" f42 ' mm 43 44 45 46 17 IB I j 19 pj !,0 ' si F!53 ri 3 1"4 in si - &m 4 pj so ' ' (. ; eT" I 1 ftr mm i 1 yuMa"! L i . BJ izd3 rj84 65 6 BsiikfM mmm " i1eIL S7 08 nil 70 r 7 1 7J r1"-"! -jj 74 75 76 77 P" 78 79 fHO 91 l1 H2 83 I 84 5 ' 1 1 ' 9 Jf 1 ' 1 - sjesfMBj - "' 'fjYfaTJsijI ' " - n " mmm i i i 86 I jm HH l 89 Sll f 9 1 B-j2 WtkM Hy-uii W 11 1 1 1 ' " IMHI ill " 1 SjWaBBB . , . - . - - ,, , . P m w-tmr 12 I '13 plSS 95 1 96 B7 98 I '99 T" UIO ? Si 01 102 103 104 1115 17""" IUS lllUT 1 1,1 "U2 1 1 1 i ' fTm Ft mLUJasjuuLsea 116 !7t" 118 rjii9 1 rji2u m' J ' T3T I ,T2 "T3T m rJT Tit p" IiTe i TJT-" i"3T I I I eWiwMMMiH.. L mm mm 1 Sinatra's 48 Episcopal 72 Recent. 106 Danger. "Tony." symbol. 73 Brickell. 107Throb. 5 Building 49 Afresh. 74 "The ," 108 Bathing section. 50 City in 1925 film necessity. 9 Fine violin: California. hit. 109 Fabric. colloq. 51 Electric 76 River dam. 1 10 Anatomical 14 Fruit of catfish. 78 Moslem network. the ash. 52 Carpathian chief: var. 111 Field of 20 Robust. mountain 80 Active. pursuit. 21 Intrusive. group. 82 London's 1 12 Comic strip 22 Make 53 Nervous Church of favorite, concise. twitch. St. Mary . 114 Bristle. 23 Bass. 54 News blurb. 83 Path to 115 Match. 24 New TV 56 Egyptian Hades. 116 Auk genus, show. king, for 86 Brink. 119 Gait. 27 Hanging. short. 87 Observe. 120 Facility. 28 Wapiti. 57 Letter. 88 "Of and 121 The best 29 Lass in 58 Author of Men." 122 Last 112-A. "On the 89 Brainstorm. Spanish 30 Monad. Beach." 91 One: Fr. queen. 31 Pitcher. 59 Orvieto, 92 Little lady. 125 Enumerater 33 " of Our for one. 93 Defile. 127 Big selling Lives." 60 Dregs. 94 Support. album. 34 Shad, e.g. 61 Make lace. 95 Concerning. 131 Ready for 35 Worsted's 62 Lamprey. 96 That: Fr. use. bane. 63 Gehenna. 97 Adjective 132 Indian 36 Go before. 64 Path. suffix. buffalo. 38 Contended. 65 Pearl Buck 98 Polynesian 133 Perceptive. 41 Spiel. heroine. forest god. 134 Piia'i riveV. 42 Maneuvers. 66 TV's "Joe 99 Poem. 135 Banish. 43 Large Show." 100 Red grape. 1 36 Psychedelic collections. 67 Acting test. 101 Card game. prophet. 47 I told you 69 Complete. 102 Filched. '37 Ellhu . so! 71 Unclean. 104 avis. 138 Cornice, e.g. DOWN 1 Exasperate. 16 Gum up a 36 Italian 52 Movie and 2 Viva voce. card hand. strada. TV series. 3 Thelonius 17 Samoa port. 39 Old German 53 Albee play. . 18 Trust. coin. 55 Gang. 4 Fi.,ish. 19 Hera's boy. 40 Ed Sullivan 58 Close. 5 Animate. 23 Eyeglasses. phrase. 59 Distort. 6 Bungle. 25Goeswitha 41 "H. M.S. 64 Cicero's 7 Pale. Martini. Pinafore" "Pro 8 bread. 26 hen. character. Manilia." 9 Top. 32 Kipling 42 Muskieland 65 Feast 10 Character- character. 44 Silent film calendar, istic. 34 Wade. comedian. 66 Fold: var. 11 I itter's 35 Liquid 45 H who - 68 Bacteriolo-smallest. measure. plays hooky. gist's wire. 12 Insect. 36 Puerto Rico 46 Parlor piece. 70 Clamping 13 Merit. city. 48 Manhandle. device. 14 Cubic meter. 37GeneKrupa 50 Undersized : 71 Masculine 15 Alder tree. "skins." colloq. nickname. CHOOSE FROM 341 COLORS in our antique satin collection from 2,49 to 3.29 a yard. Have you thought of overdrapes with coordinating underdrapes? Or, sheer underdrapes with stationary panels and luxurious tie-back overdrapes? Would you like cascades? Or, pleated valances, or covered cornices? These and dozens of other high fashion treatments are yours with Penneys Custom Drapery Service. Our decorating consultant will work out with you exactly the look you wont. She'll bring samples of hundreds of fabrics, you choose in the comfort of your home. We'll measure, make, install with quality workmanship in every detail. Have the window of your dreams now! Jmm?mr 'II I'll Diagramless V) 1 9, l) Anno Hall..ran 75 Worry. 84 Discomfort. 77 Part of 85 Irish . Q.E.D. 68 "Call Me, 78 Withstand. 90 Parcel. 79 S. Carolina 93 Gravestone. river, 94 Basso opera 81 Part of role. speech. 95 Main artery. 1J H ilAii44-i AIH, I I A X H T IZI. 31 Walk 43 Facts. 65 Many 9 Marsh. 20 Annoy. ACKOSS languidly. 44 Dance step. called... 10 Halts. 21 Pencil end. 32 Abound. 47 Inventor's 66 Soft food. 11 Vinegar 24 Spur on. 1 Spring 18 Possessive 33 Drawing rights. bottle. 27 Game on month. pronoun. room. 50 Insect. DOWN 12 Speed up. horseback. 4 Put out of 19 Chirp. 34 Annoying 51 Unmixed. 1 Farrow. 13 Cook slowly. 28 On top of. sight. 21 Moral breaks. 52 Alone: Lat. 2 Everyone. 14 Orange skin. 29 Animal 7 Narrow wrongs. 38 Plunge in 54 Inlet. 3 Affirmative 16 Indian enclosures. passage. 22 Each. water. 55 New England reply. weight. 30 Withered. 10 Plots. 23 Took 39 state. 4 Skirt edge. 17 Property 31 Lion's home. 14 Brings to roughly. look. 57 Virtuously. 5 Sprite. attachment. 32 Tryout. light. 25 Pig's pen. 40 Fasting 60 Fruits. 6 Far down. 15 Wind 26 Shock. period. 63 Inspects in 7 Lounging instruments. 27 Young 41 Truth. detail. rooms. 17 Bride's canine. 42 Overhead 64 Keeps away 8 Feminine concern. 30 Sandpiper. railroads. from. name. j I X S V F O Z It K Z r? w lill a 1 5. J ).MiAil H iiLLMlilRl 1 - t ..", N I m H ; (i T II T T I V X C Z X 7. It O K V HTAFZZII OVA WKJJKI.QNA A . FSTXH. Ily Mth. U. Morgan 2. C R F II M II F Y M II I. O C It I. II II XI, MX N I. 11 N I- 0 II O Y B M C F Z F 7. 7, . II) Salo W, Minkin Last Wfpk'H Cryptogram 1. YounK artnrV mretinit braulroua (irl hort on skirt, limit on charm results in early hooking. 2. Happy tar insists: when on cruise a crew's pay accrues. Field Enterprises, Inc., 1968 Accent cny room decor . . . Carpet your home now! "Orient" 100 polyester random sheared carpeting! 2- mm ff level loop pattern in solids or tweeds. FAST EXPERT IN- W W j STAUATION AVAILABLE! ' ' ' Y mhhiiihi I ;,! Charge it! Or um out convenient rim payment plant No money down, take montht to pay! Shop-at-home! Phone 613-5710 or hop i.i our store at 'aim Beach Mall

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