Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 24, 2015 · Page C2
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page C2

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 2015
Page C2
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Page C2 article text (OCR)

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Answer to yesterday’s puzzle EDITED BY WILL SHORTZ NEW YORK TIMESCROSSWORD PUZZLEBY KEVIN ADAMICK NO. 0919 stories and reviews see complete movie listings Hosting requires planning, energy, patience and a g reat attitude, as well as sometimes being a space eng ineer. Not everyone has an extra bedroom or two, a d esignated guest bathroom or even a furnished base- m ent with Murphy bed, pull-out couch or air mattress. Moreover, many homeowners don’t understand what makes a guest room most comfortable and worth a return visit unless they’ve been a guest themselves. That’s why some hosts test drive their accommodations with an overnight stay to see how well the space performs. Here are suggestions from design pros for what helps turn your guest room into a space that guests may never want to leave. Think hotel style, if you have a separate bedroom. The best guest bedrooms are rooms inspired by a luxurious hotel suite. The room has a door for privacy and an adjacent bathroom. This way guests don’t feel they’re intruding on their host’s privacy. “There’s n othing more special than being shown to your room, which makes you feel pampered from the second you place down your bag,” says Sam Allen, a Westport, Conn.-based designer. What’s needed? » A comfortable bed should have beautifully ironed or no-iron, crisp sheets, says Allen, plus plump p illows, soft blankets, quilt or duvet. How hard or soft should the mattress be? Designer Barbara Elliott, who c o-owns a Decorating Den franchise, Sisters and Co., in Stone Mountain, Ga., likes it medium-hard to please arange of guests. » Empty some drawers and fill them with sachets o f fresh lavender or another pleasant scent, and empty out a closet and line the rod with lots of hangers. Making a robe available in the closet or on the back of adoor hook is a nice touch, Allen says. » A table at the right height for the bed should be k ept fairly bare except for a vase of fresh flowers, g ood reading lamp (or hang one on the wall), clock and carafe for water and a glass, Allen says. » A cozy club chair tucked into a corner creates a little sitting area for guests to have coffee, read or take a nap if it’s paired with an ottoman, Allen says. E xtra room? Add a table or desk and chair. » Window treatments depend on the room’s style, window size and amount of light. If they’re large, consider curtain panels; if smaller and shorter, try Roman or roller shades. » A ceiling fan is a nice touch for when weather g ets stuffy. » A TV with a guide to local channels helps raise the bar on the room’s comfort level. » A luggage rack helps guests avoid bending and getting a bedspread dirty when they unpack, says Elliott. » Make your Wi-Fi code easily accessibly by leaving it and the password in a pretty notebook with pen in the room, says Allen. » Area guide books and maps are another nice touch, so guests can learn about an area and even sightsee on their own. You get free time then too! I f you don’t have a separate room, pretend you do. Many homeowners, especially those in expensive metropolitan and suburban areas, don’t have the luxury of an extra room, and don’t want to give up their b edroom for guests. You can still make them feel welcome with a new model sleep sofa that doesn’t have the old-fashioned, uncomfortable metal bar, or with a M urphy bed that gets concealed during the day and comes with handy storage. Designer Heidi Sowatsky with a Decorating Den franchise in St. Charles, Mo., likes Murphy beds because she finds their mattresses tend to be better quality than sofa beds. In worst-case scenarios, a traditional sofa or day bed or air mattress can be made up at night quite comfortably with proper b edding. If you go one of these routes, improve the exp erience: » Clear out a closet in the room or nearby; » Make room in a nearby bathroom for their toilet- r ies, and add some more in a pretty basket just in case they forgot a toothbrush and other essentials; » Pile on some extra amenities to compensate for t he lack of a designated space with flowers, a stack of magazines, a favorite book and bedtime chocolates. In the end, what’s most important is that hosting i sn’t really about the space you can offer but showing you’re delighted that guests have come to spend time t ogether. MICHAEL FAIRGETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO Many people put out the welcome mat for house guests during the holiday season. Guests Continued from Page 1C THE ETIQUETTE OF OVERNIGHT HOSTING 1. If you’re the host, set a time frame for arrival and d eparture. If you know that you start to break out in hives if anyone stays more than three days, share when it’s best to come and leave. 2 . As a host, share your guest rules. Even before guests unpack or enjoy a first glass of wine, let them know any house rules, no matter how quirky, just as you would if you had paying guests through a homes haring site such as Airbnb or VRBO. Example: Would you mind not eating except in the kitchen or dining r oom? Could you please avoid drinking red wine near our new white sofa? 3. Voice any host expectations. Don’t stew when your g uest treats you like a staff member of the Downton Abbey household if you haven’t indicated you’d like s ome help; not everyone was raised by Ms. Manners. If they don’t offer to pitch in, sweetly say: “How about helping me chop these tomatoes for our supper?” or “I could use help setting the table.” Most will get the message. 4. If you’re the guest, know if a home stay works for y ou. If you’re the type who doesn’t want to spend time h elping — clearing a table or stripping your bed, d on’t. Better to book a reservation at a nearby hotel, inn or rental. Chicago designer Tom Segal of Kaufman S egal Design prefers not to stay with friends and fam- i ly. “I like to have my privacy and don’t want to feel I h ave to walk down the hall in a bathrobe, or watch TV or read with everyone when I might prefer doing so in b ed,” he says. Yet, he loves hosting guests in his home.

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